The Times Standard from Eureka, California on May 9, 1971 · Page 8
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The Times Standard from Eureka, California · Page 8

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1971
Page 8
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Page 8 -- Sunday, May 9, 1971 THE TIMES-STANDARD Eureka, California For 65 Years,, an A rcata Plaza Landmark . . . Here's How When summer comes il will mark the GSlli nnnivcrsiiry of tlie reign of the sUiluc of President William McKinloy in I It e center of ArcaUVs downtown plazn. Tile giant bronze likeness of President McKinley. who liiid been assassinated six years before, survived what nearly was its untimely end in the tragic fire and earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. Sculptured by Armenian-born artist Ti a i g Patigian. the statue figured prominently in the fire that followed the earthquake, for il had just been bronzed in a foundry there when ttic holocaust struck. Patigian. who later rose to great fame in his field, was commissioned by pioneer George Zelmdner. a r d e n t republican and admirer of his president, to do the work in 1901 The monument, Xehndncr's gift to h i s town, cost $15,000. Although il was a long time before the story was fully told. Arciitnns learned 12 days after the filial day of April 18. 1906 thai (he statue was snfc. T h e news came in a telegram lo Minder from the artist. Paligian was able lo relate the story first-hand, because eventually he and the figure made their trip up the coast together on the ship. Pomona, where tardy unveiling ceremonies took place on July 4, with 2.000 persons witnessing the 10 a.m. unveiling. He said he had made his way to Mission and Howard streets through burning San Francisco, where he saw fire closing in on the foundry, and took what lie t h o u g h t was a fast look at his creation. "I was unable to rouse myself sufficiently to secure men who would remove the finished statue," the artist was quoted as saying. "I saw it there. And I saw the devouring flames moving on toward the place where McKinley stood. I went away without doing anything. After the fire 1 sought the ruins of the foundry. In the place where I had left Ihe statue I found a pile of hot bricks. Below these was a mass of red- hot debris. What a vision I had of my precious statue . . . now molten metal beneath t h e bricks!" A crowd had galheicd in the street nearby, and investigating, Patigian saw his work lying in the street. The veicle used to haul it to safety was a charred r u i n , but some unknown men had spared the statue a like fate. After it cooled il was hauled to the ship. Over Iwo months before the July 4 festivities and ceremony, the bandstand which had occupied the center of Ihe plaza had been moved, and work had begun to gravel the ground. An uncertain flag pole was taken down, concrete poured to bed ruck and the stone set for the form's pedestal. Twenty-five ton of granite, about 40 pieces, had been delivered for this labor- Hie largest o n e weighed f i v e tons. The unveiled statue of M c K i n ley showed the martyered president f a c i n g wesl with his right hand extended and his left holding a scroll representing t h e speech he had delivered at Buffalo. New York', just before he was shot. At the ceremony the crowd watched as Xehndner presented the mammoth gilded bronze that he said, "in time will color like a bronze bell." Among those sealed on t h e platform that had been ercclcd for the ritual were George H. Burchard. president of the day; Judge G. W. Hunter, principal speaker; the Reverend C. P. Hessel who gave the invocation; C. L. Kosler, city trustee and the Reverend J. M. Laird, who pronounced the benediction. Those assembled were described as attentive when Zetin- ner remarked in part, "This is a gift to the citizens of Arcata for all lime to come." The band played; Ihe volunteer firemen bad a hose race on 10th St. between G and H ; there was a barbecue at Redwood Park, followed by dancing and a skating carnival at the Excelsior Rink. Patigian's slaluc of McKinley commands Ihe interest of all who pass through Arcata today. Tourists, struck by its majesty in the center of a well-groomed, colorful garden plaza, slop lo investigate its origin and o f t en take its picture. The bronze of McKinley. which did weather as a beil, lias become a familtar figure to several generalions of Arcatans, It delights Ihe young and old alike al Christmas time when in varying disguises, it adds lo the spirit of Ihe yuletide. Toastmaster Club Hears FFA Seniors Another first in the history of Ihe Eureka Toaslmasler Club was accomplished by allowing Eureka Future Farmer of America seniors lo demonstrate parliamentary procedure as it is conducted in competition willi other teams throughout Humbold t County. The main portion of the meeting included four outstanding speakers of the evening. Barrel! Cox and Jon Japport tied for the best speakers award and ,1. M. Pallon was chosen best ovaluator. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 7 p.m. at Sambo's. Thousands Slain In Pakistan MYMENSINGH, East Pakistan CAP) -- Systematic slaughter between indigenous Bengalis and non-Bengali migrants left thousands dead here before order was restored, survivors of the bloody clashes said Friday. One army officer said his men had disposed of thousands of the bodies in mass graves outside the lown. -"We couldn't. bury them all," he said. "We just threw some away in the river." Most victims were .Moslem. Biharis from India but many Hindus also wei.e reported massacred by n»nga'lis whose drive lor-autonomy from West Pakistan led to civil war March 26. Responsible government and other sources estimate at least 30.000 wer_- killed in communal violence si'ice March 1 across East Pakistan, nol counting Bengalis -tno' by army troops putting down what officer-.; call a "full-floaj 1 ;j insurgency." Available in Department Store Only al llih Price Sylvania "Soft White" LIGHT 60, 75 or 100 wall Biu'r Discount Piici PKG. ISA/Air MAGIC OUR EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE 42c THIS BRONZE STATUE of marlyered President William McKinley s u r v i v e d the Sun Fruncisco earthquake and fire Go years ago anil has reigned in the center of A r c a f a ' s plaza since thai time. 'Patton' Spurting r * * * * * * * * Hits JB.O. Like an Army Tank AMPEX By BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- The power of Oscar: In the week following the ·Academy Awards, "Patton," combined with "M-A-S-H." played 424 theaters for a total gross 0! $3.5 million, the largest lure was released Feb. 18, 1970. ture was released Feb. 18, 1970. Frank McCarthy, who spent almost two decades of his life trying to get "Patlon" filmed, is naturally elated. Kven though he won't collect a dime of the added millions the film is making. "I have no regrets that I don't have a share of the proceeds,' says the urbane Virginia-born producer, 58. "When I came back to Fox after being at another studio for a year, I had no contract, no bargaining power. Fox was getting started after having been shut down, and I was happy to get ?. job as a staff producer. In those days participation deals weren't as common as they are now." The producer demurs when asked how much iie was paid for the movie, saying only that he did "verv well." MCCARTHY, a retired brigadier general in the Army, was seated at his desk at 20'.h Cen- ury-Fox: he is nn longer employed there, but maintains an office in the studio. He faced :hrce inches of congratulatory telegrams and a pile of mail. "1 don't know how to answer all these," he said. "A form letter won't do. I'll have to reply personally. II will take me a year." George C. Scott had accepted an early script, then turned down a rewrite. He was persuaded lo go hack lo Ihe project with the promise of a return to the original script. Scott offered his own changes before going to the Spanish location. Some were accepted, some nol. "The only real trouble T had wilh Scott came over changes he wanted on location," saic McCarthy. "A word here or there was all right. But he want ed big changes. I had to tell him the script had been approved by Gen. Omar Bradley, both Zan- ucks and the Pentagon; we simply couldn't make any big alter ations." Scolt reacted fiercely. One inighi during an argument he "began looking very physical, but his wife cooled him down." Despite his travails with Scott during and after "Patton." .McCarthy says: "He's still the best actor I know. I'd be happy lo start another picture with him Monday." A Beacon Shews The Onv/ard Way Light Eternal Shines Ahead We strive to conduct each funeral service so lhat it may truly symbolize the abiding faith of the family, and the bright promise that the light of departed spirit shall shine eternally, Al! 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