The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO! Communists Gird For All-Out Fight Red$ in U. S. Ready To Start Mammoth . ' 'H'.Propaganda Campaign • { By LYLEC. WILSON '• United Press Staff Correspondent * WASHINGTON, March 20. - j(lmcrl:nn Communists are organiz- }US today for their greatest propaganda splurge since tlieir cani- Val|n; to; help Hitler lick the Bril- SsrrSiiriug the first 22 months ot AVos'ld \yzr .11. . i-. They b?lieve they nrc lighting ffor _iheir political lives. f *'A survey reveals that Conimu- ilist Patty leaders liavc been hold<hg a'series of frantically urgent ttieetuig$ Irom coast to coast to organize''n campaign directed primarily at Congress. Their objectives are. first, to ,delay .congressional consideration of legislation Jo outlaw the Communist Parly <ij\ the United States, and. second, +o make medicine against the ad- jfiifnistration's finn policy toward gtileriiational Communism'. >». Cc-mmunist Party headquarters in New York issued Instruction!! Tb parly leaders throughout the jjnited Slates within the past Ji;'.v «davs (or the opening of a propi Sganda barrage through non-Com- .gumlst channels — [he so-called Communist front organizations aiu.1 icllcw travellers. .j" They also want trade unions, Janioii leaders, political leaders. • churchmen, educators and, others io rain telegrams on President Tru- rman. Secretary of Labor Lewis II. j B:h\vellci:tach and Congress.' • fehn-elienbach is getting attention | .because he told, a congressional committee . last -week he favored .Outlawing the Communist Party. :r Instructions Go 'Out w The Communist instructions were as follows:- - . . . V 1- .Adopt the line that the gclnvellejibach . proposal Is uncon- iritulional and .Is aimed not onlyj Rt Communists but st the Bill 01 Rights. . . £ 2. Concentrate on Director J. Kdj>ar Hoover or the Federal Bureau of Investigation -us (lie master plotter against Communists mid the Bill of Rights. Against Hoover Uie program j s nn unqualified smear campaign. • • £; 3. Develop cniass meetings In a mass campaign against .aiiti-Coin- jnunist legislation .and against JJnited, States foreign policy. -p-S. Tie the campaign in with - gefense. of Gerliart Eisler, . Oomniunist stSbvcrslve/ age lield In New York ^ The FBI and; Hoover. arc especi- ; jjUy singled out because Commii- ilisU hold they have been .largely j-psyonsible for developing publiu .opinion against the party In this country. f-Plans to raise :,V $250.030 .campaign fund already have an- -iiouncefJ in the Coiunimist "news- BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COUIW3B NEWS Mountbatten Leaves for India To Handle Tough Assignment HY IIAUOI.I) (H)AKl) day to become viceroy of India in l.nile.i I'rrss Sl;ifr Cnrrrspnnilrnt ; a jin,,i |,ltl to keep within Ui c 13rlt- LONOON, March M — Admiral | S [, commonwealth the v »st sub- V.r,roum Mcimtbattcn departed to- coMlnenl his great-Ki'nndmollicr ! I Queen Victoria broughtjiinder Urlt-' I ish rule. I The 47-year-old former supreme coiHintnider In Soiitlieust Asia, ol India by June, 1048. rrlme Minister Clement Attica however. has .said he believed Mountbatten "has the personality to win the confidence of all sides THURSDAY, MARCH 20, the bungulow ruins Uxlay [or murder weajiotis. Dr. Murray c. Stone, county cor- j oner, said the trio was kille'.t before ' —- n:>i«, Uieir bodies wore burned. Connnl co;ls l'i of King George, took oft for Kfis irpcirtwl t:> have purthnsi-d a. ""'" "'"" """ "" gallon uf kero.setu- two d.ijv; ji'^o, \ (Vtiich he sulcl was needed to stfljt ^" ^ otu 'ny. con! lire.s In Hie family's new one- | Hrltlsh newnuapers commented story home. Authorities beiiriveu that ironically on the selection <i[ vic- tlie mnrdercr or murderers used twin's great-grandson lo preside the kerosene to feed (he lire which over "the removal of the brightest in India" and convince il i hey should slay under I crown us a dominion. The vlceroy-Ucsignati. Icnso land in Indians Biilish , to replace Viscount viceroy. He will bu sworn sot to destroy klHInij. r-videiuv i>f tlie Jewc-l from the British crown." The •livillsh have' promtsed to piilr out •iwken MouiHballen ax viceroy 'iiUsP«l great surprise. Maiintbnttcn rc\ealed that he hnd received only fwir weeks' notice of the aimoint- "'Wit in letters written to him by the King and Attlne. "f would not have accepted but (he fact that I like India and I as Ilylna | want l« K ce all Indians happily i>ct- Hindus, ' tl<'<l. , ,," jie sakl. Moslems an<| Hikhs have wn riot- | He -was known 'to be convinced II.-N in K'lijjicii'j rind political b:it- . "'nt a settlement in India could be l!. s that have cost hundreds uf j C'.'fcctcd only ihroiigli complete 11111- liy(-.s. W.-n'c-ll in one of his linal 1 tual asfrcumcnt between the All- vn-cri'gal :u:ls yesterday imposed India Congress party, which is vii-iiiul iiMiniiil |a'«- in Punjab j predominantly Hindu, arid uie Pruvlnce. Moslem league. AIIIM- his arrival In New Dellii , Wavell wa.s said 10 have told the t'ii'iirday, Mountbalten will confer ''""'net, that any alternative policy v.iih Wuvcll. The retiring viceroy! 1 '''" 11 '" t ' illlsc a situation for wlileh v.iil leave for ICnKland by'air Sun-)'"-' c<Jll| d not accept responsibility. •i.'.v, n day before Mtjimtbailei, h i-cji)ie.s the Mtli viceroy. Three-Way Contest in j Helena Mayor's Race IIEI-ENA, Ark.. March 20.— (UP) —'Ihe Helena mayor's race was a three-way affair 'today as candidates rallied tlieir lorces for the '•lection April 1. At No. 1 position on the ballot will he Mayor Sam Tappan, seeking rc-flcetlon. Second on the HsC will be A. P. Coolidge. and thiivj will \i'i James T. iiornor. Candidates for city treasurer are Mrs. Margare: !;!sk and Mjss Vivian Rabb. There will l;e fix other contested races. includin« police jucllic nnd live aldenii.-mic |K)Sl.s. In West Helena, Mayor Chester Jisnes and 'j'n'ii.siirer Fulton Simpson will not be op[x>ed. Local & Long Distance Moving Uoajpottnt Help »nd «ijulpm»ii«. Ad«- QU»tel7 Itnuied Oonlrict U>ulll!< tad Wise. S«nlc». BOB« 8«rilc« * storm Co. I'kona 2801 l^'.hniifo cio:mM lo grlna. L's« jiM'ljM. Kent dnii!i;isn Ijy i^ Q | ( .(i Thorn- u-inic e»vllliiB.' 1 \fji .Sii|,.- Arsonists To Hide Murders Former Labor Union Official, Wife and Son Killed, Home Burned SPRINOP1EI.U. (UP) — Curious oiiinw paper, The Daily Wofkef.'The" pro§am includes a protest demon- motion scheduled to t<ikc'place in flshington in early. May. It will te a demonstration of war veterans but on a small scale—not more l}ian 500. governor Takes Briet Vacation in S. Arkansas rLITTLE ROCK, March 20. (UP>— Gov. Ben Laney.took time on from matters of state today for a week- <Jhd rest in Camden and South Ar- tfl'-isii!;. i«ffe left late yesterday and will return to the capltol Mond.iy Tlie governor will address a civic" group ifl El Dornao tonight, f.L.ine.v signed 42 bills O f the 56th General Assembly into lav,- thi» week. leaving more than 150 yet to disposed of. Mix. M..n.-h KO. ]ieif,>liix)r.s who peered • throiiKh the window;; of a burning house were ci'rdlte'l twlny with lannchintj u police Invti-.tisa- tlon hito a bi/iirrt- triple murder which might h ; ;vc> gone mmoticed. . The victims v.Tre HinoJd II. Con- nnt, n former union •, his wiIe,.,Clnro. 62. mui .son. Harold Jr 20. They were killed by blows cm the head before their bodies were satumted with an Inllnnunaiile liquid and set afire us they lay on Die beds of their tlve-rooin Inmsulow. Conanl, n farmer, v.'n.s tin- business nRent for 11 Incnl ol the United Electrical Workers (APl.i until three years ngo. He wns tint in Ihe tpp of the liend. His wife unfi son were .bludgeoned .on the forehe.irl with n heavy, blunt weapon. Neighbors of the OommU, who attempted to'Imlt tne llmnes. wci-e responsible for Initiating the inves- '— When they were un ntrnncc to the liou.w rescue thp Coininls, the npii'hu-j<- s peered through windows .\i\ : l said the house Flumes .weie coiistiiniiig ;\\ c con- Mlts' bedroom and alreiciy 1 burned out Ihe bedroom <,' H old. Jr. .Greene County Prosecii'.lng , u - torney Wayne T. Walker said Unit olierlfr John Pirrpont. nlclctl bv (!i= highway police criminal i,i ' (ors would'resume their ,e _ alleged, tlgntlon. W they saw evidence that had been ransacked. £Read Courier News Want Ads. - America's Fovorffe Kitchenware ~ from Ihe World's Largest Maker! Owls nrc: 10 times better mousers than cats. Read Conner News Want AdA Liberty Cash Grocery MARSH SEEDLESS ALL POPULAR BRANDS Dgwriyflake , CERTIFIED RED RIVER VALLEY, Triumph Blue Tag SHORTENING - . Hie fomly somcllilng fo g en, ticlween meoh. OOV^NYFlAKE crc ricli ia honeil-Io-gcodiess no-Jiiihmon -ra-.(e lt>.e dreon donuli. i«o. The OOWNV 'fruif Juice EXTRA STANDARD LARGE, CRISPY ICEBERG Keliogg's CORN FLAKES 11 Oz. Pkg. lOc GARDEN FRESH EXTRA SELECT BLUE POINT YELLOW SPANISH BROOMS JELLY R!CE Five-String Kitchen Pure Apple 12 oz. jar fancy Blue Rose Mayfield Cream Style 5 KIDNEY BEANS Jackson's No. 303 Car, Columbian Aluminum Utensils with Mother's Oats »^ ' (Aluminum Package} '• ONE UTENSIL IN EVERY PACKAGE! .1-^' S»«P-funi»Wh«li»r Comfcinolicn ... MMI- No,H.y Ccoki, iv»«^,':%«wri* 8%=^,'.'. i Decoroiivo D»«M MoW . . . Kftch.n Shoke, . . . 'A few packages of.ihe family's favorite Mother.! Oats.(with aluminum)-and you soon have a whole set of these pracucal mcnsiis! Exut-kttd aluminum-Kamless and easy-io-clcan! And all the while your Jbniilyenjoys delicious Nfothtr's Oats with its Molher'sOats BEANEE:WEENEES JUNKIT SALAD DRESSING DOG FOOD CARROTS MILK BEANS FRUIT COCKTAIL V:8 JUICE PURE LARD CHERRIES Van Camp's Freezing Mix 4 oz. pkg. Temple Garden 8 oz. jar King Karlo No. 7 can Jack Sprat Diced, Sliced No. 2 Can Pcvcly Large Cans, case Great 25 Northern Ibs. All Good Vegetable 46-oz. can 3 100 rf<v * IL Ibs. .55 4lh. Ctn. Red, Sour, Pitted No. 2 can SLICED, RINDLESS PURS GROUND - perlb. ISIb. Chickens, Home Dressed SLICED CLUB or RIB ARMOURS STAR ROUND or LOIN LEAN, MEATY, END CUT YORK and ROMAN BEAUTY FRESH and TENDER SNOW WHITE HEADS FLORIDA PASCO FLORIDA 3h iOc perbunch lOc .perlbJSe 17lc 8 Ib. mesfi bag 49c each 25c per Ib. 3k per LARGE SIZE CUBA TEXAS GREEN HEADS YELLOW and WHITE O R.SBA4I ffff > MiON SETS.. per gal LARGE SUNKIST LEMONS, 360 size, doz. 35c

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