The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1947
Page 3
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SATURDAY. MARCH 15, Bandit Captured; Loot Recovered Lone Robber Takes $9500 From Bank !n North Carolina LUMnEKTON. N'. C.. March |5. 'UP'— mil I^ooklear, 2d-ye;ir-Qui sawmill worker, was held ' by I lie FIJI today Ui coniieetion with ihe single-bunded daylight liolctnp ves erday of u,e Scottish Hnn* in 'eiubi-oke. N. c. Sheriff w C ijA' reported. •••Wrill said lx>cklear admitted tuk ins S9.500 from tlie bank soon atict it opened for business Friday He was arrested In Mnxton N C f Deputy Sheriff Roy Piirrcll a'flei two women v.'li<> lived across the street at Die bunk said they reco< ni/ed him as tlie man who enUnxd and left tlie bank soon after" it opened for business. The sheriff reported that Lo,-v Icar admitted tils bank robb-n nnd that most of the money IP'J been recovered. Locklear reporters led officers to a swamp whi'i'c $7.500 was buried in a can l-ocklear surrendered peaceably, Bntt saw, and was unarmed Tip sheriff added that a gun. supposurtiv the one used in the robbery wa~. found later. Cashier J. H. Hood said the Iwi- dit entered the bank through a side door just before opening time this cfn'n'n"? "',"' >"' eaeiltc < 1 » checK lor $3.000 to be cashed. When asked for identification, he whipped Jut a gun and said "this Is inv idem', ficalion." Hood reported. " The cashier said the vouii" unmasked while man was believed to have left in a car parked with a companion at the wheel Hood said he had just opened the vault and placed the money on a table behind the counter when the sallo\v-comp!exjoned young maa ] wenrlnif yellow sun glasses and dressed In tan work clothes api>ta"- J* at the wicket. He said the bandit presented r, check on a Pembroke Lumber Company, endorsed by a local customer I knew the whole thing ,vas n forgery," Hood said. "So I n - ked lus name and lie said it was on th» check. Then J asked him if he had any Identification and he drew tlie Hood said the bandit forced him over beside tivo other employes Lois Becson and Mrs/Jim chandler, grabbed up the money aim stuffed it inside his shirt .He tried to lock the three iua side i-ooiii, Hood related, but when Legless Mother Missing Link Still a Mystery JE° lr " r " ''*'''''^^"^^^-am^^^are^^-iiai^^.^^^^.^.. _ Cal f «^ h- M •" ° W11Cd by L ' L ' nil1 - San Lo »'s Oblspo Calif., gave birth to six pups. Two days later one oj tliem died Missy," according to Hill, deserted her litter several nS later whit. rM T G T' mornln « wllh ° «P""*m«n tp the nevt-bom •™ ! , ^ blt f een abovc ' But fl's still a mystery to Hill where Si :»^^one_of the neiubbors rat w Chuirch News I-IUST 1'ItESIlVTKKIAN rllllUCH Harvey T. Kiili!, Pastor 0:4= B.III., Sunday school 11:00 a.m., Morning Worship <i:0(l Junior Choir [ C:45 n.m., supper i "?:30 p.m., Evening Service Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Prayer Meeting 8|10|).iii., Choir Rehearsal First legless woman In San Francisco hospital records to give birlh to a oaby is Mrs. Lelia West Wimms, 25, shown above with her week-old daughter, Sandra Kathryn. Mrs. Winans lost both legs live years ogo and "during Hie war toureo military hospitals to s i )ow i c |j ow amputees hew well she was able to us? artLlicial Irmbs. University To Build Two Dormitories '.'TUB DOCK. Ark.. Mnrch 15 (U.P.) - University of Arkansas board mcrahcrs planned today to "sir fm- bids on two new residence halls on the campus—one for men i-nrl one for women—following their meeting here yesterday i Constructioir of the dormitories ABS anihori'-'t'd i,y Dip rccenllv-i adjourned 56th General Assembly, Ilio men's hall will have sleep- i <! ncrominodations for 2CO and dining facilities for r-SO; the worn-! -' w n, house 150 and CALVARY liAI'TIST CHURCH Itev. I*. H. JerniEim, p;istnr Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning worship, n:ob n.m. B. T. w.. fi:45 p.m. Evening Worship, g p.m. FIRST KAITIST CHURCH K. C. firown. |i:lstnr Sunday School, 9:40 a.m. Morning Worship, 10:55 a.m Spe- cii! in lisle — Anthem "The Holy City" (Worth Holder and choir) Training Union, 0:30 p.m Evening Worship, 7:30 i>.m Special music. FriCST MK'lllOmST CHURCH Allen I). Stewurt, pastor Church School. 8:45 a in Worship Service, 10:50 n m Senior M.Y.F.,'e:3tl p.m. Intermediate M.Y.F., '0:33 p m . TEMPLE ISRAEL Dr. Alfrcil Vise. ItaUlil Woman's Club Sunday School, i :30 p.m. Services, 3 p.m. 1 c-'inbined commencement and mnugurtil addres.s at tlie Univer- -itv in .lime at which lime he will be installed formally as president •f the school. The exercise also vill commemorate the 75th aiin'- i-irnry of the university. Two wreks later. Dr. Jones will speak at the graduation program of the Medical school hi Little Heck. " ••' """.it 1 LTU tUIU Have dining facilities, for 200. i CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SKKVIWH . I. :" V11S . Av - Jone ' s wil1 deliver Woman's ehiblioiisc, Htc w. Main "Substance," is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be renci In all Churches and societies of the 'Jhurch of Christ, Scientist f The Golden Text is: "God is able to mnkc all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having n i| sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work." Wednesday evening meeting at 8 o'clock. Juniors Present Play In School Auditorium LUXOR A, Ark., March is—Thc Junior Class of the Luxora Hi»h School prc:/nted the play, "Reaching for the Moon," Friday night in the school auditorium. The cast was Sally Sherwood, Peggy Rodders- Larry Kerrigan, Roy Walker: Butty Breckcnridgc. Loraine Edwards; Hal Sherwood, Kenneth Coots; Patricia Pennlngton, Mary Buford Denton; Anthony Hoyt, Jimmy Layel; John Cameron, J. T. Conner; Kccwaydiu Maiylj-n Owen; Jennifer lac. Wynette Stanfield; Mrs. Larrirnore Mary Evelyn Martin; Pamela Parnell, Dorothy Ann Rozclle; Teci Richard Lee; The Earl, David' Douglas. FLAT LAKE METHODIST CHURCH Glenn Bunch, Miprrintenilcnt Church School, 10 a.m. the - door would not lock, he ran out the side entrance. ritOMISEl) LAND Kay L. M;Lcstcr, minister Church School, 10 a.m. Preaching and Worship Services I p.m. VAIiBKO SIKTffODIST CHURCH Hay L. McLestcr, pastor Church School, 10 a.m. 'Preaching and Worship Services II a.m. GATEWAY TAHERNACI.E Howard Street Rev. L. G. Borah, pastor Church Service. Q:45 a.m. Evening Worship. 7:30 n.m. Church Service. Wednesday ana Friday, 7:30 p.'n. THANK YOU The Posts named below of "The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars of Osceola, ArkJ wish to thank the people of Mississippi County, who by their subscriptions to several well known farm papers have made it possible for us to become owners and lenders of three wheel'chairs and three pairs of crutches. This campaign is now completed and this equipment is ready for loan free of charge to the residents of Mississippi County on a temporary basis, except for the cost of transportation. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS BRYANT-YOUNG POST, Osceola, Ark. THE AMERICAN LEGION MACK G RIDER POST, Osceola, Ark. COURIER NEWS J.ll.l.V SUIBKT ItAI'TIST 1). 1!. Klnlsur, |lastor •Sunday School. (IMO a.m. Morning Wor.sliip, 10:95 Training Union, J:ao p.m. Kvenlnj! Worsblu, r r;io p.m. 1.M.11AMIKJ. IMI'l'ISr C'HUHC'H A. ^1. l|oiisll>l), par.lor Sunday School, m am. Morning Wurslnp. 11 a.m. TiiiinlnB Union, 1 p.m. livinliij; Service, i;3o p.m. Wccnu-Miiiy nmni P.UJUI ovrviuf. 7 p.m. LAKH STItl'.KT M-'TIIOtUST C'liUIICIl Kcv. II. 11. ISl.-ihis, i.jslur Chinch School, u:au »in, Morning Worship, 10:00 p.m EVBJ)||>« WoaJilp, 7::l« inn Melhudlst Youlli> « p.m. ' Prayer Mowing. Wednesday •; pin. KIKST (IllHKi'. f- W, Nash, |>:iNliir Sunday School, ti-ji „ ,„ Mornlns Wurshljj. 1| a in VOIIIIK People's nn'OthiB. 7-15 p.m. Evening Worslii[>, H o'clock. Wednesday prayer services. 7iSC 1'IHST C1IKIKTIAN C'lllJllCll It. S. ICllrd. pastur Bible school. 9:45 tun. Morning Worship. I0:su n.m. Evening Training lnt : ,ll nue :raups, G:30 p.m. Evening Woiship, -;.. w „„, ASSEAIKLY OF <!()!> (.IIUHCll I..C. Itanisey, ['astnr Sunday Scliool, SMS n ,,, Momini; wo«-3hlp, n „.„',. t-nrht Ambas-sniior services, C:3il Children's church. « : ;io p.m. ' """' Sen-Ice. 7::in ptn. LOSS OF . EGG PRODUCTION CAUSED BY »ODP£. BRONCHITIS AND COLDS Wi/ke's INHALANT and AVEX , k ., ten Ihe blrdi, -« r«l ""<>"Bh Ihc rt.pirnory Ustd by Itiousinils a! Poultry 'users in the itovf conditions isr eoc ^ soc ,r,r- For Sale hy WOODS DRUG STORK "'I!. (lO ". H. liarmon, *''i'<i".y -i'hoo!, ,MS n. m Worslilp, u n n '"mix „,„ •••vuilug Worship, l:ao p „, I^SIACIJLATK <.'O.\('i;i'riON I'vv. ]|. |,-,. n ,„,!,( ji,.i),, v || ti |,., s ,,, r l!i'v. IMu| nuJaiKlil, iisslslnnl luvsloi „.;„""""*' Mi>as< "' 1:3 ° iini1 < We, kduy Masses. B p.m. riiiiiicii np rniiiKT K. W. SUiviill. |i:i K |ur • 'Mlil'H' Srh.M)!. n-r,(l i,.,,, ^•"I'slilp Rcivlc,., ll).r, 0 ,_.„, l-.K'llhl'. yi-rvlcri, 8 p.lll, PAGE Eyes Hove It I'-AI'TIST CIKJIICII ''""|i"l II. Kl'ir, i.,,. i,it ..uiuliij School, 0:45 a.m Mniniini \V(,.ship n n. m '""Mi i: Union. 1 )> ,„ '.', ..... '"" w (ll .sh(., . ,,,„ \\-ilnostlny. prayer lurelhiK, II l.cibrrl J it',;,.,-, |i ;1K (,, r ,Slll,d,.y Svhool. 10 ft in. Woislilu .Sorvi:i> n , .,1 WKDNKSIMY U'liteii soivice. 7:« p.m. "iv Hw ll'iaster. cured", sermon. Mounlaln Valley la naturally antl-acM-helpruf in-; "!'}" "?' 1 ' """'U'ons and In hyperacidity of the atom-" A i . 1 flll " olls »<"»lth water from Hot Springs rtrk., has been rccommcnUed for more than 50 veara --for these acid conditions mid for Kidney and Bladder disorders. H's worth a frlall (.'all or >Vrlte for Booklet CROSSTONVN WHISKEY SHOP Main and l>lvLsl»u Hlylhtvllle, Ark. ' l)cm'l 1)0 sivireii^-il's lust j ( , Chien-f''eo. uno of L'lilna's fore- umsl yoiniK iie^rs, inudo up fur one of his wanUn roles, lie's "i"' "1 II nu'inbeis nf llu> fhi- ni'se Culhnni Theuler, now In rimniry lor a niillnnu'lilu Iwui on bchiilt ol Chinese war im<3 famine refugees. lion clialn .silKpi'iislon bridges weie (•cinstnicti'd | M chlnu 2000 yi'iirii lino. UUIL ANTI:HOC cfiotEli fERffw' & VETERINARY PRODUCTS ' wfst CHINS', Resolution \Vliciv;iK the divino creator saw I'll to remove from our two Imlovcd Hmrm'lws, nuinoly, -Mrs. Hiilun ICIIiol ISIUU-M who was culled hcnec mi December 22 ami Mrs. Ida Kay Moll, who followed her on January <l, I<M7. Whereas (heir •itTilialion and Ihuir importance to th c Mlliot- Klelcher Chapter of the tJnitwi ol' "onlVdiii-m-y wiiK ol' such value thai, siiid Cliap- ter takes this melhoil ol' publicly oxpres.sinir its Invc jiiid flppreciiiLioM of Its ctuecuwt nii'inlxii-s. There foro be it n.-solml that saiil Klliot-I« v lct.elK-r Cliiipler j;o on rucord as haviii"; ex|ir«MHi)rl its IH'ol'oinul uriof over ils K ren( loss, realixln^ that Hie above inenlionod deceased members 1 posi- tiou in tin, f;i)a|)ioi- will not |,o easily filled ami lit.- it I'mllier resolved Uiat a copy of those resolutions be sent to each family and also a i-opy be spread on I he minute.* hook by the se.cro- liiry of IClliot-Kletclier Clmrter for porimimmt recoi-d, Mrs. Huiuk-rsnn (,'. Hull. Clintiniim Mrs. .lames O. KnrkKdulc Mrs. l.ovc (!. Ailiims. At nil thru-* J ket'i, ,», | 1!ln< | several tcadors and o'lulpmenl, im!,,<!i.i K ,, ow anil used. | have John lime, I'ani.all !tn ,| <,thcr , lia | u -s. Also have for « i( le »' «» time- 7(1 I,, x<) iien.l ,,f mu | cs . TcrmK can |je il. 1 will Irmlu f or a| luost !U) . v ihi,, g you hnvc . see F. C. CROWE I Mile South Braggadocio, Mo. DON EDWARDS "The '1'riirirrlior M»i(- """ KK 'BTr»n.sucil.,n MUST HK Dr. MilSon E, Webb Optometrist Announces tho Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville J. LOUIS CHERRY York Life Insgrcnce Co. HIVtllrtlllivArk. The Ts'me for Assessing Ciiy Personal ProperJy is From Now Until If you foil-to assess your property the law re- quites me a ossess if for you. Tow know the value of your property better than anyone else, Please help me to fix the proper value on your property. Please bring your 1946 tax receipts On your City and Personal Property YLE HE ILL is H Mississippi County Tax Assessor FROZEN FOabS Lockers for Rent—Meat Curing— Groceries — Meats — Vegetables- Wilson Pasteurized Milk Birdseyo Frozen Products ^ We Deliver '' n2 Mniri .-it 2Ist SJrcel S<EROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 • "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ *»«r source of I'KTKOLEUM .... =~ -•«•- I'HODUC'l-h KK .1 C™err, &SONS GENERAL. CONTRACTORS' MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 CALL 2611... STOP AT 2611 Don't Hesitate to Ask for Free Service Lislcn — \\'c can wnsh your car in 30 minutes. We use Genuine AlcinUc Grease to lubricate your car. Yes, we have the tires — Dayton — Hood — Goodyear. We also have New Hatterics. Standard fSSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State y AUTO SERVICE Phone 2611 Second and Ash S's,

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