The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 11
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AT. JANUARY 1C, 1951 Abundant Seasonal Foods Aid to Budget (ARK.) COURIER NEWS »T OATNOK MA0DOX NEA Fo»i mi Market* Editor Jt'i t mcoey-saving Idea to begin 1«U resolved to ute abundant »i»son»l food!. With i litle thought and tb* help of * few good cooi- boohi, you'll b« lurpriMd how «a«tlj ran can plan budget m«il*. At the beginning of e«ch month, th> United States Department o* Agriculture announce* foods that expetuin, (or JO dajra. •H«« !• th« national Itot of plen- tttub for January: .Firt tut r~* praAieia • i Mleto W treta kerefe tiiidget Dishes Use Meats in Low-Cost Way I ttf GATNOK MADDOX NEA 8UK Writer ;Of eourse, you can't feed your family with mirrors despite the present meat prices. But you can reflect on the economy of the following budget recipes In your family menu*. .; Barbecued Cornell Beef ; (V Krrlnfi) • On« ll-oun« can corned beef, l.tablwpoons fat, 1 cup'Hnely chopped onton, % cup ca.faup. ;Slelt fat. Add onions. Brown well. Cube the corned beef arid add. Add cat*up. Stir. Cook 15 minutes. Serve over hot cooked rice, or 'in split bun». ark an« FoUt« 'A-' HUB lerrlnpi) *VTwo eup« chopped cooked pork, 8 cups thlnlv sliced potatoes. J tablespoons finely chopped green pepper, 1 tablespoons finely chopped onion, I lO'.S-ounce can condensed cream of celery «oup. H cup milk, 1 teaapoon «R, H teaspoon pepper, H teaspoon Mimr?. tf cup shredded cheese (optional). Combin* »ll Ingredlenta except ehttoe to. a 1-ejuart casserole. Bake In a moderate oren (S5o degrees F.) for 30 minute*. Remove from oven. SprtnMe cheem on top. Return to oven and eontinu* baking- for 30 mlrrttws or untfl potatoes are done. Chtcken Prlcanec « aerrhira)' •iM ihlcken wings or buck. 1 teaipocn MIH. '4 teaspoon pepper, flour. H imp butter or margarine. 2 eup« milk. Roll- chlckan in. seasoned nour. Pan «rr in butter until golden browa. Add nek. Oortr. Cook slow!y *5r if «o M nhiutM. Thicken if (la mitt* tt Caaned t»n» Dried prunei Raitina Oran(«c Tanrerlnet Oraa»« jntf* Crapefrait Jile* Nonfat dry milk Cettare ebeeM Dry beam, )nc!udin r pra ( .Jean,, bal,, Umaa, pJ«l« South and Northwest) Ble* Honey - - : Steaks — yes, good Juicy ones— and other cuts of beef will'be more plentiful and much cheaper from now on. That's what I learned a few weeks ago in Chicago, where I discussed the meat supply situation with John Holmes, president of Swift &. Co., world's largest packers, and Harry Eldred, executive vice president, Armour 4 Co., second largest packer:. There will be lot* of nuts in the markets, too. That suggests a peon pie for gala entertaining Pecan Pie One cup pecans. 3 eggs, w cup sugar. I cup dark corn syrup, 14 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon vanilla 14 cup melted butter or other fat ' Beat the eggs, add the sugar and the syrup, then the salt and vanilla and last the melted fat. Place the pecans in the bottom -of an unbaked pie crust. Add the filling and bake slowly in a moderate oven <3Sd degrees F.) for 50 to M minutes. The nuts will rise to the ton ed la° Pl ° '"""* and f °™ * crust One pound ot pecans In the shell yields almost 154 cup kernels. GWGUJKXKAD t !• a* old Gingerbread, Whipped Cream Pie Makes a Novel Dessert By GAYNOR MABDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor • Gingerbread and whipped cream —an old and dellvious favorite. But how about serving It In a novel form?.Mak« It Into a pie, using packaged gingerbread mix lor ease and speed. Coconut teams well with good gingerbread. So' for a lacy topping sprinkle It over your whipped cream Just before serving. You can toast it easily if you place a thin layer of coconut on a cookie sheet and Cream Puffs Become Main Dish Cream puffs are the homem»ker's uclcy find. They've stepped out of their totally dessert role and are that "something special" for main dish serving too. When company is. coming, serve the tender pulfs with creamed ham touched: with Strips of bright pl- mlento and mushroom caps. Or wrve _wlth-creamed veal with peas added. Just before serving. Aocordlnj to -Reb« staggs. home economUt,. contrary to 'what many persons think.. cream * puff, are quite easily prepared. Blmply add 'A cup of lard to 1 cup boiling water to which 1 teupoon of salt has been added. Bring to a noil. Add 1 cup of flour nil a t once and stir vigorously until a ball forms in the center of the pan. Let'the mixture cool, then add 4 unbeaten eggs, one at m time, beating alter each addition until tb* mixture Is tniooth K should be quit* »tlff. Shape on a greased cooky sheet and bake in a hot overi <45o degrees Pj for the first 15 minutes, (to allow to puir),,then reduce the temperature to. 350 degree. F. and bake for about 30 "minute* (allowing the puffs to dry out). 'For' variation .in dessert type puffs, serve them with a dip of Ice cream and top with rich chocolate sauce. Chocolate, and mint are al- way. a favorite. yi,r * change, fill the puffs with « chocolate custard filling and top with whipped cream lightly flavored with mint. Cream puffs made In. miniature form be- com« * conversation piece for your hors d'peuvre tray. Or fry the batter by teaspoonfuls hi deep hot lard for Queen fritters 'to accompany your dinner roast. . ' ' . H eye-level were BO feet high, the ocean's horizon would b* mdr« than 7 miles distant. bake in a-moderate oven (350 degrees F.) «.few minutes. Shake It occasionally for even browning One- or two-day-old cream whips a lot more readily than very Jresh cream. When whipping cream do not beat top quickly for a good texture. Flnally-to remove excess cream from your rotary beater shake it over the edge of your palm —never on the mixing bowl—It's easier treatment for your jood kitchen equipment. Glncerbread Whipped Cream Me (Yield; r nine-Inch pie) One package gingerbread mix, % cup .water, 1 cup heavy cream, whipped. ',4 cup coconut, toasted Preheat oven to 350 degree's p Grease a 9-inch p i e piaie. Blend contents of package with water and gently pat mixture In pie dish In an even layer. Keep dough about M Inch away from edge of dish and flute around. Bake in moderate oven (sso degrees F.) 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted In center comes out clean. Pill pj e with whipped cream and cover with toasted coconut. Serve immediately. Or allow pie to get cold before filling with whipped cream. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort ! " !MMtlt "ll""*. (non- fi-- er- d> " ls " l " 111 mor * firmly. To Mt «na t»I)c In more com- lort.. Just. BprlnkJa R little FASTEETH on your plktes. No gummy, gootr n&stv t«t« « filing. ChKlu "pl.te oflor" (dentun tmth). act FASTEC-TH «t »n dt ttort. 'Texas Hash' Is Budget Meal Dish Makes LittU Hamburger Go Long Way and It's Tasry Bj GAYNOR M ADD OX NEA Staff Writer To make K.Ilttl* hamburger go • long way, try this hearty recipe Ttiai Hash Two, large onions, sliced, j ji-«n spperj. cut fine. 3 tablespoons fat 1 pound hamburg, 2 cups canned tomatoes, « cup uncookfd rice 1 teaspoon chill powder. 2 tea-spoon* salt, VI teaspoon pepper. Cook onions and green pepper slowly In hot fat until onions are yelloH'. Add hamburg nmt fry until mixture falls apart. Add tomatoes rice and seasonings and mix. Put m large greased casserole, cover <md bake In moderate oven (375 degrees F.) 45 minutes, or until none. Serves 8. To serve 4 divide recipe In half. Vmrlitiont: i. m.tead of rke use I cup uncooked spaghetti, macaroni or noodles. J. Substitute 1 cup chopped celery stalks and leaves for green pepper. 3. Use 1 teaspoon PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE SM On Yoir Dial Friday, January ir, 1952 MORNIKQ 7:15—Sign On 7:15—Southern Gospel singers 7:30—Yawnin' fn the MornhV 1:5>—According to the Record 8:00--Mornlng News Round-up 8:15—Morning Devotional 8:30— Guy Lombardo Tlm« 9:05—Woman's Viewpoint 9:30-Concert Master 10:00—Dodge Reporter 10:05—Farm Frolics 10:30—News In a Nutshell 11:00—World News 11:30—News In a Nutshell AFTERNOON : 12:00-Arlcansaj * World New. * Market* 1J:15—Noon Serenade I:M-B«hind the World New» 1:05—Matinee Melodies 2:00—Arkansas News 2:05-Hillbilly Roundup 3:00—World News 3:05—Heptime 3:30—Murray't Madhous* 4:00— Blythevllle Courier News 4:05—Murray's Madhouse 5:00-:World News 5:05—Sportsman sas—sign off PAOM pcprikt Tw» BMdlUBi applw, cored, t tewpooni kraoa i u lo« (aiwut), duh of uH, i pound sausage meat, 1 tablespoons finely chopped onion, i eup crushed rtl- «)n bran. Cut applea Into six V.-inch sllcei Season with lemon Juice and salt Combine sau£a«e meat, onion, and bran and shape mixture Into 12 sm»!l balls, place balls between two sheets of waxed paper and flatten Into pattle*, *4 Inch thick. Put together in p«lra with an apple ,Hce between patties. Pms edges of patties together to seal In apple slice Arrange. In shallow baking dish Bake, uncovered. In moderate oven (350 degre*. I\> for 30 mlnutei. Rat Damages Sought SASKATOON, Bask. (AP) — A district farmer {« claiming damages from the city for loss caused to his wheat crop by rats. The farm It Just north of the city limits. R»"l Courier New« Classified Ads, Goody Evergood Says: Family FayoriU lor round-the-clock goodness! For mMltiin* pi»a»ui-». a«rv» d«lieiou» Ev*r- good Bacon^-slie»d Ju«t right Jor eriip. t»mpling gcxxln««t. It'i gr«at for br*«k(a«(, lunch or supper. Al w«yi lcx>k for th< tTwgood label. Bur it «t TOUT grocer* Stewed Oysters Good Any Time If you want to give a movie party for the crowd and then bring them home tor a hot supper, select a bl» iteamlng bowl of oyster stew u th» heart-warming surprfs* Oyster Stew (2i portions) Three quarts oysters, shuck-d- I ounces butter, 2 tablespoons nalt 4 <juirt» milk, 1 quart cream, % ten- spoon pepper. Heat oyster ll<juor and strain. Heat milk and cream to scalding point. Put butler In saucepan and when melted add oysters, let simmer just until edges curl. Add to •calded mi*. _ , uor. Muon and Mrr* «« «w. (Dlvld* la naif H oolf M nulij ."- ** t hju". to *»t ndp* w* add Z tablespoona Wore««enhir« sauce and many Ubaral atuke* o< paprika and plenty of Mtoy acK, PILES 0^ HH~I, «Hrf ,„.. _i_- J -.y- «,;n. tfi <-LIL* ,IT_ ( ^^* */ l **'i ^ WMriMM^ •&y%S&^°***& -* u, ii.*^*' ^ «< v^r. —--• ii« °^ ,.2**. r^Q>^*i; »>•* . _ JAM. 28 THRU FEB. 3 MAT. FEB. 2 AND 3 Ticketa on aal«. dajly •Urtlng Monday, Jan,Hh, at Auditorium ,»nd Bond'i Store, IB a Main at. "ll'j funnlfr, fatter, mort .lacith than trer" • Ellis Auditorium Memphis, Tenn. Shop & Save This Week-End At The Four Star-Stores SLICED BACON Here's an extra special for the week-end! Choose either Wilson's Laurel or Lake Bacon., .lean, full- flavored, delicious. '"35 39 SUNSHINE HUNTS PEACHES Peach Holves, No. 2* Con PINEAPPLE JUICE Del Monte or Dole, 46 oz. con FRESH VEGETABLES Carrots, Radishes, Green Onions, Bunch Y °UR FAVORITE BRAND PIE CHERRIES - 250 HI-POWER, No. 303 Can HOT TAMALES • 250 YrtllD EAUStmw __..._ ' -roll PORK & BEANS ea. FRESH, IRON-RICH PORK LIVER-Ib. 290 FRESH FROZEN CHICKEN BACKS 2 Iks. 580 Very Fresh, Fully Dressed PLUMP HENS AN EXCELLENT BUY1 * 4 * STAR * STORES * FOUR OF YOUR HOME-OWNED GROCERY STORES Eberdt's GATEWAY STORE 2101 Ros« Street * Cecil Lowe's GRO. & MKT. (32 No. Sth Str«*t Luttrell's GRO. & MKT. «th ft Chlckasawba * Pickard's GRO. & MKT. 1044 ChickMwb*

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