The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1947
Page 4
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fAGE *T>UK BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIBK NEWS Plione Workers' Strike Impends Move to Arbitrate Meets Unfavorable Resofinje From Union l WASHINGTON, Mnrcli 21—(UP) r-Chances Appeared £l!m today Pint the National Federation O f Telephone ,Workers would accept joluntar arbitration or theii v,ape dispute to avert a nation side tcl- tphone strike ne\t month ^ Go\ernment laboi experts \\cre considering calling a last-minute New York or Washington confer- erce of top union and indusiiy officials lo attempt to settle thiTdls- P"U C 1 Union PiesHer.t Joseph A Belrnc agreed, to present personally to his ! top policy committee a proposal by ' fin.(Wayne MOI-JC, R... Ore., that tile union accept voluntary arbitration, of its demands for highes wagej a»d improved working conditions. ' ; Union sources predicted the pro- ! posal would have tough sleriain? ' when tlie policy committee consid- fri it early-next week.-Tlie committee wlllsmoet hero Monday in emergency session to review nationwide bargaining progress and decide whether to call a strike o! ^25,000 telephone workers .sometime Bftci;' April 7. Steele News 4 Mrs. N. J. Barber of Steele uiidcr- .i'ent an operation yesterday at I!ly- | .llieville Hospital. Her condition improved tfevin Toasts at Moscow . ["Confesses" British Foreign Minister Ernest Bcvln has pi drink wilh Hoiir Admiral Sclniirinnrm, U. S. member ot Ihe Allied Conlrol Council, :il :i reception following n session of Ihc Big Four Foreign Ministers' Conference In Moscow. Nole man in Hie background. Tiding by NKA photographer Rcglnnld Kenny.' Liil!o .'c~-- The Champ? Big Telescope* May Bare New Things to Man rvEW VCHK, March 21. (\ift- Man, n year from (.ills date—p:r- luijX) sooner—may know whether life exists 'jeyond the c-artb. He may Hlso know wlictlicr xrcc lin^ a Iwuntlary or whether It goes on and on. : Hc miiy also know new Information of fundamental physics. Ho may be discussing nowly- foiind solar systems with Uiclr owrt j))ai!ets. !icc:msD a year Irom this date, cbaWy sooner, (lie world's lura- FR1DAY, MARCH 111, li)47 raw uranium or thorium, or on6 pound of refined source material, must report Lo thc commission within 3o liuys. 3. Aflcr April 1, no tnrlher supply of uranium will bo nulhorJzcd for use In ceramic products, y'ass products or |)ljotof,'rn)>hlc /Din, IICB- BfiUvcs or Di-lnls "other than under exceptional circumstance:;' Articles already manufactured, however, may be transform! within thc Ur.llcd states without licensing.. Exempted from nil licensing requirements except export, control are Incandescent mantles and vnc- utiui tubes us wc ll as "certain i-nrc- curLh metals and compounds. Thc commission said It did not want to plncc unnncessavy restvic- tions on business but thai a was determined to have effective sale- guards. COTTON QUIZ V&COrrOHFASZlCSQ&H j • <j:t?.\ * -it'/*' r 'ff-•£;&.\ mffM '•>'. •:'l-.. J -• ^rt ^ . ACOTTOH f/.BRlC HA5 BEEN Dt- vtiopr.o ViKicn StOWs 6t(/f IN PARKIIESS TOR ElSliT HOURS MfER M MMW/ri; exposv&£ TO WHITE IIG:IT. USES inctuDE THEATRI- CA.L COSTUMES, LIGHT i'WITCH MARKERS AND FoucEMEN's NIGHT BELTS . General Gives Idea of What Could Happen INDIANAPOLIS, Hid;, March 21 —(UP)—Gen. aeorgc C. Kenney, commander of the U. s. strategic Air Forces, said today an atom bomb falling on mlcllown Neiv York would kill 100,000 persons Immediately anj then blanket Manhattan Is!ind with a deadly radioactive matter. • Speaking National Aeronautic • Conference,' Kenney said that tills 'was "lib theoretical dream. This picture Is real." He said lie wondered wnether People wanted the.truth about the possibilities of n future war. "Oo they want the truth or would they prefer lo close "tlieir eyes and go back to sleep mull another Harbor wakes them Gold Star Award Is Presented Posthumously U. Thomas William Jacks Jr., USNR, son of Mrs, William T. J.icks of Qsceola. lie* received posthumously a permanent citation for the Gold Slar In lieu of tils fourth Air Medal, the Navy an- up." he snld. "Pushbutton warfare," he said, Is not just around the corner. He said lh*l should war occur within the next 20 years it would be fought with the conventional weapons now 2! hand. Kenney said the nation must guard against obsolescence in both thinking and weapons. He said it would be criminal negligence to neglect this tusk and called for n strong n lr force. He said the cost of producing guitlecl missiles still is enormous. nounced today. A dlve-1x«nber pilot attached to Bombing Squadion 84 aboard the carrier USS unker Hfll, U. Jacks earned his award for participation in a coordinated dive-bon.Uing attack on a Japanese aircraft osscrX- toly plant near Tokyo Feb. 2S, 1845. Nero Deep, near th c Island of Guam, l s about six miles deep. Joseph liyan weighs 33 pounds :it nils when he was born and ;ix months. Jne weighed 11 lip to 35, but he lost n little M«I ,- ' u « os n Ulo weight lifter an antitoxin injection.' Mother, Mrs. Helen Ryanot . , Philadelphia, checks tlie scales. Atomic Group Puts Safeguards ranium''and Thorium -iTjn BaHev 23, a form"! soldi r 1 ncr; c ar he 'pp^ared rol-1 icwiag thc announcement by ChicI of Il^tcctncs L-o-iard Minnhy _t Zt. .tcuis tifat' he had cbnf.-Fsrd' to fi-i murder or ."The Black Dahlia.'' Bailey was.picked up in St.-Louis in connection with .into thefts. r-d, aftcij^eing <ju:s1igned it was fiHounpcS^thEt he had signed .1 11 page written 'contcssi"»-i to the ronrtt-.r .of. EJlzsbeth Shra".. \vh ! ch happened in Los Angles i a -l • Jar-uai-y. NEA Telcphoto j WASHINGTON, March 21—(UP) —The- Atomic Energy Ssmmission acted today to safeguard this nation's supply or uranium and thorium. It .issued strict regulations intended to prevent these atomic bomb materials from falling into mitrlendly hands. Thc regulations, effective at midnight March 31. apply to everyone handling uranium nnd thorium domestically or for export. In cflcc:, the commission strengthened and extended lo thorium thc government's wnrlimc ANNOUNCEMENT! We arc proud to announce that P. T. HANEY is now in charge of our Auto Service Department P. T. invites all ot his many friends to come to see him. BLY1HEVI1IE Docile riymonth 217 South Second ; "Job Uulcil" Trucks Phono 422 * 4. davs left! DEALERS: We're closing out our compjcle lino of all appliances: Radios, phonographs, healers, fans, irons, hot plains, stoves, hot water heaters and many, many other articles of critical merchandise. See it and make your hid . . . bidder takes all, no itemized .sales. Bids accepted now and through Tuesday, March 25. APPLIANCES RADIOS — PHONOGRAPHS . Make your bids now! Sale Day, Tuesday, March 25th Holland Auction Barn, Holland, Mo. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Steele, Mo. Phone Steele 49 II. G. I'AKTl.OW, Post t'oiuui. WKSI.KV SAMl'lKR, Cnmmtuuler, Arkansas FACTS FLOVJ) ,\. WHITE, Publicity o" Sri-vrd In Hither World War, You Belong In Thc American I.cginn ! As Jl Keiirfscnlli AM, i;KA\CiiKS of (he AR.MEI) FORCES, 1 Kithcr Foreign or Home Service Dud Caso'n Post 24 "Filth District", Department ot Arkansas, Blytheville, Ark. , alicl which imposed the death pcn- nlty for mnior violations of Its rules on uranium. i H set up a slricl licensing system . saeclfyimr that: i 1. Na one. unless licensed by the commission, may "transfer, deliver. ; receive litic to, or possc.^ion of. or export from the .United Slates" r.iiv material which contains as much as 1-20 ot one per crni. ot uranium. i trurinm, or any combination of them. 2. After April 1, any person not licensed who obtains lo pounds ol Becker's Grocery end Market New Offers: FREE DELIVERY SERVICE! Meat Personnel Joe Strickland- and Joe Harnish Quality Meats Grocery Personnel * L. B. Baker • and Glen Henry Quality Groceries Miss KnudsQn Brings Honors To Blytheville Miss Muriel Knudsen, dausjhUn- f.f Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Kmulscn. brought honors lo Blythcrlllc inul :\rkausas last year when she pi.iced first in Ilie State Oratoricitl Cnmtsl. Miss Kmulsen was (lie only (jirl to ever win a slate onitorKnl ror.- test. She placed third in the; Regional Contest held al. Omah.i, Nebr. On March 18, Miss Rulh SPH.V. '.lauyhtcr ot Mr. and Mrs. T. I. SIMV, won the district contest held at, Mr.- vion, Ark. Miss Seay is Inking piivl in the -ea contest being held to'lay at Jonesboro. An Krillurial: Know Your Legion Halsell Sets Up Card Record on AH Members Membership under the tjuidanc;' ot H. L. Halsell Jr.. Vice Commu;v:i- er, hns reached an all time hlsjli, ijoing above 1200 paid members'us of March 1. Mr. Halsell has set up a card i-y, 1 ;tem to give the Post a yiv.iir.iin-,:. record of all members. He Is to be t-'ongrauruucd m;mi the completion of n ledioiio an;! lone task. Legion Sponsored Activities For 1947 Al'tw 27 years we find that the public is unfamiliar with Uu.> aims and objects of tlie American Legion. ' Since: its mentor beginning the fonslant objective; of every American Legion, has been a more' serviceable plan for rehabilitation and hospitali'/.ation'-' . . . lo be ul' greater service to community, stale and nation. Today Uio American Legion is tlie litrtfcst veterans organization in the history of tlie-world and through this greatly expanded membership beneficial community service will be expanded to its fullest. 'Ihe greater the membership, the better the service . . . therefore every man with an honorable' discharge I'rom any branch of service belongs in the American Legion. 'BUTCH" BECKER, Mgr. 309 N. 6th St. Phone 2003 Oratorical Contest Junior Baseball Hoy Scout Troop History and Know Your Alvcru-.! SU'.dy in the junior graox-s I i>r\ Rural and Cily, Veterans Housing, Boys and Girls State, Support and contribute in yi>m Community Fund, Red CDSJ. "T.U Drive. Crippled Children. Clilcx.i- saw Athletic Fiuirt and for the Juniors. Partlow Talks Turkey n. a. "Chas." Partlo-.v mid:- .1 very Interesting talk to (hi Hnlaiv Club last week. He talked Just "Lcgbnism" . s?rvico to community, shii,- .\iiil n.i- tion. Some of thc old-liinvrj ijust paying members) rei]inrk..'(l tl;;>; Ihev did not v-nlize jusl what liic LeRlon B-ai doing. Time to \vaV:e ui)! Legion To Build Auditorium For Community • A iion-prulU orgum/ation to be j known as Legion. Inc., 1ms boon s^l up by Dud Casern Post. The of the covporatiun \\ ill bo t.> acctinnilsit: 1 funds wilh which ;o huilrt an iuiditortuui on the -site ucijacnnt to thc Lr»ion MuL. II is iilannc-d lo h;\vp u M\iMii' : - cftpncity of 2cOO in the ina»'i f.xidi- tortum. AiutUscv room will \:c uscl as tUuiny L\IU! liaiujnot \\n\\. 'J his (after hull is cxpL-ctcd to .iccoiiniii* <l:ilc n]ii)roNiinntcl;; 400 jitrwrn:;. Legion. l:u:.. ii'.v,v ovt r Sl^.~ 000 lu t:uvi'in:nfn( bunds srl nsitlc for this purpose. Loaders in (uovrmrnt hope ro:i- strucLion can b-- started when huild- \\\g nv.ilei nil pi ier.s rnirli n i.ivor- able level. The building, at ill in thc formn- Hvc slaKP. \vill b: rirsignod to care Cor many cummumly needs 3>.n;l one 01 which r-vci-youc can j-,(j!r.t to v.ith prnlr. Child We/fare Maintains Little Sock Office [ Thp Child \Vclf;iro proprjun. RIWII- 1 soivd hy thr AnxfU,, ry and Lriiion, • mniutain an ofTi-.r in r>it*.',o Rock [ ts aid chlMix-t-L of ;)]\ v(.t?v.\np. |. Thcvie ctcfifiiirr 'n I;:KV ativ^Vif: 1 ^! 11 ! of this oiluv s:i:n:!t! coulntt, Mv, jTope, Vet {-runs OMurr. Olov.roo Ho; let bnilcJini: ii\ UlytlifvilU'. or Jim Legion Sponsored Scout Troop Sets Good Record During thc past year Scout Troop 31 of thc American Leginn showed 28 hoys registered, comprising a full Iroop. Thc average attendance lev the yenr was 24. Three boy? :ichl»v-d Ihc rank of Eagle Scout and over BO inrllvirlual merit b.iclgos were awanleci. This troop received the 'A. Carlson" banner ot Award and Disti let Cninjioice. fT'S A FACT— All wurthwhiic legislative hills for vcicruns- IwiirPit have been sponsored by the Amciican Lofton: >ollr Gl bill, educational bill, icrniirr.l leave pay. on-the-Jab trainljig, r arm program, locul dental scrv\c-: and increased pcn.stons. It Is the rtnty of every l,,;gio-i- nairc to keep his dues paid met to sec that your buddy receiving Ijruc- flt* keeps his dues paid. Mothers and wives, for yo.i there is a special Rehabilitation program for your benefit . . . "ciiiW welfare and Willow and Orphans bill" Till- Arkansas Veterans Servic; Bureau, sponsored by thc American l.cgttm, Is lo ciiil all tlisalited vclrrans. wives and ui.lows in mill? claims for benefits and to rct>re.<on< Iliem hcforc (he Vcl- crans Administration wilh power of atlonicy. This office is under (lie supervision of Joe f,. Hrarne. Legion Helps Veterans Get Housing Break After many attempts failed to ibtain thc Civilian Housing quarter* it the Blytheville Army Air Base for veterans, members of Dud Cason Post, by underwriting the guarantee as required by the government, managed to acquire the :casa. This was accomplished through the cooperation o! Mayor E. R. Jackson and members of thc city council.' Through this acquisition 213 housing units were made available to veterans. These units, consisting of one, two and three-loom efficiency apartments, were made availnbb al a monthly rental ranging from $15 lo S30 which included lights, water and sewerage disposal. All units were rented within one week after acquiring thc lease. Members of Dud Cason Post arc now trying to acquire additional imils which will include the hospital Cadet nrea barracks, WAC arca'and bachelor quarters. Tins addition would make 150 additional units available to veterans. H. G. Partlow, post commander, and E. A. Rice, resident manager of thc housing quarter, recently vc- tnrncd from Port Worth. Tex., where they were given assurances th,\t these additional units would be released with authority to make changes necessary to make them livable. Commander Partlow stated, "This is one time the veteran is getting n real break." Dud Cason Gets Award Dud Cason Post 24 won ; Leort" trophy in 1946 tor o inn community .service. "M c . Do You Know — It's a PACT—that Public Law No. 10 provides hospiUltzntton, domiciliary care, burial allowance, to all veterans. Your American Legion Card will admit you to any Government Hospital hi an emergency. Public Law 308—provide.; Artificial Limbs or other appliances needed. Public Law No. 300 provides Seeing Eye Dogs (or the blind vMernn. Contact Office The Veterans Office iuai:il:ihis a Contact office in the Glcncos Hotel building lo furnish Inlormnllnu on all benefits for veterans. ATTENTION VETERANS! It you served overseas, you should Join (he V.F.W. now! Meetings every Wednesday night, >:30 at the Wetenkamp Cotton Office. Bring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farrts McCalla, Commander Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'lion/? 2<M3 1014 Chickasawba Open 6:39 p . m . ; show Starts 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday "COWBOY BLUES" wilh iroosicr Hoi Shots Serial: "Son of (lie Guardsman" Also Shorts SATURDAY AIIDN1TE SHOW "BLONDE for a DAY", Willl Michael Shane, Kafhryn Adams Selected Short Subjects RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday and Saturday "BELOW the BORDER" with Buck Jones and Tim :vicC»iv "Federal Operator 90" Chant. 3 and Cartoon SATUKDAY OWL SHOW Two O'Clock Courage" with Tom Conn-ay ami Ann Itutlicrford Also Short New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Malinee Snlnrday & Sunday Boi Opens Week I>ayj 7:0(1 p.m. Bat-Son. 1 p.m. ConL Showlnt Last IMme Today "Over thc Santa Fe Trail" wilh Ken Curtis and Ifoosier Hot Shols Also Shorts SATURDAY "DESERT PATROL' \vilh BOB STEKI.i; SATUKDAY OWl, SHOW "The Phantom Speaks" Selected Shorts

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