The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1947
Page 4
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PAGB FOUR •LTTHHVILLB (ARK.) COURIER TOWS Army Discusses Aid to Greeks Military Officers • '• Available to Help ." 'Direct Rehabilitation .B.Y WILLIAM F. McMEN'AMIN United Frees Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 17—(UP) —Military government officers who directed- the rehabillation of the American Zone, of Germany would help build up Greece imrter Ihe American aid plan, informed War Department quarters said today. These sources said Army officers experienced irj rebuilding railroads, roads.^power plants and other public installations damaged by war are available for the job. The plnn also calls for use of experts from various civilian branches of Ihe government. Trie Sflth. b:vlsion. now stationed in Italy, could provide the military missions needed to teach the Greeks (he use o[ American arms, these sources said. Large stores of American arms lelf over from the Italian campaign still remain in Ilnlv. The War Department continued fin official silcuce on the number of type of military units thai are \;eing prepared to be sent to Greece. It explained; that It could not disclose • its plans until action was taken" by Congress on the President's .request for alii to Greece. Army; officers said the Army's 1.070,OfiO strength is already spread thin. There are 165,000 troops in Germany according to an official report- by Gen: Joseph T. McNar- viey, theater commander. These in- clude'-'oiie; organize^ combat iflvi- sloiu a constabulary force of 10 reg-* intents'"and 12 air groups. McNar- »ey has stated that he cannot well spare.any of these men. Tho latest Intelligence reports indicate the Russians have 93 ground divisions and 7.200 planes In Europe. They have 42 divisions nnd 2.500 aircraft in Germany alone, according to these estimates. The United States hns around IQ.OOGf troops in Austria. The remainder are scattered over the globe from Iceland to Central America, and Japan and Korea. Actually, there are only nboiit four active divisions and 31 air groups in the United States. If a drop in recruiting follows •the end of selective service, the War Department may suddenly be called upon to nsk Congress for n •resumption of the draft, the Army said. Theater Gets New Organ O9OEOLA, March n—Installation of a; new Hammtmd org^n in "nil Genv Theater nt Osceola has been Young Hero Modern Emperor Takes a Wife Cotton Classification Services Provided Free by Farm Agency MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1047 Free cotton cla.'isiticatloa and Market News Services provided under the oinitli-acxey Ai', will be iiv.iikible ID oiv;anlw.-J u>',km improvement groups in 1047, according lo Clyde U, M-jWhorler, manager, South Central area, u. S I). 'A.'s Cotton Branch. ., 'He stated thai n fc'roup must organize,' adopt a. variety of cutton, file application, arrange for sampling, niict meet certain other requirements before they become cii- giblu /or these servi^'S. Group applications shouM be filwl with Ihe Cotton Branch n$ soon' ns possible after the members hnve' completed planting their ?rop. He pointed out that about 15 days arc required lo process applications make necessary arrangements It": linmYllne of samples. Thcvcrore, if members lire to receive the inaxi- mum benefits from the service?, applications from Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi should be cm file with the Cotton Branch not later than July 1, and those from Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois by July 15. Samples to be submitted under (his program are to be cut from bath slde s of the bale by a bonded sampler or an employe of a warehouse approved to handle CCC Loan cotton. Applications originating in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi will be accepted If riled or postmarked prior to midnight August 1, and those from Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois will be accepted if filed prior to midnight August 15. However, in order not to impair the services to the members, groups in each state are re- fiucsled to meet the earlier dates.' 'Applications for services under tile Act for the 1048-47 season were approved for 804 groups •with a Lolal.or 124,293 members, according to MoWhorter. This Is the largest number of groups to apply for the services since they became available In 1933. The volume of samples classed for members amounted to approximately one fourth of the total glnnings lor the states of tills area. MfaWhorter announced that instructions and application blanks may be obtained from county agents or from U, S. D. A., Cotton Branch offices at: Box 1230, Little Rock, Ark.; Box 303. Memphis, Ten;:.; and Box 453, Hfiyti. Mo. "Tiny" Armstrong and his brirto, tlic former Barbara Tracy of Honolulu, aro shown above shortly after their wedding trip to Reno. A well-known chnraclcr in San Francisco,. Arroslrona winders.through the streets in.colorful costumes oflcn giving flowers lo women passers-by. He plays the role of a modern Emperor Norton, who was tbe self-proclaimed "Emperor ot the U a and Prelector of Mexico" during California's gold-rush days. Armstrong's source of income is a myslcry. Irish in All Lands A Honor St. Patrick NEW YORK, March 17.—(UP) — The world's largest irlsh city took to wearin' of the green today, nnd 80,000 persons were expected to march lip Fifth Avenue in the traditional St. Patrick's Day parade. The weather man predicted sunny weather for the celebration, but the dcscencients of Eire have marched In ruin, sleet and snow In previous years. ; liars C'losrrt In Dublin DUBLIN. March n.(UP)—Tis SI. Patrick's Day, and not a pubic house to b 0 found where nn Irishman can drown the shamrock. The bars are all shut tight. And there isn't even a parndc of the Irish Army t h r o u g h Dunlin's streets. Those who knew Ireland in the old,days would never recognize the saint's day.- President, Sean T. O'Kclley and the ministers of state led the observance at a state mass. Prime Minister Eamon de Vnlera wns to broadcast a message to the Irish of the united slates at night. Polish Ship Coming l!nrk NEW YORK (UP)—Transatlantic service of the Gdynia - America Line will be resumed with the sailing from Southampton of the tuo- torship Balory (or New York April 8 °n her_first post-war "maiden announced by Mis s ~EnHna CoxT vner. First concert was given yes- rday by Roy I,. .Ware, organist.. This, .is the portrait of a hero. Seven-year-^ld George Pooro, Jr., carried his 3-year-old sisler to safety from their blazing Atlanta, Ga., home. Then he dashed back inlo (he house to rescue his 3-rtionth-old sister from her flame-enveloped cradle. He then entered the burning house again to get his school books. For this complete disregard for his own life he has been recommended for Carnegie medal for heroism: What To Do For that Sluggish, Down-and-Out Rtmember the time when you could «1 lllie a-borsc, tmtbled-over with enerirv ?" nt P S y M " lar " w « It not bcca'S • 5i?J3!S? to ea 5-^""'' t *»<"•• what V" digestion yras. Iclt strong as 6n ox? As ?*; """Vices the "old stomach »S5 ETET-cbanglng blood" need help Noa you mar. a«atn release vibrant energy <o every muscle, ntre. cell. Every 'dRy^-eTery hour— millions $™£,.tt?' Wood - cel ' s must Po«r forth from- the narrow ot your bones to re puce- those that are worn-out A low t' 0 ??. count ma T aflect >•»« In' s«era WRJS. -no appetite, underweight, n energy, a run-down condition. lack o reslsunce to Intecllon and disease To get y on an isease To get real rcllcl you must Veep ui our blood strength. Medical authorities . eca authoritie hy aiMlysU of the btootl. have by pos tlve proof ..shown that SSS Tonic amaz .. a Tonc t amazingly trfccllvc In building up to blood ^strength lr. r.on-organlc nutrl t^na] anemia. This R due to the ss Tonlo formula which contains specl »n'l r»tdnt activating Ingredients t.jJi't' ^ ESS . T ? nlc he 'P 3 S-° u « n J°y th food TO\I eat by increasing the Eastrl dlgestlrt Juice when It Is non-organ' C rtl y ^8?- l i Mleor «^ n ty-thus thestom «ch wtu have little cause to got balk J5J5 .«".' bloaV and give on that so rood uute.' • , 1 ? ) ?!i.T'! ltlJEnerEl2e ? our bw) y wi rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic no? M vigorous, blood surges throughou • 01 ! 110 ?/' BT ™'" ""hues! an shovild maXe you eat bettc • • . ' hav< * "M'thy color glow 1 ypui ?skln— flrm nesh nu out Hollo BUM*. Million, or bottles sold. Get l *^S I 0 "' dr " g ttor «' 8SS To " ; Bulli Sturdy Health. >• GREYHOUND BRAN-pS AR-E IMPORTANT! All radio stations are assigned call letlers enabling you lo dial your favorite program. Brand names on merchandise are the "call loiters'/ you use in shopping. Brand names symbojize Your right to choose >/hat suits your individual needs and tastes. PLANTERS .; HARDWARE CO Jnr ' C voyage." The ship has been reconstructed after her troop-ship service <lnting the war. FLUSH OUT KIDNEYS THIS DOCTOR'S WAV • Ilncknchr, loss of the old pep, getting up ni^lita, itud fieculnchc are often caused by nothing more than improper kidney action flue lo excess ncitl in the urine. The kidneys nre one or Nature's wnya of removing itnpuritics from the blood. And. -when these imjiuritiea l>ack up, troublo may stnrl. , So if you have tlicse troubles, give your kidneys tint! bladder n Rood (lushing nut by taking Dr. Kilmci's Swamp-Root. It works on the kidneys to flush them out i . . . increasing (he flow ofurine to help relieve Unit excess acidity on<l case thnt burning sensation when ypii pasa water . . . helps th(it blndder irritation that innkca you get up nights. Mndc of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, ancj balsnms, Swnmp-Root is nbsohitely non- bnbit funning. Millions hnve taken it for 3 gentrnUona . . . often with wonderful rcsulta. Caution: take ns directed. Fur free trial supply, send to Dept. Y, Kilmer fit Co., Inc., Box 1255. Stamford, Conn. Or—RCtfull-sizcd buttle »f Swamp- Root today at you/ drugstore- LiERE-S WHY MOST MOTHERS g^g^ DO THIS When Children Catch Cold W nvmmff, soothing rellei from, distress of colds starts in a hurry when you rub on Vicks Vapoilub at bedtime. Because VnpoHub penetrates to uppei' bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors nnd stimulates skin surfaces like a wanning poultice. Then It works for hours to bring relief wliilc the child sleeps/ Try it tonight! ST BEDTIME rub thront chest [iml'backwltli Vicks VnpoRub. Its rcllcr-brlng- Ing ncllnn starts Instantly to relieve dUtrcH!: . . . WORKS WHILE CHILD SLEEPS to bring relief during the night. Often liy morning most misery of the cold Js gone I Read Courier News Want Ads. NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Downuflake DORUTS Givi l^« family something lo grow on, glow on, between ineaFs. DOWNffLAKE Oonutt QIC /kh rn hon«n-ro-goodnes! naunihment -la^lfr Iik« dream donuli- log. The DOWNV- FlAK^ mqtTiiiie makei 'en rtghl befoie you — lr«iii and hoi! SK -THtMMADC AT... Plain Donuts Dozen .... Sugared Donuts Dozen Glazed or Frosted Dozen 30 35 C 40 Celebration at Tech RUSSBLLVILt/E, Ark., March 17. (UP)-Final preparations were under way today on the Arkansas Tech "ampus for tlic 's\g jamboree ki)o\Y» as "Engineers Day," which will be held tomorrow. -All cissies at Tech, have been lisimssed for tile day, and invHa- llons were sent to -Arkansas high school students interested in cns!- leerlnu, as well as to representatives from engineering departments of other schools in the state. Guest speaker will be William C. Yai'brough, iLittle Rock division manager for the Reynolds Metal Co. HEADACHE 4 tplrhl Ixadjtht Porlow direaiw CAPUDINE CALL 2611... STOP AT 2611 , ' Don't Hesitate to Ask for Free Service Listen — We can wash your car in 30 minutes. We use Genuine Alemite Grease to lubricate your car. Yes, we have the tires — Dayton — Howl — Goodyear. We also have New Hat (cries. Standard ESSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State Phone 2fill Second and Ash Sis. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 WE WANT OUR CUSTOMERS AND THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY TO KNOW TliiU it is our constant endeavor to raise to the highest degree tltc standards, ethics anil practices of automobile niL'rciv;imlisiii!>'. Thai we seek, through cooperative efforts to locnl, slate and' national aulnmohile dealers associations, Ihe correction of any unfair or unbusinesslike practices. That new cars are lieins distributed 1'airly and cquilahly, with every consideration being given to our community's interest. That new cars will lie sold at established prices current at time of delivery, anti no teat* bonus payments or premiums of any Uind will be accepted. That fair and reasonable value is ;>iven for every used car taken in trade; while we hope customers having used cars will, as in the past, trade Ihem with us (so we in turn may supply more people with needed transportation) we will still mako every effort lo provide new or used cars to those not having cars to trade. That while we are glad to install special accessories (when available) which add to the appearance, usefulness, comfort and convenience of the new car, no customer is required lo purchase any extra equipment which lie does not desire. That \ve arc doing everything in IIHV power lo help climinale black market operations in our industry. That despite (he continued, critical shortage of new cars we are anxious at all times to talk over with you your new car needs. 'I hat regardless of the termination of government regulations, affecting our business, we believe Ihe high standards heroin expressed arc sound business principles, and we will be guided by them. That our business is being conducted on a basis (o merit public confidence and respect." SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 121 W. Ash St. Phone 438 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 )ld Reliabl G. O. POETZ "The Old Reliable" lour Bonrce of PETROLEUM Dependable Servtce PRODUCTS offl KR at Cherr, FROZEN FOODS Lockers for Rent-—Meat Curing— Groceries — Meats — Vegetables— Wilson Pasteurized Milk— Birdseye Frozen Products We Deliver Telephone. 2002 Main .it 21st Street I Dr. Ulton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville J. LOUIS CHERRY ReprrMnttar New York Life Insurance Co. BlytbeTille. Ark. For Sale- At all times I keep, on hand several tractors and equipment, including new and used. T have John Deere, Farmall and other makes. Also have for sale al all times 70 to SO head of mules. Terms can he arranged. I will trade for almost anything you have. see F. C. CROWE ' 1 Mile South Braggadocio, Mo. ACIDITY? Is Your Trouble Mountain Valley is naturally nntl-acld—helpful in uric acid conditions and in hyperacidity of the stomach. This famous health water from Hot Springs, Ark., has been recommended for more than 50 years —for these acid conditions and for Kidney and Bladder disorders. It's worth <i trial! Call or Write for Book-fet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP

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