The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1947
Page 12
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avis'* ^ *V i IT*-* v3 ;' I tVft* CE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Lawmakers Ask Better Salaries Missourians Want $3600 Per Session, •Plus Daily Bony; of $5 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (UP)- Mtssouri lawmakers, whose salaries are lower than the pay ot their secretaries, are making another bid for higher wages. This time they'e not out for peanuts, but for a flat $3,000 for a six-montji session, plus $5 a day lor actual attendance. A proposal adjusting pay l s before the house of representatives. (But the legislature — unlike congress—is not empowered to vote itself more money for salaries, although in the past two years alone members have granted thousands of dollars in salary boosts to other public servants. 'Under the state const!Uiltai of 1875. the lawmakers must look to the; people for a salary hike. The people apparently didn't approve of a raise for their 188 senators and representatives. Tlie state now pays the lawmakers $125 a month; thalr secretaries $150. In the last general election, voters overwhelmingly defeated a proposed constitutional amendment to pay legislators $5 a day for every day of actual attendance. That money would 1 have been in addition to their regular salaries and was aimed at reducing absenteeism, which in the past has often crippled the legislature. No Part-Time Job • 'Law-making' In Missouri hardly Gummed Up\_ _ ft Fourteen-year-old Frances Andalman, of Chicaga, is a serious bubble-summer, ambitious Jo blow f E the biggest and best bubbles lu town. At left, ubove, she produces a beauty that ended by gumming ' P^ . Ltm works, ns seen nt riohL . J can be considered a part-time Job, w it is in some states. Kansas, for instance, pays its legislators only $3 a dny, but their sessions are limited to 50 legislative days, after •which the members are tree to pursue their primary occupations. Tlie last legislative session in Missouri ran almost continuously for two years and the one before Iliat for seven months, being forced to end by a state constitutional convention which lasted one year. . „'„[., Because of these lengthy sessions and low pay, members have absented themselves for long periods to tuke care of their businesses. Some faction.'; arguo that more competent .men would be induced' to run for office If salaries were' raised. They contend also that absenteeism would be reduced if the legislators were offered "living salaries" to do their work at the capital, Opposing factions say public servants should not be lured by bis money, but by a sincere desire to serve their constituents, arguing that fixc:l high salaries would lead only to lime wasting and "legislative doodling." Britain's Labor Given New Vote Of Confidence LONDON, March 14. (UP)— Britain's Labor Government, buffeted l)y three days of bitter debate on Its economic, policies, emerged victorious today from one of its hardest lights In the House of Commons. Commons gave the government a strictly party line vote of confidence of 371 to 20-1 yesterday. It was tlvj second time In the government's 20-month history that more than 200 opposition votes have been cast, however. Tlie vole of confidence was pru- cedcd by the defeat of Opposition Lender Winston Churchill's plea for n vote of "no confidence." That motion was defeated by 374 to 198. •J STOKYi Shrrry nntl Monn r*ut u *-utt:iK«' <yK*-thcr | n OIlr ,,f JMunn 1» jilrrli: mul Koi.l,l»(lc:u',-,l! tthe ivnrkx In nil Iniiirtint-i: i»rru-c • nil U lu;ifc[|i£ a l>I:ir fur ht-r uiur- rir* 1 , flrorKC llrullicrn. S fc e r r y keep* Jioiiii*, \Y[III|H ti> trrllr, iv<irrlm uliuul Moiia'n ln| r r- f*t in Ilrolhcr*. Slie Ijrcuiul-M fricndl}- with the tlin-c 1|O5X Mho Hve'ni <ho rjMl of Ihf I'liurt. Snn- dru, >vh,i I, French, niuil* tn ni-( In th« innvlcNi AiiNlrtnu Tony -\VHILIN to diruct find I>;.II[K|I KrlK lm|il-« I., become n iirodiieer. -Iliirfln S<(nu-, n baaincNMWomtin ivliu HvrM next 4<H*r, al«u bccomrN u yuod frjcnj. T»IIE next day was Saturday and , Mona stayed downtown in the •fte'rnoon with Brothers. Sherry cleaned the house thoroughly and polished the brass and jiilver. In the afternoon the things came from the grocer's. Sherry counted them over carefully and regarded the turkey with admiration. This was going tolje a real Christmas! ', Mona was late getting home. She was flushed and 1 her eyes sparkled and she carried a large expensive-looking box. She sold, "I got my Christmas present from George! Wait a minute!" and she went into the bedroom and shut the door. Sherry listened excitedly to the tissue wrappings being rustled, and afte: ^moment Mona came out again. She was wearing the camel-liaii iat with the sable collar. Sherry's eyes widened. She said, *'Oh, it's gorgeous, Mona!" very sincerely. "But—but should you—?" Mona said, "Wait till I tell you •bout it." It seemed Brothers had been asking Mona what she wanted for Christmas for a long while. Mona liad said, "Oh, just any little thing. After all, it's only the thought, you know." But today she had managed to pass the store ;»»bere the coat was, and let Broth- tis catch her look of wistful ad \iairatiou. Ho had wanted her U ry it on and had become quite nsislcnt before Mona would let lerself be persuaded. Because of the way Mona told he story Sherry had to laugh bout it, but after she was in bed, jiid Mona asleep, she thought bout it for a long time. CHRISTMAS DAY was clear and 4 cold. Everything that could possibly lave been done the day before had been done, and it was still early vhcn Sherry reviewed the icebox vilh satisfaction. The fruit cock- ails were in their glasses and the cranberry sauce sliced. Olives and •elery and jellies had only to be crvcd, and the hard sauce was ready for the plum pudding. At quarter to three Tony and Sandro arrived looking very scrubbed and tidy. Sandro carried a package, but Tony pulled his out ot his -pocket and said, 'Doesn't that turkey smell grand?" Then they both said, "Merry Christmas," and laughed and seemed a little embarrassed about offering their packages. Sherry said, "There's something for each of you under the tree," and Tony and Sandro unwrapped Ihe small gifts that Sherry had bought them and were very pleased. . Sherry opened her packages. Sandro's was a bottle of very pink bath salts, and Tony's was a little enameled compact. They all thanked one another a lot and Sherry put the compact in her pocket and went out to the kitchen where Mona was. Mona said, "Now let me do things from here in, honey; you've done everything." Sherry showed her the compact and Mona laughed. "Swell," she said. "Fourteen carat tin, isn't it?" Sherry smiled. "Anyway, 1 can use it." She heard zuarcia's voice, and in a mTnute Marci* came Into tht kitchen. "Season's greetings and so forth," she said. "Here's the champagne." There were two big bottles nnd they put them in the icebox. Marcia made herself useful and Mona ribbed her about it. She said Marcia was willing to help because she wanted to cat. Kris arrived promptly at 3 o'clock. He kissed Sherry's hand and then looked at her steadily for a moment. "You're beautiful," ho said, and handed her a package. Sherry was interested in the feel ot it. She opened it quickly. It was n beautifully bound volume of Byron, and Kris had written on the flyleaf "Sherry" and then o word In Danish and then, "from Kris." The Danish word meant "the lovely," she found out. Sherry was touched and u litlle thrilled. • * * T"\INNER was a success. The turkey was golden brown and the champagne cold and sparkling. They all ate R great deal and talked and laughed a Int. It was dark when they finally finished and Sherry lighted the Christmas tree. Mona seemed restless and looked at the clock frequently. After a while Sherry asked her what was the matter. Mona said, "\Vhy t nothing at all. What do you mean?" But her voce had an edge to it. Marcia said, "That lone of. voice always means a man." ' Mona was annoyed. She said, "Aren't you the one, though?" Marcia laughed good-naturedly, and the telephone rang. Sherry was sitting next to it, but Mona got there first. She said, "All right, in about leii minutes." She hung up and turned to Sherry and the others. "You'll all excuse me, won't you?" she said, and put on her new coat and went out. Sherry stirred up the fire. She suddenly felt coUl. Tony suggested that the rest of them go down to Henri's and the others thought it was a wonderful idea. '(To Be Continued)' A swarm of locusts observed crowing the Red Sea in 1B89 was so large that it covered an area of 2000 miles. Bare Money ToJ»7. Any na STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 E. Main Phone 859 You Must B« Happy or No Deal FRIDAY, MARCH M, 1!M7 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy Cl at Slate Line PhQtie Hlythcville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. B1TTNER Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Woy By J. R.Williams EGAO,TVlieSS.' THIS BUSINESS OF VOU'RE TOU6HER TUA.M AI (?OO\\R)L OF POOL SHARKS AREM'T YouJ-'-v&u COULD' NO MOR& SPANK. LEA(4D£R l^ftM TUROVJ (?OC(<S AT A BABV Srto\M - FORTRWLlMG KM YOU MW<E A 8VRD EXPEDITIONS YOU SEE THIS LITTLE HOLE IM THIS SHAFTf WELL, THAT'S A CEWTER HOLE--I'LL EXPLAIM IT— TH 1 BULL SHOWS THEM CEMTER HOLES TD EVERY NEW GUY WHO STARTS HERE-' FOR FOUR YEARS OWE &UY OILED EiaHTTEGM HOLES OW HIS MACHINE EVERY MORN IN'-- OMLY FOUR WERE OIL HOLESJ NFLKWES MS lRE/.-^-X'VE LOST SEVERAL POUNDS WORRVIMG 'BUT WITH MY SCOTLAND VARD EXPERIENCE- X CAM TRAIL HIM Ef^SILY AMD FETCH HIM HOME FOR A SOUND THRASH- FROWM IS STRICTLY \ &8z\ r> ^'^f L (PyjL* ***%*>& "At this desk every scrap of paper is placed neatly in the wastebasket—I coulci learn to love the kind of man who sits here I" WHEN TAKIN& FLIGHT, FLY . Bur BATS TAKE TO THE AIR ' BY FLYING "X PERSON CAN TAKE A LONG SHORrCDT/- N0RBERT BIEGER, 'A 7-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard G/encoc Hotel Bldg, Phone 3545 . Levels arid Lines Surveying DHAfi LINK FAKM DITCHICS Wm. R. Overfron -- County Survey or Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Hnx 81, Koselnml, Ark. 1 Yes, We Hove New Cars Amvitig Every Week—- * Pontiacs 0 Fords * Chevrolets 0 Plymouths and others Plate your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Lalu ftlndel Cars BUD WILS01 III© Phone 2().'i7 Cor. Frankiin and Alain SI. ITIS ESTIMATED THAT THERE ARE ^ 600,000 KINDS of INSECTS... MORE THAN THERE ARE OF ALL OTHES KINDS OF CREATURES ON THE EARTH RJT TO&ETHER. COPR. 1fr',7 BY UFA SERVICE. IfiC. T. M. REG. U. 3. PAT. CFF. NEXT; How old is the famous Kohinoor diamond? SPRING Spring Oals, Lc.spcdrai, Alfalfa and I'asUire .Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS . SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEtDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Blythcville's largest Seed Stocl Blytheviiic 1800 W. Main Lorporalioi Phones 856, 857 TURNKil HE A.LONE KNOWS THKT WHX I SE1... _jo;'(3ii TO ..^ — ..-,,.,.-„.,...,,,,.,». GO 1 .{? AVJV WHO CO ) D ,_£T IT OR.T 1 IEM3TH IN MENVCP. IN TOUCH VJITH G'TTlHi) IT IHE PJQHT FOSeiCjM FOWsR!1 .,. -~H)EM feEMgssfr-—-,r-7— - v KUROER' MSP'^ ^/-^ '^A::V & %-*^v , W$ ft ^ --, ( ' T te ; 'A LirJfc Ifei vic FLINT t^DO YOO LIKE I WHAT I DEED IWEETH TUEES ONE, MOTHER .MULVANE? 1 Make ;i Wrong Siart UY MICH A K I, 0'MAM,KY and KALI'H LANK H7T? \vas in the air, so I started to walk the 12 blocks to Parrot's office. Thats one time 1 should have taken A cab. WHY, CHILI. THAT'S 6RANO.' VOO'VE 60T A REAL EYE FOR HATS—THAT YOU HAVE.' EVERYTHEENG EES WONDERFUL' TACKY COMES HOMt TOMORROW. J HAVE A JOB VVE6TH PEOPIE * LIKE. BUT-- VEF.K RIUT TES DETERMINED TO THM M(\N PAWGT ABOUt THE TORMUIA I LEFT \VEETH HIM. 7HAT I WASH TIIRRS Where Danger Lies SINCE THM SWr.PLE WAS STOLEN HEBE'S \« A LETTER ' FROM DALE KRINSLE, EASV. THE ONE WHO'S FORECLOSING ON HIM . M WORRIED ABOUT PWENTS OH TH ~ . PL*STIC,TOO! BUT HE'S f\GREED SLAP VOL STOPPED LEN'S WWLBOH CLEO: IT'D BE WORTH TO f\ THEY'LL EXTEND THOSE NOTES SO HE WONT 1056 , UNAWARE TH S H£ HASSlOSi I MUSTrtT fAlKSI 'l'VE GO 1 'i To TriOS Kasv Does II. '/,•/ THOSE WHO APE THE C3\ ETIQUETTE OF GOATS SHOULD NOT GO ABOUT WITH BROKEN SWORDS' BUT. BROKE IT'IN : ERV1CE OF OUR NAPOLEON! #m''&\™#\%A? : '---m BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIM YOU W\W TO WUV\ VOUR OVD , PUG \-tVS I GVTC.M, WtV RECORDS,,. UP WVE.N W TO -_ NOVi« (\Q\L\TV UOW (\SOUT ce 6RCK RT TtNl XOMOIM5OW t.\o,t«,iji-> - i Nto > '•

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