The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 18, 1947
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VOI,. XI,HI—NO. 304 BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTMAHT AllKAMiiia'Aur. =«„,„„,.„. _.' •••• • PV^ BiythovlUe Dally Ne»f Blythevllle Courier Mayor of Hot Springs Indicted by Jurors f robing Long Regime HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March 18. (U.lM-Hol Mayor Leo WcUiigh in was at liberty lo.lav on tollowins 1m mchctmeiil by Ihe Garland " * on S-IO.BOO i'minty ' Garland County Sheriff I. G. Brown and deputies made Ihe arrest and also took into custody George McLaughlln, the mayor's brother; Miss Hazel Marsh, McLaughlin's secretary for 33 years; and Elmer Walters, and odd-jobs employe of th c city. The indictments charge the mayor with accepting brHTcs in return for his political influence on 20 counts; and with accepting bribes from gamblers, auction gallery operators anil from taxicab operators in Hot Springs. Maximum penalties on Ihe 29 different, instances could total 58 years in addition to fines. Three other counts accuse the .mayor of failure lo file a financ/il report, a misdemeanor; and of wrongful payment of city funds to George McLaughlin and to Elmer Wallers. The maximum penalty for those range from five lo 15 years. Miss Marsh was charged with perjury in the first degree. Her bond, signed by McLaughlin, wai 1 1 S2SOO. Thc mayor's brother, George', was free on $10,000 bond. He was indicted for tlie conversion of public funds and receiving city founds wrongfully, n charge carrying a five to 15 year penalty. Elmer Wallers signed a band of S10000 and faced charges identical to those of 'George Mcljaughlin. The mayor's bond was signed by his sisters, Mrs. Stella McLaughlin Snyder and Miss Elizabeth McLaughlin. lie declined to make a stalenient until he could confer vtth. his altorney, c. Floyd Huff. Jr. Last night's action brought to 12 the number of'te rc- t-i/ncd by the special grand jury. Foreman Richard said the jury would question additional witnesses today. Hinting that more indictments would be forthcoming. Deputy Prosecuting .Attorney David Whitlington said "we are not through yet." '---Avr.-,;. •^.-.-.• m :. *.,-;--. Hlylhcvllte Herald Mississippi, Valley Leader f**t f\tl* • -I City Officials Discuss Issues \ At Jaycee Meet Aldermen Suggcrt Taxpayers Show Greater Interest A variety of civic plans and nri.l)- lem.s cinrenctly .facing IVylhovillc were discussed by men.bers ol OTe Junior Chamber of Commerce and city officials at a meeting of thc jrHE_DQMlNANT NEWSPAPER OP NpP-TKHABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI \,K, ARKANSAS, TU10SDAY, MARCH 18, l!).|7 Gangsters Kill Chicago Woman; Husband, Hoodlums Foe, Hurt Hy UOEKKT l.OHlillKAN United I'rrss Stuff ^Correspondent CHICACiO, March IS.-rJimu's Ciwley. -12, pivsiilunl ol I ho Clm-;i K <) AM, Urn-tenders' Union and n loo of Hood- Uims, was woumlod and his; wife was killed toditv by inin- mi'ii roporUul lo be miiHclintf in 1)n Hio lucrntiyc union. Tho .shunlniu clinic Just 17 d.nys* ' SINGI^K COMES FIVE CENTb Lawmakers Hike Six Major Taxes Four Proposals Htid Backing of State's Chief Executive (Editor's Note: This is the foftrth in n scries of five daily articles written by Bob Brown, United Press staff correspondent who covered the recently-adjourned 56th General Assembly of Arkansas. It brings together a summary of legislation passed affecting taxes in Arkansas. Tlie fir.ul article tomorrow will analyze new laws affecting liquor.) By BOB BROWN (United Press Staff Correspcrili-nt) LITTLE ROCK, March 18.—The Arkansas legislature approved six 'major upward tax revisions before final adjournment, last Thursday. Among them were four proposals Introduced by Gov. Ben Ijiiiey anrt designed to bring in approximately 44,500,000 In annual revenue. They included a one-cent Increase in cigarette taxes, n 5fi-cents n gallon rnise In liquor tuxes, and incrcasi-d severance and income lax levie-j. ivir. oyivesicr paimeo, out un ihc governor estimated that the small number of "citizens who at cigarette tax would produce 51,200.-I tend city council meetings and said 000, the liquor increase $1.000,000,; the council would 1 like to see a Jaycces last nighl in their" club rooms, In the business tneelin;; which (allowed' tlie round-table discussion, Jiminic Edwards. E. M. (Buddy) Terry and Bill. Wyntl wer>! .elected directors ol tin- niytlicvillc Junior Chamber. An • increase in meinb?rshi|> brought about the election as the Jaycee constilution calls for the election of new directors in a set ratio to the slz; of the club. The .fayeccs *ls» voted l« sponsor n county-wide soybran- yield contest this year. City.jfflcials who were guests at the meeting included Mayor E. R. Jackson. Municipal Judge Graham Piit'-bury, City Attorney Percy Wright, and Aldermen Rupert Craflon, JocTie Nabers. 'Jno. Mc- H-incy. Raleigh 'Sylvester and Jcsr.e White. Mayor Jackson opened the discussions with a brief review o'. the present administration's accomplishments during the past year., naming among them Improvements! jn the city's sanitation department.' streets and alleys and lightliu; svKtems.. He pointed out that when he and thc city council took over, the city was $21) COO in debt bat at the end of January this yen- was cperating with cash on hand amounting to S53,t>03.79. Invites Taxrtuycrs Mr. Sylvester pointed out before (he opi'iiing of tho union's InUTimllonnl Milwaukee. A reliable union convention nt source salil Crowk.v has been a lender of union forces seeking lo keep nanssleis Horn gainini! control of the union. Crowley was wounded In light arm and (lie shoulder. till! , and his wife, Etaibolh, «, w-is klllm! Ly shotgun pellets as they drave up In front tt[ their tioulhsi'.te aparlmi'nl shortly ufler 2 a. m Mrs. Crowlcy was driving. Oruw- ley usually drives, and pollc,- •><; lievrd Unit I ho ' nt Ihc driver's sent. Crcwlcy was uncii'i-guard at (lie Jackson Park llos|)itul. Neighbors of the Crowleys salil Hie heard Ihc shots, !>ul noui: saw the assassins. Crowlcy suiKnvr-:d from his cur lo a telephone to B uiis wni-; nlmo'd Munition police. i Itctiable sources said Hut bv rr- inovliiii Crowley on the eve of (lie union's International ronviutlon, lumlhims appnioiliy hoped to cr:p- Plc Mipixn-1 for union leaders who would oppose (hem. Crowley. Ihese Bource.s said, had (lie .support- of New York and San I-Vancisco locals. They pointed mil ttml the bartenders occupied i key position In Ihe night cluo biU- tiess, In (hut , lt>w nij-iu ' ( .^ K would be tible to opera 11- wltluuii 'i union l>ai tender. lly controlllni; llii- baiicndcrt, niul deniaiidlnt! "Ice muiuty," or proliHilton. lo keep union men or. the Jobs, racketeers would find it pOMible to gel n gc'iiernifl aliniv of night club proceeds. Ihcsc sources Kald. Crowley hcndctl (lip Dnitcndi'is and Hcverai-o Dispensers' Ixital 27B. ' Store and Theater on West Main Suffer $40,000 Loss in Fire Discovered in Early Morning Lewis Expected To Prevent Strike Boss of Coal Miners ; Faces Opportunity t ( 6' Save Cash for Union WASHINGTON, March 111. (UP) John L. Low Is WHS expected today to -bow to the Supreme Court „.-,*„, ,„, Illurl; m iuniun.iou uur.iy -ind cancel williln n week his slg- before commcntlne on Gen DOUK- nil fr.r unfit I mi • c*iFi f,nn i ~i ,-it__ «.., i__. •* . _•. . • . . • . . . _. the severance taxes $750,000, and ' the I larger attendance since it is for income t,ax Sl.800,000. All of the the citizens that they meet. It was the (stressed by the city officials that Marshall Rejects Russians' Claim U. S. Official Asserts Soviets Retreating From Pledges at Yalta MOSCOW, March 18. (UP)— Secretary of Stale George C. Murshnll tonight rejected Russia's claim for $10,000,000,000 in German reparations and charged that the Soviet was retreating Iroin its pledges at Potsdam and Yalla. Marshall challenged Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov in the sharpest exchange of the Big Pour coiii'crenca. He asserted that Mololov had falsely accused the United States of having received $10.000.000,000 in reparations through the seizure of German patents worlh that amount. The United States, Marshal; informed Molotov, will not follow him in a retreat from the pledges of the Potsdam and Yalta conferences. Mai-shall called upon Russia to make known to the United Slates what German scientific nn:I technological information the Russians had acquired in the Eastern Zone of Germany. He said that the United States had published lo the world the information it had picked up in Germany. Kiriaull Causes Split Tiic Marshall blalcmcnt was ninde to the foreign ministers gathering alter Foreign Minister Georges Bi- danlt of France had sharply split the Big Four Into three conflict- .,. taxes age in effect now income tax being retroactive to 1948 incomes. Other major revisions included a 50-cent increase in drivers licenses —with the revenue earmarked to increase the state police; anci a tax of 50 cents a barrel on beer to sun port a veterans service bureau. This council meetings are open to the pub'.ic. •Renovation of the school system, solution of the traffic problem and zaning of the city were named as three issues that require consideration and ^action, <Mr. Sylvester sai^ Concerning'the last matter, he ex- proposal is awaiting the governor's) Plained that there are no new buildings can 'be" constructed because of building restrictions. When asked when any extension of the city limits would take place, Mayor Jackson replied that since such a step required a municipal vote, it could not happen until the 1943 general election but at Ihat time it was planned to expand them in all directions. Traffic lickels handed drivers here will "slick," Mayor Jackson said in reply to a question on the traffic problem. He said motorists would b? asked to obey traffic taws and cooperate in their enforcement or it would cost them in fines. While discussing the traffic --it- uation here, the mayor said business district parking spaces will be revamped from the present 45-de- _•_.. — —•' — *...(, 1.111^ ^ u vln IUJ1 ,s 'Signature; and -stands a chalice- to be discarded in favor of one : of tw> other veterans bills. To Support Libraries Other taxes approved included- Two cents a gallon on liquor to pay for an electric roll call system iii the House; a half-cent a pound lax on honey to support the apiary board: anrt an optional 50 cent filing fee for the operation of law libraries in each county. An additional tax of one cent a bottle on beer and earmarked for construction at state-owned schools was defeated in both houses A "use; tax," introduced in the House and amended several limes, also dinl Taxes proposed but never approved included one on dogs, savci-il others on liquor and at least, lour on the Oaklawn track in fim Springs. Other tax measures included proposals to take the stale out o! the ad valorem tax field after 1948-' which were approved after bcinp extended another year fur liv, benefit of teachers salaries; and a i>ro- poscd constitutional amendinenl which would r,llow schools to veins high n levy as they want Mhc ceiling now is 18 mills Left entirely oul of the legislative picture were sales and RaHo'lln- tax revisions proposed by thr qov-~ ernor's Highway Advisory Co : nniit tee. Lancy refused to introdnoV Ihc measures after announcing his belief that there was no puolic de mand for higher taxes Cross Fund Moves Closer To County Goal ing camps a statement of f Nort France's position on Germany which differed radically from that of cither Russia or the Anglo-Americans. Marshall's challenge hlghlighled the split between Russia and the United States as to the meaning R^a", Cross financial drive orcc slant lo one of 30 degrees, thus widening thc traffic lanes about 10 feet. Fire Department Disrinsn He also sairj he had ordered thc chief of police to apprehend anyone violating truck-parking regulations. Asked nbpul Ihc possibility or : permanent fire department to rc- nlnoe the present volunteer t-ronn Mayor Jackson stated that the city lacked funds at present lo set up a full-time department. On the pas issue, he said Hint ;i franchise would bn granted whci: thc pa s w:>s avaiish'e. He said he expected this availability to be snecdnrt im bv thc conversion ot the "BiK Inch" across Arkansas to a cas-carryiriK line. At thp business mcetins Intel- plans were marie for thc biigo pur ly to be held bv the Jaycces Pri day nicht In the Armory Convn- tton plans for the slato meotini here Anril 18-20 were also discuss- rri 1 wnd il was announced by J. T Suc'buiy that Marpnret Truman ha of understanding sarrivcd Yalta conference. at the Molotov contends that President Roosevelt agreed at Yalta that a basic figure of 520,000,000,000 be employed for discussion of German reparations with Russia entitled to $10000.000,000 of the total. However, both President T.utnan, :h Mississippi County moved to i l5ec " lm 'itcd to sing at thc con y mov within $593.27 of its goal today th J- V. with receipt of contributions from leader in ,-,. . ' -'*••** iu.»iu;( j|| I.IIP Sixth Street to Broadway area, totaling $241.50. Total receipts to date arc S9.4B3.73. Officials arc anticipating close of he drive thi s week. Several districts have not reported 1 includin" three Blytheville areas, drive leaders stated. According to drive officials North Mississippi County may already be """•' its quota as several comnui- dircctors have reported oo over nl ti- - . ........», -^ «.--w-..,.. ., unit: J Vim I I'll U>J- Former Secretary of State James taining part oi their 'quotas bui F. Byrnes and now Marshall claim have not yet reported 1 the total re- that the Yalta reparations protocol ccipts to date. It is urged thai, ca?ii \VilK "l^r^Hminof». " n « A 4U^« n. - rOmi^l 11II i t •• lAnr),*.. *..^".. !._ ". . "preliminary" and that the Potsdam aBrcemcnl superseded the Yalla understanding. Thc British point out that, in any event, liiey never agreed to tlie Roosevelt-Stalin protocol on reparations. community leader turn in contributions s o that an official tabu'a- tlon can be made. Arkansas Church Paper Editor Gets Promotion _NASHVILLE, Tcnn., March 18.— |JP)~C. E. Bryant, editor of Iho Arkansas Baptist, Little Rock. «i"K.. has been appointed publicity director for ihe Executive Cominlt- ttc of the Southern Baptist Cli- vcntion. ' Bryant, who will have heartquar- iors here, sticooixls the l;\ti- Waller Gilniore. Judge Keck Returns from Game Commission Meet Judse G. E Kerk rclurncd today from Little Rock whore he nrrstdcr? over a meeting of the slate Game and Fish Commission Monday. The commission is anticipating purchasing an area in the Big Lake vicinity for the purpose of bettering fishing and duck hunting in this locality, Judge Keck said. How- vention. Tho Rev. Robert P. Jaeger, Hun tcr Khrbro and Jimmy Parks vvcr inducted as new members. Jack Poster and Dr. Milton E. WoS' were guests at the meeting. MacArthur Plan Surprises UN Delegates Show Extreme Caution in Offering Comment LAKE SUCCESS.. N. Y.. Mnr:ll 18. i UP)—United Nations diplomats asked for more liitormiitloii lod'.iy Merchandise Badly Damaged; Movie Equipment is Saved An OHi-ly-nuirninjr Cm\ of iMulclurmincd origin tciclaV ruviiKOd tlio iiiturloi'.s of ll u; mljoii,in K Cliickasuw Theater ami Hurry Kj-il/nw' Dry Goods {:«,. In tho 2000 block oil \Vfiul i\l n i it ijt..«(,( , : ,, , ,,i .1, ,,. .,,.~ . vwyi* uii nearly iytO.OOO dnnuuw to both for another soft coal strike on April 1. His compliance would assure llje Station uninterrupted coal produc- ,ion nt least until June 3D, expira- Joii elate of the government's authority to operate the soft coal mines. . - icArthur's plan to place Jfcpan under the youthful world organlza- lion. Some felt It was premature. The majority asked two general questions ii'bont the supreme allied com n lander's statement that Iho Japanese now were ready for Political Storm Hits Washington Republicans Critical Of Stand Tak™ by Minority Party WASHINGTON, March 18 ~(U!'I —President 'I'runmn's plan lo aid Ciccee mid Turkey In a broinl fight against Communism was cauiiht hi u ptilltli-nl storm loclny. It stalled when Hie Democratic National committee proposed lil- piullsuti sup])ort of ihc plan. sell. Arthur H, Vnndenberi! of MlclilKiui. e.nef Republican foreign policy spokesman, cinmlcred by accusing the commltk'o of dni|jiiln K po1ll,lciil pressures into the nullon's (orcl^n policy. Vaiulciibert! culled Ihc Democratic National Commtllcn proposal 11 "tragedy" Hint would (Iran the issue "squarely Into politics." .He urged ooi> Nnllonnl Olialrman Cm-roll Recce to reject It. As lif. spoki- In tin- .Sviuitc, the adn-.illlslnillun litll |,, irurry nut the iircslili-iit's $1 CO, 1)00,000 plan "f alii In Greece nnil Turkey wus intrtidiiiTil hi (lie House by Chairman crmrli-K Kalon of llic lloiisu foi-H^Ei affairs t-.nrimilttce. Other congressional developmental Unification—Secretary of Navy •lanic-s V. Wrreslal urued senators ..- '~.:'" , ^-.-."M i^iu *MV.I lo approve (ho administration- I" 30 " notlvc ln "^ S ™ M w'*. ""V- Minister Accepts New Pastorate Rev. F. W. Nash Takes Assignment to Church In Topcka, Kansas ..about Mr. 'I lie bliiM was discovered H uVlrck (lili morning by.Vji. Ing cub driver who hbtlficd Frlt/.lus. wlicn firemen arrived, (lie blaxc was well inidcrway' <F!ri Chief noy trend suld, >«.•;'<.-/. ' Sllirlcd In- Store .••"•' '• liollcved to liave »tarted' ; >ji Mr; Prltnius' store, ihe' flames cnte-en the theater through the ntt'c under one roof which' covered both' l)llit<!lll(;s. y/,j . . • ^ The stru'cturcs fornr On divided The nev. v. w. Nn>ih. pni.tnr of bllll<u "8 bllt ' ll wn» s»ld,: werft''iii;t I he First Church ol Iho NaMrenc I K °l"'" ll( - <l b>' li flrCrW*!!. Fire Mere for Ihc psst four vi'ar.s has w< akcnc(l ll 'i! roof and It collapsed, fur'hor damiiglnii thu inieriob ", Mr. Wltzlus Kiild that hlS -,(olr. ccnlalned sloik viiliicd nt $25.000 "nil ha consldcrcit..!!^ j;ood-x"n total less. One of Hie .ihow : windows wns broken, by the heat. Most accepted the iinntomte of tlieVlrst Clnnch of tliu Nnziircnc nt Topcka, Knns. ii c w lll assume Ills duUc.H there March 30. Tho Ilev. Mr. Nusli will present Ills farewell message at tlie chnrcli Sinutny. purlin; hl« paslorule here, ihe church lias grown In nil departments. A new ttiG.OOO'e-tuircli was completed lir September, 1D-15, and only $5,000 \ s vmpnld on the building. Tlio iwstor Is secretary and treasurer of me Mississippi Cnunly Minlstorlnl Association and has backed bill for "un!Mention" of Ihc nation's armed forces. He said mil- . llrniiou will five lhl s country Ihe I '• . , means to back up a "firm foreign' *«fomjmiiylng the Roy, Mr. , served on the LiMidorslilii Committee of North .Mississippi coiui- ,' — ,,-, uaiuincsc now were ready lor n It would also save Lewis' United penc c treaty and mild' UN controls: Mine Workers (APU $2.BOO.Of>0, i. Docs u represent MacAilhur's more in fines. The UMW orlgl- pcri onal view or thc jjcrm of an nally was fined $3^03000 for coii- official plan under consideration In tempt as a result of Its strike lost Washington orSeV n The Cf Sunr C em' SouTr'ed'uctd '«"• ?^ ""* °' UN COnlrO ' "° CS U " °- snl " "> c government e v m . H to «OOOcH.owcvc? q on cmfrillfiS MncA :" 1(lr ^V 1 ,' 11 ""''" 0 ~ ' SCCllrlty \ MMv »"°" 1<1 'Pent aboilt 11,000.„ , *'^ u . uLU . npvvcvcr, on concinqn eotnicll supervision, us in the case nnn nnn ,. „„.... 1 „ *i!•......-, that iLews ..wiliulraw the April 1 • of u, c Iroublc-clty ol Trieste- po- sti.Kc oilli'y- , . —- r i;'*Y|lii;lnf by the UK's still non-exlst- The hlEh Mirt sot March 25 as: ont world police force, or UN trus- Ihc deadline for withdrawal when tecshlp? it agreed yesterday lo Issue its There was considerable doubt mandate in Ihe contempt case 11 lhal MacArthur was expressing of- dsiv.s ahead of time. I fldal united States nnlicy on Ja- Liwls has until March 31 to pan. pirticularly because American petition thc high court for a new Delegate Warren Austin commenl- heiurmc on his case. Even if he cd that he "had not had time" to does, plans to Issue the inundate study the general's speecli and h". nn March 20. with compliance nb- did not know what kind of UN ligatcry in tlie next five days, will control was contemplated 1 . policy" and prepare Mr nurture.'' fjo said unification would not provide any great ecoiiomlces In peacetime; only In lime ol war, Housing—Sen. Kobori A. Tnlt, O., said Ihc government cvcn- llv slfould spent 'aboilt $1,000.000,000 a year on "social welfare" programs KUC|I as limmlng health and edijoiUIp'ii.''>!e testified in sup- ort of : a long-term housing bill hu luis Introduced with two Democratic be unchanged . Some quarters Interpreted Only if the court grants a re- Arthur's statement as an cxprcs- hcarlng—a remotcpossibirity—would sion of American faith In the 15- tlie mandate be recalled. month-old UN; a mnvc that.con- Neither Lev/Is nor officials at ccivably could case the feeling on Ihc PMW headquarters would' com- Ihe part of some diplomats lli.U ment on the court's action yester- President Truman l>y-passed the . • UN in propDslnic American Inter- court's mandate goes to vention in the Greek crisis, .lurlee T. Alan Goldiborough of SDIIIC contended .however, lhal Federal District. Court here. It was Ihc MacArthur statement could be his anil-strike order that the union tnitc nt>s .an Indication that the and Lewis originally disobeyed. It United Slates wanted lo unload re- will be up to Goldsbnroush to set sponsibility for policing defeated the exact hour on March 25 for Jupan a.s soon as possible, compliance. Austin was one of thc few diplomats to speak for the record and ! lie said little. U was reported, how- i evor. that the i-liicf American UN ' delegate was concerned over Mar- Arthur's claim that "If the United Nations cannot provide these mild controls (over Japan) It cannot inr-cl any challenge." He arr;lcd Hint If thc UN . jjcctcd the job. "Ihe so-rallr-d new ! world prdcr means nothing." Blytheville 'T To Elect Seven New Directors lax-wrltlnr y« and Means Ciiminlltc Taxi's — The . tco rnrt fi>r two hours hut readied no dcvlsliin on proposals to revise u. dill calling fur a £0 per cent :u:nif,s-n]i;| tux cut. Conlcols — Housing Kxpctlllcr Frank R. Crccdon urged Congress lo conllniic controls on new housing as well as rcnls. A pending bill would 'lift conlrols on new housing. Crccdon said prices on new conslrucllon are levelling «lf. Penny postcards — nuslncssmei to Topcka. wlicre (hey ' will make tlielr home while lie Is a pastor llicrc, will be Mrs. Nu«h mid their two children, Edinond Palmer and Beverly. ' Name.of tlio pastor .who .will suc- rtcn the llcv.. Mr.- .Nash has not been disclosed. * Prison Sentence Recommended Second Defendant jn Assault to Rob Case Enters Plea of Guilty A Jury In Osceola today recommended a thrcn-ycar prison term for . Rlchnrd Hodge, who was '..rifl-il in the O.wcola District of the Mississippi County Circuit Court and of I)Is loss was covered by ia- r.urnncc. he said, DnuuiKO to thc Insldi)' seals, movie .screen, draiieri"S, slcrcrpllolrOi apparatus ami sound rciiilninonl of the theater amounted lo an estimated $12.000. W. U Moxlry, owner, said. The rrnitn- ment V/IIH parl-lally insured' lie Milled. . S"vrn ITosc Unrs Used The tiro was-' apparently ef.ji- f-iitral-tl In Ihn Ktir aiid rool tf Iho buildings and film l:i tlie projection room was removed safely T'w projection equipment sllglilly <lniniig'cd by smokj wale;-. \: . , . . . • No cxnot,' paush of ihe (Ire k'^own this, inorntnj;.. .-. . . '- :. ;ffcr«ter pumps on .two'-firc -trueks '"To used, sending Ihroujh seven Ifcso Ihw^ Chief Head s,;vl-J,. Firemen •lH;i^''!.\)' axthtaulsHSl ' HM: 1 »sie" a i ' li i'6 l j (ill n " X\" Wo off-' 'mi'-' dni-cn ni 407 Douf?an. Sllolit dnni- aifi lo -ortn -wall and the'rpof-ie- Miltod. when, ifamcs " from aii ia- nllrd i-urlahi p.istcd tlltcugli' (fid wnll [ind'lip to the root. Tlie cli/- laln was r.altl lo have bccimic- ig- ii'llcd 'when a tfmtch" was ' btriick near It. . ',"',. ' •mniiv nnvi^mvi •!•>, t> ,i ^n^n ' f( "'" ( ' 'Builly o'l ossaii'l't \vitii'intcnt ,jt.i!iiy iiohiciuci. me I'osi UIIICL to rcb- ' ',,°n >n ,, r l'!!f' .v^i"" 1 ",! l o I"?! 10 .'h i" ' 'Eugene .Botcher,- who VVM arrc.rt- aio-penny ixxstciut But tlie bi!« - ctf wltli Horigo, entered a plea a! ness men said Ihnl If thc price Is gllilt . al t , „ ^ 'jooslcri people will send c. '"rce- terdny bill, has not been sentenced. cront letter. Instead ot a t-wci-pcnny The Lr |al was conducted befnrc nu.^tcard. Autry to Report On Legislation At Legion Meet L. H. Autry of Durdette. Mississippi County representative to thc Arkansas General Assembly, will speak on veterans' legislation nt a meeting of Dud Cason Post M of thc American Legion at 7:30 tonight In the Legion Hut. Representative Aulry will discuss legislation enacted during thr: 56lh General Assembly affecting veterans. Seven members of Ihe oo.irci of directors o fthe Islylhcville Y will be elected April 1, il was announced / tortw by J. P. Garrott. secrctaiy o^Qf Hcdrt Attack Official ballots have been mailed | n Hf~lt to contributing members of thc or- ' ' '^-" ennl/ntlon. Mr. Garrott said. These s!d nrycslus _ „_ r ,,,. |tl( , r nivlhe- ballols should be returned by April 1. viUc lBX , cab opcrnlori suffered a According lo Mr Garrotl, the heart attack Suiidny in Hot Spring, board of directors of Ihc Y is com- wllcro hc h . H , bccn nlllk , n ,^ „„;„,, posed of 21 members. On organizing, seven members were cicclcd for a term three years, seven for a term of two ^-ears and seven fr.r u one-year term. Thereafter, seven arc elected each year for a lerm of three years. Fourteen member* were nominated by thc nominating committee. They arc: Wilson Henry. H.irvcv Morris, James Terry, Hoscn Crafton, Hcnr-.on Cnrllon, Jimmic Sanders, James L. Vcrhoefl, Jerry Poc, John McDowell. Miss Winnie Turner, Seigbcrl Jicdcl, E. W. Simmons, Dr. Alfred Vise and Jack Drokc. Volcrs will be allowed lo writ? in thc name of any person llicy tie- sire to have serve on the board. Weather ARKANSAS — Clear to partly cloudy. Warmer in North and Central portions today. Partly cloudy ard occasional rain In extreme ever, nothing is cxpcclcd to be done, Southwest and not quite so cold toward Ihe purchase until afler' tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy July when the commission's annual budget i s available, Keck pointed oul. new to cloudy w lth occasional rain West •• J — a>',i extreme south portions. I.H- tlo change in Icninpralui'o.s, 28-Degroe Low Here Tlie mercury returned to sublevels again last night as a low of 23 degrees was recorded, according lo Robert E. official weather observer. N. Y. Cotton Mar May July Oct Doc 1:30 ji. m. Quotations 2831 2840 2800 2800 34G6 32G8 2970 for the p'asl four months and died in his sleep. Funeral services will be conducted in Ihe Cobb Futicrnl Home Chapel here at 2 p.m. tomorrow by the Rev. Ray L. MeLc.stcr, Methodist minister, and burial will be In the Maple Grove C^mctcry. He is survived by two d l \u-.;hter:;. Mrs. Max Calland. Stcubcmil!e. O.; and Miss Joyce Bryean, St. L/onls; n sister. Mrs. Henry Youns, May- flcld, Ky.. and a brother, Virgil Bryean, Clovls. N. M. Pallbearers will be: active—-H. K. Tinker. Hughey Tucker. Janice Jilcs, Andy Bevlll and Mervtn Cook. Honorary—Robert Sanders. Elmer Van Clcve, E. J. Bryeans. Harold Wright and Joe Morgan. Law of Gravity Functions for Unlicensed Pilot NliW oni,I-:ANS. March 1H. — P»—A 113-year old youth who -snkl he was a former Civilian Air Pitrol aulel was held by Juvenile ai'lhorilirs loday for Ip.kinu nloft a private |)latic on an unauthorised Jtiyrldc—his Ihsl time at Hie con- tlol.s. Aullioril.lcs withheld Ihc youth's >'*mc. witnesses said the boy, who >ius bccn visiting the airport, hu*;^- rti Into the plane, owned by thc Power I!rak c Co., of Cleveland. O., Mirlcd the motor and gave the plane "the gun". Ignorlrg all wind current,"!. , Police received telephone calls from residents and businessmen reporting a "crazy plane flying over town." The youth headed back toward thc airport where conlrol lower nl- Iciidatils flashed landing Instructions. The boy cut his motor and glided In. the plane bouncing as 'he wheels hit thc runway. He crashed Into n runway Tight which kepi the craft from rolling Into Lake Poncharlraln. The youth not Injured. flat Lake Child Dies Funeral services were held this afternoon. 4:30 o'clock for Sandra Lorcnc Hipps. [ive-rtay-old daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hipps. who died this morning at the tom- N. Y. Stocks 2:M p.m. quolalinns; A T ,V T ................ A;ncr Tobacco ......... Anaconda Copper ...... Uelh Slecl ............ Chrysler ............... Coca Cola ............. Gen Electric lly home near Flat Lake. Rites were conducted at Funeral Home Chapel with the Kcv. F. W. Nash, paslor of the First Church of the Na'/.arcnc, officiating. Burial was at Memorial Park. 2840 2800 2800 oilier than her parents, she Is 3-183 3-i:i2 34(4 .survived by four brothers, James, 3284 3233 3i40 \Vcslt-y, Charles n'nd John and one 2985 2924 2C3G f lsicr, Honita. Holt Funeral Home 28M 2S.1S 2(1 'IS is in chiH'RO. Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . Holt N Y Central I:it HarvcslC]' North Am Aviation . Republic Steel .' ... H.icllo Socony Vacuum . Studcbnkcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Pi.rkard U R Klrrl 105 5-8 73 I -2 311 01 5-8 DS 1-4 151 1-2 35 3-8 53 57 1-4 18 80 1-2 10 28 1-2 8 7-8 14 1-8 21 3-4 63 7-8 . 58 3-4 1i 5-8 72 1-2 Circuit..Judge CliarlcK W. Light of Paragonld. A jury wns being .selected tills afternoon for Ihc murder trial ol Lucllc Pride. Negro woman, who is charued with hav- ng Killed another Nr-Rrrt Woman. iiesslc Simmons, In Wilson in June. Announcement was made voilcr- day nftonmrtn' Inn), ihe (rial if llclumt Ifalfncrc. 16. of Dvess.who c.harifPd willi having killed Ms father Inst. nrccmbcr. had bein poslnoncd for the court term. The case wa s delayed b-causc of tllncs sof his attorney. I3ru:e Ivv. Mr Ivy represented Ncuri defcnti- imts in two other murdnr caws which alro were postponed. •A miir^r charcc npnlnst RidiifV F.irmer. N"irro. was dismissed on ml.lon of tlie slale. Henry Johnson, NcRro, clm-nrod with rp-!n>ttint a, itarrb'lnq ;lnvir,e, •f-: flnrd MOO and court cn«ls. Carrcll Recce and Keith Muncy. who were charand with obtaining nion^y under fatso nretonses, entered picas of guilty. The court ^sr-rl thr> cnfic«? of |iid?ment. on condition that thev make restitution to the prosecuting witness. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS. March 18 (UP)—(USDAi Livestock: Hogs 8.1CO. salable 8,000; barrows and gills 50 to 7ic lower than Monday's average. Fairly active to all interests at the decline. Sows steady to 253 lower; bulk good and choice 170 lo 210 fcs. 27 lo 27.25; lop 27.25; 210 to 32i Ibs. 26.50 to Price of Wheat Goes Above $3 T' i • Figure on Futures Is Highest in ,U.S; Since World'Wdf. I T'l-; CHICAGO. Murcii, 18. ~ lU.P.T— Tlie price of wheat soared above M f^r Ihe first time In JO yents oil the Chicago Board of Trade, today. dcbDitc lighter «slrictlnii5 on speculations. . ' ' . • It was thc. fifth time in the board's 88-year history ,that wheat futures had passed-the-$3 mark. For months, brokers' have born trading in March wheat futur?s— wheat that has not ycl been Ri'own. Tn recent days, they h-tye found difficulty Mn .'getting the actual wheat lo meet the commitments. Trading In March wheat ends iu only five days, and as a result rf Ihc feverish buying ihe price has gone steadily upward. The price already lias been . 'flecled In the price a house must pay for n loaf of bread. In Chicago yesterday (he price of most bread went up one cent a loaf. Similar increases were noted. elsRwh'c'ro last wcek.j : Not since 1017, after Work! War T. had wheat futures rise-.i nbot'p S3. Wheat first lilt 'the $3 mark on may 8, 1317. On May 0 thc price rose to $3.07 to $3.14. The next day thc price range was S30R to $3.015. On Mny 11. It readied Ihc all-time high o," S3.2S e. bushel. Today's owning price was the highest since the record was set. After trading opened. shorts i traders who arc short or actual whcnl) found themselves unable to obtain It and bid the prico un to $3.05 n bushel for March delivery. Thc price rose as thr. mar- ...,, ...w. w , u oa. lu.-.. ™ nvery. me price rose as tnr. mar- 27; 130 to ISO Ibs. 2250 to 21.50: 100 | kct opened dcspilc the lightened lo 120-;*) pigs 19.EO lo 22: good 270 cm , a rcst ricttons imposed ycstor- to 500-lb. sows 23.50 lo 2450; heavier weights 22.SO to 23,25; stags IS.fO lo 20.50. Catlle 1.4CO. salable 4,000; calves 2.0CO. all sal&tlc; supply fairly liberal. Including about 40 loads of steers and running to a^jout 3o P?r cent of cows. iHelfcrs and light yearlings making up a liberal portion of receipts. Market moderately active and generally steady on All classes. A few loads of too medium to good steers 52.50 to 24 SO: medium to good heifers and mixed yearlings 17 to 23: few choice to 24.50; common and medium beef cows 13 to 15.50: odd head good around IB to 16 SO: canners rnllf-rs 10.50 In L',.50. day. 8'noi B'rith Presents , Radio for Use in 'Y' Boys and girls of tlie Blythevillc "Y" no have music In the I.- club room In City Hall through' the senernslty of the Blythevlllo chapter of B'nal B'rith. PrcsentaUon of a rarlio to ll;0 "Y" by that group was announced yesterday afternoon by J. P. Oarrott, "Y" secretary. Dr. Altrid Vise, ralsbl of Temple Israel here, presented the radio to the "V" 'on \._u-lf «r' ¥ ^r:ii/._ r A^MA t*in nt and I behalf of I. rniat n'rith Miller Lodge K32 fit

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