The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 15
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^THURSDAY,' MARCH 20, 1947 * CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION B "« "" <""»«UUY. II. _ rn , : lime pei lin? ______ " ; ---- " 99' * tluiei ucr llu« v , r d , y j°J J Itoej pet line per di, ----- "- o£ K now II... .. - _ j ' -- ---- -- m - -- --,~-...r>..'.vu ujr L*3ll. M4«va nisy be easily cgiuytitcd from tlio abova Advertising order for Irregular Insertion;! lakes the one time rite "jj letponslWllly will lie t«ken for nwjff than one incorrect luscrttou of any classified ail. For Sah RVC lmy t . r fur your homfr. H 0. ( iuil|.lji<]l. I'lioiip 440 — 29:10 Offire 1^0 .Sjjiul; Spc.iml. ]6">ck-tr Uscil Hftiu-rtcn. nUo Lattery rvcl.r,ri:iiii: -".1 ri>biiililli>it. Aiullii-* llnlirry Sliop, -!0r, E. Vino SI. 2'25-i,k 3125 l«»lltr-r !<•<.' crrvttrl Irfcipr *-]((, (Jn r nl hr»r<]finfr. with IN..,<1 mil,. It 1.. f\mir Manila. Ark. 2121-iik-UflM For Fine Portraits It's O'STKKN'S STUDIO for Safe Baby Clucks—Custom hulcli- ing. High grade I'ullorum Controlled Chicks that jive hutched ' here Started Custom hatching S.'i.fiU ))or hundred eggs set.' Rhiylock Hatchery, Nurllij 61, phone ;it72. 3-1-ck-li; X-m- rtt-t-L'[JtiiiK itrid (Eiiam ~ ' . , C,MRrnm,-,'il 10-Uny ,1,-livcry O'STBKN'S STUDIO orlH A nil- U-rk-"! :it> mo<]cl 1[ Knriij;ilJ tT.irlnr, iriMfHt? iiiLilPr. iHsr. JIIK! cultivator ' :u n K. >>m Rfll ' r <* I'-i". 1 l-iik 21 SPECIAL . S A1E _BLYTggyiLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "' .• .QUALITY BABY CHICKS -.j f OUT husky quality chtcfca eie fcl»<J ••_ B « lo< livub'Ul, and Jail Biowlh. • PLACE YOUR ORDER tAKLf! L. K. ASHOHAFT CO 1-2 Block StmtL of Dct.ot Help Wanted 2 (' All!, <-|,nl nll . r , will, ,|;,nor »,ul |JKl.l« rnliivntur nn.l |,|.,,n«r listers ai.'t lir..ak,.r«. I \V(; .i||j, riinlmiT" wllli rullivatur unil Oho. I |,-.r> l-ir- inr.ll will, ,,,,l,iv : ,h,r. II,.,,,,', d lra '.' a.-r u « f,,,,,i m.vili,.vill,, Oil Mil] l-li. - 'in- i.i-w I.H.C. Ni>. a IWI , l.aiiu,,, it lir.;,k..r ni, ruUKT Olli, Mo™|..' H.inl.-. :•. Hlyllu.vill... Ark. 3\n ,,k 2 i I5AI5Y CHICKS Uija.|rn|.Jf A ^lii.75 per tjundrt-.l ./1m Hrouu Slim-. 315-ck-lf >M<- top oil FtlVl!. :lil1-l.k-51 f, liitrni-r _i|im-k-,ii<,!.l wlili,. ],,,r^-li,iT,~^T lot mi o;v<l Mi^Miui-i Slrt'i'l. Ask HI l-'l I:. Mi.^.jnri. ;t!19-l.k-'J I ,Ti-:im iiiul Minilwirli slmu. >-,.iu,.l..|n ..ilili,..« tur m;ikiill.' .'..1,1 flnrini; vain. l.itrf iiitu ..f milk. lt,.;isii«- ,!.-. Knrl l.'urUT. M;uiih, Ark :il[9 nk 4113 .••nloiiralilti- 1'arts nn.l Motor Slion K.iiii)>- nioi.l ,.I l,«sin,..« kn.iwn UK Miitur S.-rviii.. l.nrlivillr. Ark. (j 1 rli'an • <::.••<. Vnlnalili' ,-,|iii|.n,<.,ii. Prlvnti. i:,;.. I'.Mi I,,- nia.l.. .'.ill ,•..,! rl ,,|,|.r,,- va I. S,-,. l, Ci. Jl,.ail,,-i.,-k. Allow. K.lal.- .if .II-SM. 11. )l>^llinirk. l.wiuli- vill... Arkilnsas. I'll .-k.^-1 T. f.HrniT Klni..|in. '>il sli.v.- 0011- .litiiin CKII I..- sr'.-n al :1lti -N. fitli .Vail far yard n,,,l ennln lilinil R.TVII-.-S Yk.:ir ' 'liinil, l,ir,iiilii.,l living ExpcrJciu-ed typist I'oi general office work/ Short hours, permanent employment. Give (nialil'ieations in letter io IJox 1(100. Courier Mews. ;i-2(l-cl;-2!{ One - tvce will make n ' million mulches, hut one match can destroy a million trees. nnlrr —pxpr - llux All. % -1il7','k-2-l Loans r>n TOO NEKn A^UJANI To insnro an.l fin,,,™ » nn ^ nr „,.,.,, rnr. trurk nr tracer, in Arknasm or Missouri, s«« „,. !.„„. r ..,,^. y m ,.|| liki. our sprviro. Also KI1A Loans •1% Kurra Loans, anil IndivMual rr»l cjl.le lannji. U,iii (!l l Ins.irancu Atrcucr. over a,u,r,l-» Juwalry S , nr ... „,,„„;. Wonted S,-lllt,l mmun | 0 livr j n ],„„„ ,)„ cnnfc . "<? Jln.l liw-bl lioiinrvrork fnr yiiuiic cf, Apt'ly ~t1'i .Innicstm. ai!S-tik-51 :> or :>, roi.iu fnruisW,! ',i,-,rti,H>i,t Nu .•!ill.!r,.|,. I'l,.,,,,. o-lll. :"" ;>;,!;-21 I X.-vv H .lolui Mi-n trii.-Bir wild .. linn S...- .l.-R \VIiisll... .'i niilos norlli [if HI...-II- .in lli^liwav 'il. .ir tall 9FI2. fori'i-lain \vinMl i.r voal ranirr. ,.-~ivrvoir anil wnriiiin.- ^ln>ot 1—n r „ r ,. : ,l .-in-ulan.! I-—I liurncr oil .-..rv's sli.vo. I breakfast sniti'. .120 N nih st. i!i>tii.-vin.-. en-iik.».i 1 All vlrrlrir ^tovo. .l-ronni nil rirnikit"'' li.'at.-r n.-w ivi,i.> l.ivp seat. Finall svAilnl.l" for immrilialr- di'livory 1!1I7 lli.ul.l,' Duty lu^t .li«,.l : .v in f.. H. IO n».l 1?' l..nt')lj^- AIWIY STIRI'MIS— ' l>:,rk Kr,'.n |.ai,il ^nil:it,l,, fi.r nil rnit^U ,M,..,1 snrfriro? l.;,,'kc,l il, r, Knllt.ll . .-.-ins. If..- p. r K»ll<>l>. \Vc .l.'livrr' ill * v.rit.- T, ,1 C. l.ystpr. l'l:iy Wlfnill S, . myllirvillr. Art. :i!lSi>k-2r> Kitchen sink, riuhl hand drain, complete with cabinet. 31(1 West Walnut. 8-lS-clh-tf I slalk .nil.r. 11 cnllivnlon. 2 sots .if l;.,r,ii'.<s. Molnilm Millij-iin. .'Jlalflin,-. PI,. 712 Ulyllievill,-. Mi-cl oil l.arrol racks Ifiytfieville Ma- cliian Slu,|i. Call 3SJ3. UllSck-lt I r.'.'.ir.l |.lavi-r tliat altacfirs to railio. Slielnly iiM'il. I'rlro Ji:0. Call .l(i:i i'ncvtol in rues ni. llt-ftls I'ninl ;l|7-ck-4i7 Tun '1 ruw llaulo fnltivntors. oni> new. • IIH- sliRlilly nsril. Writo Ciinalnu' Cnt- f.iii an.l (Irani Co. or Call 'jar,. Cann- FH initial FARM LOANS / Low I» / Lone T J Fair / Prompt RAY WORTH JNGTON Tnnc In Prurtcntia! Progrum Sunday at 4 p.m. over WREO Serving This Section for Zl Veart 115 So. 3rd BlythevHIe, Ark. everything-^'": "INSURANCE? UNITED INSURANCE J We Guarantee • RECAPPING ! with ; Hawkinson Treads ! I Let Your Next Tires Be | GENERALS I J Cost IMorc — Worth More • I I ! MODINGER TIRE CO. | E. Mai Pliune 2201 ' We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet * Ne\v Soles • New Heels for-old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. DO YOU NEED A LOAN? To Insure nnd finance a new or used car, truck or trnctor. In Arkansas or Missouri, sec us. Low rates. You'll like our service. Also FHA Loans ami •!•;;, farm lonns, and Individual real estate loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Phone 510 Before and After? Exactly—because many a battered and shattered fender brought to us has emerged from our shop smooth, shining and strong again. It's only one of many auto repair services w handle. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth— B!ytlicv;lle, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services List yinii- iiroiierlv wild ns. w, i,,,.,,. ,,.,,, ,., ,..,-, ..... ,,,, ;l , li ,, l lijim... «,, mvii,, ,„„ ,„ „.,,, „, ..... '' N. .. ,i • M,»ll, hi,,.,,,! vivi.i.jin,.,,! " l.l'TIIKIt (Ml VY, IIK.M.-I-V I'lnni." M:i lll'IST UDSH. MAI.I':SM.\N- - MONKY TO LOAN Do >'IH\ need a loan to repair • or roniodelT No down pay- menl, no mortgajfe, no r«U tni>o. THA approved rale 6'*. Ask for details. Mas l.iiifan, Ittnllor, phone 20S4. Lynch Hldjf., VilytheTill*. 9-23-ck-t£ See iis for an estininle before yon have your tnictor overhauled. We specializa in sti'iim fiemtinir uiid painlinj;. JOlectric anil ncel- yh-nt' welding. UiiKsell I'hillips'True-tor Go. Hiwny (il South. 1'honc 2171. '^-J-ck-lf for Rent . :)l!4.|.k.l'l Snnll -l-i-niiiii limi^f. Wanted to Buy Horseback i-uling was n prescribed euro for (i:ljcrcijiai|is ;< century a[jo. Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wide Ante. Snlvugo, North Hiwiiy (il. I'lione ;i7Sr>. 2-2(;-[ik-3-2i; Used piiinos, nny make. 'Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 Day, 2059 nite. 2-28-ck-'1-3 Designs have been completed lor an "elcctvopult" capable of launching largest existing airlinurs in 500 feet with n I2u-mph 'akcoll. They now need 4000 tcet. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G W. Main St. Ph onc 3647 _ 1'iiinlin.r and \mper Work miiiranteed. Jlavw, uhone .1(1!). 3 7-pk--l-7 Hill -,!.' M. llnn-ks. ' V/ontod to Rent Will .•\:t:::, IS ,~\l ltn ,., lmm M.|.|,.!,K. Trim f,.,- I I'" alnirlnii'iil in Itl 1 xv ' I 1 ' 1 "'' ';. l.illv N.- HKilnill,. A,I, ,„: |.l,,,, Read Courier Neivs Winil Ads Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sl*« T. L. MABRY MISSOURI ST. I'll. 3RJ Day or night, if you get stuck, phone 578 and we'll get a towing car to you in a hurry. Fair prices for towing—and any necessary repairs. TWO WRECKERS'--ALWAYS READY We.Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PH ONE 578 For Sale of Trade 'n'llil I, 'I.-..HI '' PRESCRIPTIONS l'"resh filoek Gimranleeil Best Prices Kaiby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Tynrwrllcr M:in" KOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA atij KKMINOTON r()KTAH[,E 1JO N. SECOND ST. . PHONE 3M2 (Every Transaction MOST BE SATISFACTORY* RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Hicept Caiirrrl DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic 514 ^raln, Hlylhevfllc, Ark., rion. ZOil I ] WE HAVE A CREW OF CAR TROUBLE DETECTORS - AND A OF EFFICIENT It's all a matter of sound draining and constant experience—and our crew have both behind them. When they tackle/ the checkup your car needs you're getting "specialist" consultation. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BOICK—Service U - S - Tir « Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnat & Broadway Telephone 555 Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone «l nn[i ymir ordC r will be on U'B way In record lime Our i-iornl Arni.igcmejits tell n complete story '^FLOWER SHOP a r,™ „„„ SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogden ond Royal Soy Beans EARL MAGERS Phono635 Dell, Arkansas TODAY -> IMPORTANT! S;ivr jour present far ICviirrl IMrrliliilli-a! Ktrvlcc Alrinllc Oil ;iii<l l.ulirlciuils Vi-s. wi- M-iisli anil en::i«t cars lm>! iMnlors? \Vt> liavt: nr\v rmi!ur» Overhaul ur rvkiillil tlicin Tires uml Tillies Oil, Yes. \Ve |i:itnt furs Too! lleimir anil K.-linish all lioiHes T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 7 Crown Kinsey Schcnicy Philadelphia Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses Beor GAS, rcg Cigarettes FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS • u'r-v.r;, i.c-T.D-oorY-- \ YOU'VE RFFN r,v"7'" .\'";) ^'O'V ABOLITA j THIS CAR OJ", Yzf-^_ -• l •••~ t •"» k ^ Iiei))y in \Vrilinjr OOD GROCERY >.te Li IK; rti Hi e Arch H '.'• ri. 1.35 1 35 1 ttJ-J 1.35 1.35 1 35 1.40 T6 8c- • • n. K* ione 975 PI RtH 2.65 4.15 ; 2.65 4.15 2,65 4.15 2.65 4.15 2.65 4.15 2.75 4.40 4.35 6.90 2.85 4.50 per case $3.35 Ethyl 18.8* :r carton $7.45 n-/ \\ • ; j I BY MERUIIT. BLOSSE; [ K' A W.\Y r I'M KiMD.A Gl\O HE" "\* I I|.\D TMC LAST VVCKD/ j I

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