The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT ?LTnmVTLI.E (ARK.) COURIER FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION later!!**: MEalmuzi chart* prr line **c 1 tiMe prr i]»e ,,,,, Ue 2 tltn^f prr line pr* rfay IZc 3 tim*i p*r line pfr day 9c i tl»es per line ptr da.^ 1 .,* It 12 tlmri per lin* vet day ........ Sc Month js*r lint .....,., Mr Count DTP ayi-rajr* woidj to ihf )fn*Ad ordrrrd for thrft or &fi limrt xnd etnpprd be-fore expiration wilt br rkirffd for ihe numbrr o/ Umr* ih.r jt| tpppiTfri and adjutlmrnt of kill mad*. AH rlisiiflrt! aci?erUsliiK copy nth- Wttlrd >y j>?rsnrf residing outvirtc «>f thp r.(j niliKt hr armnipnnlfrl by r.ish Ratr« may ^.isSlj be computed from Ibr jfc(ir« lablr Adfrrtl.tnjt ordrrfrt for Irrrenlar IH- itrllom i»kr (In- one time lablp. -Vo r/-3j»nnilbJllty will b? Mkp* /n/ , more Ihin one Inrorrcrt Insrrlton of j *RT rUisiritd ad. All art* ATI rrilrlrtrA T/> iKtlt pn»r" * cUsilflritlnn style nnd I jjie. T Courier .NVrrt tcsortti the right In n *r rt)trt any ad, Plans-Estimates Tor new connrucUon. rtrnorlHJng or F.II.A OR O 1, LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phone 20W Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. uaranu-crt pi r n O tnnlfnflj- pJUf. Cal] 207] days. 20J9 nlRtiU. 5 2fi tf Moving & eio.-fd VM, trucks Safe- FjipprlriKPtl hrlp tt w ncrXliAin. I IV I \\ csl Rof:r. Phone 8 f ^R. 79 py ^9 Apartment ior Rent Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D«f timer on Jrxelrr—3 <!»»« on j-iitche. and clo.-k. r.iiiirnnTcrd wn,y. lone for expert repairmen I/iwpM "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 3 room unfurnl^brrt apt., elrrlrlr liot wnur-tv'th. 4ID P.. Clirrry. o^rnr Ales- 3 PI ancler. Flione 3170. ~\ 1) pk For Sale, Misc. Fnrn. npi. \ipMMrK. 1' lyth, frlsrMMre. Couple only «8 DO '*ct'-;lv. PH. M19. 7.|| pk 15 ; ir»ih"n« nm , 5 Ittin nib in K 17 CIIK Iron l.ah. rotntitiKp nii'l rml '""" '*''"> Olinmr Jillmp; in 2 rm- furn. npi. mtlHles furn.. rca- Mndble. Th. P.9S9 or 4050, 7 10 )>lc 14 a';' fl.n-1.. huh Sffl! ,,|p, •» sfnplc hub poll pljip Orsburn .Snpul 2 room fnrn. npt.. close 1n. Utllltir" (urn. Ph, 25.12. 710 j.y 15 door! with II) |>k IV «]irlfht 3 roorn lumped .pi. co,ipi« only35 i Son 'ot nn"/OM^l'l,,,..!., s,",.'.'p!; ,'. "Nice, .mall I^Ut^ rTnT ! i,™'.'™'K"!?"!;..™ ( ." .T.« r « n """"'."I'. 11 .- Nice, (mall Inrnlsticr!. nilmte npt.J 1. desirable for one nr l\vn peonle. l.SIZ i \V. Ash St., ph. K67R, 7*7 pk 14 ' U|>r! 3 room ftirnlihfld npt. Private bn.h Hnt u-aTrr furnished. Ph. 34P3 -10-J avjft after 6 p.m. -.7 p > . . Phone |il:i 3 Tin. furnlsfifri Apt. Ph. 7:5 pk 12 3 room unfurnished nnartmeot with lights nnrl -A-ater. Bedroom with kltrh- en anti living room privilege's. Ph 311-T F\irn. duplex npt . mo-Ifrn. rVas ablo. Couple. ISO] Henrn. Ph. 2509 __ _ 3 rm. unfuni. npt f.'ewlr <I<TorMrtT elen. hot watpr henter. Pl\ "^325. 6!2I ck 7 ?1 _ __ 3 room unfurnished Altiirtmcnt Close In. Phons 2595. ji C4 , t klotlern 2 room fur apt Ph 2.W5 OT *^ 3 H e> if Mndprn npt.. 3 rooms and bnth newly dccorMrrt. Eoort furniture, em initlo mtni Ph. 3373. r. Simon. »:J1 ck 'if Small Apartments, furnished, ?8 up per week. Bedrooms ?'l up single. 114 West Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 room «pl. o,, Ttcnrn Slrect. close to school. Screened In h.lckporrh ^>, iv" b ' nMS Ncwly '"•"'"led not valer. Ph. 2S52 or 23«4. 8 26 ck tf i pk 11 • Clilrk 7 9 pk 11 L'Aerl refrigerator, ph. 201.1 or 44to~ 78 |>k'I. 1 Siive Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN IIARKISON & SON FUKN1TURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph, 2552 Services n UtNCTI "pFIOrOSTATJC SERTICK. O-STHKM-5 STUDIO 115 fi MAIN 12'V c'k tf E. R. A!ley_nlr conditioning retrlit- erBtlon service. l>n. 2478. 102 F. MIs- toutl. aiytlievlllc. Ark. ' 7*0 it ALtrntlon Cotton Gin Owners- " Kptas- pnlntln B -\Ve nre equipped to P»lnt rmtr 5 tns or nnythlnp you h»ve to be spros-ed. Ph 21M or Mtm'l.i 2?» 7.7 p* fl'v Need votir rndlo repslrertT Coll li'ort- W« lon-8313 D^aWcd veteran repairs rafllos at home. 313 K. 2nd 7:3 px 82 COMMEBCtAl. nEni?GERATION "co" Air rpndltlonlni!. commercial and household refrlKerntlon service Mnur- nTnvf,"^"- ""• pl>on ' S391 «'»5-. 31" nlRht. J16 E. Main. 6 .25 ck II RKFRtGERATlON' E«pm senlce on Alr-Condltlnnln;. ? I ,x' r f. " 1U| "PP'Innce. Bill J'« Ih ,°" »n<l Harrj BraokJ Phone ''!?=•" ?° "tisi^er. c»11 8004. BRorK KSrRIQERATIOH CO.. 2337 Ulrcn. ^ 5;ai ck tf DrrMmakins, and Ultrr 7 tl p"^ ,. tm 'i^ „"•_. 7.9 Pk 16 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. m w w.inu. rhon. .im Plenty of Parking Space 1 t:irce Cushmnn prtiotf-r 1 einnll D,Tndlp nii s « c ooler 1 Wtilz7rr motor blko. Us.irt power nnri hniul movers. Also pow^r mownrs for rent WKSTBHOOK MACHINE SHOP rrn | i o . Grocery. llxUirr, (ilockrT"roo^r~2 lira' S ?•". °"o " crni111 ' ° r '""1 hcnUh. IHH So. 2|5(. Rlrlluvllle, Ark _ _ ' 7,7 pk 8 7 Floslon BCrevtall pupptes. SO N Slti 7J7 Pk 14 Tiro nm] burylnr proof sate* A]| .ixes at factory prices. Vault Doors. I'rrlRht 1 _r!^.! r 40 ? 7 ' * '" P* * ; '° FlSIIEr(MAN-S~m<EAM 1-12 Up. mmor. 1 trnner nnd boat .•Uh estrns. Call B04f> or 6D5B. 7,7 ||K 14 Home Of Good Used Cars! Mil 9 KOKI) $10.15 i(, 50 ,. T)1U) ^ (o hiivi- you ilrlve A black '-J-Tnn Pirku nrl,»m« maroon n,,- Mns»lln n! ,llj. pr |r«l! ' v,, u 'l. KM <J CUKV .... Si li;>.. ]<).|<) si title SIM, ™' n,,c "iiT'.'^ ,„"'";!;: ;; c ^ s ? '<- T °" stmi<. h ..,i.,' r IX in mi.E'^'' " .HS 0 ^' "»< '"'« "-T I!llfi Four> ?7'I5 lilt? FOKI) .... $r ,< l5 ^±;;"::r,',;!;^ 1 ,:-;? r 1 ^-,^ ^, s «- -. 0,1 Ih. rlrhl lr,,l« at Pickup Tru,k:"rnm« t^MO Dro.liln'ay In Rlytlicvllle. 1!) " lfi F(ml) S<>»5 l!H(i CHKV $505 ^£^r.«: ^r^%7;:«^ •lr'lv»T lii ''7 1 """"'!™ H Chevrolol '..-Ton Job Now •IrKc In Ihl, cnr lomorrov, I ,, rlcc ,| al onlj . S595 _ J °°' • >ow is MiytorbeiMpann ^l^-»jrl'HH-'BT V-tJI.I.^rrT 7 ^ •* 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Self-Propel led Combine Owners: Let us show you the reason why a MAYRATH LOADER Will Pay For Itself! Jack Robinson Implement Co Jilylheville, Arkansas — [>hone 2371 For Sa/e, Real fsfofe 3-l)edrootn homo on Hollv Slroet, with Hcrvanl's house KHA constnictccl. Price ?13.I 500. Also have GI house for ?5,000. Closing costs, J75. Complete set of store fiv- tnrca, meat case, slicing machine, rof.tsler, shelving etc. Worth $2,000. Can be bought for ? 1,150. In K ootl mention. Store routs for ?30 per month. Have Jlain Street location, stock anil fixtures for sale. T''- B. JOYNKR •:;•:!'• V. Cnmptell- room ae and Rarage 14500 (200 ,, -- 1 a 'nontli. Also cute, lo. n " B """ I '»»J »nd Ash 1'hor.e _uADriMm,n 5 x cl ,, ai«H" ! M* n<> ," vrvl " ""'on loratcd Bt . 7[3 pk 8 5 norlh ot For 2 room furnlshcil house with* bath ami electric kitchen. In • stood nelKti- VTantod 3 room housp nlso 2 room home C B285 or 2942. See nt 509 E. Rose si. ^-le Hadlo Supply. P o. Box 'M3'eivl Ihcvlll*. Art. Or phone 4467. 7.9'ck 14 ?i«7 SWVCI ' k ' good cook - H«ereiiiceir"ph I 6367 - 1,lt pk IS — 8G5G _ Bullcllng 22 hy '20.00.1 turn r I,, c [ Mt , 2 , '-" Icd'l'n't'h""' whi "' ","" "»l"'«i^ mil. With prospo.ct* of Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for ne«-. [ will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms !A down, Imlance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gainea Ph. 6357. 4|17 ck tf Clover ans first Introducer! Into Enplane) as a [aim C ron nboilt, the dtjln of Hie I7ih Century CKAHBLIN SALES CO. Knows How fo Service Your Car or Truck FOR SUMMER DRIVING Treat your rnr or truck as the worthwhile invesf merit it is. Trust ll ta | (ruck i.r car only Io experts who know the answers to (he uitiliU-ni of summer. Kijrhi m ,w _ lubrication, lire inspection, a wash and wax joh, an engine tune-up, a check of the tooling svsfem — these services are expertly lianilled at Chamblin's. Drive In This Week! SerYKe Aiiihcfised • 2 Big L»H at RafeMMl ft A*fc SALES CO. .1 rm, unfurn. Homo »o<l bntl, elec not water heater. Npwlv deroralrri' For lnfornmtlon-.813 chlcliasnwha. 2 '00011 and hall. „„.. npt . "" 50C ' s -.-" :". 7 . 3 P* «' Store hiuldlriB. 24J8()\ «,l ", corat7d", f«r rum ncjt to Jo/dm, Clothing store In Sleele. Ph. Elrc!^, 151 or 207. _ 7.S pk u ^^T;"^S.^ : ^J^^ Three rooms nud bath al Tnt-hrTT (^Mrs^E. B. Ll oyd . 7*5 pi 12 5 room house, with hretvkfast" m^oj • nd h,.h. Wil ,| ,„ „.„„ ,.„,,,"„ lk"na ^"""Ph'o'n'e 3n2\. ar0 ^ d ^ E «<-"«'"- y*o room house. 513 East nose s7 '"" MS5 630 nk 7||4 i — nun prostio.ct* of hm-lnu n hctter hustness «,[, fall in the last 4 vefirs. Thl^ pla<v? If linudlert concctly tvlll make monrr The prlrr Is .12.00D «lih S250D ra»h .-Ith ^'.hTmmw.Jr^p^^fon." ""'' y " r ^'. JI. Burns Kealtor-lnstiror 1'hono—3361 , 7;ll)fl< 17 3 room house. 37M iiVii c^ Modern ..,, t i cxl7-a~'r 0 on,y | —-°- «M t^iii •1 room house and bath on mJnt7c»,; n 88«'" " ps "'" "Ti/u l>aved^street at. 805 N. Frank- Tu^o^iInT.'inii^IeTrrTSn"; ' lin. This lioiise is in ti|Uop 13" lrl ln ™""ri. i.' < a'"riii > m..'.S l n. rK 65i I'OlKlition insilll- mil) ,.ii( I.V- i'- F ™" k "". I"' 2'5I fi27 ^k !f /nstruction I teach piano, MK.C. Johnson. ncrardtoo. Phone 3734 inivrance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Plan net) Protection QUHCOr HO'ITIl BUILDlrfCJ IX W. Aiib at. <[> ek ir Art-Conscious Fmp/oyes Work Amidst Paintings PITTSBURGH (m _ Ifs a sate bet tlie 1.000 einuloyes of the Fisher Scientific Co. here protablv know more about art than any other one sroiip of employes in the country .The employes work amidst prii-e- ess paintings daily as they produce laboratory supplies. Chester O. Fisher, rounder and iliiertor of the company, has one of the most unu>ual ait toHmions in the world and lip's am j t on daily exliiljit fr his workers Srat- lered throlistlj llw jei'cn-story btiiirl- ing arc 300 original oil paintings anil eiiurnviiigs, (lalin« from Hie isth Century to the present. The .art covers Just one theme— the scientist »( work. It struts «ith Ihe nU-l'tnilst and covets 300 years of art, history am! science. Pisher has Wn ro>l, lg hjs art ures Ior 35 years. 1 hertroom ^'Ith bath and kitchen rlv1le B es. Phone 37^4. Mrs c John_"' " «30 ft 7i 15 addition insitlt: and out. Kx-i' Ira lai'Ke kitchen .with lots of L'nhinpts. lot. :f1.i>r>0 tiisli, f.M.oa total tiioiulil.v ; . Vacant. .Move in LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR WOOLENS AMD B Sninll fvirnlshed room. Ph 2!>?0 Notice .Modern 5-rooni house ami i M 0iyr V° <11 ". k m " t " rll '= P «"'^i<i <> "orn" . ^'.•itJi on large comer |,,t „„ ' -™ ,„ -5 "da^.'V.n Mr,""L""" ' i Adams Strep!. Attic fan, floor j "*""- *"•*'-?*"""- msl "-"' "'' 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER lurnace, dipnppearinjr stairway, hardwood floors — throiiKliont. SI,800 cash mav-i ''0 loss, will handle. $54.52 Ph li'lnl monthly payments, or call Dortch seen farms In this rounuv S. 8 : M n.m to 4:3n p.m. James IJglity 7 2 pfc 82 . Fl.hermen! We h.iTe potkme JOHNNY MARR .:.^_^^~_r» TI i. ' i ...:u i . .. -i, * Fishermen! We have porkmelts and ' .p. t.uttreir, Market, em Chlrka- I ' 5 24 ck 7 « ' Krsltor j I will luiy or sell for yo\i Citv 112 So. Hud. ; Property or Farms Phone 4H1 Goo. Jl. |,ee Residence Phono 2SOS lioaltor 5;iO ck (f 120 \\". .Main. — I'h. fiflfil i 7 7 <•!! 21 Real ESTATE ___ _ Wanted to Buy Farms—City Pronct.y j HIGHEST PRICES' I r\ \ MO _ . . LOANS H l«lcrxl«[1 I, Burin. or tellttf ,„ Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe BWir.. PAID For (in, wire and til kinds of scrap meUl. Blytheville Iron %S 6 ,.! & Metal Co. ny Jfe Moultrii Phone Sftfia ATTENTION G1NNERS! Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 ',-50 ck it ] _ . _ . •«_. vj, | Aimo.. t tl -,v 4 room.. »n7«7itv~hMh ! '^' Bflwn > T * Monltrie Drive I »ie^ <1 r n ..;r,r~ 11 ,,ivj; CM i 1 " 1 o.Th"r™ : i Ph °" C 8%2 ! -.ot \»-ater, «i->od Karrirn jpot, F y nll K \7~ 4 15 rlf tf •rt lot 1 hl ork h ,, s Unr Vrrv |11|n j 1 ^ ^ II SHANKS. 61 :i».'' 0 pliimj,«-81i»t. l k"; It'',]"'. : a^'. 'c'tnntL *"?*" '%,??"',„?'<(.£?; 1 " TS ; 7,10 pk u j OS-nun-. BTUI3IQ. MS W», u,|* 1 V.VAnt lot. Ke.^t lorallon In town for i leu.ibinhood Ktoeery stole. See It E r»Km. »t More. South Hlwny fil ' | . 7 ' 9 ° X 23 j ' ! ^rwmTmiv^t7nTt<i~h7tr, • .)',„"*"," cn< " 1 1<>l ' or «"l77ii"« crat". ' M "' n pfl ••>•»•' 7 I'l ,-k sn' I Rt. 4, Bly'lScvm" Ari'.""' J ' °7 B^ntVi WlJ hf(lr<K " n « lth P'l»«t« bsih rhnne • . 7|H CH M Private Rooms WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL VHOT or COLD! ASIiceorTruckloadI SPECIAL PRICES *FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Street Dlythevilie July Is License Buying Month Sullivan-Nelson's Trucks Are $JAC 493 Righf • Prictd • Sold Right J9.IB FORD |/ 2 -Ton Pickup. The motor's overhauled, the paint's new. Oood tires 1918 CHIOVU01.KT l'/,-Ton long wheellas. $1** Irnt-k willi body. Your hesl huy today I 3D IN 15 CHKVKOI.KT lon K whcelbase Truck with 73flx20 (ires all around. Good heater JIMS FORD (/.-Ton I'ifk,,,, Truck that's equipped with heater and defroster ,,nlv 13-19 STUnKIJAKKK '/.-Ton I.WH Truck motor overhauled. 750x20 front 825x20 rear tires new paint 1950 CHEVROLET I.-Ton Pickup Truck with : deluxe cab. Runs like new. Heater I!J5f) KORJ) J.-Ton I'ickup Truck with heater i and defroster. A truly clean truck Many Others to Choose From EASY OMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you ran »!w«y» make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Tk« M ( Used Car Lot •• Wal*«t 8tre«t" 301 W«t Walnut p hone 4573 (I New Zealand has 17!-! sheep [or every person. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Frost often hastens the colorinr process In leaves. O.K. Barber Shop | Air-Conditioned Television Sit In cool comfort and •otrt, telcTivim while, ron gel ,„„, h ,, r eu| Jt *>|lr shop. m»n*grd by Jimmj 11,11 Tht on| J 'hop In p.lrthe.lll,. otfer- mg 5011 both. Try us, O.K. Borber Shop j Hnor s Hardware SPECIAL Watch Repair 2 Weeks Only Cleaned & Adjusted ONLY $2.50 All Work Guaranteed 305 S. 20fh Street Phone S0!)2 Formerly wilh Thompson CrDilil Jcvflcri ffj KILL JOHNSON GRASS 111 Sndium Chlorate, 99% r, H rr -| trealfd ror dry appitcation'. >0 per 100 Ibs. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. »7 SI. Stale Line— rhone M14 For A Clean Used Car Or Truck Your Best Bet Is Horner-Wilson On East Main Two Ullh Mi, K I,n! Rock<H p, this ••««•• nlrt smr ,bile ha, Hy- rtrariMlir l>riv f , rndio, heater, practically ncw Urrs r , kani mr dark blue finish A 'i-Ton ion, rirknp with new tirps. To sec lh« •ruck is !„ h u ,. K , Come to Hnrner-Wilson. ^ '18 CMC 2-Door J lovrtT llslil graj . OIiLsmo- ile with rartio, healer, vhlit .rlcwall tires. City rlriven, the ' '51 CHEVROI.ET ?!050 This .;-Ton Pfck^p , 5 „ clean as a n™ one . „.„ de _ luxe r»li. new tires. Hornn- Wilson trade, r | s h t ! «> Kuaranlcc the cnmiition of this 2-Ton MVB Truck! "a* new hed. -,vii h nrw nn( , s f'""' »«««- now, the tim c to buy. ,750 Save now on this ir_- T on MYB Tniok! With » pMcll «"y new motor, ,, cw paint and good tires, it's a huj! HORNER-WlLSON Rocket OWsmohile — (;jic Trucks Phon. 2056 Used Car Lot _ Phone $151

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