The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 1917 Luciano Plans To Return to U.S. Tells Cuban Officer It Will Be When New e' Takes Cvcr United 1',-css Staff ' Con csnumk-nl HAVANA. CLta. 'Mar:h 21 — f.liail's el/.icky* I.r.Mano. fomu-r Now Voik vice lord kicked out o! tin- Western IIemi. r .:;hcre for the M C"LH'. liii:<' in ]H!3i- more than a year, intends to return to tlie United States '-when DM- present ifl.y-1-nmeiit. is no longer in inwcr," tl'e chl.-f of the set-ret police quoted him as saying today. The K'uiBSter, deported from C; b • ynterdav as .1 "dangerous chandler." stood on Hie deck of I lie Turkish steamer B.ikir watching the Havana sky'.ine recede Irorn view nivl n-mmentert: "I feel I'm American; all my friend 1 .- arid relatives are liviiiR in Hie United Slatr-ji ; , n ,l that's '.'.-here I v.-:uit to lie." Beni'.o Her- Ilorrera. herd of the secret police, .was assigned to uuard Luciano until lie WM on' Die high seas i-n r-utp to his native Italy. Ilei- ivra accniinxinicd Luciano lo the tinpe-mile limit and was the Ins'. offirLil 10 leave him. Tlie Italian born narcotic pocl- rtk-r pa-ted Ions at the city through! :' pair of powerful binoculars as the shin steamed out into the chnmicl. Herrern said. Li'ciano was taken aboard the , Duklr Wednesday night by Her- ' rera :>nd his aide, Inspector Krun-! cliT'o Villein. : Luciano remained secluded in I Ma e?i>in—l:e occupied first class! passenger Quarters-until he was, pssuml all ncwyoRr-ermcn had left; the ship. After that ht> strolled HIP rtrrks ant! mixed with t?ic othe Herrern said Luciano did not elaborate on his reference to lh»i "present government" of th c United I ^lales. ! * i U=S. and Britain i Continued From V:ij;e I. . ! r.ecppt^ncc of a constitution, which s}i«!l be German In origin and consistent with democratic principles: TPtl assumption of governmental BCVI-, said that Orent Brit. BLYTITEVIU.E (AUK.) COUKI1CU NKVVS 1 Bottom3 Up! *&*•'* n- /V\ <* s '• ^*¥^;v '.••: thorily. The central government would have executive and legislative responsibilities essential i o assure political unity, naturalization, immigration and foreign affairs. , ISasic Principles Discussed It ako would guarantee legal unity by laying down basic princi- P'CS of criminal lnw. it would be charged \vllh economic unity through handling ciisionis. foreign trade, communications and transportation. The central government would also be charged with security financial unity, handling currency, coinnire and a degree of banking coordination. "^^^i^M&^~ M A^sz. TURKEY . «™ "» ollie >' «« able seize f;* by thc soviet Onion. The British proposal coincided. However, in most respects u'ith the general principles laid down by former Secretary of states James P. Byrnes for a "united States of Gcrmnny" _ principles which remain the basis of American ideas on the future government of Ihe lielcli. In contrast to the British plan iPr a loose confederation oi German states Molotov has advanced ^hr- theory that Germany should tnent | n which regional autonomy « p ou:d be strictly limited. Bevln proposed that all ])owcr be divided between a central German government and state governments . constitutional slate without inde- j pendent executive authority—similar to tho customary European' | presidency rather than tile Amert- The legislative chamlier repre- sontinj the nation would be elected i I'y popular vote and would liiit:- i a;o central legislation: I Hoivpver. the cliamoer rcpresent- ;nt; the German states would lie -.f-.c- upper house and v.ould have ; H-e main legislative powers. Bevin • proposed thai n be elected on r. cnch Continued from l*;i»i>, 1. from keeping B Inrg'. army in a .s't.itc- of scini-mobiliziitior. bccaust of the Russian lhr?a',. 2. The United states will n assume British .poli':i™> in dcali vvilli orcece aiid . fu:-kty. -fh country wilp follow '.icr "own po icio.s." 3. This nation has no Intcmio j of influencing the Greeks'in I lie form of government. Tin- quc I lio.'i of kpcping- the mouiv.e'iy mu ! be decided by the Greeks. | I.'Mn or Gift? I 4. Although all "threats to peace t should bo handled by the Unite Nations, that docs not precluc any nation from asking help fro anolhcr when its ecoanmr: seem i 5. The Greek-Turkish aid pro j gram does not represent :•. "rct-jn to world-wide balance of ixnvt policies. | 0. Tlie [Uleslion of whcfner tl : S4CO.OM.OOO aid should ue icfirdc | as a loan' or a gift sliouM be 1: j to !he disri-etion of the Preside- j Aid in "consum-.iblo.items,-' he sai I should be n gi-nnt. (Jnciic.itioi I liavn been that most, ot the M ; would be in military supplies p:e ; sumnljly consmnable.i i 7. The president did not .in risk ing for aid for Greece and Tur- ' ' Il1lvll>8 vlsiU ' (1 ' n ' vkov ll MtUl ' key. say that Amcrlt-irs new lor- 'T''. ", J '""' " B °- r kuow dll '<»'-"y clgn nollcy was a •'ernsad,- agutnii !'," " K>SO l > «' s - sll ' 1 ' 1 s «'•'•" any ideology " " H ' ns Bt - (l " u l )o| nt Acl.e- o .,.,.„ ,;..„„„ c , , , ' s "" '^'filled Soviet demand ; [>,r for ma "" er j Hie upper chamber would have ; an absolute veto on constitutional j affairs and a dispensarv veto on ' , ail other legislation. " ( I Bcvin sr.gftestcd that a German ] p.vssly delegated to the central an- ' CITY CAB Doy or Night }* Enjoy Spring Driving Let us give your car a thorough s|>riiiK checkup for ihc sniootbcsl, safest Now thai nice weal her is arouiul Hie corner, don't nnjflocl your car. Drive in today—we'll service your car—put it in tip-lop drivino condition! NOTOR COMPANY DODGE, PLYMOUTH, DODGE JOB-RATED _^ TRUCKS 217 So. Second Phone 422 iK-rvi-s." .Mundt said, "im-SKini; foil fiu-onible decision on Ihe sl'rnHs »»il ci'clnli! cjislem iHoilnces. Tlu> 'nuksoire muiuliitnlii); tlih IIUKO Hi-iii}' bwiitise of (he war of noi-vcs. Is Hull n fair statement?" ( Ac'ht-son stil<l ho tltd no', \vant, lo comment on Hint, nut lin con-' ci-drd tluil. Ihc itmliiti'piuuv of u bin m-my luis slniined Ttirltoy's ct-onoiny. | Miuidl said lluil Oi'"i'cc was i-ii- litlid In SllXi.WW.CUO in ir|l.i:nlliiils from Italy and j-lii.OfW.oon froi.\ lutiiiy under (lie pe-ice tri-adrs AelKKon said when IIIV.M.I lumls, mnvld bo paid was In "t'lc spcru- lallvc rnilm." » ( Hi-rn as lleacli-lii-:i I I Mmull nskod whellu-r th- ad-1 lulnlslnilton's prouniin was lo lie iconsldc-red us u fliKl step ot j Aiiii-rlciin iJollry lo pri-vr-nt Hit .spiciid of ComnnmlKm "to nil tree, 'counlrlcs" or did it ix-prosent mi'i'o-! ly lliu establishment of "two 1 AcliL-son replied tluil llr> PreM-' di-nl In Ills siieech lo Connn-.w 'nail made II clear Unit lln- United Klalcs, in the- case ot (.H-T.CJ untl Tin key, wanted to help "two peo- 1 pies striving to mnlntaln InMHu lions o[ their own—dcmccnilli- in Kliliillons," albeit they arc nut )>i>y feet." Commilicc clialrnuui Cluuli-.s A l^itou' previously had deumnicci His- "myslerlous (icerecy" nbjui Hit documents. One committee mem ber, IK-p. Koberl i|. Chlpt-rflcld, U ill,, turned hi.-, copy 'oi Hie bin:)book back >vhen he found that Cn Hlu(c: Dopui-lmt'Ut Imd pluced n> slrlctlons on It. When Aohi-son resumed Hi!, wll nnsK ptnnd tills mornlnu, iaiU>i iiskcd him lo explain thc- "sccre.- or this mysU-rloilK r>ook" ?„ ih n ' i Ihe committee cuuld "proc'H-d will i the more serious issues l>cfor.- 1)5 world,"' Acheson ex))lalncd Ihe 'joo't con tnlncd ccrlnlu -'clas.slftcd" Inior- mation Intended only (.•round mid did not constitute official Stale neparlim-nf slnln- PAGE THREli'iL try's only k-u.siblc course if m-tNi Sovi-rnl mcinbcM itiiUl th.v dlii not ti-ei rcuRsiiri'd by Aciie-son's' contention thm n,,,,^ Wlls ..„„ |X)s.slbillly'- of the prograiii i.-rj- 1 I»K I" win- with Ihe Sovl.-l union, wlileh aid is given. 3. If any "haslile" forei>4ii attempts to imiiosc lu will ' u|.or , i , Acheson also promised lo u,,. i ;1 f,,ii!intion on Oicecr aiiumpis to impose Us will ii|.on and TurH-v which w,,« ,-,i n „ . K'.at.'jTavsi s »,,:=-i»'s;|r""-" 10. Tlie aid request Achcson told ricp. Kail !•' Miimlt. R., B. o.. that the Turkish armies have had lo remain in a state of semi-mobilization fo- several years. This, he said, hu-; ;>r-en a severe "budgetary strain" on the. government. Kcar lixtcrnal I'rcssnn- The Turks are sot, won-uM "internal bands of gueri said. Thpii- worries stem from "external pressures." Mundt asked these "external "Or should Mundt asked. the people do nol have acc-j classified documents, and I •* not reveal nnytliln t ' from them. Acheson also .s-iilcl "otlicr claims live been made against Turkey Mundt iold Achoson th-V he had visited Turkey a year li;<> and that, lie thought lie knew why "we ale bf-li:;: asked to K a ,,,to Turkey." "I he fundament Ui:'.t I he Soviet nt inents. He suld Mils would bo plained to the press when ' book would be made aviiilubl". ; Tills and other aspects of lirogi-uin loft muny House l-Ynv Affairs commlttccmen perplexed ami troubled dcs|)lte Aclusous statemcnl that, It was tills coim'- Doctor's Discovery FOR FLUSHING KIDNEYS • Bncknclic, lo^auf pep, KcUitiu up nlehtt, mill lieiKJturlie arc often cnnscil hy ivtiliinig more tlnin Improper kUliiL-y action (luc lo cxctEi ttcitl in tlic Urtnc. Kidneys arc one (if Nature'* wnya of rcmovJnft from Oic bltxK). Anil when llifac Imck up, tronlik mny slnit. So if you linve tltcue troubles, gtve y<nn diifrya niul hladdcr it KCJOI! fhnhinn uu l>y takiiiR Dr. Kilmer's Swiimp-Rjot. I \vorkn nn Ihe kUtucys to (lush them out tiLncujiDi- Uic flow of urine to help lh»l cxctsi ncidity mid rnsc tlmt V; you pnss wnlcr, helps lh«l hlmlde' in iMitii>n illni w.ctR you U[i nil' 1 "" " MiiUeoT 10 licrbs. routs. VCL, -.. bflh;nn»n, Swninp-Rnot ii nbsrilulcly non luihit f[inniiiR. Cnuiuin: 1 rike n» (Hi rotV '.'~itr free trio! itipply, r,emi i,^ Depl. ?, Kilnici fr, Co., lye., Oux 1255. Slninf Omin. Or —yet full-aiicd bottle nf Svvu PICTURES )>,.)„;, ot ,| Hie; iilmo.sphcru oi' homo as well as ;t picture. a I'oIIci'tioii of tlic best i-c'proihu:- lionx nvailablc ;i n y- wlioi-c. Seo thorn nnd fm^m^^-.-^:.:,-^^-^^ w " ci - c - **° t"<™ «>«' ^ipS"T^l7r-«f^^«S^i..|,|;*-^*aC ( niiikc youi- dioico . . II .^XO-^-V^-"^^ fcl ^ "^^ - f lh ° y ' rc ™« °" !1| ">' «'"<•'» y£--*V'^v':v-,^v P ? '4 ! '^c'iv >i *- // aiifi win ^ iv ° >-° ii1 - •> tfl! ^^M>* •'••••- b f if fa l: «.'«««t.v lo you,- 25 fro $14.95 MIRRORS Mirrors aix- just coininpp- bark and we've Die I'incst mirror? in slock now since before UV> war. VOMI- clioico in siy.cN and style franie. Let of those lovely niirrovs vc- I'lt-ct your Roorl taste in your homo Frames come in K old frame ami .Mahogany. from $11.50 to $32.50 AI.VIN HARDY FURNITURE 11.'5 1C. Main ,, tuwc 2 ; !n2 Sec Our Window Display FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Auloimtlk- Klot'lritf Irons 1 Yr. Giitir<iii!.cu 9 (.'omplelo l.lno of UliTlrinil niid Nailery • \V«> )>lok Up and Deliver :KI i-:. Alain FARM LOANS / Low lot / Lon« t* (/ Pol, Appr«UaJ / Prompt !Wri«, , RAY WORTHI^GTON Tuno In 1 rmlrniliil I'me Suiirtujr in 4 p.m. avf Serving This St-etlgn (or 'il 115 Bo. BlytheviJie Soybean Corp. I Sill) \V. Main Firshsign of Spring... your new PRlNTZESSsuitr such colors! such fabric texlures I such classic lines! ... und exclusive with us. Sizes 10 io 3D1 WEST MAIN * BLYTHEVILLC"

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