The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAUC1IM, 19-17 Truman Proposal Lauded by Turks Appeal for Financial Aid Hns Military Importance in Turkey ANKAHA, March 1-1. <UP>— •I IIP s-mi-orfittnl. ncws-J j)iilier Ulus suid today Hint Prcsi-j df'iil 'minimi's I>VO]K>S:I| o; aid f ol •• Turkey \nh a warning :•(;:?insl Soviet eflorl.s to win bases in tliu IKJUiuipltcs Straits.' . | O.Vs .said the future of tlj.j'world 1 depends upon wliclliT Turkey iiiic : . Oi'crce resist pnssililc all nek. "Turkey is strong internally but strons; outsido pressure lias liee'u exerted during the past two. yenrs flixi bases have 'KV.u demanded from us under the guise ot n juiiu defense uf the Straits. There' •MC also territorial da.ins (.n out I Eastern frontiers -.vhu-li are not! .siippoiicd by rislil or IOKI';." linssia has .sent two notes to Turkey during the past year, de- maiKlin'-; joint Soviet .Turkish defense of Uic striiits leading to Russia's suuthern i>o:ts on U'e Black Sea. The Tin-its have le- fused. An official Turkish spokesman In. Istanbul said American economic! and moral reinforcement of Turkey and Greece would checl; Communist c\parisicni .in:l meieasc security ihrouuhoul the Middle East. "Finally now \vc liave entered a period of peace." lie said. Poreiyn Minister Hawaii Eaka said that Mr. Truman^: speech echoed the wide awake attitude of American public opinion in face of ayc;ressivc tcnccticies. He oiKlorlnifd need of economic and industrial improvements in 'i urkcy. reorganized social institutions nnd better coinmunicutions. BLYTIIEV1U.K (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS With Uncle Sam's Blessing Col. M;nU llrislawn, right, acting commandant or U. S. Forces JlendqUarlcrs in Frankfurt, UermMtiy, congratulates Peter Ropckn, 27. Hempslead, N. V., War UepnitmenL civilian employe and former paratrooper, and Erika Scliactcr, of frank furl, nfter they became the first couple lo receive offidul permission to marry. : \V:iiK:t'rr Crill/es Tr^irniMi VN£W YORK. March 14 i U.P) —Henry A. Wallace chaMje.1 last i light Hint President Truman's policy of ;ml LO tlic "reaccioiiivry" t-ovfM nmonts of Greece anU Turkey would spread Co til monism in Asia and Europe 1 , and mukc Mr. Tnmiun the "best Com- mutii.stii ever had.'' In a radio "answer" i NBC> to the President's foreign policy HIPS-I s , S;IRC, the former Vice President • ' r and cabinet member said he favored a id I o G recce for eco riom ic reron.siruclioM- "But President Tru.nan has mndc H clear that, very HUJa of the 5250.000,000 loan to Greece is' for cconotnic reconslrcctl-.m." l:c said. "It is a military .iiibsicly 14 the Greek government to continue its efforts to stump out all oppb- silion." H was "uttci- nonsense to afefiprt tiiat the Turkish gfjveir.ment is representative or neutral,' 1 lie' said. Wallace .said the Presfdc ill's message "summoned in a century of fcnr" and undermined Secretary of Stale George C. M'tishaU'T position at the Moscow conference. MarshaLl called for reformis" '^s the conditions of American. 1 ; 1 i'id • to Greece," he said. ,' : ,'A ; , )| ' Wallace asked iiow In the : light i of Afr. Tnnnari's speech, could the Soviet Union be expected to - consider in good faith "our proposals to the United Nations on atomic energy? Sanitarian Urges Loafing Bams To Make Cows Really Content Burns Fatal for Woman In Hospital in Jonesboro JONESBORO, Ark.. March 14.— • Ul 1 )—Final rites will be held here tomorrow afternoon for Mrs. Earl Ea.son. 48-year-nld motiier of nine children, who died in a Jonesboro hospital yesterday from burns suf- U'mi two weeks ago. Mrs. Eason was burned when a !-:i.Milii) C stove exploded in her home. fn addition to the children, she is survived by her husband. ™ The world's three largest generators—American-built—are in operation at the Dnieper dam in Russia, driven by three 100.000 hi) hydroelectric turbines. NEW YORK, March 14. (UP). - Fanners were advised today lo provide their cows with "loaling bainj" if they want them ID he really contented and givn their best milK. A -lonfing burn" Dr. Fred \v. Graves, senior New York state milk .sanitarian, told the Metropolitan Certified Milk Producers Association, is a sheltered pen where bossy is free to come and go as she pleases. In it,: cows arc not fastened to stanchions as they are in regular bams. j" : The loafing Darn project was starred last April and-since j then farmers who hiuijlbcm'hdvc discovered four thing:?, 'Graves.said.. First, when cowjl, are'- properly beddcclj in the loalfht! barns they are cleaner and siUfer felver injuries, 'jj . ' V. SecondpUhe consumption of rouch- age is higher, and the ij,iitritionr.l value of anilk is incrensca. '. Third, where the cciling^ji\hlr.i 1| | Radio Clinic 1 | 430 W. Ash St. I ! Phone 855 or 2291 | j WE j I PICK UP and DELIVER! to give proper ventilation, there; is no need to ck'iin the barn <lnil\'. thus conserving m;inpowcr. Fourth, if Uic ninnurc is nlknvr'I to acciimiiliito and S|)rinklccl with su|)cri>hos]>h»lo once or twice went-, ly. the fciiilizntion value is in- iTcascd. GROCERIES DELIVERED 'Qijice[lV|orjb|"") 501 C. L. NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Richelieu Foods Fresh Vegetables Best Cut Meats NO Extra Clmrr/e for Delivery! SPECIAL FOR SARbWlCHtS fresB' flavor! YOUTH FOR CHRIST SARTUDAY, MARCH 15 7:30 p.m. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH 100 So Lake Sr. t Speaker: Rev. H. L. Robison Helma Johnson, guest soloist Program Arranged by Youth Fellowship of Lake Street Methodist Church Too Late (o Classify For Sale .. .,,.,. M,,, , lllrs 0 . ' I "ii Iliiiiciin Su.oi. m v, I'rii-.' * < I»<1. Trim*. "' '" I • '••-• Muck In,n, Mui,, silrfi'l. , iV^'ivr'' 1 '' > ;"• «'•• nl.ii |i,,v,i,, ni,.,, s ,,, n || ( -ni i« '"1 -;•>"• "I'll I,„,,,,..|. IliKl,], |,.l;.|.,|V 1 'if '-•" I'd ii 1 ,• .," I a "in '' (ii'iiv. l(,:i!l> I'liimi' :.|:l •' •. ,.- .i.iiti nt , ., ,1 S. linlirir!. I'lu.n,' -JlCrt (j.,|( 'I '-^ I , •'. '' t _ ^ ;l'IJ.| v'liiim; )K.II«.' u ill, ^ill «7wn:i. ,-l,,h<' '" «'• I"" 1 vucmit I,Ms Millnlilo fin- r.'il.lcnt liu i, t . I.IM , |,,,'|. ' COTTON QUIZ A REvbtOTl6NMiy''N£W OOT' CM BE sewio \ wo — -••^mrmr fff rrr* wwf WITHIN ,1008} THE COURSt Of AFEW DAYS '""""i^ TOM£WVJEEk&. ITISfYkRTIC ULARIY USEFUL TO SUROfON! SHARPE'S GROCERY {I'iirnicrly Speck's Cruecry) 2200 W. Chickasawba Phohc.399 COFFEE SPECIALS Paper (J|;i Chase & Sunburn 45^ f |( Old JiKlK-c '.'.' :)5c -li Kol^cr's CANNED GOODS Heck with Peaches. 2!) Ox IliirllcU I'l-ur.s, No. :t Can West Pciili Prunes, No. ,'i Can .Spanish Olives, .l'/2 O/.. NiWels, Ciin Dill Pickles, Pint Ji'lly, 2 U). J:u- ..'..' Plenfy of Meal and Flour Fresh Bread and A^iik Daily -lilt :i7c. :uic 2k -Hie You're MILES AHEAD with the fire ffiaf OUTWEARS PREWAR TIRES Look whos lalking! And tliis time If your c«r newls new tires, com* it's not we -.ire dealers. Since two in today. You'll wtnt thi« longer . months after V-J Day we've been telling'tlle world 1 nbcnn 'our new postwar !!. F. Goodrich Silrcriown tire . . . the tire that OU'I'tt'T.AKS P/ffiir/lK TIRES. And. now the public's telling us in letters and testimonials how right we were. ileige Sjlvertown on every It's best in the long'run, Convenient Terms H You 16 heel. 10 too-u Hui To 5 Blade Factory Sharpened LAWNMOWERS 22.50 up POWER MOWERS 189.50 HOT POINT WATER HEATERS 30 Gaf. and 86 Gal. HUNTER ATTIC FANS PEDESTAL FANS WlN DOW FANS Buy Them B .F. BUD6ET PLAN BLAN HEATH 1&S SUPPLY I'lmne 828 •121 West fllain Street B.F.Goodrich FIRST IN RUBBER Greeks Celebrate ATHENS, Mur. H. (UP)—Alheii- Inns eloscd .simp for two hours today us part of n dejiionstnitlon ot tliimkKiilvlnii to the United Stall's for President Trumnn's proposal la aid this country and Turkey. A wreath mis laid al the foot or inonumont near the Temple' of Olympus which ruinmumni HU'.s dm \iiiericans who fell In the Crook slriiBKli 1 for Independence 120 'ear.s ayo. PAGE, FIVE, Till! lUllllUllll III'IKV.SS Of St'lKI- •iilliiB viirkins nilnornls In ore con- iisfs nf uii ntiuixiuK sn:i])cnsloi) un vhlch one inliicrnl—lighter '.hau ,ln> ix'sl—i-lsts lo tho top lo l» iklniiucil oil. • '' Open 0:30 p.m.; Show St.irts 7 p.m. 1'Yidny anil Saturday "Two Fisted Stranger" ,>; with Cluis. Stnrrclt and Smiley Hurnrllo Serial: "Kim «f (tic CJuiirdsman" Also "Shorts Saturday i\l!([ni(c Show Shuts al 10:15 p.m. "Blonde for a Day" wllh iHlrhnH Sluine anil Kalhryn Hclurloil Hhorl Subject.* RITZ THEAfRE Manila, Ark. '3 Friday!, ami!'s'atiirtlay,'' "Rainbow Over the.Rookies" wllh .Ilininy Wakcly ('.iKiion "unii 2nd Clr.lplcr "l i- i;ili;ral <)|icrator nil" Siiiunliiy Owl Khow "BEDLAM" with Hurls KitrlofT Alsn SJiort.s New Theater Manila's Finest 8how» F.VHRT NIGHT Matinee S.itardar & Sunday Box OIMIIIS Wetk n»y§ 7:00 p.m. 8»t.-8nn. 1 p.m. Con*. BbowfDi '30 Seconds Over Tokyo" •with Sppnccr Tracy Also .Short Subjects I'ttO Picture 'Stage Coach Riders' with Shorts Sa(urtl»y Owl Show "Return of the Vampire" with Be hi I.ugosl and Frclda Incscort ALso Shorts CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Costi So Little" WEEKDAY* Boi Office Opens «:« p.m. Bhvw eUrt* T:N P.M. Friday and Saturday "Cheyenne Wildcat" with Will! Hill lillioll as Ucil Ilyilcr Spriiil: "Black Arrow" Chapter X Also Curloon SATURDAY OWL SHOW Start-. 11:00 p.m. "I Love a Band Leader" with Vltil Harris. Leslie llrooks :uul Korhcsler Serial: "Monster and the AIMS" Chapter !) Also Shnrts ACI0fTY? Ii Your Trouble Mountain Vnllcy Is nntuinlly anil-acid—helpful in tirle nc!d condlllonsuml In hyperacidity ol ttic stom- "eh. This famous henllh wntor from Hot Springs " Ark., has been recommended for more than 50 years —lor Ihcsc acid conditions and for Kidney and Bladder disorders. It's worth a trlall Cull or Write for Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division ,, . .Blyilievllle, Ark. ' , ,' - i •' ',."•. '• ' ' • - . .For Sale i ' • | t ' -' .' I ' i l At all times I keei) oiv Imtid sfvoral tnittors and c<|uinnioiit, ineluiiiiiR new und used. I |,, 1V c John Dccvc, riirmall und other ninkoH. Also linvc for sale ut nil limes 70 to 80 head of mules). Terms nm l>c nri-an K ed. 1 will (ratio for almost anything you Imve. see F. C. CROWE 1 Mile South Braggadocio, Mo. DON EDWARDS •The Typewriter Man"ROYAL, BMITH, CORONA >nd RKMINCTON PORTABM! UO N. SECOND 8T. pHQNE *r»nsactlon MD8T BK BATISPAOTORT) Dr. Milton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville J. LOUIS CHERRY • 1 --' l ''' r ' ' '.••'~'- •..-'.-...-.-.f ,.„ • - p ,,, Lockers for Rent—Meat Curing- Groceries — Meats — Vegetables- Wilson Pasteurized Milk— Birdseyo Frozen Products We Deliver .'-' Telephone 2602 Milin , a 2 l st Slrccl KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 ;;H'he Old Reliable G. O. POETZ — Source .r PETROLEUM „„ Serrtee PRODUCTS RR »t "h, BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 CALL 2611... STOP AT 2611 Don't Hesitate to Ask for Free Service v . Listen — We can wash your c;ir in 30 rninulcs. Wo use Genuine Alemife Grease lo lubriciitc' your car. Yes, we have the tires — Dayton — Hood — Goodyear. We also have New Haltcrics, Standard ESSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Phone 2611 Second and Ash Sti

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