The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1947
Page 11
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_TUESDAY, MARCH 18.1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION :"* "" U " "" "»>«utu. u I Mliutmum oh&rii . Kn . : time u.r in,*.:; ••- ;»; I a times per line p«r tojT. "" v.S I 3 limes per.ltaa rjer da» sS I e time, a .cr 11,0 KJ-gJ" ""'"iT n I 12 tl«i«« n.r line per daj i."!! S 1 Meittli per llne,...,.l. 90c 9S""* .."" * V «»M word" "to^Ee"line. . Ad °"?"cd for tfcreu or six time, aud umicil Dclore expiration will bo cljirg- J etl for )bo numUr cf times tlio ad a>>. Ipearcd aud ad|ustmeut of bill made •• «i 'r S tes »ifl«<i Advertising com- tuv ited by n.rsoiu residing outside of 0°e • city must bo accoiypaiileil by cash Eatoa < "* I " )r ""'"""f" 11 frOM <Iio'.abov« >< -"sln« order for IrrcciiUr iaser- I tlous takes tbo one time lit.. I No rsrpcnsibllity will lio taken for I more than one Incorrect insertion of any I classified art. For Safe • Hiiro Inivur for your home. II. O. I V°!!'''i''"-, "i°" e I 48 --.ZSaO. Office • JJO Smith Second. 10]2-ck-l( .Si'i^ AND CHAIS niiiveu H/KS — Just received— sea tl.cse — — .c toiluy— first corae. flr»t. ECrvoil. b'ire- "one More. 207 W. M«ln. 2H2.ek.ll IRADIOS — A beautiful Bcleotlon of continuation aacl tabto morlel radios now in stock. No aerial or Kround needed, b'irestono Store. 207 W. Main. 2112-ck-tt -nil 3908. llatterieB. also battery rechariiinff Sliop. 40U E. Vine St"""^.'^'^-'^^ BLYTHEVILLE For Salt Haby Chieks—Custom hatching.' High 1 grade Pullorum Controlled Chicks that arc hatched her.e Started Custom hatching $3.50 per -.hundred' eggs' -set. Blaylock Hatchery, Norili 61, phone' 3172." 3-J-ck-U t ' 0 ci«n°s\^!;"{",/¥.;srv.,ri.', u1 si ivo _ ru,v flaiLiu ciilltviitors. O ni» new •MU- nliKlillr u«.,]. Wrllo ('iliialoM. "'of' lui" ""l'i C °' ° r < -'" U - JK - t '" 1 '"' Miilk cutler.- IT 2 „,.!» „( ••?"Ti'1; u « I V" 1 ".' Million, stali-linu, »h. 71^ Ulyllicville. 3|l7-ck-2l 'f?«"\ l'li»<-r llmt allnchrs to milio Mlir.tilly u,,.J. IVie.. $20. full .10:1 3IS-.Ui.If UKIU'jIA.VTS -VUMY RURPUJfi— OTOR TfJlES — -rue new tire tint IHills. out cleans, out wears Buy other trjictor tire made. \\e mount and deliver to farm. Firestone Hlurc 207 W. Main. - TIKRSI TIRKS1 Just received BOO x IS. 700 T 16 650 X 15 700 s IS. 4 ami 0 ply |i rcj . A |,o the (Bilious aludiled ground crips in sizes 600 X 17 aail COO i 1C. We deliver nri.l mount. Firestone Store 206 W. Maln . 2|12-ck-lf oiinler ico cream freezer n-ltli 60 ca] hardener, with Kood mix yuoln II I, KIIIK. Afann.-i. Ark 2|9 l-i>k- : t|.>l i nr Fine Portraits (t"s O'STEEN'S STUDIO 3-ll-ck-4-H Wrry its. Marie Harnlsl,' 171! riiono H7io. y[5-i»k-i!i A RARY CHICKS '''i^o'iiS^tX^ 1 ?^ •Itry. 4 HI K.IKI Main, plume 9J'.I. . •s. llnnlette Phnlmera wllh slnrler and . ultivator nnil planter, listers mi hrenkprii, I \VO Allis Chalmers with rultivator nnu disc. 1 F-12' mil with culliv'ntor. Iletiry's (faraire across Irr.iu Ulytl.evillo Oil Mill .,1'Ji 3ll2.pfc-2 5 Larher Ehoii. Coiid lototlon. li»x SOO. % Courier News : Illriycrnn lir.nsi' Irailer. sleeps [<vo. 51 U LII- in Milk, ice box, clothes closets cabinets liildinir luUo. bitcli electric line. Clic:i|, fc,r c.isli. Vliillips at Illytlie-- ville Coinpress 700 Norlh Hroachvny^ 3|13 |ik-2l |i-ale mint.,] ek-ctric rcfri^erntrtr Also'l <>n\; ilineltL. suile. K K Kinnint,'- liain. 10^.]-:. Kcntlicky. ' 3|L7-;,k--jO 1^ II r-i'e (liiinjr 'cond • business. Wriie • liux W.U. % Courier .Vows. «• I.II.C. No. 3 two bottom 14 Midi breaker on rubber. Olio Scrape, Itiiutc a. Hlrllicrille, Ark. 3|17-pk-24 |l'rnck Tiles! 750 x 20. 825 x 20 000 |* 20. 1000 x 1!l>—nil sizes passeni-er lin'*-^iu'ir . JiatJeriea .to .'fit any car. Sliollon .Motor Coni[iftny 1^1 W. Ash St., L'lmno -133. . 3117-ck-lO |l W. C. Allis Cbaimer TviTh jtarteV.' liirlit". power lift, liiulers. cultivator in iierferi shape. Cati be 5een at I)n£u-ooil l[idi;e on Hiynway 61 aontli hit for r\ home', and n pooil loca- . rirr.' ?GOO «-f{h uiisUact (itlc. W. M. Hums. Kealtor. i'lioue 3361.: - • . 3|15-|>k-!,9 • |012 "If' Kariuall. rullivfitor, piintpr, • 2 lister?. 2 Kai>p disc breaker, st.-ilk rutlcr, IS" iliir power lift, liulits -an.] slnrlcr. A-1 conilitinn. B: C. MiilTIle- ole. Mo. \Vill pell nnv piece lunch .stand ami grocery Ktore, anila srlioo] «l<iinp coci! *iu^i- . ce r.iul .Hobliius, ^ fi«irt|,]<! Cli'ancrs, Manila. Ark,; 3112-nt.rO -'pfiirers — hratlh comfort anr) stj->o ffinnd in Spencer Corset. 1 : nntl Hup- Jiorls. Kor appointment, call !>S1. Mr!. -lolin II. l.inif;. Spmci'r I>ealer. HI AiriT couiie. Mechanically' A-l 2TS l_iln S|. Mi. 2301. HJin-rtM/ I? A R Y CIl7c7KS r ! ~^ : "!iiailrnj>!c A $13.?f> per hundrpd ,11m tirown Klorc. 316^ch-tt •.Irrlrir T.inRf. rfldfo/ l^rpc and small oil fic.itpr," fcNohon tftHtc Rml ch^ii-fl rnnl mi,l wooil other lioitscholil itfiin*. I'lionC ^890. . alG-cJc-20 Ulrtion rnl.inpt., 5 >nirnrr anitk-mpa] oil slrwi\ rliromo finish tirp.nVfrtxl I'H'iii MIJH- . f.Jl Norlli UroaUxvnj-. Kilchcn sink, right hand dram, complete with cabinet. 310' West Walnnt. 3-18-clh-U O'STEEN'S STUDIO > 'l ! KFD 'o'^ '™i SWKKT rOTATO r»,,,i !'- r B ° OTtilloes nrc free of jvmiuton <l,sp«se .nn.l are tooil ylolilers 'er fcmhcl $3.00. Write for iiree" cm Inreo orJer.s. Paul )l ynl ,,,. ll/ytl/oville _L- ' 11-ck-tt t?.r M.|I?'°,, M ."' W " J '"" 1 ^"O "••«• Vn , llh ;,-" n ""ProvemenM. limits ami •.st:r er.,-1 srt s ,„, o . i y|Jc . Illo , Ir ,| A ciil . ''vnlora. ]>honn CSS. ' 14. c k-21 .M^ MO.Jeru F'lrmnlt tractor. mMdle- V?r»t.'mtSt C ' G *'"„ cHltivnlor. njll H. for liability anj („! 8 ,o.| h . , J PIACE YOUR ORDER CARLY ' CO Block South or Depot Help Wanted One tree will make a- millioi matches, but one match can de stroy a million trees. tAi'vi. rt'ijnir iTinn r»x|i(* lioa*" ™n'i' S: ' rr/ C ;,'!"i' u ' ork| ni-- eo'ndi ^rier^e',.^^- V" K ^^.ff Loans T>0 YOU NRRD A lOANl In insnr.c and. finance.& new. or used car., truck or tractor, in Arkansas or Missouri, sec us. Low rates You" .like our service. Also rn.\ Loans Vnc 4 c /a Ffrm Loaris,-and rea e.tato-loans. Dniled Itisurance Aicucv ove.r Qiiaril^ Jewelry Store. pfyini Nickel, can'be hammered and Jressed so thin that it is-possible o read through live layers placed short distance apart... .- lon'iice 5 burner 1,t>»le top oil 5nve. •1"! .V fill... 3II7-I.V-24 Truck Tires! 750x20, 825x20, 900x20, 1000x20—all' sizes passenger car tires—new liatteries to; any;.-car. SfieKon i\!o<or Company, 12i W. Ash St. Phone 43S. . . : . -3-17-0^-20 We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet f. N^w Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERI5 QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Mate St. GROCERIES DELIVERED e fc Ohcis More! " CALL 5Q1 C.L.NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Melvin'Halself, Owner .Frqnkie's Bakery Goods : -.NO: Extra Charge for Deliver i/r DO YOU NEED A LOAN? To Insure and finance n new or used car, truck or tractor, in Arkansas; or Mjsspurl, see us. IMW rafes'. Youu-like our service. Also : FHA Loans and 4% farm loans, and individual roal estate loans. UNITE D • 1NSURAHCE AGENCY • • Over GrJard's .Jewelry Store ! Phone 510 For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogdcn Soybean Seed L R. Matthews Gin Co. •;,j !Phone 727; \. Before and After? Exactly—because many a battered and shattered fender brought to us has emerged from our shop Smooth, shining and strong again. It's only one of many auto repqir services w handle. PHIL L| PS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—371Q fl'M »u » , ol ,. k ' 1 " 1 , <* w ',1 m ",'"• » >l " Ciudllo M.cklu. op. AUu ii»«. «|T->k-tl Lisl your projicrtv wltli us. Wo klK.vy ,„„, „, ,„,', „,„, f||l , >1u ., v noiiii.». »,. un-ii,, ,-uii (o ii.e. 'ivllliont »nil'"•!','"' r' r " > ' vll ' l> '" '«»'". >nlo» n ally for Kent '1'wo ruoius. l*!i. ^0 Front heilrouiu adjoining Imlh. Ailults r>u1y. aiS <Jhickas;t»'lja. yUI-pk-1'1 Coiniortahle heilroytn. ('nil 2075 . 3|12.pii-?S Modern. 2 room furnlslu..,! ni»niiiei>r. (.onplc only. l>h. 505 or 25U5. OUG-ck-lt "\vo rocnn furnislie*! apartment, couple only, mii \V. .Mnin. 3tlT-pli-'»l> , Lost .niiics now Ullntou ivnlch liotween Oth •'imi JtuJ Sfrccts. $JO re\var<t Kctlir* to Courier .News. ^lYa-nk-20 Read Courier News Want Ads. Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Watle .Auto Salvage, North Hiway (jj.- I'hone 3785. 2-26-iik-3-aG Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 Day, 2059 nile. • 2-28-ck-4-l Designs have been completed for an "clectroinilt" capable or launching largest existing nlrlincrs in 500 feet with n 120-niph takeoll They now need -1000 feet. 0l v 1 ,,^ koil ™' IS "'"' «>ncrm for p.irij. II Steep's. Hlinlio. n|lt-ch'l|ll "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious' ••,,-; BONNIE BUTTERED- STEAK SANDWICH 250 BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3647 M'TIIKH HHAV, IIK.M.TY , • iniii'i' miss. S.M,I:HMAN OffLeo > lil, w. 'i'l'l'wiiliai,,, I,,, A k -cy. '' MONEY TO LOAN Do Von need • loan to repair or remodeir No down payment, no mortgage, ho red tape. FHA approved rate 5?*. Ask for details. Maz Ix)g«H, Renltor, phone 20S4. Lynch mdg., RlytheTille. 9-23-ck-tf l , . , niu.i r.-i,LiL^ mi| . ^t-orlally. Onp iirul l\vo llll>- J,i"llr.i. IV.,I CalllUu Itnillo NlT. vi.',\ Ill) Nixilli Kir»i. IMioii,. 'JiU2. See us for nn estimate before you have your trador ovei-liiinled. We specialize in steam cleaning nnrt pjiinliiifir. Kleclric and^ncctr ylene welding. Uusscll Philjipa Tractor Co. iriway (!1 South. Phone 2171. • ''^r. I'le^'Tiiik- nnd lilork Inylnjr xvrllir K. T. llniwr Kleelo. Mn.. lloi in.l. U-^vint; —llrin^ your family Bovvtiitr 'ftilil all..rall,.,,» |o 1901 W. Sycamore. Itt'tipiinalilo lirlcos. - • 2|II9. V ||.II|-J2 Work Kiiarnnlced. JJ i 11 Davis, phono '109. 3 Y-pk-'l-? . Mrj. nlleraliinia nn.l iiecillowork. tlii M. ]lnwk«. phono ilU3U. Wonted to Runt ii! furn!s?ieil or niirnrnlilu'il upnrlinml. No' rhllilren. in. perjilMleiiL j-cslilrnt. • Cull Wonted ii-l tldl \voinmi la llvo in lyinic 1 <In rti'i^- Jii^ jind ll^hl liiiiiNiMvork Tor vntnitf ami>U.. A]iMy 7^ Jam^.m. * * m ^_ 3|lH-|il;-21 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slic T. L.MABRY 3 MISSOURI ST. PH; K 74HOUR Day or night, if you get stuck, phone 578 ancf' we'll get-a towing car to you in a hurry. Fair' prices for towing—and any necessary repairs: TWO WRECKERS- - ALWAYS READY LOY EICH CHEVROLET (0, We Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 57f For Hire Trnclnr lirenkltiu plo,r. lieildlnlt plow, itluc, Imrrnw. Cull II. II. Wnllitcn. I C • ROYAL, B: H 110 N. SEC ^ (Eve PRESCRIPTIONS • .-Fresh Stock ;Gunrnn(cc(l Best I'rieos Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»n" ROYAL, SMI J II, CORONA Hud REMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. '.-•• PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction MUST BE BATISPAOTOR.Y) ..J WE HAVE A CREW CAR TROUBLE •" . DETECTORS - AND A CREW OF EFFICIENT MECHANICS / It's all a matter of sound traininq - • ..--' - 1 ^ ..--•. and constant experience—and our crew have both behind them. When they tackle the checkup your car needs you're getting "specialist" consultation. LANGSlWWliOTEN CO. [ Sales—BdICK- -Service ; U ' S>Tir " , Mobtigas and Oil i WRECK*! SERVICE Walnnt & Broadly Telephone 553 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Types Eicept Cancer Flowers - - For Every Occasion Onr^Fin" 0 , 4 * 1 nml y ° ur ordcr wl " lw ' 011 Il ' s *"V m record time Our Floral Arrangements tell a complete fitor FLOWER SHOP ^FARM DITCHES PITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S. j.CX)HEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Mane, 3646awt2525 FRECKLES AND HIS JFRIE>JI>8 FOR SALg SJATE CERTIFIED GR^DE f'A'' p. & f I NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans Phone 635 EARL MAGERS TODAY - - . IMPORTANT! 1 Save your present car lixpcrt Mcchanlral Service • AlcniKc Oil anil Lubricants Yes, «« wash nnd grease cars tool Motnrs?. We have ntw.moton Ovorhniil or rebuild them Tires nnd Tubes , . Oh, Vcs, We iiuini Cars Tool Rcnalr and Ilclinlsh-all Charge ISatlcrlcs T. I. SEAY MQTORqQ; Phone 2122 ' ^ ': GATEWOOD GROCERV * * " .. Slate Liiie\ fti ; flflf* on the left at the Arch KHOIIC 8/S 7 ,, • J4 rt. ; 7 , Crown . . 1.35 Kinsey ^'35 Schcnlcy 1.35 Philadelphia . 1.35 Three Feathers 135 Hill & Hill I )' 40 Ofd Taylor Four Roses Beer GAS, reg.^ K6.8c;. Ci 9 are " es .....per carton per case $3.35 J??r_A. ( ¥>Qo> 1 Jy. SON! /sow T~.

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