The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . . 12c K 1C »c Me line. 2 tj*t*« ptr lime per d*y 3 ttvei p*r ](*• per day .... I tlves per ))•« per diy .... If ttMti per line per <Uj ..., Monlh |«r Hn« ... Coiiat fly* arcragr words to the line. Ad ordered for three or sti tkmei and •topped before explrailon will be •• ett*rffd for (he number of times (lie ad Appeared and adjustment of bill made. All rlaififled adTtrlislKR ropy tub- •Itttd 117 person* residing on HI do of tkt city must Ve jircompanlrd by r*sh • atei may easily fc« computed from th* akntr Uble, Admitting ordered for Irmutai km- »t7|Jo»s lake (lie one ((me labV- N'o mponfibtlft? will h; i.iVen (m more than one Incurrrrt Inierdnn of IHT cLisiIfied ad, All ad i ire restricted en theli prupei flanLricatlon slr'f a»d type. The Courier New* re^erres the riRhl tn edit •r rejeet »»y ad. Apartment for Rent BLYTHEVII.LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Plans-Estimates Fot new construction r#mnd«]lnK or «f«lr« F.H.A OH O J. LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phone 20ft« Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. for Sale, Misc. 3 Plec* Spt IUih Hoom Fixtures 5' Cast Iron tub 19 K n Cust Iron l.nb. Closp coupled roininoric an d feat All nf thcs* ttilh oh/onio fitting lor S 132.50. 2" si rift If hub *ol[ pip*. f2.i5--Ix>nffth 4" single hub soil pips 13 59—Length Orsbiirn Supply Phone 320S i;io px i? Goort standard nink? uprlKtit > wtlli peat to mntcli lor F,;I!C chcnp LI mkon Rt once. 904 Ilardln St. 7 LO pk )4 alc *ofa — «rrcn broratcUe, Phone 4tW. 7,8 pk II Upright [ilntio, 1100. ?036 Chirk. 7,5 pk Ifi Downstairs «pt, mo" 11 -- (urn NPW FrlRldalrr. UlDltlM. }8. 100 Vf Ky. Ft 7 12 pk 19 4 room ftirn. upt., P}PC. kitchen. Cto < f !n, Ph. 3665- 7 12 ph 16 3 room unfurnished dpi., elprirlc hot v,'fltrr~b^th. 415 E. Cherry. Orar Alrx- surfer. Phone 3470. 7 11 pk IS Furn. apt. upstairs Privity bmh, rlclrJaire. Couple only $8.00 weekly, h, 2919. 7'11 pX 15 2 rm. turn, ftiK. Utilities /urn., rp.i- OnablP- Ph. RSflO nr 4059. 7|10 pk 14 2 room furn. apt., close In. Utilities Turn. Ph. 2592. TjlO pV 15 Nice, small furnished, private rvpt., drMrnble for onn or two pconlr. 1512 W. Ash St.. ph. E678- 7,7 pk M 3 room f»rnl5h«d apt. Prlrate hath. Hot water furnished, ph. 34P.3 404 E, Davis after fl p.m. 77 pk 14 3 rm, unturn. apt. Newly dccorrvted. •tec. hot water heater. Ph. 3325 821 Cfc 1|21 3 room iinrmnfehccl aj.^rtmcnt. Close In. Phone 2595. 0,5 ck « m 3 room fur apt Ph 2595 or 3:14 ci if Uwlcrn AP».. 3 rooms nnrf b.ith n*w- ly rtrcorfllfd. good furnltute. p».i equip- fcent Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 8;ai ck tl Small Apartments, furnisher!. $8 up per week. Bedrooms 14 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 room apt. on FiPArn Street close to echool. Bctrcnrri In hark porch. built-in cnblnets. Xf?wJf decarnifd lint water, Th. 2552 or 2344. 6,26 ck tl Service* M M1HTJTB FKOTOSTATIC SKRT- tCM. O-RTIKN'3 STUDIO, H5 I? MAIN 124 C k tf E. Jl. Alley—air contlltlonhift rpfrl«- c ration service. Ph. 2478. 102 E. Mts- Bourl. DlythcvLUc, Ark. 7;o tf Attention Cotton Gin Ovnprs: Spray patntlng—Wo are cfinlppotl to paint your «lns or Anything you have to be sprnyed. Ph. 2359 or MnnLln 228. 7|7 pK 8i7 Need your radio repnlrcd. cnll Hcrt V.ilton—B318. Dlsixhlprt veteran rcpnlrfi radios at home. 313 .V, 2nd. 7;2 pk 8.2 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION CO? Air conditioning, cominerctRt and household TCtrlgerntlan sprrlcc Mn«r- lc& Sanders, Mgr. Phono R391 rtny 3175 night. 416 E. Main. fi'25 ck tf REFKIGERAT1ON fcptrt eerrlc* on Alr-Condltlonlng. Rclrlerftllon anrj AppHr\ncr«. B11) and Harry Brook* Phone — o answer, c«13 6064 RR RSFKIOKRATION CO.. 2337 Birch. 5[11 ck Dressmaking and alteration. Phono 8M7. 7j9 p h is Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dny serYlee on Jewelrj—3 dtvya on wntch« and clocki GM^r.1nte^cd work done by eiperi repairmen Lon-Mt "PAT O'BRYANT Main A Second Moving <& Hauling Closed Van micXs Snrp—Dcppridnble Experienced help « w Bcckhnni 117 West Rose. Phone 8928. 7.9 pk 8.9 Guaranteed plzno tuning nnrt rc- pAU. Cull 2071 days. 2059 ntghtv 5 26 tf Used refrigerator, rh, ?07S or 4410. 7,8 pk 15 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAURJSON & SON FURNITURE CO, • 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS' CO 112 W Walnu* Phona 3,m Plenty of Parking Space 1 Inrpe Onshmivn scooter 1 small Doodle Buff scooter 1 Whlv./cr motor bike. Urcfl power nntl hnnft mowers. Also nowrr niowrrR for rent WEsrnnooK MACHINE SHOP 7i7 rk 2! Ororery, fixture. Mock, -j rooms 2 lots, EjellJuc on nrcmirn a! biul health 1104 So, 21»l. BlythrvUtn. Ark 7i7 ]))c B 7 IloMon Kcreu-ialL puppirs. jn N Mil 7,7 ph 14 fire nncl bur«lrjr proof ftAfrs. All sUrft nt faclory prlceE Vnutt Doors Freight pull]. I'hone -1097. fl'ia pX 7,30 SATURDAY, JULY 12, 1952 300 BROADWAY Home Of Good Used Cars! 1919 KOIU) .... $10-15 1950 KOKD $795 H'e'd like (o have you drive this hanrluime marixin f'us- i«m Club Ooupe. F,(|lllppc<i with radio * heater. 1!)(9 CHKV .... $lfl'J5 Thl» ble ronilel Mark Coupe Is a fine buy. Cr>mo to (he Ford Place at 300 Chicka- tawb.i In Hlythevllle. 1'JIfi KORD $7.15 A nicft maroon Tudor that's valuc-nrin'f]. 1 Holh r.iilio ,iml Iiealcr. (let the rl|(ht trade at 1'hllllps! l!>l(i KOR1) 5«i)5 Another Tinlor Sedan equipped with holh ra<llo and hent- er. Take a dc'inonstratton drive In tills car tomorrow! A blaok '/j-Ton Pickup Hat's scnsnlianally priced! You'll always gel your money's worlh at l'hmips. 101!) Slude ...... pi 15 Here's a J-i-Ton Stuilebafcer I'ickup for just $M5! See it— drive. It— you'll want to buy it—toilay! 1917 You'll FORD . $595 icct a lot of depend-' aMp xeevict from this i^.Ton Pickup Truck. Come to 300 Broadway In Blyllicvllli-. 19IK CHEV ?-,9r, Anollif-r plrkllp you'll want lo see at Plilllips Is Ihls '4fi model Chevrolet H'-Ton job. Now priced at only S595. 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Self-Propeiled Combine Owners: Let us show you the reason why a MAYRATH LOADER Will Pay For Itself! Jack Robinson Implement Co. , Arkansas — Phone 2371 For Kent 2 rm. turn. house. W. Rose. Ph. 1333. frivmtf ftconti,,™ M rta:'ph n 3jM™"' eBl w "V*, M j and elpciric kitchen. In & good nrlgti- horhcKHl. Phone 2338- 7;iO ck 24 5 rm. unlur hot water b For ln(ormallo . house and bnlh elpc. eater, Nevtly dPCrstw). n--aiS Chlckasa bn . 7;9 tf S'-ore bxiLUllng, 24x?.0', redecorated, (or rent next to Jordan Clothing Store in Sleete. Ph. Steele, 191 or 207. re pk 35 1 Call rooms. 2005 W. Vine. No balh". cr 8 p.m. S510. 78 pk 15 5 room linnse, wllh hrrnkfust nook and haih, walJ to wall cnrriet In HvInR room arid dining room 305 K, KPlituc- ky. Phone 3132 day and 6136 n'-dU Till ck 15 Ta-n room Call 628$ house. 512 Eas _. Rose St. 630 pk 7jl4 1 bedroom with hfith i\nd kitchen privJJegea. Phone 3734, Mrs. C Joh«- f«n- « 30 pk 7,15 .1 room Johnson. house. Phone 3734. Mrs. C. 3 room house Mortem convenl*jic<"5, quiet location, L G Thompson. 621 N Frnnklln. ph 2)54 627 i-'k If FISHERMAN'S DHKAM 1-12 lip. motor. 1 trnilcr and boat with fxtrtiR. Cn|] fi940 or fitlSR. 7,7 i>k 14 Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture;. Farmers term* '/a down, balance in the fnll, Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Ph. 6357. 4(17 ck tf Clover WINS first (nttortured Into England ns a furm crop nbout the middle of the 17Ui Century For Solo. Real Estate Almost new 4 rooms, attractive bath, (2 bedroom*). Rood Vciietlnn blinds. wired for rlrctrlc Move, Diio-Ttu'Ttn hot water, KMH\ «anV/i spot. Full stK- crt lot. l block bus line. Very small loan on plnro 33 67.V Mrs JOE fli3«. PhtlMpi-ShKiiltR, Brok- 7]10 pk 13 Vncnnt let. npst location In (own Tor neighborhood grocery store. See H, K EBgnn, at ^lore. South Hlway ei 7;D pic 23 I Imra * good tot for sale on n prtiv- fl rontl two miles ftoiith. J. O Sernlt, Rt. 4. BlylhcrLlte. Ark. 7 ; a jilt IS Store nun MTTICC atnUan locntpd n\ Sli\to Mnc. 3 tnllrs north of Cornell Phone B705. 7 j 3 pk 8; .; nullcUn? 22 hr 95 Ifet with Cnfc All Inrnliurp ixnri lututcs lnclu<led Do K wondfrfu] huplness with more thrxn S20.00Q tttrnovoc (n Uio Inxt 12 months Has 2 eniraiirr.s. while nntt color«-d^ Ixirat«d in the 400 block Wwt Ash St with beer permit. With prospects of hnvlnt: R better this full thnn In the Id.n 4 ycnrs. Thl* plnr« if handled corrmir will maXp money. The price In *12,000 with 12500 rash with contract for balance riur [nta this yea»' with irnmcrtlntp pos.sp%s1on W. M. . Realtor-Insurer I'lionc— 3361 7110 ck 17 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Knows How to Service Your Car or Truck FOR SUMMER DRIVING Treat your c;ir or (ruck as the worthwhile investment it is. Trust thnt truck or car only to exports ivlio know Ihe <in- swers lo the problem of summer. Righl now — lubrication, fire inspection, a wash and wax- job, an engine tvinc-up, a check of the cooling system — these services arc expertly handled at Chamhlin's. Drive In This Weekl Authorized iflK Senrke ^ 2 Ha L>4< •> RMttf^ttJ & Aril Stra+to. 9 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Y»wr D*al«r * Ash 4 room house Rnrt KMn cluu-u mill t^5 H in<jiilli rfttrt! itt Hii>;itlwaj atu 0612 C ADrrthnin Wonted ri ofjlpp /iirnltiire Supply, P.O. Box .. Or phone -H67. •vllk. A nrK. Rood cook. nn Rly- 0 ck rh k is 4 rooms snd bath upstairs. $2000 per monih Call R84i t>;i5 tf Small furnished room. Ph. 2920. 7 [7 p Heat Hatches Goslings On Farm in Illinois 3-bcflroom home on Holly; Street, with servant's house.| FHA constructed. Price $13.-! uOO. Also IIHVC Gl house for $5,000. Closing costs, 175. Complele set of store fixtures, meat case, slicing machine, cash register, shelvinjf, etc. Worth ?2,000. C'jin be bought for ?1,150. In good | For tin . wire and nil kinds of Wanted to Buy HIGHEST PRICES PAID laralion. Slore rents for ?30. per montli. Have JIain Street locution, slock nm! fixtures for sale. F. B. JOYNKR II. C. Campbell Ph. 4'U6 — 3205 — 8G5G Jfoclern and extra roomy! •1 room house and bath on paved street at 805 N. Franklin. This is in tiptop condition inside and out. Extra large kitchen with lots of cnbiiifets... I .arge lot. ?! ,250 ca.slii-^U.02 total monthly payments. Vacant. Move in tomorrow. Modern 5-room house and bath on large corner lot on Adams SI reel. Attic fan, floor furnace, disappearing stairway, hardwood floors throughout. $1,SOO cash, maybe less, will handle. ?54.52 total monthly payments. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone .1111 Residence Phone 25<)6 5110 ck tf scrap meUl. Blyfheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdway & Moultrie Drive Phone 89fi2 4(15 ck tf CENTRALIA, 111. M 1 )—A South- cm Illinois heat wave 'A-as hot] Lue eslate enough lo hutch nn c»g— in fnct six. | veri(ji , (l t drums a Kcyesport farm wife. ! Mrs. Hrnry Schmitt .said e r?ss failed to hntch mirier Iji iioinial lime and were di c c;mi- pti. She delayed burying IViein. After a \s-erk of leinpej'atures of urar 100 decrees, she linpiieneii to note one egg narking. She said iialilrril heat hatched six goslings. j Automatic Mousetrap Utilizes Electricity i NEW YORK (/Py-A new mouse- j Iran kills by electric shock that cannot be transmitted to humans i of Its unique design. i The device. Invented by A. O. f Burns ot Farmland, Ind..'catches, i slay.s and places the dead rodent's ' body in a drawer compartment. The > drawer Ix romoralile for easy clean- j ing and eliminates handling the mouse. . i The trap resets itself after each ! execution within a fraction of a •' second. The device Is now being manufactured in volume. (Jalco Motor Co., Union City. Ind.) NOTICE i In the Probale Court ot .Missis- j sippi Counly, Arkansas. i IN THE MATTER OF i THE ESTATE OF L. D. i DAVENPORT, JR., deceased i ..tTwliichpP cttf myrvo ES THO Last known address of decedent:' Blythevllle, Ark. j Date of death: December n, 1951. | The undersigned was appointed; administrator of the estate of 'he above-limned decedent, on the 10th day of July. 1952. i All persons having claims asainst the estate must exhibit them, duly the undorsisnecl within from the date of (he lien W* nil] (t»ks, cRTn O'STlRN'n pay CASH (or your old Kr>- erdi snd Icrmm fnr pirL-s STUDIO 115 Wwl Udtn. 124 tr SPECIAL Wafch Repair 2 Weeks Only Cleaned & Adjusted ONLY $2.50 All Work Guaranteed 305 S. 20th Street Phone 8092 1ISREY JACKSON Real ESTATE [•arms—Citv Property LOANS V lj»lerMt*d tm Huylng or iclltmj KA» Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Olencoe BUlj;. Ph. R868 Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Blytheville PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Kiock, Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores July Is License Buying Month Sullivan-Nelson's Trucks Are • Conditioned Right • Priced Right • Sold Right CAT 093 CAT 093 FORD i/ ? -Ton I'itkup, The motor's over- $4AC hauled, the paint's new. Good tires 493 HM8 CHEVKOLKT I'/z-Ton long whcclbase $7AjC Truck with body. Your best buy today I 93 19 15 CHEVROLET long wheelbase Truck with ?4 AC 750x20 tires all around. Good healer 493 1918 FORD ^2-Ton 1'icku" Truck that's equip ped iviih healer and defroster only J9I9 STUDKHAKER '/ z -Ton LWB Truck, mo- S tor overhauled. 750x20 front 825x20 rear tires new paint 1950 CHEVROLET '/,-Ton Pickup Truck with deluxe cab. Runs like new. Healer 1<150 FORD i/j-TonYirkup Truck with hc.-iler SftAC and defroster. A truly clean truck 3«D Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good <!e«l at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Kit Used Car Lot «* Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 first •publication of this notice, or j ol July, 1052. they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estale. H. O. HarsHvw. Administrator Blythevllle, Ark. 7[12-19 Help Wanted far larttrs shor store. C3oc*I opponunl- iv fnr .iflvrtiirrmrnt. Write to ROM F-l ", Courier News. 7 12 rk If* Instruction I tpncri pimio, Rcrordlon Phnnf ,17,14 Mrs C Johnson fi ,10 pit 7.15 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection QI.*XCO» nonti BUILDING ATTENTION GINNERS! With Ilic exception of Jack Logan, ire still hiive the sam« personnel to care ot rout ginning repair needs. IVc rrftll, file and Ir.In s»wi; refill »nil balance kru.ihet; mil harp » (oinrlclc jlock tt Taltej. clbflwj (Trem ll~ U 14"! »nd pipe. Al<o. » roniplflr lint tl Wirinji (or yo«r (rim. We have Hie pc-r.'otinoi and equipment to meet your glnnlnj repair needs anci we're anxious to serve youl All work must be satisfactory. Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 This notice first published 11 day O.K. Barber Shop Air-Conditioned Television Sit In cool comTort watch television roil get your hair c our shop, m. •Jimmy Hall. The onl) shop in IllytheTiHe offpr fnir you bolh. TrT us. O.K. Barber Shop Almost Everyone Knows Notice FULLER BRUSHES Ph. 6358. 8-30 vnv lo 4:30 p.m. James Lighty 1.2 pk 82 Fishermen! \Ve hare porfcmclts Rnd ' ^h^1^lp. Lullrell's Market. 6W ChlcXh- i »»•«!» 6S» ck 7 34 I I will htiy or sell for you City ] Property or Farms GPO. il. Lee | Realtor ] 120 W. Main. — Ph. 6%1 j .... _ v en a I WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL nrA xHOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES |FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Street Rlylheville Horner-Wilson Gives Good Service What's so wonderful about that? Well, answer this question: ::Are yon completely satisfied with the kind of treatment you're getting now when yon have your car serviced?" Think it over. \Ve'!l bet that you'll K ct belter service at less cost nl Horner-Wilson. Relter service at less cost! We do the work right — or do it over. What could be fairer? Almost everyone knows Horner-Wilson gives good service. Do you? HORNER-WlLSON R<x*K Phon« 2656 _ CMC Tr«<*s Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 OH EAST MAIN ST. 1 *

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