The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 21, 1947
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VOL. XMil—NO. 307 BiychevtUe Dally Nowr BlyUwvUle Courier ^l§IIllLE .COyRIER NEWS Power Company Offers Balanced Farming Awards x Ark-Mo Provides $500 '-> To Be Used in North Missco Contests A :?r>00 contribution from thc Arkansas Missouri Power Company to be used for paying North Mississippi County awards in thc Arkansas Balanced Farming competition for 19-17 was announced today by Keith Bilbrey, farm ugenl for the north half of this country. The manner in which the award money is lo he used wili he decided at a meeting Tuesdav of n group of agricultural leaders, who will serve on a special committee to conduct the contest. It is expected that a similar group may be set up for the South hair of the county and that the wi'uiars in each of the tour divisions of the two Mississippi County groups will be eligible lo compete ror the slute awards, and have an opportunity to become the state's representative in the Commercial Appeal's annual plunt-lo-prosper campaign. The state-wide contest was pat- tcrned after the p!anl-to-ppsper program sponsored by the Memphis newspaper nnd is designed lo <ib- taln wider interest in Arkansas through the county contest phase. Press Association is Sponsor In Arkansas Ihe Arkansas Press Associalion and many of th< : individual newspapers, including the Courier News, arc sponsoring Ihe competition which is intended to help place Arkansas agriculture on a more solid financial basi:-. State awards total 31,250 with an additional $1,100 assured in sweepstake prizes. There are balunc'td farming divisions for tenants and sharecroppers, for large and small landowners, and home improvement contests for each of the four classifications, with a Negro division in thc live-at-home competition for small landowners, and for teiianls Top awards in. Ihe state convpett- lion will be S200 for balanced fann- inc for tenants and sharecronpeis with $!50 for second plac- 'winners' and S100 for third place. In the small landowner class the saine awards will be paid as for tenants while the top award for .the large .Jr.ndo-jners-will-be $100. •• . '. The Arkansas Power and Li»ht Company and the Commercial Ap- penl have provided the money for the state awards. When This Thief Steals Peanuts, He Really (Jets A Bag Full~$225 Worth ATI.ANTA, Gil.. March 21-lUP) —Nine 100-lxmnrt bags of shelled peanuts were stolen noin ihc William Tellum Company Inc. The " ul - 5 ' pqlice said, a cre valued at Luxora Doctor To Be Buried In Memphis Funeral services for Dr. Thomas F. Hudson, Luxora physician, who was killed instantly yesterday when Ins car was struck bv a freight train at a grade •crossinij Luxora were hclrf this afternoon at I '30 at the Baptist Church in Luxora. Thc Rev. A. H. Ashworth, of JTat- tic;f:urg, Miss., officatcd. He was assisted fcy the 'Rev. A: B. Hill, paster or the Luxora Baptist Church, ami the Rev. Charles E Lowis. pastor of the Methodist Church HI Luxora. Internment will be in the Memorial Park Cemetery, 'Memphis, with Cobb Funeral Home in charge. 'Active pall bearers were A h* Thorne. R. .!, Gillespic, E. R Bo- pin, Jesse Brown. R. c. Langdton and Joe Hires. •Honorary pall bearers members of the Mississirpi County -Medisal Society; Dr. Arthur Porter. Dr. Lucian M;Oehoe, Dr. P. W .Smyths and Dr. W. C. Colbert of Memphis; L. L. McDearman and E. S. CritJh- ficld. of Halls, Tcnn.; Dwight Blackwood. Osceola; County Jud^e Roland Green. 'Bls-theville;' W C Wright. 5. J. Smith, c. B Wood, George Petty and John Tlyu'eatt of Luxora. Dr. Hudson Is survived bv his wife, one daughter. Mrs. R. L. Hourk. and two granddaughters. Besides being Luxora's only physician. Dr. Hudson, held extensive fanning interests in Mississippi Cotmtv. A deacon in the Bautist, Church, he was active in both fliurch and civic affairs in Luxora. Tic was a menvbci of the Masonic Lodge in Osceola. Court Orders Mori Held on Charge Of Assault to'Kill Carlie E. Davidson of Blytheville. was ordered held to await aclion ">• thc circuit court at his preliminary hearing this morning in Municipal court on the charge of assault with intent lo kill. Bond prev- Fire, Explosions Wreck Oil Plant Firm East of Manila Suffers Heavy Loss but Saves Fitting Station vlclson a s her assailant. Preliminary hearing for Davidson on charges ot burglary and as- sanlt was conllnur-d mill! tomorrow's session of cuiirt. is last night caused heavv «l Ihe Planleis Oil Company when four large storage tanks and more than 20.COO gallon, of fuel were destroyed. The fire was reported to have slarted while a large lrans;:o:t (nuk operated by the Slandarci Oil Company was unloading fuel into the storage tank-, at the oil firm's plant one-half mile Eisl of Manila on .Highway 18 about 11 o'clock last night. Lewis Townsend, owner of the company, said that the explosions wrecked four a'oovi>-lho-grouivl storage lanks and that he lo-,t 10.800 gallons of gasoline, and 54BO gallons each of tractor fuel and kerosene. The transport truck and a dump truck at the station a'so were destroyed. Liltle damage resulted to the fining station and headquarters ortices for the oil firm, it was stated. Part of the loss is covered by insurance, it was stated this morning. End of Suspicion In Europe Urged Senator Fulbrlghf And Colleagues Seek New Union of Nations BV GKORGE E. REEDY. JK United Press staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 21—(UP! -Congress was urged today to go tm recora as favoring creation ol a "United States or Europe" as the most effective way to enri tho "si'^plB'jjii, .hatred, and confusion" that have'bred tivo world wars. Three Democratic congressmen joined in introducing a resolution which would make a feUerate'l E-irope a cardinal objective of American foreign policy. It wns sponsored in the House by Hep. Hale Boggs, D.. La., and in the Senate by Sens. J. w. Fui- bvight, D.. Ark., and Elbert Thomas, D., Utah. The three sponsors conceded that l!ic idea was not new. But they said it was never more urgent lor Congress to consider it than nov.-. when "we ar c called upon to spend billions of dollars in Germany, in Greece ana to lend billions in other lands." Said Fulbright: "I know that the people of America had enough ol wars | which, for centuries, have been generated by the conflicts that inhere In the fragmented sovereign- lies ol Europe. Something must be done or ihc Western world, including ourselves, will commit suicide or be absorbed by the Easl.'The resolution, he said, docs not mean that the United States would try to "impose" rederation upon Europe. Rather, he said, it would give encouragement to the European forces working for it. Boggs said Europe must be reconstituted if the world is to have p?acc and that thc job could not be done with American dollars and relief. The "negative policy of opposing Russia and International Communism, as vital as lhal is. is nol enough,' 1 he said. nivthevllic Herald Mississippi Vallty Lender Citizens School Committee Plans Broad Program P.T.A. Leaders to Make Residential Canvass To Obtain Site Funds To dlrecl a lund-rnising campaign to obtain $50X03 for th,. ,„„-. chase of a new high school site sere, five Blylheville women \veiv named chairmen of a hous; Ui- houso solicitation drive Inrnui' thc residential area of Ihe H'j the- ville school district nt. a mi-cling or Hie Citizens School committee last night in city Hull. Mrs. Jesse White was sc-l"clid chairman of the house-io-lmus'-' eenvas In the residential section. , To iiisisl Airs. While, the following Ward cluilrmcn were appoint, cd: First Ward. Mrs. Tim Estes" Second Ward. Mrs. Ray Hail; Third Ward and Pride Addition. Mrs. Charles Pcnn and Mrs. Kat> VanHoosior. Men plan Drive, Too Mrs. H. w. Wylic was auptir.l,. ed to direct the solicitation Ijr Hie part of the school distrlcl lying immediately outside the city :ma Mrs. H. w. Wyatl was mined chairman for Yarbro. Members of the 12-man Citizens School Committee will havo charge of solicitations In the business district and Industrial Eeclio'.vi Opening date or this drive will be announced later. At last week's meeting of the commitlei!, composed of school board and chamber or Commerce member. Crarion was selected to h?vl the drive. Meeting with Ihe citizens Committee last night were women of Hie Pnrenl-Tcachers Association Council. representing ail pTy\ groups in the school district. To He 10-Ytar Program Plans were made for a uloct-by- block survey of thc city in order lo cxlcnd Ihe drive to all dl'zcns. It was emphasized by Ihe com millee lhat while the ima:erliAie objeclive of this drive Is to acquire a new high school silo H li only a part of a long-rang: schcol program. This drive is (lie initial step in whal will probably be n t«i-yc;ir building and expansion prouram. it was pointed out. The program conlempHle.l by the school board and the committee includes modernization ;,i a enlargement of- tho entire Blytnc- ville school system'." Porter Back From Greece Group in Senate Votes to Extend Control of Rents WASHINGTON. .March 21- (UPJ —A Senate Banking Subcommittee voted unanimously today to continue federal rent conlrols unlil Feb. 29. 1948, without any countrywide increase. The group did not however, dc- tirie what agency should administer rent controls, it will meet again Monday to settle that Issue. Thc subcommittee recommended: \. Extension o f .'uit control until Feb. 29, 1948. 2. creation of local rental advisory committees in each rental area to recommend possible decon- irdls within an area, or needed rent revision. The boards' decisions would be final unless reversed by llv? administrator within 30 days. 3. Elimination of rent control on new and luxury housing and on lotel accommodations. 4. Authorize states to .set up ihcir own rent conlrol systems bv puss- ng special laws. Truman to Speak WASHINGTON. March 21—(UP) -The While House announced to- lay that President Truman will ad- liess the annual Associated Press mirhron in New York Cily April House Okays Presidential Tenure Limit WASHINGTON, March 21. (UP) —Thc House today completed congressional action on a proposer! constitutional amendment lo limit future piesidcnt tenure to two terms uf four years each. By a standing vote of 81 to 20. Hie House approved Senate amendments to its original version or the measure. The proposed con:,t.itmioniil amendment must be ratified by 3G slate legislatures before bccominc effective. Thc proposal provides that no person shall be elected to the office of president more than twice. The House concurred in Hie Srn- nte amendment providing, now.vcr that if a person held tte office of' president two year's or less, he would be eligible for rc-clcctio.-.. to two additional terms. Negro Gets Sevcn-Ycar Term on Murder Charge A verdict ol guilty on second-degree murder charges was returned against Arthur Wallace. Negro, by a jury in Ihe Osceola District of ilit Mississippi County Circuit Court yesterday. Judge Charles W. LiKht sentenced him to seven scars ui the slate pcnitcnliary. Tlie charge Involved the death of another Negro, Joe Taylor. Victoria Child Dies Paul Porter. Chief of the Amqrjcan Economic Mission to Civcccc, received an cjithusiii.slic in-Iconic' from his diiuelilcr. lletsy fiurillce Poner. when he arrived in Washington at the National Ai.purL i'rom Greece. |>ortcr denied he had been called home ahead of schedule because of the urgency or the Greek K| I nation. .NBA Tcleplioto.j Congressman Poses as German, Attends N. York Bund Meeting WASHINGTON, March 21. (U.I'.)—A -M-ycur-oia IVim- . wiitii, (•(iitirre.ssniMii and (fx-newKpapcnnan 'said lodav he atleiitlcd a m<|otni B in New-York City last wuek which lie regarded as lh c rebirth of 'the German-American bnp<! 'He is R:p. John McDowell. He-* . ._______._ pi-i;ii:an. chairman of a House Un•American activities suJvommitte? tut up lo investigate Fascist activities in the United States. Ke said the military tra;pingl and the familiar stiff-armed salute or the old bund were missing from the meeting but the ideologic* expressed were the same. He said the committee had reason to believe I there is a similar group in chi- "is a just pence ror Germany." '!lo said there was romlderailc coir.plaint that "a horde of foreigners l s In Ger.many, rating up German food and rajiing Gu;nm:i women." Whal they actiullv te- fcrrc;! to, he said, was warlhr.e slave labor imported by Germany. Deer Reviews hool Bills ISm** ror Rotarians Educational lesislallon piissnl ,„,.„..,..„,, , , "'"''"« Ulc ' 5[il| i session of the Ai- iuVi iT, V ,' ll " ch " cfll to discbse knjwas General Assembly wns re- York mc-tili" }•'"• ," !>:> " t " >C N - w ! vi " v ™ 1 ' 1)S ' Couiily School Supcrvl- c"n"°e« J n™' ' K ''' S °" ral ' 1C '' ''«'"»'' a '' lllc Rotary cllib ^^'tS''''^^^^ cago. "Their purpose," he said, "is" creatu sympathy fcr Germany! "' absolve her -of" tier " terrible •McDowell said his one-man *irl- vcst.igation of tlic Nov.- Yoik'iVcet- mg was a lm KC factor in Ine c'mn- niittcc 1 ., decision to jet up a sijj- conv.-niuce on;ifm. hc boih sexes. He said nprcronled and dial prised" lo see nn's buttims. At ' °" first the wer- •",,-" veler" •"[l:cn I complained ! o u^h- oo r l.iat my father never hud had ^me to teach , nc; -Mc- Djwe.l said, -rhey ve;y o:li-ini! y cond.tcted Ihe rest of the meeting n," he said. ••.A:tu,li v I nnn " ''' "" ytlli "B :ibc>l " Oer' csaifl '"c s:is, Mr. Deere strcssctl rive requi- Mics for a modern school system He said the rive major needs were II sound school administration uri- 31 adequate curricula; -11 provisions for additional teacher Irainini; niul salary advances; and 5i piupr-r Iriinsportatlon rucillilfs. Guests nt Ihc ineetini; were II. T. Hamilton Jr. o[ West Memphis X. R. Campbell of chriftcc. Mo. Pi'cd Flecmail and James Gates Jr. descent" injustices German pcnpk-! "The peneral . dwoussions were Wlfl1 relK '™C's to thc Aniri-i-nns of Gjrman nd the indicniiics and bring suffered by tin- which th»y N. Y. Cotton Mar. May July Oct. D clcvcloiiing." he said,'Dec. '.:'.'. 3285 2S8D 2900 UN Secretary Due to Comment On Truman's Near East Policy H.v KOI.'EKT Slaff torrcspoiulenl ^ ? 1arch 21- James Leon K::ith. six-wcrki- o!d son of Mr. and Ms. Arthur Keith of Victoria, died list night. 8:30 o'clock, at the home of his I parents. | Funeral services were held this, aftcrnon, 3 o'clock al S.Midy Rid?c Cemetery. Ills parents were the child's on'.y survivors. ' ' N. Y. Stocks . .2 p.m. Quolalions A T & T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Belli steel Chrysler Oen Electric Ccn Molors Montgomery Ward N Y central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Slcel Ilndio Socony Vacuum Studebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard '\ U ,s Hitrl ' 105 3-1 71 1-8 30 1 -S 91 95 7-8 35 I-a r>0 5-8 57 1-2 17 7-8 83 1-2 in 27 3-4 3 •! -8 U 5-8 •n 1-8 (17 reveal the' position of thc 15- m )ntli r - olrl world organixatlon w.icn die trusteeship council convenes for the first time next Wednesday. Tlie speech also may touch on uie t.licr bi£ prcb'.cms. including Palestine nnd possibly Franco Spiiin — the only major issue on A-nlch he has spoken out etnphat- ic.illy before. That was in thc UN General AssemblyVs last session, whnn he louc-hcd o(r the drive lhat .cd to ;hn UN's decision to urge recall of all ambassadors and ministers from Madrid. So far only three of the six UN countries which had ambassadors or ministers there at the time havu lecalled them. UN officinis carefully refrained ';ui itom several sources ii iMrneri that his welcoming spcrch , jo truslccship council delegate!; will | touch Ihe situation raised bv rres- t.lrnl Truman's plan l o fight Com- iiiiinul e.\|i,insloii ivllh S-SOrt.OiTO in military and economic aid inOrcVce and Turkey, | .lolled by Truman Decision 3-J Me wns jollrd by tile President's .i-R deeiKion to take' lhat Important l:i"'p, C"liJ;nv;.v UilliMf;. U'i/hnlll ?c- lyniR on. or consultiiW w m, ' tll ^ United Nations. ' As a man who nunt pleas c the governments of 53 countries, and particularly those of the United Slates aiuj soviet nussln. Lie's fie- tision to speak out on the present political status of the UN was considered important. It was not expected !hat he would ar K uc the merits of President l nimnn's decision to by-pass the UW in requesthi a a iriilitary-ecn- noinic anti-Cnniiuunisni policv at Hie gateway l o the Near Easl.'uut. Ihe sccrctary-Bcnera! was mider- s'.ood to frcl that some statement is rcouirotl from him lo shmv that the UN is more than a debating e'i'1) and that it, j s awruc or lhc Pi'oblen.s that m ,, s i i, 0 so | vtrt bp . ,vi.>. I fore its peace-enforcing machinery was can function. seeli 1 _ Already h.-u.-isscd by burif.ei worries, discontent among (lie UN's 2.300 employes and n feeling thai 1'ie UN must iirisui "proving t;self" lo tl:e world. Lie was almost cer- t:iin lo sps-iilt in careful, diplomatic l-'tngtiaso. nut. official .sources said, lie considers thc opening session of Ilw truslrcship council an occasion f(.r ii-UinsT I lie world know \vlvrc Ihr UN ^:illllls in (in 1 iiii'.M'iil i-i-iMs. Fear of Soviets And Communism Bared byAcheson House Foreign Affairs Committee Hears State Department Official WASHINGTON, Much 31. (Ul'l 'Ai'ilun Km-dary or Stntc D.-:m A.'lii'.soiiy.Miid loilny (hut "Commti- "!• t-domlnuU'd I'omilrli'.s" anywhere hi Ihe world are n ihiont to Ihe MX-nrtiy of the United Slates. Anil lie io|,f Ihe House Hirelpn Allulrs Gammltlce, considering 111-; imposed $'i:o.GOO.COO ulil to Clm-iv nid Turkty. Hint if Greece Is ;il:>»'(>;l to i-Ollupso "we'll luivc a wmnissar In ctiarui! of Ihe pin;:.' n short order." Kiu'h u eolUipM'. Acheron said :nm>ly. could "come loinorrow iiornlim" II Goii|>i'c!w should mi- •xmiK'c It would not approve <ho ild proiiriun. As for Tin key, Ache.son said u iiiM-iis Anii'ik-un uhl to resist 8->- ;ic; .rtuiiiinuis lor a .share in Ihc «>nli"l ol Ihc Dardanelles, Ilia MMitcitlc strnKs bet-ween Uus \\v.i\- ili'itancan nnd the oil ri'h land; tiaixlc.-liiif the Blink sen, Ai'heson was :ukrd by a C'jmmil- IIT member whether ii would n.)l be (liuiKerom lo have Comimml'; 1 .- domhmled Kovernmcnts In the Pncllis, He milled: "It Is rtimurram lo the scc-irlty ol tin- Unllctl Slates '.o have Cmuuuuilst-doiiiinated uuvcinnicni* anywhere." Jlullnii Treaty Crci|is iUp 'The lia;iiui pi'iic:' ircnly was in- J!'<-'.'.'d hilo I lip qui'sl toning anil Achosun was asked, wasn'l Ihcrr n cliniicii lluil another coimliy would •move In there niter the United Slutc- s snout money rcharii'.Lnllni: Italy. And. the questioner hnpltcd, mlKht fiu.ssla later move In an Gn.'CLT. "Well," A;heson suid, "tills Is n dauiu'i-ous Ille and a dangerous woMd. 1 would choose a viiiorom iiltcmpl to luiihilnin Ihe Independence ol Greece rather than let it uo by default." 'Acheson re;:ealeilly assured the roi',[>re.s>.r.»en lliat liic administration's foreign policy is not aimed al any particular nallon. Aclieson lold the House Forcliiii Affairs Committee Hint Tuik-y Is Ijfiim.' Mf'.lcclcd lo "external pressure" by Hu.islii to nlvo her a hand in (fuurdiiif thc slrnlls. Members of the coiiiniillee peppered thc suave diplomat with UtH'sllnns as hn urged ror the sec r oiui day that CDIUMCSS «lvc Its okay to Ihc udminlslr.illon's re- tiucst for St!l0osa,0:o I" help Turkey and Greece siund up against Russia and Conumintrt pressures. In answering the ciuestionK. tin Slat.- : Department official mud;: I Turkey Is Internally stabli. but is under severe u:onomir, Mraln Sre TUHKKY 1111 Page [I JUNGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U.S. and Britain Offer Definite Plans for City's Firemen Are Praised by Fuel Company A letter from lhc Arkansas Fuel Company's Louisiana offlcv.' liiudini; the work of Blylheville (Irrnien In avertlnn a potentially disastrous fire when a fuel tank here bum ha i 1-ecn received hy I-'irc Chief Hoy llracl. Slsncd by II. C. Illlbiirn. iiiuiiavtr of thc Arkansas Fuel Co. oflltc In Shrevepui 1. I.ii., this letter -;xi>r,-ssed "appreciation for thc splrndid e»- opmilion and a.sslstiuice" yiven hy rirrmcn here when nearly 12.000 Inns of tractor fuel pininnij from a scam In a slorage tan!: on South Division inundated thc nrj'.rby area on Ihr nielli of Feb. 25. "This company has only Mi; luish- <sl fiiiiiso for the Rlylnevlllc Fire Diipartment and Ihc cfTccHvc way In vjliich It. uppralcs." Mr. Hilburn s:iid in his Inner. To dispel Die fire lur/nrd ei-«ile.-l hy lhc Mood of Inflammable fuel. which also surrounded nearby ssiso- lluc Iniiks. firemen worked llv',> hours Wiishini; niv.-iy lhc fuel with iv,-i(cr mmiped Ihromih Ihc lire Iruck's booster pump. Firemen alv> slrmd by with hose lines as a prcc.iulion- nry int.-a.<iurc when wcldiim' dfiera- lion.s were carried on to repair Ih-'s split seam, said by i.ompany (•Ilicials to have been cause-) by icinj; conditions. Advent of Spring finds Snow Falling in Five The first day of spring broitRh lllytlieville clear skies nnd mo •ratine wcalher Ihnl. while si cool, held promise of addhiun warmth. officially mnrkliig Ihe first of friniiK. Hie mn crrwe! I eciuaitjr in Its travels norlhwai at i;!:i llii.s inorn.nB. .,ccr.-iiii!f> aflronoinlciil calculatlr>;i.-, of tl day solar movement, called Hi.; v<.'rn..-l tqninox. ^jiriiii; also arrived 'i;-j;.v in 42 <jf llio other stales. It \va.^ snowing in five. Low of 33 Here Thr meicury dropped to a low of S3 decrees here during last night, according tu Hobert ,K. lilaylock. (Jlfirinl VM'.MIn'r\er. MOSCOW, Hritisli presented ID United Stutus mid „, •- " '" ""• '»K I'IMir KKIIIV U SS^SH^" 1 ^^ Business Urged To Lower Prices Commerce Department Suggests Following IHC Mm, . Jv "'' ?' Kl Fo '' cl «" Secretary iJiicsl Uevln sharply nllacked Ko>.H propoMls for „ C cn,,nitod | c "»"''y. iiwrlliiB that ociurallai I .Ulon mlBin i liy tl)c {oimdntiun for iSn'.rT A "" lf " Ulor °" cc e c '" Ul '"l of Hie Ocr- wolllrt '""'si "Pon «. aerman - 'i'he C.iuunercu IJcpartmoia's hi >h eonimund l« iirf;lnu blj biniu-'ii lo lake a vlf;urom loat; in o'uU". •nices, It was learned ud.i) isliiry W. Ave.el l[a rimau Undursc-crelarv Wil lam C Ol Src nd . arc wiirrlna i.-du irlillitu Hi"! (he nallon'K p;c-en', piic.i .IruetMi'i! is "dlsiorted" ami m-i :nl IIIK for "price moihra'bn." Their uppea's have tcsn inadc at fri'(]uent meelinv.-. wllh nieiu- )i-r.s of iholi- h •Klncs.'i ndvisory •r.'incll—a Ri-oiip ot l?o to--dTawcr mslnessmeii and economists. I'Vister and I heir businc-in-world low recent .. . Ir.enils to iot-| redu.tions ay j" lmcnl ! lor tho safeguarding of HI fiei'dom.i In an parts ninny." Tlie Aniilo-Atiierlenii plan for a Liierutcd Clonnnny, hendrd by ii Pi-'.-kldent ,,nd wllh a hicamcml leg. .Mature ami supreme court, roughly ,.i.i , Anu ' ll< 'nn plan, was sub-' muted to thu Jilg four uy Beyl Miinhall 81i| porls Bavin Mai's-imll Immediately aupport'ed lit, Bcvlii pi,,,, but i-orcig,, MI,U S - lel V. M, Moloiov who wants itroiiB ccntnii Bovernmenl W ll'^ n mliiltnum of power left [o the stales olj not speak. lie said he would or''dn •'-•"'• l "' C8cllllltlol > l»r a couple, Miirshnli dcmnndcd llmt ihc |iro- ccss nr pil:e Homy l'\)id 1| mid th u Jntu-iiu- lloniil Harveslcr Company, n irrl- man hus denied niaklni; u dirccl ixquest to u. a. Steel to |>ut into ellecl u wldcly-iumo:ed -;ui .Hut his ussiH-latcs si'ltl 1 lii; wuui I b; "linypy" lo see It conic lrn« bj- caiisc steel cosl s delfrmlne the i ir.lces of many prcduels. , Itiirrlman's c'ose cocperu'hn with ' the advisory council Is aimed at crvaL'iiK an era or good tcc:inij •oclween business and lhc adm'n- istralion. The uroup as a whol.- meel-s nt six-week Intervals In secret sessions with lift ofrtcial'i .->r various Kovernm'cnt iiKcnclcs. It functions throuBh subtommillers belwoeii inccllngs. ' - Ccn-.ineiTO orilcials defend ths seci-ccy as necessary lo Ret n f:nrk exchange of [dens. See "iVilJiistmcnls" 'This Vi-ar 'Hctcnt sessions have brought Commerce Oepnrlmcnl warnlnxs Hiat IB-IT wi:i see "coiinlclernbl; ad- Juslmenls" In prises, rarlluularly In such lines us food, clothing and o'viv.r "soil" goods. Ifcrclofore, Commcice D-p^\rt- menl economlsls pointed on',, buyers have gone ahead and paid high prices for these "soft" „ aeiman gov- nnderAay ''immedlaveV Msh'i ," r' C '' c ' J '««'««!''e fi of . , ,?,, ° M "- sco «' so, UK Marshnll *>> n. the council can miike ever'* treaty 1 ,' B< rc? mPlb ' C " le A " slf ' ,, " uv ' n llKl1 l»' e so»tcd In <lc- his views on Ihc future' Gu s government, Mnrslmll •',„.£ d his opinions. ' rslmll outlined tt i. t,hree-step ss for. the wlnbllsimieac or'n ' eove ?™*'". " « S| W"« .^.O- eotten " ' ri".. l .° Wrs ° u <- P"«ni for the Uiiietlon unless the basif^eiilf^ Jn whlcli Oennnti economic unity pli'inem(.(l" rC nB ' co '' apon ' B "d Marshall said, "and nnoiiiiji' Mve Biiaranlees exist [ot «olcg«iiru- m* of fundomentnl fretioms In alt parts of Gernmny." Asks for Provisional Government Mill-shall proposed Ini'niedlate .esr Hut now, with p-oilisHI-ii of rtnrnlllcs slcarllly rising, thnv hc'lcvn llic snlVr's niii-kcl Is (in the B'iiy mil and fliat fu-^1- ncss should he prrmirtil 1>y Iwcrlng prices. Edwin G., ciianinan ol the Pre-idcnt's Council of Kco- nomlc Advisers, warned b.:sincs.s that pccp'.c won't make cMouqh irionry lo -buy everything lhal can ~-.ii«l p;-cbably will—ta prcd'x-l in inn. He too put the burden of price reduction on thc shoulders of btK b-islncss. The old law of stir-ply and ( [~- mand. Noiirse said, does not set prU'e.s in Inrpe areas of the economy; it is done by "hi?h'y pcr- foimllzca .iflrtiinlstrative decisions" by giant corpomtions and 1 Us fi- Ji'"\-jiil institutions. ' iMeanwhile. another government anei'ry c.fme up with figures ti b>cl: up Commerce D:parlment prerijctioiis of rt decline in food prices. Thc Lil-or I>r,iarlniciit's J(u- rrau '<if 1/ilmr .Klallsllrs (ssui-il a rcjinrt .slionlnj; thai wlinlc- sale fond prices drnriic:! !-y 25 per crnt 1.151 ,i,'cfk tn jbult a steady six week .upward spiral. Thc report said the drop iv.i.s caused chietly lo a 11 per cent decline in pork prices, attributed to buyer resislancc. and a seven per ccnl drr/j in btillrr prices due lo "ample supplies." Wholesale prices of cheese, flour, pilr.locs. dried b:ans. apples, onions, and frctih fruils nnd vegetables "moved u-> s'lijlitlv" last v;eck, thc report .said, but not en&uRh lo offset the other decreases. lsting states; , the «•* llltlTAIN on Burglar Suspect Held for Trial J. States, Weatherman Says A/ n • _i ^ r- i T] ^ r y Max Reid to Speak !i" At Meeting of Missouri Lawyers Mrx U. Reid. BlyUicvlllc attorney and president of the Arkansas State Association, win be onr of thc speakers at n meeting of members of District ^ of the Missouri Bar tsmorrou- afternoon at Cnpe Girardeaw, Mo. Mr. Reid's address is entitled "We Arc Life Tenants." A fc:ir.v- othcr speaker will be Missouri Supreme Court Judire Albert M. Clark of' Jefferson Cily. ' Weather ARKANSAS—Pair and warmer l-V.ay nnd tonlirht. LUUe change in lr;npernlures Kiililrciny. C, Clriyton, alias J. c M-> Ciim, of Lcaclwirc, wlio is 'charged wjlli ]>:irglnty and grand larceny in connection with th c rettery of the « H;M Ontg store If, L!a?livil!e March 9, was ordered held ' ia nivali action by the Brjnd jury'* his iirclimlnniy hearing hi Municipal Court this morning: Bind was set al $100) !>y Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury. The charge acninst ftalph Sharp who was arrcstcc! along with clay on when thc latter was allcjod to have pawned riart of the tcot'lakon from thc store, was dismissed Mrs. Irene Clark, c :«k. in the Army and Naiy store, a combi- jintion store and pawn shop in Joncsboro, leslificd as a state's iiitiioss nnd identified Clayton .« Ihe person who pawned a bracelet mid' ring at the store under • the name of J. c. McCain. The ring and bracket was identified as pirt of the loot tnk;n Jrom the drug store. She coiild not identify snarp a s the person being with Clayton when thc articles were pawned. Dtputy Sheriff Erwln Jones, who investlgaled the rcb'icry. testifieri that he fciind the stub of a paw-1 tirket frcm the Jonwb:ro concern in C.'ayton's billfold at Ihs t'm: ot his arrest. Cl'yton denies any knoivlcdge of the rcbbery. Clayton is charged? with entering the drug store and esc?l>np willi arprrxlmatoy $!S3 in <a5h anil merchandise. Fire in Kansas Leaycs Minister Here Without Church—Until He Builds The Rev. P. w. Na s h. who has s-ccpted the pastorate of Ihc First Olmreb of the Nazarene .it Tcp;k Kans, said this morning that I would bo a "preacher without a clnirch." He received a call last iiichl frrm T,-n^k.\ that the SIOO.0'0 clnirch there had been completely destroyed by fire. Th» Rev Mr. Nish. pastor of •h» 'P>rs£ Church of the N^zaretv here for the post four years, said his iilnn.*. were imrliangod.

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