The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1947
Page 10
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: PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.? .COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 5 i^J 'Sleepy Little Town Ouf West Wakes Up With Sheepish Grin , l ELIZABETH, Colo., March 17.—.Roy Brown snld, were passed along (UP)—Grown-up folks in Elizabeth faster than the adult fire fighters acted a bit sheepish' today. This sleepy little town had an explosion and a fire yesterday and ' ju${ about thought the world was coming to an end. The school children did the most to put out the lire. A welding lank exploded in a garage. The garage burst Into flames and terror swept' the town. People began to run to the outskirts. Harold Hurdley, 17, standing across the street, said it was "just like the atomic boirib." Mrs. Ruth Bohlender, operator nt the telephone switchboard, a block and a half away, plugged emer- to Denver, 35 miles a dozen neigh bor- % . .'e nfet5d)help in a hurry or the vhole towtf will go up in flames," she pleded. "I can feel the heat from here and the flames arc get- ing closer.''' Her call brought: 1—Firemen find emergency squads from nearby towns rushing at desperate speed over snow- siushy roads. 2—nStar newspaper rei>ortsrs and photographers racing from Denver. 3—Scores of long distant phone calls from New York and California from worried relatives of Elizabeth resldents. The fire? Well, school children sparked a bucket brigade which put It out before it spread beyond the oarage. They waded into an icy lake and filled cream cans with water. The cans of water, Sheriff Read Courier rjews Want Ads. could use them. The Denver Red Cross, alerted to care for the dead and Injured, was notified that the garage was destroyed, but that the two mechanics Inside at the time of the blast had escaped injury. Total damage was estimated nt $25,000. When newspaper men and firemen arrived, they had to ask where the fire was. It was out. Maid of Cotton Leaves Memphis On Trip to Paris MEMPHIS, Tcnn,. March 17 (UP) .^Hilina Seay, 1947 maid' of cotton, left here last night en route lo Atlanta, Washington and Paris. The ninth maid of cotton, Miss Seay is the first to make the trip abroad. She will spend two weeks in Paris and on the Riviera. iMiss Seay, cotton's goodwill ambassador, already has visited six American cities. Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans, las Angeles, Phoenix and' Little Rock, and will continue her tour in this country upon her return from Europe. Tlic tour will be climaxed with an appearance at Che 'Annual Cotton Carnival here during May. About one-hall of the birds the world do not migrate. of Typical American' Is a'Quintet (!) Tall, thin- faced, narrow- Iieadtd, commonest In those of British extraction and typical , of the South. (2) Tall, like (1), but wider face and.held. Typical of Scandinavian extraction; common mainly In western North Central Stales. (3) Short type, \ ' • round-faced, with broad liead, (4) Short, like typical of Gcr- (3), but nar- manic, Russian rower face and and Slav extrac- head. Typical f,t lions. Common French ami Mcd- mainly In Middle itcrranean cx- Atlantlc and tractions and eastern North common In New Central States. England. THERE IS NO ONE "AMERICAN TYPE," BUT IF THERE WERE, HE MIGHT LOOK L|KE THE COMPOSITE ABOVE, MADE BY SUPERIMPOSING EACH OF THE FIVE ACTUAL TYPES (5) Unusually broad face, indicative at Indian admixture, common In Oklahoma and Texas. [NEA Newport! 1 The "typical American 1 ' you hear so rrruch about is five other fellows, according to findings of noted anthropologist Alice M. Brues, whose exhaustive analysis of U. S. soldiers' physical characteristics \vas recently-published in The American Journal of Physical Anthropology. She found no one American type, but did find the five types sketched above, characteristic of national backgrounds, ^ 15)47 The first, carrier jet fighter piano The new AAP'XI1-40 will liuvo' was the twin Jet FD-1 Phantom, four, jet propulsion engines. «il.^» < 1^ .y—•— •^.•-yi— flaketho DeSVotf -»^ by Karen DeWolf DI Unbilled by NEA SERVICE, INC. Tim STOHYl Slii'rrj- nnd Mntiii «t -« I'OIIEIKO iiiKft'ii'r Jil *mc of »ll>-'ivouir« I, HI, K I.I" >v fourlx. iHIlt I» »Il-c-lc run! KOIllilXIflLU'lI. She work* In :ui liisurnm'e office and *H mtikitu; 11 illriy fur litr married IHIK*, <!<-<ji-^c ilrolgirr*, Slier.«fr- - rl** iilinut Brotbrr*. Si with the *hri-r. tin; ru litH Jlu ii'x Irxt JLUNlrlii and Dn Ti x ivlni S:iml net In iikli-rrnt 111 frU-iiilly lo illrcct Mnrcltl Slom>, n Jiitnl- »t»Mlvonuni -Mlii» llvr* next ihmr, i* alno M K<H|«1 trlflul. Mumt K<u-s itlt wltk ««H>rKe llrotlirrH null Slierry I* - hcnrllmiUcu. It In Kits ivliu comfurta ncr. 01 ix *'WHOEVER'S going out tonight r " better get a loaf o( bread," Sherry told them, "ov tliero won't .be any toast for breakfast." p Sanrtvo said, "Tony is going out with the blonde." f- Sherry opened the bedroom door fc'bit and called in without looking h "Tony, can you get a loa£ of white bread without ruining youi impression on the blonde"?" j tTony said, "Sure. I'll get it be- f fore>I get her." £—I Kris stretched on the davenport * atttfflooked over the top of, his book. W Sherry shut the door. ' "?¥> P Sandro said, "Now I will help you with, the dishes." ....,.,_. 1 t Sherry laughed. ij'i.'Gsf f "They're done, you idiot! Whili you. were studying your lines." \ "Line," Kris corrected. "Qni lino." I Sherry bristled defensively ."Theie's one in the last sequence too." I 'She moved a floor lamp nenrc .the fire and sat down and starlet 'darning socks. ! Sandrb saiil, "What do yo' •.think,: Sherry? Should I read i ,'Djd SOMEbocly call me?' or 'Di somebody call ME?'" ) Sherry smiled. " IHd somebod •eall me?' Sandro, just natural! like that." Tony came out of the bedroom oking very nice. "For Pete's snke stop worrying jout it!" he said to Sandro. "The ircctor'll tell yuu what'to do. He •on't expect an actor to think." Sherry said "Take your topcoat, ony. It's cold os Greenland." Tony looked doubtful. "The cuds are frayed." "Then take it off when you get ut of the car. Tell her you're too •arm and lock it in the rumble eat.'! ^ . Tony put on the topcoat. After he \vns gone Snndro said, I Uiink I will go to bed. My call s for half-past eight with inake- p." Sherry said, "The shirt's in the op 'drawer on your side." Sandro thanked her and kissed icr good night • • • VTfHEN they were alone Sherry " turned to Kris. "You're mean to ride him. It's tis first good bit." Kris snorted, and continued reading his book. Sherry looked at Kris for a min- ife and thought of the night he tad held her while she cried. After the first few horrible days she had' begun to tell herself tha Mona would come back after all [hat she would let Brothers buy her a lot of clothes and tilings tha she wanted, and then, when he returned to town, Mona wouli come back to Hidden House. But the weeks had passed dul nnd rainy, and there had been n word. Brothers was back now Sherry had called him and askcc for Mona's address. He had said "Why, my dear little girl, I don' know what you're talking about! And Sherry had known then tha Mona did not want to see her. J was really all over. Marcia had been away, slill wa for thai •tatter, and little by llttl Sherry Mad grown nearer the boy: There was no silly romance nov he told herself. She did not fancy erself in love with any of them, hey were just good, kind, nlYcc- onatc brothers to her. They could ever talic Mona's place, of course, ut they occupied her thoughts, csiclcs, they needed so much done or them. Gradually Sherry had tukcn ver the running of their house, nd with the cleaning, cooking and owing she kept busy. Of course :ic hoys helped, too; they could 11 cook and insisted on doing the eavy cleaning. Sherry could not eel lonely when she was with icm; although there were nights vhen she still cried herself to sleep n Hidden House. * * • CHERRY looked up suddenly to sec Kris staring at her. She said, "Why arc you looking t me?" Kris said, "I was thinking I'd ivobably many you when you grew up." Sherry laughed. "I'm quite. grown up now. You three are the mcs who need a mother!" Kris smiled and would have aid something only Sandro came out of the bedroom with a purple irocaded lounging robe over his >a jamas. Kris raised his eyebrows and icld his underlip with.,1m teeth. He said, "Whoops! Did somebody call me?" and slapped his own wrist. Sandro said, "There is no use of me trying to sleep." Ho picked up his script again and sat down nnrl Vjeyan lo read it studiously. Sherry watched him with a little smile. It was the first time a bit of Sandro's had warranted his having a script. Her smile faded when she remembered the night she and Sandro had rushed to the boulevard to sec the picture in wbich he had spoken his first line. They had held hands and waited breathlessly lor the scone. It had been cut out. Sherry knew how heartbroken Sandro had been beneath his smile. She had (old him, though, that since the line had been in French, it would not have done Uoa any good with the producers anyway. He had brightened at that, but Sherry had had her first taste of the tragedies of a career. (To Be Continued) Save Money Today, Any Day STOP AND SWAP iXBF.RT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 E. Main Phone S59 You Must Be Happy or No Deal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert- Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. 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SURE CftM TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF BUT We K\ISS HIM — ITS LIKE:' LUMBAGO L6A\'ESYOU/ AS S ADAS THE UTTL& TIP THE CAUOE 60T WE SC6MT/ -VIC'FLINT HAD COME HOME. AM' IT'S JUST A BLOWN NEWSPAPER OM MV ALARM SYSTEM. '_> WHY MOTHERS GET GPVW ^ ,„, „„,„.,„ „ , .;„, . £ STARING INTO SPACE, SPEAK OR SHOW 5ISNS OF RECOGNITION: ,„ IT MIW REBEL AT T VOl) MEAN 'MLONSED E«p.TIOM5,\SORTOFA ANP IN DEFENSE, SET UP J STUPORiSUK? A STATE OF CEREBRAL / TOU THINfc INACTIVITY ! / WE'5 SUFFERIHG FROWAHERTOUS BREAKDOWN? I WOULDN'T SAN PERSISTENT NEURASTHENIA...WORE OF AHERYOUS FMI60E. OFTEN QUICKLY REPMRED B') REST THIS LETTER. THAT JUST CMS FROW KR1NGL6. EAS 1 *! H.VAV3E IT'S ABOUT EXTENDING LOTS NOTES! \f TOU'D READ IT RED RYDER Till They Meet Acain «Y V. T, HAMLIN f PERSONMLY, MR. BORGEsX ' IF t WERE WXNGTHIS MURDER 1 YOU H.WE IN MIND, I'D INSERT THIS 5N ME VEHOM IK A CIGARtT.' ^TME ATrACKON THE VASOMOFOR x .SYSTEM IS SWIFT, AND DEATH ^— 1 CERTAIN. AND, • ^*. / I MISHT ADO, DIFFICULT JO DETECT. Ou the Hook $5,OOO, BORGER.'AfTfR All, THE IAOY YOOWftNTITfOR IS TRYING TO NICK YOU FOR SlOO.OOO.' 1 SAW PARROT PUTTING SOME OF THIS ANTI-VENIN INTO SOME CIGARETS. BUT NOW HE'S SEIUN6 BORGER A IITTIE BOTT16 OF OUSTING PO\VDER BY M1CHAKL O'MAI,I,KY and RALPH I.ANE KWi£ fiEU erRCJSGlES W/ftA'tl .vo^ar ~ x»c£ rt'Wio.o eeSB M l>t>0;lTlM,n T3E6CAFZA* Z> tV^S roij'u rtEVER srop HV-\ wilri Trt-vf Kl^D O' SHOOTiS)'-' tf* OOP Be Nice, Son NO GOLOA.NGED WES, BUT WHEN YOU "HI.GABE" SWEET-SMEU.IN 1 ) MADAME BONAPARTE, VOU'RE ASKING FOR TROUBLE! NOT ONLV IS SHE THE FIRST LADY - FRANCE.SHE'S REALLS' QUITE A GAL! DANDV CALLS ME A CIS AN' KEEPS HIS I RECOMMEND, / AW, NUTS! THERE \ COL. OOR • I HER WISH HEREAFTER VOU V AIN'T GONNA BE I SIR. OUR > IS VOUR ADDRESS HEg~ V, MO HERE- /HOSTESS V COMMAND! I AS JOSEPHINE THE ( AFTER! I'M... I V/iGHES VOUR X INCOMPARABLE, ORSOMH OTHER FLAMBOYANT APPELLATION! PRESENCE? Irpi .v.;.n4 W3jt BOOTS AND OKR RT.TDDTF»S A Hig BY EDGAR MART)* ivY.TtV.V- - VSUftT H\GH SCHOOL! 0 0

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