Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1891
Page 8
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Jn-sf «_,• ,a' L.TVJEB DISFASE* Lossofii.iipef.lie; bud breiith; bail taste In (lie rat..., i. ; i • r'.rue floated; pain underthe Ehoulti.-r-bltt'lt : in the back orside— often imstaksu t'u." rheumatism: sour stomach frith flatulency und \rater-hrash; indication: bowels lux and custlva by turns; oeana'-h;-, with dull, heavy sensation- restlessness, witi sensation of having left nomoHilng undone which ought, to have been done; fullness after eatirj"- bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow appearance of sMn and eyes; dizziness, etc, .Not all, but always sorno of those indk cate want of action of the Liver. Fo* A Safe, Reliable Keinedy that can do no harm and has never been known to fail to do good Take Sinuous Lira Begnlator ' —AN EFFECTUAL, SPECIFIC TOR Bowel Complaints, Dy»pepaia, Sick Hnudaoho, Constipation, Biliounnemi, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHTSICIAJTS OPINION. . ,___, 9 medicine for twenty years and have never been able to put up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly nnd effectually move the Liver to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative powers of the system. L- M. HINTON, M.D,, Washington, Ark. 1 OJiXY GEXUrXE *Q Kas our 2 Stamp In red on front of wrapper. J.HZeilin £ Co.) Philadelphia, Pa. IF YOU HAVE P ALPINE SOLDIER LIFE, Hap- KICK HEADACHE, BUMB AGUE. COSTIVE BOWELS. SOUR STOMACH and BEI.CHIXO: 1 f your rood does not a»- •Irallnte and yon htive no uj>p«tlle, Tiitt's Pills wUlenre these troubles. Try them; 7-00 h»vc nothing to lose, hn twill (ruin • Tiff orons body. Price, 25c. per box. SO:LI> EVERYWHERE. jp little fortanoshftTehccnmadsu work for 01, by Anna Pngrc, Auatin, fliM, and Jno. Bonn, Toledo, Ohio, ec cut. Ottiewnrcdolncaawell. Wbv ot you? Som« rum orer *500. 00 * onth. Youcnntlolhfl-worlcundllvt homB, wherever you »rp. Even bc- nre e«illy fiarnlnp from *b to tnrtj-ou. C«n work In«nnre[l tltti ((mft. Kip moTiey for wor FalliK-B unknown nriionptbM $0000.00 lycur I» belnproade by John H. Go<xIwIii 1 ^oy,N.Y, 1 atM j orlc for IK. Re»d*r, you niny iv«^ mako u jiuch, but we can teach you quickly how to earn from $5 to CIO ii day at the start, ami more'ai yoa go on. Both Mxes, all npe*. In any part of t America, you can eemm>DC« At home, giv- ' fc!l your tlme,or«p«n) momeDtf onij-to the work, AH U»BW. Great pay SOBK for every worker. We itsrt you. fiiraiahlne everything. EASILY, SPEEDILY learned. PAlfriGULAUS FREE. Addrau at once, STINSON A CO., I'OBTLA.VD, JLalfiK. PAPER HANGINGS INTERIOR B^BKATORS. rREScoinc CHURCHES, ' .JTE RESIDERCES, sc. We invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & 193 WABASH AVE.. CHICAGO, ILL, Tragic Accidents Whlcli Kooently penc.d to Italian Military Men. The Italian Alpine soldier has no easy life of it in winter, buried in small forts on the high Alps and being obliged to march in storm and snow, the new military orders enforcing never-interrupted communication between the fortified places, whatever may be the state oi the weather. A Turin correspondent gives the particulars of the late accident, when Lieut, ^anzttcchi and -411117. of his six companions met with their death. The lieutenant, with six soldiers, was following- some Alpine companies from Pieve di Telo across Mount Tanarello to 1-Jrig-a JIarithima, but as he was under free marchi;^ orders he remained behind and passed the night at a small hamlet on the way. The day after he started with his six men to climb the Tanarello, and on arriving at the summit met with a strong wind, whioh shook the mass of snow, sending large quantities rolling into .the ravines. A path most frequently used, as being the safest, descends from the summit of the rnountain to Briga, but Lieut Zan- zucchi, either to shorten the way or bewildered by the ice particles with which the wind filled the air, abandoned the path and turned to the left toward Mount Saccarell-j. When the little party reached trie top of the valley of the Droc they began to descend, but a' wide and deep stratum of snow, undermined by water below or moved by the wind, suddenly gave way beneath the travelers' feet, and they were precipitated more than sixteen hundred feet to the bottom of the valley. The lieutenant and two soldiers were found dead afterward close together. Two of the men were farther awa3', and after lying fainting on the snow for a time came to themselves, one with his arm the other with ears and nose frozen. They tried to dig up their companions, but had no proper tools and were also too weak, so had to renounce the attempt. They drank all the brandy they had with them and then climbed down to Briga, fearing a catastrophe at every moment. When they reached- Briga they were half dead and for some hours had not even the strength to relate what had happened. One other dead soldier was found alone, but the body of the fourth lies beneath the snow. Only just a week ago a similar accident happened, but fortunately without loss of life. A party of a few soldiers and a a citizen had set out from FortCentrale, 4,227 feet high, to go to Fort Pepino, 6,637 feet high, and were overtaken by a storm. They thought for a moment of turning back, but the orders were strict and they therefore marched on. All at once they felt the ground tremble beneath their feet, an'd a moment after they saw an enormous avalanche descending swiftly upon them with a loud, •whistling sound and violent current of air. -It overtook them and rolled them down the mountain with the speed of an express train: yet, strange to say, they were suddenly stopped on a level space, after a fall of 650 feet, unhurt beyond a few scratches and being a little stunned. The avalanche went on its path to break to pieces in a ravine, and the young soldiers stared each other in the face, astonished to find that they were still alive.—Chicago News. THE YALE FENCE. Bevprml l>y Colicso Men Throughout tlie 'Who, within the far-reaching- purlieug of the general colleg-e world, lias not heard of that ancient seat of learning 1 , the Yale fence? Symbol and chosen field of the bttoyant open-air good-fellowship,-^! th its peculiar classified democracy which is Yale's boast. Stoa has not come to be more closely bound up in tradition with the sect it named, nor Academe with the lovers'of wisdom who walked and practiced disquisition in its groves. Since the time whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary it stood .against the Philistine world, held intercine elements ic loyal confederacy affainst the common foe, and in piping- times of peace witnessed the daily and nightly confluence of innumerable rivulets- of colleg-e leisure. Put one student charg-ed with idleness on the fence, and he drew to himself his fellows in like plight, not otherwise than as when a magnet is dipped into filings of steel. Sitting- with bowed back on a three-inch rail may be mf>re comfortable than pillowed couch if the spirit be content The old colleg-e row, fine in its homely antiquity, stood sentinel behind, and over all the elms drooped their graceful branches, sunlight and shadow flecked .brick and turf, lazy breezes lulled the leaves, whilst the meaning-less life of the town rolled by; and at .crentide, when the shadows had usurped the high green vaults, song- rang out into the leafy arches in tuneful unison. Senior, junior, sophomore, kept s-- credly, with .mutual self-respecting- dignity the allotted lines of demarcation while the freshman—a Peri without the gates—through long months of a desperate struggle for existence against a presumably hostile faculty, had before him always a lesson of patience and the incitement of privileges to come. The old fence was more than a memory to the alumnus shade who revisited, in seasons of festivity, the scenes of his living- experiences. It was still a tangible property, and his for the sedentary purposes of the moment. And therein, it may be, lies the particular and personal poignancy of his grief. He could rally at the fence with his cigar, confident of leading his leisure into no conflict with others' iaoor, and be at the best point of vaula;;-e, vvhetb- er to pick up the threads of old memories or the garrulous society of other ghostly strays. Age brought him no dignity he was not willing to-unbead for the sake of bending his body once more over the familiar rail, if so be stiffening- time should have left some suppleness in his frame to conform to the requisite angles.—Haroer's Weekly. DoVo INZERS To the Voter* of the <:ity r>orr, Or the CJiuiigu In Hie UoutldUrJcK ol'tlic Voting Priu-iiirU of Suld <:Hy, AK .lluUe by tUe Couuiioii Council at Tlioir Regular SCHKIOH, Jttarcli 18, 18'Jl. The volws of liie CHy of Logansuort, Cass Couii!}-, lixliuiiii. will lifivby tnkenoUcotliatllie following order was mane by tliti Common Council of ihe City of Lowinspon. Ciuss County, liidliiim. ut their regular .session, Wednesday evening, March is. Election preclncU as forjacd In the City ' ol Lo' •*» » »i " — -.--.— —* .i.Mtv.L, i .street, tlittice south along the west Htr«-t to High • street,; and thence dered that the elections ncing at tlm corner of Seventh and Uionee running east on the south ll'ri High street to Eighth street, thence nonh "> wist line of Elghtli street to Race e i ust ? n ,? ft soum 1Ine ot a 'ce sue« street, thence south oil the west line or .street to -Broadway jtree.t. thence wSt north Jlneol ; Broadway street to Seveuth street ® and thence- north on the east line at oevS^ street to the place of beginning. And <t Is ortS that Uie elections or said precinct be held at, t southeast coiner ol the school house lot. MTlpton-s second addition to LOBiuisuor No. 3.-A1! that, territory within the, following metes ;md bounds Commenting at tin- southwest corner or 'Twelfthr'? .aiidB-Oddway streets, thenw runnitie south o»'S th« wf^r HUP /,r Tn-uioii .*..,....... .v.. »rT_.. _. " 'A OLD HONESTY is edged to be tl-,e puresi: and rriost lasting piece cf Stanriard Chewing tobacco cii their:srK'et. Trying it is a better test than any taiK 3bcM.it ft. Give it; a fair trial. Your dealer has it. THE VOIDE. GENTLE tf you -!i--.v vy EADER. s;:".'i!v'5-oa have In tJ>c stom.-u'li ' M,p:.cr<5. j.,;-.:,- *..'*_L<\ ^ yc.loiv. ynur «in«£.-:?> '.:•, «'«-*"•'*. -;/o- J-:iv> c'^rfx circles »roa;;(i j:--)r «?«-<>s, y«n cnn not oat vr'-int yon 'alia, you t!o not j.I«cp well, you arc "USEIS TL'P CsSPJjEIEAS/LY. Qct a bolide of DR. WHITE'S DA.NOEL1QN ALTERATIVE. Et TTiU care yun. Yo;i en» esit -n-hnt you 3JH«-, you will slerp like a child, yonr slain will jr<-t clear, yonr eye* will itft l>ri«ht, you wUl eel F&ESJH «>' YOm BOSKS and wi51 feel vigorous enough to take anything- you can lay yonr li:>n<Js on. Very lnn-o bottle , for SI, arid every bottle warranted. jold Pryor. by B. F. Keesling and D.E SECURE MEN" of Deblliiy. Impoieuoy, Weakuens, Dread of M»rrl age, SecretSins, Losses, Evil Forebodings. Despondency. blunted Gr 1 ' OUR NEW 'Sousands of Guaranteed Testimonial's tHat 'MEM STAY CURED." ARABIAN m of tte BEST HEKCfflES swr lirateJ FOR— PAJMANDINRLAPATION, Deafness, Rhenmatism, Pains m Side, Back, or Shonlders, PileSi Sore Throat, Croup, or Bronchitis. Friceascts. and Ji. at all druggists. E. MORGAN <t SONS, Proprietors. ,: PKOV1DENCE. ft I. «"""••""» GORDON, Ind. For sale byB. P Reeslingr An Ancieiit Cuntom That is Universally Followed To-Day. The custom of tea-drinking- is as old as the Chinese empire, and as early as 780 A. D. a duty was levied on the tea that grew wild on the Chinese mountains. But it is within two centuries that its use was adopted by the English, when the East India Tea company imported it and it was sold at §23 a pound. Its use was confined to the royal house hold. In the reign of Henry VII. a re- refeshment consisting- of tea and cakes was called a voide. On the occasion of the marriage dinner of Katharine of Arragon and Arthur, prince of Wales, the court chronicler wrote: "The evening- refreshment called voide was brought in by fourscore earls, barons and knights, walking two and two. Ipocras and comfits were offered. One noble servitor presented the golden spice plate, a second the cups, while a third of lower rank filled the cups from a golden ewer." Since then what 'Washington Irving calls the "motherly teapot" "has become a power in the world. People have learned how to make tea as well as to drink it In its. first stage one Englishman had it served,up as greens, the water in which it was boiled being thrown away. There has nerer been discovered a good substitute for tea. During the •war of the revolution our forefathers adopted a "liberty tea," which was made from. a four-leaved plant called "loose strife." This plant was pulled up like flax; its stalks,' stripped of their leaves, were boiled; the leaves were then put into an iron kettle and the liquor of the stalks poured over them. After this process the leaves were laid upon platters and carefully .dried in a brick oven heated for the purpose. Tea, flavored with vanilla and rum, is a popular drink in Germany. The rum prevents the tea-drinker from lying awake at night Dr. Johnson and Sydney Smith were both inveterate •tea-drinkers. The former said that "he never gave his teakettle time to cool,"-while the latter gave as a sure recipe against the prevailing epidemic of his time, melancholy, "a teakettle simmering upon the hob." -Now that some calculating soul has discovered th-at 400 cups of tea can be. made from a pound, we may expect a .very mild decoction of the ''cups that cheer but not inebriate," as the Poet Cowper sang.—Detroit Free Press. —This Is Essential.—Kg-gieDe Vere— "Whieii a fellah is engaged he should give the gihl pwesents, shouldn't he? Weally,. now, whawt does the yonng cwea-chaw I'm betwothed to need besides the ring?" Severe, Old Man—"A decent specimen of humanity tc"pre- sent it."—-Jewelers' Weekly. DADWAY'S M READY RELIEF. The most certain; and safe Pain Remedy in the world that instantly stops the most excruciating pains. It it is truly the grreat CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more good thaji any known remedy. ff ' FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST OR SIDES.1HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE OR ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, a few applications rubbed on by the .hand act like magic, causing the pain to instantlystop. For COLDS, BRONCHITIS,PNEUMONIA CONGESTION, INFLAMMATIONS, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA" PAINS IN THE SMALL OF BACK-' etc., more extended applications are necessary to effect a cure. ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS. IN BOWELS OR STOMACH, CRAMPS, SPASMS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, I SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIARRHOEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved instantly ancW quickly cured by takinc internally-'f half to a teaspoonful of Ready Relief in half a tumbler of water. WITH RAD WAY'S PILLS THERE IS NO BETTER CURE OR PREVENTIVE OF FEVER AND AGUE. SOc. i>«-r bo i tic. 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Other Investments from 310,000 to $50,000 paying food rates of Interest. * .Also lots In all parta of the city on easy payments. ^'tic(LQOwim^fvfrfrrffuilnf}fant(rtnan now, •»"« invcstn(nti will prudtue lianrUome returns In accordance with tin net of the Legislature ol the Suite of Indiana, approved March ti ISJ9 It Is ordered by Uncommon Council of the City ot Lo- guiisport, Cass Countylndiana; and they do now lorni and adopt the'following voting precincts In ti.r several wards of the City of Loganspoi-t, Ind. FIHST WAKI). rYttlnciXo. 1— All that territory embraced within thefoilowlngme.tesandbounds. to-wlt: Commencing at the noi-uvest corner of Sycamore and Ottawa streets, thence running west along tli« north line of Uttuwii street to»Vine street, tnence south along the west line of Vine street to Miami street thence west on the north line of llJatni street'to Plum stieet, thence north along the east Hue of Plum street to Bates street, thence west along the north line of Bates sweet to Holland street, tnence north on the east line, of Holland streetto the uorth boundary Hue of said First ward, and thence east ulbiigtha'north : lliH>. of said ward to sycamore street, and thence, south along the west II ne of Sycamore street to tho place of beginning. And It Is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held In house on Ottawa stteet on the southwest corner of lot 10, in D. D. Dykemau's 1st addition to West l.ogiiii. In said ward. Precinct No. 2—Allthat territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit; (Jonuueric- Ing at the northwest comer or Ottawa and Sycamore .streets, thence running south alom? the west Hue. ofSyeumurestreetto Chippawastreet, thence west on the. north line ol! Chippawa street to Plum street, thence south on the west line of Hum street to Usaj;e street, thence west on the north line of Osage and Wheatland streets to the Chicago branch of the JPItis! urg. C.'iicago, Cincinnati & oi. ; Louis Hallway, thence south along the Hue of paid railway to the Peona brancliof said railway, thence west lollonIns the north line of saidi-eorta branch of said railway to.the west limits of said ward thence, north to the line, of the Wabiish and Erie Canal, thence east along the line of the Wabash and Erie eanaJ bed to Holland street, theuce south along the west line of said Holland street to Bales street, thence east on the south line of Bates street to Plum street, thence south .on Plum street to Miami street, thence east n long the south line, of Miami stret to Viiie street, thence north on the east ilne of Vine street to Ottawa street, theuce east ou south Hue of Ottawa street to place of beginning And it is ordered that the. elections in said precinct beheld In thebuldllngoii the sou hwest corner of the school house yard'in said ward. PreclnotNo.8—All that territory embraced wllhln the following metefi and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at the southwest corner ol Sycamore, and Chlii- pewa streets, thencerunningwest on the south line, of CWppewa street to Plum street, theix-e south on the east Hue of Plum street to Osage, then west on south line of Osage street to Wheats land street, tbence west on south line of Wheatland street to the, Chicago branch of the Pittshurg, Cincinnati, Chicago & at. Louis Railway, theuce south along said railway to Market street, thence east on the north'llne of Market street to Eel river,- tbence easterly along the north bank of Eel river, with the meanders thereof, to the place- of beginning. And it is ordered that the elections in said precinct be be.'d at tne engine house In said ward. PreciuctNo. 4—All that territoryembraced wit h In. thefol owli.gme.tes-and bounds, to-witi Commeuc-, Ing at the westeod the ofKel river bridge on Market sweet In'sald wiird, thence west along the north bunk of Eel and Waba <b rivers, with the meanders thereof, to the. Wfst. limits of said ward, thence north to the south line of thePeorlabranchof the P.. C..C.& St. L.Railway tbenee east along the PeorlabranchortheP.C.C. & St. Louis Hallway to Market street, thence east on the south line of Market street to the place of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections In said precict be held In Uhl's coouer shop in said ward. ... SECOND WARD. Precinct No .1—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence, running south on the west Hue of Fourth street to Eei .River iwenue, theuce south west on the north line of Eel Hiver avenue to Third street, thence north on-Tblrd street to Eel river brldee, theuce northwest on east line of Sycamore street to the north limits'of the Second ward, thence along the north Uniits of said Second ward to the west line of Stevens, Mobley and Clary's additions to the city of Logansport thencenorthalung the westlineof said additions to the north limits of said ward, thence east on the north line of said ward to Clifton avenue, thence south along the west line of Clifton avenue to Haima street, thence southwest along the north line ot Hanna street to Pontlac street tnence south itlongthewescllueofPontlai:street to the north bank of Eel river, thence west on the north bank ol Diace of beginning. And it in ordered" ihaf (he,v e ectlons m said ..reclncl be held at Ciem'Jl l ver£fe siablc in saw ward. .^ WflM WARD. . -.;V,S Product Xo, 1,—Ail that territory emi " within Hie following ineti-s and bounds, w- Commencing at Eel river on Twelfth street,tb< north line of MarHet i-treet to Sixteenth street" thence north on west lli,,. 0 f Slxieenlh street to the south bank of Eel river, and I h the >our.i] bank uf Eel river, with t; or. tothe place of beniiinlrig. And Ji Is that the elections in sa d precinct bi- hekl In the Trout room over/freer.'* grocery store, on Bryad- way street, ID saiu ward. wi7hh with! n niuijii me loiluivjnj; m<-ii>,-i and bounds lo- Cpuimenclneat the corner of TweliiuannJKai ^. streets, thence rui:iiii,g east oir the soul h lliieotii" Market street to Sixteen t.ti stieet, thence souib-on'^ the west line of sixt win h street to Smeaa stwot--'^ thence west on the noith line of Mnead-sw^to^ 1 wellth siretl, and th.-nce north on easftlne-or.»« Twelf ill-street to the ulace of beglnninE -M,d^fe'M« fcilM^,, 111 ' f'«*">"* ta«'1<i PK«^«| ward Hlleenlh street engine LouselffiSaia-Jfi ^r cl '! ct ,*,?• ;i -~ A1! Ulllt l(1 "!'ory embaoatt'-§i wltliinthe loltowint: jiietes and bounds, to-wli' i* Commencing at JEel river on Sixteenth street^ thenee nmniiiK south on east line of Sixteenth''^* S f ri ' 1 S t 'V Marlt(> t- - str eet, thence ^ast on nonh line- -^ of Market- street, to Eighteenth sirwt, thence. " r -S f^^i 1 ! »"P °? ^hteentlmi-m-t to r-^-^ ihalung'tUfc-SS thence wess/sC? along south bank ol Eel river to phice'orbeSn-^ Jered that the elections in sgl<t-SS Hi Andltlsord< ....- trrltory embraced, within the loUowing metes and bounds: Commencing at the corner of the Wabasb.Sttouls ,: arid ftic ncral war and Twelfth street;thence'east ; alone taid railway to Seventeenth street, thence- >-. north ou the east line of Seventeenth street to the- "-\i^ Wabash and Erie canal bed, thence west alnuc''"-^3 said canal bed to Sixteenth street, theuce north: "M on eastJine of Sixteenth streetto. .ilarket-street -'•'-'>• thence east on .south line of alarket sfreetto';?:*' L ghlhteejith street, tlience sonth on west line:.of. ; '%, Elgteenth street to Spear street, theucefcast-'on---?* south line of .•-pear street to east Uiinltg'-'of-city • ''•* thence south along the east limits olsaiddtr to :: '-"% Wabash rher, thence west along the north bank'---'" ol the •« abash river, with meanders tbereot to'--^ Twelfth street, and lhencenorth.on.east Une ot- : 4w Iwelfth street(to the piace of beglrmine. ADd'il^-S5i Is ordered that Uie elections in said precinct be '•??% hejdinilie house now owned by Rudolph Berndt 4- Aa(i29 Seventeenth street. In said ward ""•' " ' : W ! Precinct No. 5-AJ1 that territory embraced within? -M the. lollowlng metes and bounds, to-wlt: Co"mmencv : $m }ii{£Dt tli^ uOifitif of' Twelfth iiud. SiDtiSd strosts' '^~2 thence ruim Ing east on the south line of <$me«<k''-•?! street to Sixteenth street, thence south on-Oie west ®S line of Sixteenth streetto the Wabiish and Erie- ; -;:-K canal bed,.theuce e;u>t on the line Olsaldcaruil bed '"-?*& to Seventeenth street, thence south on west'lihe ot .'5/j .IllOllP" <flM rHlItt™! t' trl TltlJllft'K (-»-nn.A». »•», n i£ ^—J*..-' 1 •~.'> '• '"ft 'shoe shopta'said ward. ... The sr;i te of Indiana, the County of Cass. Uie City «- ':• LoganspDrt, ss: .TV."'.' I, uoiiji j. u nggait, Clerk of the City of tbc8K-. : sport. Indiana, do hereby certify that the above is a: ;; comDletecopyoftbeproceedJngsof the Commoa ; Council of the City of Logansport, Indiaiia, at-* ' Witness my hand and theseal of tha Cltj of. Lo'- : " gajisport. : this 19th dayoIMarcli,lS91. : . - LSEAL..I JOHNJ.TAGGAKT,. ;-v Clerk City of Logansport, Indiana. .'.'• Any "R. R. JR." or any •'READY ; RE LIEF" without the nameRADWAT, isa COUNTERFEIT DADWAY'S 11 PILLS, The Great Liver and Stomach Eemedy For the cure of ail disorders of the STOMACH, LIVER, BOWELS, KIDNEYS, BLADDER, NERVOUS, DISEASES, LOSS of APPETITE, HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, COSTIVENESS, INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS FEVER, INFLAMMATION °f the BOWELS, PILES, and all derangements of the Internal Viscera. Purely Vegetable, containing no m"-- cury, minerals, or DELETERIOUS DRUGS. PERFECT DIGESTION will be ac c^mplished by taking RADWAY'S PILLS. Byso doing Dyspepsia, SICKHEADACH, FOUL STOMACHE, BILIOUSNESS, will be avoided and the food that is eaten contribute >ts nourishing properties to the sup port of the natural waste of the body Price 250. per box SOLD BY ALL DRCCISTS Cheap jLamLs and Homes i"- Keu- cucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of tb« Queen & Crescent fioute cai be found 2,000,000 acres of .splendid bottom, an land, timber and stock lands. Also the toem fruit and mineral lands on the continent lor suit on favorable terms. FARMERS! with all thy setting get a home Ii the stmcy South, where blizzariis and ice clai' plalns ate unknown. Tke Queen & Crescent Route Is 94 Milne thf Shortest and Quickest l^lne Cincmati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. " . Entire Trains. Baggage CM, Day Coaches anc Sltwpera run through without, change. • 110 Miles the Shortest, 8 Hours tlie Quickest" CiDcinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time. 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains and Througt Sleeping Cars. ONLY. LINE FEOM CINCINNATI TO Chattonoga. Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala., Meridian, Miss., Vlcklrarg, Miss., Shreveport, La. 20 Mllea the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington, KI 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to KnosvlUe, Tenn. 116 MUes the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta, Go. 114 Miles the Shortssf Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 28 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala.- -- • 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections »t New Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico, California Trains leave Central Union Depot, .-Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Brlrtcp of Kentack}' and rounding the base of lookout Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through. Traln> Over One Million Acres ot Land in AJfeama. th, future Rreat Stats of the South subject to preemption. TJnsnrpstsKpd cllmute. For Correct County Mips, Lowpvt R^f-i anc full [urtltolars .iddres D G EBWAKDS h*n Passenger ^.Ticket Agent ^Quecn A. Crmeent Home ClncInnJtl o. Eel river with the meanders thereof to a point opposite Fourth street to the place ol beginning And it is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held at what Is now known at Schaefer's cooper shop In srJil ward. ' Precinct No 2— All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence running south on the east ine of Fourth street to Broadway str.-et. tbence east on the north line of Broadway street to Fifth street, thence sonth on east line of Fifth street to the Wabash and Erie canal bed. thence east along the north line of said canal bed to Seventh street, thence north on the west line of Seventh streetto High street, thence west on the south line of Hiph street to Sixth street, theuce north on the west line of Sixth street to Eel liver, and thence west alone the smith bunk of Eel river with the meanders tuei-eof tothe pla.-e of beginning. And It is ordered that the elections hi said precinct be held at the North stieet engine house in said ward. Precinct No .S—All that territory umbrae"(1 within the followlng mete.s and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing on the south bank of Eel river tit the iniersec- tlon with Third street,,thence running sonth to Eel Elver avenue, then e northeast along the soutu lii)e,.of Eel River avenue to Fourth street, thence south on the east line ol'Fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the south line 01 Broadway street to Filth street, tlience south on the west line of Fifth streetto Market street, thence west on the north line of Market street to Eei Hlver avenue, thence 'southwest 1 on Eel River avenue to the Wabash river, and thence northwest along the south bank of. Ee] river, with the meanders thereof, to the place of beginning. And it is ordered that-the elections In said precinct be held at the township-trustee's office In said ward. . ' '. TBTKD WARD. Precinct No. 1—All that territory embraced wit] In' the 1'iillowing metes and bounds, to-wit: Com menslni; at.' the corner ot Kel Klver avenue anc Market; street" thei'Ce Tunning east to Fifth street thence southeast to Oak street.thence south alonf. the west line, of Oak street to Canal street, thenrf westulong the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, thence south on the west line of Fourth street to the Wnbasli river, thence west along tbt north bank of the Waiiash river, with the mean ders thereof, to Eel River avenue, and tlience noith to the place of beginning. And it is orderet that the elections In said precinct be held at the old brick school house In said ward. Precinct'No. 2.—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt Commencing at the> corner of the Wabash and Erie canal bed and Oak street, theuce running easr along the south line of the Wahash and Erie c-inal bed to Twelfth street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth street to the Wabash river, them P west along the north bunk of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof, to Fourth street, thence north along the the east line of Fourth street to Canal street, thence ea*t on Canal street to Oak street, thence north on the east line ot Oak ,-treet to the place ol beginning. And It is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held atHarrv Ton's office In- said ward. Precinct No. 3.—The third precinct of said ward Is composed of all that-part of said wardlyln"- sow" of the Wabash river, including Blddle's Island. It is ordered that the election in said precinct be held at Amans carriage trimming shop on Burlington avenue In said ward. MUKTH -WAHT). Ladies $500 Rewait i>m r - Al j£ 8rso "' s English Pills are the safest and most reliable. Give theni a trial and be convinced. At Erne Store or by mall, postpaid per box $LOO, a boxes l'or.$2,HJ. • -. - SIoKa^MfdleliicCOo., Toledo"» O.\ " For sale in Logansport, Ind.by Ben Fisher No Jli - • Fourth- street, Mention faper. JeMiM&viSm OnrMolydor Perfection Syringe free with Bottle. Prevents Stricture. Cures Gonor »cd Sleet ic I to 4 day*. jLsk your DrngglM tor it. Sent to »7jy address for 81.0O. Addna* MAHUF'6 CO., LANCASTER^ JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Do M. finest .or IN STOCKS, BONDS, GRAII-T AND PROVISIONS? If so, trim witu a reliable firm who have had tftn . Precinct No..1.—All the. territory embraced within the following metes and bo inds. to-wit- Commencing at the comer of .Sixth and Hicb streets, thence vimujngnorth on' Pontlac street to Hanna street, thenre east on the south line ot Hanna street to Clifton avennxv thence north on the easi llneof-CIIlron au-nue to the w.ird bf/undarv line then eciit iloigthe ward beunddrHlne to eiiit limits r-r Mid w,ud thenco southe-ist Mlomrthe line of Niid word t»Lel river theiite ivest along the north bJnk of Eel river, with the meanders years experience, and are members of Board of. 7ii"ie and Stock ExcliangOi' .Who di business str:-::!y on Comaiission. Refer tolUinoi* Trust and Sa-, .ngs Bonn,'Chicago.'. ':,."-" " C. A. WHYLAND A. CO. » 1O JPaoffi'e At-e. . - . CWoog-o, Ills. We send fre i of charge-our Daily-Market Report- snd, Circular on application. ; interest allowed on moinlily balances/ Kotice of Appointment of Trustee. Notice is herel);-given thatrbave.beeu duly .ai>- , pointed Trustee ol Hugh il.Landrv, inercLttnt of the lo^v^l ol CljDiers In Cass County, Indiana,, for thebeneJItol'hl.screditors. Ail jk'i'soiis having.?'; claims are requested to file iheiu for alLiwance ac-.•'• cording to law, :• •• GEO. W. T0NK, Afslgnee. ' ' ' ma.r20d3tltaw3tw . • . DR. HORHE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES * Have Cored 1O.OOO Ruptxiriis >n 15 Years. ' "I suffered with a douole runtiire 5 yiwrj Tonr Elec-'-- trie Truis cured mo In 31& tnoEtJis. JGPnirroT" ~ ' "Tour Efcrt-Ic TTU<B cured rav -rnrtnrp ntcr 15 years Uns A Bonfliiry " Absecop, ^ }. Oct. 8, "Inm cured «onnd aiid TvelfbTwenTlnir yu — B HAUVTT " Davis City, lovi A.mr-1-J, a>,"~-:. : ly^'niijtie Eltvrrlc Trvu an* Belt CnmMi,"-' ;v OH. NORME/lNVENTOR, OSO^ABASH AVE^'cHo' 'i. 'rfirf j-»v-"J

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