The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana on March 1, 1952 · 1
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The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana · 1

Rayville, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1952
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SERVING RAYVILLE AND RICHLAND ! PARISH 0NT NEWSPAPER ITED IN JD PARISH UBERTAS ET NATALE SOLUM VOLUME LXXXIV. RAYVILLE, RICHLAND PARISH, LOUISIANA, SATURDAY, MARCH lf 1952 V- NUMBER 6 Gov. Long Appoints Lasley J. Downes To Parish School Board Appointee Will Complete Term Of Mrs. E. K. Spiers Who c Resigned Last Fall It is reported this week that Lasley J. Downes of Rayville has been appointed to fill the unexpired school board term of Mrs. E. K. Spiers, who resigned last fall when she accepted a position on the Rayville elementary school faculty. Mr. Downes appointment to this post makes him a member of the Ricn-land Parish School Board through the remainder of this year, 1952, expiring January, 1953. Election for holder of this school board seat for the new term will be conducted this fall. Mrs. Spiers had completed almost five years of her six year term upon her resignation. Since that time, there have been only two school board representatives from Ward 2, instead of the regular three. Mr. Downes' appointment by Gov. Earl Long will again give Ward 2 three representatives at board meetings, these members being Mr. W. H. Eddins, Mr. E. C. Calloway and Mr. Downes. The new board member expressed great satisfaction at being a member of this body. He states that as the father of two school age childr he feels especial interest in parish school affairs. His further opinion is that it is the duty of all citizens to contribute toward the improvement and progress of the parish institutions ; and he states himself eager to participate in the functions of the school governing body by devoting his best ability in carrying but the duties of his new office. o 1 Church of Christ Gospel Meeting: To Continue Through Sunday Night The gospel meeting in progress at the Church of Christ with Evangelist Guy N. Woods doing the preaching will continue through Sunday night, March 2. The attendance and interest has been good despite much sickness and bad weather. Those who have heard the sermons presented by Evangelist Woods have been mentally and spiritually stimulated and have been led to a deeper appreciation of things divine. He is unusually kind in speech but equally as firm and uncompromising in what he preaches. v - . The schedule for Sunday morning services, March 2, will be as usual with Bible Classes at 10:00 a worship at 11:00 am., at which time Brother Woods will bring his last sermon In the meeting due to the fact that he must leave Sunday afternoon by plane to arrive in Stockton, Calif, to begin on Monday night. He can be heard by transcription over Radio Station KTRY, Bastrop, at 7:30 a.m., for the next two Sunday mornings. Brother Murphy D. Phillips of Bastrop will bring the concluding sermon of the meeting on Sunday night beginning at 7:30 p. m. You are always welcome at the Church of Christ and we especially urge you to attend he concluding services of this gospel meeting. o Fifth District Women's Clubs To Hold Conclave In Rayville March 29th The Federated Clubs of the Fifth District will have their annual meeting in Rayville at the new Elementary school building on March 29th, 1952. Five Rayville clubs: The Lambda Kappa. The Rayville Art and Civic Club, The Rayville Literary Club, The L'Avenir Cultural Club, The Sub-Jun ior Club, and the Pierian Club of Oak Ridge will be hostesses to the con vention. An over-all planning committee has been selected: the president and two members from each club. Mrs. W. L. Jarmon is the organizing chairman of this group. In addition, a Fine Arts Committee, with Mrs. W. D. Cotton as chairman and one member from each club, is preparing for the Art and handiwork display. Mrs. A. T. Owens is chairman for the painting exhibit. Meetings of the general committee will be held from time to time in the Rayville High School library to plan further necessary work by all of the clubs in preparation for the affair. So far the following divisions of work have been put into effect: 1. Lambda Kappa Club, Mrs. Lorna K. Collins, president: Has sent announcements to each of the 32 guest clubs, and are checking the returns from the number of clubs, delegates and members expected to attend. Special invitations were also sent out to the State officers of the Federation. The Lambda Kappa Club will also sponsor a welcoming Coffee Table, with Mrs. R, R. Rhymes as chairman. Mrs. Grace Johnson is scouting for the chairs that will be needed. 2. The Rayville Literary Club, Mrs. C. E. Gay, president, and The Pierian Club of Oak Ridge, Mrs. A. B. Conger, president, will have charge of the registration table for the delegates and guests. The Pierian Club will also select and prepare the badges for the occasion. Mrs. W. D. Cotton will deliver a welcoming address. 3. The Rayville Art and Civic Club, Mrs. W. L. Jarmon, president, will serve on the decorating committee, provide a speaker's table, sponsor the program and be responsible for the seating of the guest clubs and dele-, gate3. I 4. L'Avenir Cultural Club, Mrs. Dal las Thomason, president, will serve on the food committee. Mrs. L. A. Page, chairman, will help to prepare the luncheon which all guests and mem bers will attend. They will also sponsor the handicraft exhibit. 5. The Sub-Junior Club, Miss Betty Bond, president, will prepare a dressed doll display for the fine arts exhibit; act as pages; and will help to serve the luncheon. . i. ,. Further details are "being worked out, and every member of each club will have an opportunity to make the event a success. Reporter 0 Telephone Company Seeks Rate Increase Would Boost Cost To 'Average' Subscriber About $1.20 Per Month Holly Ridge Baptist Youth To Hold Revival From March 2nd to 9th Former Richland Native Seeks Political Office In City of Monroe - Lloyd Lane, a former Rayville resident and son of Mrs. T. R. Lane, is among the announced candidates for city offices in Monroe. Mr. Lane has made his home in Monroe for the past four years, employed as an instructor at the Twin City Trade School. He announced Tuesday that he was a candidate for the office of Commis sioner of Streets and Parks of the city of Monroe. In his announcement for this office, Mr. Lane stated that he was seeking the office on his own merits and as an Independent candidate. In his statement of candidacy it was apparent that he had made a thorough study of the needs of the city, and his statement showed full understanding of the responsibilities and duties ttj-'T e a c h e r s: Adult men, Charles this office. Citizens of Rayville wish the former-home-town boy luck in his candidacy. o ' Local Baseball Boosters Asked To Meet Monday To Plan Coming Season The Rayville Red Sox ball club this week extends an invitation to all baseball enthusiasts of the parish ? to a meeting called in order to make plans for the coming baseball season. Prime subject of interest will be the discussion among those interested of promoting an all-parish team, in the Interest of producing a better team than is possible if each of the parish towns have individual teams. The meeting date is Monday, March 2nd., at 8 p. m. in the mechanical and agricultural building just east of the main high school building in Rayville. Election of officers and board of directors will also be on the panel of busi ness for the night. HOLLY RIDGE METHODIST CHURCH REV. E. B. EMMERICH, Pastor We, the youth of Holly Ridge Baptist Church, wish to welcome everyone to our Youth Revival from great aunt to the baby. It starts March 2 and goes through March 9. Brother Billy Roy Snyder of Louisiana College, resident of Delhi, will be the youth preacher. Miss Yvonne Owens will be the music director. There will be special music throughout the week. Services start at 7 p. m. with services at night only with the exception of Sunday which will start at 10:00 a. m. in the morning and 6:30 p. m. in the evening. We plead with each Christian to pray that our youth revival will be a success, that God will pour out His blessing and Holy Spirit during the services to dwell among us. If you can't come and worship with us, please pray for us during our services. Officers for our youth revival are as follows: Host pastor, Bobbie Smith; visiting pastor, Billy Roy Snyder; music director. Miss Yvonne Owens; pianist, Miss Lou Ottis Antley; deacons, L. D. Crain, Allen O'Quin, Glen Carroll, Rufus Ken-ly, Charles Cobb, Dennis Carroll, and Manuel Howard; "clerk, Jane Goney; reporter, Jessie Mae Howard; treasurer. Sonny Morphis; superintendent, Sonny Billingsley; secretary, Betty Smith; v Telephone rate increases averaging about four cents a day per telephone in Louisiana were requested this week by Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company in a petition filed with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Drastic cost increases experienced since the present rates were set nearly three years ago, in May, 1949, made the request necessary, the company's petition stated. "The inflationary squeeze in which the company is caught is not peculiar to Louisiana," C. A. Von Hoene, state manager for Southern Bell, said. "The same heavy cost increases which are affecting our operations in this state have made applications for rate changes necessary in the eight other states in which we serve. Recent rate increases in these states have been made effective to recognize these higher cost factors," he declared. The company cited these principal cost increases: 1. Wage rates of the more than 8,000 Louisiana telephone employees have gone up first in 1950 and again in 1951. 2. Federal corporate tax rates have risen three times since 1949, adding sharply to telephone costs. 3. Telephone equipment is up drastically in cost from three years ago. 4. Materials and supplies have advanced substantially. As a consequence, Mr. Von Hoene said, telephone rates are lagging way behind telephone costs, jeopardizing the company's ability to render good service in the state. He illustrated the lag with a striking fact Wage cost increases made effective to Louisiana employees since 1939 are amounting to $16,400,000 annually. But revenue from rate increases authorized since that time is falling short by nearly $7 million of meeting the annual cost of these wage increases alone, to say nothing of other higher costs. The cost of adding new facilities to expand and improve service in Louisiana also has risen considerably, Mr. Von Hoene said. "The rates now in effect are based bn our investment in the state on July 3L 1948. Since that time, facilities for the average telephone which we have added have cost 54 per cent more." Discussing the state's remark able postwar growth, Mr. Von Hoene said that in the six yr.ars. since 1945, Southern Bell has built $11,944,000 in new facilities in Louisiana cities, towns and rural areas. Of this amount, $70,-400,000 has been spent since July 31, 1948. ' "The company is eager to continue its heavy construction to meet the state's full needs m the rural as well as urban areas. The effect of all the sharply increased costs has been to weaken seriously our ability to maintain and improve the quality of telephone service and to undertake need ed expansion.' 'In order to continue the expan sion and improvement program, we must raise large sums of money. Since telephone rates do not pay for new facilities, this new capital can be obtained only if telephone earnings are sufficient to encourage people to invest their savings in the telephone business. "The earnings provided by our present rates in Louisiana are not adequate. That is why it is necessary that we ask that telephone rates be increased." ' The company's petition said the additional revenue required in Louisiana amounts to $8,302,000 annually before taxes. The net amount left to the company after taxes would be approximately $3,725,000. o ' - Shelley Wilhite Given Four Years in Prison For Highway Death The first session of criminal court in the new courthouse was held before a large group of spectators completely filling the court room during the first days of this week. On Monday, the first day of court, Shelley Wilhite entered a plea of guilty to the charge of negligent homicide in the highway ccident death of Clarence Cash of Monroe. Wilhite, already want ed for hit and ruit driving, was found to be at fault in the accident at Arch ibald which resulted in the death of Cash. He was sentenced by Presiding Judge C. J. Ellis to four years in the peniteniary with the maximum sen tence possible being five years in the peniteniary. The case of Alex Compare, charged with murder, was continued indefinitely, due to the absence of two material witnesses. Also on Monday was the trial by a five-man jury of Victor Adams and Mayo Adams on the charge of simple robbery. The two men were acquitted after a full day of trial. Found guilty as charged by a twelve-man jury after a full day of court trial Tuesday was William Roberson. Rob-erson was charged in the armed robbery of Mrs. J. G. eater's store in the north part of the parish last fall. Sentence of the 18-year-old youth was postponed the accustomed 48 hours. A tewlve-man jury late Wednesday afternoon returned a verdict of guilty without capital punishment in the case of the State vs. Bennie Johnson. Johnson was accused in the ax murder of his wife, Annie Johnson, which occurred in. the Rayville colored section last Oct. 6th. The defense at tempted to prove that Johnson acted in self-defense, as it was stated that his wife had first drawn a knife on him. No evidence, however, could be substantiated to bear out his claim. Sentence was postponed the usual forty- eight hours after the jury returned the verdict, but there is only one sentence possible with such a decision. That is life imprisonment in the state penal institution. o Wfiva OnAtio MntJoJWoodlawn Baptist Start ii it u vpciio muiiuuy Evangelistic Pr ogram For Red Cross Funds Mr. Lasley Downes, Chairman Of Parish Campaign, Urges Contributions From All Thompson; adult women, Louise Ton ey; young people girls, Faye Miller; young people, boys, Jodie Carroll; intermediate girls, Jessie Mae Howard; juniors, Alma Carroll; primarys, Martha Flowers; beginners, Dorothy Cobb; ushers. Glen Moton, L. J. Russell, Mel-vin Carroll, William Billingsley; Training Union, director, Jodie Carroll; chorister, Allen O'Quin; pianist, Frances Turnage; sceretary, Junita Thompson; Leaders and sponsors: men's class. Glen Carroll; women's class, Annie Dee Powell; young people, Earline Pacfcrice, (sponsor: Viola Shippard); intermediates, Virginia Morphis, (spon Family Told Lt. Driskell Killed in Korean War Rev. and Mrs. H. L. Driskell of near Alto this week received official notification that their son, Lt. Herman Lamar Driskell, Jr., was now listed as killed in action in Korea. The young Richland parish soldier had first been reported missing in action as of July 6, 1950, shortly after the beginning of the Korean conflict. After this heartbreaking communication, the Driskells received no more news. Their only source of information Fifth District Library Trustees Hold Meeting In Parish Courthouse A regional meeting of library trustees for the Fifth Congressional District was held last Thursday in the Richland Parish Courthouse. This meeting was a panel discussion by library leaders from the various parishes of the problems involving the growth and development of public libraries in this section." , Mrs. Bernard Beidenharn of. West Monroe, presided in the absence of the regional president, Mr. James Madison of Bastrop, who was unable to attend due to illness. This interested and civic minded group was the first such regional body to organize, its organization having been instituted two years ago. The prime function-of this group is to promote better reading facilities and services for the public. At the conclusion of the panel discussion, which was entered into only by trustees of the various parish libraries, the group adjourned to the Richland Parish library where a delightful coffee hour followed. The local library was beautifully bedecked with large and fragrant arrangements of spring flowers on desk, shelves and reading tables for this occasion. Workers in Richland parish interested in the continued success of Red Cross this week were preparing for the beginning of the annual Red Cross Fund Drive next week. Mi. Lasley Downes, drive chairman, states that he feels sure the people of Richland will respond generously to this year's appeal for funds, as the importance of the continued work of Red Cross is known to all. Red Cross carries out many programs throughout the nation, as well as internationally, which are taken for granted by the public, because the functions performed are ones of great necessity. The Red Cross blood program, which supplies blood for use by the Armed Services, as well as for use in emer gency civilian cases;, the Red Cross First Aid, Water Safety, and Home Nursing courses, which are accomplishing much good in the training of our citizens; the Red Cross disaster-relief work, of the absolute necessity in times of sudden community tragedies; as well as the Red Cross programs boosting military morale and the work done aiding families of servicemen needing financial or moral support all these programs are carried out only through the support of those donating money in the annual fund-raising drives. ' These programs must be continued, for the good of the nation, as well as for the good of our own community. Mr. Downes expresses confidence that the people of Richland will do their part to support this drive. He hopes that the entire parish may The cottage prayer meetings being conducted this week in the interest of the revival meeting to be held in Woodlawn Baptist Chapel next week. are being well attended. Tonight the meeting will be held in the Richard Kelly home on Eugene St. and Satur day night 7:30, in the Fuller Home on Pine St. The eight day meeting begins this Sunday and will continue through next Sunday, March 9th, with services twice daily, 10 a. m. and 7:30 p. m Sellers Aycock, Jr., popular home town boy and ministerial student from Louisiana College, Pineville, La, will S ML 12th Annual Delhi Livestock Show Is Biggest In History Rayville High Schoo5 Band Is Judged Second Best In Monday's Parade serve as the evangelist for the meeting. Sellers has had a remarkable experience and has a wonderful testimony for the Lord, he is a dynmic speaker and will deliver pungent gospel messages at each service. Rev. Tommy Adams, another of our be covered, and that this work may be local boys who is now pastor of Rich-done quickly, in order that the drive! land church, Warden, La., will be in charge of the musical program for the may be completed in a short time. Those not contacted personally are urged to make their contributions to the drive chairman at his office, or to send these contributions to him through the mail. . Mr. Downes listed those who will work toward covering Richland in this year's fund drive as follows: : Ward 1, Delhi Lions Club sponsoring Delhi drive, headed by Marcus Strong, E. D. Tweedle, J. D. James and G. W. Prestridge; Dunn, Mrs. McKibben, Ben Cooper; Warden, Rev. Tommy Adams. Ward 2, Rayville, business area, Ki-wanis club; Residential area, Women's clubs (names of workers to be given later) ; Holly Ridge, R. S. Swetman, Nitsy , Guynes, Joe Kalil, and Kyle Mills; north of Holly Ridge, Mrs. Manuel Thompson, Mrs. J. V. Futch, Sambo Albritton, J..W. Nichols. J. D. Cater and James Ezell. Ward 3, Girard, Guy A. Anderson, James Parrish, Mrs. Rifla DeFoor; Start, Mrs. Percy Copeland, Mrs. Shelby Dark; Crew Lake, Garrett Sullivan. - - Ward 4, Alto, J. A. Ball; Archibald, Mrs. Melissa McKay, Mrs. Sunshine Logan and Mrs. Ted Crawford. Ward 5, Mangham and community, Kline Cheek. Ward 6, Mrs. Leon Boughton and J. E. Hoben. Ward 7, west of Boeuf River, R. E. meeting. Mrs. J. D. Nowlin will preside at the piano. The public is cordially invited to attend these services and those who do not have a local church home are invited to worship and serve with us. The chapel is sponsored by the First Baptist Church and the pastor, Rev. Charles A. Heine, also serves as chapel pastor. G. L. Sharbano is the Sunday School superintendent. Rev. G. B. Maxwell will deliver the messages at both services Sunday and Sellers will speak Monday morning at 10 o'clock and serve on through Sunday, March 9th. o Morehouse AA Group To Hold Open Meeting March 1 at Bastrop ' . The Morehouse Parish group of Al coholics Anonymous announces an open meeting to be held in the courtroom of the Morehouse parish courthouse Saturday night, March 1, at 7:30 p. m. The general public is invited and urged to attend. . The meeting will be in charge of alcoholics and all talks will be given by alcoholics. Ken G. of Pine Bluff, Ark., will act as master of ceremonies. He will introduce speakers from Clarksdale, Miss., and other places. It is beleived that as a result of Walters, Mrs. G. B. Graves; east of meeting the general public will Refused by Missouri The assistant district attorney, Mr. W. R. Coenen, this week reports that notification has been received from the governor of Missouri that extradition of a man wanted here for extortion of large sums of money by a confidence game has been refused. The man sought by local authorities was Barney Payne, alias Bob Payne or was an army chaplain who had been in the same unit with their son, and 'ey Enis Jr Mrs R r. Rhymes. Mr. The refreshment table 'was centered by a beautiful arrangement of spring Swindler's Extradition jonquils, ana jurs. v;an rarie premueu at the coffee service. Assisting Mrs. Earle in serving and extending the courtesies were Mrs. E. D. Baker of Mangham, Mrs. Lasley Richardson of Clear Lake, Mrs. Ben Cobb of Monroe, Mrs. Carey Ellis, Jr., of Rayville and Mrs. Lellah Lyle and Mrs. Bobby Gwin of the library staff. Mrs. R. R. Rhymes of the board of trustees was in charge of all arrangements for this meeting. Trustees attending this meeting included Mrs. Izetta Gibson from Catahoula who was accompanied by Mrs. Rubie Hanks, in charge of the Catahoula and .Winn parish libraries, and Mrs. C. E. Husbands, Catahoula librarian; Mrs. W. F. Patton, Madison trustee, accompanied by Miss Mary Moore Mitchell, Madison librarian; Mrs. C. R. Adams, representing Franklin parish trustees; Mrs. Joe Bar ham of Oak Ridge and Mrs. C. E. Conger of Bastrop, Morghouse trustees; Mrs. Bernard Beidenharn and ,Mrs. A. G. McHenry, Ouachita trustees; Mr. Car- 1 JI - . J L ,3 11 t 1 the river, Mrs. J. U. Douciere and Mrs. ueller uim. pem -c i it.i.v. o i cohohsm. Colored citizens of Richland, J. B. Thompson, Jr. and Eugene Holtzcliw. o Laymen and Youth Will Be In Charge of Services At Methodist Church N The Rayville Methodist Church will have lay speakers in charge of the morning service and youth speakers in charge of the evening service. Judge C. A. Barnett, of Ruston, will be the principal speaker at the 11 a. m. service. Mr. W. D. Cotton, charge lay leader, will be in charge of the service. The evening service will be held at The twelfth annual Delhi Livestock Show got off to a wet, but good, start this week with the large prizes offer ed drawing more entries than ever before in the various competitions. nXv"i The eriffantic parade which inaugu rated this year's show wended through the streets of the town, almost on schedule despite tile bittec winds and nasty drizzling rain. Although the continued rain played havoc with the elaborate crepe paper decorated floats, the spectacle was still one worth seeing, and the enormous amount of work and planning going into each of the floats was evident. Providing music for the long array were uniformed and marching bands from the schools of this section. Prizes were awarded the bands judged first, second and third in merit by Stock Show officials. The Tallulah High School band took first place and a cash award of $150; the Rayville School band, now in its second year of existence, took second place and an award of $100; and third place and a $50 award went to the Winnsboro school band. In addition to the cash awards made in the band competition, $650 was awarded in prizes to those entering the floats judged best. For having the best float in the Adult Club and Organization group, the Delhi P. T. A. received first prize of $100, The Iris Garden Club of Delhi was awarded second place, receiving $60 while the Delhi Garden Club received $40 as third prize. In the school division, Delhi Ele mentary school was awarded top honors with a prize of $100 with the other five prizes being presented in this order: Monticello 4-H club, $90 Waver-ly 4-H club, $80; East Carroll 4-H club. $70; Holly Ridge F. F. A.., $60; and Central 4-H club, $50. Commercial entries were led by the Bil-Mar Angu3 Farm which received a trophy, with the floats of Cutler Chevre4el Co. and the Delhi Implement Co. also being awarded trophies as second and third prizes respectively. A schedule for judging of the various livestock classifications was being followed throughout the rest of the. week at which swine, poultry, sheep, and various classifications of beef and milch cows was judged. Among the points of highest interest in the stock barns was the exhibition of L. S. U. prize livestock which was indeed a collection of beautiful animals. ; . Also drawing keen interest were the entries of the F. F. A, and 4-H clubbers which are annually among the best aaimals to be shown. The show is scheduled to end Friday with school day awards and auction of junior livestock. This show is a growing thing, and annually attracts more crowds than' the year before. In addition to the at- '-traction provided by the best livestock of this section of the state, there are numerous booths run by local organizations, and this year a new attracion was the square dance contest in which several towns of this area competed. Rides and other amusements for the crowd were provided by Southern Valley Shows. , o ; - Benefit Shows Monday At Mangham Theatre To Aid School Band bod Anaerson. e naa oeen appre- n m ... rv Frank CumDton. hended in Missouri at the request of sident of the M. y. F. In charge. who was returned to the States not long ago. Rev. Driskell contacted his son's chaplain, and visited him, in hopes of learning more about the fate of the Richland soldier. However, he was still able to obtain very little news, only that his son had been among a large group who were all missing at the same time. He could give nothing def inite about the fate of this group. After the official period of eighteen months had elapsed after the report of sor: Joyce Turnage); juniors. Annette i ias"Z. it is assumed by Army au- LXlOllUtTSt III &L I lilt? UllSBlilg pCISUIl 125 Services will be held at 9 a.m. with Church School being held immediately following the service. M Pilgreen, (sponsor: Betty Ruth Flowers) ; beginners Junita Kenly, (sponsor: Carolyn Flector). Rayville F.H. A. Club The Rayville F. H. A. held their regular business meeting February 22, 1952. The Natchez Pilgrimage was discussed thoroughly. The skit for the parish meeting: to be held in Delhi was discussed. The degrees made by the degree committee were discussed. A motion was made and seconded that the meeting adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p. m. Reporter dead. Such notice was sent to the Driskells this week. . Lt. Iamar Driskell, Jr., was a graduate of Nevi3e High School and attended Tech, and later entered Annapolis. He enlisted in the Naval Air Corp in February, 1944. . His father, a Baptist minister, for merly of Monroe, moved to his country! home in Alto several years ago. In addition to his parents, he is survived by ' his sister. Miss Hermione Driskell of Monroe. He is connected to many of the prominent parish families. o . Since 1910, more than 19,000,000 American boys and men were active in the Boy Scouts of America. J. A. Ball of Alto, Mrs. E. D. Baker I of Mangham and Mr. Neal McEach-arn of Delhi, Richland parish trustees. .. o Ward 4 Residents Urged To Support Red Cross Our Red Cross drive begins March 3 and will continue through March 8. The Fourth Ward's quota is $300. Please give your donation to any of the following representatives so that our ward will get the credit and go over its quota: , J. A. Ball, Mrs. R. H. Lynn, Jr., Mrs. Ted Crawford, Mrs. Ford Ware, Mrs. Charles D. Ware (Board Member), Mrs. Herman Welch, Mrs. J. A. Logan, A. L. Booth, or Mrs. Tom McKay (Board Member). TOWN COURT Only two cases were presented before Mayor Loy Cloninger Monday, Feb. 25th. They were as follows: Sam C. C. Jones, charged with driving: under the influence of intoxicating: beverages, being drunk and disorderly, and reckless driving, fined $160; Charles E. McManes, charged with reckless driving, fined $17.50. local investigators who attempted to have the man returned to Louisiana to face trial for the extortion of several sums of money by use of a fake "money making" machine from two local men, Doyle Rogers and Robbie Robinson. ' The letter accompanying the refusal of extradition explained this refusal, in effect, that the man, Dole Rogers, making charges against Payne does not have clean hands himself. A. fact which more nearly explains this refusal of extradition, local authorities believe was the one stated by Missouri's attorney general at the time of the extradition hearings. He stated then that Louisiana had recently refused extradition permission to Missouri authorities of a person wanted for trial there. o TO THE VOTERS OF WARD 3 I am taking this means to thank each and everyone for their vote and support in the second primary election held on Feb. 19, 1952. I deeply appreciate the loyal support and trust of my true friends. I intend to continue the work for the upbuilding of my ward and parish. Respectfully yours, R. E. HARDWICK Holly Ridge To Hold Basketball Tourney A parish-wide basketball tournament will be held at the Holly Ridge gymnasium for two nights this week, first night will be Friday at 5 p. m., second night will be Saturday at 6 p.m. All teams in the parish with the exception of Rayville will enter. Admission prices are 75 cents and 50 cents. The following young people will have part in the program: Bobby Norris, Elsa Emmerich, J. Cloyd Walker, Jack Blakeman, Frances Hatch, Aurora James, and Harriette Haley. The ushers at the evening service will be Edward Dunn, Sonny Wright, David Mc-Carty and Jimmy Thompson. 'King of Kings' Will Be Shown Here At Catholic Church Monday, Mar. 3 Cecil B. DeMille's "King of Kings" will be shown Monday, March 3rd, at the Catholic School, at 4 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Admission will be 30 cents and 15 cents. This great film, with its elaborate pageantry and reverence, depicts the latter years of Jesus' life. It opens with a scene in the home of Mary of Magdala. Her arrogance and selfishness fade into repentance and humility when she meets Jesus and she becomes His faithful follower. Emphasis is shown on the miraculous and cn the betrayal, trial and crucifixion. o NOTICE TO PUBLIC The Richland Parish Police Jury On Monday, March 3, three shows beginning at 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30, will be presented at the Mangham Theatre, one-half of the proceeds of which will be given the Mangham Band for the purchase of uniforms. We are grateful to the manager of the theatre for his cooperation In this endeavor. See the show Help the Band! Although election day brought disappointment to some, to the Band Boosters it was a success as approximately $200.00 was made in Mangham and Archibald from the sale of sandwiches, cake, pie, coffee, and individual donations. Outsiders and band parents were so very cooperative, that it is impossible to mention each by name.i but our appreciation is great. Among the donations were $20 from the Mangham (Etier) Cleaners, $20 from Mrs. C. G. Pardue and $10 from Mr. Wilburn Par-due. Also, Mr. Lee Booth, Archibald, La expressed a desire to purchase one complete uniform, as did Mrs. C. G. Pardue and Mr. Wilburn Pardue, Alto, La. This makes a total of six uniforms that have been given. Reporter Crew LakeW. SJ C. S. The Crew Lake W. S. C. S. met at its regular session on Feb. 19, 1952, at the Methodist church.! We had as our guest speaker, Mrs. Emmerich. She gave an interesting and most inspiring talk on Korea as she was at will receive bids for the purchase or one time a missionary there. Every-the following: J one really enjoyed the talk and ex pressed their appreciation of having 1 Power unit of approximately 45-horsepower to be used as pile driver unit; with benefit of trade-in of present unit to and including Tuesday, March 4, 1952, at 10:00 A. M. The Police Jury reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted. RICHLAND PARISH POLICE JURY R. DOWNES Clerk her here with us. We had several visitors present and want them to know they are always welcome. The meeting was dismissed by prayer by Mrs. Emmerich. Then refreshments; were served by Mrs. MacGowan, Mrs. Curry and Mrs. Bennett. Next meeting night will ba March 4th. ; Reporter

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