The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1947
Page 6
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COURIER NEWS . Proposals On Atom Bomb Are Detailed ? By ROBERT (Upii«d Prew SUB CorMSponde))!) IjAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., March 15 (Upj—^The first clotnlled pr^posels for malting woild atomii! coijtrol-work were drafted today for presentation 'to' the United Nations Atqmle' Energy Commission. The ' American : suggestions launch; the A tbinic, Commission on & |ie\v?nnU perhaps decisive phase of Atomic control jicgoliations when it convenes Wednesday for the first -time since Dec, 30. ;An authoritative source snld the American suggestions would touch on international'-Inspection nnd marag^ment" of atomic energy fa- cilities'as well'as some of the engineering factors involved in the complicated problem of channeling nuclear energy Iritd strictly Beneficial uses. So far, all the fighting over atomic energy between 'Soviet Russia and the Ameritan-lec! majority has bss;n over "general principles" as spelled out in the America)) atomic conlrol plan written by Bernard M. Bnrnch and the opposing program laid down by'.Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. The Atomic Commission, except for Russia and Po- Jarid, has endorsed the American plan. Marshall Arrives In Moscow Secretary of State Oelrgc C. Marshall Is erected by Vyshlnsky, Russia's arrival in Mosco (or the Big Four Conlcrcncc. NrJA 'IVlcpljall.,' deputy I'lrclgii minister, niter HI; , Good Try, CINCINNATI, O. Tlielma statnm, 18, (UI>) has a Mrs. yen l<) nrl automobile, but Isn't so cS^^&W* " -«-"* decisively rejected important principles .in the Bnruch plan. Tlie 'YB-49, Army's new jot-propelled bomber, Is a Hying wing with a 172-foot spread. ing would be endangered as she learned to drive. Hut the car got out of control, knocked dolfn a fence and crashed into the gnrnge next door. Read Courier News Want Ads. Airline Purser Faces Diamond Stealing Charge day faoed n ihoft charge rather than the four-year smuggling .sentence lie liiul been willing to take. Customs officials turned John E, Maddux Jr.. 25, or Philadelphia, nver to the PHI after, they said, ho admitted stealing the diamonds MIAMI, F!a., March 15. (UP) — I !| c hail first been charged with An airline purser who allegedly ! E1 ' 111|!Bli " 8 into tilis country. substituted a paper Dox for a $24,000 diamond shipment and then hid the jewels in a medicine bottle, to- TUB STORVi .Shrrrj- nml M - »*nt h €rom«K« tHKftlti-r In out' llnllyn-uoiTfi 1> u n tr u 1 u iv t'ou >l,,r,n l»,,l,-,.k niiU xni'klxlU-nt Jifcc iTiirkw tit nil IfiMuriiiii?!' »l/ »»J I, making n l.l.i, for hrr m ?led IMIXII, <lr IH-KI- llrnlhi-rs. -Sh*M«-M*:1«»U«<', iv:mfH 'in ivrllr, *v V!VH filtnat Mimn'N IntervHi Hrolhrrx. She. lu'vonn-H frloi wim tin- thrr«> linj« »vhn live tke vnA of the rimrt. Snnilro, * In Kri-iicJf. ii<mtK lo art Jn movlri.: AnMrinn 'I'lmj' -IVTHMN direct- nnil D.nnlsh KrlH hofr* fcrcume u iiroillurr. Jlnrrlu . ur. N nlHf» n . llvp« jit-xt friend, shrrry „( from Ocorjrr Ifrndjrm. * * *. vin '• YEAR'S had come and gone. . ,. Sherry and Mona were having dinner? in the breakfast nook and Mona-was eating listlessly. She was p&le and looked a little tired. After me coffee she got up, "Do; yon mind if f dbn't help with Ihe dishes tonight, honey? I've got a headache.." "Oh: 1'rri 'sorry!'' ' Sherry said. "Why don't you go lie down?" Mona ^went into the bedroom and Sherry started clearing up the dishes. Why was it, she wondered, that vfhen yon were unhappy you felt a jittle sick. But what was the "matter with Mona? What was happening to her? ft was George Brothers, of course. Sherry knew -that. : Mona hnd gone to a New Year's Eve parly with him and had not come home all night. She had explained that the parti had been given by a woman she knew'at the Ambassador, and tha H had,broken vip so late Ihe womni had insisted on Mona staying. Sherry had believed her because she wanled to believe her. Mona had not elaborated on th party, though, which was funnj -Usually she ^emembereri all sort of little things to tell Sherry, anc it was since that night that she h; been listless £-id edgy by turns. TT rained the next day nnd it was cold and windy. Sherry was lad sb<: diet not have to go to the rocer's. There would bo plenty ir dinner if she made a pudding nd had creamed tuna on tonsl. he kept the heat on and a Are in ic lireplace. While she was cnlirif? lunch berry suddenly remembered that 10 had put n sample of thread in lona's handbag, anil then forgot- en to tell her about matching it. he Mew to Ihe telephone. Maybe iic con Id still catch Mona before lie went out. The girls were not allowed to cceive telephone calls, and Sherry ad formed the hnbit of calling 3rolher.s, who relayed ttio nies- ages. She thought it was ironical o have to telephone Ihe boss him- eU because his employes were lot allowed calls. , His secretary answered. No, Mr. Brothers was not in and she die! lot know when lp expect him. Mi\ Srolhers was leaving town tonight or a few weeks, but he would be n the ofllcc again before lie loft. 'iVoulcl Sherry leave a message? She said, "No, (hank you, it isn*t mportant," and hung up. Suddenly a cloud lifled from lie icarf. Brothers was going away! Sherry, decided to fuss a lildc over dinner. They would have it in "ront of the fire. The creamed tun >n toast would not do any more .hough. Mnybe oysters. Mona loved oysters. An oyster stew! Sherry was in high spirits now She would wrap up warmly nnd ;o to the boulevard. It was fun to >valk in the rain. She would ge the thread herself and the oyster? and some marshmallows to" tons after dinner. * • * TT was after four when Sherr; finished her shopping and start cd home. The wind slill howled and be twcen gusts the smoke from th chimney was flatte'ned dismall; along the crooked roof wlic Sherry saw the house through th« rccs. She was glad the lire was till burning. lEhe took her overshoes off out- ide on the dry step and let hcr- elf In. She put her packages on the able and took the oysters out 1o ho kitchen. She dumped them in howl so they would not- seal; trough the container, and put icm in tho icebox. Then she put or umbrella in the sink and hung cr coat over a ehair. She went back to the living room ml stirred up the fire. Then she larted into the bedroom.' 1 She topped in the door. The spread was mussed as lough things had been lying on ic bed. The dressing table looked mply. There was a note on it. Sherry walked over to i[ vevv lowly anr". picked it up. She read: Sherry Dear, "I'm glad you weren't home, it ade It easier. I'm going away vitli George. 1 don't expect you to mdcrstand, but without money ife isn't worlh living. "Forget about me, honey, "Mona." Sherry read it again; Ihon she nened Mona's dresser drawers. They wore empty. She looked in he closet. Mona's dollies were ;onc, ami her suitcase oil the top ihelf. She opened the front door nnd vent out. She did not notice that t was mining or that the wind :ossec! her hair. In a minute rS'.e was at the boys' house. She walked in without knocking. Tony said, "Didn't you wear a coat, Sherry? You'll catch cold." Sherry said, "Mona's gone," Tony said, "Then eat with us." A sudden sp;isni nf fury possessed Sherry. She whirled to fnco Tony. "Mona's Rone, T tell you! fih-^' gone away! She isn't coming l>a<-..° She isn't ever coming back'" Suddenly the band around br chest snapped. She took a lo- ~ hysterical breath nnd burst*!,. ' sobs. Kris look her over to (he d:iv^ port and sat down and held h^.' in his arms while she cri.Kl. (To lie CO:ULIH;<'.!) Head Courier News Want. Ads. Save Money 'Voilay. Any Day STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S 401 E. Main Van Must Be SATURDAY, MARCH. 15, 1917 "The boss complimented rne on that drawing I did on the fat councilman yesterday—but I wonder, just what ha meant when he said it was the best thing I had done in a long time!" FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy 01 at Slale Line Phone IJlydicville 71-t KG Sure! INSURE With the FIR'SI NATIONAL INSURANCE , AGENCY ins North Second DEAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNEH TWICE AS TALL AS A MAN WHEN IT 5 AT UP, OMCE LIVED IN BOTH NORTH 'AMD SOUTH AMERICA A 1-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg, Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying ( DRAG LINK FARM DITCHES Wsn. R. Overton -- County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write 15«x SJ, Koseliiml. Ark. - st Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week-— * Pontiacs . ' * • Fords * Chevrolets '• Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES I'Jioiie 20,'i7 - Cor. Frankim. and Main St. T<!g*=uss>7V=» t<WI2 KORMER (LlrWRNIA IS WHERE7 \SAurA 8AK8AKA I J.OS At/6Ei£S \ PALO AITO //in, 3-IS IS THOU&Hr TO HAVE BEEN FOUWD IN SOUTHERN /NP1A ABOUr OOQ Y£ARSAGO. . M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ANSWER: Los Angeles, California. NEXT: Bees in the apple orchard. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Onts, Lcspeclczn, Alfalfa and !>:isUire Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds 'f-om Blythevilie's largest Seed Sfocf 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 8'57 WASH TTJTmP Knocked Out in i.KSUb 'HMO I SUPPOSE LECMARU'5 TOO FINISHING HIS HE WftS COUECTIN8 T«' PAP6K5 NEEDED^ TO APPLY FOR Ms PATCNrs, WHEN HE 'W COUAvPSEDt Our Boordinq House with MaKHoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams -GAFi TWjl(i/i:C /tAII HI TT. t*\w-*rir- \^j^/. __. — _ I " ~ "" 1 ~ Vt -r-rw • , _.,_.-, ••_ WHILE HER6,LEKMDER. OLJLD FLEE AS PAR AS MY WORD ' OL1CHINSG, ISN'T IT-—TM/XT ASCAL'S ROOM,HIS SKIS 6AT \ND GLO\Je AND—U\\! IS TVAA.T W OLD BDSlATRtgE WAR. DRUM. LET'S GNE OUR RUNA.W\V A FEW DAYS fOR THE FIRE To ,VOU L£FT HOM.& FOR. THE I FIRST TIW&, IT WAS FUM TILL BEDTIME AND you FELT AS LOMELVAS A BARBER. ' ' 1 RUSSIA/ mis APPEARED? It !^ lr m. d*-SLEPT HERE- 3-lf '/IC FLINT Oust twinty minutes ahead of me, a matt knocked on a door in the Chemical Building. Horgcr's 1'rolilcm OH, AMBROSE.' COMF AM' TA;<E DOWN PIPE THA'vWERS, OH OS FROSTERS, OR \>utlAT VOL) CALLDM IT'S SPRIMG NOW. THlRTV YtARS TOO SOOM HEP P v nvi7 SOMETHING, FELUM... Mi&i'. BETTER RUW SET (>. DOCTOR.! - .. >£tIEVIHGRSDKIOSSJSMoafiA io, A'EVAPAS>i£5;N7D THE R\~XH/fOUSS-- IF TH&I'S BOWER HE'S EARLY, FLUKE WAIT A MINUTE TILL I TURN ON THE WIRE RECORDER AND PUT THIS eOV.BftWAY. 1JY MICHAEI, O'MAI.LKY and HALPJI LANK />ND MOW fOR MR. 80R6ER.WHO HAS THE PROOLEM OF RIDDING HIM- SClf OF A IftDY WHO HAS BEGUN TO V8ORE KIM.' Gun-Woman LOOK OUT 5HE'S GOT A (SUN : !<Y V. T. HAMUH OOP THE CAPTAIN LIKED NOT COLONEL OOP'S MANNER OF ADDRESS TO OUR HOSTESS About .FOR YOU, MV JOSEPHINE.THE x v BALL IS THE SUCCESS, /-— j NO? ALREADV ^-—"^AH, MV " ' SWORDS PLW / HUSBAND, MT1S IJNFOR- \TUNATE, YOUR LONEL'S MANNER5,., TSK., . T5V<. / FMFTi (TAKM/\> BUT THE THAT 15 COLONELS SV/ORD is BROKEN s. ORDINARILY i VES.BUTTHI IONE,!- ._. ORDINARY COLONEL.' ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES Zero Hour WGVV SCW30\_ I.V DO .« f\V GtT WTO r1 ROD, DONT TRV\C ^ \s)UV\ PUS 1 SHt'S VJORRltD TO D£F\TV\ , POOR- l ^S^ EDGAR MAKT1J* Vlt\-\-, T'iA ~ " GLftD

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