The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1947
Page 9
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^TUESDAY, MARCH 18; 10-17 Ashes of 11 Nazis Placed in River Army Drops Curtain Of Secrecy Which Followed Executions 11V CLINTON !J. CONGER 1'iiitcd Press Stuff Corrcsiiolidfnt (Cupyrlght, 1947, by United Press) FRANKFURT, March la. _ The liotllcs of Hermann Cowing mid Ills Vi fellow Nazi leaders were crc- W>'ecl on the day of the mass execution last Get. 16 and lh e asl , C s were sifted Into n stream at Munich —ulrlhplacc or the Nazi party Thus for these 11 topiliglu Nazis »i least, the road ended where It Mgan after a. cataclysmic cycle of desertion. Five months after li le Nuernberg executions ami suicide of OoeriiiB the United Press was able today to reveal How the bodies were disposed Til,* u. S. Army l, a <i dropped a n-.rtaln over the events following the Nuernberg 'hangings, it had nwiBiit to preclude any possibility or furnishing a. "shrine" for any Nazi fanatics who now or in the fu lire might worship a t th c place where their idols last reposed Now the word has come that Phojograps of the dispersal of the Nazi ashes are being offered f'ir rale in the United Siatcs. And so the secret, unveiled by United Press .rorrespondcnts in four German ci- -iti after weeks of checking no lunger is a secret. Arm-'* 116 , Ostfried!l °f area of East Munich Is a Gorman civilian cemetery and a fsray s ton c building -SO teel wide and 80 feet long. It Is as n'Bh ars « three-story i 1O use, and •v. ,T Jrr ,°!"i" etl b >' a «ix-foot stone >yni which contains the chape! In Abasement is „ 8 av oven for 1L Bodies Were Cremate,! 'H Eleven bodies were cremated here last Oct. 16. This is reported -o be the only crematorium now operating in Bavaria. Bodies sometimes accumulate in backlogs or as many as 40 or 50 in the bas(Tment, the attendants say. An American officer arrived at 5 a-m. ol the day the Nazis were hanged soon n rtcr midnight at Nuernberg. He told the attendants that trucks would arrive at 7 am with the bodies of 11 American soldiers killed and buried during the war. Their kin had asked for (heir ashes, he said. Actually- it was, n before guards surrounded the crematory to separate it from the cemetery grounds. Tw'o trucks arrived witli • >' wooden i. army caskets which t were carried down to the .oven in the basement. The fires already-were going Except for two German firemen and a German technician. on ly a harnuul of American officers were present. The oven could handle only one coffin at a time/The wood was heavier than that in the normal German cremation casket. J, So it took all day to do the job. r It was II before the cremations were finished. An American officer "took 11 heavy urns, and the military party left the crematory. Tiie Gel-mans had not exactly been fooled. As soon as they heard what had been Koinn; on. they talk- C'l of the likelihood that the need for investigating Goering's snicicle delayed the arrival of the bodies for two hours. It v as known in Nuernberg that morning that the examination of Goering's body caused the trucks to leave with the bodies behind schedule. Tlie precise time and place of the next scene In the drama arc >'-ol fcnou-n. Ashes Put In Stream At least three Americans were present—a high armv security officer. a rnorliinry officer nnd a cl- fvilian mortician: maybe a fourth. fVt was broad daylight in the little Munch suburb of solln. Euronrnn Theater Mortuary No. 1 .it Heilmannstrassfc 25. formerly the villa of a wealthy merchant K. Oberhummer. i s a big white stucco Inuse with r cti tile roof and white Etiicco wall, it stands on a CD-foot cliff above the I sar River. A stairway winds down the cliff nnd 30 yards from the foot of the Stairway \ s a creek which rises from springs in t h c llUIs an( , r|oW5 by ri.s and starts through occasions! fn High FeatHer _BLYTHBVIU i B (AKK.) COUIUKU NEWS The be-iUunied gem above is one °t Ino celobrants in ,thc four- cemuries-oid carnival at Kinche. Belgium, which comfnemoralcs Pizarro's conquest of jcni when tiie King of Spam ruleS Belgium i>ome of thc cosuimes worn cost S1000 each. i-'eep ];ools down to tlic isar. Seventy-five yards beyond the stream, called Wcnz Creek, run two placid branches of the Isar 'They are about 30 yards wide One is n natural bed, and the : other, like vVcnz Crook, i s a IK )wer canal. The original Herr :. Wenz hud donuned the creek for power for a paving block factory. !!• may have been tiie creek on one of the two Isar branches. But at any rate it was somewhere, on tae isolated river plain that U bright aluminum cylinders were lined up in the mixed sand nn d high grass along the water. Tightly seated, they were about 10 inches high and six inches in diameter One by one the cylinders were . i I, - i University to Put 100-Ton Atom Smasher to Work for industry PrPT.Qmm/-!TJ /ffn» .... .... PITTSBURGH voi-j —ineoreueiu nuclear physics will take n bade scat when the University or Pitls- ouigli puts Us now loo-ton atom smasher to work. The school's corps of engineers and scientists will use their squat cyclotron In Industrial research C ln"'"" y '" rclntl011 to stcel nm ' Ultimately, these scientists hope to provide Mr. citizen with a bcl- icr automobile, a better light, bulb or steam-proof windows nnd glass- Or. Alexander j. Allen, who tlu- ...~*.».,vivi u. mien, M-HO CIO- vc oped the 2D,000,000-voll machine. Kiufi linn t t.lii-minU »i,_ . .. sald Ki!it"fhro"u" B "h'The'usc o'f" active «aleri«li sclen^., win •' '-0-.1 or $80.000 plus doniiU-d mu- ciwis irom six coUipunles, Is m , rt',' ,,""' " 1 "'" llul B clil J " »«' «1 , . !Iowrvcr ' ll will bo clwuvfi-c! san by „,„, n vc llm( , s (15 )n l,be Ciinu-Ble Inslltute of 'IVohnol- said they Intend lo get an iilom- uy-JHom arcount of what happens to tlm "very soul" of :i piece of steel or n slieot of ,.|, lsSi » 'After that, he j;,,Ut, Imiiiulliei could IK- eliminated. He hoped to ,, >"• «UIMI :,:H ( I umt soe steel Imrdor. more )>lii\blrr nnd , " l ll " 1 - 1 " 1'Ul will neglect thi' innm heiit-rcsistiiiit. And he hoped ,""''' mysteries of the ' '" SCOVCry ° f " U - PACE .NINB ' , Ua i' lu> K |c Tech probably ' > ,' 1 ' lls »>«<.'IHnc largely to rli'iu- research.- Dr. Allen :,:,!,! that .-. .,,..^i, «iin |ui nun IM'VLJI" • nig is several weeks nway. it will! Men Battle With Knives KNOxviWjj, itim,, March 18 (U.I'.)-A fluhl with klllVfB followlnt: an lumiinont over a ±5 lonn brought, ,tciuh lo James Hiirper nnd w6imds l n Sam Cat!, loduy, C;uile, vecoverl.v In » nos l«lnl. IH cluirtsed with murdor. »'«««•«. b ' 1» Uio United mates, K bill and acnuany, a billion Is m B ;1I^ lion mlillons and u trillion U * mil. lion bllllono. ' courier tievs Want Adc. . »^»*.*i.», oni;iivj5(j; Will UC able to follow the process of stcel- naklng u,,d gli>ss m , m( , r , letu "right through the furnace." Atom-by-Atom Account ^Tho^ professor of cnelnccrlni; chopped with axes, smashed open «nh boot heels. Their coiitpnli 'vere sifted Into the waler which "Lawrence .who developed 'it, 0S flrst cyclotron • and built the " super n ut the super atom-smanlier at Hie University of California. . iMKtr C'yrlolron Coniint The instrument at PiU. built'Hi CougJis tnm •""•pujnBiifves coughs from ACHING CHESTCOLDS IMpt BrMh Up Surfac* r—JTL. RUB ON " Radio Clinic v» 4 I , I I . I • I 430 \V. Ash St. Plume 855 ()r 229J | WE \ | PICK UP and DELIVER} FELIX A. CARNEY > Dominion Automatic Klectric Irons 1 Yr. Giianintoo > ('umpleto I,ino »f lOlvclrinil aiul Ibillcry Kxjicrl Itiulio Kcpiiirs We Pick IM. , m d Deliver l E. Mi,In I'llono M07 Musical Instruments Supplies - Repairs Radios, Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS SOLICITED Krliuols, Churches, Hands, Oflicslras & Cluhs Given SPECIAL PRICES On Musfoal InslrumentH J.MellBrooksJr 107 E. Main To!. 811 "How to save moneyion your electric BEWARE OF PIN-WORMS Medical rcrovls reveal that an nmazinsr ""ph- r ''' ! * en aud n<iult3 sro victia *= ™"; cnanca on I'm-, ••orms! If you ,„.. » . u? ""'/ lnf «''on. ash y»»r drucirist J.°. r P " W nn<s fol'ow the ilircctionn Ha easy to remember: !MU fnrfin-Wonni! ATTENTION VETERANS! If you served overseas, you shoulil join (be V.F.W. iimi! Meetings every Wetlnostlaj- iii^Iit, 7:.fO al (he Wctenhamp Cotton Oflice. Bring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Karris McCalta, Commander Free ^ Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY riione 20-13 101-1 Have installed bean cleaner that re- moves all split and foreign matter. Visit me before having your beans cleaned and sec thc difference. Langley's On Bcrtig Gin Lot — Across Street from Armory BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY! Bring your car to HOT'S BODY SHOP for at! body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS n j;' r j;!! C!lr ? " m ! ll ° Ii|<e1l1 . 10 f'wlo'-y makes Llie.u, tsam nmtoria and woVknimisliip. Guaranteed to fit and look like original upliolatory. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 WASHING MACHINES we have them for ; IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX .AUTOMATIC WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phono 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE ' Your G.f. Store in Blythcvillc ' • , - Dr. CHAS. L CRAIG Dentist Wishes to announce the opening of his office Lynch Building Blythcyillp. Ark. Phono 2540 Another in a Series by Phineas Q. TwiSch, Eminent Economist 1 2 3 vol Z / T uf ral T- to thc iunkman ' and ^ ct back so '» c of da^ o r un °T. ^'.f "* " P l °° much ™™. ^ ^ you about 5 cents day to run. This saving will help balance your budget these days of nsm, costs Of cour S c, without refrigeration, food will spoil - but that can easily be avoided by eaUng out of cans. Or by not eating at all. This will undoubted y build up your character, though it ,nay break down your physique. hndo Clec 'r; c * w ^ i ™ chi » c to an orphanage, and sturt stitching by hand. Of course it takes a lot of time. And maybe it fe a little hard on the eyes. But, just think, you'll save on whole f, my for evcrv cfg)lt ™ Turn off your radio during thc Ulcctric IFour-"Hour of Charm"-cv C rv Sunday afternoon at 4:30 over CHS, 1ST. In this way, of course, you'll miss the AH-Girl Orchestra under thc direction of Phil Spitalny, with Evelyn and Her Mag.c V,ol,n-b«t you'll actually save onc-sixt,, of a f>c»» y every time you do ' CONCRETE BUILDING Also CULVERTS THE FAMOUS WA TERPROOFING Osceole Tile & Culverl Co. • Wofcft for mor. of tfan. pracf/co/, m 0ney . iav ; ng ,,, WM honi by Dr. r w ,>cA. H 9 r eo // x feo^ A(f fl|6 . M. W. hop. Ml Mp y ou noliz, how many. ,obi .hcMcity do« for y«/, and how little rt co,rfc WMOPOWF1CO. ft 9 Our Si t airttss to Sem Ifatt _ Busy Season Ahead! Hove that tractor of yours srcam-cleaned now. Your tractor will run cooler and more efficiently and will give less trouble after you've removed thc grease and dirt that clogs it's mqtor We arc able to point your tractor ar this time too, pointing insures long wear, prevents rust. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 363

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