The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 5
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JiMJUHSDAV, MAUCn 20, 10-J7 French Minister r^^ evv stc ^ p J onors ^^^ Pleads for Unity «LTTHBVn.LB (ARK.) COU*M WKWB Coalition Cabinet Jeopardized by Lack Of Communist Support H.v JOSKI'll W. OHIfJf; Jr. ' Ilililod 1'ivss Stuff CorriMMiidcnt PA1US, M:ir.-)) 2J.~I>riim> Minis- lor I'.uil Kr,m;u!ii>r di'LHsuulcct today Inn! i)ie C3:i!iiii,"ii>t Parly join ;i vote of confldtr.i'o in his fojw.lon c:-binct to woven! a «m'- onitjent full wlikli h<> sai<( m !r,-i(i (o -ilie end of the republic and the end of F::incc." l^iMHKlicr as-kccl the French us- sctr.bly for a vote of confidence. Ih» vote will t> : . taken Saturday. mornini; on (hi- Bcnr-rul question! of military credits. The Socialist minister's' aj;pe:;I (or the Ooinrnnnisis to .support atlively the coalition to which Ihey beloiiR nvcivcd n Ircnzipd slinulinj: oration from ail asscin-! 'i>Iy members cxjrpi th L > Commu-! nisls. Thry sat stolidly in tlieii- places R-':nacliei- clearly inSicnicrt thai i.'.-stention cr a nn-rs'tivc vole by tli<! Cnmii'.imist.'i will cause his KO'.vrnmont to [all. The crisis was r-i-cr-|>;i:«tc(l by C > Ojjpo- fiiion to Rismi'.rtier's policy of fii''s i he Vic-1 N.imeso forces in Indo-China. Turiiinu >ou:ircOy toward Uie Communists. the small, uri'v hKird- ed ijnmr- minister s-.iiC, * "1 say.' lockini; yon in the eyes. 'that riM\i courssro ci;>si:;l s in never lyinp to yours?!! jtml never pretending s'jpiif a i>i( ;-)':• j>!. "Yon b:c\v well Hint if you abstain. for ivljalever reasons at parliamentary la:ti:;s. your abstention mav lead ni vfrv far incicc.J and Dorhaps mean the end of the rc- pv'.ili; iinc: die end of France. "If you abstain yen will leave France's politics bark to the antagonism or Cc-rmmi'iisin and the ;Wti-Conimunirai \vhic.h we have • •^. succeeded in avoiding so far." I 'Communist r.rac-'.morj in the! confidence vote will not legally ' cause the government to fall 5>ut i the pracli.-Rl ])cliti;:,l effect prob- s'jly would du so. I The constitution provides that a straight majority vote bv Ilic as- I senvbly against a Kovernmcnt is' necessary to force it from office. Even if the. Communists vote:! out- Tirjht r.s-aiiiEt the »r.---pi-nmral, rather than r.b/Lainin::, ;in anti- OUR AND I WILL The new Joseph Pulitzer 3-cent stamp, pictured nbove honor-: famous newspaper publisher. The purplj stanipV oYspcilaTofveW "OuV rSSbllc Wt" ° £ Pul »« r "«« "I, well-known ouotnio^ Out republic Mid its press will rise or fall together." First sale W 'U tie in New York City on April TO. '. GERMANY Continued from Page 1. iinn should be made between formal and actual belligerent states. | The small nations row came with the Big Four deadlock on reparations unbroken. Ttie United States' was understood to take the view fiat Germany could not possibly my more than $3,000.000.000 repn- rarions compared with Soviet demands [Or $10,000.000,000. The Soviet press tossed another issue into the reparations wrangle today \,-hen Piavda, Communist P.'irty newspaper, said that Russia Kovcrnnient mnpritv ;:rcjaiyy would be lacking. ' Church's Bond Issue Starts Bottle in Court •FHESCOTT. Ark.. March 2). flip, —The pistor of Ih.c First Baptist Church or Pre.-cotl said toJav that he and church olicials v.ere within their riirhts* in atteiurtin- !•> sell church bond- lo h.iy property for an educational annex. In a prepared statement, the Rev. Fred White said the bones Ihey plan to cash are not earmarked (or any specifi; ruirpose. The-, are not. he said, included ; H another fci'oap purchased for a ;;io2 orraii fund. Seven members are seekinj a Chancel y Court injunction to "en- Join White and the church official from sellim; the bonds. White .Mtici that, upon recoarnen- d.Uion oi the BO.U-U of Deucons, the membership voted more than two to cue on March 5 lo sell the bands to finance the property. Western Powers Accused Mikhail Marinln, pravda's tnter- n^ional commentator, charged tlinb Britain and the United States had r?'noverl more reparations from the Western zones than had been contemplated by previous agreements. He charge<| that the Western powers' policy was "a real tiircat to the undermining O f nor- international cooperation". The American view is that German reparations should be paid over a relatively short period such as 10 years. Russia wants payment over 20 years and asks that half j>f the $20,000,000,000 total go to American officials explained that although they considered the S3- 005.000,000 the top payment German economy could stand, that does 1101 mc an that at present the tMed s t a t cs would even t that figure. •Secretary of state Georue C Maishall and soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov have marie it clear they are so far apart. on til* reparations question that there 1s mile prospect for progress on a German treaty until SO m c trad ^'vX^'S,^ i'-SUC. Molotov Insists that there can be no decision On the economic unification of Germany unlil i, e Is ns- sured the Soviets will (jet reparations from current German pro-1 duction. Marshall insists that reparations cannot be settled until (he economic unification of all JBcr- mitiiy Is assured. The two issues arc linked so tiKhtly that they must be settled simultaneously. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Mar. 20 (UP)—IUSDAI— Livestock: Hogs 5.803, salable S,OM- market uneven; no Ibs and up opened 1 steady to 25o lower than average Wednesday. Lighter weights steady to 2o; higher, with some 150 Ibs as much as 75c higher; sows steady. Bulk of good ami choice no to 250 Ibs 27.25 to 27.75; largely 2750 to 27.75; 260 to 31rj Ibs 2G.75 to 27.25; 130 to 150 Ibs 23.50 to 2550; few choke up lo 26; 10o to 120-10 pigs 2050 to 23. Ca'ttle 4.2CO. salable 2.503; calves 1,100. all salable; general undertone of easiness despite light re- eeipts of cattle including about n loads of steers. Approximately 30 per cent of run comprised of cows. Very little done on steers. A few lots and odd head of good steers at 2325 to M; with light weight medium kinds at 19: medium heifers and mixed yearlings 17 to 2X with odd head of good 23; cow- dull, limited buying on mckei- and small Iccal accounts, about steads' with yesterday's late decline. Common ano medium beef cows around 13 to 14.75; canners and cutters 1050 to 12.50: MOSCOW t'onllnucil from l\i«e 1. House H)rciBn Affairs committee, must in Its own Ink-rests Jiolp those- weakened and bdOHgucrcil countries to choose tlH'jWlli of free, dojii. "Diere Is no (rasaibllily. he said, fur any other nation o r thi! unlk-i! Nations to aid cither Oicece or Turkey. Acheson opened Ihc •u'mmlslrn- tion'.s drive in Coiigivis for approval of President Truman's anil-Communist ciinipali.!! r,f helj)- Ins Turkey and Oreeco with cash and nuns. Acheson said H glance u(, tl,c map is cmmiili lo sl-ow th.U tho survival and Inlcunly of Gi'eeca is of grave importance; in a Intgo part of the world. "The inexorahle facts of iscog- rapliy link the future, of Greece and Turkey," Achojc-n said. "Should the Integrity and iiulo- IMiulence of orcece !)•_• lost or conijn-oniiscd the ct'lect upon Turkey would he inevitable." Acheson said nations to the Fast and South of Tuikiy ai-u just emerBlng from the accumulated problems .of war lii'.o sliitc- hootl. "Tiiese nnlions wish and should be able to develop ami maintain free institutions and liberties, but nntowar.i circumstances may force them In tho other direction," Aehoso'i said. 'Asserting that "the c:isis in Greece and Turkey confront-, us with only two ultcrmitives. we. can either Brant aid lo those countries or we can deny aid," Acheson said developments jn those countries will he watched with "deep concern thrjUHhout the vast area from the Dardanelles PAGE FIVBS Mild, in., struggling agntnst ua-nl uiiiicuutes to maintain • their freedom nltd Independence while they so!!' •'•'H'° 1 '"'" U8CS o: *'<"'•" Achc- Can rrevcnl "Ti-asflil) 1 '' He said Mint It would be "u:\ un.s^akablt' tragedy' 1 If all countries should lose the victory (or xvhtch they Imve sacrificed so much. " of free Insllmilon and loss of independence could be disastrous not only for thmi but tin- world," he said. "I3| s - coiii'inicim-nl niul iKwslble fnlluro woulil quickly be tli>! lot of udgh- boilnij |x?oplc itilvliip. to maintain their Irecdom niul independence." | Achoson pointed oul thai even! It sonip organ oi th'j UN shotiUl decide to recommend iissisUinco to Greece and Turkey It wculd eventually have ia turn piiumrily to tills country for funds, supplies ami technical assist nice. "Wen If l).p urojorl wuic not. blocked by the obJr:Mvo.s ( ,f , T r- tllin Dieiuber.s of the United Nations." he wnrn.!.l, "much time would have been lost and t<me Is of the essence.' 1 Aclic.son wus tin; i.dmlnlsl ration's lend-off witness .M the OJAII- i"K of jnibllc. )t:avln%.s by thr. House Foreign Af'itns C'onnnltlee on a bill aiithorl?.lns the President's MOO.OiO.OOO Grcuo-'lurlclsh aid in-osram. Mr. Truman, back from his Florida vacation, fomv.l himself confronted by n seilei of questions from npiirc'ifnsive mer.iticrs of Congress. And the inotl i-er- tincnt or these. subrniUe;! by the 11 Republican senators and representatives from his Iwmc sintc o( Missouri, was the query: Docs Hits mean war? r MONTHLY FIMAIF WEAKNESS? This great medicine Js famous to ECllevc pain, nervous distress mid weak, cnmky, 'dri\ggtd out" IcelliiRs, of such dnys— when due to fp[nale l. monthly disturbances. KEYSTONE BlyrhevilSe Soybean Corp. 1800 W..'Alain FELIX A, CARNEY Dominion Atilniimtic rii: Irons 1 Yi'. Giianintee Ctimplclc 1-iiK! of r;icc(ric;i! ;nid ISallcry Uiitlios We Pick Up and Deliver 3il K. Jlain Phone ^107 All radio stations are assigned call leliers enabling you lo dial your favorite program Brand names on merchandise arc the "call letters] 1 you use in shopping. Brand names symbolize your right to clioose what suits your individual needs and lastes PLANTERS ,: HAUlnVAKK CO lno I2B W. Mai,, r]lone r You Will Find - - Better Cleaning Better Tailoring Better Hat Blocking In 8 Hours For the Asking! HUDSON CLEANER' CLOTHIER TAILOR . 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. 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