Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 17, 1935 · 17
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 17

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1935
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0 fOriJNAI- TKIXriIOXKS 2.171 (IOMNG Tl.Mi: FOR W ANT ADS: WFFK lAV 1:30 AM.. al I BOAVh 10:W AM KDMONTO.V JOl'KN'AL, TI KSDAV, SEPTEMBER 17, 1933 nn F. HOI KSt :0fl A.M. TO 10:0 P.M. SEVENTEEN' ICE Many Good Buys In Good Used Cars Are To Be Found On This Page 25171 lie Cnlumnl ' 13 Hi fa hot Shelf Ices s 3'JC lotur OU larket $ 5 (irate nee. 10641 - 7 dranSi 130. v. 86.JJ stinghoij h. TI. early e 83608. ee'iidii . 81541. Juys h. 25534 le engine; , rod ai. iut, geai imp hea It. 125i (1 cleane it. Cly 'h 24470 Jnderwoo 1. Undei 10064 Id .00 Up rauteed farhlne on Brand le Ave. died;- ir 10271 7 Alan Bchra HIE n stand -Spacer . Carry - imthly. miteii me mii . .. 83 95' ill colors . .. 1.31 ll . II U ... 81.54 hells box 95e oox 81. 15 box 81 23 irduare 25A anted 12 gaur mable. P ,son sink 10. r ubie-ban lelf-eject' i7 Ave. otgun. all (2 B7 St 12. DancS dv ials ro. LTD. i09 St. Ltd. ime 21J3 ret r. to .... l.21 .... Sl." ... S3.?' ... .... JL9' .... S'!.1 ort Sl.r. .... 'is ... ST" .... 831 si.v Lumber is Tour fa, ' ' ' "J o."i-:o5(i 2 and R'-Ph. 72874 ydes 2 ade btcy 5at t it Bldg. h7 27600 pairs i 64 100 Ct TOJ.D iLD" 29 .H.HT Rat Coat, tvv 36. for sale reasonable. Ph. 81141. '.Al' Fur Coat. Party leaving un. Cheap Mornuus, 9922 112 St. WANTCh Men's clothing.- ttt. Ph 24735 W TEIi-600 men's suits of clothes. Ben prices paid. Ph. 255:4. Coal and Wood .rtMltllll load Dry Millwood. 82 25: Poplar $2 50. Coal anv quantity Ph. 72334. SPIill E-Mll I H OOD The Kwaiion Lumlirr Co.. Ltd. I'lione IJ 'OK sale. 150 cords stove wood, load or . bulk Apply Secretary-Treasurer, St. Albert. Box 25. Ph. 17 riuii: mii i.w oon" tiindird lo.nl (lit cubic feet S'MS nad-iiml-a-li ilf :t.('i; Large loud ' THE Ml tVMIV I.I Mivl K 1 11, I TI. 11 i '!:n:t3 OPE It. Jai kplne. Tamarac. split or block. Best coal, any quantity Radio, clothes line pales Sacked dry sawdust for Insulation. OK Coal and Wood. Ph. 11324-22547. Radio-Musical Mdse 31 .EW 1935 6-tube all-wave, radio Special 854 50. leliilin.in A Co, Ltd., 10130 Ja-prr AKV piano 8100, Heint7man 4175, Willi 8150. Robinson Sons. 10247 Jasper Ave. "liHi BatTe7nkalos7aTo6 lo :tiiw S I'.lertrie Radios. $15.00 to M5.O0. 91!5 mi Ave.. opposite Market f t OMUrioMin "pianos.. Ortho-phonic phonographs, radios and band instruments of every description. Robinson Ac Son, 10247 Jasper ave. ARMERS-Bring us your radios for repairs. 14 years' experience. Radio Electric sertiie, Or537 Jasper Articles Wanted 0M secondhand Office Desk. 24247. 32 Ph. Cload's Auction Buys j Anything. I'h. 24725 "-VOLT YndilOvoit7TC.' Genera- tors. Will pay caUi. Bruce Robinson Electric. Ltd.. 10528 Jasper. j TAIARI AICTION BOOMS. 1 11. Buy Furniture, Any (u-ntity Ph. i'.Ui'i Charles Munton Buys I Nearly Aiivthing. Ph. 2.".534 I 01 K of furniture want-exi lor ca&h. Ph. 72310 ;5,oi)0 cath to swap for your broken Jeelry Pacific Gold Smeltina; Co., ( 10002 101 A Ave. opposite McLeod ' Bldg LAKA Salvage Company pavs highest cash prices for lacllea' and men's : clnthir.B and tools of all kimis 10327 101 St. Ph. 25327. EM Store Opening 20th, highest prices, furniture. Ph. 23725. paying ranges. ANii.il house of furniture. Ph. 2'1'63. i,hT2r5"34 j Wanted SO Kances and Heaters .ANTi.ii, carload coal ranges and heaters Good prices P-i 24725 EKll'Sxcnange 111 pay biph" pricea , tat used furniture. Ph. 27250. I Machinery 33 ITE John Deere and McCormkk Tractors, also several steel separators In Al condltnn Delivered any plare at lowest, prices. Oscar Gruhn. Hay Lake M McCormlck Deerlng Binder, 7- foot. Price $75 00. Frot & Wood Binder, 7-foot. Price 75 00. H. O. CI Ml I TT Farm Land - WetiiHk. Alta. F have s number of good rc-condl-tioned Wood Bros.' throhr rs at very wawHiS'ile priees. Tri.c1e-ir.s r-epte! W. Buniey. 10251 99 St. Ph. 24f".8. -H P. ty;ie "V Fairbanks-Morse Diesel enjins in riming condition. Special c.xsh clearing. Price $425. Bruce Robinson Electric. Ltd., 10528 Japp- Ave. -INTii-Rumely Separator in good condition. Very chenp. Moss Builck. Leduc, Alberta. IR sa;er"22" Cae separator, completely reconditioned. Apply C. Munton. 10224996t. L sues-used pipe for sale. C S. SutherindL Ltd-lMiaS 8t iOI sixk Fordson Tractor parts Mac'a Auto Wreckage. 10039 103 Ave. Ph. 26455. vSTLliTi01 farm machinery, ; rismess. etc. Ph. 25534 .HHiiii as-Drtd pipe, well supples; 11.000 lb. stock scale: saws; blacksmith rod Iron. Fxlmonton Jur.k Company, corner 96 St.-Jasper ve. KW KKISO TKACTOK We offer one only, at a eonsiderPiJle reduction In price. POM .'ION' MOTORS .TI. Phoni? 222R8 12 ft South of Jasper Ae. Pets 34 tl llFIL Persian Kitten for sale. 0212 108 St. I(S;-l!Rf.D Fox Terrier Pups for kle. W. Qulllcy. 12154 31 St. LE Irish Water Spaniel. 5 months. Iso female, two years: reasonable. fruncan, 9824 105 St. Box 6il 'oumM. ovv pup, reds and blacks. Canaries, inena $3.50: hens. 50c each. Mrs. r. P. Biair, Carmannay. Alberta MARVEL NN'ELS August Specials: Pektns-se. Pomeran.ans and Canaries 541 102A Ave. Poultry and Supplies 35 MING Pigeons and coop for sale, -cap. 11124 71 St. li your requirements In Honey :.r.s and Extractors write us for neciai prtrc PITAI. SI FD A POl I TRY M PPI.V n89 St St Ph. SI3t2 VNTID live Poultry. Sell your hrollers now. P. J. Geary. 10109 82 Livestock 37 tested. (ISTI.RFD Jetsey Bull. ire. quiet. Bos 702 Jourr.il t NO fresh Cow for sale.- 9324 98 Kve. iO grade Bulls for sale. Ph T. A urn. 872-2314. K sale, 2-year-old Holsteln-heifers ested. Tumbull. St. Albert. h N TED Farm hoises. cattle, hrxrs. Machinery Taws. Srr?h Edmonton 'M 972-1312 hoT-se? ?r.d ml:. 50 e.ct-a good rvr-. IO", 12 0 pt ( Horss wanted lor fo, fed Wes-era Bsrdware. 10311 Whyte Ave. i Clothing Livestock (Oof irt'ied from PreeedJr f Column! JIM arrived 25 horse, weighing j from 1.2CKJ to 2.01)0 lbs.; W. O j Smith. 10337 99 St. Pa. 71308. HOK-I s foraie ' DorT Bail-10744 101 St Ph 21453. ! BIloliE selling liglitTor unfinished hots, see D B Mullen. Ph. 71113. FOB SWAP ISEB8 In taking advantage of these tperlal low rale on Swap ads, I words, 6 days. (1.0(1; 25 words, $1.50, you get a 30-day H;r I. listing with (he Journal's h W A P HI HEAL. llllt SH IP READERS If you cannot find Just what you nam In (be ads below, consult the Journal's SWAP III HEAD any time between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. dally (except Sunday), at the Journal office. Ml I.LV -located park home, water liralna. gas. sewer, water. Gravelled avenue. Hot-light. P"11" modern six rooms, furnishings. Trade equity or aell for 81.000.; Cost $2,200. Over 81.800 baa been paid. 10050 SO Ave. I VLI.Ii: Truck, V-t ton, with B lioenae. ; Reo rear and dual wheel. 8325.00. j Anything of value: prefer land or I acreage. John Davis, Lloytlmlnster. j PI BL-I1KI O Rhode" Island RedsT lay- j lug. Will sell, or trade for older: hens. Mr. Roberts. 10826 85 St.. mornings. Alio Wreckage and Repair Shop, i Trade fcr good Improved land. Will ' sell for cash. Box 711 Journal. j HI I K Boat, light, sturdy, easily car-I rted on car; trade for rhotgun. rifle or sell Ph. 23869. Hill, trade 5-tube De Forest-Crossly WaDtol Flectrlc Radio for battery set. E. S. Graves. Westerose. Alta. HALF Section Improved land, excellent district. Trade for small block or apartment house What offers? Box 708 Journal. IOI R rooms, semi-modern, furnace, brick foundation. Price 81.000. taHn..e cash For S-room bungalow. Box 706 Journal. LA SALI.irCnlverslty "Extension-Busl-ness Cour. 18 volumes. Cost about 8200. Trade for anything of vrlue Box 701 Journal. IMI'KOt Ll three-quarter section", 30 I Swan I! : i good mixed farming district, one ! list End, 4-room Bungalow, good mile school: three elevators- trade j condition, hardwood floors, fur-two quarters and rent thiifl. fori nace. light water on lot; consider suitable acreage, close in. Box 147 i trade. Ph. 72797. Journal i 5-ROOM" stucoo nouseTfuily modern" rooms, bath, modern, gas. bath, modern, gas. Trade for small house, part cash. Leas reliable tenant. Box 691, Journal ; LOt ELY 7-room suburban- home; I eight acres of land; fine buildings. Exchange for smaller house. Ph : 22789-31555. IOI R milk cows for sale, or trade for lipht car Apply Pete Halin, King-nvn or Emil Koefaed, Tofleld Coal i Co. ! 1 OK Vancouver property! or sell seven-roomed modern home, garage. close school, carllne: clear title 11308 89 St. j LNCIMNiIE good summer home. Al- j berta Bench, as part payment on partly irolng concern quarter sec- J tlon. Box 673 Journal. j SEVEN rooms, modern, trade as part payment on 6-room bungalow, or j sell for $1,500 cash. Ph. 31868. ' (l l( K sale, cabinet grand piano, ) player; dance rolls; guaranteed BnxMo'invme50 'b'Piap '""" LllElnodcl Sedanwantheavy car preferred. Also truck. Will trade land or horses. Lacombs district. W. A. Reid. Clive, Alta. s!-room house, modern, clear title. For acreage with buildings, within 20 miles city, on or near highway. Would sell. 12212 95A St. fie: the payment for a new winter cc.'it from se'.lir.j the. old one through JotiMil Want Ads. Financial Business Chances 42 FOR sale. Service Station run independently, located in the City of Edmonton on one of the main streets leading out of city. Total wholesale and retail gailonage last year 200.000 gallons. $4,000 cash I will handle. Box 718 Journal. 1 RllAlRANT-and Grocery Business In country town, for sale. Restau- rant no opposition. 8923 83 Ave, between 8-2. j GENERAL Store at Mayerthorpne for sale, approximately $6 000 Investigate, then write to J E Jenvey. Msyerthorpe, stating amount of cash. M-KOOM boarding house, going concern: full; good, steady boarders. Owner leaving city. Ill health. 10040 102 St. " ltORDING-IIOl E """ SNAP Excellent location. Complete furniture, equipment for eight rooms. Including first-class boarders. Central. Particulars, Ph. 27561 WAN18.ll Mnn willing to inve.it small amount of capital. Manufacturing and selling Box 686. Journal. i.KOI FRY SVre for sale in small hamlet, gravel highway. 50 mil's ; from Edmonton. 81,000 will handle Ph. 32456. WANTED m-nTwl'th little-capltalT hoe ranchin? proposition. Box 679 ; Journal. TAXI Bl SINISS ON acreage, central. Three cars: 1931 Willys" Knleht Special Sedan: 1930 Hudson Sedan; 1929 Ford Sedan Sell or trade. 10018 102 Ave. Ph. 23142, W tNTI 1 "Grocery- or "General Store where high school is sveilanle. Give particulars and monthly turnover Bix 83 Colonsay, Saskatchewan. GROCERY cv-ntrpl location in the city. Stork ai-nt MSO. fixtures $300 Turnover about f 10.0)0. all cash. Pent f store, with living rooms. $25 a m-"iiih. Tfrms. $750 all cash. Cour.Tpr. ptoois. 6-htle ir? brx. refrscerator. r$ilf. all other fix- turf 5. Very rr.aji stx:i. Evptt-t hir X :r $rt? . Ra nt for More with living rr-m. moflem. $15. Krai E-tate and Biiliie, Broker (li; ! st. ph. 22551 PLEASE MENTION ErMONTON JOURNAL WHEN ANSW RING WANT ADS. Real Estate Farm for Sale 48 mil.AT and Dairy Farm, 650 acies, on C PU, 120 miles east of Edmonton. All under cultivation. 100 tons of hay. 200 acres summer fallowed, good large barns, 10-room brick house Right in town of 500 Inhabitants; seven elevators, cheese factory, schools, and etc Will sell cheaply on long credit, 4 Interest; small amount down Cash or shares payments. Owner J. D. O'Connell. Macdonald Hotel. Edmonton. HALF Secti'litrr Westlock "district" 225 acres cultivated. excellent building. Price 83.000 per acre and would take clear-titled bouse as part payment. With fair cash payment dcjra would consider lower price. Inquire Associated Agencies. 419 Empire Blk.. Edmonton. FARM for sale, about 40 acres broken: plenty wood and water. A. Cadwal-laden. Jarvie. Alberta. ! Ql'ARTF.R Section, good" living quar ters, buildings; 20 acres broken: all fenced: good water; four miles from Bllby Some cash, terras. Ph. 82992. 12939 112 Ave. Houses for Sale 53 FOl K-room Bungalow, water, light and sewer, nice lot, 92 St., Norwood. 8700. term. ADMINISTRATION' A- TRl'T CO. n.M l-Keal f -lale. Rentals, In-iirance ATTENTION; Close in!" south" Jasper. 7 -room fully modern; sell, exchange. IV. C. KOUC, 101 M. Ph. 2tt;-317;2 fi-KOOM fully modern bouse, close in. on 103A Ave. Full plumbing. gas. furnace and basement. All in good condition and well rented. Snap Tor quick le at 81.600 on terms. I HlMERill K. Ph. 57741 610 Northern Investment Rldg. KenwoiMl-KenHOod, 10IA Ht. Pli. 21583 Real Estate, Rentals, Insurance SOLIII-brick flvesulte apartment house. Beautiful site for larger apartment building. 9907 1J3 St. NOH WOblf.' lemT- burigaTow,- i rooms, fully modern: two glassed-ln verandahs; fireplace: maple floors; heated garage. Exceptional buy. 82 100. 8400 cash, balance monthly. HAKE, 419 McLeod Bldg. Ph. 27519 I furnace, near gravelled highway Apply 11827 106 St. Ph. 71911. lT4-6tTsouthof Jasper, eight rooms and bath: also two room In attic Fully modern. A snap at 82,650. on terms. BAGLF.Y A McMAMS St4 KH A Ave. Ph. 21041 NORWOOB, 5 rooms, bath, basement, garage, gas. Owner, box 693. Journal. BEAlTfiil! winter and summer home, sale or rent, furnished. Cad-boro Bay, Vancouver Island. Low rent, responsible parties. Nine rooms, ballroom 38x60. Cheaply heated; furnace. Six miles Victoria. R. D. Tlghe. Ph. 28196. GARNEAl iii room and bath, practically new: will consider small Bungalow In Garneau for equity. F. J. Lorimer Co.. 605 Northern Invest Blk. Ph. 21341. Houses Wanted to Buy 54 ' Pl'RCHASE or rent, by reliable party, J six-roomed fully modern semi- bungalow or house. Central. Box 688 Journal. Rentals Houses to Let (Fur.) 59 1005 117 St. S-room furnished Bungalow and bath; modern: gas. 828 month. Apply 10173 114 St 6- or" 7 -roomed beautifully furnished home, west end. close in; every modern convenience: heated garage: hot-water heated. Lease responsible party Ph. 82245-81228. ATTRACTIVE 5-room Bungalow, oak floors. All modern conveniences Heated garage. West end. Ph 83377. i j Houses to Let (Unfur.) 60 TWO Shacks; three rooms $12, two 89.00. 9521 108A Ave. 4-ROOM Bungalow, redecorated. 12752 I 127 St. Apply 8617 110 Ave. SMALL five-room Bungalow, all mod-, ern: redecorated. 11627 81 St. Rent $25 month. Ph. 72344. fi;i:i 97 St., five-room brick bunga- low. garage. October 1. $35 monthly. Gas. Apply 11837 88 SI. : HUuri23-St r rooms ..7... $27.50 I 10041 86 Ave.. 7 rooms 820 00 10542 109 St.. 4 rooms $17 50 kil l IN A GILBERT llMKIl 101 St. Ph. 21373 1-ltooM Bungalow, light and water. 11507 73 St. sl.tEN-room house, four bedrooms, oek floors upstairs, maple floor downstairs. Gas heated. First-class condition. Rent $35. Stony Plain Rd. Ph. 82305. II I'll 81 Ave. fully modern bungalow, four rooms, bathroom, also basement room. Heated garage. October 1st. $35. Th. 23639. COS V cot 1 3 ge . 4 rooms, bath. $lT 11226 88 St. Ph. 82281. SIX rooms, .arge living room: heated garage: south side. 8610 104 St. AVAILABLE now. 5 rooms, bath, gar-aee. All modern. Adults. Ph 81254 JAsPI'K Plac7house jf'-living; and dining rooms, kitchen, three bedrooms and batb. 14628 Summit Ave. Steam heated. Templeman Bros . 10045 107 St Ph. 22633. 10226 116 it. 6 rooms. 3 bedrooms, fully modern, hardwood fl-crs. gas. fireplace, good condition 83750 "?i77 125 St 7 rooms, fully modern, hardwood floors, gas. garage, fireplace, good condition $30 00 Weher Brn. Axeneies Limited Phone 2-3-4-6-1 11113 65 St Five rooms, fully m-xlern bungalow. hardwood flxr fireplace, garage, very attractive yard $3000 11248 72 St Four rooms, hardwood floors, fireplace, gas 820.00 108R2 88 modern St Five rooms, fullv $22.50 12518 108 Ave Four rooms, fullv modern, fuil bcremrnt.. $18.50 F, L. Greers k Cc r Ltl, R'al Flate. Farm Mnd-. Ret-taN Phone ?7II 101.18 Jasper Ave. House to Let (Unfur.) j (Continued from Preceding Colunnn ' HIM K. 10918 110 Ave., six rooms, modern, facing south, about 100' ! west of 108 St. All schools near at I hand Rent 832.50 rnon'hly. Apply Land Dept.. Hudson's Bay Com- piny. Ph. 24252. ; M3C 103 Stlht " roomiT fireplace I verandahs. October 1st. Ph. 22978. ITlT"l8St".gas7six rooms, modern, i 830 month. 5-BOOM semi-modern-house. Immediate possession. 9338 88 St. Houses Wanted to Let 61 i- or 6 -room Bungalow, modern; garage: west end or south side preferred. Box 715 Journal. iil NIJALOM. 2 or 3 bedrooms; adults" Reasonable. Box 704 Journal. We Have Clients Wanting Bungalows and Apartments, Re-nuls S25X.0 to S40.0O WEBER BROS. AGENCIES LTD Telephone 23681 Apartments (Fur.) 62 Alexandra Block Fl RNJHEI or unfurnished one-and two-room suites with bath: furniture new: elevator service. Ph. 21842. TWO nicely-furnished rooms, hardwood floors, gas range. Every convenience. 9921 83 Ave. Ph 32075. ATTRACTIVE!.! furnished three room suite, French doors, windows, t'rigidaire. gas-range, radiants. Available Oct. 1st. 9817 107 St. TWO rooms, kitchenette, suit couple, business girls. Reasonable. 8931 107 6t. LIWNG-room, bedroom, kitchenette, radiant, garage. Apply 10035 113 St. 3-Rd.M Flat? students oFcierks. central. Box 665 Journal. F CRN I Ml ED - unfurnished- 2-room suite with kitchenette. 9912 108 6t. C"Fl RNISHi:n-or furnlshed.-room suite, ground floor, two private entrances; also bed-sitting room, i 9724 108 6t. COMFORTABLE and reasonable three-room suite. 9932 112 St. Alexandra Block Fl'KNISIIED or unfurnished one-and two-room suites, with bath; furniture new; elevator service. Ph. 21842. SITTFM and single rooms. Hillside House. 9819 104 St. Ph. 24288. i , Apartments (Unfur.) 63 j ATTRACTIVE, newly decorated suite.: west end block, 5 rooms and bath. ( Reasonable. Apply 12130 104 Ave. ! I1 NsTON Block, two-three cosy rooms. Watson A- Co. Ph. 21330. SI SlMI.R-rate now lneffect.- Went-worth Apt , 97 St. and 102 Ave. $30 Five rooms, steam heated: prl-; j vate bath, west end. Ph. 81132. CLEAN, furnished or unfurnished. 2-i roomed suite. 9929 108 St. 1 EXCEPTION Al .""vat ue74 room su i te , : i close in. private bath: hot, cold ' water, etc. Immediate possession. ! 10258 82 St. j ! ATTRACTIVE, newlye I I west end block. 5 rooms and bath. 1 i Reasonable. Apply 12330 104 Ave. j RENFREW-Apts.78844" 113 St. Two! ' three -room suites. Hardwood floor. ; gas. fireplaces. Private baths. ! Overlooking golf link. HIliHi.NI, new four-roomed aprt I ment. private bath, entrances, two i fireplaces, gas, use electric washer, near carline. 11317 61 St. t'Ol'R rooms, private bath and en-I trances, heat, water, light half block school and car. 9923 85 Ave. : THREE -roomed suite, fireplace, radi- j ant. garage. 10731 84 Ave. Ph. 33546. C OMI OK T i BLF.." TwcM-oomed " suite, hot and cold water, gas stove. Adults only. Kennedy, 11437 Jasper Ave. ! GARNE Al rirable-flat,-Oc"tobeFT. j Private. $35.00. Appointment, Box 669 Journal. , Apartments Wanted 64 TW O- or three-roomed suite, unfur- ' nished. in private home. West end preferred. Reasonable. Box 716 Journal. I W ANTE II small furnished suite, about October 12: or small fur- i nished house, for married couple. Box 664 Journal. Index to Want Ad Headings Rates and Information Announcements Merchandise j Rentals 57 to 75 1 to 9 I 25 to 33 i Farm to Let 57 Announcements ... 1 Articles for Sale ... 25 Farms Wanted 58 Where to go 2 , Hunters' Supplies. 25 A HoU6 , , -l". . Florists . S Buildups- Materials 2'i 6e (FurJ 59 Monuments 4 Gardening- 27 Ho""f"l ' Personal 5 Bicycles-Motorcycle 2 , (unfur.) 60 Persnnal Mlsc 6 ' Clothing 2") Houses Wanted to Travel 7 Goal and Wood .... 30 Let 61 S I RtfcM?! ; : Articles Wanted ... 3-' Aportment Educational I Machinery 33 Unfur. 83 n. ii PPts 84 ApartmenU Wanted 64 lu A1 Fur-bearing Animals 35 Hotels s Music Teacher. .... U Poultry nd Supplies 3S : RrKmm ILr ' Traue Schools 12 , Livestock 37 "oom 6 Dancing Schools .. 13 Hay and Feed 38 Room (TJnfur.) ... 67 Educational. Gen. ..14 Seel Grain 39 . Room , . I j (Housekeeping) .. 68 Employment Swaps 41 , Rooms (with Board) 69 15 to 23 Financial 42 tO 46 1 Rooms Wanted .... 70 Female Help Wsnted 15 ! Business Chance .. 42 , Store to Let 71 Female Heip (Inst.) 16 ! Investments 43 i office to Let 72 Male Heip Wanted.. 17 ' Money to Loan .... 44 ! , - M.le Heip (Instruc.) 18 . Lons Wanted 45 I Space 73 Salesmen Wanted.. 19 Insurance 46 Warehouse Sps.ce .. 74 Atrents Wanted 20 I j Resort 75 Teachers Wanted . . 21 i Real Estate i Female Sit Wanted 22 i s-j rfi : AntomotlVe Male Sit. Wanted ..23 10 0b 7R 91 ! Acreage 47 t tO 81 Business Service 24 ! Farms for sale lrlUn, Auctioneers. I fr Garage. 76 Be.mv P.r:-rs. Ccn.rae- i Fa"? Waal t Auto Wreckage .... 77 ZZrVSPi.. j tw :::::: 5. . nurfaeing. Hmv Mcrtng. Lots Wanted to Buy 52 Auto Accessories .. 79 Pnnung. Rep.irs. Tent. Houses for Sale . . 53 s Cars fOT H!re 79A sod Awning. Wmdo Houses Wanted to C I e a eers. Professional Buy 54 , Autos fnt Sa5 80 Birrices. 1 Listings Wanted . . 56 Autos Wanted 81 WANT AD RATES PER LINE One day. 15c: S consecutive days. 40c; 6 consecutive da v.. 60c. Minimum charxe 30 cents. Count five words per line for first two lines, seven words for each additional lir.e. Figures in groups of live or less, dollar marks and each Initial letter or abbreviation count as one word ANNOUNCEMENTS "Er.vafiements" end "Weddings 81.00: "Births," "Card of Thanks' and "In Memorlam." 25 words for 81 00: each additional 7 words 25c. (Displayed $150 per inch! "Deaths" and "Funeral" notices 100 words 81 .00 each additional 7 word 10c WANT AD DISPLAY. pr Inch One dav. $1.50: 3 eonsecutlva days, $4 00; 8 consecutive days, $6 00. Minimum, 1 inch. Bates for larger type, white space, etc., on application. All Ads are restricted to their proper classification and to the regular style of typesetting. . Holders of Journal box numbers may have replies forwarded promptly to their own address for a nominal charge of 10c. When answering ads requiring references, the Journal suggest-, that orlgina'.s should sot be sent as they may be mislaid. Copies : just as satisfactory. Corrections of errors In Want Ads should be made before the1 second insertion Allowance c?nnot be made for more than one incorrect insertion The Ectrr.onton Jcu-ral Is a member of the Association rf Newspaper Clarified Advertising Mange-era which has for its aim the elimination of fraudulent and misleading advertising The Journal will appreciate having Its attention called to any advertisement not conforming to the highest , standards of hones'y. Rooms (Fur.) 65 1 I03KI 100 8t two rooms, kltcnenette 822.50 . 8561 102A Ave. ' TWO nicely-fumishd, warm rooms In new home. 10845 74 Ave H ARM room In cultured prlvat home i Will decorate to suit tenant Cen-I tral location. References exchanged , Ph. 82544. COM I OK I ABLlWurnUhexl "bedroom, central; nice location; gentleman. Ph. 23746. Rooms (Unfur.) 67 ROOM, central. Including utilities, 10 ; dollars month 520 Tegler Biag. 1 1 BE Al Til I L three rooms; ground j ! floor. Immediate possession. 10137 ! ! 106 St. i li A li I E P V Brkhoice single or J double room; central. Apply ; Room 39. Rooms (Housekeeping) 68 MCE central location, large bright 2- room suite, furnished-unfurnished. excellent, view. 815 monthly. (Smaller suite 810. Single room 87 and up. Ph. 22898. I I KNIHEI room, gas ranges; very central. 10158 105 St. COMFORTABLE furnished""! roomrall conveniences. Apply 10125 107 St. BKHiHTwarrn- houwkwrSng-rooni; gas; reasonable. 10168 114 St. Ph. 83649. COMPLETELY furnished housekeeping suites, room. 82 week up. 9608 101 Ave. NEW LV -decorated warm room; housekeeping if desired; gas. 10216 113 St. ATI R ACTH E71ul!yfurritshed suite, ground Door, hot water, gas range. Central. 10350 105 St. Ph. 21384 AT TRTcTIVETweU-furiel-e housekeeping room; radiant; separate kitchenette. 9738 107 St. REIiECORtTEII two-room furnished suites. $18, 820; adults. 971 111 St. FRONT suite, clean, central, sleeping porch; phone. 10317 104 St. LARGE bright room, suit one, furnished or unfurnished, gentleman I referred. 11510 100 Ave. Ph 82185. 2ROM Suit, gas; adults! $15.00. 8657 103A Ave. Rideau Rooms, I ONE or two nicely furnished house keeping rooms. 10139 105 St. or 3 nicely furnished rooms, verandah, one block car line. 9941 112 St. Call evenings SOI TH SlderextraT laige room; beat. light, quiet. 811. Ph. 33748. ; LARGE room kitchenette, ground floor; housekeeping rooms upstairs ! 10016 114 St. COMFORTABLE rooms, furnished-un furnished, week-month. Armstroug ; Blk.. 10127 104 St. Kooms (With Board) 69 ROOM (board optional', two blocks east Normal; conveniences; rate ! low. Ph. 32149. 11138 81 Ave. BOAKIwara"oom. 820 month.' Laundry. 9942 106 St. Ph. 26237. ROOM and-board "in-warm, comfortable home, central. Reasonable Phone. Apply 9819 106 St. V ACANCY in real" nome"for gentlemen or business girls. Every convenience. 9907 105 St. I'NIVERSITY Student desires to exchange services as all or part payment for board and room. Box 717 Journal. KFFINXn English home; very reason-able. 9545 106A Ave. Ph. 22944. EXTRA warm room with board. Suit business people. 10013 83 Ave. WARM, comfortable bedroom, near parliament bldgs. Board optional. 9738 107 St. , NICELY furnished room, board, quiet) home: gentleman; garage, 9924 108 St. ('0T room, radiant, attractive home; lady. 923 106 St. Ph. 27819. ROOM and board, private home, 9915 106 St. Gentlemen. Ph. 24476. COMFO R T A BLE,-brlghtf ron t room: private home with board. 10025 114 St. WELL-furni6hedrooms;good board 10924 85 Ave. Ph. 33203. REAL home, nice and quiet; table board. 10039 106 St. W ELL-furnlshed room with-private family: suit business girl; board optional. 9911 113 St. LARGE double room, two beds; good table board. 8844 103 St. LARGE room with heater: suit two or three boys. Ph. 25470. Rooms (With Board) j crjtinueI from Precedl:. Co'.imnt NORMAL students Two bright rooms, suitable for girls; reasonable; 10 minutes' walk from school Ph. 33084 COMFORTABLE room" with "good board: home privileges; reasonable i 10024 105 St. ' HKK.I1T, warm, weU-f urnrsned"front bedroom; board optional. 9924 ' 114 St. LARGE front room, suitable for two i with excellent board. Also single ; room. Gentlemen preferred- Reference given and required. Jasper south, half block. Ph. 24638. NEVVLY-deeorated rooms; good boardT central. Reasonable. 10854 102 Ave. NORMALITEST IJntversity Student! : Warm rooms; ooara. laundry, piano, i typewriter Low rate. Writ or ' call, 10951 81 Ave. j Rooms Wanted 70 WANTEII Board and Room n?ar Cni- versity. State price and location.' Box 148 Journal. TWO furnished room for "lady- with 1 son. in return for light duties In mornings or lessons in painting or singing. Box 713 Journal. C LEAN housekeeping-rooman small bedroom. 810; or housekeeping room 88. Central. Box 712 Journal WARM furnished room.ner t'niver-slty. Box 705 Journal. Automotive Garages 76 GARAGE wanted rent, vicinity 104 8t 107 Ave. Box 674 Journal. GARAGE wanted- p i De d for gas, located 120 to 125 SU. Ph. 81938. Auto Wreckage 77 Auto Wreckers and Salvaze Co. S228 105 SI. - Ph. 33731 - and Calgary Auto Wreckage Limited "The Old Reliable" GRAVEL Box. centre dump. Heavy Trailers. All parts for your car or truck. New or used. Bee us for Tire. 10340 87 St. Ph. 25589 - 24947 GENERAL SIPPLV WRECKAGE Ph. 21662 10044 102 St. VlIzi Auto YreciL.e 10170 102 St. Ph. 21512. LSED PARTS FOR ALL CARS Glen's Ad Wreckitre Ltl Salvage Dept. 10228 98 St. Ph. 21925 Radiators Repaired 78 EDMONTON Auto Radiator Work Northern Alberta Distributor May-bllt Sure-How radiator core. T Green, prop. 95 St.-Jasper. Ph 26619. Auto Accessories 79 Ant. Gwsers Attti:n! Introducing Carburetor Booster. Special Offer for Limited Time Only. With eaj-h Carburetor Booster yon get absolutely Free one tune-up kit for your ear. consisting of distributor and spark plug ganres and iiitriictinn for setting ignition and carburetor. Install It yourself in 5 minutes Guaranteed easier starting, faster plck-np. smoother motor. Ip to 30rr lmrea-e In gasoline mileaie. Prir $3. .VI postpaid, all orders c.o.d. When ordering be sure to slate make and model of car. Agents Wanted Attractive CommKifin BOX ;i, JOl RNAL Autos for Sale 80 1933 Chevrolet Master Coach. Low mileage. Al condition. Ph. 22296. 1924 Chevrolet Sedan. Very good condition. Good tires. $50. Part trade. Ph. 24836 between 8 :00-6:00. 1929 Whippet 4-cyllnder sedan, good tires, license, motor good. $110 cash. 8522 102A Ave M I S Tsacrince 19 34 "" Dod ge e luxe sedan, only driven 18 000 miles. Will take cheaper car In trade. Apply week day at 10327 101 St., between 8 am. and 6 pm. NASH Sedan, standard-six! perfect shape. $285 or trade. Western Auto Wreckage. 10752 101 St. Ph. 24836. 192!)-Whippet 4-cFlinder "sedan-good tires, license, motor good, $110 cash 9522 102A Ave. 1927 Studebaker sedan, nice running condition, good rubber. Ph. 81533 BAF GAP: Esr'Ssi Ass-in LICENSE 3T Used Only 18 Months Winter Covers, Heater. Chains, New Tires Owner leaving for Eneland PH. 83713 ANNUAL SEPTEMBER HARVEST SALE Every year at this time - offer genuine s;ivi;iss in Good I'sed Cars ani Trucks. A larje a-sortmpnl at prices you can afford to pay. 1934 Chevrolet Coach $775 1933 Chevrolet Coupe $575 1929 DeSoto Coach S.7C5 1933 Chevrolet Coach $W) 3933 Ford Y8 Sedan $'595 1934 Ford V8 Coach $825 We Have Several Bargains in Ford Vs and Chevrolet 1V and 2-Ton Trucks. Ask About Our 5-Day Exchange Plan and 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Small cash payme'it. halnnee monthlv instalment. LIMITED Ford Healers i Phone ?"W Phones ?J28 102 SL South nf Jasper Ave. ! Autos For Sale fConf.nuta from Preceding Cc'umn li Star Coupe six. Just overhauled; gord tires. Perfect driving eondl-t.on, with license. 8130. 10212 101 St. ll'ia Ford Coupe, good tires, trunk 16,000 miles Box 692. Journal. CASH paid foircr"at"HealyMotors; 10525 Jasper Ave. KEO l'i-ton truck, good snpe,!567 also van body. 8033 99A St. Up-to-the-Minute Cars 1934 Dodge de luxe sedan 1933 Chevrolet Master sedan 1935, Ford de luxe sedan HEA1.Y MOTORS We Pay (ash for Automobiles 105JJJ Jasper Ave. Phone 2258 U .--$ rv J928 Buick Special Sedan 19S0 Bulck Sedan 1927 Buick Sedan 1934 Graham Paige Sedan 1935 Ford Coach These are really fine cars, and well worth a visit to our lot. Priced reasonably and terms arranged. Frls'3 B7's LIMITED 10421 Jasper Ave. Phones 22951; 2:957 Used Trucks A complete assortment of various makes and models for wheat, coal and stock hauling. Many reconditioned and guaranteed. Priced from $175 and up. IRTERKATICKAL HARVESTER CO. OF CANADA LTD. 10319 109 St. Ph. .8193 CUR LOSS, YOUR GAIN Bargains en Eisj Terms 1930 Graham sedan $375 1929 Essex sedan; trunk and heater $295 1934 Ford V8 De Luxe sedan $625 1931 Nash Standard Six coupe; like new $500 1929 Whippet Six coach ... $150 Hupmobile sedan; new tires $175 Buick sedan: a real bargain $110 Essex coach; lx good tire., t 75 Dodge sedan; good transportation 8 96 Star Six coach; tires, motor Al 8 85 USED CAR LOT "At the Rite spot" I on si, and Jasper Ave. New tar showrooms. 9938 109 St. Phone 2.-1IH8 OLD AGE IS EGNORABLE That' why we are proud of being the oldest fhrvsler lealer in Canada. Our reputation demands that we give the same 10u value Uniay that we have given in years past. Look These Over! 1933 Chevrolet sedan 8850 1930 Hupmobile sedan 8525 1929 WiUys Knight sedan .. $425 1930 Nash sedan $350 lf29 Chrysler "75" sedan .. $350 1928 Chevrolet sedan $200 1930 WIUvs Knight sedan .. $300 1928 Whippet sedan $200 1929 Essex sedan $275 1P28 Chevrolet coach $195 1928 Buick sedan $225 We have several other ued ears from $0 up ASK ABOUT TEEMS & 'ii- l- kll ri'iii'.:' Utu-b Chrvsler and PI? mouth Healers 10137 I'll St. Ph. 1 7 lift : 22:55 Our Car Make Friends" It's Our Business To satisfy your needs, that Is one reason why we take pains In thoroughly recondition the famous o Reconditioned Used Cars 1935 Chevrolet Special sedan, demonstrator at liberal discount. 1934 Chevrolet De Luxe sedan, in perfect condition 8865 1934 Ford sedan: this price ... compare $695 1933 Chevrolet coach: real buy at $625 1329 Graham sedan: car 1929 Plymouth sedan 1926 Chevrolet coach 1927 Bulck sedan: 1 familv . . $315 . . $265 . . $125 snap $ 75 On our I'sed Car Lot we have a large stock of reconditioned Trucks Ranging from $-!oa to $9:5 A Truck for every purpose r 1 rr,,i ve ,i.u !'. vii LIMITEB One Rlorli v.irth of Pot Ofnce rhniie I!tlt The Home of the Famous O K. Ised tars KEMMS Autos For Sale fCuB'-ipued from Preceding Cotcmnt CARS for hir U -drive Min. 500 hour 6peclal rata, day at week, rinrkston it Stricter Drlturself Ltd. Ph. 2326i. Opp Mardonsld Hotel j 1930 Ford coach, with license, good condition. 8290. 1017T 102 St. 1'3J Chev. Master Sedan, excellent condition. Bargain. Cash. 13S2S 104 Ave. 1931 Buick aedan 1930 Nash sedan 1929 Hupp sedan 1929 Ford aedan MILLS MOTORS, LTD. Distributors for Hupmobile, Packard Jasper Ave. and 105 St. Ph. 11395 Autos Wanted 81 Healy Motors e c for tied Can 1052S Jasper CASH PA'B FOB- USED CABS. H 4, Foretter. io4'!J Jasper City of Wetaskiwin Tenders for the Erection of Municipal Arena Sealed tenders addressed to ths undersigned will be receives on or before 4 04 o cock p m.. Friday. September -7l. Illi. Plans and Speelfkstlons bv he seen st (tie City OBices. Wetaskiwin. n copies obtained by oona-f.de general contractor ! on appllcs'lon to the Arclm t. Mr. 11 P. : Bukey, Imp-rul Bank Chsmberj. gd-; monton. on payment of t deposit of 135 on. The deposit to be refunded on return of , the Plans nd Specification and boaa-fid tender. J. I PHASER, City Clerk. Wstsakivia. Find Only Farmer Eligible Under Act Executor of Estate Cannot Apply for Debt Adjustment Whether the executor of a farmer estate who ts himself not a farmer is qualified to apply for debt adjustment under the Farmers Creditors Arrangement act was tht question Involved In an appeal cast dealt with by the appellate divislof. of supreme court Tuesday and cided in the negaura. George Yoksima as executor foT the estate of Mary Genko, a Smoky Lake farmer who died In 1930, had been found by Judge Crawford in distri-t court to be ineligible under tne terms of the act, not being a farmer on the land, and this finding, against which appeal was taken, was confirmed by the higher court. J. R. McClure, counsel with O. G. L. Moore for the appellant, urged that Yoksima was in effect .-. "continuing person" qualified to carry on ; the business of the deceased in be-ihalf of the beneficiaries, with ths ; accompanying rirht to apply for a composition of debts. Many such cases in Alberta, he said, hava j arisen and the question is of Importance. The appeal Judges disagreed with , Mr. McClure and dismissed tfc? ap-; peal. Chief Justice Harvey pointing ' out that the terms of the act ex-: plicitly require a Farmers' Creditors applicant to be a farmer at present .' operating on the land. "It looks as if the act ought to be i amended," observed Mr. Justice i Clarke. I G. H. Steer. K.C.. and R. Mart-land were counsel for the respondent, who was a mortgagee against : the estate. Austriaos Doubt Worth SeC. Policy Aberhart Victory Was Widely Discussed Says City Violinist Election of Alberta's Social Credit government was headline news in Austrian newspaper and comment was to the effect the proposals of Premier Aberhart were "impossible." according to Walter Holowach, 24, Edmonton-bom violinist who returned Monday after studying musio in Vienna for the past six years. The violinist said some newspapers were Inclined to make light of the Social Credit government but all in Vienna were most interested in the experiment. They considered it a radical move. "Unemployment is as bad as ever in Austria and the outlook for the average young man is almost hopeless." he told the Journal. While the government forces are fighting the increase of the Nazi power in Austria their strength is sloit, lv growing and eventually Austria will become a part of the German empire, in the opinion of Mr. Holowach. The fear of war In Austria is ever present, he said. The violinlrt studied at the Vienna conservatory cf music for three rears and won the concert master's diploma. Since then he has been staying with his brother. Ambrose Holowach, pianist, who resides in Vienna. En route to Edmonton to visit hia parents here. Mr. Holowach met hi former Edmonton violin teacher. Edgar Williams, who now is teaching in New York. Mr. Holowach is undecided whether to return to Vienna or remain here. I.O.O.F. OFFICIALS VISIT FOR T LODGE Thomas MrCsUom Heads from Edmol ton Party Thomas McCallum. Edmonton deputy erand master Independent Order Odd Fellows for Alberta, paid an official visit to Fort Saskatchewan lodge Monday evening, accompanied by R. F. Stekrk. past grand, and A. R. Groff. past grand. Among those present were W. G. Shera. past grand master (now 82 years of repi; E W. Chasluck, noble grand: Nels Follrner. vice-grand: Rev. I D. Bat-helor. chaplain: A. E. Mang. recording secretary; C. R. W. Mager. financial secretary: T. Todd treasurer; Dr. R. Mason, E. T. nintoff. J. B Gauf.

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