The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ?emonJ* U P " Un * f ° r C0u " cut »« tu- Mituituifui Chars* f lfl , I time per line *" YS£ - times por lino v*r <Uy """ i- c a times per if 110 pet Cay fc **" CJ C fi times yer Hue iier day - 7c 12 tline» yer ilno i»er day "~ & c At outfa per liue g 0 c Count five average words to tho line. Ad orclorrtf fot Once or Giac times and. Giftjjped before expiration will be charged for the number of times tlie a<i an- reared and adjustment or lilll made All Classified Advertising couy sub- iiiittcd by iiersons rtsULux outside of Uie city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be cosily coujimled from tho abovo table. Advertising order for Irregular insertions takes tlio one time rite. No responsibility will be taken for more than one iucorrect insertion of miy claKsIffed ail. For Sale iivn Jinypr fi>r your hojiie. IT C. ('Mnrilicll. I'hoiie 4\Q — ^030 Office 1^0 Ko»(h XiTond. !0'2-ck.|f And'f.. An«l!'i > i > «"' <! |)"«1|<."?>. JIM F.. Vine HI. 2;<-.1!25 Fnr Fine Porlraits Il x s O'STEEN'S STUDIO 3-Ll-ck-d-lt (' .Mils nialmnrK wllh Mnflcr lialilJ. cnllivnlor anil ulimlfr liMor nnd hrc:lk*'rs. | \V(! Allis Chftlmrr Mitli iMjllivlilor nnd ilhc 1 F-12 T v ir li.iill will, fiillivalur. Ui-nrr-r llaranf n.T«^s fni]ii Ulytlifville Oil Mill I'll - ' !ial;.v Chicks—Custom hutch- ing. High gciide I'ullorum Controlled Chicks dial lire lialchud li c r.e Sfurttul Cusioin hatching :?;).!,() PIT hundred eggs set. BUiyloclc Hatchery, North til, iihonc 3172. .'i-i-ck-ll aci-.'i.tinn or.lor* fnr u'Jrj KmHr-s i.irir:n(...'<l UMav .li'Mvoiv O'STEKN'S STUhlO i'OIITA ItICA YAM SWI'llT I>()T. V TI> SLKI). Our s 1 imljiiu,., „,.,. / r ,.,. „( IVr l.nslicl ts.ivi). Wrilo fur |,rir;,'j ,m I lar«,. unli-rt. I'.inl llyruiii. lltyllii'iill". I »(,,.rr.v >,lnnls. Marie IfarnMi I7IU iu.knK.wljii. J'Jicii.o 3710. :i;, r )-sik'I !!> SPECIAL SALE .• SQUAUTY BABY CHICKS «J B * Our huiVyqualilychicVs oittbied •« Jt |oi livoWlil,- nnd /a.I oranlh, . •* PLACE YOUR ORDER EARtV* Ir. K. ASirCRAFT CO 1-u Block south of Bei-oi Help Wanted (."nil lurilisliril living i|iirirl<TS. jirirnl H»C fnr tjulrl l.prsoru. .MUM I,,. ,.y. piTji-ncril On UK,- xvlriu, ,, r color.-,I JJIII|P!I-. I'll,1,11, (1711 ,> r C 6. r >. (ii.limn, ' HANY CHICKS Quadruple A $13.75 ncr hunilrcil. .liin iiioivii Hlor«. 3i5-ck-t( i Slmil. Ask .it n.^it i|Uu1a nf milk ]{e;i*OLi- K:irl C.lrtfr. Manila, Ark, :ilia irk.HI9 •id M«tnr Slioi. >:<mli>- ~ 1<II()\V]1 ils Mo'" p Ark. (inoil i-li JVivale •ril.iinol.ilt. 1'arts inoni <if bniii w.-rvirf l..';irlivill ft'"'-'-- Viilimtid. piiiiii 'r-jlo fan lie inaily \s'llli court !\ji]iro- val l^ot- l.ois C H*-a!hccn-k. AUnix. J-T-tnh' of Ji'fsB I), flrallii-uck. I.racb- vill... Arkansas. 20'ck 21 i In • r'lrironire oil Klovo. Ciootl con- <mim. fiiii liii KOCH :u lilij X. Mil Si. I'll. 2<l?<>. 20-|.t-'J4 I -:, II.P. l.r>il,'r. in gnti.l roniliiiim. 1— •J wli.'.'l liiill.'i (1 1 lirr*. Hill i;.nrt!i', Sloi'l,-. -Mo. I'll. IH, I'rnrllrnllr inli:ir. ]ii^rfi'c( 111 I' 1 I il.ior l'.i li<in. S.>c .1. It. \Ylii.<tll', fi inilfs imrl of Stci-li' on lliuluv.-ly 61, or rail !IFl2 Inv.. soiiit-lliiii" ynu <lfin't JirprH f l'r:\<lo i.v ^.-11 it :a Svv:ili Slmy. -II K. ,M;un. st. l \-irni!nior. l" ....... t Irurnpr oil *'. 1 br.afcfasl snih-. f.^O X. r.iytin-viiir.. L>(I.|.IS-=I iL-iiiL- i-l.:ilr TKi'Sf cnn lie sc'r-n nfto rii.MH' 29.10 or soon. :iirs-i>k-i MKKCIIANTS Km,- nv.iilaMo fnr [mincdbtp nru- tfln Onuhlo Dm v inpa finrs i» r.. S, 10. ;,i,,l 12' I'liirn*. Doll firntt 22">0 ARMY SURPLUS— k. >" *•' •rn paint suilnlilr. for nil rnutli ":ii'i°s" t^'i.' "ii'r" s.'llon"' We" ilrlivr? in Myllii-villi- nnil virinily. C:ill 2340 or v.-riir. T.-d 0 Ll'Mor, IIU'J \\"!\lnut H(.. Hlylli.'vilK'. Ark. n;lSi)k-^. r ) Kilclicn sink, right limit! drain, complete with cabinet. 31 n West Walnut. 3-18-dh-tf lCPl oil barrel rucks. Blythoville cliinc Rliop. Call 2826. llHS- I rrror.l t>layer tlr.Tt Sli-l.tly use. I. I'rkr. llnchrs In r.i.lio- ?^ll. Cftl! 10:!. 3!S-d[i-lf ob.r.s nnil EOttncss aro rriic(\-eil in rue* eloam-il vvilli Finn f'onin. Ui'al.s i'niut & WnllpaiKT Co. 3i7-ck.||7 si-.l. \Vril.' Caii.ili. Co. or Call 2:10 FARMS FOR SALE , 'in acres near T5nr(lettc, Ark. J/fd. Fine la ml ivilh fair improvements. All in cultivation. A good buy. 80 acres veil located on gravel roatl 3'/2 miles north of Stecle, Mo. Fair improvements. A good farm. 1(>0 acres near Lnxora, Ark. Fine mixed loam well located on good gravel road. Mail and school bus routes. 1(50 acres 5 miles from Luxora, Ark. Good improvements, on gravel road, mail and scliool bus routes. The above four farms arc for sale now. We will bold these for a small down payment and the balance this fall. Any of this properly can be financed a( 'I'' interest. CECH. I,. EARLS Noble (lili Agency *^ fflencoc Hofcl liuild'ing Hlytlievillc Phone .'JKJi Osceola Plume 33 3-20-ck-24 v l«" !.<>! loin Wak ^ ciiu- nnil. Oli lilyihi'V.IU.. Ark. >.-. Ufrl ••, :l'in|,k-27 rvl roil nr 4lr> Lost Experienced typist for KCJI- cral office work. Short hours, permanent employment. Give (nullifications in letter to lio\- UIOO. Courier News. ,'{-2(l-d;-2;! One tree will make a millibri natclies. but one match can destroy a million trees. Wanted rnnm fnrnMiril -fii. ..... in,. oi:>. .lrlraoiii No :l!19']',k-Z4 Announcement . (; r rrf ,. , s ,, r ,. x -ill b,. i,, lllyili,.vill,' M,,,,. nionttralo ilji. ,,,'w \nrf-; |. Knr :,|,iniiiiinionl W. liavhriin r.'l.i-r- fS'i. t: !( |.s n.^rn st. '.\\'< l-,'k-^;l local & Long Distance Moving Oompetant Help &nd rtQclpment. Adq- ilaitely losnred Oontr&ct H&allof Bad Misc. SerrlcflB. EoKe 8errlc« rk stort(« ao. Pkooe 2801 everything in UNITED INSURANCE Adiiicy Ov«r Guard Jewelry Slofe -• A. F. DIETRICH, Mgr. J We Guarantee > RECAPPING I with j Hawkinson Treads 1 i J Let Your Next Tiros Be j GENERALS I Cost More — Worth- More • MODINGER TIRE CO. j Phone 2201 ' We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet 9 New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. ! DO YOU NEED A LOAN? t To insure nnd finance n new or i used car, truck or tractor, in Ari kansas or Missouri, sec us. Low rates. You'll like our service. Also J PHA Loans and 4% farm loans, • and individual real estate loans. ' UNITED ; INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Phone 510 Before and After? Exactly—because many a battered and shattered fender brought to us 'has emerged from our shop smooth, shining and strong again. It's only one of many auto repair services w handle. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 r ill ol r ,, C ,_ l ...kl... »c WMhll, «• r« TOKmu |"[> «1>.I Ifll. l.lrluil .ir lll>t! rjville Utckli.o Blioir. liisl yimr i>n>|K'ily wlt!\ u-5. \S'v l..,.,v !,„»• l>, «,.|'| a,i,l rluunri- ' Ml Mill <i!(\V, HC.U.TV I'li.nn, M:I iu:i;r uoss, S.M,L:SM.\N I'h"^- .'t'rH--i • '. ilK \V. M \ViHuMiiN Itiit MONEY TO r.OAN Do you need a Jimu to rcpnlr or remodel? No down i)»y- inent, no niortgnge, no rod tnpe, VllA. approved rate H"". Ask for delails. Mas I-ogan, Realtor, phone 203*. Lynch IMdg., »ly(h«Ttll*, 9-28-ck-tf S<;c us for nu estimate lit- fore you have your (rnctor ovprhiuiloil. W 0 spoeinlixc in stonin I'kvmiiiir niul p:iinliiiK. Kleclric uml ylt'iie M'cldinff. 1'tilllips Trhrtor Co. Iliwiiy fi! Suulli.- I'li'.mc 2171. 'M-ck-U For Rent Coi!]fort:ibl« Loilrooui. Cflll 2r.7i> :ill2-HK.20 kitcln KIT <!liir-k. :i;l^-i.k-2r» Wonted to Buy .. Horseback ruling was n prescribed cure for tuberculosis n century ago. Wanted To Buy Cnsh for wrecked or juult automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hi way 01. I'hone 3785. 2-2(i-pk-3-2e Used pianos, any niake. Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 Day, 2059 nile. 2-28-ck-4-l Desiens have been completed for jin "oleclroinilt" Ciipi'ble of Inunclilng largest existing airliners in 500 font will) a 120-nipli takeoff. They now need 1000 feet. Old kodaks find c O'SU'ui's Studio. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious /' BONNIE BUTTERED. STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. phono 3617 ,. anil paper liaiijvinK. \VorU fnmrniiieed. Hill DnviM, ))liono .](J9. n 7-pk-4-7 ', nivrl n , llrrllo M. llnwLn. l.liou r.llr-ivork-. :i:i:lll. Loons no vnij Nni:n A t.oA.vt Tr> in>i, T i. nn, I [inane,, a ,1 rrir. Irri.'lv <rr tra<-lrvr, in , I .nn 119. an I Inillviiliuil r.'al p. I'nilvil n,siiranr,. AKrlicy. rrl'fl ,U'\volry Hlon-. |iliono PAGE ELEVEN' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER^ NEWS." Day or night, if you get stuck, phone 578 and we'll get a towing car to you in a hurry. Fair prices for towing-—and any necessary repairs. TWO WRECKERS - - ALWAYS READY LET CO. Wo Mover Cfoso . . . Sales Department OJJDII Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any giro T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3G,!7 For Sale of Trade A Fresh Stock Gii;ir;inlee<l Ucst . Karby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROTfAI,, SMITH, COnONA and REMINGTON J'OKTAULB 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 33113 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) WE HAVE A CREW OF, CAR TROUBLE ' DETECTORS - AND A CREW OF EFFICIENT MECHANICG / it's alf a matter of sound training and constant experience—and our crew have both behind them. When they tackle the checkup your car needs you're getting "specialist" consultation. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Soles—BdICK—Service U - S - Tir « Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone S53 Flowers - - For Every Occasion 491 niul your order will be on ll/s way In l Arrniigcnicnls tell rt coiniilcte story ^ FLOWER SHOP Telephone 491 niul your order will be on ll/s way In record lime. our F/oml Arrniigcnicnls tell rt coiniilcte story Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Wlllhinw, owner SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogden and Royal Soy Beans EARL MAGERS Pitolle635 Del I, Arkansas IMPORTANT! Save yixir present rar Ksjicrl Mnclinnlol Srrrlco AlcniKc Oil :iiul I.iibih-inU Vcs, we \v:isli nnil ^reaKC cars Mnitirs? VS'R liavc new motors Ol'vTlmiil or relniillt tiirjin Tires- unit 'I'nlii-s Oil, Vrs, We iinliit C'iirs Ton! Itc'p:iir unit Itolinisli nil limllrH 'Charge H.Ulerles loo) T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mn. Stale. Line on the. left at the Arch 7 Crown 1.35 Kinsey 1.35 Schenley 1.35 Philadelphia 1.35 Three Feathers . 1 35 Hill & Hill ! 40 Old Taylor Four Roses rt 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15. 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 Beer per case $3.35 GAS ' rc 9- *6.8c; Ethyl 18.8e Cigarettes per carton $1.45 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AT LF.A'vr YOU PCM r HAVE TO GIVE ITCORM ATS ; Has II mi You? G05H,iSM'r ITA s\vni DAY GIVES A FELIAH rzr To FEE; WflWA C-UM BtTATiN' CX3W.M I BY MERBttt, BLOSSE7

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