New York Herald from New York, New York on July 10, 1921 · 53
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New York Herald from New York, New York · 53

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 10, 1921
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URGES SAFE OF REALT Former Register [ Whatever Appea to Insure Thei T? tki. R**v Est at* Editor or Th* Nr.r Tor* Hrrald: A short time ago, whtn looking up data for a little story about the Harlem Commons, I wrote'to th* Department of Education at Albany for some Information. I was told that the information could not be had, as the records were destroyed In the Assembly lire in 1*11. I had occasion too to write to Washington for some Harlem Information, which I received, and shortly after, I read In the newspapers of the destruction by Are of some of the old census records, which cannot he restored, as thers were no duplicates made. Every big company?life Insurance, railroad, title insurance, &c.?nowaday* not only has duplicates of Its records made, but keeps these duplicates In some place of safety, generally tat some fireproof building In another city from the home office, and sometimes In a special building built on an Isolated plot of ground In a entail village. It is said that one of the title companies of this city has duplicate records in Baltimore and a third set In Connecticut No effort whatever appears,to be taken with pub-' He records to prevent them from destruction by fire. What Other Cities Have Done. When I was Register of New York county I corresponded Tdlth the Registers of Chicago, San Francisco and Jacksonville and asked them what effect, the destruction of their publlo real estate records had had on business In their cities. The Chicago Register wrote me as follows: "The great expense to the real estate owners after the fire was of course In restoring the evidence that they had. The .abstract companies managed to save enough of their plants so that by combining all the plants In existence before the fire they had, or olalmed to have had, a complete set of books and record* Their prices Immediately raised and millions of dollars have been expended since then by real estate own where the largest number of people are found. A distance of 100 feet often determines the value of the location. And to force a business section Into favor is rarely successful. This was apparent thirty years ago In the attempt to make Railroad avenue opposite the station a business centre. The person who conceived the Idea sold out at the first opportunity. and those who were left were saved by the telephone. The proximity of a railroad station has never been desirable for business. Next came an attempt to make the new Town Hall In 1909 a business centre, followed by the post office In 191B. But these attempts have not succeeded In rlvlnr an activity to what ! often termed downtown real estate. The disposition is to locate north of the oentre of the avenue. That 90 per cent, of the population lives north sf| the Boston Feet road must have had It* fofluenpe. Down town real estate I* not undesirable for any reaeen It almpTy ha? not yet come Into Ita own. Greenwich avenue Is not lonff enough to meet the demands of business In the next decade. It will find Its way Into aide streets. As a place of residence Greenwich Is fenerally regarded as the most desirable suburb of New Tork, and Its development has scarcely begun. Many hundred acres within a mile of the town hall will come into the market for residential altes. And this may be one of the facta responsible for the present boom. Building In Greenwich has made progrtae In the last six years In suite of depression, end will undoubtedly oon- j tlnue In the future with even more re-' pidltjr. A era tvr auouauuj ui utio. An act of tha Legislature wai passed, as you have noted, authorising the reatoratlon of evidence of title by proceedings of court, and this was availed of to a great extent, but of course at a . great expense." The San Francisco Recorder said In a letter to me: "The official records were, In effect, all destroyed. Some txooks were saved, but these, since they constituted only a broken chain of evidence, were of little value. An emergency measure (the McEnerney act) for the establishment of titles was enacted by the State Legislature. About thirty-live thousand suits have been ATM under this act and some thousands are still to be filed. It Is estimated that proceedings under this act alone will cost the people from 12.600,000 to $8,000,000. "As you will readily understand, there REALTY BOOM IS ON IN GREENWICH, CONN. Observers Ponder Over Marked Development on Town's Main Business Artery. The recent upward trend In the value of real estate on Greenwich avenue. In Greenwich. Conn., the town's main business thoroughfare, has caused much discussion as to Its cause. There have been a number of sales of large buildings recently and there Is a boom apparent, but Its cause Is not so clear. During the past five years. It Is 6ald, there has bean little Increase in the population of the town. And yet statistics at the town hall show the growth has been healthy. This condition Is refleoted in the number of houses built, and yet It la not an absolutely fair criterion, as most of the new houses are larae. ac eommodatlng small families, while people in more moderate circumstances are living In more crowded quarters than formerly. However, the following table tells Its own story: Number Houses Number Tear. On Grand List., Built. 1014 3.830 Jfttft 3,ess 12S lOlfi 4.087 82 1917 4,121 84 1018 4.170 49 1019 4.183 13 1021 4.840 197 ivtsl built In six years 910 These houses are scattered over such a large territory that construction In Sound Beach and East Port Chester, two of the (%iburbs of the town, can hardly Influence property values In a place so remote %a Greenwich avenue, but the concision can scarcely be maintained when the Improvement In local stores, both in number and stock. Is considered. The Increase In trsffle on the avenue wtthln six years Is apparent and signifies an increase In business. The Ktissel A. Cowles enterprise, which includes the old Pickwick Inn Building, Pickwick Candy Shop, New England Motor Sales Company Building and the magnificent hotel building known as the Pickwick Arms, corner of the Boston Post road and Greenwich avenue, have doubtless had their effect If In no other way than In the Improved appearance of the upper end of the street. No one Individual has ever expended such a large amount of money In the Improvement of property In the business section as Mr. Cowles. Business must be better, according to tti? fintnlnn nf f"l f**n Ahasm'srs GUARING. Y RECORDS declares No Effort rs to Be Taken ir Preservation la no way to arrlva at an even approximate estimate of the direct coat to the people of the destruction of the official records. The total cannot be less than several million dollars. That the loss of these records also resulted In great Inconvenience. loss of time, anxiety and some litigation, must be readily apparent to you. All told, the loss of our official records was In Itself no small disaster." The Jacksonville answer was similar. Index Made Here Ten Years Ago. When we recall the millions of deeds, mortgagee, da, of this city, housed In the heart of each borough and representing more than 110,000.000,000 worth of property, which are liable to be destroyed at any time, we ought to make some provision for the safekeeping of these records. About ten years ago the Legislature ordered an Index of the real estate In Bcruiuems oj new ror? county to oe made. My predecessor started making this Index and It was finished during my term of office. Incidental to this Index work duplicate abstracts of every Instrument were made. These abstracts contain all the principal points of the original Instruments. I established the practice of abstracting the current work In the same way so that duplicate abstracts are now always up to date. My correspondence with the cities where fires had occurred and public records destroyed. Impressed on me the urgent need of preventing such a catastrophe happening In this county. I made arrangements with the Water De- i partment to make alterations in an abandoned stone building In the Catsklll Watershed, a building used by the engineers In making their surveys but now no longer needed. In order to have no delay as to an appropriation for the work, the needed < funds (only about $3,000) were saved 1 out of the appropriation for the work of i the Register's office. Precautionary Work at Standstill. j The abstracts were boxed, estimates ( obtained for the steel cases to contain them and even a tentative arrangement , made to haul the abstracts from the Hajl of Records to the Catskllls. The alterations to the building and all of the other arrangements would not have cost over the $3,000 saved. Unfortunately for the project my term expired before It could be consummated. The boxed abstracts remained in the Register's office. ; After the Are last January, which destroyed the old census records, I called attention to the fact that no provision was being: made to preserve the duplicate abstracts of this county. Re-', cently: X understand, the Register of this county?after three and a half years of delay?has sent these duplicates to the Ashokan Watershed for storage. John J. Hopper. THIBK CORDITIOHS . FAVOR BUILDING S. "W. Straus & Co. Attest Faith jn Construction by Confirming: to Make New Loans. That fundamental conditions are favorable to building operations. Is indicated by the attitude of S. W. Straus A Co., who report that they continue to provide capital for building purposes when the borrowers comply with the requirements and safeguards set up by the lending institution. With the underwriting of a first mort- | gage 6 per cent, bond Issue of $450,000 . on a new office building In Chicago S. j W. Straus A Co. have rounded out ap- ; proximately $10,000,000 in new building loans recently made in various parts of the country, the larger share of which ) have been on residential structures. The new loan in Chicago Is made on the Emerman store and office building, which wl!! be erected at once. In commenting on the building situation S. W. Straus A Co. say: . "We have attested our faith in the building situation In this country by the continuous loans we are providing on new structures where the borrower Is able to comply with such requirements as we believe necessary 10 safeguard completely the Interests of the bondholder and make ample and adequate provision for the payment of principal of the debt and the interest thereon. "There Is no fundamental reason why building operations in a large way should not go forward While construction work has been conducted this year on a scale of considerable magnitude, taking Into consideration the operations throughout the country, the housing shortage Is still alarming. Our American cities have continued to grov? and develop no matter what general conditions havs been, either domestic or worldwide, and, with the upbuilding of these cities and communities there la an ever present demand for new building. "It Is the policy of this house to do what Is possible, consistent with sound business practice. In assisting In the upbuilding of the nation through providing funds for buildings. We are happy to say that we havs found the present season productive of many rplendld opportunities for underwriting building loan^ which comply with our requirements. In our opinion the general situation. so far as building work goes. Is improving and we anticipate considerable activity between the preeent time and the cloae of the building season." Tralle Enhances Ad Ave. Corner. Ameq A Co. have leased the ground I floor store In #34 Third s venue, north- I west comer of Fifty-sixth street. It Is i Interesting to note the rapid growth of ( this section, which previously catered to men's wesr. hut Is now fast becom- | Ing * ladles' Wear suction and is ex- r tending southward with rapid speed. , The growth at this point Is eredtud to * the enormous trade arriving from Long Island over the Fifty-ninth ftreet ; (Queenrfboro) Bridge, with the Bloom- ( Ingdele department store the centre of attraction. The lessee of the store Is f .Taeob CJoldsteln, who operates a chain of millinery stores. Bronx Transections. F Samuel Marlon and M. A. Voxel sold t the five story thirty family spartment, t 75x100, at 1707 Nelson avenue, to T.outs ' o Bregman. J. Clarence Pa vie* sold to Louis Wler- o nlk the lot. 25x15. at the northeast corner p of Washington avenue and 155th street, upon which the purchaser will erect a p two story business hulldlng. s > 1 6 THE Owned by mares aareaaaa " FORTY -THREE PROFE BOUGHT THIS APARTN RAID $2,000 DOWN a/ No class, perhaps, has felt the pinch of the housing shortage and Its attendant period of high rents quite as acutely as the self-supporting professional women and their dependents. Home ownership In the city for such as these has been well nigh an Impossibility until recently, when a few groups of realty operators have managed to convert old houses into comfortable apartment suites and have sold them on easy terms to men and women with from $1,000 to $2,000 to Invest. Under this cooperative plan the buyer pays a nominal rent of from $50 to $60 and Is thus able to live In Manhattan and reach their place of business without enervating and exhausting rides twice a day on the city's fearfully overcrowded transit lines. Such a project as this Is being completed at 343-319 East Fiftieth street by a group operating under the name of the Beekman Hill Cooperative Association, Inc. Under the direction of Charles A. Duke, the architect, the inNo Troubl jS* ' - 5> 9" "1 ? , > t - . * ' *' I 1 / . , . ' > ^ * COOPERATIVE AP/ COLUMBIA HEIGHTS. Brooklyn Heights is soon to have a cooperatively owned apartment house, said to bs the first structure of its kind, old ontlrely from plans, in the borough of Brooklyn Approximately 60 per cent, of the space In the building has already been sold and the venture has proved to satisfactory that Its sponsors, CaryHarmon Co. Inc.. of 144 Montague street, have another similar enterprise under consideration The building which is In process of coiiitniotlon at 192-136 Columbia Heights Is to be a six story, seml-flreproof elevator apartment house with modern equipment for about twenty families. According to specifications, the apartments will vary in sire from three to sight rooms, the largest being in the rear and commanding a desirable view ?f the harbor and the Impressive skyline of lower Manhattan. Each of the largest apartments will be equipped with three baths. There also will be an open fireplace In each living room. The wnaller apartments will have single baths. The building is on a site opposite the Standlsh Arms Hotel. It has a frontage of 160 feet on Columbia Heights and a le-pth of 00 feet west. For more than fifty years It has been a vacant lot. cnown to old residents of the Heights ectlon as the location of the old Peak mansion. The new structure It of Coonlal design, of red brick with white lmestone trimmings. Fred J. French ""ompany are the archltecta and builders. The building will be ready for occupancy October 1. Mr French Is enthusiastic over the >oe.?lbimies of the Heights section He tails particular attention to the disparity >etween me rente wtb *no mom ncnanded In other section* of equal deilrablllty end accessibility. This alone, le argues. la the best guarantee of the >#rmanency of the land values In the lelghborhood. When the advantages of his section, with Its nearness to the leart of Manhattan, become generally mown, enya Mr. French, there will not >e room enough for apartment houses o accommodate the demand. The new structure was sold to prosiectlve tenants on particularly satlsfacory terms. After the Initial payment he expenses of maintaining the house rill be divided among the tenant wners on a pro rata basis. This, it la stlmated. will result In a rental scale f perhaps 30 per cent less than that revalllng throughout the neighborhood. A striking example of property 1mrovement Is to he seen In the pew five tory apartment house whlcR the Cary NEW YORK HERALD Profession; / V. ' k, , \ " . :' i V; , ^ ' '**' ': %.w ' mt * '* : r?rrr* e-rrt^jgnr^bftrp $)< r fe t^[f f Hi i.jfSi.1- ';|mh ^ jfgjjj ' ? -ii? fei ^r:j? rr* r~ rm:?L L" iSSIONAL WORKERS HAV 4ENT HOUSE ON EAST 50^ id EACH WILL PAY A MONTH $50. ~6o $57.50. vestors have remodelled four old dwellings between First and Second avenues, near Beekm&n place, Into forty-three suites of four rooms each, with kitchens 8x10 feet, hardwood floors and all modern conveniences. Each buyer has paid |2,000 for one apartment and 91.000 each where two share one apartment. Financial control has been arranged on an equa,! basis, no owner being allowed more than one vote. The capital stock was fixed at $68,000 and was divided into 13,600 shares, at a par value of $5 each No member was permitted to own more than 400 shares, and shares which were bought out months ago could only be purchased by those who occupied their own apartments. The buildings on the exterior are finished in a marble gray stucco with green shutters. In the rear fences have given way to an open garden. Some of the especial Interior features Include storerooms 9x4 feet for each tenant and e Selling 1 \RTNENT UNDER CON5TRI BROOKLYN. FRED F. FRENCH i Harmon firm ^11 build this summer at I Orange and Henry streets. This corner, two blocks from the Clark street station of the Interborough subway, was formerly occupied by a group of dingy wooden buildings, long past their age AMERICAN SURETY CO. PICKS BUILDING AGENT The $3,100,000 addition to the twentythree atory building of the American Surety Company at 100 Broadway Is nearlng completion and the owners of the big structure have appointed Horace S Ely & Co. renting and managing agents for the property. The construction of the enlarged building on the site of the old Schermerhorn Building at 90 Broadway presents) one of the most Interesting chapters In the history of New York real estate. It wns about twenty-five years ago when the first American Surety Company building was erected on this corner. It was the tallest building of Its time and was one of the landmarks of the city. After twenty-five years of conspicuous U*P[Uinf>HF Ulf? UUIIUIIlf I vw n, greatly Increased In si*e and on# of rfae most adequately equipped among office building* In New Vork. The floor areas average 12,000 square feet and are designed to provide economical and efficient administration with plenty of light and an attractive outlook over Trinity churchyard. The building la equipped with modern high speed elevator*. There Is A wide arcade entrance hall connecting through the building from Broadway to Pine and Wall eteeota.^ The upper five floors of the building will he occupied by the American Surety Company and the lower five floors and the basement bv the New Tork Trust Company, which recently merged ?Ith the Liberty National Bank. Some of the other tenantn are Round*. Srhurman A Dwlght, Merrill, Rogers A Terry, K. A. C. Smith, White Rock Company, Commonwealth Finance Corporation. Taylor, Bate* A. Co., Schuyler, Chadwleh A Burnham. T. L. Manoon A Co., Newburger, Henderson A Loeb, Moore A Schley, Jerome K. Danslg Company. Podell, Anaorge * Podell. Carleton A Mott, Brown A Coombe, William Cramp A Sons Ship Building CompafW. Carpenter Steel Company, Chapman Al Carman. . SUNDAY, JULY 10, 1 _ ' . I al Workers ' . 2 I ep x\ ' ^ vi ill in Hi ^ rit f (I'crrr tfrrr'r-i "? il^l d fff r j f r r * r r r r - >,; : .'A ' :.L ! I : , fa ??.... 1*1 JSL %" v ' ill* r i S*# - V* MfSfA'-aF-SS 78' 6 * >?L s> ?ifc>; pf -M_, m in ! In * U' / " | i ^ ' ~cl i in I tr E COOPERATIVELY ? STREET. EACH ONE ?i 4LY RENT o/ FROM ? \ pi Individual lockers in the American bassment entrances. Callers may talk directly over the telephone without the ex- *. pense of a switchboard or operator. ?The project was Initiated by the Na- L tional Board of Young Women's Chris- Cl tian Association of 600 Lexington ave- _ nue. which more than a year ago began an investigation into the housing situa- ? tlon to determine whether such projects M were necessary and which brought to- _ gether the cooperative investors and K formed a board of directors consisting of seven members to be elected from ! er now on by the association members ! within their own group. The officers of the association are as follows: President, Grace P. Drake; vlce-presl- L\ dent. Vera Schafer; secretary, Louise K Griffith: treasurer, Grace E. Marrett re Most of the owners are self-supporting n, professional women, although a few men have also taken advantage of the op- w portunlty to solve their problem of Ilv- \\ tng In New York. h< .. .. 2t fhis Houses 10 21 T' ! fj jction \e>z-\e>6 co. architects. " V of usefulness, to Bay nothing of edorn- ! r; ment. These have been torn down, an J : In their place will be a five story brick < -fa structure of small apartments. The : French company Is In charge of the con- p? truction also. gq Flushing Ttroker In Many Deala. , Halleran Agency of Flushing has sold i '' during the month of June fifteen prop- p? ertles aggregating $1?8,#00. Among' *7 the transactions are the following: For i pd Henry Baglcy to A. Simon with Mr. Krupp. the dwelling at Ninth street and ; ~ Tenth avenue. Whltestone, 40x100 ; for | J. A. Wftltmore to Dr. L. J. White LJ | Qfi tlie dwelling at 11S North Thirteenth street. 40x100; for the F. R. * C. Com- I S pany, V. Seoceo and others, the two le| iicumi.r w-nnig i?i ?*.-? uinatn av^nut", [ Flushing. 20xl2S: for Mary Hlcka to Lj | Thomas A. Slndelar the Whlttaker M, homestead. 328 Sanford avenue. 77x276, Hi with 78 feet front on Barclay street. fa' Flushing:, Improved with a twelve room gj house with all Improvements; for Boh- ' ert tV. Parsons estate wltli Robert B. *fi, Parsons, the block front facing: Broad- ,.n way, Washington street and Percy gj street, to Philip H. Plaget of Flushing-, 1 for Mary E. Lever estate to Catherine R| i Barrio the plot, 76x100, on the west J side of Division street, 160 feet south of | Sarrford avenue. -J The rime broker sold for W. R. A r? I C. Company to ,T Levin the two family ?5 dwelling at 68 N. Prince street. Fluph- | I Ing. 16x100; for W. R. A C. Company pT to Jeanne Travers the two family dwell- I I Ing at 61 N. Prince street, 16x100; for J' Sarah J. Burke to Lof>g Island Thea- E tres Corporation the plot. 88x136, lm- I proved with an old Colonial housa on m the south wide of Broadway, near Main street; for Clara P. Lewi* to William MacNelll tho plot, 50x175, on the south aide of Myrtle avenue, 190 feet ea*t of Whltestone avenue; for Clara P. Lewi* to Frederick Miller the plot, 00x100, on the east side of Brewster avenue, 100 feet north of Mitchell avenue; for W, R. A C. Company to Frederick Schmidt the two family dwelling nt 145 Linden avenue, lot 16x125; for Peck estate to Twlnboro Corporation the four atory building southwest comer of Broadway and Lawrence street, 100x160; for W. R. A C. Company to Theodora A. A Flemm the two family dwelling at 140 Linden avenue. 16x125, and for Bllen Coyne to Marguerlta Wegman the dwelling at 118 Whlteston# avenue, 25x y* 63 feet. j gg 921. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. Kust Sid*. IRISTIAN lady wishes to rent permanently o refined (tingle lady only light airy furihed bedroom, bath, at eat n, electrlctty, telhone, elevator, 4c., in hlghclaas nnartsnt near 5th >v.; Central Park entrance; nvenlent to subway, surface and 5th uv. a; references exchanged. Addreea PLAZA. 217 Herald, Herald eg. EXINOTON AV? TWO (75th at.).-Front rarlor and alcove; aim large, cheerful back om; gentleman or couple; references. Call ter It, FUMACM.LLI. TH, 10 E?Large room and private bath, electricity; also other roorna. TH ST., 43 East. ? Comfortable. double oom. modern apartment, cool, airy. AETJEN. _ D, 'J30 E ?Neat furnished roomi. suitable tor couple; all Impiovements phone. TH, 35 E.?Large, cool room; gentlemen; jttth. telephone, summer ratea; exclusive I'H .ST. (1177 3d av).?Sitting and bedo irrut; all ccnventencea, 2 gentlemen, break?t It deal red. 0340 Hltlnelander. BRAEMIO. _ TH 18 E.? Room*, adjoining bath, 335; ?lth bath, $68, JACINTO HCTEL. TH. 200 E.?Cool front Foom. ahower >ath, phone, reaeonable. FRENCH. D, 130 East.?Large front parlor; couple ir two gentlemen; phone. COLLINS. TH. 14tl E.?Nicely furnished large, small rooms, suitable one or two. West Side. beautifully furnished room, with bath. In tmall private family; located West End ' and 79th ?t.; desire man paying guest, formation, tel. 8chuyler 3789. LTDUBON AV., 228?Large front, adjoining >ath ; elevator , near suhway. Apt^ 33. IOADWAY, 2754.?Large room and kitchen, leotrlclty and phone. HEC.EMAN. JUtEMONT AV., 200 (Apt. 36)?Neat, cool room. American family, adults, elevator; ar subway. Drive, Columbia College; modate rental. Rhone Mornirgslde 211. Mrs. J A DON. CENTRAL PARK WE8T (66th). Beautiful, cool room; running water, $18 sekly; subway; elevated. Col. 0977. Jint ifs ht Tn ic.reenwlch Village).-De slrable large, medium. telephone, elacIctty; select; reasonable. GIOTTO HOUSE. ~1 th ?t., 230 W?Two large, attractive rooma. so two smaller ones: exceptional, homelike irroundlnga; all mortem convenlenoes; very ol; tennis court; reasonable summer rates. tone Watklns 5325. HOTEL NOMIS. 6.10-652 West 125th at Rooms with private bath, 112 weekly: Ithout, |.*i up; every convenience. Teletone MorningsIde 619 and 708. _____ ARGE front, double room, shower, telephone, home privileges, |12. DOLAN, athedral 5810. LARGE, also small Worn; private house: reference. Schuyler 8410. ANHATTAN AV., 512c?Clean outside room, electricity, phone, shower, tub: $5. CODY. BNT, Central Park West, large furnished room, third, front; bath, electric light; $20: Ivate family, gentlemen only; best referice required. Phone 4206 Schuyler. IVER8IDE DRIVE. 223 (05th). Apt. ?FSeveral select rooms to reputable gentleen who appreciate genteel surroundings. IverMde 1)078. IVER8IDE DRIVE (near Grant's Tomb).? Private travelled family have cheerful >oni for person wishing refined, artistic pme. Phone Mornlngalde 0787. IVERSI?E DRIVE, near 123th.?Hot, cold ater, private toilet. S1EGEL, 3753 Morn. 'EST END (#9)-Beautiful front 2 rooms, also single; modern conveniences; cool, vmellke; lowest summer rates. Riverside >3.1. (EST END AV., 013-2 beautiful single rooms: also large front room. TH. 11 W.?Large room, private bath; email room, running water, references. TH ST.. 61 W (apt. dE)?Medium else front room; references. TH ST., 10 W ?Desirable, large, small roo^. TH ST., 21 West.?Cool, attractive rooms for gentlemen, refined private house. ST ST., 360 W?Cool outside room, gentlemen Phone Chelsea 2841. TOWLE. ID. 426 W?Handsomely furnished back parlor, private bath, southern exposure; lephone. D ST.. 410 West.?Suite of 3 rooms, private hath Phone Watklns 6044 _ 80TH, 316 W.?Large and small rooma._ running water, electricity, TH, 106 WEST (RALEIGH HALD-A residence for men; light, attractive rooms, Ith tub or shower, writing, lounge, billiard ioms; comforts and conveniences of first ass hotel at lower rentals. _________ isT, 312 West ?Large and small rooms, very cool, for business people or profeaonal music room. Circle 7271. Inquire. E. OSS. ID ST . 53 West ?Nicety furnished smali room, $5 . gentlemen; reference TH ST . 258 W?Desirable outside rooms. Improvements. Clrals 6786 VAN WERT. ITH ST West?Delightful room, water, electricity, refined, cool, $8. $10. Circle 7L TH. 322 West ?Tarlor and bedroom, couple, gentlemen. Columbus 2328. DU OND TH ST., 1 W.~Eighth floor. 2 rooms, bath, kitchenette, until October: >100 monthly. TH, 143 West?Nice, airy hedrocm. runIng water; gentleman; second apartment; ferences. 60TH 8T., 118 WEST Large, cool room, twin beds, private bathi electricity. also hall room. TH. 120 W ? Feautlful large room, every convenience, near IVway: gentlemen. T> ST.. 22 W ?Delightful Urge, cool room; private hath, electricity, near park ST ST . 171 W ? Large, comfortable room, large closer, facing Broadway; maid aerc-.n week dsvs. the Dorllton. HrRSTON. V\ :)21' W tfaclng Rlversldel ?Large, doubio room. clean, c<v>l. convenient; bargain P 8T . 2fl!> W ? Single front room; skylight room; excellent table D BT . 1 W?Single ami double rooms, running water. TH ?"mo ronneotlng rooms, piano, kitchen privileges. single outside. #3 Col. *470. TH ST . 34 W ? Attractive room, running water. kitchenette privileges; alto small oro. ,TH. 31# W ?tiharmlng location, two <loor? from Drlv. overlooking Hudson TH ST . 310 W ? Newly decors ted ratidenes, tingle and double rooms; business 'Ople. TH. 131 Wear ? I,lght, clean furnished room, running water, gentlemen. TH. 170 W.?Room, suitable for couple or gentlemen, reference. LYNCH TH ST . 113 W?Large front room, all ronvenlenros, electricity, phone; business ipple. TH ST , 101 W?Parlor and connecting bedroom, piano, electricity. WARD. !u ST.. 112 West ?Back parlor, kitchen and bath, electricity; other rooms; teleione. _ D ST., 160 W ?Back parlor, bedroom, kitchenette, medium kitchenette, phone; SMALL t>, 5 W.?Newly furnished room, convenlencas. board optional Schuyler 473? JAY TH. 132 W?Large comfortable room, private bath, twin bade, kitchenette prtvl TH. 13d W?Double room, twin beds; private house, electricity. TH ST , JO W ? Attractive room, running eater, one with bath, electricity, modern. Fh7 128 wl?Attractive parlor, bedroom omblned; electricity, telephone, private rnlly D ALIONY. TH. 20d We at ?Small room, gentleman; references. Schuyler *823 DtTXBLRY _ TH. 100 W - An absolutely comfortable room; electricity! #10; gentleman; referces. TH ST, 173 W ?Large front room, kitchen. #00; medium room, kitchen, #4*. verelde 7702. 8STH. 00 WEST Nlcelv furnished rooetis, private house tctrlclty. phone, kitchenette privilege, elent block. TH. 44 West ?Large, small, sunny rooms "! ?t? baths, kitchenette privilege FT FT . .V* Wept.? Comfortable hack parlor. bedroom ?n<l kitchenette, private bath, a no, alao anall rooma. Phone Rlveral'le *2. The New York Herald is the first New York newspaper to publish a comprehensive daily "Bond News and Notes" feature. The Herald printa more important bond information FIRST than any other New York Newspaper. \ FURNISHED ROOMS TO EET. WwTWk. ' " B1BT 8T , W.?Worth Investigating, exceptionally cool front suite, modern apart- i noeiit, two or thrae reasonable. Telephone < River 929H, | 018T. 205 W.?Independent front suite piano; ' single room, bath adjoining. I-OOBY. ( 92t>, 121 W.?Beautiful, cool room, private t bath; also doable, single; electricity. I ft3D 8T , 120 W -Large. light,"well fur ' nlehed. cool rooms, with adjoining bath; ( all Improvements; summer rates. 031) AT.. 8 W.?Large, airy rooms, bath ad- ' Joining; business man preferred. ] IHTli, 122 W ? Cpmfortable, cool room, next to bath. Phone 0203 Riverside. TURSKV 1 [i-ITH, 28 W.?Large, comfortably furnished j room, suitable for 2 persona; moderate ( B9TH ST, 2ii \v . apartment 35.?Good op- i portunlty to learn snnksn Snanlsh with . nice South American family, comfortable room*, fating Broadway. r 104TH, Mi W.?Front parlor, bedroom; select e gentlemen, couple; reasonable Acad. ,14.18. 1 108TH ST , ,3 WEST, near Central ParkWall furnished rooms; phone, bath, elec- I trlclty. elevator. Apt. 8. Jenmea. 1 lllTH, 120 W ?Beautiful large rooms, kltch- j e-ette privileges; private baths; electricity, ! phoqe 11.ITH ST., near Riverside t'rlve, small private family; will share 7 room, first class apartment, or rent large front room; gentle- 1 man or couple; references required. 5825 Cathedral. t 118TH. 501 W. topposite Cathedral). Apt. 2E \ ?Large corner mom, 4 windows, 115; also j smaller room, |8. 1 113TH. .">38 W. tapartment 34).?Two nurses to share 5 room elevator apartment with refined business woman. 't 118TH ST 224 W . 3d floor-Comfortable c front parlor, two hods, conveniences. 310. v also .small room, $3 50. Lopes. 117TH, 133 W., corner Tth av.?Southerners, desirable rooms, single, en suite, congenial H home atmosphere: opposite park. GORDON 113TH (184 gf Nicholas Av.).?Single and ' double rooms, kitchen. SOMAN. Morn. 4353. ^ llSTE, 1003 7th av ?Comfortable room; bifTi. a convenience*. private family. >8. Pick 120TH ST., 10? W.?Airy room, single or double; running water; phone. f 123D ST.. 167 WEST?Comer parlor and r bedroom; also large bedroom; all -;on- C venlencee. Call or phone Mornlngalde 8785 t Apt 4. j124TH, 433 West.?Neatly furnished room. bath, electric light and telephone. 1 123D, 344 W.?Front room, private hfuse; P running water; twin heds Phone. f 120TTI ST.. 109 W.?Handsomely furnished large rcoma. electricity, telephone. MornIngslde 3374 WILSON. c 120TH, 257 West.?Light, airy room for gen- 1 tinmen; modern elevator apartment. GRAIL : ; 13TTH, 506 W.?Apt. 3B; clean, single room 1 in cnrl*tlan rarelly: *5. ^ 13t)TH ST". 520 WEST?At. 41.-Beautiful t elry,eroom, adjolntng bath; private family ; Phone Aud. 4300; 142D, 5SS West.?Handeoma room, facing e river: suitable for couple; kitchen prlvl- e lege*; private family, elevitor; raaaonable. ; Apartment 32. 102 D, 427 WEST?Double room In private I | houee, overlooking park; reference. Telephone Wadeworth 0558. 1 173D. 601 W.. apt. 43 ?Beautiful front room; reaeonable; Sunday or evenings. . 183D, 573 Weat.?Large front rpom. Improvenienta; aubway, bua; gentleman- $3. , TVACH. ] Boroegh of Bronx. BEAUTIFUL large room. bath, private house, prettily located, porch, kitchen privileges; Lexington av. subway; bualneia couple. gentleman: Christians; references. Call ' Ollnvllle 3177. \ CRESTON AV.. 2714 (196th at.) ?Large room and bath, private house; ladles or gentlemen; electric light. SMITH. Fordham 1M2 < FREEMAN ST.. 993.?Nlcaly furnished room. J Improvement*, electric, light; references. Mr*. WITT NT! R ___ Wl BSTER A3' . 423?Furnished rooms, prl- ' ! vate hath; all conveniences; private fam- . i lly ; references. r WEST BRONX?Large, light, airy room; I will share apartment: suitable for couple; Christian*: reference Phone Fordfyam 9633 3 Borough of Brooklyn. C r BEDFORD Section.?Two room* parlor, with player piano; bedroom near ba?h. buslnee* J people only; references required. -Phone I Prospect 3339-J t > FLATBT'SH AV.. 321.?Front room, fur- < nlshe<? all Improvement*. Phone 4070 Sterling GATES AV.. 133 (near Grand av 1? Alcove , and square room; electricity. Prospect 2404. PUTNAM AV., 631 ?Cool alcove room; husl- , i nwi coupie or gentlemen. running water; \ I references, Telephone Deo 3066. Borough of QilMM. FOREST HILLS, L. I?Furnished room to lot. Phono Boulevard 62T2-J. Borough of Richmond. TWO connecting room* In prlvata family. on parlor floor, with hoard, excellent horn? ; ' cooking r> minutes walk to ferry. SO Wall j J I at.. St. George. S. I , Long Inland. 1 FAB ROCKAWAY ?Two furnished rooms In attractive private home for refined people; ' telephone Far Rockaway 1076. New York. ORANOEBTTRG. N. Y -Two furnished rooms, 3 suitable for 2 people or couple. Mrs t | BUTCHER. New Jersey. J 1 1 WILL rent one large room, with sleeping I I porch attached, to a gentleman only, who j I ! Is willing and able to pay well for all the | i comforts of a good home. 20 minutes from if 1 New York city, reference required Phonal Pasralc 2736. or call Dr PEDRICK. 223 Lex- 1 ; ! Ingtoti av . Passaic. N. J " FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED. AMERICAN desires neat room, permanency; I 1 Bronx or country; private house, no room- ' era. small family. 13.30. L 1400 Herald, ' Harlem I YOUfjo woman wants furnished room at i j Corona. Flushing or Bay side, with private ; ; family K TBI Herald, 2*0 Bway. I " "==" J BOARDERS WANTED. CHILDREN boarded, sent to ramp and schools. EMERY. .2* Park row Cortlandt 1304 Room 604 LADT wants room and koehSr hoard in Jewish family. A6th to 124th st. L 1410 Herald. Harlem LEXINGTON AV., 1015?Nice rooma. good ' hoard, all conveniences; telephone, near "3d MARBURY HALL. 164 %V. 74th at ; moat J exclusive American plan hotel In New i York, limited number of 2 or 3 room eultes j available for October occupancy. Telephone 1 3200 Columbus ; j MOTHERS' HOME CLUB, 60 WEST 92D ST , j ? Real home offered to mother and child In * up to date mothers' club, pleasant surround- ^ Ings. recreation, alt comforts, child ?aken < care of during day; kindergarten, Ac . ex. j rellent meals from 120 per week Phone Riverside 0350 I RIVERSIDE DRIA'F.. MI.-tttraiUM tooms. | hsth, telephone. excellent nulla, two, |30. 1, PAYNE I" WFST END AV? 732 t,9.Vh>?Cool doubl* r ?i prlvot* both nfioiltt court*. toble t tu??t* reo?onohle price*. I *3'ANTED?to bnord, chronic or **mMnvolll Udv; (rood hom?, nur***' ear* Phon* 1 Fordh?m 17 W MTH 8T . 2ft EAST J Large room and h?th. ?l?o email room ^ 43TI4 8T . 47 tVeif ? Large and amall room*, c w Ith or without board 1 S7TH. 301 W ? Large, email: prlvot* both*. n pl?no, electricity, French cooking. phon* ( 03TH iOd We*t.?Nice room*, with on a<l. " joining both reference f 72D ST . SI* W. (Rlvartld* Driv*,?Evoop- e t!m*l ecccmmodttlon*. i*c< . cool tortn*. 1 t rl' ?ti bathroom*. table tn?*ti " 72D ST , 2">* Wnt ? I.urge ilngU, double room*, with table heard, dimmer rote* . 73D ST , 271 WErT. J FEW VACANCIES REFINED SMALL RP A R HINO HOCSI 61'MMER FATES F "ATM* ST . 2d WEST ~ ' , Ml** EDWARDS formerly d2 W**t Vlth; I ' d?Irobl* room*, tohle gueete. reference* | * S2D~ST . 327 W ?Double room; neor Drive; 1 *ttr*ctlve eurroundlng*; home toble. r?f- I ereoce* I ' ddTH ST . 17 WEST?Lrg* connecting two front room* ?iiperlor t?M?; porlor dlnln* ( 53d ST . 13d WEST?Room; porlor dlnln* room*, tobl* tuo*t?. reoeonoble rote* 1A.1TM. 100 W -Nicely ftirnl*h*d imm. with ' A board, prlva** family, nil eonvanlanc**, 1 eubway. t," tir.WBf.MRWBKW. Arad. 2?:id f 104TH, TO WEKT T,ar?i? and amall ftirnl*h??1 roomi; r*aaon ' able . f ir,4TH, 4?# W ?t.arra aecond atory front, n lavatory, draaMna room; rrlvat* ra*ld?m-<> ^ Borough of Bronx. WANTED?Boarding children; raflnad Amar- '' Iran H?br?w family, prtvata hotiae; large T around* 24?fl Fr1*by av. Bhona Weatcheater 1270. I * 7 " 1 '''.if, . COUNTRY BOARD. i nirf tttau?n lolttDd. fcvELYN LODUe r> min refreshing sale across bay A truly .'harming all year residence. ottering superior accommodations, delightful commutng. fare 5 cents. Large, airy rooeus, axlulsltely furnished; excellent chef and aerrice. select clientele; lawns, porches, bath, enms. 13 years one management, weeMar la up. -a-tth meals. 71 Central av . S leorge. S. I. Block from ferry. JLOVH LAKE INN.?Attractive country home, commuting: excellent cuisine. gauge, reasonable. Clove road and Richmond rurnplke, West Brighton. 8. I. Telephone ; 108 Port Richmond. VAT'S WORTH HALL. Arrochar.' B. I minutes N v.. a m'.narrea to train or troley. adjoining tennis club; aeashore and tountry surroundings. Tel. OTd TompklnaidUe. Sl'PERIOfl a commodatlon*. 21 Howard av , Grymee's Hill --Attractive double and single ooms. pruate baths; very moderate rates; a?y commutation; delightfully cool. Phone ompklnst ille 1?W3. "TIIK KIAW HOU8J5. " Livingston, 8<aten Island. N T., centrally ocated, on' block from station; trolleys pass (rounds. 3"> minutes to Manhattan. Phone rort Richmond IC>SD. Long Island. LAKE RONKONKOMA. L. T?Beautiful country pla<e wishes to accommodate a few paying guests: large, beautiful rooms, ea ellent board, bathing, boating and fishing; (2,r> one. |4> two; aaults only. Write Boa [5, Nesconset, L. I. Tel. Ronkonkoma <23. ' ROSE OP SHARON LODGE. SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Hostess house will cater to eaclualve llentele: garage accommodation*; Baysater. Far Rockaway. Miss MARY McGOVERN. Hostess, 227 Prospect st. Phone Far Rockaway 1M". lOsi,YN. on the cool North Shore?Exclusive aocommodatione for paying gueata; beautlul country surroundings; boating, bathing, Ishlng; 4"i minutes Penn Station. Telephone toslyn 221 or write Wayside Cottage, Bry,nt av. ,h.\'c, BEACH?Private cottage In good location. can accommodate few families: estellent meals and bathing from house; terms Moderate. week endera accommodated. Mra. kJfcPSTKTN, 2 Broadway, between Rlveralda md Long Beach Boulevard. MRECTLY on water, boating, bathing, fishing: all modern conveniences: |23-{30 weeky; superior accommodations for refined eople; end of South Bay Vl?w av. Pbm rreeport 1033. party R H. SMITH. AT FARM HOUSE"! Quiet surroundings, bathing, farm prodi^M in table; reasonable rates. F". Z R. D., T "arget Rock Farm, Lloyd Neck. Huntington, I Phone 23-M. JOARD for one or two school age children; motherly care; refined Address KATHARINE SCHUTTLER. 1*2 Bennett av., lempstead, L. I. 'AR it OCK A WAY?The Shirley. Broadway, Mott av.; five mlntitea from station, beach; xtenslve lawn, shade; Christians. Miss IE AM AN. 1RADUATE nurses, owning large house, take convalescent or elderly person. tRlOHTLANTiS. Hempstead. N Y. tOCKAWAY PARK (1R8 113th St.l-Cool. comfortable rooms, balconies overlooking icean. special season rates Bell Harbor 1<W8. THE LINWOOD Clinton av., Bayshore. L. I. rel. Bayehore 33. A. E PTTPELL. Mgr. Connecticut. PEQUOT MANOR INN. New London. Conn. Beautiful Inn, facing wator; sea ahora and :ountry combined; rooms with and wlthoait lath; American plan: reasonable rataa. NEW CANAAN. CONN, the Ardsley); open year round; room* with ir without bath. Phone Mrs. J. M. STLJMAN. N beautiful Nlantlc. by Long Island Sound, Nlantlc River; boating, ba'hlng, fishing, Lc.; good board, fresh vegetables, eggil noderate prices ROOSTADIUS It FRAGv'ESS. Props . Riverside House. Nlantlc, Ot, VILL take two paying guests for weak ends at our lovely summer home. 12 miles from Jrand Central. S. S. MUZZEY. Geo. Dal., ianbury. Oonn. ' Maine. summer boarders want?<l: private family; splendid cooking beautiful ocean vte?? lira L F NEWMAN. Seawall. Maine. Weatchester. WESTCHESTER COUNTY (adjoining Ry? and Oakland Beach) .?Large room, runling water, electricity; own products; fresh iggs; best home cooking; five minutes walk to beach; rate $25 and up per week. Phon* Rye 559W. HOSFORD. 448 Forrest av.. Rye, N. V THREE large, airy rooms, son prospect avenue. CHESTER HII.L. MOUNT VERNONt NEAR TRAINS. BREAKFASTS IF PKStREP v'EW ROCHELLE?Two connecting large rooms, with adjoining bath; also single noma: beautiful location; excellent table inard; convenient to station and Sound. 121 ilckles av. Telephone 35flOJ or 4613. BROWN LODGE, 39 FROSPECT ST., NEW ROCHELLH. DESIRABLE SUITES. WITH OR WITHOUT BATH. TELEPHONE WW. ROCKLEDC.E MANOR HOTEL Bruce and Wellesley avs. Tel 3344 Yonkera, N. T. L.ARGE rooms, baths, showers, electricity; own farm products. ARTHUR H1CKIE, forktown Height". convalescing patient* srfte to Bedford Rest Tamp lor particular*R__ F P.. No 1. Mount Klsco, N. T. rHE BETHESDA SANITARIUM. White Plains. N Y. Address for terms, superntendent. 69 Hamilton av. Phone 241. THE WHISPERING PINES 1HAPPAQUA SELECT ACCOMMODATION L. S MATHER PHONE 37. rHE GERALD EASE -MARY P. McMURRAY 9*1 North BWay. White PUIn?e.._. New York. ELMWOOD FARM, one of the moat pleasant plncea In the Heldarberg Mountains, Albany runty, wonderful view, large rooms; lawn, dates, shade trees; FIRST CLASS TABLE; rood roads, pleasant walks snd drlvss; falls ind glen half mile distant: also trout flshng. accommodate 25 guests, rates $12 to 315. telephone Westerlo S3F12. E. J. HUNT, rmrmansvllle. New York MINERVA LODGE, Catsklll Mountains Large, cool rooms; excellent table special ra'es for permanent guests. $14 per week and upward." MRS GILBERT P VAN ALEN, Home Baking. Garden Products. Durham. Greene county, y Y COUNTRY home for elderly ladles; 1 or 1 elderly ladles of refinement can be acrommodated with all the comforta of home t? The Mapl?? Farm," home of a retired shvelclan. in the Chenango Hills Address Sr M M KERR. Post Office Box 337, Sherlurne, N Y 1 Mocks to station, lb minutes to Rockland Lake, boating, bathing, fishing: excellent tosrd end acrommodaMons; running water, )c ' eo'rer.d partlca. a trial aolieited. IROSSBOADS INN, Congers, N. Y. Phone longer* 118 w. THE 8PRAGUE HOUSE, * . ON THE BEAUTIFUL REAVEPKILL. RATES $16-120 MRS RICE. PROPRIETOR, LEW PEACH. SULLIVAN CO . N T. rELEPHONE LIVINGSTON MANOR 45F11. NARCISSI'S INN A ehlIBr?n'? boarding hoo?e. 24 year* up o 10. For particular* call, addree* Mr*. ,t A HAMBLER. 0.-. N B way, Nyack.? ?' Y Telephone 10A7YV. yaaland FARmT Cataklll Mountain*.?j Fre*h egg*. milk and vegetable*; bathing' itar by; Heal flahlng and hunting. etava-I ion 1.000 feet HAAL.AND FARM. Oltvrrea, I ;i?tar county. N. Y. I SOaRDFHS wanted on farm healthy loca-j tlon: excellent tahia; eanltary improve* | nanta. Chrtatlan* only rata* 111 *12. mrs. | :ATIL THOMA1ER. Amenla, N Y fll.L TOP FARM. Mlddla Orova. N Y., alx mlla* front Paratnaa auto r*rvtr*. *r. ommodates 20 guaata. $ld II* weakly. Mra. f I.F R"' X ILAtTVELT. N Y ?Children from refined home* will 'In.I ?ultabl* "nvlronmant, care nd instruction at Camp Oratamln* Phona y'yack 104S.T 'ri VATt: home. 3o jrillee from New York, near station, attractive "round*. fr**h t-getahl# room and h.ard lid week. Y 41 Herald 2*0 Bwav _________ JOARO for ?ra?on ? Itl prt*#fe famlty to a oulet, healthful place for on* or two dult? Addra** a I. CAHOONE. Dwaar;II1. T'latar comity, N T "AN accommodate a few- hoarder*, 12!) mil** north of N*" York. 21 mil#* aouth f Albany kinder BROOK hotel. Kinerltook, N. Y linvfiAl.K FARM. Pinny Tolnt onHudionRoatful mountain country (or vacation! rroii vrfcfablr* poultry. milk mill olactrlo Iv, hath and phon?. ! X K' 11 1 I ' 1 M >U~Hud*Ofl, 111 ron\'?nl"ni-.?. d"1-' on frto rlv?r. A* rntloa rom New York. ff?H 8hor* Md?; 91S and ip t>I lAJIRIPON. N Y -*Onf room, with hoard. U ?vtit?i>:? at th? Warhlnaton Inn, ?ol( eura* adjoin* property; rrftrtncaa. ctreuir upon application; Chrl*ti*n* only. 'RIVATF. family will tak* It or ?> "hoarder*; *11 homo oooklnu Mr* MARTIN" RdNRV, CAMP. Con#?r*. Rockland Co., N Y. J

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