The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 19-17 RacintjOperators To Punish 'Fixers' Association Using Former G-Man to Run Down Crooks NEW YORK, Mnrcll 20— <Ul>V — I'l a .weeping attempt to neon "undesirables" out of horse racing, Iho Thoroughbred Racing Association composed of 35 racetracks in y states, today issued n set of 16 rulQS to govern the sport (hraugh- < ru^ thr? country. "ll member tracks. Including the Msgesl raceways la (lie country, h'lvo brnmd themselves to abide by the new regulations, which T.R.A. President James E. noolcy said w','1 fcrvc as n greater protection for the two groups vitally concerned irj the sport— the spectators and tiie participants." 'Hie most important measure ::micd in the edict provided that nny racetrack employee who hears of any attempts to bribe, fix, or otherwise Influence the result ol any race must report that he has h*ard to the track stewards for investigation by the Thoroughbred KAcing Protective Bureau, headed by former G-man Spencer Drayton. This rule applies not only to Ir.ick employees but also to "any person engaged in racing during t!i? HiceLing," a category which •Judge Dooley said included Jockey?, grooms, exercise boys, stable li.'iys. ticket sellers, ushers, concessionaires, special iioiicemen, and others. 'file edict also cracked down on 'he sale or tip sheets on the pror,- eny of race tracks, saying that "Lhe ivuvking of touting propositions or lip .sheets on Hie property of race tracks j s a highly undesirable practice and lowers the status of racing -is a sport." Easily Take Class B Champions LITTLE ROCK. Ark., ifarch ao. (UP)—The Little Rock Tigers today hold another stale uoskctbal! championship following their 52 to as victory over Donaldson High school in Arkadelphta last night. More than .l.Scd' spectators swarmed into the Henderson Qol- Icgc. armory to see the first floor battle .ever staged in Arkansas •bot.vcon Ihc Class A and' Class B champions. Thc capital city team held the lead all the way. and the score al half-time was 27 to 10. Center Fred Williams was lugh scorer for -Little Rock with 21 points, while Monroe Callcti. Donaldson forward, was •tops, on, his squad, with 12 points. The 1947 championship trophy was presented tlie Tigers bv Bob Cole of Magnolia, president of the Arkansas Alhlctij (Association which sponsored the tournament Three Times His Normal Size _BrATIIEVILLE_(ARK.V COURIER NfcWS Major League Baseball Clubs Appear in Exhibition Games lly V'nltol 1'ri's.s ST. I'KTlSHSHUIKi. Flu., March M.-'-MimiiuiT lim-ky Mar, Is of the New York Yankees, who riianKC-i his plans from day to dny, indl- nileil today Uial vote-ran Gearse McQulnn would bi> lit Jh:.l fontc when the club opens Iho SL-.ISOU mid Toiinuy lienricli would be m-nvd lo center Held. DAYTONA HKAC1I, I'lii.-Idjokt'.' HinV Leonard, protege at vctt'ian H'tbo Ni'Wsum, was scheduled to Mart on ilii> iimm.'d for :lic Wi-.sli- Inulon Kt-natiirs :i|;ains< I lie Ifucll- csicr ned YVin K .s m nil- Intenia- tloiuil I.eauiit'.. ST. PliTKDSHURO. Fl.l.-Thn'e pi Miinaui-r Joe Cronln's mcxsl prwn- IsiriK tmMe pllchfis, Hurry Uoritli lollliny l.'ii, 0 U|ul M( ,| y,!,.,^,! wlu work !,„ the lioslou Ked Sax (o- day a,M|| ls t the New York Yankees. : Cross breeding wilh rowans conducted bv George I'icktritie- produced nine-pound mallard, left, compared to normal three to . Ihree-and-a-lialf-pouncl mallard, riglil, with all true markings ot mallunl retained, i CALGARY, Alberta ( NEA) — * Audubon Society Head Proposes Duck Hunting Ban NEW YORK. March 20. (UPi— If the nations 2.COO.OOO hunters want to avert a disastrous deple- lion of the already ravaged North American waterfowl population ihc-y • must close the season .-on ducks for one year, John Bnkei- Througllout Alberta thov c«l( | Oeorgc Pickering the duck" rtoclor. | Poi nearly 20 years tie's been tlie ' patron for thousands of migratory birds, principally wild fowl. which find haven in -his 400-acre sanctuary just outside Calgary. He's never profited financially from the care and feeding of 5000 or more Canada geese, mallards, pin-tails and other wild fowl w hich each winter «nd their way to Die sheltered confines. Pickering crossed a mallard with rowan duck, obtained a mallard cros s weighing nine pounds, three tunes the weight, of a normal mal- I laril. and retaining all Ihc true I markings. . . i As quickly ns the cross develops ' additional wing spread, it will be! i^ht ca "' y ils pxtm wcii;llt '"' Developing the specie on a large scale would eventually make hunting duck soup. Hunters would have targets three times-the sizo of the mallard. Pickering hopes to complete Ins experiments a year hence Come March, his flock of feathered friends lv ill fly nortn to , their eggs. By ne xt winter, (he duck hunter hopes to have addi- Ilo"fc '° h ' S ovpl ' si2Ki mallard Pickering's sanctuary i s the result of his owi, sacrifices for birds »l«ch found shelter in thc n , wnvs free-running wa te,- of the .several small streams on the property AS a liobby i n 192C. Pickering ilirt ^ b! "' C "" g """'sands of mal- aids that came down fl thc frn l« e ^ h *"""*• " C fcd "«"' £sed n St01 ' CS ° r Sl " )1>!ic5 - "-- Jcased (hem eventually, an ,i j,, -, £w months Betting <; « tax from thc spor:.,mcnt through- ex.. Canada and Die United States proof of thcir long-fl-in - bililies. Pickering begun doctoring birds injured by the buffetin K or nature <"' poor marksmanship. Birds that are "winged" are carefully 'baiui- nfrcd. their injure,! w in»s splinted to prevent Ilyin 8 until strong and healthy. Pickuring travels lo preserves elsewhere in Alberta to seek out causes for illness ambne birds In -some areas he found miurutorv wild, fowl Miffw-ins from a mild form or suffocation, traced to I he secretion of tiny i.isccls in respiratory organs. Although die land'was privately owned, the dominion govcrnmcn'i designated it as a sanctuary aim thc. Province of Alberta appointed Pickering: as game warden at a j-maii annaal salary. N 0 provision, lio«cvcr,. was ml ,de for feedin B and for years the du.-k doc-tor ha/been Betting contributions from nei«h- toTs'. ng r " J "" lers """ trrai " °'" ? ™- Pickerins's sanctuary is , IOtt . of _ known ils thc ,„ , , a. h ^ llctl ,""' ) ;- r ; ndl V^ai- thous- ";±." r , (o "t1i ( , ychi ^ nb j; isit thc from all parts or the y.-irld invn,,"*' Stereri al " lls 'nlercstint: "mien. mimy or [„ i cavil f contnbufions to continue the work As the winter frc«ce-up isolate" "ic birds from their /„„,,.„;. winter they = thousands each winter George Pickering. clucfc Doctor doing a (,,-eat job anci enjoying it i-o\. en Laney and thc Arkaim: Audo- prcsidcnt of the National lion Society .saici tociay The suggestion, made in an ar- ff piers Balloon spiders have been found ->..>. auBBcsiion, made in an ar-, , ., "'"""s nave ueen found dele entitled "Let's Face the W-i- 1 mlles nool ' e «'c earth bv U a tcrfowl crisis" in the March-April' S " Vcm " lcnt scientists using" insect issue of Auriubcm Magaine, recom- ii • 1 ''" >s °" airplanes. These spiders do mended that 1947 .season be closed . 1KJt hllvc th c power of flight bu with the understanding (hat dnr-' al '° carn ed aloft by wind mg that time basic revisions ol ! inatiaRement^nd^rceutaUon poll-1 Most of the temperances .--. cics b: worked out. 1 ' | f . — I'Li.niL,: s"elt'!lL'J, . ol the world have struck prohibi- ! : '° ff lh ° ir practical "form pro- Head Courier News Want Ads Doctors! LawyersIPIanters! Executives! Here's the only Plane Designed for You! Makes Traveling Easy, Convenient Controlled By Steering Wheel Only Only 2 (ir :i Diiy.s fo Solo S-P-I-N P-R-0-O^F An Ercoupe Representative Will Be At Municipal Airport Black Hangar Blythevilie SUNDAY, MARCH 23 FREE TRIAL FLIGHTS, 10 to 4 First in Sales to Individuals Oullf.—The chili" U'lille Sox bmisted the'r (iyhlh exhibition victory In 11 starts today aft,.| defeating Hollywood ot tlU' I'adlif CoiiM U'aiaie li IM .1 yesterday. LOS ANC)El,ES.--Thf. ' Chicago PAGE SEVEN.- Cubs were riding |ho crest of a five- named bv M-iim..,- i ,i,,,,, v i iiinue wlnnlno st,-,.,,k i,,,i,,,. .• ,.,„.'? w -''•'«'< Johnn;: N< 1111 df lunue winning streak today follow- ll)B (hell U to 3 victory jn-cr Hie Seattle Kalnlers of the I'acino Coast J«u Boudremi mid second baseman Joe portion t-iu-li hit home runs ns MID Clevrlniid Indians smolluni'd tin- IMS Angeles Angrls of Hie t'a- clflc COIIKI U'auin.. II to a. ycshTdr.y. CUISTOUAL. U. 7,,- Pltciie:' Unl;c. Mellon ot Hi,, llraoklyn DoiHcr;; pri'parcd lo dep.nt lod\iy for lJ:iiti- nuirc. Md.. where he wtil ,>nuv ih-- Johns Humsns Ilosplinl for ri'mo- y»l of s bone clilps in his [iPchiiv: arm. , TAMPA, Flu. —Johnny Vnmlcr- mi'cr of doiiblu-no-hlt l.ime was WI«T 1'ALM HKACIII, Fin 'IVp I'hlladolphta Alhlollc.s will play l«*t ludny to tlir iiosion Braves In an exhibllloii i;i,nu>. 'Mu> A's immr> v"lh till' I'lltsbini;!) I'lraleji yrsli-ixlii'- v..:;; I'iral,. iiuifh'liirr Hank (ir.rni.'!'.- wus nloblK'd by miloi'iapli nj;, s,f" !'•'' 111!' Ullllll' H'-!S I'iltllVlli',! •!• ,| spi-nl a liair-hniir sl.;nin- .-cr.i'iif "( paprr. SclH'fllllt'd r.xhl,/.-;/,.. .; ,t t - ; . .,('.<!(,.' the Sun AnUiiiin'I'cvas I '.'ar.lic' (,•!'.n wrrr ranccjlrd t'Klny [tnd T.iulirs v;i<h Dallas and l'\nl Woclh su.isl llul •,! Improvements— I Noted in State'"I MTTLK ROCK, March 20. (til Labor conditions In Arkansas' slu more Improvdiuinl todny than Sft any oilier ttme tl:ls year, accord) inij ID Hlnto Labor Coimnlsilcnir/' M. i:. OIKS. ' ?( Cio-.s raid that fewer tluin 4&> workers in Arkansas are parlicjt piiiinr. In ofilchU strikes. Of tiujl iHimlxv. vn are employes ol (He OWOMO Manufacturing Co. u iii& nlUin- Ilitn in ncnton, a;ul nnt'b liven mi Mi-Ike for UO days. s" - I .n-ad courier News Want Ails/j \i ' * ~ <fc/.-." ,-^ieK, at HUGHES with smart, new wearables for jii^MW' suits of the spring season GUARANTEED FIT 5 Tin? best dressed men <»•<• Ihc imc!, w<>avhn: <» I'lni! liiilorlin;. espi-rl slylini; mul .tillallly labl not K<> imuotlml. Klaltcr y.iur t -uo with ci slii|!li> or double luraMcd Myliv frills nlfi'icd pleated itnd coiwnvattvi' Imuwr siyli's. All Wunli'ns. Casual Hew Sweaters Qnalityjabi ic sweaters,- handsomirfy designed for (lie sports-minded sei. newly arrived and ready for your .selection. Stylish sleeveless numbers in solids and figured patterns in blues, tans imd frays. All sizes. $ 5 Sport Shirts to Lead the style parade These smart and comfortable sport slilrls will enable you to make the most of (he wonderful new sprinn. Relax and enjoy every minute in immaculately l:il- lored, expertly detailed models. Lightweight fabrics ill woolens, rayons and washablcs. OMcred in smooth, deep solid.colors, or nllractlvcly dcsicncd flmui'd patterns. All colors and sizes. J up •- . i \ • i Smart Sportswear FOR ADDED STYLE THE SPORT COAT More popular than ever this season arc colorful Sport be worn with matching slacks. Fine quality lOOSt .woolen materials, on two and threc-bulton styles. Tailored for casual appearance. In Tweeds, plaids and paUerns In blue, brown, tan and gray. $21.50 up THE JACKET Every man ;;ocs for these keen siwrts jackets in n WK way. Featured in line duality fabric, with set-In sleeves, zipper front closure, Our selection is unlimited. Come, in today for choice pickings. (All siwsi. Jl!JST RECEIVED . . . New Array of TIES in Spring Patterns '• ,'.,•'!" ' -.• -. • EVERYTHING THAT'S RIGHT for SPRING x R. D. HI

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