Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1891 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1891
Page 9
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T"f/" T< ^ & r i ALL I N COMPLETE, Last Shipment Arrived Yesterday On Sale To-Day C O MB YOU WILL SAVE NONEY At the Fire Sale, GOLDEN RULE. 8$. PANTS, PANTS. I have secured 30 styles of Worsted Pantaloonings which sold heretofore and are soldj everywhere for $10, which I seU now for the low price of * * EIGHT DOLLARS! The biggest bargain I ever had. Call early and secure choice, JAKE HERZ. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST, TAILOR. ; You will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring 'Styles. Yours Truly, "PUCK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. ' TM ]»'B«ll eilrtlltkintnl In the "Olid for the trwl- - 1ao.l»r.rlm«r«,>loi,r«,. 1st, Ted -non, Ted wta, oily ikli. «cni, UKU«<U. , -h?b.r.> ItcK, «»K, pitting.. P«"J« mwkt, f»c»l •JjrtlopmeBt. <K. Cowulunlon Free, «t e»c« or by (.tier. 128-TUlge Book on .11 Skin uilSalpAffcc- .T.tum.ud li«1r. TfMimenl lent (ie«l«€l) for iDo. JOHN H. . ntototiit, 1Z5 W. 4»d St.. N.TT. City. For Sale by Ben Fishor, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For tho Skin and Scalp. Prepared by a Dermatologist with 20 years- experience. Highly indorsed by themedi- leozemi scafdhW, oily nldn. pimples, flesh worms; ugly comp.lerion.eto. In<U»p»°Jable as a toilet article, and. a sore prevont- ive of all diwases of the «kjn and scalp. AtDruggi»t»orbymail,PrlceSOc. For the Next Four Weeks ; I will sell you an elegant suit for .OO CASH do'this tojnake'room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city RJ,HOOLEY, TlieTai l r ' Pearl Street. Daily Journal. TUESDAY, MORNING, APRIL 7. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w Patronize Tailors' Union label. 4ml Mr. Barnes of New York to-night. Henry Heitbrink returned from Chicago yesterday.. The dramatic success of the season at Dolan's to-night. Attend the glove sale now going on at the Trade Palace. Frank Kistler was at Chicago yesterday on legal business. Mrs. Fred Boerger sr., is down with an attack of lung fever. Pattern suits complete with linings, only $7.85.—Golden Rule. Now for dress goods; see the new prices at the Trade Palace. Mr. Barnes of New York will hold the boards at Dolan's to-night. Brown muslins, scorched slightly, at a great bargain. —Golden Rule. Mrs. W. H. Barnhart and children •eturned to Terre Haute yesterday. See the dresses trimmed out complete for $7.85, at the Golden Rnle. James Cheney, the New York capitalist, is the guest of Judge Nelson. ; Mr. L. G. Hannaof the island closed his school in Clay township Friday. J. F. Eagle, of Oak Park, 111., is visiting Will Schweiring on Canal street. The Bee Hive fire sale was brought to a successful close last Saturday evening. C. Wood McKinney, of Marion, was m the city Sunday the guest of M.. FornofE, jr. Knee protectors at'the Golden Rule, the thing for the boys who play marbles.—Golden Rule. George W. Wagner, of the Murdock hotel, is confined to his bed by an at- fact of malarial fever. J. G. Meek is out again after a severe attack of la grippe, but is still under the doctor's care. • William Dolan is candidate for the Democratic nomination for Councilman in the Second ward. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Taylor are rejoicing over the advent of a son and heir into their pleasant home. David M. Taylor and Marietta Pepper; Ira A. Bastow and Viola 'M. Gottschalk are licensed to wed. John W. Gard, well known in this city is lying at .the point of death at his home in Washington township. That "Snow Ball" flour of McCaffrey's; none better, none so white, none of its kind so cheap . elsewhere, d&w Horstman & Boerger, the West Side grocers secured the contract to deliver flour and feed to the asylum during th« month of April. Daniel M. Taylor and Marietta Fep- pfer, of Carroll county, were united in marriage in the county clerk's office Saturday by 'Squire Fender. The residence of John L. Baldin of Deer Creek township, together with the majority of its contents was totally destroyed by fire last Friday. Abraham L. Campbell, a prominent business man of Union City, is in the city called here by the death of his mother, Mrs. James Campbell of Deer Creek .township. . The old German Catholic St. Joseph school building which was formerly used as a .church is being torn away to make room for a handsome brick structure to be erected the coming summer. The Bee Hive • dry goods house is wining golden, opinions from its ever increasing number of patrons for the many attractive special sales of most desirable and useful fabrics at extraordinary low prices.' ~ ' 9 Dellitlitful Home Opera. Tbe third performance of the Ihimes of Normandy by the home company at the opera house last night was greeted by the most enthusiastic audience which had yet attended, and the applause was frequent' and pro- onged. The performance was .very- creditable throughout and was .a vast improvement over the first appearance of the company. The choruses were rendered more promptly and with a decisive ring while the speaking parts were taken in a manner to reflect much credit on those assuming the same. Mrs. Minnie Kreis had entirely recovered from the indisposition which prevented her appearance the first two nights and her Serpolette was vivacions and full of a charming sprightliness which lent a very natural air to the rolei Her voice was heard in its old time freshness and vigor and aer singing was well recived by the audience. Miss Cora Britton excelled her former efforts as Gerroaine and her singing was much applauded. .Commendable improvement was also abserved in the other parts while the chorus not only did itself proud but made the audience proud of the decided talent displayed by the young people on the stage. The chorus exhibits a careful training and a painstaking effort which reflects great credit on the directorship of Mr. Demorest and the individual efforts of the members of the chorus. The company which is said to be the best collection of local talent ever displayed on the stage here is made up of the following persons: Mrs. Minnie Kreis, Mrs. J. R. Pratt, Misses Cora Britton, Carrie Winters, Laura Wagner, Mame Cushman, Mary Williamson, Maibell Justice, Bertha Sterns, MigS Bay, Bella Frank, Miss Reeves, Norma Hull, Ida Harp, Grace Knauss, Miss Forsythe, Miss Sellers, Miss Gates, Miss Ferguson, Blanche Bennette, Lillie Justice, Mary Myers, Miss Castle and Hannah Puterbaugh. Messrs A. J. Dickerhoff, S. H. Hendee, J. C. Bridge, J. B. Chase, A. N. Baker.'E. D. Closson, M. E. Barnhart, W. S. Twells, Chas. Harold, G. V. Demorest, Alvin Denbo, A. B. Walter, F. Hail, E. Null, C. Bennette, Harry lilley, H. Puterbaugh, W. Irons. The company under the direction of Mr. Demorest is rhearsing the pretty and popular opera, "Pinafore" with a strong cast and another night of delightful home opera is looked forward to with pleasant anticipations by our meal lovers of music. "Pinafore" will probably be given Saturday evening and matinee. The Salesmen Propose to Provide for tUcir Slclt Members. At a meeting of the Salesmens' Association held March 26, it was decided to begin the payment of benefits of sick members and-to perfect such aa arrangement a committee was.appoint- ed to draft an article of their by-laws covering the same. We quote from their report as follows: "The Sales- mens' Association of the city of Logansport agrees to pay to each member $2 for the first week's sickness, and $3.50 per week for the following five we.eks. This applies only to members in good standing: on May 1. After that date members are not entitled to benefits until the expiration of ninety days or date of ini- iiation." The Salesmen arc to oe commended on this move, as it shows a disposition on their part to care for their members at the time when help is most needed and we hope no salesman of this city will hesitate to avail himself of the opportunity of joining before May 1. The association was not formed for the purpose of dictatingQto. the merchants of this city—who they should employ or what salary . they should pay their salesmen, but for the purpose of improving the Salesmens' condition both morally, intellectually and socially, and for the purpose of shortening their hours of labor; relieving them from Sunday labor and caring for the members during sickness. Mr. Barnes ol New York. A Boston paper, speaking of "Mr. Barnes of New York," says: '-Emma Field, as Enid, was charming, in the second act she was hugable. Sheridan Block was the success of the night as Count Musso." ' . In addition to these people Mr. Frank W. Sanger will bring Mr. James Neill, Miss Effle Gorman and Mies Annie Blanck and Mr. Horace Lewis in the:cast and all the original 1 effects will mark the first appearance of Mr. Barnes of New York at the opera house to-night. The Screens Must Go. Two months ago the town ofElwood passed an ordinance requiring all blinds and screens removed from doois and windows of saloons on. Sunday. George Shaw .was fiued for violating this ordinance and appealed to the Circuit Court. Judge Ellison yesterday morning decided that the ordinance is legal and sustained the finding of the justice's court at Elwood. D. E. Pryor h'as added a handsome new soda fountain to the equipments of his drug store. HOME AGAIN From New York and the EASTERN MARKETS. After three weeks of steady buying HARRY FRANK Has returned with an unusual fine line of Clotning and Furnishings Our future inducements will be Largest Latest Best Lowest Variety, Styles, Qualities, Prices. Harry is the only Logansport Clothier who goes regularly every. season to the far east to produce the newest novelties'for-the least money. And Here's What tells. .Our resources are limitless, and we will represent in the future, as in the past, what ever money can purchase or Enterprise Command, . : • HARRY FRANK, "TO BE SURE.'? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAXATION? Procure a Copy of the New Law at Wilson, Humphreys & Co.'s. Have You Found It? You every day need coffee. : there are a dozen places to obtaia ' it, but if the kind is right, perhaps the price is wrong. There is a place where every kind is kept-and every price, is right Have You Found It? Almost everyone drinks tea, and tea is costly. There is a place where every tea is carefully selected and purchased direct from the importers; when the 75 cent tea of elsewhere is sold at 50 cents. Have You Found It? . Soap is an every day necessity. ' There is a place, where seven 20oz. bars: are given for a quarter.. Where eleven kinds ( of fish are kept, and twelve kinds of canned fruits and sixteen kinds of dried. Have You Found It? Flour makes the staple of life, and everybody uses it. There is every kind of flour though, and the same brand is not uniform. There is a brand of the whitest flour in Logansport, and the beet—and it is Always the whitest and Always the best-Yet it costs but $2.45 per hundred. That brand is but up in pink sacks>nd is called McCaffrey's "Snow Ball" . ' \ i • . Have You Found It<* M.McCaSy&Co. I- 1 "!

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