The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1952
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1952 BI/TTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW» U.S. Considers Asia: Should It Support 'Armed Security?' By JOHN M, HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON m —The question of whether the United States should underwrite the security of Southeast Asia—perhaps by sending In trcops If necessary—confronted tie administration today In the T*fcke of the Truman-Churchill conference. The issue of what the Western Powers and particularly the United State-* should do about possible Communist aggression In that area is high on the list of problems under discussion between Secretary ot State Acheson and British Foreign Secretary Eden, it was learned. Tomorrow it also will be taken up by military chiefs of the United States. .Britain and Prance in a three-power conference opening at the Pentagon. Broad View Develops A communique Issued by the President and Prime Minister yesterday, about the time Churchill left on a trip to New York and Ottawa, reported that a "broad harmony of view" had developed on the "many grave problems affecting our two countries in the Far East." This was applied specifically to Communist China with the statement that "we recognize that the overriding need to counter the Communist threat In that area transcends such divergencies as there are in our policies toward China." Britain recognizes the Commu- j-stt regime while the United States tJBhtinues relations with the Nationalist government on Formosa. Military Talk* Welcomed After declaring support for the fight against the Beds in Korea, the President'and Prime Minister welcomed the forthcoming military talks on Southeast Asia and said th.eir purpose will be "to consider specific measures to strengthen the security" of that area. There have been persistent reports recently that the Chinese Reds are building up strength near Indochina for a major Intervention in the long druggie there between Communist. Forces and French anrt native anti-Communist troops. In Malaya the British for several years have been Involved In a fight against Reds which British officials concede Is not going too well. Agreement Is Reported The communique reported agreement or Identity of views on many of the global problems including: A settlement with Russia—The President and Prime minister declared their willingness "at any time to explore all reasonable means of resolving the issues which now threaten the peace of the \vorld." Atomic Bases—They confirmed a longstanding agreeemnt that the use of U. S. atomic bomber bases in Britain would be "In an emergency" a matter for Joint decision by the British and American governments. European Army — They declared will "lend all assistance In their power" to bring to completion negotiations among France. Germany, Italy and the Low Countries for formation of unified Western European Military force. Middle East — They declared a "complete Identity of aims" In desiring to promote "the stability, peaceful development and prosperity" of the countries in this area. They endorsed the project for formation of a Middle East Command. Halley Says Costello 'Definitely WasDefiantatSenateHearings' YORK (#5—Rudolph Halley, former Crime Committee quiz master, says gambler Prank Cos- tcllo was "definitely defiant" of Senate piobers when he twice walked out of the hearings last March. Halley and Costello faced each other again in a courtroom yester- Yanks Find 'Florida' in \ fold Korea' EASTERN FRONT. Kcrea (*>)— Five Americans walking around on this frozen front say "it'« like the climate of Florida, warm and humid." They are wearing experimental •winter «uit«. They sit in snowbanks, roll In the mow, enjoy snowball right* and enthuse about a drop" in temperature to near lero. The suit It made of * plastic resembling foam rubber. It's made in two pieces—Jacket and trousers. It oost* about «5 compared to about $200 for standard military clothing for freeUng temperatures. It is constructed on the rapor barrier principle developed by Dr. Paul aiple of Arlington, Va., and Dr. Henry C. Bazzett of the University of Pennsylvania. The principle Is the ««me as in the Army's new cold weather boot. A testing team has covered half <?^e 145-mile front, taking the suit %^n everything irom jeep riaes to combat patrols. Siple heads the five-man research team testing the outfit In Korea. The Army calls him an environment expert. To. test the new suit they let as many infantrymen as possible wear It for short periods. They say the response Is enthusiastic. day, this time during the third session of the gambler's trial for alleged contempt of the Senate. Testifying In Federal Co-art, Halley told the Jury: "He (Costello) was definitely defiant and forceful, said, 'I'm leaving' and got up and left. What he aid he did In a very definite man ner . . . M Chronic Throat Ailment The defense contends that the 60-year-old CosteUo suffered i chronic throat ailment and physically was unable to bear further questioning. Telling of the gambler's inltlai walkout on March 15, Halley said he thought the hearings were con In "perfect order" and ducted added: "The atmosphere was similar to this courtroom except for the clicking ot newsree] cameras. I thought Ben. Kefauver maintained perfect order. There was no talking and no applause. It was warmer, but the heat was not unbearable. He Walked Out 'He got up and walked out. We called him back In. He answered som« further questions and left again with his attorney. He appeared very much agitated just M he appears right now." Sitting quietly and composed— except for fidgeting hands seen by millions of televiewers during the Senate hearings—Costello flushed and then smiled broadly. Federal Judge Sylvester J. Ryan told the Jury to disregard th remark. Appeal Is Rejected KUALA LtlMPUB, Malaya (AP) —Appeals for a stay of execution for three doomed Chinese terrorist sympathizers have been rejected by the Federation Court of Appeals. One of the men was convicted of being In possession of six rounds of ammunition when arrested; another was convicted of abetting the murder of five police constables and the third, of supplying terrorists with food and other supplies. FOR LITTLE SQUlRTS-Dor- sey Connors, a household hint! and gimmicks expert on Chicago TV, shows how to use the •'grapefruit glasses," equipped with tiny windshield wipers. A simple push of the plunger and the blades wipe away every trace of wild grapefruit Juice. SHIP (Continued from f*se 1) last gasp from the tug. It was a gallant death. The rescue fleet saluted it In the last few minutes the tugs sounded their sirens. Only the bow of the Enterprise was visible. Flare* Lltht Scene At 4:09 p.m. flares on the surface of the water near the ship were lighted, easting a welid light over the area ai the Enterprlw took her final lunge. One minute later the Enterprise was below the sea. Carlsen and Dancy were taken Into the cabin of the Turmoil by it* skipper, Capt. Dan Parker. The Navy said the two men had been in the water only four minutes, so effective had the rescue opera tion been. Cor/sen's Wife 'Very Happy' About Rescue WOODBRIDOE, H. J. (*)—'Tm very happy ray husband ha* been rescued," Mrs. Agnes Carlien said today and then was unable to talk further as she was overcome by tearful emotion. The wife of Capt. Kurt Carlsen got first news of her husband's rescue from the sinking Flying Enterprise from the family minister, who read an Associated Press bulletin to her over the telephone. Mrs. Carlsen 1* in strict seclusion. She has been ill several days over the plight of her husband on the floundering freighter The Rev. Xirkegaard Jens«n, pastor of St. Stephen'* Dajilsh Lutheran Church In neighboring Perth Amboy, said after he' told Mrs. Carlsen the news, she broke down In tears. Congress Urges Economy After Truman Speech 'No Mora Tax**,' Say Election-Minded Solon* in Washington WASHINGTON (/P)—An election- year Congress responded with demands for economy and no more :axes today to President Truman's State of the Union appeal for a broad program of foreign aid and domestic spending. Lavmakers gave signs they will support a speed-up In efforts to Increase American military might. But Republicans »nd Southern DemocMts, who can muster a ma- lority of both Houses, appeared determined to hack down the amount of foreign aid and to scuttle many of tha President's domestic social security proposals. They had some backers among idmlnlstratlon supporters for their, 'economy and no more taxes" movement. Choirchlll Listens With Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill listening Intently from a gallery seat, Mr. Truman called on Congress yesterday to meet the "very real" threat of World War m by bolstering the free nations of Europe and Asia wlth-more economic and military aid. The President proposed, among other things, (1) An increase In the size of the TJ. S. armed 'forces, (2) An expansion of point Four aid abroad to combat "stomach communism," (3) together with Inflation controls and (4) a list of domestic welfare measures Including defense housing, labor law revisions, aid to education, medical care, stronger fr.rm price, supports and a $5 a month boost In social security benefit* MeFariand Ii Pteawd Sen. McFarland of Arizona, the Democratic leader, was pleased that Mr. Truman called tor an Increase in the size of the Air Forc» and stepped up defense production. "I ?as glad that he stressed the necessity of carrying on our domestic program," McParland said. "His advocacy of more social security Is In tae rr:th what I promised and what was adopted by the Senate In the last session. Vice President Barkley thought the meuage "superb" and Sen. Edwin C. Johnson D-Colo, who doesn't always agree with Mr. Truman, called It "one of the President's better speeches. "•- Drunkenness Test Is Adopted in Ntw Jersey CHICAGO. (HV-New Jersey recently became the nth state to adopt a law defining drunkenness In terms of alcoholic content of the blood, according: to the American Public Works Association. Patterned after the uniform vehicle code, the law provides that If a chemical test shows .15 or more per cent of alcohol In the blood the suspect Ii otflotally drunlt. If there Is less than .OS per cent alcohol present, sobriety 1* presumed. From .05 to .15 per cent Is the twilight" zone; you may or may not be drunk. In this case "other evidence" enters Into the decision Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton Open High Low 1:30 Mar 4268 4290 4263 1269 May 42SS 4275 *2« 4254 July 4218 4235 «C8 4212 Oct »75 3»89 39«7 3969 ans High tow Close Jan 304 300 300S4 Mar 29954 396>i 296',4 May 29T*i 284<.i 294^ July 2951,4 292Vi 282W Fletcher Quits ARDC UTTLE ROCK (IP) — Wayne C. Fletcher today announced his resignation as executive director of the Arkansas Resources and Development Commission, effective Peb If. Hurricane Aid Relief MONTREAL (AP)—West Indian students at McGill University itag- ed their own concert in aid of the Jamaican Hurricane Relief Fund. They featured colorful calypso music In a Caribbean setting with authentic costumes of the students' native lands. PAGE STTHf New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 1:30 Mar 4212 4295 4268 4272 May 4241 4280 4250 4255 July 421B 423« 4206 4212 Oct 391« 3991 3966 3972 prime 37.00; good to low-choice steers 30.00-32.75; load choice and prime 1,025 lb heifers 35,25' good and choice heifers 2950.34.00; utility to good bulls 25.00-30.00. Sheep 2,500; choice to prime handy lambs to eastern shippers 30.75, or .strong; deck good yearlings steady al 23.00: otherwise nothing done on fed lambs or yearlings. Soybe New York Stocks 1:30 p.m. quotations: A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central IntoHarvester J. C. Penney , ... Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker ............ Standard of N J .......... 75 Texas Corp ............... 541 U S Steel ................ 39 7 Sou. pac .................. 62 1 155 3 63 1 50 i- 51 1 69 5 log 59 1 51 1 65 l 181 35 3 68 1 41 i 24 i 37 1 333 With the Courts Chancery (divorcee muted): Mary Jane Ward from Lloyd L Ward, Jr. • Ann Orr Howard from Warren Howard, pltintiff to get custody ol child. Churchill's Mission to Washington Has Succeeded, British Press Says LONDON (API-Prime Minister Winston Churchill's mission to Washington has succeeded, British morning papers agreed today in editorials. Most concluded that although the communique on the Truman- Churchill talks was necessarily vague It did reestablish Anglo- American unity'on a firmer basis. "The Washington conversations seem to have gone forward from cordiality to genuine good cheer with thorough understanding on both sides." said the liberal Manchester Guardian. The" paper added, "The visit has done something to restore ntrtwl respect in the alliance of friendihls between the two nations, air Churchill has not, after all, had to be (oo conscious of his bink balance." Said the London Times: "It would be absurd to expect detailed Information about result* which may not In any case b« Men for many months. It Is enough tf they have reached genuine understanding and have revived «n atmosphere of friendship In which officials and ministers on both side* can continue to work on theee problems. The communique Is heartening." r 406 W. Main 9:00 to 5:30 Catalog Dept. Phone 2442 CATALOG SALES DEPARTMENT Livestock CHICAGO W) — tTSDA — Hogs 21,000; generally rather slow >nd uneven; eirly sties lighter weight butchers 18-25 cent* lower but later 25-40 cent* lower on all weights barrows and gilts; sows around 1525 cents lower; bulk 180-220 lb butchers 18.00-35; top K.40 p » 1 d sparingly; lmt« top (round 18.15; packers larger 18.00 down; most sales 230-175 lb n.00-90; s«Teral loads around 3SO lb 17.50; some 280-310 lb 16.50-17.00; choice sows around 400 lb »nd down 15.00-16.25; mostly 15.15 and above. Cuttle 3,500; calve! 400; steer yearlings trading good and better and mature steers choice «nd better fairly active, fully steady; other grades dull, weak; heifers steady to weak; cows we»k to moatly 50 cent* lower; bulls steady to 50 cenU off; vetlers about steady; few sales choice to low-prime steers and yearlings 33.00-36.SO; odd head FAST RELIEF WAIT'S ORCEN MOUNTAIN COUOH SYRUP FOR RENT Typewriters & Adding Machines New & Lott Model Machine*—Low Ratal We buy ased efflee machines A furniture. Johnson Office Equipment Co. SALES—SERVICE 112 S. ,Broadv/ay—Phone 4420 ''SUEiff *• i*ffi-'**!f*i r-f&'ir * VkT^M^io'Smf'ViSrtS? "* I ft, >." &sas^s3s&^'s&^^^t: „•*:.•. > fta *—1——T- "-' t -^.^'..Tlit TTjiMaiJH ml_,. Tin u T > r ~ • II I/ ViJG—»a& VtrM. •*•* »*. W dra II •*•». -. ** • _ •, j- __fc_ . / _i -f ( ™f iW.fc Eacfcflfc $* , ', •"• "' *£*• •»«T ™-TB ,bc£ I/Xe |r-*i ^'t *fc iCMhkWi | Jb <»« «»'•«£•> SM «J M V ^/ * > ' < • .* V WABDg 1932 MIDWINTER SALE BOOK Come In for a Free Copy of Wards New Midwinter Sale Book Se« outstanding sale specials on Cannon towels, Pepperell iheets, bedding needs. Compare our price on electric blankets; see price cuts on |irvenile furniture, a special price on modern or 18th Century desia. Don't mlss'tlie values thli Sal* Booh offers—savings up to 33% on m«n'« shirts, women's blouses reduced 22%, prices cut on shoes for oil tfie family. Slop in or phone our Catalog D«. partment for your free copy today. L! • BIG FURNITURE AUCTION SALE AT DANE FERGUS GO. OF OSCEOLA....EVERY NIGHT AT 730 Complele $90.000 Slock of Nationally Advertised Furniture and Appliances Will Go to Highest Bidders in a Real Bona Fide Closeout Auction Sate, Sales Will Be Held Each Night Until All Stock Is Sold!

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