The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana on September 29, 1945 · 3
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The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana · 3

Rayville, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1945
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THE RICHLAND BEACON-NEWS, RAYVILLE, LA. SATURDAY , SKfTKMBEK zvui, laao. Your Personal War Problem Your questions on allotments, insurance, legal problems or other personal affairs as they relate to the Army will be answered in this column or by letter. Write the Personal Affairs Officer, Headquarters Eighth Service Command, Dallas 2, Texas. Your questions on allotments, insurance, legal problems or other matters as they relate to Army personnel and their dependents will be answered in this column or by letter. Write Headquarters Eighth Service Command, Dallas 2, Texas. Q. Is there any date established this year when Christmas presents are supposed to be sent overseas? A. Yes. To make certain that overseas packages will reach heir destination by Christmas, you should mail them between September 15 and October 15. Q. My husband was inducted in Massachusetts and is now stationed in the Eighth Service Command. We were married after he entered the service. He will soon be discharged and we would like to make our home here. Will he have to go back East for his discharge, or can he get it here? A. Ordinarily, a soldier is discharged at the separation center nearest the place where he was inducted. However, if he can prove to his commanding officer that he has a new permanent residence or an offer to employment near where he is now stationed, he may be discharged at a separation center in the Eighth Service Command. Q. Does the Bronze Arrowhead count five points for discharge? A. No credit points for discharge under the adjusted service rating system are allowed for the Bronze Arrowhead, which is awarded to those who have participated in a combat parachute jump, combat glider landing or initial assault landing on a hostile shore. They will count their battle stars for the same engagements, however. Q. My son was inducted to serve in the Army for the duration of the war plus six months. Because VJ Day came in September, does that mean he will automatically be discharged in March? A. No. Although the Japanese have surrendered, the war is not yet officially over. The date selected as the official end of the war will be announced by a peace treaty, a Presidential proclamation or by a joint resolution of both houses of Congress. Any period up to the date thus fixed will be considered as part of the war's duration. Q. My husband is a sergeant in the Army. Now that the war is over, will I continue to drpw my family allowance? A. Under the Servicemen's Depen dents Allowance Act of 1942, as amended, family allowances will continue to be paid to" enlisted dependents of men in the service until six months after the date of the official end of the war. See question immediately above to learn how the war will be declared officially at an end. Q. I will soon become eligible to be drafted. Is it true that the Army is again accepting enlistments? If so, are there any advantages for those who volunteer? A. Enlistments have been re-opened. You may enlist in the Regular Army 0 YOU CAN DO TWO THINGS AT ONCE IF YOU BANK BY MAIL You can be doing your daily work while your money is on its way to the bank. Time is money. You save it by mailing. BUY WAR BONDS AND KEEP UP YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT TOO! COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE AT The Richland State Bank RAYVILLE, LOUISIANA But It's True -fh 1D DR. ADRIAN ALLENSON, "jfeiir'rVT OF GRAND RAPDS, MICHIGAN, HS JSS 7 'J OFFICIATED AT THE BCTrt OF FOUR. 7f0&V& ' GENERATIONS OF THE LIPPERT FAMILY-jg&& f tfJ Wjf B -pSf ..GREATGRANDFATHER, GRANDFATHER, T I A i4Xf FATHER AND SON rK fy ' r&!C$r v ' BECAUSE DRNKNG CUPS ' U-'Wt ' lJVC 4lU WERE ORIGINALLY MADE """Hl 1 VNU Service GROW IN ENGLAND im Torquay, in the southern part of the ISLAND ... KILLED A TARANTULA ...THC FIGHT WAS WATCHCD BY JULIAN DUGU!D,W BOLIVIA, for three years. Among the advantages for volunteers are a choice of arm or service (i. e. Infantry, Artillery, etc.) and a choice of overseas theater. THE VICTORY HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB The Victory Home Demonstration Club met in the home of Mrs. C. L. Elkins, Wednesday, September 19th. The meeting was opened with the favorite old song, "Home, Sweet Home," led by Miss Pearl Le Fevre. The next song was "Onward,Chris-tian Soldiers." Miss Le Fevre said j Christians brought victory as did the most powerful bomber. Canned and dried fruits and vegetables were discussed for Achievement Day, October 24th. Making Your Kitchen An Enjoyable Work Shop was the subject of our lesson for the afternoon. Miss Le Fevre said, in part: "The average farm I woman spends 11 hours per day do-j ing house work, 70 per cent of which is spent in the kitchen." She said the three main points were attractiveness, convenience and comfort for the kitchen. All the members inspected Mrs. C. L. Elkins' kitchen, and many helpful suggestions were offered. The meeting adjourned by reading the club collect Mrs. Elkins, assisted by Mrs. Rudolph Elkins, served refreshments to Mrs. B. A. Eager, Mrs. T. J. Gibson, Mrs. H. W. Halbert, Mrs. O. C. Walters and Miss Le Fevre. We are glad to have as our new member Mrs. Rudolph Elkins. REPORTER BUCKNEE The Woman's Society of Christian Service met with Mrs. W. H. Baudin, with Mrs. Bettie Morrison co-hostess. The devotional was from The Upper Room. ... Mrs. J. E. Ball reviewed the second chapter of "The Indian In American Life," by G. E. E. Xindquist. The subject of this chapter was "Cultural Backgrounds," and was most interestingly given. "Archeologists have evidence to believe that thousands of years ago some Asiatic fishermen yearning for the catch in the next stream, crossed Bering Strait and finding familiar- looking country, continued their fishing unaware that they were on another continent, and so the full evidence may sometime be excavated, explaining how the Indians were here when Columbus discovered the new continent." Mrs. Baudin had received the box for overseas Christmas gifts, and she and Mrs. R. B. Myers were authorized to buy and fill it with some of the articles listed for a baby. The zone meeting to be at Union Church on the fifth Sunday afternoon at 3 p. m., was discussed. The program is to be on "Alaska," and several numbers of interest are in store for those who attend. "A Reader's Service" was displayed and leaflets distributed from it. It will be placed in a public place free for " V , vsfesssV I I J I J 'fr ""If t 3 - t'S3ri"V OUR PAYROLLS OF MORE THAN FOUR MILLION DOLLARS IN LOUISIANA HELP SPEED NATURAL GAS FOR PEACETIME RECONVERSION. United Gas payrolls in Louisiana amounted to more than four millions of dollars in 1944 alone. . . . These millions of dollars, being put continuously into circulation in Louisiana, do this: Create still more and larger payrolls more jobs for more people ... Bring more and more dollars into circulation, ultimately ringing cash registers, large and small ... Stimulate business and make for better living! Yes, our payrolls, scattered over a large area of Louisiana, work for everybody. . . . And low-cost, efficient, natural gas fuel speeds the day of complete reconversion to peacetime payrolls in Louisiana. a a UNITED GAS... SERVING THE Jap Workmanship Is Found Mediocre Wasteful Use of Material Is Reported by Experts. WASHINGTON. The Battelle Memorial Institute of Industrial and Scientific Research reported that metallutgical examination of captured enemy war materiel shows that Japanese workmanship is "consistently mediocre" while German craftsmanship "is just as consistently good." The report, covering studies for the army ordnance and United States navy departments, described-the Japs as being "copycats" in their workmanship but said, "impressed by the need for metal conservation, they can afford to lag in design and to accept inferior standards in the production of their war materiel." The studies have shown the Japs are using an abundance of vital alloying metals, indicating they had adequate sources or stockpiles at the time the products were made, the report said. "German war material, on the other hand, shows definite shortages of some metals," it added, "and many of the new materials, processes, and designs which the Germans originate are answers to the shortages in critical materials." The research experts reported it Is" generally considered the Germans are short of copper, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten, chromium and manganese. "Significant in Jap war material," the report said, "is the wasteful use of steels made from scrap carrying a high level of residual metals. This indicates either indifference to waste of alloying elements or inability to control steel-making well enough to use them." The report also said Japanese lack of experience with technology and precision manufacture is shown in the manufacture of highly stressed parts of airplane engines. PROFESSIONAL CARDS K. E. BATMAN Notary Public and Justice of the Teace Rayville, Louisiana H. P. CORRY, D. IX S. Dentist Office: McLemore Building JOHN R. MYRICK GENERAL AGENT RAYVILLE, LOUISIANA NATIONAL EQUITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Eyes Tested Glasses Fitted DR. P. W. WYMAN GRADUATE OTTOMETRIST Thirty years in actual practice Phone 407 Wlnnsboro, La. DR. E. O. & EARL O. STRAHAN OPTOMETRISTS Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Dr. E. O. thirty years' practice. Dr. Earl O., fourteen years' practice, two and one-half years in United States Army Optical Service. Phone 390 innsboro, La. DR. L. R. HEMLER" DENTIST Office hours: 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Located across street from Rayville High School Rayville, Louisiana RATIONING all who pass by. A number of reports were made out, ready to be sent by the 1st of October or before. Noble Hatch, Jr., entertained BeBe Noble and Bena Lucile Ball, and grown-ups couldn't have been quieter. The hostess, assisted by Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Morrison, served a dainty salad plate with iced coke. The absenec of Mrs. E. C. Williams and Ann was really felt. REPORTER WILLIAM R- MATHENY PREFERS NAVY TO CIVILIAN LIFE Aboard the USS Nevada in the Pacific. William R. Matheny, chief gunner's mate, of Norfolk, Va, has been a civilian, a peacetime sailor and a wartime sailor, and prefers the Navy as a career, he says. Matheny, whose wife lives at 364 West Princess Ann Road, Norfolk, enlisted July 31, 1940. He came aboard the Nevada October 19, 1940, and has known no other permanent station in the Navy. Matheny was graduated from Start (La.) high school in 1937. He now is the senior petty officer in the ship's light anti-aircraft battery of 40-mm. and 20-mm. guns, acknowledged to be one of the best in the fleet. MEATS, FATS Red stamps V2 through Z2 expire September 30. Red stamps Al through El expire October 31. Red stamps Fl through Kl expire November 30. Red stamps LI through Ql expire December 31. SUGAR Stamp 36 expires August 31. Stamp 38 valid September 1 for 5 pounds of sugar through December 31. SHOES Airplane stamps Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 in book three valid indefinite ly. o FOR SALE One Sears Roebuck washing machine, motor recently overhauled; ona 2 John Deere wagon, practically new. C. S. PATRICK, 9-22-2t. Dunn, La. WANTED TO RENT Furnished or unfurnished apartment or house. Phone 39, Rayville. 9-22-2t 111 NEW ELECTRIC RADIOS WINDOW OR EXHAUST FANS "Plasti-Kote" Paint, and . Taint Brushes . . WALLACE RADIO SERVICE 308 N. 3rd St., Monroe, La. I : :E3 ;:;b B B i.B B B B B B B LOCAL SAILOR CROSSES EQUATOR THIRTY-TWO TIMES PEARL HARBOR, T. H. Claude M. Finklea, storekeeper, third class, U. S. N. R., Rayville, La., with other members of the crew of the hardy oiler USS Schuyikill, crossed the equator 32 times in providing supplies for the fighting Fleet in the Pacific. The Schuyikill participated in the operations in the western Carolines and the Marianas, as well as the engagements at Leyte, Luzon and Iwo Jima. She has carried PT boats, planes and all the usual supplies which Fleet oilers furnish to the fighting ships, in addition to her precious fuel. On 'several occasions she traveled a distance of 2,000 miles to keep rendezvous with other ships of the Fleet. o ARTHUR E. DAY, ON SUBMARINE, WITNESSES SURRENDER OF JAPAN On the USS Razorback In Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2. (Delayed) Arthur E. Day, torpedoman's mate, second class, whose mother, Mrs. Oza Bruce, lives on Route 1, Rayville, La., today witnessed the formal Japanese surrender from this submarine. The Razorback and eleven other boats representing the submarine service, which sank more Jap ships than any other Allied military arm, surfaced shortly before the ceremonies on the USS Missouri. On her successful war patrols she sank several enemy war craft and merchant ships. o J. T. KENNEDY, JR., ENROLLS IN MARITIME SERVICE J. T. Kennedy, Jr., 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kennedy, Sr., of Start, enrolled in the U. S. Maritime Service and was transferred for Apprentice Seaman training to the U. S. Maritime Service Training Station, Sheepshead Bay. New York, Lieut. ( jg) J. H. Frederick, Jr., Enrolling Officer, New Orleans, announced today. Seaman Kennedy will undergo a brief period of training in either the deck or engine departments, after which he will be qualified to serve aboard a ship of the Merchant Marine. "Men 17 to 35 are still being accepted for enrollment in the U. S. Maritime Service," Lieut. Frederick said. "Merchant ships are bringing back our fighting men from the battlefronts. Others are delivering supplies to occupation forces and to the war ravaged countries . The Maritime Service offers a definite future for ambitious men. Interested persons should contact their nearest U. S. Employment Service Office, or write direct to the U. S. Maritime Service Enrolling Office, 726 Common Street, New Orleans, Louisi ana. .iiii-ZZ "i,. ii liiiiiiiiiiliiiliffll-"" dose only ISTALL AN torn ,Jlf M 'MP DOWN DRAFT WOOD BURNING HEATER ENJOY CONTINUOUS 24-HOUR CONTROLLED HUT. - BUILD BUT ONE FIRE A SEASON No Tim Tl Build On Cold Mornings. REMOVE ASHES ON AVERAGE OF ONLY 3 TIKES MONTHLY. Insist on the clow. burning Downdraft Ashley it's PATENTED, therefore ifs different This thermostatically controlled wood burning heater uses small worthless hardwood trees, or even scrap wood. Many users write that they save 50CJ and more on fuel costs, yet still enjoy more heat 24 hours a day. The Ashley has been used and proven in all sections of the United State Now in our 15th year. Lett Soot Lett Smoke; For Service Economy Cleanliness Ashleya are truly sensational. Six type and prices to select from. See your Ashley dealer today; there's one in most every town; or write us for name of your nearest dealer. fa AUTOMATIC WOOD STOVE COMPANY COLUMBIA, S. C. LICENSED PLUMBER R. T. TURNER Electric Service PHONE 324 RAYVILLE, LA. AND

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