The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1947
Page 9
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_MQNDAY, MARCH 17, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fem?J? u per " n * rt " «"««"». m- Mluiirunn] Ohkrg« .... 1 tta, oer liot .I *»' ;| time, per Utie J,r dirZ—V l" J Umej i)«r line per d j, 'jj u tlrar.s iicr Hue ner rtsy ?J 1J times per line per <l»y _.i; O c Month per Hue _ one Count five average wordi"To"ii;"|ii lc . ,.^ d ¥¥'?* for lbree or slx «'"« «ml itrancd before e lu | r atlon will be chare- til for the number of times the ad au- l>M«d and adjustmcrie of bill made • ,;:". Olassltled Advertising cony sun- S I ™, b ? y"""' s "*U\,iK outsideV tlie city, must be accoinyatiied by c»sb Kate* msy be easily comniited Irom the above table, i ^ Advorllslng order for Irregular luser- tlonjj lakes the one time r»t«. i responsiblllly will I/a taken (or tlla! l O11B incorrect Insertion of any For Sale ITav.i buyer for your home n 0 Untnliell Plione- <18 -- 2030. Office 1^0 Koiilh Keronil. 1012-ck-lf HJUVCI.r.S AND CHAIN 1>](1VKN TlflKKS — Jnst reci.-ivc.l-see ll,ese toiluy—first conic, first scrveil r'irc- slnno Slore. 207 tf. Jlnin. S| — A beautiful sclerllon of combination and tabTe model radioa "° w , i" -f. 10 ^' No «"'"' ° r Kround needed. Pireslooo Slore. 207 W Main. IKI /Fpvt llat(eric'j». also battery recfiarniiiB nnd reliiilldEne. Austin's liattc-ry Shop, -lor, K. \Mno St. For Salt Haby Chicks—Custom hatching. High grade I'ullorum Controlled Chicks Unit arc hatched her.e Started Custom hutching $3.51) per hundred eggs sol. RIaylock Hatchery, North 61, phone 3172. :i ami EoflneM arc reneive.l in rut-s lined with Finn l-'oam. oV.ll Vii inl \Ult|,ap..r Co. 5:7-ck'. 7 X i-'O. 1000 \ -Uh Sit'. 1 l°l"on', I M:i!k cultivato . a ,,, y O'STEEN'S STUDIO 3111-rlMUI room house, w |u, L»l1i. M r< j.,,]. Wells. 109 DonB.ii. l'li,,no -jons o pr; IITO or.k-rs. J'nnl llyteim. lllyll.ovill,.. Jl rk j 1-l-rk.lf TIlARTOIt TIHES — TIio now tiro thai IMiir*. t>nl cleans, out wears any oilier tractor tire made. Yi n mount and do- Hvr-r to farm. Firestone Store 207 vV. J '»ln. 2112-ck-lf an.iiil! 12 am! r-q Htr>n\ or call 23 rut. Monr.' Ur TIHERI T1RKSI TIRES? Jiuf received nzes GOO .X IS. 700 X 10. 050 X IS 700 x 15. 4 and 0 |,ly tires. Also the fainoni slu.lded ground cri|>s in sizes 600 * 17 am] 600 * 1C. Wo deliver n,l mount. Firestone Storo 200 W. Main. [12-ck-tf Counter ico cream freezer will, CO Kill, lianlenr-r, ivilli good mil uuoti II 1. King. Manila. Ark. 2|2l°uk-3!21 For Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO Strawberry Dlanls. Mario liar Uiic^nyjMvtjn. Phono 3710. ilsli M71!> 3I5.|>V-4|5 ^1A IsABY CHICKS ~~ Ill-oil,1. l,ir;l, l,r,,l for lieavy layers. A .-ra.plele Inin ,,t ,„,„], ry foe.l. I,.. v is I'oilllry, -H9 Knst Main, plioiu, 919 ___ _ 3ll3.rti.20 700. Dimiette iiil.l-nli-20 <: Allin qimlm/rr^itl, B ,a rlC r „„,! lis.-l.lR rnllii-alnr mid planlcr. listers an. I lirealvevs. I \VO Allis Chalmers wllli rnlliviiliir anil disc. 1 p.! » p nr . nitill with Olllival'.r. llrnry's Carafe. aornss from Dlyllirvillo Oil Mill Ph. " :> aeres land fonrc',1 with nice home. 1'arn. luraltrj- lir.i.sos. oilier mil Unilil- mi:*, lias fmit and permi Ire^R Five Mnrl;s frnrd Main Rl Pri.-o ?f)500 r. rnnin< an.l l.alli. l,.iid,voo,l f] 0 , )rs '| 0 . fill 0.1 nn Duniian Streel. TlIA 1'ricc ?''r,lll). Terms. Pmall hnmi. 14 l.lnrk from 5!ain Klreel liri.'e.l S2:iOO. Small driu-r, iCTvml-nl, l,:il;in<-e lil:p rent. ,1 r<inni5 and liaMi. in nooil repair. 1'rirc W,' al^o have sn]n<* nice .tnmll 'farms f"r snle. iv<-ll Inciili-d. liialilv i.n-.rov «1. Small down iiariiii-nls. Vnn'jrivl! ! lodiolej nn some. .See us If vci ed a It,une or farm. l.ullier ttrnv. lirally. 51^ llcvl ll,,««. S:i),.sninn I'lione n:,OS Offi,-e \vil!i W M. Williams Ins At Phono. 2751 1 lulosl tvpo H .Mm Deere. Iran" tor, will, nil inniroveiiiPtiH. lii-litii an.l Marter. -1 .sel.s ?at<- trtie tno.Jet A ruf- tivntiir.s. Phone (ir<;>. 1 l-ck-21 I.alc model II I'arinall traplor n-iit.lle •.nslcr. (hrc. ni .,l culljvnlnr 31.1 S. afli-r 0 ji.m. 1 l.jit. 11 ! MKItCllAXTS Invi! avnil»l,le for liunirillolp ArHrerr one new 11M7 12-foot DonM^ |),,|y Meat Case. Wione Dell Scoli :ioir. ' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' OOURIBR NEWS Services SPECIAL SALE > * QUALITY BA»Y CHICKS •) ^ Our huxlcy quality chicks ara br«l •. f for llvalllltr and fo.1 8 ><i w th. . «T PLACE YOUR ORDER MR1YJ t K. ASHCEAFT CO 1-a Block South of Dep 4 romn Inmynlo c. 1711 Ly Die ow psl Vino. Help Wanted ^'an for yi>r<t and ciir maul strviccs. Year Oo.u! .f,,r/i,«h<.,l livi. nay for ri^lil i>crs Derirncccl. Cnn iitn ^""'p-,/ 1 !!" 10 r>TI) Mo. P.O. Hnx 251S. on ,,-ork wifo for 'round |,osilion*. lc .iini-tori,. K nV,,l n^. Must lit rx- wliilc or cr.1ori-il OS5 - ^«°»» One tree will rrmko a million matches, but one matcll can destroy a million trees. ronm linnst' ^'itli ^uinll nrronun plo in. \SV imvo Fonio vnnint lols suitnljlo f,,r rpsiiifnl liuiMinsr 1.1^1 your iirnp- iTty \villi inn f,.r qn!<-V anli-s Ori-r>r •Mcxinilor. 107 Wcsl Milin. iilinno B3G. lilylliovillc. alM-c W. C. Allis Hlialnier witli barter, l,L'l,1s. innver lift husler.s. cnltivalor ]>oj;»-.iod Plldile on lli'iihway fl'l's^nlli or rail 737. . 3U4-[it-2 I lire lot fnr a home 1 and a trnoit Ine.i- Uni! prlee jcni) will, nhslrae, lille. W. M. Burns. Realtor, riion- mfil. 10"? "R" Knrmr\ll. ' . . !-'-. .»•! r-oniliH'iTi H (' ^t Plri>!,\ 51,1. Will roll BTIV pinaU Innch Rlan.l and .rroeerv store. I.»'SB. See Pnnl Rnl.hiii*. or, 'nv'i'u Cleaners. Manila. Ark. 3!12-u!:-l9 p-ncrr-; — l.onlln rr-nifort nn.l slvlo foiinil in Sponger Cor^otc n*>'1 f'.i). imrn. Po^ ni.|>ointnionl "ll -181. Mrs. -Tnlin IT. T.onp. Sp^nror l>pnl-r M.-lin Kl. l>h. Srioi. llro lc A S13.75 per hundred, .lim n S1oro. 3|5-ck-lf r'lcrlric rrtnKO. radio. Inr^e find smnll oil lirnlfr. kilchpn table and chnira roal nnd woo,l oilier houfchold ifoms. 1'hotip. 3SOO. 3l6-tk-20 1 Vilclion rnliinr't. 5 bnrnpr quick-tiloal cil stovr. rhrnmo finish !,ri\Tkf.>^l rorvni snile . f.M Xor|h Rroailw-^y. I'llonr. S9S. 3H7-I>>1-20 VI Truck Tires! 750x20, S25x20, 000x20, 1000x20—all sizes passenger car tires —new batteries to fit any car. Shclloii IMolor Company, 121 W. Ash Sf. Phone «8. 3-l7-ck-20 GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! * CALL 501 C. L. NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Richelieu Foods Fresh Vegetables Best Cut Meats NO Extra Char fie for Delivery! Loans DO TOO NERD A I.OAN1 To ,nsure an,l (inanco a no* or nse,i ear. truck r,r tractor, in ArVansa, or Musouri. see ,is. Low rate. You'll like service. Also VITA Loans an.l 4% F»rra Loans, and individual real estate loans. United /nsnranco Ate-lcy orisr Gnarcl'» Jeivclrj- Store iilionr QUICK Our Radta Repairs arc quick and our workmanship finer than anywhere WE REPAIR ANY MAKE— ANY MODEL Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First i DO YOU NEED A LOAN? j To insure and finance a new or j used car, truck or tractor, in Arkansas or Missouri, see us. Low [ rates. You'll like our service. Also PHA Loans and 4% fnrm loans, [ ana Individual real estate loans. I UNITED I INSURANCE AGENCY Over Cinarrl'3 Jewelry Store Phone 510 local A Long Distance Mnvlnj a«lp u* «n.ey «n«d Cootrmct H.oll »nd HlK. SuMcM. ROM B<rrln k Blonn Bi Fkon. 2801 For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogdcn Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. TARBRO, ARK. Phone 727 Before and After? Exactly—because many a battered and shattered fender brought to us has emerged from our shop smooth, shining and strong again. It's only one of many auto repair services w handle. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevillc, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 In » -"**« u» rvnuidVB, AIM i«ui "lA " '• i> lrku ¥ ""l *•»••< ^iH(lliOvi|[o Miehln* B*op. 0LT-*Mt List you I- properly with u,s. everything In..-.. OKAV. HK.VLTV I'Juojn M:l HKlt'r IIOSS. SA1.1IKM V>f . I'h.Mif :l.vw >,,!!, \y M William, tin. A s ,.y. !l!ll-i>k 1111 AQEHCY MONEY 'ro LOAN Do ytni need • loan to repair nr remodel? No down pny- mcnt, no mortgage, no red 1'ipe. KHA iipprovcil rate G % . Ask for detalla. Bt»» Logan, R«nUor, phone 2034. Lynch 131ilg., Hlythctill*. 9-28-ck-tt For Rent Largo r>r sinnll lipdroorn. Strain I I. Semi-private balli. Call 2200. 11-uk-lS rooms. I'll. 2QOU. front I..-.It.:,),,, inljoiiilnit baili Adiihi onlv. BIS. C'lilchnmiwlia. aiM-iik-21 Dt-drooni 1109 Chtckasawka. riiDim l!«7. r > Ctinifortabtc LcUroom. Catl 2G75 r'ront Lcilraoin, cntriinrn. Work- i;i|t coniilo imfcrruil. Kitolicn tiriv- ilpfi-j ontionitl. S17 Clilclosjwljii. Moilcrn, ' '2 rimm fiiriHshnd nn.irliurjit Conpl,, only. I'll. f»«5 or 2::0:*> Rci\a Courier News Want Ads. Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway Gl. Phone H785. 2-2fi-pk-3-2(i Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 ])ay, 2059 nite. 2-28-ck-4-l Designs liave been completed for nn "electropiilt" capable of launching largest existing airliners in 500 feel, with n. 120-mph tnkcofr. Tlicy now need 4000 feet. OM koiliks ami cnmcris fnr carl' 0''s Sturlio. 3|11.5k-.||-n "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious - •<••• BONNIE BUTTERED V STEAK SANDWICH 250 BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3fi47 Seo us for mi estimate before you have your irnclor pvcrhnuled. We spc«ialtz» "i si cam cleaning ,mit pninlinsr. Klcctrie urn! ucut- .vonc welding. Knssell 1'lnilips Tractor Co. Hiwny 61 South, Phone 2171. '-'-l-ck-lf |,| ! i.|,.rl l . B nnd block | ri j.| r , B , V rlto • '. H.vpi.or Kl(«lo. 11«.. Ilo» mi 0 pk-'JO ,. ' ."'''"•• >'"'"• miiillr «OW|IIB '» m»l W. • Bycmn prlcm. S[2a-uk- 1'nmlin.r and paper lianKinjf. ^Vo^k Kimrantvcd. Jt i ! i 3 7-] lni:. nUor»ll,>iM nnd ii.wWnrk lrs. llcrllo u, llnwdi, hlicmo nilllll, ' 3!fl nk'-22 Wonferf «o n|.i\rliiinul, Xo . prrniniu'lit rlill.lrou no Business Opportunity J,, r rUnvlal rrnnrlil.,. ufforlnc l,l iu.n.nklllt.11. S ,,, Bl | | 11V( ,,|. L-iiinl ri'turilN. Pcrllia»rnt Inul- ri''' «v. Tli,. K,-li«rt,. r (•„. ' Oltl Anuc nn Hits IJonler NEWPORT, VI, (UP)—Ml'S. J. A. Bnnlnls, 80. lives In the ncnrby Cniiiidiiiii border villKRo nf Uccbi;, Qiti 1 .. with her mother, Mrs Kmmn Moir, 103. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sin T. L. MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3G.J7 We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet * New Soles * New Heels for old shoos HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. Fuitftitidl FARM LOANS / Fat* AppnJwl / Profapt SwU* RAY WORTH! NGTON Scrrlns This Section for Zl Year« 115 Bo. 3rd nij-thetllle, Afk. TUDC lii Frutlentiiil rrocrum Sunday at 4 p.m. over >VKI!O for Hire 'Irnctor hfenklni; |ilnw. boilillni: plniv, <ll«c. furr.nv. Call It. II. ^Vnllaci-! I'lmno M:M, siid-nk-ano PRFSCR3PTSOWS Fresh 'Stock Gunrnntccd TJcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores WE HAVE A CREW OF/ CAR TROUBLE •'' DETECTORS - AND A \ CREW OF EFFICIENT MECHANICS / DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" UOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA and REMINGTON FOKTABI.K 110 N.'SECOND ST. PHONE 3383 < Every Transaction MUST BE BATtSFACTOBY) iHI^HHHHHIIHHHHBHiHH RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types E tccpt Canter) DRS. NIES & NIES Cllntr, B14 Bhln, Hlylb'Bville, Ark., Phonn 2921 Ffowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 491 nnd your order will bo on It's wny In record time. Our Floral Arran s cmenls tell a complete story ^FLOWER SHOP i>i ^nT' T ' D ', Scrvlce J ' Vie "Oliver Anywhere ». •»«•" Olcncoo It's all a matter of sound training and constant experience—and our crew have both behind them. When they tackle the checkup your car needs you're getting "specialist" consultation. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BdlCK—Service U - S; Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walrrat & Broadway Telephone 553 RM DITCHS DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE -ROADS ° OR ANY EXCAXWriON. 3. J:COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD&. BLYTHEVILL§ ARK. PAGE Ask My Wife HowMuch_Gas Wo satisfy every type of motorist—In the better gnKoUno vuluca, Un«r service, lower prices H'<: offer them. Whether they drire up front (or as in the case above), from I lie back scat, motorists will find • quality, about our service lliat gtiflrantec* smooth-; er driving, economical nigkoring.'." : LOY EIG'H CHEVROLET CO. Z Wreckers Trvnco l'ri>diii' Phone 578 21 Ur. Service; Selberllns; Tlrw I FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L, NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans Fhortc 635 EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas 7OD4Y -.-• -.-. IMPORTANT! Save yoiir present cnr ' . "', Hxiicrl Mciihniilcnl Survlco . ' Alumllo Oil mid l.ubrlctiiits •' « ' .•. Yes, wt! wash ami j; r <;.ise cnrs (uol •-' . motors? We Iinre new mnfors • Overhaul or rebuild (hem Tires am! Tubes . M Oli, Yes, Wo pnlnt Cars Tonl "Kcpair nml Ilclbilsli all Loillcs .v Charge Batteries " T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY 'Ark.-Mo. Slate Line flL-'..^ filE on the left at the Arch rnOflC 71 J J4 rt. pt : 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 Kinsey. 1.35 2.65 Schcnlcy 1.35 2.65 Philadelphia 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers .'; 1.35 265 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 Old Taylor 4.35 Four Roses 2.85 Mh 4-15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.4Q 6.90 4.50 v . Bccr per case $3.35 GAS ' rc 9 T6.8c;. Ethyl 18.8c Cigarettes pcr carfOB $1 45 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS (.'ootl Old I'aul BY MERRn-L BLQSSK? FRECKLES, WHAT ARE YOU OOIM&? i Jusr WAN.MA ADMIRE SOMETHIMG- THAT USES GASOLINE IMSIBAp OF HAY/

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