The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 14
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TGE-FOURTEEN' 16 Nominated [Pope Pius and Gandhi • Listed by-Committec • j FOP 1947: Honors lOSLO, March" 20.—(UP)--Sixteen persons, including pope Pius XII, Mohandas K. Gandlii, and Herbert H.i Lehman, former heart at UNRRA, and ex^governor of New ' York, were nominated today for tUe 104' Nobel peace prize. .The list, ns .announced uy the Nobel committees-included a eoni- bhied entry ol Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Alexandra Kollontay. former Soviet ambassador to Sweden. 'Other nominees \vere Edouard B_enes of Czechoslovakia. Natanael B«kow, Swedish educator; Lionel Curtis, British author; C. J. Ifam- bro, former president of the Norwegian Parliament; Paul Harris, American founder anrt president Emeritus of Rotary International; Jjhn Morgan, British lawyer and writer; Sir John Boyci Orr, director general of the united Nations Fjiod and Agricultural Organization; Georges Soclle, French writer: and former League of Nations official; Frieheer Paul von scho- naicli. acrinan anti-Nazi and pacifist; John Ude, Austrian pacifist; and Sir Alfred Zimmern, British author. ; ''< Against fmleijendencc -Approximately one-third of the inhabitants of the original 13 colonies in 1176.were loyalists mid favored a continuance of British rule. BLYTHEVILLE (ARKO COURIER NEWS Senate Committee Okays Extension Of Credit Agency WASHINGTON, .Mnrcli 20. ~ SUP) _ The si>niuc Agriculture ChmmUleo yesterday npiirnmt unanimously n bill extending Hie Commodity Credit Cori). viiuil June 3D, 1SW. The corporation otherwise would expire next June 30. It Is tlic «gen- ry through which the Agriculture Department cnnles out the price -iiv/i>oit program {or agricultural commodities. Neither Namerf Richard, But Jailers Open Door MOUNT CA11MKU 111. <UI'> — J.ulers Charlie snulmon and Hobc liclicrson breathed sighs of I'olk'f iv'iei! throe prisoners—ngcii 8, 9 and 10—were released after tin overnight slny In the city jail. The boys, who were locked up o:< their iw.reni.V rccoinmcndntlcm to "tench (hem a le.sson" (or play- i))R hookey, had the time of their lives. 'Hicy did trapeze stunts from the bars, kept requesting rniuly and comic books—and .sang plaintively. "Open [he Duor, Hicliard." The jailers were glad lo oblige. Cool Stoker Installed CSCEOL'A. Alk,, March 20- — A new eoal stoker has tjeen installed m the high school furnace room. Cost of the instnllulion totaled S1.3CO. Tho new equipment is expected to pay for itse'.r within four years by saving Irom 20 to 50 per cent of' the school's fuel bill. " 7 How Can You Help Prevent War?" Use f»y vole right to I he present set-up. Because pcop/c often made mot* than one suggestion, percentages odd to more than 36 per cent. iibove shows. G<t per cent answered "No" when uskc<i ik they could think of anything tl),-it tlicy, personally - cmilcl do lo oci;i prevent nnotlirr wr.r. The suggestions ofTd'ed by Ihc 3U per EP-llL".! 1 ? -y^"'"'fd "Yes" arc shown ;it ri<;lil. Nice Temperature •• Brecs iu January to DO det-rees in Menu monthly temperature in July, wit], the annual mean Phoenix. Ailz., ranges from 51 <lc- anont 70 decrees. Tlll-3 STOIlYl Slil'rry mill Mmm 1 . *JiU rrnli-il » <'i>tiiiut' niKi-tJirr 111 oiu- of llollywmiir* l>UMKiiliiiv ciiurt*. Then MIIIIEI \\t-i\t OK \vllli . " M innrrlrd niiiu uuil Stirrry I* IfCI nltmi'. llrr thn-c lj«->t rrlfnilM nn- : Ihr lioy* who llvr In tin- online*' • at Ihi- vni]—Siunlro. ™ln> Is Kn-m-li • : nnil >Y*IIIIX in sii-l In tin- niuvli-rs; ' .4vi«.trl«ii Tmir **lio mull* to dlrt-ct • nil l>iiiiI>iU Kris %vln> lni|ii's til lie. conn- Ji iiriulm'i'r. Sfii'rrv'x iillikiv- , nnet- from luiim- Isn't tntimKli tit . .lin-ii tint rntliiKr !>>• !"•".<•» ntul ADI] n juli. Sninlri> iirriin^^K tin ni>~ pnliitintnt \\M\i llrx. ItrxuJ. »torj- ,<-ailiir <ll 1,N ><iull<>. .Mr.^. llrn.Ml ' *>flTi-i>. Slu-rr;- n Jnli :i» "render'* ill • HO u wi'fc. * * * 4 '''; xii . •CHERRY had ueen worUing for . two ^weeks und she loved it. -Reading books and phiys and \vrit- Mng what you thought of them wns [hardly work. Besides, there were ;the synopses imd tlmy v.-ere fxm. •-: She leasied' back from the "desk and stretched. She had been -working fast all morning nhd •wanted lo relax for a minute. She 'looked at (he office. Jt still gave Jher almosT th'e same thrill she had : haci the first (iir.e she walked into it, " " -,..it_Wi\5 small but. cozy and looked i Tout over the hills. It had a desk land an overstuffed chair, and a •couch in the corner. Since she had mnde friends with the janitor ;thoufih, "oilier things had been [added. Pillows for the couch, a foot stool and floor lamp, and a .blotter \vith leather corners. '-•• Sherry wished she could have ;her name on the door, hut she rsupposed that was a privilege re- rserved for higher-ups, like Tom- rniy Sivers next door. "•' lie had the big corner office but -then he was a writer. He called : Sherry "the sweetness-and-light 'girl" and kidded her patror.LTinely- ~ She did not always understy ^him. ; Orville Merriman talked like -that too. : 1 Z.Irs. 4 Dfo.pd'had sent her to his i office, one afternoon with a book ^ond Sherry had been thrilled 'Everyone in the world knew Or- ville Merriman. He had been a cgitimalc actor for years and they said he could gel over any metin- ng by the lift of an eyebrow. Then ic had been a great star in pic- os, and now lie* was directing md sor.iotinics acting in his own productions'. Sherry h:ul never seen liim in al life. She hoped he would be n. lie was. ( * * * ['TIS secretary luid not been there, and Sherry had knocked on the loor of his private office. He had , "Come in,' 1 and she opened he door and stood in it. iUcrriman looked at her from iicr feet up, very slowly, as if considering every swell and curve her. When he jjol to her face \c said, "Great Scott, whcix* did yon come fron)?" Sherry had said, "From Mvs. Drood's o/Tice. She wanted you to read this."Sherry had never been looked at like that before. She- had felt icr neck get hot and the roots of her hait- tingle. Merriman said, "Well, come in all over and shut the door." Sherry had never thought of a man as being "beautifully" dressed before, but Merriman was. His pale blue shirt gleamed like damask and against it in deeper blue was knotted the rich salin of his tie. His warm gray coal looked like angora. He had said, "Sit down and loll me why U rood sent her inuoccn abroad?" Sherry had said, "That isn't the name of it," and proffered the book. Merriman had put an elbow on the desk and laid his forehead on his hand and laughed quietly foi a long lime. Finally he had taken a handkerchief from his sleeve nnc wiped his eyes. Then he hat asked her questions abovit hcrscl and had not said "anything else Ihsi concurred her. After a while she had s he h;ui lu i^et bnek, and Motrinvi'-i ot u]> iiinl walked lo the door vlth her. "Tell Drooti to send you again/' GiTimun had s;iid, "only next [hie leave the door open. I'm not •cry good for' children." Sherry Ihminht him the most illriiclive man she had ever met. She lincl told the boys about him lint night and Tony had siiicl, "If got live thousand n week, I'd Ircss like thai too." Sherry had gasped. "Does he really gel thht?" Tony said, "Five grand when 10 isn't shooling. Ten when lie is." Now Sherry sal mid stared mil vcr tlie hills mid thought it would be nice to get ten thousand dollars week if only for one week. * . * * 'HE had lunch with Mrs. Drooti . niul Sieve Prescoll and Tommy Bivcrs- In the Aztec room ot Ihe soinnussary that day and Orville orriman stoupccl by to chat. He iwilcti-Sherry to visit his set at ea-timc. Mrs. Di'ooil (honght it would he good experience for her and Sherry /lew through the aflernoon thai by -1:30 she had finished vlnit she would have clone by G. After tea she stayed to watch Herrimnn and his crew shoot a :ccne. They kept taking the scene again itld again for one rcapon and another, and suddenly Sherry saw ,hat it was fi:30. The boys v/onld be getting worried about her. She said goodby to everybccl/ and told them that she had liaJ a lovely time. When she got outside .she met Pelcr Barton. She hud mel him in Mrs. Drood's office. He was a cnmer.imnn and they said he was one of the besl. Ho s.licl, "Good evening. Miss Lynnc. Heen working late?" Sherry said no, that she had been visiting on Ihe set ami bad hot rcaliy.ed the time. Peter asked if he might drive her home. In the car she told, him n little about the hoys. Peter did not have much to say. Tie looked like a nice person; his clothes were good and his car was a Packard. He was clean and polite and. rather reserved. Sherry Oitl not tind him very interesting. (To I!e Continued) Save Money Tmluy, Any STOP AND SWAP ELUKKT HUFFMAN'S THURSDAY, MAHOM 20, 1!M7 A 7-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Y/il! Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard Gloncoe Hotel 8ldg. Phono 3545 "You were telling everybody at the party last night how tasy housework is—now how about trying some of it?" HOLLAND TUNNEL- RUNS UNDER WHAT RIVER 7 401 E. M:i!n Flume 859 You Must He tlupjiy or Nu IH'ii] Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy (il at Stale Line Phone Ulyihevillc 7M Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second D5AL 2311 For Complete Protection CIIAS. BITTNER Levels and Lines Surveying nHAG UNE FAKM DITCHES V/m. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Box 8<1, Rosoliiml, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week—* Pont iocs * Fords a Chevrolets ® Plymouths and others I'lncc your order Now for Immediate Dclivpry We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Lalo Mode] OILS BUD WSLSON AUTO SALES I'hone 2(1:17 Cor. J^-iinkiin and M;iiii St. WINS COVER ,-._ _ ,. ,^^,^ l= , „ HIS LEG,AS. A SC7PV...AND I HE LOSES A LEG IN HIS INFAt-lCY _ T ._«_KK u . s IT WILL BE REPLACED THE NEKF ^S^-^I- 0 ^. -<W£. HE A\OLTS HIS COVERIN'S. . c «". i«, nu ... ARE UNABLE TO FLY DURING THE MOLT OF THEIR . ANSWER: Hudson River. ^'EXT: What is (lie world's larccsl frcsli \valcr fish? BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY! firing your cor to HOTS BODY SHOP for ail body and fender repairs, painting, , and glass installed. HEAD-UNfNGS for all cars made like the fnclorv maUns ihom, same n . 5;1l . t .P ri iy..« l .! Kl ' «' 0! . - k,m^i!i!l.ip. Guaranteed to fii and look hl«: original upholstery. 412 E. MainSh Phone 3456 Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J.-R. Williams PAKDOM ^\E,eE^5TS. BUT A FELl,E:R. GETS CD>l5AENiEC LONGeOME ON THESE HERE J -T(?A)MG/-^. I' M A HOQ . . FROM tUJBUQue IOWAV-—ALWAYS HP\MKS<J<i^ ; TO LO1M eON\E CftED efi.MES 1 -«— WOULD YOUSS gOlDS MitOD TE/SCHW^ .-J3. \\IWV.Art, CERTAIMLY Boy.' Ti-16 HA.V- ._. R(NCK ci-iATref A H.PMvJO ^p. DOW'T BL6MD OF 6TOO, y^ WITH YOUR. "ERUP^PS, ft 6POOKLYM ACC6MT/ FOR A Ak — BY THE WAY, , SM(\LI_ *&j WWKT STWE IS i STAvie"? )'( BOARDiMG -,bt)R PAL, OLD s^^^T •^ ij n ic: ffir? ''it'S'A PRETTY SMAIL BOTTLE TO MV A THOUSAND ,8U«S FOH,I«RflOT. Dcsfruction Cnokinp; , BRIM& OUT THE SAW—I'M TIREC" OF PLOWIM& \VITH A SATE/ V\JHEM rrs.-xa PA JUST PUTS MORE WEIGHT CM THIS JOHM L. SULL1VAW EXERCISER VISARS TOO SOOSJ . PETTIFER S^^t> HE COULD ™" N ° ^f E ? 5 \ PRO^'E THM Ttf FORWULiSWAS CCNCERNINS LEM'S \ HIS IF ANVONE TRIED TC PLASTIC SET INTO (v_ ?AJEMT IT FIRST: TH6WKIN WHILE HE'S ;!J THE H05PITM., MUM! AiKilhci- Caller WMBE...IP MS WERE ADVE TO POSO! BUT ME.M HME SEEN y.l)«- OtRED FOPl MUCH LE5S THW THW! THAT"SA'WFLE is \ Mi~rAKS V VOU r : '^ i'\ uc'zt'v : Qpe>™) /sour ; --r,-"'.'' t""','? AFT£R SO>.\=TH1MG FOR H'M, CAPTIM k ti:<\T FOEEClOSyf^ .':'_'_• 3. n .V! vvOjV";-. n.m/:;DI xlli?UT Oi v>n i n/>^ i KL. •. " BIGStR! AUi3HT Br BY LESLIE TURNEP iVo iVIonkcy litisiness SEE, BORSER? THAT\ MACHINE HAS FAITHFULLY ' RECORDED THE FACT THAT YOU CAME HERE TO PURCHASE POISON WfTH ' WHICH TO COMMIT A MURDER. FOR Js.OOO YOU CAN HAVE THE POISON MO THE WIRE RECORD- YOUR VOICE VOU WIN. BUT I'LL HAVE TO GO TO THE BANK TO GET ^ ~-^ IHE CASH. GOOD.' AND W£U GO ALONG WITH HY MICHAEL O'AIA LLKY iitulli A1,1 Mil, A MV I ^U61 REMEMBERED, 1 LEFT THE WIRE RECORDER RUNNING. I'D Stlllft RJN A IITTLE BOY ON THAT RECORDER WHICH CONTAINS SOM6TH1N& YOU'D LIKE TO KN01VA6REAT DEAt MORE ABOUT/ ftRGET IT, fLUKC.' RY V. T. F1AMI.IN AWT n A f\U£ ^ o^^ THREE TIMBER. • 'lV-/ W OAO 'A'J^T A= .'' ^ I HOW To^5= -\ses>-' W J '_ f-.\ ?-iZ> _>V-V^=R M J .^' ,A] O-OWD-vV.T'eS X ; --.: .<*U -i'OJ'V= Hi-Vfe That's How i( Is WE..L.NAPOLEON'S GRAND BALL OH.YEHTWITH \ NOT WITH EH? SHADES OF y HECK NO! VMS QUITE ftM AFFAIR'. YOU SEEM TO HAVE -X YEH.'GEE.X HERE TO 1 •( I'LL BE HAD YOURSELF A. / JOSEPHINE'S \ DAV GOME 1 THERE LARGE EVENING! I SURE A ) TOMOR- ) TOMORROW WELL DOLL L ROW. 1 A TOO! HER'VOU'RE I ME IT AIN'T! AMBER! WHAT /SHE HAD ME GOES? VOU DIDN'T FALL HER? -%^V^v.iy5^w'Si # HKH . short-chcu'ited ansformer had started A re in the wire recorder. f\» tXitPTlCMfXLW fi COUre« I HRMt A Good (Jt "SPRiUG BY BOOAH vau. vvtvp v,tre FOR W&K, «ic\\oo\.i te^rv -'

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