The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1947
Page 12
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-.I--\fe-S. ', ' ?K*V PAGE TWELVE ' ' ' ' GOP Confident Of Tax Reduction Per Cent Slash jn Personal Incomes 'redtcted by Easter •WASHINGTON;.':Mawii is. '(UP) , —(Republicans on tiie House Ways , an4 Means Committee' predicted '^oaly lint their bill for a 20 per , WriC.cut in jiersonitl income taxes . flio^ld be jjissod by ll)c House by Easier. Chairman Harold' Knutson, n., Miiin, and oilier GOP members Voiced confidence tliat it would get committee approval toy Thursday with little or no change and a Jinnl House oka} sometime next \veek, The measure calls for a 2D per per cent reduction in taxes on all incomes irp to $302,000 a year rctro- "active (o Jan. I. Rep. Thomas A. Jentins. R., O., said he expected committee approval 5 on a straight p?.rty-!ine vote Nvlth the 15 Republicans lined up 'against tlie 10 Democrats. House approval of the 'bill was predicted on two counts: I." Knutson said he would ask the Pyles Committee to send Hie bill to the floor with a provision that ' ho •amendments couid be offered (Hiring its consideration. 1 2/Thc Democrat!: administration offered no altcrmuve o;- compromise. The ncmii-.istrntion said there should be no tax reduction of any kind at tins time. , 'IO either a tax reduction or n? <tax .reduction.' Jenkins iaici, "and the Republicans intend io reduce taxes " BL-miEVlLLE (AUK.)'. COURIER NEWS Seeks Attacker i;$2f^ •• iLV-> "fc Thomas Rockctt, left, nnd his father. Frank, parent of Belly Rochcll-, 21, of West Conshohooken Pa carry Iheli- e u»s «'ter Joining posse searcliluB for (ha man who attacked the girl as she returned 'home from ft dance at an Army hospilnl. Less Ihan an hour after Ihc allnck Mrs. Rose I'ierson right assaulted by n man who cllmcir through . In her homo near conshohoohcii. NEA Tclephcto.) Ilany Hir'iiplaccs Smyrna, Rh'jJCs, Colophon, Ba- lamls, Samos, Chios, Argos. and 'Athens, al calm to be 'the birth- D.ICC of the great Greek poet, Homer. Shi" n »»nT ix rlfil h STOltV roK'iiri- UiM-lhr llOlTs ll II Mr. I. I In Hli-t-lc (MM! M iirJ.'H In :m lut'ji mrl^ii^r si j'!rr f ut*.;ro -.iri.lJii'r TUv-* jilioii Ilrothrls. ' .. J'niuiV he Iii-riii . \vrll r innr- li.-vrj- •nitrl. Sncitlrii lly -i- :i I thy dm>r, ix ntso a c BOTH tiff \%llh hhrrry Is' lirur<:ir Rr.'tilunUy t!m h CMry .'ill IUT tlio over tltc raiiuui . frk-ml. rKe llrol ii lit flrw Tiffin t< t:*. fiiio f lUcir h , X .WHILE Shcn-y was' thiitking 1 -about Sandro and his acting, [Tony came in. He wore Ms topcoat and threw the loaf, of bread , on Uie luble. ' Km ^aid, "The quickest loss on ; record." I Shcriy .said, "Whal happened, Tony'" fTpny sniffed "She'd gone onl. lably with someone who could me money on her;' 1 said, "Oh, Tony, I'm sor- xi/Wii*^"' Me took off his coat. r "Well, don't be. She isn't worth i wasling an evening on! Wlint makes me mart is thai I'm such "a, poor bet that even an exlra -girl can do better for a date." Sherry said, "Oh, don't talk like that, Tony! You've got n good job. .The piclme'll run. a while longer . nnd $75 a week isn't to be sneezed •at.-" i** Tony said, "Well, I'm sneezing at it! I get so far behind between jobs thai a picture never lasts long enough 1o get caught up. If it lasts two weeks more I'm out of debt and have my third of the house expenses and that's all!" Sandio said, "You should be glad you do not have to buy clpthes like me." "Bui you'll get something else right av\ay!" Sherry told him. Tony said. "Last lime it was 10 weeks belwccn jobs." Kris said, "1 haven't worked jn 12." ^ "'Oh, you get money from home," Tony told him. "Anyway, you're nol living io make lha grade here. When your lime's up you'll go lv _ l)Rck nnd be p. millionaire count ,n- | '.vlii-ii your uncle dies, so sliut up." "•- j Sherry was surprised. She '.ranted io knmv what Tony meant ilionl Kris's lime being up. Tony said., "Oh, lie's exiled for our years because of a duel." Kris said, "And the 'rotten luck if it is I can't get any of my money >ut ol the counlry. My lawyer ;ends me dribs nnd drabs when ic can manage it." i if nothing hud happened. He ] would resume his position in the world and. even inherit a litle .vlicn his uncle died. Tony said, "It was aboul ti woman, wasn't it?" Kris ;>a::I, "Naturally." Sherry uid not want to hear any mow about il right then. She said, "Now that you're .-ill togcllicr I wniil to talk to you about sonie'.hini;. iVa gut to get slarcd. "You're joking, aren'l you?" Kris was surprised. •-.. "Yon don't think I'd be living like this if I could gut any of my noney, do you?" Sherry said, "No, T mean—1 numi about tho duel." • \Vi™» Sa ' d> " N °' : ' m not JokinS. Snmlro said, "He is one of Ihe mosl famous swordsmen in Europe." They started (c talk' about the duel. Sherry listened in silence. 1 his was Ihe slran;fesl thing thai had ever happened to tier, to be silling right in tbe room with n man,.someone of whom she was very fond, who might have been n murderer. Kris had gone out in a gray mist Io kill a man, just like you read in books. His antagonist had been a famous duelist too, and had given Kris that long gash down his face. Kris had not killed this man but because duelling was against Ihc law he been temporarily stripped of his rank and exiled tor four years. Tho other man had been exiled, too. Later Kris would go back and be welcomed by important people os I-IEIiE was P. moment of silence. "You see, since Monn left I can't keep Hidden House on what I get from home. Besides, I came Io Hollywood Io work." She smiled. "I wna 'going ii; the movies. 1 " Sandro was excited, "Why don'l you?" he wanted to know. Sherry shook her head. "I don'l want Io," she told them. 'I'd hale it. I'd like to learn the writing end. That's what I wanted Io talk over with yon." Tony said, "Can you type? 1 ' Sherry said, "A little." "Maybe I can get you something in the stenographic department at my studio. Typing scripts would give you a good idea of what it's all about." Kris siiid, "She doesn't want to bo a stenographer, you fool. I knoiv a render out at Culver City, I'll ask him about it." Sherry said, "Oh, I'd love that!" Snndro jumped up. "I have the idea magnificently!" Tony said, '"I'll bet you have." Sandro spoke eagerly. "Mrs. Drood where I am working tomorrow! She likes me. She invites mo to her house." Tony and Kris looked surprised and pleased. "She's the story editor out there," Tony explained. Sherry was delighted. Finally plans were made...Sail-, dro wns to see Mrs. Drood on his lunch hour. He was to tell her about Sherry and make an appointment for the afternoon. Then he was to call Sherry immediately. They talked about it (or a long while. Sherry went to. bed happy for Uie first lime in weeks. (To Be Continued) Our Bocrdircg House with Moj. Hoople Out Our Way PAK -- — Save Money Toflay, Any Bay STOP AND SWAP JELBEKT HUFFMAN'S 401 E. Main Von Must Be Happy Phone 859 No Deal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb •Hwy 61 jit Slate Line Plionc Ulythcville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER TUESDAY, JFARCII 18, PACK YOUR. SPAKE SOCKS \M m VIDRO, TWISGS ' Ntu AND COME OM.MfVSOR.' _J%? ACTUALLY . ITS ONLY A LITTte / UPSTATE -~VO VOOMT- Nieeo YOUR. "A GUV LIKE THAT SHOULD BE TORTURER HANGED AMD SHOT.TRVIMC TO RU1M NATURE'S WONDERFUL ART WORKS/ TH-XMK HEAVENS. IT CAN'T BE 1 TRIED IT. ooiNse ONJ A. TRIP VWERE LEAMDER A1A.V Be?HM/ THIS MEKMS r MOST FOREGO A CKRISTEMISS& TOMORROW AT CLAMCY'S- LIKE MlSSlMS A DAY AT Tv\6 ViORUD'S FAIR.' —BliTLEAMDER cowes FIRST,DRW URCH.IM.' You lict Hc "o«s 1JY imCHAKI, (rMAlTu I this was going on.whon Growl overtook'me. Y and KAI.l'H LANK s» .^^.-T™.,,.,-, ^L bS£ 3~/8 COPP. 1M70y);C.\SCMCE. INC. T. H. BEO. U. 5, PAT. OFF. ''It's not the fifty conts for tickets that I mind—it's the two cloliaj-8 we have to pay the sitter to watch the kids at home!" ntXTPACT COMES FROM THE SEED RODS OF THE i VANILLA i O«CHID,t | FOUND FROM \ FLORIDA TO MEXICO AND \ ) CENTRAL (AMERICA/ I/ IT IS THE ONLY ONE OP THE WORLD'5 _ TEETH IN THE U.S. A/SEDPUUM&, ACCORDING TO A RECENT DENTAL SURVEY. . THAT HAS AM I ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE AS A 7-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE Gloncoc Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying 1>K Af! LINK FARM DITCHKS Wm. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write 15(ix 81, Rosehiucl, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolets * Plymouths , and others I'iitcc your order Now fur Immediate Delivery We 1'ay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSOI AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. {ANSWER: The Virgin Islands.. NEXT: Doej'KQ tar of coru Lave even'or odd rows? SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oafs, Lcspcilewi, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from BlythcYille's largest Seed Stocl Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TUBBS Faked •mis 1.CI I = K. \i.yuuD1 It- I Mt VATIbNT k\W REMOVE ML \ IS SET C&PA8L5 OF UNOEE.- NEED FOR LEONID'S STAMPING WHKT IS READ... woREs. DOCTOR-IF L BUT IT'S WOKJK TRVING; READ TO HtHA.IT '^ BY i.ESUE TURNES -•-'-•r^ uL-wnr^r-.i-'.-nux!^./* TOOK. UP VOUR. APPEAL WITH THE FIRM,MJO-ftrW- ^ K U>T TUiT REWINDEO 'EH I'D KNOWN.VOU WHEN f woircRFUL' WE WERE KIDS. AND I'M HAPPY 10 SfkS / Waw Snn riki VO'JE NOTES HWIE BEEN EXTENDED f IMISH TOUR ^ FOR-EB.-NINETV PASS! COEO1ALW/ J, RMcVriiar -'i*_ *^^*~ DM P If^iui^l r ". ^^ ^5?.^^-" ."T PALE KRtNGLE. . LEISURE! I.V- RED RYDER REDRTSSR R£n/KHS IA At rtlSfft TO USSCLE JOB HAVE ESCAPE E STlLU H.^VE^ FOU^D TrtE LOOT Third Degree fn^o-u , MUCH OF ftM . -coveesENOUGH/ ACTOR COMPREHENp.' J WHAT DID ' KRINGtE'S LETTEE RE W. SW' BY V. T. HAMLIN *CLE O LEEPY BUT f\£ AWAKE.-' W e£1-L>n HEAP fiR HiC\ IJU-UA WHERE 15 STicX-up UP LOOT i OUT.MY JOSEPHINE, Y BUT OF COURSE > ~- •{ Oui l I^, L "? THINKABLe - ( M ' SIEL "HE XBEHOLOIIIS\ORTHE VOU WOULD SPEAK V INTRIGUES / APPROACH A \WHALE WITH THIS...THIS AnE.THIS A RHINOCEROS HE ) WITH ONE! J \_ is LIKE: ' LEGS.' BOORISH BARBARIAN! Don't Say TKat ir FRED BARMAN K. ( ^^{;®1^ : 'S oMiSfll %fe^ ^W^JZ^tt ^ im. ^••^•-M^v ®m ' l AM AT VOUR AftiHHl SURELV SO COURTLV J- •/ SHH 1 ^ COMMAND.MADAME.\ftp,/i ACOLONEL IS NO /BAH \ ANV- TH INCOMPARAFll E I .. ' nftnnaoiAW r*r, ic I -r-icpiV; \ BUT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 11 tatMttt \ Not This Time BY RDRAR MARTIN OH,OH'. THP,T'&THt uv PP.1MOPO\- GOING TO otiK HOUSt 1 T HOPfc. PUC> O\OVA'x INiTO TRO\«5L6

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