The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COOTIKR NEWS MONTDAT, JANUARY 7, Capitol Hill's Drive For Tough Narcotics Law Gains in Force By CJ. MILTON KEI.t-Y WASHINGTON (AP) — A drive lor tough new laws to crack down on Influence peddlers and their paying client* gathered force on Capitol Hill today. Sen. Monroney D-Okla, saying, "You can't take a bribe unless a crook pays it," announced he is broadening his anti-corruption bill to provide mandatory prison terms lor boih givers and takers of bribes, Frlaorw Are Plentiful "We have plenty of prisons for both," he said. "The smell ol scandals Involving tax deals, government loans and some other operations of the government indicates it's time we used them to house both." He announced a last-minute re vision of his many-toothed bill to strip course of power to grant clem- Shy Gypsy Bride Meets Her Groom ORMOND BEACH. Fla. (/P) — The 15-year-old bride was shy and tearful—after all, she had never fieen the grcom before—but she was faultlessly dressed for the biu moment In her life. It was Ihe royal Gypsy wedding of the ion of Mike Davis, "king of Romany tribes in Florida. Hundreds of Sunday motorists had a ringside seal as the tribe turned on the music and wound up two days of celebration. After the brief ^ceremony, she retired to the semi-seclusion of a trailer awning wjitle the groom Joined other teen-agers at a blaring Juke box' and apparently Jor- got the whole thing. Marriage Arranged The marriage between John Davis. 16, and pretty, bespangled Katherine Johnson of Baltimore had been arranged by their la thers more than 10 years ago. Gypsy eastern, said the bride's father, demands that the bargain be carried out. Th« couple met for the first time at the head of «. feast table A few words In dialect, a blessing followed by a burst ol laughter and the ceremony was over. Singular Ceremony "No ceremony like it In Ameri ca," said » tribesman. "Just al txpreision of good words from everybody and they are married. At the end of the celebration the ntwly weds would m«et . der the i«jf of the 'groom.'! >l»*ta^ —also by custom.' >, * Gaily, attired Gypsy no* came, from' all over Florida and other states, bringing many gifts. • The celebration besan with the Toft&ting of rialt 01 dozen pigs in a giant barbecue pit; preparation of food on outdoor ovens by the women—and frequent sessions at the outdoor bar by the men. Darta Ruin 200 Member! King Davis, who calls Ormond Beach his home, h61ds sway over some 200 tribe members throughout Florida. He was elected by the trib« 10 years ago. Some of the bride's relatives llvi In Orlanda. Her family Is from Baltimore' where her father If a coppersmith. Gypsies. - says K|ns Davis, be- llev« "blind" marriages are best. Tn any case, there Li no divorce. "When a marriage fails, husband and wife return to the homes of their parents and cannot wed again within the tribe. to bribe takers find givers. ?x- pt tn crises where n guilty person rns state's evidence under srant immunity. Felony Punishment Asked The new provision calls for felony unishment, including a minimum one year In prison for Inkinc orS Hcltltig a bribe while on a ROV- nment payroll or offering or pay- g one to A federal worker. Monroney told a repo.ter he «-j „ dctcrm ne H -crL »t "els White House backing for., at, , :, l rj""' e ,{.; ^i/ ast parts of the bill and "has]™ .'Hn L* romlses of bi-partisan support for * £l out ln time - 14 Persons Die In Block Fire Massachusetts Town's Business, Apartment Area Hit by Blaze WESTFIELD. W> _ Fourteen persons, and possibly 18. were believed today to have porlslml in an apartment-business block tire amid screams for help heard more than three blocks distant. Police »nd Red Cross officials ,_ snlrt as Jar as they have been able t home at id did not •partisan supp- among Congress members. [ His measure among other point's] onM: 1. Deny federal retirement benefits to employees or officials !onnd guilty of a breach of public :rust. 1. Forbid anyone, In or out ol "ongress, to intercede in tnx cases. The section still would permit taxpayers to employ huvyers or accountants from outside the government to represent them on matter. 1 ? In the normal course of negotiations. 3. Require full disclosure of the role played by all'pcrsons IncUitl- congress members, who may intercede with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation on loan matters. Somn In BoMlIng Alley Two others were said to be in fifth floor'bowling alley but police weren't able to verify that up to an early hour today. All five floor* collapsed inUi (he cellar in a rangled ma.s.s of burning wreckage that firemen found Impossible to probe immediately. Fourteen other persons were injured, 12 seriously enough to be sept at Noble Hospital. The nt two were discharged after treatment, Damajff to Hun High Fire Chief Jeremiah A. Morlart; estimated property damage n "more thr.n one million dollars.' One of the walls collapsed at tin height of the blnze and crasher through the root of an adjoining one-.?lory btopk of stores. Narcotics Crackdown May Bring Increase in -lold-Ups of Drug Stores NEW YORK OPj—The current crackdown on illegal narcotics suppliers may result In more drug-store holdups. JnmER C. Ryan, New York district supervisor of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, predicted yesterday a wave of holdups and forceci pre.scripLions. He mnde his stntcment after a roundup of scores of narcotics Kellers here over the weekend. Similar roundups were mnde elsewhere over the country. Hugo, Bishop ol Ely, founded th first college of Cambridge In 1237. MRS. PUSEY CAT—"Spotlight Pankeeto," pedigreed Seal Point Siamese is outraged at not being known by her own name. The cat fs owned by Mrs. Margaret Pusey, Miami, Fla,, and "Spotlight Pankeeto" is weary of oil the punny people who r*-naro* her. French Premier Again Faces Threat of Defeat in Assembly PAH1S W 5 ;—French Premier Rene Pleven'* Atlantic Pact Cabinet faced new threats of defeat and loss of office in the National Assembly today. His mitlcile-of-the-road coalition had to run a gauntlet of eight Assembly votes of confidence on Its plans for a bigger national budget. Any defeat probably would bring the 5 - month - old government's resignation. The votes today were on proposals to put the natlonfiii/.cd rail- ways and social security system on a paying basis by reorganization Among other things, the shaken may call for such unpopular step (LS firing of excecs personnel on more social security contribution from employers. With each vote taking nearly an hour to register and count, and some hours of speechmaktng expected before the ballots, it may be late tonight before Frenchmen know whether the cabinet will survive. <ew York Times .ends Support fo Eisenhower Chicago Sun-Times Also Would Bock Bid For White House NEW YORK (/Pj— Oeil. Uwlght D. Eisenhower has the support of the «»• York Times and the Chicago Sun-Times if he makes a bid [or he White House. Both came out lor him In today'.' editions, giving his foreign policy actions as major reasons. They cheered the announcement by Senator LodKe R-Mass that Eisenhower's name would be entered In ;he New Hampshire GOP primary. Detvey Was Supported The Times .supported Thomas E. Dewcy over President Truman in 1048, Wendell L. Willkie over Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940 and urged Mr. Roosevelt's election In 1952. 1338 and 1344, The Sun-Times backed President Truman in 1048 and Presidfnt Rco:-:eveH In 1944. Said the New York Times: "If Dwlfjht Eisenhower should be nominated by the Republican party as its candidate for President, we shall support him enthusiastically." Paper Has Statement The Chicago paper said: "As an Independent newspaper the Sun-Times will support Ike for the Republican nomination. If he nominated, we will support the campaign for his election," "Neither President Truman nor any of the previously announced Republican candidates measure up to Ike." the Sun-Times went on. "Eisenhower, of all Americans, can best bring unity to this country and to the free world." '•eretltit It Declining" The New York Times said that "the prestige of the Truman administration — which has done many good and bold anrl necessary things In certain fields of foreign policy — has uen steadily declin- ing." It added: ."We are confident that he, EUcn- ho'.ver, would be able to lead even laggards among his .fellow Republicans away from isolation and toward world responsibility." Needed for Skeleton! Crayfish can live only in waters that supply enough calcium carbonate for the formation of their skeletons, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. DOUBLE JOINTED WOPIE 'i*>» There are no people who do not need accident Insurance. You never can tell when an accident wMl lay you up and double your expense. But, you CAN b« sure insurance will protect you financially. See us NOW. (Proof of last week's ad) Nevr Year's Day. Is Not ALwiiys January 1st. According to the Book of Holidays, by Harry Spencer Stuff, Russia and Greece still maintain the Julian Calendar . . . and thus, January 1st falls on our January ISth! Easy There, Podner! . VANCOUVER. B.C. </Pj — Bruce Hownrd wns dressed as a cowboy, complete with toy guns, Tor n fnncy dress gathering when he spotted two men preparing to drive his car awny. When he drew his six-shooters the men fled and Bruce went oti to the party. PECIAL! 'Galv. Pipfl, H""'Galv. Pipe, Ft. 13e W'Galv. Pipe, Ft. 15c y 4 "Galv. 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