The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH M, 1947- _W,YTHKVILL1 (ARK.) COUKD5R For Better Farming < I'calured For This Section's Pro- icressive Fanners. : arm Labor jCross Cultivation Of COH-GI-I Urged "*"'^ N. Mi^sco Agent O*. ;:is runners in 10!'l may 1 (o fU'ii.-Mul i>n loi-iil hibiir, e.-.iie- v for cuUoii, Keith J. i)iii)n>y. . ty :i;;i-m for North Mississippi I'ojnly. annoum-ed. ' c:jun;i C.TOIH In Mississippi, |<-i-<isi!!t!> ( | for tue lurvjff umouiito ot . -- available to pk-k J'Hjiui. Tliis can hardly be cxii-c f |:i in 1'j-n, Mr. BUbi-ey' staled. " Onifs cultivation of the 1317 coln: crop c-oiilii help ihii; labor o,ues- lioi) c-onsider.ibly. Mr. Bilbrey poi-it- IU liut. 'irst.i lesults li-oin last yea- liuVcil this statement. 1 tine of (:K> tests \vus conducted on Ini-, Ciray Urothers farm at Clear |ai«j. Tli results were: 200 acres •eiie cnhiviiteil, only one |ii(«i])i!ii; v.:is retiuirecl, there wis v-Hi'taumi in cotton at )ji_-liii;u _ --, than usual, one and one hiiif • alts per nun., was picked an inras- |n.(l acreage which was better linn . c for that piece of land, crow Jiilf,iv:Uiun reduced their cost />->i|fit considerably . ' yield. All in .... litisfied and plan to cross cultivate |11 .their c-ottnn in IB! Berry Crops Urged to Swell Cash Incomes for Farmers URES PAGE, Published Every Friday > In i «U* Interest of Farm Families,of this" Agricultural Section. The demnml for Boyscnbenies and Youngbei-ries for commci-chil quick-freezing has resulted In - m expansion in acreage in Hie ,ti'te according to County Asent nm»W A comparatively lai-gp prosp'dive plnntinc is scheduled for Uii.s spi-in- Rooted tips nre usually supplied for pluntiny: new ncraiuos. and thi»:e should be planted in rows 10 feet apart with the plants five to eiubt feet apart 111 the row or drill Plantings are usually made ou I ! the flat with (he youn K plant set I about one inch deeper than it • rev | in the nursery row. The soil should j be firmly packed about i|, c ,- 0 ols as (He plants are set in the- around As soon as Ihe growth is -ell Etai-ted (he plantings S |, 0 ,,id be fertilized with a mix,,,, f 0 , ti | im . .„.. Plied In a fin-row al ench side of the row of plants. Prom 300 lo -ton ponds of mixed feililixei- ,,ra'n ably a 5-10-5 analysis .should" b> used. Ihe new settings should be kcpl clenn of weeds and K rn-'i throiiKhout Uie year and the cW, named alo»n tlic roiv throughout the season. By ciiliivatim; Ih" ,a>m- direction each time the field is -•,,„', over, the canes will not greatly' in tor-fore with cultivation . .... , Next Pull or winter (he RITOV.I- without rcducii-.K i cnn l )l 't »1> a trellis to suppoi-' hie •11 they were well ; crop during Uie growing :<nd harvesting season, , ""!? m «turo plantings need to be fertilized ivitli from r,00 to Landscaping, Pruning Of Shrubs Discussed The Armorei Home Demonst-a- tion Club met at the home of MIS, W. O. Anderson, Tuesday, v.-ith it members present. niscussion Included UHclst-iipine and priming of shrubs. [M u, 0 recreation program, directed 1-y Mrs. C. C. Elliott. Mrs. c. J-' j'nt". tt'i-son won first priiw. Tlie next regular meeting of I iho club will be April 3 at the I home of Mrs. Taft Met/gm. ! The mretiiiji on March 25. winch is the next regular date, will bi| emitted in order (hut the members may attend the council mctt- iiii; at Dogwood. Heseachhes In the Western Colorado oil shale area rc-veal auo iwo- W>0 harrels of oil per stiunr,. mil* lo.OOO.utm.OOO iii all Farm Women's •: Column • i'-; pistake.s are costly in |io|i;-y. (1111,0 anu satisfaction atuf rity are rarely corrected, point:; Miss Cr>ra l,?e Coleman, hoirie '.oiiMi-iuioii ayeht. Now is the c In:- Mississippi County farm h.its IT t x making plans for | up: r lv)ii:-:iiiji improvements. siiou'.d I*.- marie in careful l-inil on paper considering the? |'!if.-time lu-s'rt:, and ha'sits of the I it I re fsi'itiiy. The ims.;:i.iiri and I He. as -.veil as older children, will I nut lu li:-,u- a p.ti-; in tlie plaii- |i"f«.:-he points c.llt.. 1 Tn>..homeJiia!ser . and daughters b? esi:e:iullj concerned witii inside oK.thc hoiLsc and con- l.-riieiU arrangements. They should luin Carefully J id other storage space." Important | house plamiihg are the location uaois and vanriows imd or the (iinsi'm relation no each oLhei • he bathroom should be located ii llatioiii.lo bedrooms .and till rooms, relation, to the pfhers for pri- -~, niicf c.iiiViiiilcn'cc. All faclors | Socially rust ami suitability iiinid bi very carefully considercc • •fore making final decisions on Inns .tui_d riiuicrials, she advises. I Miss". Cbleijian ,sii!;c;c3t5 that be- j deciding whether to bttilcl a •;'house or to'remodel an old 'pna Jollowiut; points should be concrccl: il) Are the foundation and I nine: structure in good enough I million to justify remodeling nncl r.;ro\-ing? t2i Can the present I-IISP b: made conycniont and at- I icviye witliout too much expense • Uie result.i obtained? (3) Would possioly pay to build a new I use? ,i> broadest over Hie Harden just lie.ore tiaik. if the presence of cul- vyoi-jns is suspected, (he entire gm ; • f.en may be baited before clops' arc ; planted. . , Hlniits can be protected from; cutworms by usin,. a paper collar at ti-ansijlnttng .time. The collar is jinado by wrappiag the base of the pliint In two or three layers-~ j liuui ;iuu [o TOO! 1 " 1111 " iu l ^ vu or inree layej-s- of pounds of complete fertilizer brand- i newspaper when the plant is set cast in the middles, ns soon'as Uici"" 1 - The l'!a«t should be wrapped ines are put ,„, „„ the h . cnis This so that the paper will for,,, an-un•,« ,™ ?" C '" carly - March ur " C " b l nrrici ' for 2 '"''K-S nl '"ve as soon as clanger from severe ai'd .weather is pnsl. Preparations Urged to Battle Garden Pests Cutworms ft nd the seed-corn innggots may be waiting; arouiid with lai-ge appetites when the Mis- fir-Mppi County gnrdcn's are planl- c(., cautions Miss Cora Lee Cole- 'niiii, home demonsti'ation agent .Cutworms come from eggs laid last K.ll and have been waiting around ah winter. The smooth-bodied cat- i:ienty of closet f r P lllal 's are dull in color and range • in length up to 2 inches. They hide in. soil or trash by doy and feed by jnlght, cutting : t-he ulnnls off at the surface of the ground. . . ' •. ;. Parents ot cutworms lay their L '3gs in weeds or other rank plant growth' In the- frill. A garden tiimi ed loose last summer and allowed to grow up to weeds may be loaded with cutworms now, she points out, The standard control i s n poison bran, bait.- The bait 'consists of one pound 'of bran, one heaping teas- peon fill or Paris green, and four- J John A'lden .friend of Miles l-andish and husband of Priscilla, .'s the last of the Pilgrim fath- s. lie died in 1C87. A large p f n- v o-f our is rriucJe up of azi- service our cHcnJs in fho sei-flem cny of claim*. We bc-Jiovc that prompt paymefif is o SIGHT ia which *-o po[i enfii-fod. .NOBLE GILL i I ?J\ ACE I^C Y F^F'^i hi\ eL °° Instruments ^Supplies - Repairs |?adios. Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS SOUCITED |ifhnoK riiurches. Hands, ' first ins & rj( u ! )S ( ;i ven SPECIAL PRICES | On Musical Inslnuncnls i.Ne!!BrooksJr I 07 E. Main Tel. 811 fifths of a pint of water. This bait -j^^ the ground surface when it is set in the sotl. Mis s Coloman especially recommends paper collars for tomato, cabbngc, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts plants. The seed-corn maggot. ., wnite. headless, pointed insect feeds on sprouting seeds. Beans are particularly susceptible to injury "There nr c no direct control measures, Miss Coleman states, explainin.. that a clean job or fall or winter plow- hit' with the manure plow in will help prevent injury. Best cultural practices should br followed to get the plants off lo a (joocl start, she emphasizes. Snaking bean seed before pltintin." will biin B them up faster'and'help prevent injury, . v -. . .. . ' ••''•• • • : 'f -~* , t t If you served 6vcr«ea.vy<m sfionjfl' jiiiu tlic V.F.W. iiow!.- ;r "I'. ;'••'' Mcciiiigs every Wednesday niifct; '••la af th'b v \\ticMikamb'.,CoHoii Office, lirin-r a veloraif wilh you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS F.arrisiMcCiiIIa, Commander, , WASHING MACHINES we have them for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDJX AUTOMATIC WASHERS The fINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phone 3450 HUBBARD & HOKE Your G.F. Store in Blytheville FARMERS AND MECHANICS Check Your Shop Equipment and Sec Us for ihe Following Items: 220 Volt—3 phase Sioux Bench Grinders $42.50 1 ton Hi-Speed Chain Hoist 1 !/2 ton Hi-Speed Chain Hoisf 3!/ 2 ton Parker Vise—heavy duty 4!/ 2 ton Parker Vise—heavy duty 6 ton Parker Vise—hecivy duty 10" Genuine Vise-Grip Pliers Marquette 180 Amp. Farm Welders $39.50 $49.50 $24.95 $33.50 $47.50 -$ 1.95 $208.00 Complete stock of Bonney hand tools. We have just received a good shipment of 20" cut out disk blades. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 31 2 So. Second St. Phone 863 Prices By Manufacturer The iiitoiniilion,,, ii.uvester (.ompiuiy has ainiuuni-ed pi i,.,. |- P - (lilclions whlcii it eMi!il;n,-a will s.u'e tlin users ol iis imMui-t -in- l>roNiuiiiiely sai).i;ilo,(.u,iini was nnnouiii.'1'tl utfla,' Nasli, local Internmional (ii'iiler. '1 liese rcdiielions \\ili IH-I-.IU-,, <•(-.' Icdive before Api-il i ,,,„,' wl1i "I'Pl.y lo a sclfeti'd lisi r,r ]u,idit,-li in iIv rijjniJuny-.s Jin;..s-:<,r tiaficu-s. : ""'in. iMatiiliii-.-.. jiiinof truck.) anil indnstrlni ]iowei- c-iiulpiiient. "Tlie Aini-ik-an people 'inslsicil .hat tlie iioveiiimeiit wiiiidrn.v I -i ny.emni t,, C .>IIIIY,I prhvs ,„ , ;. : , a ;i time. They p!;u'cd tlie i'i-s|mnsilrl- l..v where it heloiis-N-i,, m,. t, ;l ,ui s ol business ami indnsiry. M,,I a n Ihisinesses can reduce prices no.v: i''Jl alt can rcduee bv the s rue nmounl. 'fhis company i,., s „.]( „ duty 10 «,;( as in-ompily :(s |i li; ,.,ib',,.. In our case the busiiu-ss nut look now makes it possible | 0 i m)vc to . wards (he poal O f lnwe r nriec'. " Mr. said. The ;isi o[ H[ pi-odiu-ts (lint will be nffectcd by the ri'diu-tli.n vill be annoiuu-Cd us wyrR: '(!•• prices is nun-' Dieted. ; '.-..-• ! Steps Control Of Black Rot iviiter, The soil or j „„. _ ic poiaioes iirc to »-eg'on \*oniinandar Pays Kciili i; Swi ins', i he Hip («>! HI- three Inches. •Seed hvutm.'iil i s pro^biy u,,. most erie.-tive single practice in [control ot black rot and certign •other disenses. Carefully ft, over i,ot-do'! h ',', " i:j '''' s """ " u ' uw "'" "» Ulos '' Miss'- V , ' U °"T'; '" ( '"'"- VI ' (l s l wls ' Mr ":.• ':inne,s. tjot.nlv A^e t, . i'?',, 1 ' 1 ,V : "' S : T1 "' u , l " 11 ™™ 1 ""•' .-cv i-ointcd out this , , "' r " lliuill ' s ''' " solution ":'•' tine ..ears "or i • • °( '" nlX "' tlu ' K "-'''"8Hi K^'m •* I"i slV' I , !-,- set i a ' V> ' ' Slx 1>: " >i)f ' s '" ' M ««"0'is-«l M or ,.u,len inter II i W111|M ''- >I ' 1 '" bornx .solution '.low Miilui intu IhU ,,„,. ,,,, 01| (0 bl , 1 . (>1II , wl!l1i but M|1 uHin,.- ! ll1 ' HSC<1 1>J1 '""K as there Is suf- n- In ninny comuics lire "inmeivial!;- foi tl-.e mar"-' prori'sslnx. ConsideiiiUlo -•'ill iiimually liom fail'H-e "1 discuses of this C»H). •'- inipiiitant of these ili-i- is blu:-k rot. n. '•"•is l.-j- iitta:klnt: the routs -"it in Ihe Held, by killi:-,: Coi ten ,spnnl,,h explorer and conqueror, 'discovered -1 hm Ilir- A.-W; ol .Mexico brewed n'nd (-],„. rotate -tec yeiirs nlio Ihe t.-edlx'cl inui by |)i-,i' serious storni:(- roi. ^o "I sweet potatoes now :'!'!' LiHKvn to be LinitiiiMi- ini-a.sure.s ixitislsl (if suiu- iMirc.-i. ,-niji : - 1 ' rimtriil slnmUl bi> a Hi" boDm! )iioj)aral!oii, Mr. •aid. Ii p;js',ililc. n new Ij;-,! «' made mi fresh l a , l( ( not • I'lli-i 1 ! In any way f ro ,u >: In. t year's -crop. Ttu> 'ik of the hotbed . s houm "I'hlv niilnkli-rt with [or- ue, one pint in ^0 Hiillons i. or wllh a solution of '''.'»' by llissolvilli; :ilxpoillKls lt(M\(l^C<i»i-|er News Wiml Ads. HELPS KIDNEYS rtoinovo H.irmlul Imiiiiritias il liniiliii-lii: ,irc ol'lcii omw.Hiy 101,- lh.",i, inl()ii>(H-t ];i(liicy iic. i in-ill in tlir ni Inc. The >f Nilllnv'n vvay.H uf re- i fiimi llu- Ami ii| , t myi n u-:l n-ui utl lu u-iisiiii; lln- II. iw 1,1 mini- |o li,-||> i,-. Unit 1 -m-c!.-i n,-i.|ity uii,l ein,- Hint I -. , ulun jNii, (M:, . . Ili-lju lllul lilmlllrr irritation .llif .j you CO, Up !U|.|llM. Mnilc til" Ki .n-rlv-, ..... jln, vitcUllilt III. diK , „ ... . '.i- Nnllciiiil IKJOK, Alk.. -, lour,. commandei'. ,, r>n a whirlwind-, <>' llic South and planned to depart r 0l - 1J (J.. Iliis. afternoon 'at 3-45 to be on hand for the Legion's 'na-| tional uirtluluy l>arty. \ As .in ulrphmc goes Into-sUMtil sonic speeds, airflow over the wlrii' lendM to ba snugger, thus lowering th:' wing's lifting effect. . • . ,,. . luibil riiimiiiit Ifui-e nuiLijili fill u-aiill^i. C;i l r or fr,c Irifll Mi Kilnicr fc Co.. Inc. Cciim. Or-- K rl full Kuliiy ill yniu - Milliim* IIIIVL- Inkrn it for j.i . . . iiflcn v\'ilh wofidc-r. . >ty, scnil u> tjt pi. X, Uox USS. Hliiinr,iM|. i/i-il linlllr c.f »winn|i- The Perfect Combination Traction and Economy Bring your car to HOTS BODY for all body and fonder repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS' l-.connmir.-il to l.nv. m ; ,inl:,;,i nn,! .M 10, || !P "Oiion«l -10' it ;,n • Jciil l,,,ilu,.,ii l,,r iiu'ns,,i,| „„ .. l,s : ,l|.s,,- c |. ; , rr |,. r i|, c ,, ns , r ,, f . ',',«"/' K! n r '"- flr "" r - "•'•-•--•? -»l w:,r n .pr,,,,[ n r,,vM,s IDU^ n 5: ,hlc lloi.r .puvc. II)' ui,-,- |, v .uiv Icucili .lcvirt.1 in c\lci|. Minis ul ^11', ih c 'l)u.,i;v L[ in' j s .,-,,-le )n I ,,.i ' lramc»«rk ill Slvun-Slcc-l k-ininv j i:a<i:::U\\ f -i,M^f"t"n<-r f.'r tj.iirk line! cii^v :ill.icli:ncnl n! mntcrLiK. 12'\I2' sll.lini' Jui.r. fiiiir i-.iuilom iir.d \cniil :irr in each i-:i,; p.i m -| nre shimlnnl "Hupmcnl; nilJilnaml ^injmvv t ri ho intlnllej in from nnd suit's it require.!. l.,-t ,„ ,;nc v ,,, „,„,,;> ;i , ,| cllli |, .,„,, pr ; c . cs n ,, , |lJ5 :ind ..llitr Sirun-Slccl l.niWiiv> i.M.MICDIATi: DKJ.IVIiHV "Qunnsel' hullilingi and Strati-Steel ffaminz are pioiucls o) ireat Lakes Steel Cctpoialion ' unit ol National Steel Corporation BAKER IMPLEMENT CO Kcnncll> Mo - Phone -39 Implement Co., Blyth«viB. Vol. f, |.)| 7 No. 2(1 Dulivt'iies: J'e K HIUTOW I,. Olinrlie Rose . S|iss«uri. No. !) |{,,( ;n -y Wooder Al- h, Ji. S. Simmons of Doll,- Arkau- I'nrin C(nu-i-i>(<! Mi.vor wild {'linlon irim IU- In Jon-y i\J. Molly of llollii,,,! Jv| iH . snm-i. No. r.MAr .lotni Blue l't>r|ili/c.- Di's- Inlnilor lo Leslie iMonve of Itlylhcvillv-, Ark. — -m — Jim 'jiiiflTrvinjr AlcxitruU-v of lu 3 Klylho ' Ti-aetor in . \V U would JUKI Ark., liM.l an II Karmall ;tl.o;im clc,-iiii'(l add painfu .n-ei-y <„„. | ( , ) lav( , u , cK-an^l In-fore .sUrUn K your as..vwn- (1-ju'l.or will rllll niiici more (>rrici..|illy aCtor -you luiV" Iho Brt-as,. anil tlirt remove,!, ami Lho nulialov Jioilcil and cli'suicd. ---- Dl - .; .. Jlfivi' a few «• Marli,, Dildicrs ior sale, I IMCC ,-„,„. orders with ,,s,. N OII ] Henso,, of i\ iini hi, Arli., has a (hre, ; bollom eOriiicclt-d No. -I.S I'low for F-2II f,,u-lor for . s ,,|c. A K:o a .s.-l ol hn> row liatlor Aliddle liusters for lltii'c'iiu IL looks -so mm- HI llu dvivo Ion!-::; like • it v.'iin ah> :il)it|il \vlinl I lie Kill-in lUiroati mcni- IraKKiiijr hero in North !lllf| l ' s t'«:l!i".v in Hlytlu.- ||, 4 , <.),„!,.,„.,„ n|If f ,.. - „„ , m ,eh and llu-y wen: w ,i, l -DI- time Two very iniiiurUinl I-P; wliy i-vi'rv I'';iniH'i' •uul [• t,.,|,,,, ,' ,, ,. ""' ''"••"'n.-.-'n Illfl/l .S11OUK1 ""' i" tlu. (•'...'.'m''"^-!! 1 ' A ! no- WUi brou ? h * cxh-i"'', Mis'T-s"'' 1 ' i ! n """ li ' J" S'.'IGG^GO MS yon Itnnw (h,. parity '<„, '", <>'Uy *l.&> JUKI lliix.iiKli (.In. ivfiv DI If you haven't lu'.'ii'd Tiilcnia- (ion.-il Marvcs- (c-r's "Harvcsl <>f Star s", dine In (his Kunilay a nd listen; you'll lipar a good program . . . enjoy J a ni c p Melton's sing- iiifl anil hear ;in i n I e res t in;; storvl Hear Amerlcq's favorit* tenor JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on th« HARVEST OF STARS with Howard Bariaw and 60-plece Orchestra lyn Murray Chotut Distinguished Dramatic Castt Spdclal Musical Gueitt, run KBC mvim • 1:30-2:00 r.«. esr INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER

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