The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1952
Page 11
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AT, JAHTTART t, <HJK BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoo.,| IS OO**J ttTM •M6 FLU, 60 I'M HELP HER A FEW DAYS/ IF t CCW6 SACK AMD R»JO CROCOCHL6S i\ -fiAe eATHTUS, OR PlfiS 1 PARLOR )g FLOOR,YOU'LL B6- SBPJCO '** A FAST ORDCR. C*= EGAD, »WWTH A.' *3U vJITH UTTER T8AMOWU-ITV,' THE MWOO« WILL se AND D6COROM OF THE SRlTlSH CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up lo 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sl«s up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete & Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at'State Line Phone 714 RENT A CAMERA Flaih, lex or Movi« Cameras Arc Available to You at BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 FOR SALE Concrete eulverta, u Inch la 4g inch, plain or reinforced. Also Concrete Building Blocki cheaper than lumber tor torot, chicken houaes, pomp hontM, tenant ho UK-,, tool iheda. W« deliver. Call us (or (re* estimate. OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. TILE Phone KOI Know How Fast You Drive? Get a Speedometer Check-up at T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. "." Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer Kl K. Main fhwie »1W BEAUTIFUL CUT STONE HOUSE On Highway 61 North Open for Inspection From 1 to 5 p.m. Dally 8 BEDROOMS — 2 BATHS — *30.«M This loTe!y<home !• quality throujho.1. BentlM O iharwd kitchen, lifetime Geneva cablneti with all the acceaaorlea, Including: Kitchen-Aide Dishwasher. Dlning'room, spaeioni HTUI« ream with marble and mirror .fireplace. The 3 bedrooms haw !u» walk-in cedar lined closets. Both tlte baths hare colored IIilures. Storage-plus in large floored attic. Large terrace in baek with barbecue pit Ion will like Ihla <p>clow HfalM ft. landsoved. comer lot. non't fall to Investigate the itnrdinen and choice materi»i> used in construction of this home. JOHNNY iMARR, REALTOR Office Phone 41 n R^ Pnon , jj., I****** "That gu> with his big defense contract! I'm the one who needs defense!" SHOE REPAIR Tht Bett SHoe Repair Will Sav« You Money! y-R LTCRS "v SMO€ SHOf W. M R I N ST. REACH-EASY CLEANING" with this NEW G-E: M9MI CUMU »» fe kttit « '" « $H IT TODAY/ Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. • INERAlMlltCTRIC WkCWWM CLEAMEMS By NMW Wikox IKt I, NEA SmiM. IM. Totnmy, rm telling you me exact truth," the uid evenly -1 had put you to bed, and 1 couldnt help noticing that you had a lot of cash on you. But I didnt keep any o* it On my word of honor!" He «at down suddenly on the edge at the bed, itaring at her with horror - . THE STORTl Aim. Coirar, <•. Tht l«mi>r or Trnmhnli. rr*r» b*r hrr II K II|B. Alvrji?a on thr t*« »t hreomfnK Ihe man *hp wnnta htv trv he, Tontm? dnr« •amFlhlHg ivronc. N<iw Tommy *»• rrrrlvr4 • promnllfn nl The H<in»r. mmi he • nil Aim* an*? qnrirTelM ••* Tummy !,»• hre» drinklKa 1 - O» "Inside" robhcTT at Tfce H*«»e. xin A LMA CONHOY was very tired and She slipped willingly Into sleep. Hburs later she awoke with start Tommy had Some home, very drunk this time .Sli« Could hear him stumbling around In the darkness. She snapped on the light and found him 5f>fa*Ie<) on the living ro6m sofa. "Tommy! Where have you been? Wnat have you bccn-up to?" But Tommy was too (ar gone to recognize his wife or to know Swhat he was saying. "Wash'll you have, everybody?" :<^houtcd. "This round's on me! Ever'body tn the whole doggoned bar! Washatl it be. totksh?" "Oh, Tommy, you beast!" she cried despairingly "Come to bed! For heaven's sake come to bed and sleep it offl" But Tommy couldn't Blake tt Unaided. As Alma undressed him he muttered and shouted alternately, and it »as evident frofn his broken talk that h* had done what he always did when he had money In his pocket: been In some bar buying drinks fof the crowd and building up his ego by talaj- ' !ig the big shot- Finally she managed to roll him into bed, where he passed out Im- Inediately. Alma, tfernbllng h-om her efTorts, picked up his clothing. She hung his coat on a chair and had begun to fold his Irousers When she noticed the bulkiness of one pocket. Although It was not her practice, she slipped her Hand luude and drew out an incredjbiy large roB at bffl*. The second pocket yielded another, thla time lesi bulky but am larger denomination*. She wa* bj now too shaky to count them, but even her cursory examination told her that Tommy had been carrying at lea* $10,000! Wtet dtt K meant • • • ~i Sick with woii'y antf fatifue the thruat th* money back where she had round tt, handling it gingerly aa though it wen soiled, For th» moment she could not. would not think about that money—about What H might represent, why it was there. But th* explanation had better be a good one. sh« decided grimly. Then suddenly the fell »er> sorry for h*r^ self. Hot, stinging tears welled uft under her lids as she looked at th« Unconscious body M her husbkml. She had a sudden Longing to escape but she was worn out and there was no place to go—not at this hour. Alma was maktna; coffee next morning when Tommy cam* to painful life. Even before he spoke to her it was plain that his flrst thought wat foe the money and she couM £tSmp»e him stumbling to his feet, snatching up his clothing and counting the bills with trembling angers. Then his voice -ame hoarsely. "Alma! Did you take any money out of my pockets last night?" She came and stood in the doorway watching hitn with a curious mixture of despair and pily. "Yes. I did." "Thank goodness!" Kit drawn face related a little. "But 1 put it all bSck, though Every cent" Tommy blanched. "No!" he exclaimed. "Dont say that, Almal You can't have done that. I'm short! Give me that money for heaven's sake, and stop foolini!" Th«o I'm nor* than $MQ •hortr* he Hid miserably. "Alma that tnontr ant mine. I wa* trusted with H. Good he*ven»t What do you suppose I ha** done?" "Caat you rememberr" • • • *J WENT (evera! ptaoe*. I b*d some cash o* my own — abo«M $94, and I was drinking. •rb* r( . »a« a good crowd in one spot and 1 bought them * few round*. Then a fellow tipped • doorman M. I wanted to show off so I did the same — only I mint hav» given the doorman a Bfty o* maybe man, becaus« th«r« WM quite * KCiS • tk»n over it." "Where wa« thisT Perhapi ram can get the tip back," "I can't remember where It WM But I know I grabbed a •upper check for a pretty big crowd, somewhere along the Hne. People I never saw before, confound H!" "Whom does this money belong to, Tommy?" "It's in connection with thi« confidential Job at The House. Alma. I may have lo turn It 'over by 8 o'clock tonight. What am 1 going to do? Oh help me, jTcwekt, help me!" The expreMlon On his fsc* »su different from anything Alma had ever seen thtrt before — a genuine remorse meMed with a clear realization of whit he had done. He pulled himself together and spoke quietly and wllh ttnutual directness. 'I've been a complete tooU" he said. "And I've never been H frightened in my lift M t am rlgh* now. Not because of what the results of this may be, but bccauM I see that I bought the situation For the sake of a lew drinks. wh*l an idiott If I can pull but of tnM one I'll never Uke a drink again, so help met" "Tommy, you've said that before," Alma reminded him qul«tly. (la Be CooUoued) PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE \ KREAM K DRIVE-IN ASTLE Corner Division & Walnut PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock ' Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores -3am Oay4: Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day Will Q«r Btlr H You Bring It to T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 B. Main Phone 2122 OUT OUR WAY t y J. R. WWtam. FRECKLES AND HIS FMfND* __ SOME PLACE- TflEY S\*S A. aXIPL» IN A JELLY JAR.' J THEY VU*cJ PER A PISTOL ER. RJFLE.' CHEESE AT BEOTlMt SAID HEGXJLO WELP us/ Benefit by Reading and Using Courier N*ws Clrmifi«d Adi THAT'S MY BOY! THERE WAS ONE MINUTE TOGO WHEM I :e BROKE UP THE GAME! MEAN HE SCORED THE WINNIN& GOAL? HOCKEY TEAM IS CARRYING CARLYLE HOME ON ITS SHOULDERS. 1 SEBM AMYTHINS Of vie FUMT; BOY*? HE PHONED L>5- TO MEET MW MERE. W6LL, VKjf&KWUE COULD M3U MOVE, XXJPt CAR A BIT I CAN ROLL THIS- ROAST- RJWN TO THE "•**•-»•/ «'*-0/ *^r"*^T™[_/C=, ' WHAT'*,/WOULD XXI 25^- I.S'S""?**^ THBB* «*toUB 3^SM^\™«i*r£lL «WTELl*E! Mil KHOW is HE'S DOME ir -n«e AMD AGftlW, UNDER AIMO#T TIC . SA.WE COUWTIOH9-! if ~~*f MJliMHJfK 1 . AFTER 1 HAT SEARCH ...MJP If I CAM VJ2*' COUID HE POSilBLV HAVP FOLIOW IT NORnT\G£TTeN IT THRU CUSTOMS?!! EH"?*!L«?W?^A HAVE 5ffSe"Sg '""'*' »«^«rar vu-v<|jrr«»^ t H^VC: MIS tft^ ty K. &^™£°!£™J'**!*&*S~*i'£ ..iXr^ ^ *-*^=r^ ~nsu i A^^bMeLbD IU i .£.ffi^?E JS&? S^ wu * °^ TWO TRACK 0-THE CM£ IUMNW»HIMa«| HOWMEDWrrl I / OH.'DEA^THIS (U >& IMPOSSIBLE.' ALLEY, I JUST CAN'T 6EG ANY u . -__."'' 9 NR THERE JL1ST ^N'T HA.PPENING \ ), 66 ANYTHING ^•[eUMPlNJy^, WRONG/ ^ HURTIN CMMWI NEVER GOIN' IN... *MN'T GONNA

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