The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1947
Page 7
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JFTUDAY, JIARCTI 21, 1947 Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM COURIER NEWS -FEATURES wmers to Plant fe Soybeans Government Estimate Points to Larger Acreage for 1947 WASHINGTON. March 21. IUP) 10 XgritniUure Department lo- •ty announced '.'hat soybean acre- in the nation will go up six cent for 19-17. according to re-planting estimates. Tile acreage In .soybeans in 1940 11.494.000, and it wus inclined thai this year's figure will near 12213,00:) acres. The department also announced lat indicated acreages of Spring lii'iit planting.'?, for 1947 point to slightly smaller crop than last 'av'.s record harvest. On the basis of reports from I mum in al! parts of llic coun-i •y, Hie dc-narlmcm s aid indicated liimniKS lor Eprim; wheat would f IB'>£COao SC.ITS, compared with niHiiH'.s i .-ssi, year ol IB.S'M.OOO eres. Corn nlaming indications point 3 P. ei.nSfJ.GOO-ncre crop compared •itli last year's record plantini' oi 0,027000 arn;s, a reduction of !ess inn three per ct>nt. 'But the department said that, itli t!ic farmers optimistic about ie season's prospects in most leas, this year's total acreage of rim-ipal crop, will be .slightly u-Rcr than in the last "two years. With a ne.'ir-rccord acreage of Muter wheat crcp sown last Pall lit department said indications re that there will be a shift in mphnsis to planting of such oi! reps as flaxseecl and soybeans. On the basis of indications, the finxscert plantings will total •"0 ncrcs compared with last rai"« plantings of 2.639.03|) acres. .Soybean acreage \vill go up more llian six nir rent according (o ,(lie lire-planting; estimate from n J!I4G acreage of »,«1,fOI) |o la.jn.OOO acres in 1S47. I PAGE SEVEN faiiBgoslonH For Bettor Farming 1'cnlurert For This Section's Progressive Farmers. FMVrt!pn, b M his - wif A J f a '" le ' :1 formcr WAC ' am! <""'B>'tcr Mary bin «r ,; V A " " c l'l«""n«»»cr shovels potatoes into feed bit to cows on Ins farm near Carlisle. I'ii. Spuds arc part of the "° UbhCl Sl "'"" 1S ' ' 10llSht " y lh " k ' dc "'' ™"- rm price support program, and resold to veterans as feed. CCC to Sell 1946 Cotton On August J WASHINGTON. March 21. <Upl --The Agriculture Department said today that all IS-iC-ei-cri cotton still under Bovemmciil loan on Any. t would bs poolc-.l and sold uy Ule Co.ninodity Credit Corporation. The department urged farmers will) cotton under loan to sell it- before Ihe deadline. At jircsent prices, it said, growers should be i l.'olu lo .net a ".sili'M/uitlal" profit. : On Misrt'h 15. loans wore out; ,1,-uidini; on 7),5S. r ) bales of the ! 194'i crop. \ Financial Employes Union ! T ° Tel »"»«*<> Contracts ; NEW YORK, J.iarcli 21 — (UP! — (The united Financial Employes ] Union <AFL> served notice today On the New yovk Stock Kxchai)c;e ] a:irt Ihe New York Cnrh Exchange that Us existing contract with Hie two marls would be terminated on Smirtav April -'0 lemonstratien Agent ugqests Fewer Rose tushes and More Care One dozen bushes will supply luntv of roses tor cut flowers and ir home grounds beauty, accord- is? fo Miss Cora Lee Coleman. cnnc demonstration agent. In I lany instances yards are too small even that many to fit into a ell-planned landscape, .she .said. "The amateur rose grower plan- inif to purchase two dozen will of- n be better off to buy 12 and pend the; balance of the money ):• a spray gun, duster,'and a com; .supply of fungicides a«d in- 'clicirtes to keep the roses heal- vy." She recomiiic-iuled these ntcrials i le kept in the manner a "first-Did kit" ready for im- icdiatc use. included on the spray '" should be nrsenate of lead. line stilfate. and Bordeaux .^<titre. Sulphur and pj'rethrum- iienoni' dust may come In handy, , she said. She lisled five types of roses to icose from—climbers, bush, flori- mdns. and hybrid' perpetuals and ybrid (ens. both garden types. Hinbcrs are often the answer to netscape needs where there is a :>ce, trellis, wall or other support "ere a thorny vine can grow with- it being too near a walk. Almost "cry home grounds lias a place for :e or two. space Ihem 10 to 20 ct apart, depending upon soil and .e variety. Re-member thai n half- verctl fence or wall looks heller nn one completely smothered by les," she declined. She siisgesicd that n person loose two or three from each _oup ro make up the dozen bushes. : Ihose that are more or less sense re.sisfanf unless you are '-red to take care of them by rofui and timely spraying." she ulionctl. /<?rt?tffaS LIKE A'fiV...W3TH TAGOLENE HEAVY MOTOR OK.! And why not? Fortified Tagolenc H.D. rfeiwi as it. lubricates, cues corrosion, increases power. It's the ideal moeor oil for busy engines, licst of al!, it's money-back guaranteed! Try it! Petroleum Co. Highway 18 Phone 20\):> Soybean Seed Costs Advance $1 Per Bushel _Fanners \ v ho hnvi- «ai:ed unlit p'.antinu fmii' lo pwvjmsc ihoir soj beai> tffti will have to j)ii v $i noro on the bushel for tliein' ac- eoirtinu to Keith Uilint-y, County Prices on .soybeans fc,r seed have go:ic up approximately 51 In Ihe !asl few weeks, it has bt-en ivixirted I'.ia .several oil niills are- paying us nlsh us S3.70 n bll.ihcl to,. su ybc:ins. This Is al least si per bushel higher than the average jlrirr mrliTil by fanners diirini: Hie harvest season. Hildi-i-d liuncli. of Yarbro. an in- stiuclor of veli'iims' chisses in tlie BIytlicvllle nijji, .school, rei-ently Klnrned from So»t, Ark. will) I:>0 uu.«hrls of iho best .soybeans olj- liilnablc for several fanners in dial communtyt. T ],is partieulm- ( . m up of farmers I >:ls purchaswl ihe Dorlchsoy No. a which lias l,(>en :ie- «'lo|icd |, y is,, Hinnivliroy of PC cut Ark, This particular variety of sw- benn led ihe !)[.„„ v ,,ri.,i.. ,.j,,',,i licticr Aid lo Housekeeping Rent Our New FLOOR POLISHER Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phone 4445 • on ihe Iturdoue I'lnntallon bv a niaVRln o[ three bushels to Hie .tore las! year, rile No. 2 is 11 selection from oldens' which v.'ilb inndi- In HMO, MC. Hill,!,.,, said. Willie Expects Electric Zhair to Work This Time HATCH IKuiCiH, La,. Muvch iUP)-.\Villi,. Francis, llnn- by a faulty portable electric chair looked Unlay to the Hiute Pardon Hr.iml „;, his last hcpe to cv.-;\pi. exci-iillon. 'I'he board set a hearing date lor Willie ncxl month, lit- killed ii while uuui In IOH. Sevei-.)l months a^i> the u. S. Supreme Oolnt. in a 5 to 4 decision declined lo Intervene on the ai'iiuments Hint Willie already IH-year-oUl | hud in ihe death chulr. -.he flvsl Advised of hl s last apix-al. \Vil- DELINT YOUR COTION SEED Our new plant is now equipped to clolint your cotton seed for plant- ing and treat them with CERESAN. Our screens and fans take out all burs, trash and light immature seed, insuring better and more even stands. AH State Experiment Station records indicate thot CERESAN will kill all seed borne diseases and protect small seedlings from adverse bacteria in the soil. Call Us for Details —or Come See Us floor) cot lo,, seed with hi K h Kcrniiiiulion for sale DELTAPINE 14 & STONEVILLE 2-B Biyfheville Delinting Corp. .'iOO So. 2nd Si. DOYI.K IIKNDKRSON, Rccretnrv-Tre.'.snrer i I'hones 2S(iO—2!)7l>- yfSJTORS ALWAYS WELCOME "This li Intl rlrrli courier News Want Adi. Purina growing feeds are made for FAST ECONOMICAL GROWTH ... every bag does an.outstanding job of pulling on pounds. Thai's what it amounts to whtn sou get >out equipment back from u» ificr a check-up and overhaul Job . the knowledge thai «»«rjr job you nart will b* baisbcd with no unneceuary delay No, the premium you pay isn't big and ic give» you the best jxjjjibte protection o« your iraaor invesiracnt, for a J«>'-off of your equipment adds tip to fmponanc lost la your food production program You will save oil the ivay around by adopting our regular service check-up. Vou will preteni irouble, you will me die cosi of * breakdown as against a limcly adjustment and your tractor will give you thai dependable performance dm raeans satisfaction and profif. Our Service Shop hat (he men, mcihodj, and material to keep your equipment in perfect working order. They have ihc ' kr.ow Imw" too because they arc factory trained. Missco Implement Co. Osccola — Blythcvillc EARLY! .s^y YouH do a real job "• "^ w!th one ol these great Purina growing feeds. One is complete ... the other, a supplement for grain. GROWING CHOWS BALANCE YOUR GRAIN Wo recommend Purina's special sup- plemenl, made for f-a-s-t growth. It's... SOW & PIG CHOW KILLS FU£S Purina DDT SPRAY For Farm Buildings and Stock Cattle Saves aboulS25 ol U.S. average milk prices. LOW- COST TURKEY Feed Purina all-mash or supplement especially made for turkeys, PURINA HfflttY CHOWS L. K. Ashcraft Co. Blk. B. of Frisco Dcpol 1'honc <93 Have installed bean cleaner that re- moves ntl split and foreign matter. Visit me before having your beans cleaned and sec Hie difference. On Bertig Gin Lot — Across Street from Armory liy The llclln Implement Co.. niythevffl* Vol. S il'iy, Jt:i«!h ai, HU A NOT!! Kit KCK A I' MKTAl, CHISIS linint'l.s from Hie iron itixi sled industry lioiiil (11 anotlioi- idniKt'i-oiiK wii|> sliorlnne. H iili-wuly i.s i:nusin K n-(lnt'(ii)n in I'urm (•<nnpinont mill i,) piiU'fifiillv cvvr\- otlu-i' lirmwli of indiislvy \viiicli ci.nsttni'ts inm n ml sloi't. C'o|>I>er mill Iwul nro itl.sii in sliorl supply. -- D| II (lie fiiiniovs iirt' In nt't mure new C(|tiip- nionl ID ropliife worn IHI( tools mill if the i-Jiilroiidw lire (o lio smrccsslHl in pi'Dvidini? tnrs In sliip (i-ruin uml livtstiick, llu-n n lot "I Krrap will have to lie pulled out of the It-lire rows vvliwe il is nuw rnKlinjr am! ile- livi-reil lo si-nip dealers or shipped to mills Uie nw-il for .soi-itp is as luully needed now its-ill liny time tlnrinp (lie war. The next «() lt> Sill rliiys are Ihe I'ritical ones. Afler Iliul itiore scrap will flow from fat-lories and nl her sources. -- D! II is in lite farmer's own interest to collect anil markel all Ihe snap possible. Thereby he will not only speed Ihe ilny when he can buy noiv i.radticts of iron and steel, but he Hlso will K el a hiifli jnice for his scrap. In lo an alums) ininrcccdenial demiimf I He pnt'e u! .st-niu Im.s risen sharply in some grades lo almost twice wartime" ceilings. In the opinion of many experienced scrap dealers it m;u l,c years liefore prices iiKHin reach such levels ---- r)| - -There is sufficJi-i!! scrap iron in the count rv o meef (he enier K ency. It is up to all of us <> see (hat il is colleclcd and hn.uKht in. Dclivm-i a Jlodi-l lai'.l, l^-ersmai, Land ' I-cvulor lo \V. A. Menkins of Sluclc, Mo \ ' -bar Inicloi- Sidu Delivory 1{a ku to Everett Avis oi .si.-t'le, ,M O . r ,lh. MpCormick- li'j; Hiirrow I,, ||. t ;. Emlicotl „(• Ark ,S,-( <,f m ,. 7 Mi(Wll! r{uslci . <' \V. \V 1.,-wis of Dell. Ark. Set M-f,7 DI If you haven'l heard Interna- I ion a I II nr v ester's "Harvest " f S 1 ft r s", (line in this Sunday a n >l lislen; you'll hear a Rontl program . . . enjoy ,1 a in e s= JMeldm's singing and hear an interest ing story! Over \VMC Jloinphis Hear America's favorite JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on 1h« HARVEST OF STARS with Howard Barlow and 60-plec» Orchestra lyn Murray Choru» Distinguished Dromatle Ca»tt Special Musical Gueift flit HBC NETWORK • 1JO-2:00 Ml CST INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER •J

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