The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1947
Page 9
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MAKC11 21, 1947 Treasury Aides To Hit 'Chiselers' Govermenr Launches Drive to Put End to Income Tax Evasions WASHINQTON, Mnrch 2] (UP) —Secretary of Treasury Jolin W Snydcr said today that the 'IVras- ury expects to net nt least $2 - 50D,000,COD in ji drive against income tax -chiselers during the fiscal year slarling July. Snyder added' that additional assessments against income tax evaders this year will total about #fcro,r<w,030 by July 1. ^Vn ttio first seven months o[ this fiscal a-jar. lie said, the additional income payments amounted to more than $1.000.000,COO. 'lliis was a 44.7 per cent increase in revenue from such sources over the corresponding period last year. "Approximately 50.COO.OOO Americans have Just, filed their annual tax returns," Snvder said. "The vast inajoiity of these returns are honest accounts rendered by patriotic Americans. We owe it to these peojile to see to it Unit the chiselcr Is forced to pay his share, too." Snyrtcr said agents have observed activities of winter vacationers at Miami. Palm Springs. Sun Vallcj. and numerous other resorts known to be gathering points for biE spenders. The Treasury's attention first was called to the spending activities of tax chiselers in . March, 10-15. At that time 20 agents from Washington quietly siiimjo" into Miami. For two weeks they observed the spending habits cr hundreds of black market operators and gamblers wintering there. Material gathered at Miami /armed (lie basis of several subsequent criminal actions by the bureau. JLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Quick Start Low-Cost Homes Urged WASHINGTON, March 21. (UP) —Fiorello H. Laau; t .-dia, former mayor of New York, told congressmen today that unless large scale low rental building is begun immediately the country faces "chaos." LaGuardia. speaking as "the unauthorized spokesman for unorganized Americans," told the Senate Banking Committee, the housing prcb'.cm had reached a "crisis." He appeared in support of the Taft-Ellender^Wagner long-range .housing bill. lie sniri Congress should pass it at once. The housing, bill calls for construction of 15,000,000 new form and city homes toy 1E58. • 'Ho said the housing situation is so bad tliai "if >ve lost another -building year—If we'-were Japs we would commit hari-kari." "Meanwhile, the American Legion asked the House Banking Committee to retain present control and the allocations plan for housing construction. Butter Price Drops CHICAGO. March 21. CUP) — Bu:ter prices dropped 3 to 3'.'i raits a ixnmd on all grades on the Chicago mercantile exchange today, as 'receipts rose sharply. Stormy Inside, Too Mouthful Sandra Lee Evans of Columbus, O., is 11 months old—and she's culling teeth numbers 17 and 18. Most '^,l,jo s j, av . c B or s ,,,,,,1, ;it 17 incmttTO, «bnut 20 at 30 WHEEL Aligning SERVICE. Modem Equipment Expert Oiierators FREE Inspections and Estimates LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. J<1 '*,. In a heavy topcoat with fur co!!ar, Socrcli-.i-v Gon,- fi r. c M-u-.l.^H aj-j-wcs ,n „ snowstorm lo iilte.Kl a scssi( ,,, ot ,| le u ^i,^ & \^n Ministers' Conference in Moscow. Pic,u,-L> l>y NEA Llm^r"ph c " lU'ginnlcl Kenny. Nazi General Tells of Defying Hitler's Order to Save Pans By WELLINGTON LONG Uiiilcil Press Staff Carresiniiulcnt BADEN DEADEN. March 21. iUP)' —Adoll Hitler personally orclere:! the destruction of Paris in 19S4, Nazi general contended toeTav, 'but the city was spared "he:ause it would- have served no military, purpose.'/ Gen. Dietz von Choltitz, former Nazi commander of the Frenc'i capital, said Hitler's order arrived at Ills headQuartcrs 'Aug. IB 19J4 me clay before the liberation i fight b'-'gnn. "It instructed me to burn the entire tity and destroy r.s completely as possible all industry,"'i Von Choltitz saicT. "Every briii-.-e was to liave been blown up."' "However," lie s aW. "I find thill solfliers do not indiscriminately burn cities. Such action Mould not have been humanitarian, it woutcl only nave increased the already tense fcclitif between the French' and the Germans." I "[ have D2cn accused of bcJna scnlimontal," (lie 52-yenr-okl cx- cavn]r.yinnii said. "TJiat is lauRiin-j We. Dirt you ever hear of an<- gpn- cral—particiilnv.-y a G'crmaii" L'e::- eral—who was I just being decent. S'> Die French now accuse me of bring a muddk-- hcxied fool!'' Van Ci-.oltii?: is workina now :u AllciHlcrf on a complete history of the c!ay.; of Paris under" the fin/is. His \\ork u-ii) be lurm-ii over la i he Army v.-ilh various campaign lii'jlcnes new •iciisjf ivritten uy other German gcncriils. Von Choltitz •hRs i: .. : ijj !aUjL . .uiulor arrest sir.ce the clay Paris fell. He spent a year no a war prisoner -at Clinton, Miss., and was returned to Orrmaij.v last rear. The si:uky little general refuse;! lo say hoiv many trccps lie had in Pa: is when Can. Omar Bradley { '130 Vf. Ash St. ! I'fionc 855 or 229-J [ WE iPSCK UP and DELIVER i'nlcied the cily. but mtmlUed [hill he luiif only two t-.mks. All ui'Ul- loiy. he said, hud b.-«i inon-d out 5cvm\l days before tliu Aincrlciiu utturk bctmi. "1 was offered the i-nltre Luft- iv.-ilfe for defense of die city." iie saW blundly. 'but I refused the fffcr. I jjliu-cil one- ring of troopi outside Iho city ( 0 luti-niut to hail the atlai-k. When the Amci'l- cans iincv the u- Cleic Division .smashed the outer shell (hero wus nollilnj! inside, i jmiposiMv did it that way in order Unit iherc Oe no fiyhthiB inside I he cily." Von Cliollit/. sniii he hiul KilKU,- COJ riilions HI the time and that he "foil Paris the last rt.iys before it fell." Otherwise, he .siiid the I-Vciu-li would Imve slarvcd because It \ imiJossible to briny produce in Ironi Iho country. The gruel-ill said his own future looked )iretty blcuk. "When 1 u''l out of confinement," lie observed. "no daiibt ] will breaX- ruc-k.s- lor the railroad. Who would hire- mo in MII office?" On the subject of Clmnau prl.i- onro of war lield by the uussiuns, Von Cholliiz was bitter "If we don't set back' our 3.CCO.- nro jivisonei-s from Russia " | l( , sni I "it will remain a European m y s | c ry until doomsday what hii|';;encil to tliom. We rct'u'm " "" Germans wilt lllat "" holrf it UN Must Offer Security, Then Disarmament Mnu-h '.'1 (Ul')--l)i-- nlstor A. V. Alexander s;ilil Itrlliiln would bi- "moiv >t whi-n (he Untti-d Nu- on the UN l.i Mii-plv should include, In- jsalil "« wiii-r- Uiihl syiUm n[ liiU'i-niiloiiul sap- i'i'vl>»ni unit I'uiilru) of iniiiiimpnls." 'I'lifii. !»• j:iii|. lliiiiilu will i)0 nMily m iHik .jlNiim.'tmeiil. Hut in till 1 mc'iiiilluu 1 "W[. must look to our i>\ui tk'i'eii'c .-Hid In .so IJOUIK we shall not bi- i-uliu; in any wny nmt rar.v (o tin- unlti'il Nations." Ali'\.int'i-r ii-.Hvti-ii a Uiboi'tti- de- nnml that IJrliiilu all li.-r i\tu|c<l ''"'vo.s In-low l.oiHi.tlOu u,y March -jl, Chi'iT.v Ti-st Tn a-, i ilain wlicihcr chcvrti's ni'i ni ini.inic.'.ird. |>].n-c iho entire lul in mill waii'V. I'l-ru-ci clu-irles sink; KEROSENE &• FUEL OIL CALL • U "&+' Vat \ I'UODUl.TS Otlln UK al Chtrrj Dixieland' fresh fried Crappie Highway 61 North at Holland, Mo Give Ihe children all the C'jriisj Peanut Butler they want, ll'j o good, v;ho!esoma food rnado from fresh roasfed peonutk. SAV FOR THE THINGS HE FOUGHT FOR Nil, lie'1 forf;ol(cii Iliose Clings fdr which he foiijfhf ... a Jilllc house, education for (lie- liiits ... a luisincss of his own. HP'S plaiiui; i-veiy pi-nny in Hi\vini,'.s and adding (o il t'ath weeU. No home is coniuietc \vilhout a pl;in . . . ;l ii!l (In- plan ntust include SAVINGS. \Vc invite you to open a savings account with us today, acid (o it ca.-;h v,eel; and watch it grow! (Tha Only National Bank in Mississippi County) PAGH NINE WASHING MACHINES we hove them for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY, BENDIX AUTOMATA WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phono 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE Your G,f, Store in Blythcvillo GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! CALL 501 C. L. NABERS Gro, and Mkt. Melvin Halsell, Owner. Frankie's Bakery Goods A'O Kxtra Charffu for Delivery,' Musical instruments Supplies - Repairs Radios, Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS SOLICITED ls. Churches. Hands, du-Nlnis «• Clubs Given SPECIAL PRICES On Musical In J.MellBro 1 07 E. Main Tel; 811 J. LOUIS CHERRY llrim-v-iitliif New York Life Insurance Co HlyHii-lMli- vrV Hardware Mutual and Hardware Indemnify Insurance Companies of Minnesota Kalril A plus cwcllciil hy ln,Hu r , hiKiinirin, uu«lii)rlUiw - IT«,,lum S avl,, BS _ m( , re „„.,„ ;,„ ,„„„„„ (loll;lrs ha turned In ,llvi,l,,,d M!,.,,,^ ,„ llll |i,,j. h , >U i l . rs . Lrnvrr L-,,sl_l, w ,,, M , ,, r ,, ,, lref ,,| w | ( ,,. U , m ,, f risks ,,„„ cralloml , opcrallnn. . Box 431 FOR INSURANCE SERVICE W. L. TAMKE 2487 ACIDITY? Is Your Trouble Mountain Valley Is n.umally imll-ndcl—hclulul in iirlo ncld cnnclltloiui and in hyperacidity of f, lC stom- »ch. This fmuous lienlth water from Hot Spring? Ark,. 1ms been recommended for more than 50 wars — for Ihcse. ncld conditions and for Kidney and Bladder disorders. It's worth u trial! Call or Wrllo for [Sooktct CROSSTOV/N WHISKEr SHOP Main .im) Dhlsloii Itlylhcvlilc, Ark. At iill limes I kct-|) on hand several tractors and c<|iiipnicnl, inrliidin^ ln . w ;lm | l(s(;(1 j h(iye John Deere, Kurmall iim | other malscs. Also hnvc for sulc :>( nil time- 711 to .SO hciid of mules. Tt-rms can be arrangi-d. r will (rmle for almost anything you hnve . see F. C. CROWE 1 Mile South Braggadocio, Mo. Dr. Milton E, Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville FROZEN FOODS Lockers for Rent—Meat Curing— Groceries — Meats — Vegetables Wilson Pasteurized Milk— Birdseyc Frozen Products We Deliver Telephone 2<i02 Main .-»». 21st Street

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