The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAnrn 20. 1017 m/miKviu.E (ARK.) roimiEu NEWS Figure May Top Sum Now Before Congress For Greeks and Turks WASHINGTON. March 2H-<U1'1 — »Me ailiiiiiiislrailoti , s<>0! , ,„,,,, I 1 "'])"?.' to ruiicrpss n Korean iiid P'^cvarj] r-vi-n larsi'i- Hi :m ( ts $400 . OHO.COO plan to assist Greece and I uikey, •jovcrnmi'in scums- eevt-n 1 <•<! inrtny. v . The Korean pi-ojec-i «-« s saiil (o iir.mi'nipluip from S500,oimui)u tu "Mi!)0,000,OGO ill economic ami mil- ii.'i'y nitl over n Ihvoe-year period. .<r«W!.,rv of st :1 t e Orar( , 0 o Miu .. S.W11 reviewed the pla,, in Moscow, it was said. JUKI upprovcd it • l-.Hi'Jwinii Marshnlfs aciiou the filial draft ,,f ,}„. „).,„, w ., ls <,j fcll ,. s . As imiv olnmied. ihc program mils for S2CO,Oon.OOO assistance in t.'-e Amcncrm zone of Korea tlur- ]"-< the first v ,. a! . ot j,.. a,,,,ratjnn -he rrma.'mm; funtls—if the plan ]•; npproved by Congress—would be M.'icad over two more scars to put r>orca back o n h s [ect nftCl . 40 •| v '"' s °f Japanese doniiiintion and -'' 1 .U.S.-.Soviet control since the riannrtl f,!,. lielialillltnlion lhe economic assistance would b« used to rehabilitate Korean rail- «".ys ami rolling sicck, textile mills and other industries. Military aid i!) (he for m of surplus iirms is un- (Icrs'.cod to complete the plan There was no official indication •'is when the. ait!-to-Korpa program •^iiuld l )e submitted formally to ^•.ingress. It was ticlicyod, however, •hnt^ it would immediately follow conitie-sshmal debate on President Ji minus Greco-Turkish aid plan Informed .sources said .state Wa/ and N;,v v department officials al, irady "have sounded out" some congressmen on the Korean pro- .KCI. rnose legislators were sn i t l to to.heve the plan wouH |,av n a "fair chance" if tl, e Oiero-Tinkish aid :c okayed. Officials familiar with i t)t , Ko _ r.'an proernm \vouid not indicate whether ii includes lonp-ranoe -is- sisinnee to the Northern zone of Kurna no,,- muler Russian administration., it was believed that the move miitlit force ti u , soviet im- jpn to agree to nnirication ,,f the li'i'ralM 1105 ' ""«• splii by (lie 3Slh Deve.'opment of the Korean proposal was guided by Lt. Gen. John \-. Horisie, Korean zonn! comman- ucr, who is now hcr e for conferences. Work between the Hire., departments was coordinated by Mai CVn. John H. H!lld|-!t;g has said lhe IT s.-Soviet split over uiiify- j:ij; Korea might require an "in- ij-nm program" by the United -rates in ils zone of control He pointed out that a weak Korea -.'•ould be a forti!;; g r OTmt | f Or some «!'«' disturbance by opeiimp, m- yuiiiR rii:ii,-v f,i r i u ... cop.tro! and inter domination by s ntnc s"on" outside power." Ill Korea, he said, '•,« nnwlinre f*e in the world, ihe United States a'id the Soviet Union face each o;her (jirectlv nnri with identical cusnmi mcnts." Failure of this country to follow through in Korea he added would deal democracy aii Jiicnlculablc" blow. House Speaker Names Hold-Over Committee LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Iifarch 20 --rup>—House speaker Roy Rialcs Of Mena today named Rep'resc:-"-- live.s- T. Af. Hooker. Jr.. of Jetfc'r- s-)Jl County and Dick Wright of L.'arfc Comity to serve with him on the House Holdover Committee. T.'io three-man uroup vvil! remain ill Little Rock until Gov. Ben La- Jiey disposes ol all House IcgLsla- 'iin and completed other 'business imcters of the lower chamber. Tliiriy-niiie per coin Of all fa:al home acculenis are caused bv Start- Hearings on Telephone Strike Wealthy Co-Ed After Blast Kit SANTA ANA, Cfll,. March '20 — 'UP)- A 17-j-ear-nirl co-e t l alKl her finnci' (ieliiffi todav that they mlir- itered her wealth parents by blow- J'ig up the family nniver cruiser With a (iyiiomtte I'lmc bomb. The girl. Bculiih Louise Overell. and George Hector Golhini, 21- ye:ir-old cx-iallor whom she was scheduled to marry April 30, were booked and held at the county jntl last night on suspicion of inur- c.'er. Newport Beach Police Chief R, R. Hodgkinson planned to iuii'Sti«r. them, further today rcgardini; t7ie deaths Of Walter E. Overell, 02, l.os Angeles loan company executive, and bis wife. Bculnh. 57. in the explosion of their cruiser. Mary E., in Newptir; Harbor Sunrtny. The Mast originally uas blamed on ignition of leaking gasoline but Hodgkfiisoii .said later investtga- lion uncovered 30 slicks of dynamite, some miexploded dynamite and a time clock dis'.ribmecl .ibinit lhe debris of the 47-loot and Lover Is Her Parents cruiser. ; Hotli Ilodekinson anil Sheriff .J.'uiies Aiiislck, vnopcrming in the InvestigHiion, decliiiKl io disclose (•(-tails o-.' their evidence linkiin; the SU'I and Oolliim with the blasi. "U should be obvious that wo oul<!n'f have...put ihcm in jail If we c'iciivt think \ve had some evidence iifiiinst them." Hod;;kin:;on siiid. Hodijkinson ]»intc-<i n ul. lhat fiolhim and iwo mi-chn.'iic.'i luid worked nil <|ay Saturday on the cruiser and that he nn ( j Miss Over- eil were ashore when the boat exploded. Oolliim said he knew ot no dynamite on 'board. Had No Kmiivn enemies 'T htive no idea ho\v it Happened. As far as I know, Mi-. Overell h;'d no enonhc*," he said. District Attorney James L. Davis said he would issue, a murder complaint if iiqdirkinson requested it. "I can't think. I can't think." ^ Overell. a freshman at lhe University of Southern California. ^vept in her jail cell "Oh, how could anyone say we did such u i : img. M\' ,v.\n piui-nis!" The lovers were ariv.sitf<l when they wen i to Newport l!i..-re)i yi-s- Urdiiy to complete ruiu-ral 'ar- r.iusement.s and pick up the girl's car. hnpoimdi'd »Uer the blast. The lunenii was lo have been this nf- tej noon. "Hut Ihintjs arc w , mixet .low." snid Miss Ov.:roll. Oolliim. „ lo/mcr N,, v y nuiloman now taking ;1 ine-medicul (..onvse "i Los Angeles Cits- Cullescir, Is the soii^^>i l-rederieli I,. fiolUiiii, n for- FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not- Embarass 'Many wearers of false teeth hiwc sntferc<l reiil cmbrjrrn.wment, be- .-•uusc their plate dropped, slipped or wiibhled at just the wrong time. IJo not Ivc in (ear of tills happe.n- •nii to you. Just sprinkle n little FASTIiEllH, Hi,, mhallHc (noil- "ckl> ixin-der, on your iilates. Holds false teeth more firmly so they fee! more comfortable. 'uoe s not oonr. Checks "plate odor" (denture brenlh). Ott 1'A/TEKTH at any ovtii< store. i .""' r ' "s Aiifc'elcs police commls- 'iotliim said he hud known Miss Ou'rel! shu-c he wns nine years old l 1 ^" was oil friendly terms with ••if Qvereils. close iriemls (if his moihcr, Mrs. wjlhclmlna atonic' •>lrs. .siomi'l said the iinvst ,,f her :• 'n w,i ; , "ridiculous." llotli the ulri ii, k | her (i.nnv said '"'r paroiils were luippy over tlu-Ir 1 .'^-meaiem July. Ml^s ovcr- '••'. hn-.iever, s: ,i<l they had wanted 111 ' iluilrunj,. ddav.'d :, lew 1" (Mils.. (11 i,,.,. y (n ,.|, ••W,. conviiiccd ihem ii was all 'I;'K lo t :ct mauled ulli-r my •iiih'.luy IK-SI monili. nn<i «-,. pl.ui- ' ll <o get :i trailer anil lie Imle- •Mdi.nt of our fmnlllcs wlii'n \vc- nil finished si-houl." stic sniit. 'I' 1 "- Mary K. blew up early Kiin- 'y niDi'iiliiB, n few mliuites alter l.'.s ovvrcll anil oollum hud t'onc "c in a skiff to a cafe PAGR enbin section demolished. Overell % v/is impaled <,n a section uf [j|:uil: His wife died (> r multiple .skull nurtures Their liodlcs were rcmov- ' <'il after lhe boal was raised mul beached. ('teacher from Okinawa Salves Traffic Jam 1'MTSHURGir (Ul'l--Tbo Rev. .i'dvd to direct ti-nf'flc. "'' : '• Just'as things were beginning to K.'seiublc iionnnlcy, u jmllce offl- cor orrlvctl nnd 'sttirtcd'to' haul ... i .--..-. ,,,,., ttl ,,, lu OM.IH.M ty I1HUI llLljliiioii who once direct- Hoblnson off tor disorderly con>» ti^ilftc on Okinawa. Jumped lo duel • • )• Ire Chief l.vmk Crocker llr-l die,, "/!' m ''" l! " JI "'i lh '»"l«'» : Koblnsoi, said ll seemed thai "a [r;:,,;:r-r.i,- f ;• «^j»& u '..?'.". llown ; i s-.^ar-C' ^ Ou-rclls «vr,. !>|ieli<llii)i u weckcml . "I till' iH-iU'll. Overell w:\s hcml l>t \ |t!i'. ¥ Wastiiiintim i.'innncc Co.. l,os ' • Aniu'le::. and formerly ounetl i : Mi'Bf tiirnlttiiv stoic tlieiv. Ills I ( daiiHhtei' was hl.s sole heir. * lloii.-ekccp. r Mury Crltflx'il, , M'ii;'hcd a. the Ovnri'll's homi' tn the ; .-xcluslve l.'!tlUili:i!i' dis'vlel near I '. i-i» Aiiiieli-.s, wns luiinxeil nt the | I:»|'K inii'st. 'I've bee,, with lh ( . Oi-crclls slniv \ five imiiilti.s old and I .i !•<•- I CASH You Ual iioo $150 $200 $300 $500 $750 $1000 PwynimiU f 01 12 Monlh,; ) 8 -?°I _27.757 46.25 69.38 92i50_ illl'ol,,n,i, i MONEY FOR HO^E SWEET HOME Th<>n> 9 s Much Ado About This •>:* '""TERMS ARRANGED Wo Extra Cost Gorgeous diamond solitaire . . . r ; c carved matching wedding band. $1.75 A WEEK 3 fiery diamonds droma- rfzo The serenely simple gold setting. There's excitement a'plenty about ft llVr^l,' OU1 ' won(1 ^''l't-il new collection of ^J'V^'>: Ka«t(-r beauties. They're full-blown ^7*!^ v« i'or luxurious flattery . . . they're .softly contoured, finely detailed... They're everything you could want ? « < ''III to l;alco ^ ;l1 ^ lead in the Easter par- f ^ h j-M*/ '' j-j. ; £„•<• ^ '^v- Select your favorite hei'e now! &» Each Lavish ring styled in 14K yellow gold and glorified by 3 brilliant diamonds. A truly outstanding vake. "' \ 18,95 "America's Favorites" BULOVA WATCHES IC ID i Lovely Eastern Star Ring set with 10 simulated precious stones. When you wear Bufova, you enjoy America's most wanted watch. . . . precision made for lasting dependability. 35 Authentic Masonic Blue lodge design in masswe mounting. Famous Parker writing pair . . . Pen writes dry with wet ink. Ihe eniisei- sunk by the bow, Its AloWorn i io—EC/ u fp RepoiV— Repaint with a loan from G.C'P.C, Compare our rotoj. Fiuo quality all vvor)| Suits in (r,;il>:ir- (linos iiud al! olhci- (Icsii-alile niiiU>ri;iU ol' the new season. All now Colors. Now Kaslcr DIVKSOS itrc j;rrivin K d ; ,j|y. .\cw in style . . . new in color , . low in price .... Sok'Cl youvs from run- oxcititiK K r 'Hi|) TODAY! C' $20 up Tim all-wool ShorLio Coat \villi n flare for Spriiiir, as illtistralcd. This i s ,,nly 0110 of I ho Ki-oat collect ion ot' coats Iron) which you may .scktcl. $10.95 up Use Our Convenient Lay Away Plan A Small Deposit Holds Any Garment

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