The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1947
Page 11
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4, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION "ujon™' 0 -"" '"" for """cullvo lo- Mimliuum cliargo Kr \ t ' 1 tlma per lino ."' "•• — jri - times per line yer day t" C 3 thucj per Hue per <lajr~"I_ oc 0 times iicr Hue ,,or day _ "" 70 1'J times jier lino por day "" " &c MC'iilli iior Hue "" eoc Count five averaKo W0 rds lo the line. A<J ordeicil for tbreo or BU times auU Btopiicd lie/ore exultation will Ijo charged for tlio number ot llraes llie ad a?. liecrcil nuil adjnitruont of bill made. All Classified AavcitiilijB cony suli^ milted l>y person*) resIdltiK outside of Ihe city must to Ijy casli Itatei ni'.y lie easily computed from MIC above titble. * Ai'.vertlflng order for Irregular insertions takes the one ttnio rate. No rcsiiousiUllty will be taken tor niorp. tlian one incorrect Inscrttou of any el.<jl>J ad. For Safe l-lin I.,!.,, ni.(. r) . trriflnr. Moit,-| (; ,villi (••I'lil'iii'Tit. H Kiinnnll. ]!M;1 ino.l.-l, _'^ n ' M Hi' Ark. atio-v.k-17 H yinj inuil in s,11 j-mir cily i.ropnrly 'ir f.'irjil 1/liul. hst wnli us. iv,- lnu-9 iMlyiT*. '>:, l','»r« l-XLl-rll-nCC in n-,A l-.«l:Un. W. M. linrns ulirrio '•Wl. -J"] i'!;.:]|17 11,-Lvo liuyi-r for yroir tonic II (;. ('Jimiilif 11. Ptioin- 440 — <»ii:tO Office 1L!0 Ruliltl Pproml. ]0:2-ck-If All coal hpalcrs at cost. Cond selection. Planters Hardware. 2-i-ck-tf HICYill.KS AND CHAIN' nitlVfN TJtllvKS — .lust revived—,,. 0 t[ M . s \. loiliiy---first coino. first s«rvcil l-'ire- »toi,i.,-. 2D7 \V. Main. 2112 i-k-tf BLVTHEVILLE (ARK,)"'COURIER NEWS ' For Safe Uaby Chicks—Custom hatching. High grade Ptillorum Controlled Chicks thai are hutched h e r.c Stalled Custom hatching §3.51) per hundred cg^s sel. Blaylock -Hatchery, North til, phone 3172. ;i-l-ck-ll 'i>l'irj> ami HirtiK'&R uro r<>ne\i-e,l in riiL-s cU'.'iii.Hl n-llh r'ina Foam, Deals l>«|iil J:l_l : '"' l "' r Co - :ii? ck.||7 •lilno Sl,o" C O il ™Ys28 1 . '""iVl'l'Lck'e'f :,,iv .id-rintiiK orilers for r,2o Kin Cililrant.,-,! Kl-Jay .teliv,,,, *<" O'STKKN'S STUDIO rtioin )i ( iiisc- ivilh ball, \| r , i.. r i" WHIs. 100 nansan. J'l,,,,,,. ' •>!,,;•/! ' 12 ail,I rriiliriinrnt. .Monre llrnv. «r call 2:isil. IHM-iik-IS ,.l ,\ nil- ll,k-il Mind. 1 ; — A I) I'Hilt if,11 BoWllon of roMliinatinn anil lal;le model railios iiov.- [j. Klock. No aerial or crounil npfiteil. Firestorm Store, "201 \V Mnill. 2112-ck-K See the large 3 cnnrparlmcn't Norge Frec/.er chest. Holds fi'.n Ibs. of fond. In stock for immediate delivery. Planters Hardware Inc. 2-2-i-ck-tf IllUerics, uattpry reclinnnilg il r-'bniMini,-. Austin's Uallery oi>, -100 K. Vino St. 2]25-uk-3125 |U!TOn TIIIKS — TMc new tire thai tills, nut cli-aiis. out ivears any other . .-:i<-!or tin; inailc. \\'e mount ati.l Jeliver to farii], Firi'Stono Store 207 W. _Jliin. 2|l!-elc-tf TlltrSI, TIHKSI TlIiKS~l~TT,7t receiver; ri/CK 600 x IR. 700 x 10 Cf,0 X J5 700 x IR. .1 nnil C> lily tires Also tnc 'i'"" 1 " 3 't f,l cronii,! -rins in sizes r,l)0 x 1 t iin.l con x I'J. \Vc ,leliver nn,I muniit. Kircstouo Store 20f! W. • M "'"- 2|l2-cfc-ll House n:i,I Inl. 2?01 Carolyn. Triile .\iHilliiu. :i!.S-nk-lfi 'rnfxT ice rrr.-irn freezer wiffi fiO vnl. liarclrnrr. \ii1li cerul mix iiunla. II. 1,. Kinn. Mauil:,. Art. 2l21-nl;-3!21 For Fine Portraits 71's O'STKKN'S KTUDTO . I'liK-ViiMuYlkn. IMjnu- :I740. :i!r,-i)k. t! -1 A HAHY~ciiTlCKS~ II1.....1 l,.n,.,l. l,i..l, l, r ,.,l f,,, ,,„„. , •» "Pli-l'- line- t.t I. iry f.,,.,1. !.„„[ I'o.illry. ll!i Kail .Main, uluin,, 910. Coi-licr Sf;in;,l iiu]i,,i,-s. ItnnlMI,- I'lione ,i'*;. :(m-l,!;-2D Iro^.-s. Karl, S:so.r,o Ni-.'il slu.lin Musi I,,. In uoo,] rn.Hlilinn f,i:i Nurlli division. I'linni- riSOS. i:t-rk-IG rnnin ."-s-i-'lliir: ni ^rnnila. Fl.nlli hnrjl- u-noil flnor. Inrw ^Hi^. nre.ii'ar eon- riviifiinn l,i,it^ in l^tn. s.->onn— ?ir,oo |.i,-K,SM',r,. See .Inrk Tiiltnu. Kenll'nr. I'lione 72 H(,x Oi;. M.lnil.i Ark. 7 |iii'ce ,line11o suite. I on T>oiiL-nn. a;i"-iiV-is 2 I 1 :M11= fhiliners xviih starter nr,.l li'.-M<. riil!U:il,,r nn.l i.Tanli'r. listers o-itli e,il;ii-:itr,r nnil cli'c. I K-12 Vnr- ninll witli ruliiv.itor. llrnry's llurnirc-. arrn. fnini ]s!)-lln-ville Oi'l Mill. I'll. Pi-jK-licaliy now house, weil located, on (10x150 lot. Tin- mediate possession. A real hiiv at S:'750.- Torms. Sec this at once. .7. TO. Sfeven- son, Noble Gill Ajiertcv. Phone 3131. 3-12-ck-15 . TIM 1. Jliinila Ark. :i!12.|,k-tr> ...TI- Miintl.i sclinnl iloir.i: ,-nn.l '.IIM- -. i--,-,. IVnll JJ.iW.ills. rr. K',~l,>-s l.-ni;* rs. -M.iTnln. Ark. ^'12-i.k.lO f-inii.l in .^i-nv^.-r Corsets nn,l Siip- IM.TIS. For .Tpi-.iinlnipnt r^ll OR1 >Trs. .',,!in II. I.OI.L-. S;ii'ncer ]>enVr. Siv room I,,.,, K| . ,,-iH, lintli. 1^ arr.-s On ljr.iv.-l ro-,,1. IfiO of rily limits. .l.lione. J'FfiriO r.Kli. See .Tack Tiptnn. Henllnr. I'll. 72. Manila Ark. A-l 2IS 3>inf-rV-lf 15AUY CHICKS Cii.-.lrnptr A sn.T.'i rcr hnnrlrcit .Mm Ill-own Klor,'. ^iri-ck-ll 1 lionlr-r. Vilrlion ta>>t,' pnil rlinir.s ..-,! .11,, I ivr,,,,l nllicr 1,01151-TmM ilrms. ' IDr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST General Practice —nut— Special 1 Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER GUARD'S Acrow Slrret From Kress Office Hours 9 a.m.--! p.m. rhonc 2172 l.atr uuulH H ]-\irinnll Ir.-irlor mill IIIMI-I-. <!,*,<. nn,l i-iiliiv.-itiir. :ll:l S. 1-irsi afi.. r i; p.,,, l'l-nli-21 MKK<;HAXTS I In iv f,,r i ,.,|| nl ,. .Irliinry "MO m 11- I!M7 l-i.fiiol Donlil,. KinV Mrui (,'jisi-. rjion,- «..ii s.i.ii :i';ni ' SPECIAL . SALE _ 2" ^QUALITY BABY CHICKS "J Our KusVy qunlity cKlclca — B » for ll.r.klluy ond [osl B io»-!h. ' »™ PLACE YOUR ORDER EARLY! L. K. ASHCHAFr CO 1-a Block South of Depot Help Wanted 'll fnrnifli rpnl. liclils. wnlnr an,I fii.-l n> <-,,Hi>h' In liv,. In my hmiir un,I ram tor HVII rliil.lrru. A|.|ily nt :II9 I'link Sl. (rum :i (ii :'. (MI].. M.|,k-l7 .\':in _fnr vnnl mid u:ir,l,.n \vork uifr. (nr runiil Kfrvii'ps. Yrnr 'roiiii,! i>n^itir>u>;. Gonil. funiish,..! livhiK quarlrri,. p!.y fur riyhl pcrsi.u^, Must Ij^ i'\- lnTionc,',!. Can us,, whili. nr n.lon-il riMiilc. I'himi- (!7» nr liSn (iiih'iin. Jlo. i'.O. llov 2.11S ' ll!-|,k.«li One tree will mnke a million inntclics, but one match can destroy a million trees. QUICK Our Radio Repairs are quick and our workmanship finer than anywhere WE REPAIR ANY MAKE— ANY MOREL Phone 2642 FRED CALL1HAN 106 South First Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. S6.27 !DO YOU NEED A LOAN? • i To Insure and finnnce EI new or i used car, truck or tractor, in Ar- • krmsas or Missouri, see us. Low J rates. You'll like our service. Also J PITA Loans nnd 4% farm loans, [ and individual real estate loans. i UNITED [INSURANCE AGENCY J Over Guard's Jewelry Store ! Phone 510 Local * Lony Distance Moving Oomp«:«nt Help u4 »<iolpmetn. Adu- Insured Oontnct EanUnl Ecaa Berrlca * 8ton«i Pkono 2801 For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogdcn Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. YAKBRO, AHK. Phone 727 /f Jo/ces Experience . . to diagnose car aches and pains and it takes skilled hands to repair your car. At the first sign of trouble—drive in hero. Our repair service is guaranteed! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FdRD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythovillo, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services For Rent l-'rout Ijptlrortiit. nrlvntc 4-u!i:uice. (.il u::il. I'liiMlu IKj:iy. ^022 C'i,irkiis;i\vlj;l. arse or small bcilrooiu. Stenn .StTni'itrivulc hath. Call 2'JOi|. :ic,lr,,i,ni 1100 Cliickii-awl.n. 1'] :!S7T,. (•niiifiirl.-ililr lifilroiun. (.'nil !«7'. HU2-I1K-20 Vrrnit Iji'ilrnnm. nutsiil,- culrniifo. \Vork- ii.i; coii|il,> pn-r.Trrxl. Kil,-li riv il.'Ki'S i>i>liunnl. HIT Chii-kiisMivL.i Read Courier News Wniu Ads. . Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Ante, Salvage, North IHway 151. Phone ;i78!). 2-2(i-pli-3-2C Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 Day, 20S9 nilc. 2-2S-ck-4-l Designs have been completed for uu "clcctvoinilt" c;ipubl^ of Inuncliing InrRcsl. existing nirliin tn 500 feet witli a 120-mpli tcikcoit. They now need -1000 feel. 01,1 Vo 0 - Sli.( anil for ill, MO. :l|ll "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3fi47 An Ailing Motor . . : can sound the death knell for your car. The way to put your car back on four wheels . . . and have it roll• ing merrily along this spring is to drive in here at the first sound of trouble. We specialize in all motor repair work. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 558 Rlfhlti Uichtni Mriic*— n« n-i'.ilr in | 7I , e , V>I1 | U( M»^n, !";> «nj it'll, (linkup and o.ll>»t. , __U_ljrlt««lllo Wnckl u « Bhou. o^.tk.ti I-isI yiuii' |irc,ppi'(y wllii us. We I. ,,,!„. )„„,. ,,, ,,,|| „,„] „„.,„,.,, I",In,'- We i,Ml|,, you In I]K... ii|||.n,,t I'l'liv.ill,,,,. our ,,.,'xlee !„ f.un.s, „„!,.. I'l'hil.'iVl']"' ' "" f '"' 1 "" 1 '"'"-'' ''-f"" 1 "" 1 'I'lnru liiiw. HKAi.'i'V I'll."I, ':! 1 in ur nn^s s\i.i:s\i\v „. I 1 i,.' :i.-,ii« '" >'illi \v. M William, |i,» .\..,. v I'l ;•!.', I :i|i| pk i!n MONKY -I'll LOAN Do you need R loan to repnlr or ruitioclcl? No down payment, no mortgage, no red t»l>e. FHA approved rate f)'"•-...Ask for details. Mai 1'Oxnn, Realtor, phone 203i. Lynch I5hl({. f I)lyth«Tlite. 9-23-ck-tt See us for mi c.slimale !ie- fore you have your, traclnr oviM-hauU'd. We H|ierliili/.o i" slt>am 1'lcaninn: atiet puiiitinjr. Klcdric anil accl- ylenc \vel(liiii<. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hiivfly (il South. I'honu ai71. 2-1-ck-ir IANOS W 'M!',.,|il |l !' ll "i, r 'l,''.' 1 ' '" """ '""" -'!>ii'. o,''«'rih. l'o''s'o7 rMi'clnlu"'!^ ''''' We s[icciiuiy.e in fruit Tree spray materials. Ask «s what iftul when to list. Planters Hnrdwnrc Co., Inc., 12G \V. Main, nhonf 555. l-:!!-ck-tf S « V V">-' I'rinj.- your Tninlly inu-ln,. anil .nH.T.ill(,n» lo 1001 W. Kyftrunrf. Ki'nMiiiiilite iiricc.s. 2l2y.plt.3ri2 anil |uipcr li;wn;iii Wni'l; rr||i lra ,,( eo ,]. Hill Davis, phono .!(!!). 3 7-pk-'l-7 Soivini.-. nllernli,,,,., „,„, ,,,.e,ll,nv,,rl(. Mrs. Ilcrlic M. lluwln. ,,l,r>n r :,;l:iii. Wanted to Rt>nt Xo i-liil.lrou t resilient. to Sore Feel •* New Soles • New Heel for old slioc.1 HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. FARM L-^?J LOANS / Prompt SwrlM RAY WORTHINGTON ills Section for El Yc:ir« 115 Bo. 3rd niyllicvlltc, Avk. Time In I'rudontlttl rr-ajrrnin Kunilay nt 4 p.m. over WltKO Ask My Wife How ( «^' "^ . -> " s»r * ItfV Need-She Drives ' " " . _ ... __ I We antisfy every lyt>e ot motolrlst— !n t licltcr giisolinn vulnes, liner service, lower priecH wo. offer llicin. Whether thfey drive ,ui> front (or »n in llio cnsc ubove), from ' ' ' 'the buck sent, motorists w about «mr service tlmt yiinraiilccasiaooth-; cr driving, economical motoring" LOY EICM CHEVROLET CO. Phone 578 21 Hr, Service RutlierllnK Tires Loans 1)0 YOU NKHI) A l.OAN'l 1 'an- r.11,1 linaiirti n urn- or ii«e,l jjr-""? 11 ," r fi'CI"r. Ill Arknlisas [ir iike iiiir'srrvlr,..'Xlsil I'lLv' i.oani'a'n,! •!'.'„ 1-iuiu l.onns. :,,,,! ImUvIilniil rcnl Lost For Hire •I rnclnr bri'nkltiic |.lnw, linl.lijiK iilnw. «ll»c. linrrcm-. Call It. II. W,,l| a ,,.: I'Kuuo 2.12:1. 2|in.iiii.:i|in PRESCRlMOHS' Fresh Slock Gimranleed Best 1'ricea Knrby Drug Stores HcproHonthiB THE I-,\UMEUS mill 1IANKKKS WFG INSUItANCK CO. w. o. QBUIUN, q«u. ABCIH Jolin P. IIoliucu— W. 0. aourlii Ir. Olflce UOURl.i, Illilg. ZI5 W. Wnlnut 1>honc RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone '191 and your order will bo on H's way In record time Our FJoral Arrangements tell n complete story SHOP F.T.D. Service WD Deliver AnjTvlicrn PIi. 491 Mrs. J. 1W. (»Inc) IVHIIamB, owner Glcncou Jl!i] t . liny Ilicsc out of season iicm.s now, while HUH- are available. Tlicy may lie nut when you need I hem. * Lawn Mowers * Attic Pans * Oil Heaters * Screen Wire Cotton Choppin Hoes j * Outside White Paint '. * Rubber Lawn Hose * Linseed Oil PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & f.L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans Phone 635 EARL MAGE-RS Dell, Arkansas IMPORTANT! Snve your prcist-nl rnr , ISxpert Mechanical Service Alcmltf. Oil ntiil r.iibrlc:in(<i ' Yes, we wash niitl grease cars tool ' •'' Motors? We linve new tnnlom Ovurlmiil nr rcliuilil theiii Tires Liml Tuhi'S . "i Oh, VCH, We |i:ilnl Cars Too! Itcpiiir and Ucnnish all Ijnilles Cliargo ISatlcrlns T. 1. SEAT MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 'Ark.-flfn. Slate Line on the left at the Arch _ !< I'l. Pt ' Crown 1.35 2.65 Kinsey ......... 1.35 2 .65 Schenlcy 1.35 2.65 Philadelphia 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers 1.35 2 65 Hill & Hill 1.40 2,75 Old Taylor • 4.35 Four Roses . . . 2.85 5th 4.T5 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.13 4.40 6.90 4.50 Beer per case $3.35 GAS ' rc 9 r6.8c; Ethyl T8.«c Cigarettes per carton ^, A5 FKECKLES AND HIS FRIKND3 BY MERRn-L Lisrw- DOESNT MAKE I 1. HE/VR AS MUCH TK-VT UP TME Xower NCE DKIVEVVAY /

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