The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1947
Page 5
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J3ATUKDAY, MARCH 15, 10-17 Checks on Guild House Group Seeks Dafii on Communists In TrurJe Unions WASHlMCrrON. M.uxli IB. (Ul«) —The House l,;iljor Committee today lurncil its invi";tlsatio,i of Communism in trade unions to ilir Amerlrun N'^'.v^pLioi'r Ciitild tliey diil :ii)t ln-li.'vc Hit.' Guild was domiiu'.teil by Cumimmlsls on a n<i- lioijo! | >; ,.,j S but dial "one or two loenls" niv mu'slionnble. In iiddiiioii tn the cmestion of Coimmuii.-.m, it WHS said, Murray will IK- con; routed with n proposal tci limit ANO i>i?mui>rslil|i to editorial worker:;. At present. the or- IHUii/'.iti in is an industrial union winch C(.v,rs i-ditoj'iat .-'ml uitsiii",-,- o!li'".> employes. Meanwhile. Km coiumn u:e worlc- '-•(I over L' i;i/eii \>y two Milwaukee, Wis.. CIO lenders to learn nilicllit'f it would IK; possible to press :i iK-rjury c-liar!;r n^iinst lupin, ijoth In Hie face uf a direct accusation, i!""i«l tint t,,[,y UTi . u communists Tin; tv.M ;iri> Robert BIISC and HnroW Ciirislotfei, president and lunioruiy president respectively oi Locnl 2i8, UniU'd Automobile .Workers (OIO>. Until are leaders of the strike ;-", th e Allis-chalmers plant. West AJ.ii., The cliiirs'e of Communism was brou;<ht avainst them by Louis Bu- ili'iw. who sakl that lie personally l:ncv.' l,,,||i in tly. riays V;1 , C11 hc wa< . e'Woi i-r the Communist Partv i newslKlncr, Tin; nuily Woik»t Bu- clcnz si:*- !..ft !hi- party to join the Ci'.tiiolic Chlirell. The eoinmlttoc is aho investi-al- ms n nr.itirioui "Crnm-nde Junl»;•"•" naint-ct by liuilsn;: as a na»'"al Communist Iradrr who ron- I'rred \vith Hi si* and CliristolTcl on » lail strike in the AlHs-Chnliiicrs plant. nudeiiK IriPiitlfieel comrade .lumiKT as n national officer of the CiO United Electrical Workers Tlie rammiite-.'s Invesd-jMion 'of Communist.; v.'as lir^im wh?n civilr- mnn frecl A. Hiirtlr-y. ,Ir R N' J lUinoiiiKTct th.u ho" would sponsor a bill to outlaw the 1 nrly. Th? :::o'.,;) i.; ait":n]jtii;|; to determine the il'frcl ih-d left win? elements ha\x- had on union strike policies. HE-p. Kichnrd :-,r. Nixon R Cal a member n! inth the House Labor mid UiiAinc-rk-an Activitk-s Committees, said Ivj v,-a:; uncertain -ji Ihc eflecliver.CM r;f l-;i.r,!atkm to out-: law Coiin.iu: ' Six Trapped In Building Collapse " '" B (AUK.) COUKIBB NEWS ^'^^J^ - • - ^ * r^-f', • r», * ;*»**" i, „- ki ^y-^f --?; •%•!& >>•>:• - Sfc *^^^.^:ft'* ^ • - ^ ^M\-':^^^^^ f , ^4^>/ N^VM^^v:' '" "''>,&* *. 7 i£->. U*i^<- ^-* t.?* s- ( ^ i-*? Head of Legion Blasts Russians Soviets Accused of Violating Neutrality P«ct Among Nations '''JTI-K HOCK, Mr,rd> 15, <UI>. ir r irm c , 0(l '''I'TKed l«)«lnv by I'.uil L ,' '" ( " U'Hqmow,,,, ].;,., 11;1 . loiiul cuiniiinnrter of tnc.,Ainoikuii .i-i',l"ii. wllli vIoliiKon ot.ll.o int^r- nnllonnl nentrulUy iicl,. ' f5]K' ; ikin K here ycstfli-duy. O.rlflllh " il 'ss n i , ses n^_ hl.lliibcfBCh. 'over Swedish te irl- Nmi, ^ i V- ? c fn "" "oil, Clilciigo mm the hi'Hi'l - '» $ »** KUWJ j, ny ^ I liu CUM )K , ,-cmirded KS' ol fiU'mntuess." (s the only lm tlon the United SUtes hn.s lo feur, mid the onlv ni'iire^ nation t| lc Unlletl States nuiy lin He described President Tiiim:in's curb on []». spread ot Commim'l-.m "s "one of the 8 , wc .st In Ainer cni history." «.i«.mi ic .spr«ul of Coiniiuiulsm tnioiiijMom the world Is Kii'sln's nle";," n 1 ' ?,'",' """" Uim ' "'•'•°1>™'- ple In Ihe united stales who would A '\K'il Commuiilsm , f u r u, c r Luxora Committee To Vote Soon On Tax S/os/j out-: iin.iunisti:. He advocated policy of e;:;>i>',m'T tl-.riv leaders ami tlieir U'.cti.s. 'I r,m nviiviiR'L'!! that the <\m"r'- ran iifoiilr; c.:ii li;uu!Ie Uie Communists th^msjh'es O-CD they have i the fsu-;;;," N-.ton saUl. "in mo.-t cases, lank and ill;, members of iradc nuicms liave taken strong sh-r-s WASHINGTON. March IS. (UP) —Ciiajrinjiii Hi'.ro.'d KnuLson voiced confidence today that th'e ifioinc Ways and .Means Committee would VOTC next week to approve his bill! .or a 20 per cent !itro5s-tlic->oard| oil m in'dlridual income taxes | • With a two-day public hearinc on the uill completed, the Minni'- lo rid their leadership of Communism once they realize that it ts there." iota Republican told reporters: "I-think the committee will'im- prove the bill suijstantlii'.ty as it is. There will b? a few cliances, taui nothini! important." D(!iiio:rntic meir.jcrs of the committee .rpiicaicd to oe solidly »K!iinst the Knutson bill I),H the Rt)n:l>li:ans ho:d ;i 15-10 commit- tc.-e in: jority. At least livo Democrats — Ren. Robert L. Doi,[;liton, N C and Wilbur -Mills, Ark.—said they doubted that :i tux cut should be imuU: tcK'.usc of unfavorable internal lo:,al developments. The Republican-; Iw.vem-. did not appear to feel tliat, the intcriialionai situation should alter ta\ rcdiittion plans., ..'•l-iwrt o! two uiuic'r- seercl.u-ies o! treasmy in the 'Roosevelt adiniiiistralion'. I Ro.w:ell ^!:ir.):i, who was muter-' sccrolniy in rJ37-;i8. : , n( | ,j onn W J Hanes, M.miU'.s SII--.TI•.••sor. ;,oth ad-1 vnn.iied a tax cut ol 20 p:r cent 1 across Hie board. They ar;-ued tli.ul siu-h a cut. wi!(i nci-cisaiv now to mstiire hi.siiiefis confUi^ncV and Lo lend inceiHIve to Individual initla- liv<\ Safely First Succeeds , MlnnMCTOWN, O. (UP)- The Worts of ihc American lioll- 1 •nee Mill co. her,, ifikc-s ]ii ide in Us ! niw^i.atfly rccm-,1. T |,e firms 4.500 ! c cumplctod i>'e m.Ti, hours of work a lost-tin^ aceidciu. !*• U"Kan was hostess to M members of the Methodist Woman s Society of Christian Mcrvlcu m Her homo Tuosday ulternoon Mrs. Cliurles Lewis (-ave th t . dC'Vo- tonul and Mrs. E, n. Hosan iciiil Uie lesson study, "Our Country In H'-dia . n book eomplli'd by 'MIS KcUccca Wells Loef/lcr from letters sne had received from children of tnctia. The Hcv. J. M, Majors and Mrs. Majors left Wednesday for am m 0 ' 9'" fl ' ror " "'""Hi's visit, vvllh their daughter, Mrs. Ancel Mnnlj-omcry, and Mr . Motu s oiiicry . Mrs. mil,,,, rreenr loft. Monday lor Evansvllle, lint., w i, crc shc will ],mike her homo with her sister, Mrs. D. C. McOliee. and Mrs. Mc- OeMee, who arc both 111. She was accompanied as fur us Memphis by lei- niece. Betty Sue Mifrilj,, Mrs. Johnson 00 ' 1111 "" 1 ""'' Mrs ' w "" ntn , Mr. und Mrs. iertl Corkran ,fprat ^01, days with Mr. Corkmn's Mr. nntl Mra, LostCdhe4rH Teams Win in Cage Tourney IXMt cmie'.s i). nirl.s defc-ited t.oni! o»k 22 to 13 In the flna Bitnic of the nrimioon session' yi'steidiiy. u, s | cmio led thraititU ho rnllle B nme, their' lend twvfr conlcslcd. p y vi'tll be' Jo/hed by tliefr claiujli- Uir, Miss Donna Wumlcrllch, who u n student there. Courier New* Want Aria Ill olher yesterday 'ifler- - IIOOM. losl. cnne 11 boys noscil ,uiL Pnwheen 27 In •>* um \ nox Klder won from Yiirbro by, forfeit, -, -~r, Jn Ui.i' 1'Ydny nlgliC sessfoli, 'aos- ' ' 1 :))ox Mini l Sn "' L> " f 31 -' Ul . - Mlliiu of dosneii led the wormy u= point,;, nvhllo oimipboli ; 0 C ^ with i), II boys'from hteca contested. lll|... fra ber Njiu, by the score .„( •» i o | 8 , icece. 'inuclf (lie ninalldf of "(ho two Icnins, dime from U^hhiil. und oinitcbissed Ihetr i,u KC i- owxiiicnts o win Hilly jm-ksoii or Heeco im . SC °M nii ,, WlUl " "° iul - s w »"e »lll.v Norlhcult mid Kemu-lli l^uch led Number Nine with 'n iwlnt.s ouch. in Ihe tlnnl n,imi> of llui nlqhl session Dox Elder's n «lrls C'lslly won from Oosnell by thn ncoi it lo 8. nimnlni! or Uox cnpUired lush S e,,re j,, m . C | s „,(„, 12 of or Miss HOSU 1,011 Cooke, (luiiRhtcr Of Mr. HI,,, Mrs . M . c C( , ok( , (0 Jack HefUmor Mcni|)li| Sl lhi s Mtnj-- noon ^m, Uer sister,,, ML s s ^n, Cooke or LUKorn. M 'r s . 3^11,, /„[,. icr or McmpliLs am! Mrs. W j. Wimderllck of nlythovlllo. Mr. ,', ml -Mrs. Wiindcrllcli will drive by n wlio £n down into llic pits The cninial lj:itt!cs of Great Britain's /if.h! for ,'ife arc being fought MI nndeiKiound front- deep "1'iwn in t|«; nation's coal mines. fjic:e <;xeln=,iv«; new pictures, taken at Hc-!(i's!,,.Mi::rT eollicry, on the Ch-inin-i coast near Deal, show the nidi and f-ie i.unmer in whicli they v.ork to vp.vd ,!ir How of coal to file le>.s i-, to crippled industry jiiiir t;> vl:;il (xpnii ports. Current co:il is to r.iiro coal production to -Oil million („:::; n year. Althoual, over \vlia; Bii;. m: ; consumed lu.-t yi'r.r. 11 w.r.ild !;,;> 1940 oulpuc L>y Ions. s is Ilic primitive pit. Miners arc rle.n-|n K :uv; -,v 11 or si,, iesc me the miners' homes, will, M i| icry SCCn ,„ dista ATTENTION VETERANS! H yon nerved oversea,, j OU f h ouU Join the V.F.W. no»l J'J*' 1 "** nvery Wednejtday nUM, orn «V Wct< -" k » m P '.'"««n Ofllcc. Urine 11 vnttruu will, you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Forrl.., Mcfullu, Musical ! Instruments Supplies ... Repairs ,, Radios, Office Supplies ?PECI^L ORDERS "' soLiciTgp ;•;; KchfwJs. Churches, Hands, Ochc.stm ¥ & CluliH',,Given SPECIAL PRICES ' : On Mu.sii'iil Insfrumci J.MellBrooksJr 107 E. Main Tel. 811 Radio Clinic i 430 W. Ash St. Phone 855 or 229} '. j PICK UP and DELIVER' free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'honc 2043 10'M Chtchiisawba FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Automatic Electric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Line of Glcclrical and Halt cry Radius '• Kxpcrl Radio Repairs • \Ve Pick U[> and Deliver 321 E. Slain Phone 2107 '•' Night 3S(S ,i . ... Average jaiuiual/ «o/te«>f(*04umpfJ lion in the United "sfates la 'about* if pounds per-Head of'popvUatlon. Wild nnm'ah are - not' affected uy tlie bite of the (setse Jlyj • BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY! Bring your car to HOJ'S BODY SHOP fl Pll .^ody and fender Repairs, painting, v. j and<glass installed. ',•!..•'•''.'','-/' " ['the hi!'cA'rs made like t'lie "factory makes mum, K ;mi niiUoi'iaili'iiml \vorkinnimhf p. Ciiiirnntecd to fit-and •M Jooki llkft'originiil upholstery. , •> 41 it.Main St. Phone 3456 WASHING MACHINES we have them for • IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS N The, f/NESr ^uiortiolic' \yaihing 'Machine ' w ' ' ,: Store i»>, Dr. CHAS. L. CRAIG Dentist Wishes to announce the opening '. of Inn office " • Lynch Building ' Blythcvillc, Ark. ,••( .,'„<:;•,/,!"'^i " Phone 2540 •"•''"' ''•'' i1 "-'" "<; Also CULVERTS , We are Dealers tor THE FAMOUS WATERPRQOFINQ Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. 3 Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK.' Busy Season Ahead! Hare.that' tractor'of yours steam-cleaned now. ,'''. Your tractor will run cooler and more efficiently ; " and will give less trouble after you've removed the grease and dirt that clogs it's motor *•''. ; We are able to paint your tractor at this time too, painting insures long wear, prevents rust. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863

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