Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 21, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1896
Page 6
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fl a wash day necessity—an every day need. The means by which a woman can lighten her burden of care, A dirt destroyer of the highest merit —a time and money saver with the highest reputation. Have you tried it? Sold everywhere, Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, CHICAGO. "A Bicycle Built for Two." PLUG Five cents' worth of "BATTLE AX h will serve two. chewers just about as long as 5 cents' worth of other brands will serve one man. This is because a 5 cent piece of "BATTLE AX" is almost as large as the JO cent piece of other high grade brands. The Cyclist's Necessity. POND'S WILL 'JURE CUTS, BURNS, CRUISES, WOUNDS, SPRAINS. SUNBURN, CRATINGS, INSECT BITES, ALL PAIN, AND INFLAMMATIONS. USED INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. GENUINE IN OUR BOTTLES ONLY, BUFF WRAPPERS. SEE OUR NAME, POND'S EXTRACT CO., NEW YORK, 76 FIFTH AVENUE. EXTRACT USE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PI LES. Sent oy mail on receipt of SO eta. Atont tho Eye. J?0h people with Bore eyea, wsals, Watery eyes, and red and inflamed eyes., caused by age, catarrh or otherwise, the Brazilian Balm is « priceless boon. Put 36 or 20 drops of Balm into a spoonfull of warm water and bathe the eyes well night and morning, getting some of tho Solution into the eyes. Tlio relief and is-mirth a hundred tisucs ttta Brazilian Balm cures colds, old cougna, croup, bronchitis and plcnrisy like Pneumonia. Mrs. A. J. Lawrence, of Beaver, !'«.„ Bays: "Brazilian Balm brought me ont of a severe attack at pneumonia in splendid shape. It is a wonderful remedy for coughs and lung troubles. Also for outward use, for burns, cold sores and chapped hands and face, it cures like magic. It is invaluable in the family." Tosiah Bacon, conductor on the P. W. & B. R. R-, says "Brazilian Balm cured me of inveterate catarrh which I had for 80 years." Brazilian Balm _kills the catarrh microbe, making a raulral cure. : m%!*™^^ Correspondence""' "and" '"Telegrams: More Than He Can Handle, Draws Up a Statement in Hopes of Checking the Deluge—In Need- of a Manager. Lincoln, Lob., July 20, — When Mr. Bryan entered hi* library Monday morniny to beg-iis tlicduy's work lie vas uppulluii by the formidable itrniy ol letters nnd telegrams lyiiiff on his ilesk. Hurd -work on 1lie part'of Mrs. Bryan and himself mid Mr. Sithind, the temporary private secretary, lias not made mudi of 11 hole in the small mountain of coiTesponilunce, -jml, iifter seeing how mutters stood, Mr. Urj"" 1 drew up this stuLement which lit' issued to the press: "Lincoln, Nub.. July 21. ISM.-To the Pub- He- My dally ma " lias ™rown so. large that I rind It. impossible to road all leittrs received and still more Impossible 10 reply at IcnKth to c:ioh. Those who arn Interested In the SHCI'CIW of our cause will nppivointe the Hltu;il!on and purUon me for maklnK the followinu sumptions: "First—Aa lime will not iwrmii. a Cull ci!scu.-;s!oit of political questions In so Inrce u numljur of private IctLtrs, 1 shall, In order to uvold discrimination, n.serve all bUeh discussions for public occasions. "Second—All offers of servlci:.-; nnd suggestion? as to conduct of ihe cnmpnli?n should be made to the nation::! committeeman representing the varloi::; states ntid territories. "Third—All roquunts for (•;•: '.i-i\.\s» literature should be addressed (u Hif: secretary oil the national committi" 1 *'' ::t committee headquarters, as soon as h- :.LlQi:arti,-rs are opened. ••Jf friends will be kl"'l enough to observe the above sugg'.t,Uons, I shall be able to devote my timi more fully to the work or the eampalfjn, (Signed) "W, J. Uryan." >'trctlH ». Miuiagur. Mr, Uryan Uiol; possession of his new ollice in I he Uiii-olr. hoiul Monday. He- has four eomiiiniiieatiiiH 1 rooms lit his disposal, and \vi!!_ use tlit-in prineipally for eonsuhiitiuii wilh doli-g;itiorjs and otl;er callers. }\u «-il! continue to do most o'.' his work at his residence. The iR'-.'Ositv for u inr.r.ajfer of the political end of his business is bi-L-oming apparent and i: is probable Ihal Hie national coir.ini!U:e will send him some competent person to handle his mail, look Mt'UT visitor^, urniiijfo in1t»rviows ami prepare schedule!! J'or his railway join-- neys. Mr. r.ryan is roadiug his tele- gr'oms as i-ajiidly'as olhi-i- duties will piirmit. Arn'ounr those found recently are t!ie tullowinfr: TeH'CniiiiH Kpceivod. "I most heartily eonKrnuilatu you and will viiti- for you and work for your election.—Jami-s K. Boyd, Kx-Governor cf N T » bi-aska." . "1 conura'.ulate the tolling millions ami yourself on your nomination. Let gold bugs stvnlrm, threaten and bribe, 'J ho masses rule the classes when statesmen lead.—Helen -M. Cougar." Mr. Er.\an has just received from the Smith Carolina, delegation a gavel oi beautiful Vorkiminship made from the home of John C. Calhorm at Clemson colles; c > South Cnrolinn. ' A BAD FIRE. AHlitubulH, O., Visited by a Mont Dlsim- trOIIH JJllZL. Cleveland. 0,, Jnly ~'0.—Tlie most disastrous tire'that has visited Ashtiibula in half a century occurred Sunday. Almost half a square was swept .away in the business portion of the city. -The fire originated in a livery 'stable'in the real- of Main street, and rapidly coimnu- icntcd to the southwest corner of Main and Center streets. Ten building's were destroyed and three others gutted. Among those destroyed was the Ducre block, the finest business structure in the city. The city hall and the post office were saved with difficulty. Several firemen were badly injured during the progress of the fire, and three men wore drapg-ed' unconscious from the burning buildings. The entire loss will reach $50,000, distributed among n doz<m or more business men, partially insurud. Supposed Murtiorcr Arrested. Brarldock, Pa., July 20.—George Hnr- nak, who was arrested here Saturday to answer for a murder committed at Pontiac. 111., was committed to jail Monday morning, pending on investigation. While enroute to jail Harnak confessed to Constable Bennett that he had fled from Pontiac after a drunken row in which he had fought with three men. lie had since learned that one of the men had died. In a talk with a friend JIarnak declared his intention to commit, suicide, that he feared he would be held to answer for offenses committed in Illinois. OJoey Off on a Vacation. Washington, July 20. — Secretary Olney has left for his summer home at Falmouth, Mass., and is not expected to return to the state department for at least a month. All foreign matters have reached a stage where they may be safely left to subordinates, except the arbitration negotiations, which are expected to rest during the summer. The secretary expects to go to Gray Gables shortly to spend a day or two with the president ahd in all likelihood he will sne the Spanish minister in Boston before the first of August, . Trinnpled on. by a Horse. Bridgeport, Conn,, July 20.—Clapp cfcner, ex-president of the Adams Express company, and one of Bridgeport's wealthiest citizens, was knocked down by a horse nnd trampled upon as he was about to board a car near his home Sunday night. Mr. Spoon'er was badly bruised, his right hip fractured and two ribs on the right side broken. As he is 73 years old, it is fearer] that the injuries .may prove fatal.. Mukeii »n Assignment. ' New York, July 20.—Annie Kurtz, doing businnss ns the Kurt'/. Bug company, manufacturers of jute bti^s, at No-s. 7 and 9 Water street, assigned to William IT. Kurtz. The liabilities are estimated at $50,000, Father of »I«. ,«ttck»y 13end. : London, July 20.—A' dispatch from Rome announces the death in that city Monday morning 1 of Daniel 1C. .Hungerford, father of Mrs. John W. Mackay. . 'jjured5Jo£aes;McCabe..' - v -'c^'"' : ' Hon.' Frank S. Black has been renoru- irjated for congress by the republican convention of the Nineteenth New York District. Charles Margrave, the postmaster at Emory Gap, Tenn., was shot from ambush while going home and fatally wounded. Cliauucey M. Depew sailed from London for New York Saturday, his visit abroad being cut short by the illness of Mr. Vanderbilt. West Virginia prohibitionists have plaecd a state ticket in Ihe field. It is •headed by l\ev. T. C. Johnson, of Charleston, for governor. New York bankers in convention at Niagara Falls adopted resolutions denouncing free coinage nnd declaring in favor of a gold standard. •Forest fires ore raging throughout too country north of Seattle in Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Millions of feet of timber has already been destroyed. The lumber mill plane o£ the James Lumber company at Wadley, Ga,, was 1/urnucl Friday night. It was one of the largest plants of its kind in the state. The loss amounted to $30,000; no insurance. THE GOLD RESERVE. Auotli^r IJond IHSUO Hinted lit by Treasury onlciiiiK. Now York, July 20. — Before one o'uluek the gold engagements had reached :i total of $12,830,000. The withdrawals of gold continued and by 1:30 the engagements amounted to $:i.030,OOU. Washington, July 20. — The heavy gold ong'iigiiK'nls for export in Xew York M.omUiy causes treasury oilicials to fear that'more will follow before the week is ended. The treasury gold reserve at noon had been reduced to $00,787,030. In the absence of both the president and Secretary Carlisle from 'Washington no expression of opinion can be obtained from them, but treasury officials who possess their confidence do not hesitate to say that there will be no change in the attitude o£ the administration towards the gold reserve r.nd that if necessary to maintain it another bond issue will be resorted la when i,hc-reserve reaches a point when further action is rendered imperative. IN THE FIGHT TO~ WIN. Marie lluuim M:iko« n Trli> to Cliloifiro- MCGM the Ji.ti!Ciitlvu Committee. Chicago, ."July 20.—From the moment of his arrival'at the National l!epul> lican leiiffiie headquarters Monday mornin? Hon. Mark Wanna was the busiest man in Chiciijro. His train was nearly two hours late and the club room's were filled with prominent republicans when at last, he did put in nn appearance. With the exception of Mr. Tnyne, o! Wisconsin, and Mr. Leland, of Kansas, all of the members of the executive committee were waiting to receive him. Mr. Hanna said: "T am In this fiftht to win. and I will de- vo-e my nntire energies to so dolnj,'. dlvld- Ir.K my time between Ch!e:.KO and New Yorlt I will pc-rsonnlly conduct the cam- paluri and will try to be where 1 am most needed." : t SOLD HtH HUbLSANO. HftniOTor'1 (lutl.) Woman Relo;i»os Dor Ji'ttlm to a Man for 8750. Mrs. Su.snn .Harris, of Ilnminond, In<!.. lias Uisposed. of her husband, William T. Harris, to Miss Cnrrio West, of Delphi, for $750, says the St. Louis Globe- Demoornt. Miss West is the 'fonrter- diuighter of the late Judge .Tames IT. Stewart oiwl wife. Miss West inherited from her foster-parents about $2n,- 000.' Harris, about this time. earn'.', from. DeJphi to Hammond, to take, the position of nig'ht operate/:' on the Mocon railroad. Miss West, became in- fa.tuated with, him, njid he lived at her home. She said to remonstrntinpr friends that their love was of ditlne origin. Soon, afterward Harris brought suit for divorce from his wife, whom ho had, left u.t Hammond. Attorney Knotts, of Hammoncl, notified Miss West that Mrs. Harris was willing-, to dispose of her claim to her husfoar.il for money, act! the bargain described was struck. Miss Julia Stewart ami others of the Stewart heirs, disgusted by the conduct of Miss West, have filed suit to break the will undci- which Miss West inherited her fortune. They aJk-gc that she wielded au undue influence over Mrs. Stewart, who, dying 32 years, after her husbaiul, left everything- she possessed to her young- ward. London, J:ily CO.—Henry Irving, Jr., sou of the eminent English actor, Sir Henry Irving, was married Monday to Miss Dorothea Bajrd, who has inade such a striking success in the character of Trilby at the Heymarket theater. A large gathering of members of the theatrical profession were present. The gile of Du Mauler, the author of Trilby, to the bride w?s a massive diamond pendent. • Does Your Back Ache ? nptn~.i.u n Mukcthc kid-. U'HOJDDS ncys strong' . end healthy. , \ THRY cause ' the kidneys to . , filter all uric ' •eld oud other , _ pol.soniorlm- , w purities from . the blood. Healthy KWneya make' ( pure blood. i Dr. Hobbs Sparaffus Kidney Pills I cure Rheumatism. Gout. Eczema, i Anosmia, Pimples, BadBlood,Brlghf« I Disease, Malaria, Backache. Kidney i Pains.Dropsy, Pain In the Abdomen. ) Frequent Urination, Inflammation of i Kidneys, etc. Endorsed by Physi- | ciansand DrugRists. 50 cents ft box. I Sample Pills and Valuable Book fret. ) IlnbbilttmtilrCo,, Chlatoud S«« Frutlieo. I ( For Snle in LOGANSPORT, IND., by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourlh St. and John F, Coulson, 304 Market St. Compelled Another Mombcr of the Academy to Eiooute thu "Sliroad ISagle" and "Quick Step" Until Utterly ttxliitujtod. Secretary Herbert has just, been notified of a serious case of hazing at the Annapolis naval :ii;::deiiiy. llobert Clicrry 1'oy, a ciulet from Ahib;im:i, has been sentenced to close confinement for one year for Ihn offense, and the sentence lias received tlie approval oi the navy department. This it, 1.ho most severe sentence ever imposed ;it. the iicadeuiy for lia^ing. It, is cxpocted to discourage the practice in future. Tee offender was a member of tlie "yearling" class, and his victim was a 10-year- old youth named Premiss, from western, Xew York. The hay.ing consisted of putting Prcntiss through the fatiguing exercise known ns the "spread eagle," which consi.sts of bobbing- up and down as quickly as possible, keeping all the muscles oC tlie legs ami body stijT and bending only the knees. It is nn exercise that is given only in homeopathic doses by the inXructors. i, minute'being considered sufficiently fatiguing for any cadet,. Lieut. Dyer, one of the instructors, wu.s ;i quiet spectator of the proceedings, lie. was on the scene for a brief period unobserved and heard Foy lazily order the "piebe" to vary his performance with the "quick-step." This is nn equally tiring exercise, t-he man h:iving to lift his knees alternately nnd RS quickly as possible to the height of-his waist, li'ie a prancing horse. The .strongest man could li;iru!y keep this up for more than five minutes without extreme physical fatigue. When Lieiit. Dyer had seen this continue for several minutes a glance nt 1'jie "plebe's" face .told him it was time to interfere. As he entered tlie tent where the hazing was in progress Toy sprang to his feet-, while the "pleVjc" turned toward him and then f-:!l in a faint to tho floor. Water was dashed in his face, but as lie did not revive he was carried to his quarters for treatment. Foy was immediately placed under arrest. It was nearly an -hour before Prontiss regained full consciousness, n-nd even then ha was incoherent in his utterances. SERUM CURE FOR LOCKJAW. Dr. UlumcnUml, of Lc.v<lcn, Announces A Wonderful Discovery. Dr. Kumcnthnl, first assistant professor at Lcyden, has published a- scientific report on the treatment of lockjaw 'by serum, which the medical fraternity look forward to with the greatest interest. Dr. Blumenthal gave me the following extract from his article: "I have discovered, and show by numerous examples, why the serum has f»il2d in the treatment of cases of lockjaw. "Lockjaw poison clings to the spinal tissues with such tenacity as to defy neutralization by serum. The experiments conducted prove, however, that if, while the lockjaw poison is circulating' in the blood, serum is injected the poison is destroyed." Great Potato Katfirs. The greatest potato eaters are the people of Germany and Belgium. Their consumption of this vegetable averages TOO pounds per annum for P"ch person. THE MARKETS. tiraln, 1'rovlnlonn, Etc. Chicago, July 20. . prlng-Patt*. 53.3:^3.75; straight.. JIG s 20; bakers', $2.10^2.25; low grades SUO IliTS; Rod Dos, $ Eye, 12.00(5^.20. Vv'HFAT — Moderately active and unsettled. July, PSViffl^i^ September, Zd%& GC%C' December, aCHffWJc. COHN-I-ower. No. 2, 2W<SM=ic; No. 2 Tf-How 2C-%fi)2C^c; July, Kc: September, M%®M%e; October. M-M^c; May. 2S%9 OATS-Good trading and unsettled. No. 2 cash, 17«@lSc: SL-ptcmTjor, 16^'liV4e, May, 19%©20«c. Samples steady. >.a 3 lC@17«c: No. 3 White, 17©l»c; No. 2, IC»»@ 17c- No. 2 White, l£'/i@19Vi c RTE-Was easy. No. 2 cash, SOVic, and No. 3, 2Sc; September delivery, 3Ic. BARLEY— Was about steady. Offerings small ' Thin, JS©20c: fair weight, but ort color, 22®2:ic: good color, fair to good weight, 2-)©2Sc; choice to fancy, 29@3JC. MESS PORK— Market fairly active and prices easier. Quotations ranged at K.^ ©6.30 for eas-h: $6.3U@6.4714 for September; JG.32%<3>6.37^ for October, and Si.lSH-&'.20 for January. LARD-Market moderately active and nrlces easier. Quotations ranged at $3.40 0343 for cash; $3.42*«p.M for September; <3 «V.<n>3,50 for October: JS.ffiViiff'S.d for December ar.d $3.S2Vi®3.M tor January. BUTTER-The market Is ruling quiet, with quotations at 10®>:4',£e for creameries Knd 9@12c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY -Only moderate demand Turkeys. S@10c: Chickens, 8%®!>c; SprlngD.ucks, Sigay.c per pound: Geese, per dozen, S3.0C@4.«0. _ New York, July 20. FLOUR— Neglected, weak. WHEAT— No. Z Red moderately active, steady, %c lower. August, 62@«2«c: Sep' timber, C2 3-lC©02 7-)Cc; December, C4H@ C4 CORN-No. 2 quiet, '4@9ie lower. No. 2. S2%@33%o; July, 32M.<832v6c; September, 82?, 'oATS— No. 2 dull, easier. Western, 21% @27e- September, Mo bid. BEEF— Quiet and steady. Extra mess, ... PORK— Steady, quiet. New mesa, SS.^oQ S75- old mess, $7.75©8.25. LARD-Dull, nominal. Steam-rendered. f3 BUTTKR-S«ady, light demand. Western, !>®J2c: Western 'erKimcry. liv&lac; Elgins, ]5c. - CHEKSE— Dull, steady- Part skims, 20 4l EGGS-Steady. llglit demand. Western. . Live Stock. Chicago, July 20. CATTLE— Market steady and stronscr. Fair to best Beeves, S3.30fin.50: stochersand feeders. $2 23&'3.0D; mixed Cows and Bulls, HlOSilS-M: Texas. 52,4003.70. HOGS-Henvy 5c lower; light, steady, Llcht $33C@3.CO; rough rjaehtng, J2.8ii?2.3u; mixed and butchers', J3.10@3.50: heavy "cldng and shipping, f3.00(S>3.30; Pigs, JZ.SO ©3.CO. t ' wnat ^ Zoa Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale by B. F. Keesllng and B«i Flaher. REV. S. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. vcutenoo, ind., Sept. 8, 1836. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I. have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour ptomacl). I have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and found that it benefited me. I am convinced that it vrill do wliat It is recommended Tvben taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel liie a different person. S, P. KLOTZ. For s:de by B. F. Keesllng. The COAST LINE to AUCKINAC W DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers TheQre*U5t Perfection yet attained Iri B**« Con.tructiQB-Luxurious Equipment, Artlstle Furnishing, Decoration and Er/lcknt Servlc*. insuring the highest dcRree of COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TBIP» PER WEE< BETWEEH Toledo, Detroit/Mackinac PETOSKEY. ''THE soo,» MARQUETTE, ; ' AND DULUTH. LOW RATE5 to Picturesque Muktiue ud Return, including ne»ls and Bjrths. FrttOl Cleveland, *i8; from Toled*. $15i from Ottrolt, (13.50. •• EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Train» for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit forrll points North «»d Northwest. Sundiy Trips Junt, July, Augutt «nd Septembtr Wj. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay / Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address ^ , A. A. SCHANTZ. t. r. ... OBTMOIT, •IOH. Tbe Detroit and Cleveland steam lav. Go. ONE-HALF SIZE OF BOX. pozzoNrs 'COMPLEXION POWDER; I bus been tbfl i-tiuidard for forty Tours and • . Is more popular to-dar than ever before. I POZZOM'S •<- • I Is vjo Ideal complexion powder—beautifying,| rcfrcsliinK, cleanly, henltbrul and harmless.^ | A dcilcaa). Invisible protection to the face. | I WUh fveFf boxofJPOZZ«»TS » m«r \ I Blfleent XcovtlPs COIJ» PCFF | I BOX !• given free of clurge. . 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. BIc »> !• a n rcmwlr for Olcot. cpormfciorrv* wb'X». unnmurc* a" 1 ct'urp™. or any I&dammii: '.ion, irritation or ulwt-*- tion of nine out mem- . br cxpftjt«. prepaid, for •1.00. or 3 lionl.K, »2.TS. Circular nejit .ou rojuovt- ANTAL-IVIIDY These tiny Capmles are snpetioi | itorBalsaraioE.Copaiba. I fCubebs or Injections and l-f CORE VKJ& BOORS '\ \ti\6 same diseases vrf .'inconvenience.-.j Sold by. all druggistt.

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