The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 WEDNESDAY, JANTJART 9, IWt of Cit Behind the Blackboard Df EVTH LEB BlytheviHe's schools will bring to « close the first semester of the 1951-52 school year next 'week and begin \the second semester Monday, January 21, Superintendent of Schools W. nounced. B. Nicholson has an- In the meantime, final examlna- nounced. , tlons have been scheduled for next week at Blythevill* High School, according to W. D. Tomrney. principal. School will be closed for city •chool students Friday, Jan. 18, In order to give the faculty on opportunity to complete records for the semester. Saturday will be "record" day for all teachers In the rural schools. BUS News Addressing Blytheville High students at their first 1952 assembly last Friday morning, the Rev. G. Mlessler of the Lutheran Church looked squarely at the significance of events which could possibly take place during the coming year. Spetklng of the international picture, the minister reminded the student body that the experts arc predicting that 1952 is supposed to mark the "high point of Stalin's career." He gave the students a serious challenge for Improvement on personal, national, and international levels,, reminding them that "n country Is Just as great as It makes itself." "Any,nation remains strong only a< long as the people are right toward God," he asserted. "When the leaders of a country decide they can do without God. the natlor. ceases to make progress, and after a Khlle ceases to exist," he added, citing Germany »nd Italy at example*. •Following the Rev. Mr. Mlesslcr's addresa, the school superintendent extended new year's wishes to the BH8 student body. The speaker was introduced by Mr. Tommey, Alnrrm* In "Time" , Several Time Magazine readers hi . Blytheville were especially Interested. In the publisher's letter which ip'peared ki the Deo, 17 issue. In connection with a discussion of Time's recent article on The Reader's Digest, tha column ran a photo »f Mrs. Ruth Brine, a Time re- Marcher who taught In the Blythe- yllle school system during the last ww. Vanar and Columbia educated Rufch Brine was here two years, teuMag out »t Yarbro for one year •nd to ttie High School English department the following year. Her •Moetates here describe her M a itve wire when it cam* to teaching, and feneraHj erithusl»stlo about the buiineM of Hying. rtmarcher Brine, working on the Blgett story, r»» into a bit of donate good luck. Writes publisher JMn« A. Linen: "Researcher Brine found acme things besides In- tonnAtlon at ttie Digest. When she wfcntred the pl*s and cakes in the Dttwit kitchen, ahe was promptly given:on«. She brought it home to ' her four-year-old daughter, Brlglt, and "a ?ood time was had by all." . There will be a meeting of the p. H. A. members In the home economics cottage tomorrow morning (Thursdav) at the activity period at 9:30. Miss Ina Ellis and Miis Gloria Crosby, home ec teachers, have announced. ... At the same time* the student council will nitet in Miss Frances Bowen's rcom (201). The first basketball pep meeting will be held in the high school auditorium Friday morning at assembly period. • • • N'ewG From Number Nine Seven students'at Number Nine have perfect attendance records for the fourth month of school: Larry joe Fisher, Jerry French, first prade; jimmy Caldwell, Thomas Hart, second grade; Danny French Marta Pritcluml, third grade; Edward Moore, fifth grade. Third and fourth grade pupils have beeti enjoying a set of tinker toys Raymond Whittle brousht to school, and the Jig-saw puzzles Danny French brought. Number Nine's 4-TI club for 1052 was orRarli-.ed last Friday afternoor Mrs. Garland Trammel wai hostess to the Thursday Night Bridge Club last week at her homo In Bas- selt. Her'mother, Mrs. Potter, and Mrs. E. B. Bell. Sr., of Bassctt were guests. Refreshments were served and bridge played, with Mrs. Wallace Thompson, winning high score, Mrs Joe Brown Owyn, second high nnd Mrs. Bell, bingo. Mrs. J. A. Piltman left Sunday for Dallas, Texas, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. F. A. Buckner and Mr. Buckner. Mrs. Cecil Barnes'Of Slcele, Mo., visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Boyles,- Sunday. I.a«t week. Mr. and Mr«. Boyles and fnmily had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Boyles and daughter. Patsy, of Jackson, Miss., and Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Boyles and Mrs. Maggie Boyle* of Marked Tree. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Thompson and son, Bill, were the dinner of Mrs. L. M. Wood at her home in Tyronza New Year's Day. Mrs. Mat'tle Rowland, mother of Miss Annie Raye Rowland, fell nt her home In Dumas, Ark., last Tuesday and suffered a broken hip. Miss Rowland Is In Dumns with her mother. Word was received here, Monday, that Mrs. Rowland's con- NEW fiTUDKHAKER—1952 model Stuciebakcrs will go on display In Blytheville tomorrow in the showroom of Chamblln Bales Co., Railroad md Ash Streets. The new Studebakers feature *. new front end design:hat include* wrap-around grill and bumper. Tinted, glare-reducing wlth Mr. Hershall Carter, assistant | (iltlgn Is satisfactory, 3ar!er, Mlfs I " county agent, In charge. Mr. C,i discussed plans far the yeiir's work nnri macie an nnnouncemrnt concerning the annual banquet. New officers of the Krotln are Edward Martha Traylor, who attends Mississippi Southern College In Ifattlcsburg, was home for the week end. Mrs. Varali Bishop has returned Moore, president; Thomas Kirk.| to her home In New Albany, Miss. vice-president; Rue Coats, secretary-treasurer: Patfiy Julian, reporter; Nancy Odom. song leader; and Mr. and Mrs. M. I,. Hart, sponsors. The next meeting will be held February 6. i • • • Budhury Mis* Betty Black's fifth graders dt Sudhury have elected Alice president of the room. Other recently named officers are Wayne Lovelace, vice - president, . who then asked coldly: Time have cakes Lydla deene High School Beauty Queen Dies After Long Fight Against Concer ATLANTA Wj—A four-year fight against cancer has ended in death for a 19-year-old high school beauty queen whose shattered romance with a young lailcr touched a nation's heart. Dark-haired, dark-eyed Betty Thompson died late yesterday afternoon, ' valiant to the end. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Thompson, of suburban East Point, said Betty had been growing weaker steadily for the, past three weeks. She was conscious until about four hours before she died. "I am ready to die," she told her family yesterday. "Don't break windshield and windows will be available at extra cost on all models, down or grieve for me when I am gone." The disease made it necessary to amputate her right leg in 1M9. Last May her doctor told her she waa incurably ill. A little later, Betty broke her engagement to Tom Amburn, her U-year-old sailor sweetheart, of Sioux Falls, S. D. "I'm not mad at him," she said. "But I think It be»t to end our engagement under the circumstances, I love Tom, Just like I love everybody else." Driven by the winds, turned by the spinning earth, the water of the North ' Atlantic slowly revolves, always clockwise as viewed from above. Eden to Speak At Columbia NEW YORK (AP)— British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden h*» scheduled the only speech of hit United Btttfi vlilt »t Columbia University Friday afternoon. Columbia said the British tfm- bassy has indicated It will be a major address— the third since Eden was returned to power with Prime Minister Winston Churchill's Conservative victory !n England. Hint Id Doc Lover* Small pups do not require a lot of drinking water as much of their regular food hsus liquids In it. Too much water causes digestive trouble. Offer a pup water not more than three or lour times a day. Kilted in Korea To Get Full Honors In Arizona Cemetery PHOENIX. Ariz, (AP> — Pic. Thomas C. Reed, 19-year-old Negro soldier killed in action in Korea June 3, will be burk'd nlth military honors in a phoenix cemetery. The hoard 'of trustees of Greenwood Memorial Park Rave consent to the burial after the litxly hart lain In a loca.1 mortuary since Nov. 28 awaiting clearance on n burial site in the privately owned cemetery. The cemetery is owned by Arizona Lodge No. 2, Free and Accepted Masons. tasted it, *VY*W doetn'i MM ttilt?" (Mfcjrbe Time could use a home jnalretn department, Brlglt.) FTA InttUtei Trw Bo«» Hardy Chapter of the Futun Teachers of America at BM recently initiated the follow- *ig M members: Frances Bryant, Roc* Marie Clampitt, Joy Colernan, Glenda, Frel, Bonnie Hen-son, Janice JohWon, Ann Kellick, Ola B. Manly. Mildred Rhoads, Louise Scrape, Carlene Taie, 1 and Patsy Ynrbro. Fruma Borowsky, president, Mr. TOnWiey, Miss Rosa Hardy, and Mrs. Lucille Qualhnalz, sponsor, helped with the Initiation service. N«w Boota Ml*f Patty a Bosson, high school librarian, has announced the titles of 34 new books recently received. They are: "Your Future Job," Bedford; "Career Opportunities," Morris; "Atomic Energy and the Hydrogen Bomb." Wendt; "We Call It Human Mature," Grabbe; "Healthful Living," Dich); "How To Read a Book," Adler; "English Since 1900." Partridge; "Alevln, Friend of Charlemagne," Duckett; "Bnl- flnch'a Mythology." Bultinch; "This Is Your Language," Casper; "Modern American Plays." CRSslciy; "Representative Short Stories"; "Leaves of Grass," Whitman. "A Book of Short Stories,'' Williams; "John Brown's Body," Benet; "Best Talcs of Edgar Allan Poe;" "Chariot in the Sky," Bon- tenips; "My Country and My Peo- people," Lin Yntang; "Miracle at Carville." Martin; "Gandhi. Fighter Without a Sword." Eaton; "Of Men and Mountains," Douglas; '-The Good Ways," Anslcy; "Kon-TikI,' Heyerdahl; "Woman With a Sword.' Noble; "The Black Opal," Bird; "A Son Of the Middle Border." Qar- lalld; "So Big." Fcrber; "Tayon Dog of the North," Kaiashnikoff; "Nearby," Yates; "Song of Bcrna- dette," Werfel; "The Native's Return." Adamic; "Cowboy Stories.' . James; "Passage to America," Shippen; "Crown Tire." McGravv. Hold "Group Sins" Mrs. Wilson Henry was accom-. panlst and Jimmle CulberUson rii-1 rector yesterday morning when the high school student body met for a "group sing" assembly. Songs ranged from "Cindy' 1 to '"To Young l- Sildtniry, secretary, Raye- Hooper, audience reading chairman; Marie Kelly, program chairman, Norma Jean True, book report chairman. . • • • Harrison Hlfh Proper behavior and care of school property have been special projects of Harrison High's student council which is headed by Roosevelt Blackburn, president. An assembly committee with Cozetta Hirsch. as chairman, is busy setting up a series of assembly programs for the rest of the school year. The student council Is not yet fully set up, but Is well underway. Other committees which have been named and organized arc as follows: Kxecutive committee, Roosevelt Blackburn, Coietta Hlrsch, Bcrnlce Jackson, Joe Louis Flowers, Ruby Lee Brown. Percy Jackson: inspection committee, Ruby Lee Brown. chairman; law and order committee, Roosevelt Blackburn, chalrmuTi; girl's rest room . committee, Dorothy Brown, chairman; boys' rest room committee. Joe Louis Flowers chairman: study hall nrid library Bernice Jackson, chairman. • • t NOTE: Because of the unusual nature of the activities which will take place in the school system next week, namely final examinations and the usual closing ovit records, there will not be a school column next week. However, the school news will be resumed the following week. NOTICE Proposed Budget of Expenditures Together with Tax Levy for Fisea Year RrginnlnK July 1. 19J3. to and InclmllnK June TO, 1954 The Hoard of Directors of Del School District NO. 23 of Mississip pi County. Arkansas, In romplinnci with the requirements of Act 40.1 o 1051 and of Amdmlmcnt No. 40 tc the Constitution of the State, o Arkansas, have prepared, approved and hereby make public the pro posed budget of expenditures to gether with tax rate ns follows: General Conlrol, $700; Instruc lion, $52,000; Operation of Schoo Buildings. J4.000: Maintenance School Plant and Equipment. $600 Auxiliary Agencies (including trans portntion). $6500: Fixed Chnrse $1.1500: Capital Outlay. $4.000; Deb Service, SI3.130. To piovlde for the foregoing pro posed budget of expenditures th Board of Directors proposes a tfl levy nf 39 mills. This tnx levy in eludes the present continuing lot the retirement oi present li dcbtedness. Given this 1 day of January, 195 Bnnrci of Director.*;, Dell School District No. H of Mlsflsslppl County, Arkansas M. R. Griffin, President B. H, Crawford, Srcrctary after visiting her daughter, Mrs Claude Dye and her family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woodynrd and children Lee and Joyce were in Mcrldan, Miss., Saturday where they attended the wedding of her sister, Miss Nells Butler and Arnold Covlngton. Mrs. Woodyard was vocalist at the wedding. Rev. and Mr.s. T. D. Douglas of West Memphis visited Rev. and Mrs. D. B. Bledsoe and their family Tuesday. The Rev. Mr. Douglas conducted * revival at the Mission Chapel last summer. WalteT'Kcltncr of Edmomon. Ky., spent New Year's Day with Ms wife. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lovelt and sons of Orange, Texas, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lovett and family New Year's Day. Mr. and Mrs. John Lovett of Crowder, Miss., were also guosts In the Lovett home last week. John Ellis Elslander of Forrest Ity visited his parents, Mr. and rs. Pete Elslander last week. Mrs. J. K. Neely of Memphis, for- crly of Wilson, was here for the ooperntlve Club meeting last "hursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Brinks. Eric faddell and Roy Stobaugh attend 1 the Sugar Bowl game in New rlenns New Year's Day. The Women's Missionary Union t First Baptist Church met Monay night at the church for the egular meeting. Mrs. Elbert Greenell, president, presided over the uslness meeting. The devotlona n stewardship was given by Mrs tanley Pierce. Plans were complet- d for members to attend the Work- Council that will be held in fnnlla, Friday. Twenty members nd one guest were present. Mrs orothy Cox was.the guest. Follow ig the mcetlng^thftrgroup attend d the first of .sv^serles of threi tudy group. 1 ; on "The New Testa nent Doctrines" being conductei hree night* this week. The Re\ D. B. Bledsoe, pastor. Is teaching, i iniilar course Is being conducted b he Rev. M. D. Davis at the Bap 1st Mission Chapel. Swim First, Then Walk A baby hippopotamus can swim before it can walk. The mothers carry them about on their hacks until they are able to Uke care of icmselves. PENNEY'S NOW...STOCK YOUR LINEN CLOSET AND SAVE! nterior decorating. Mrs. R. H. Nelon was program chairman. Mrs. G. \, Smith presented piano music ireceeriing the meeting. Mr.s. r. A. emmcs was awarded the attcnd- .nce prize. Club members present- d the guest speaker with a gilt. Mrs. Bettye Nelle Starr of Osceola vas a guest. Hostesses were Mrs. J. B. Qnrrctt, Mrs. Warren Speck, Mrs. Dewey Stotts. Mrs. W. B. Burkett, Mrs. J. W. Miller, Mrs. J. D. Rankln, Mrs. J. K. Ncely, Mrs. H. 3. Carpenter, Mrs. A. E. Clark and Mrs. J. E. Grain. GOT A COLD TAKE ^TT^ ^~ for last /*/*/* symptomatic ODD RELIEF Mrs. Frank Bailey of Osceola was guest speaker at the Wilson Cooperative meeting Thursday afternoon. The meeting was held at the Club House. Mrs. Bailey, a member of the Osceola Oarden Club, carried out the thema, of the program 'American Home" with a talk on No Man or Woman Can Enjoy Life With Stomach Gas! ^oor digestion—swelling with ga after meals—heavy feeling around waistline—rlttlng of sour food. These are some of the penalties of an Upset Stomach. CEftTA-VIN is helping such victims right and left here In Blytheville. This new medicine helps you digest food faster and better. It Is taken before meals; thus it works with your looci. Oas pains got Inches of bloat vanish! Contains Herbs and Vitamin B-l with Irou to enrich the blood and make nerves stronger. Weak, miserable people soon feel dlflcrent nil over. So don't go on suffering. Get CERTA- VIN—Kirby Bros. Drug Co. WHITE SHEET BLANKETS .77 Woven of fine un, bleached cotton, with neat stitched ends. Full size. HIT VALUES! CANNON TOWELS Face Towel 27c Wash Cloth, 2 for 27 c Penney's prices are rock- botlom-Iow! Thick, famous Cannon towels in a host of home-glamour colors—come snap up plenty of these now! You'll save! PENNEY'S PENCO MUSLIN SHEETS FIRST QUALITY SHEETS! 80 SQUARE PERCALE Charter No. 14389 Reserve District No. 8 ! REPORT OF CONDITION OF i THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of BLYTHEVILLi In the Slate nf Arkansas at Ihe close of business on December 31, 19M published In response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section 5211, V. B. Revised Statute*. ASSETS Cash, balances with «ther banks, including reserve balance. and cnsh items In process of collection S3.149.102.7(1 United States Government obligations, direct nnd guaranteed 2,lM.32l,?i3 Obligations of States and political subdivision.'! 501.472.89 Corporate stocks (Including 113.000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bunk) 11,000.00: Loans and discounts (Including J535.49 overdrnltst 3,~G7.Rfi8.55 Bank premises owned S60.125.SO, furniture nuri fixtures ; S16.711.S5 • 1G.R3fi.Rfi I Other asset* .,,. 21.441.71) I makes a// your coote/tra your oest mfJear * If you don't find us at home next Sunday, we'll be having dinner at the RAZORACK. TOTAL ASSETS $9.1337,017.32 I MARII.lTlKS Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, nnd corporations S7.321.37S.53 Time deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations 682.330.27 : Deposits of United States Government (Including postal snvlns.o 24.862.47 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 74D.R48.1!) Deposits of banks 272.04(1.11 Other deposit* tccrtined and cashier's checks, etc.- 74.373.44 TOTAL DEPOSITS $9,124.834.01 Other liabilities 2.790.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES $9.127.624.01 CAPITA!, ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: Common stock, total pay $200,000.00 $ 200.000.00 Surplus 3M.5uO.Ofl Undivided profits 100.92331 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 559.423.31 TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS....... .$9,687,017.32 MBMORANIU Assets pledged or assigned 16 secure liabilities and for other purposes J 475.000.00 State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi, ss: I. Jack C. Owtn, Cashier of the Above-named bank, dft solemnly swenr that the above statement Is tirw to tlif best of my kno*lrrigt: ami Issiief JACK C OWEN, Cashier. Coirecl—Attest: ' K. M. Hegeiiolrt ChaR. Rose H. H. HoUchlns, Dlwclors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 4th day of January, 1952. (Seal) Jesse Taylr.r Mv ConimUslon Expires: 1-1-1954. Notary Public. 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