Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 21, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated Hats, Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles.— LEAGUE FORMED w->1 ' '..'t , ' "' Season Will Openutiere July 26 With Kokomo. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. NOW FOR GOOD SPORT Seven Cities Represented, Six are Taken in. DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes solid leather, Ince or congress. 98 Cents Buye Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoes, batton or luce. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat- tent leather tips, 73 Cents Buys} Ladies' Low Calf Skin Shoes just the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Buys.ladies Serge Slippers, solid comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. .19 Cents Buys Baby Shoe?, patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE POPULISTS Will fleet at St. Louis on Wednesday. May Not Indorse Bryan Sewell. What Chairman Taubeneck Has to Say. THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $25O,OOO. A. J. MurdooK. Pre». W. W. Rom, Ca-ih. J. F. Brookmeyer, Ant. Cash. DIRECTORS: JL a. Bice, A. J. iloiflwit, W. H. Brlnghnwt, Dennu Uhl. w. T. Banking In aK Its Departments prumptly «nd carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholders •ought for. Strong Reierv* Fund maintained. , Business Change. .Tames Be«hoof ha.< purchased the Telton meat market. He now occupies the now room just erected to the west of tJie old stamd, and it is lus Intention to run a ilrst-clncis sh&p amd handle ,n full line of fresh and salt meats. DAILY JOURNAL, TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1SOO. A sou' of Mr, and Mrs. C. .T. Morris Miss Pearl Reeder 1st isick at the home oC Mrs. A. Gallion on the NortLuside. Lee Tatman, fca-mc.rly with the King D.nl'll company, has .taken a place with the City Electric lipht plant. Father Ryan of St. VI liter's college, Kankakee, 111., fe. now in charge ot St. Vincent de Paul's church In the absence of rhe Very Rrr. M. E. Campion. Last call an shirt waists and its the loudest of the season. Its good bye protit. Your choice of. all iu the house only $1.48. Nothing reserved.— Trade Pala.se-. A" warrant was Js^uort ror the man w.ho was supiTOKi'd 'to have fired the load of straw that was burned the other day ou Third sta-eet, but the man wanted disappeared before the papers could lie served. • ; Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •OR; CREAM BAKING POWDIR MOST PERFECT MADE. I ••« Grape Cream of TarLir Powder. Fret I r "Ammonia; Alum'or «riy other adulterant 40 Ye»r$ the StandanJ, While the I'opullS'ts do not ]io!] many vines iiii. Cass county Hie adoption of iJK'ir ipriiicipliw by the Democrat* dud 'flii: possi.hill.ty of a fusion 1ms made their action at St. Louis of. nmro than usual interest. The Journal will receive hulle-tUus from botJi that convention and the silver convention to bu hold thesiimo day. Imliie~.itIons arc that ['here will be exciting t-i-nos, A ve.ry coiisiilorable umn- lier of I lie delegates are o|>posi.'d to giving -their votes to the Democrats just because that party has stolen, the party principles. Another class favor Bryan buif oppose Sew.'t'll. Some want Bryan indorsed and others want him luimin- a-.ted so ihat ht- would be compelled to make a speech of acceptance and thus be the Populist candidate. A dispatch from St. Louis says: •'Chairman Taubeneck ol 1 the People's party national coiinniMec 1 , who h/is had nothing to say,for publication since t.be Chicago convention, has at last broken life silence and sulvniiitted to an interview. • ,,.-..-,.<. ;. "Are yon i.n favor of the Popnlist-s indorsing tlio Democratic ticket noinlii- ated at ChiwigoV" he was asked. "Xo; timlcr no consideration will I vote to indorse Bryan and Sewall at fho Populist convention 10 be held in this cl.ty .Tuly 22. That, would mean the suiTOmloi' .'i.tui de*t,riietioii. of DIQ People's party organisation." "I-Iavo you any J<lea what the 1'opu- lists will do toward connblning all the elements o-)]K>scd to the gold standard in the coming campaign.?" "I believe that the.People's party convention wUl favor the idea of nominating candixlaitos for President nnd Vice President and-then combining .the votes of tJie tm-o pa.ritlas on one set of electors. This can be done wiitliout the sacrifice of principles or our organisation, and will also unite the elements opposed t<v the gold standard." "Do you believe that If the People'.* party national convention should indorse Mr. Bryan tn . ; >t the entire vote of that party-would go to Bryan M the. polls nest,November?" "No; if the People's party national convention should indorse Mr. Bryan and Mr. ScwaJl the leaders could not deliver more Mum Cfi per cent, of the Populists, vote throughout the United Stales. The mc-mbei-s of. the People's party possess a stTOhglndividuality-and wJU not follow flwlr lenders If they attempt to lead them against their will.' Tine stay-at-home vote hi-the People's party would be large enough to detoart. Mr. Bryan i-n many of tlie West em States." The Indiana State 'League of bail c In Its is an assured fact. An organlz.i" tiou was made last nlg'ht at a meeting held In the parlors of'the'Murdock hotel, at which representatives were present, .from I-tuKliviilc, Conm't-sviile, Auder*ou, Elwood. Kokomo and"Logansporl. S. B. Knox ot Kwkomo .was.selected to preside and F.'K," Geoi-gu of The JouriKil was chosen"secret:iry of tlte^ inee; l-iig. • •' '' • At file very oulsct,.j|;.W!';ingle arose over the ;xlinl,-sion o£,ltQ.cJ;vil)e. F. W. Lindeina.il. one of tlm direcwr* of the Rockville club, was prescnLjo urge the claims of that town 10 membership. He presented a-statement showing the receipts at the games played <»u tlie Rock- and vi '-'° grounds, aind made a strong talk in favor o,f recognition, -for his town. I.ogiinsport. favored the- admission of the Kockvllles. but tlm other live clubs were opposed, urging a.s a.strong objection that the expeinse oj' getting to thu tmrn is too great. Rock-vill.e offers to guajvuitee *•'•'»"> to $."0 to yishing chilis, but El wood, Kokomo,. Ensh.vilK:' and Gonnersville could not see where they could pull even at that, so-HockvHle wa.? thrown down. . . Than the question .of ,how. to divide the receipts from -g;ilives'played wn.s brought: up. The towns""' which play Sunday ba.ll proposed'that, each club guarantee the exrjenses'oi: rUltlng cltiibs, nnd tin- home club take all the receipts. •Hie town* which do. iuir-play-Sunday games objected to this, as they wanted die advantage which accrue.* from the big attendance OIL Sunday games, The difference seemed in a -fair way to end .the meeting then and there, as it looked as If-it would he. ini-possilile to get the representatives logcr.her o.'i n sharing propasltu'rai which would.,-.sill t all. It wa« linaily agreed, on-mo-lion of M. A. Uya-n of Logausport. that t:he home clubs guarantee visiting clubs ?35 for each game, or 1C the gate receipts exceed $70, the visiting.club to have the privilege of no per cent, of flip gross receipts. As this was the first step, and a test of wha.r. the clubs would do. when it. ca.me to organization, the eirct'on of per- •in.-i.nent otlicei-s of the league c;une novl ta order. Donald L. Smith of Rusb- vi.lle wars chosen unanimously as president, aind !•'. K. George of The .Toiinial as (secretary amd trc'.surpr. An executive com.it.tee-. to be composed of a representative of each club In file league; together with tin; president ami secretary ns ex-ofliclo members, was ordered' the clubs to name such representative and report to the secretary 'at 'once. There was also Included" in this the adoption of the National League rules' to govern all -na.fter's pertaining to the State League. • ; ' ' ' The league season'will 1 beghi'Sunday. July 2(!. A schedule- f61' the following week's play was :idoptPd"a'ss follows: • STINDAY ANT> V MONDAY. .TTTTA'' •'•' 2(i-2r:--- ; ' : " : - ! •''' • Knkom-o at Logansporl. ConnersvUli; at A.n'dersoii. Rnt-hville at Elwood."'. 1 --' 1 " ' ' TT:ESDAY AND WBDNESDAY JULY 28-20."'' 'Logans-tort tit. KoTsotno. 1 : Anderson at Canner^vlllP. " : Elwood at. Rushville. •'•'•"• '•' THURSDAY AND'FRIDAY. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be iip to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing a brlgJit oaie from start to linish, barring a bunch of errors the visitors piled up iu the sixth inning, by which the liomi,' It'"" 1 was allowed two scores. The Kiiiue.started out wiih a snap and vim ;1:hat made It certain that the game .would be snappy, and the promise was fulfilled. The groiuids were injbad con- ditiio.ii'. t-'ie heavy rain of Sunday liaylug left the diamond slippery and hard to piny on. In spite of this. the. game was we.ll wortl'i seeing ajul tluvugh therj wars a small' attendance, the rooters .were enthusiastic. Following is tlio siore by innigs: Lbg':i'n.spO!'t 000002101—1 .Coivne.rsville .... .0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0—2 , Hits—Loga'usport :>, Connersvillc r>; errors—Logowport 2, Connersville 7; liji.se on balls—off Lyen 2, off Gates 3; sTJriK-k out—by Lyen (i, by Gates -4: two- 'base liils—Statts, O'Conncl; home run— WHAT OF TODAY? Will Rev. Scott go Back to Iowa Peaceably? Fears are Entertained of an Attempt at Self-Destruction. •He'll be Delivered Unless God Almighty Interferes." Fjord; passed balls—Mcluorny 2; hit by pitched ball-liyen 1, Gate* i; lime of .1:40. Umpire Johnston. ' , THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. ' h'liere was bin 'Olio ga.me played in tlio' Natio'ria'l leagueyesterday. Boston VMS bea.toh '.IT Clue-ago by tlio score of 3 'to 30. Kollowiug is the score of Sunday's ganicX •'-'" '' '' Baltimore W.'Cincinnati (>. ' Cleveland 7. J.tnifevllle 0. (Fim punc.) Cleveland-^'.- ''LoufeviHo 3. (Second game.) ""• '••''"' • Chicago .4, • .Washington 3. (First game.) . •• :r. ' ; • Chicago r»: Wns-hjagto.il 2. (Second game.) - '.'••••: ••'• Rt. Louis li. BrooMy.il t>. STANDING,OF: THE CLUBS. • Clubs : '•" '• ". Won Lost Per Ct. was ar- VISITING WHEELMEN. At the Riverside Cycle club Sunday there wore/nine visitors from D.'iiivIJlc. III. In the party, which WHS on the way u> Turkey Lake /or n season in camp, were Messrs. HugJi Biggers. Henry Seltzer, Mrn'shall McGwire. Gus Miiner, Stanley Daniels, Sa.m Mum'!!, and Oscar Toots. A CARD. We offer' mi apology to the'many people who coiildnt get waited on at the Golden Knli- yesterday, but today, we w.Ul.have an extra, force oi; fifteen people, to see ..that.-you.-will get sonic, of those'many-bargains'.' : •••.- •-• •• ,' LogiMisport at EhvooiT."'-' 1 " 1 V R ID A Y AND S*TPl*r> A Y. JULY :^i, 'AT-IX?/!.-'"-' RnshvMle at Kokouao.-'-'•' • SATURDAY, 'ATlG. M Logatisport at. Andciwon-.-- •••'•• Klwood at Coniuei-sville,"-' But o«e week's- schclliile- rangcd. It being fcfr to 1 -!? c-oln'mltlce o.f throe, composed of Hie-secretary of the league. Oll.Ii! Huff HIM" o'C'Klwood and ( Ike .Tohnstoni. of Lo-ra'nsport to-complete ''the schedule after Uie .execntivre bont'd luis met and-decided tin 1 , length'of the season to be played. '.'.T,'" : , executive hoard will hold a nice!! n«'cue day 'this week to coniipleie the details of organl-'- xiitJon. This .inee.fmg;wt31: probably lu- huld at Elwood. -'1's-r.hiiris-thi^niost c-on- at Hie venlfl-nt city for all the ,cJnbs. There were, present-at: the..inhering the fol- represt'iitalives -of flip clubtf CIlK-lnnari-'-v:. ...':.--'.r^ 2t! Baltimore •;•...".';:.. .-••.'..'•JO -M Cleveland :.:.;: .••::-.-in 2.' Chlcago .,.:-..::.;;-,., •'.'•>' 3'i Boston ..;:..:.''..I.•-• .;I2 3.1 ritisburg .:/:-.-. :V,'. .,.40 34 Brooklyn .--.r. .:;-,-•-. .33 . 41 riiiladelph'ti A.-.•;.•:..:.!." 41 Washington '•.-.-,,.:.-.-.SI K!) •Ne,w York;..-....... ..:tl 41 Sr. I.onis •..;:.;..:.-. :52 n." Louisville :.-.'.,:. .•••. .37 . •"> •:r>oc .rii',0 .541 .-Hit .41 !1 .443 .431 .2Sfl .230 . ADDITIONAL LOCAL. There was a .slight misunderstanding yesterday at the Island .View hotel, between tlie clerk and n wheelman from 'DnnvHle. 111., the - Iroublc was'soon stopped. . • .. ' Bee.iuse others[jiave mJs]e.d yon is no TCSISOH tlmt we will. We nnve'-'eVefy article''hs'a'dyertjgetl in oiir clrc'vilnr, —The Bee HiVe. . . '—Will M., SpiirleM. • ; Cpnnersrille—Lon Coiuicr. Anderson—Le'Roy.JETagJrelt. . , • •• Elwood—0]]ie : H«ff.mtni{. •. • ' .. Kokomo—S. B. Knox. -.;.• r Logansport—M. y\. .Ryfl'ii. A RATTIJN,0;GQOp ; qAJrE. :r - : . . The Ottos Take. tiiie^CpoaecsTlHe luto Camp'in n".Hnrd-Foojtlit Battle, The same yesterdny between the home team and the'Connersvlllee was : ins a bunch of errors the fi.nlcOraD.io.'n Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks In the'^city. •'""'Worn, to MOilnil Mi-s. Kf:iic,<aw I.au- " .< of Clu'ctigo, a son. At (i!-c duck .parasols .that were Jfl.fiO •real. Bee Hive .«alr. •A l glrl to do general house Jn. snirrl! fam.iJy. Inqiiire at the -T.IUIPS ottlce. ........ (,:,-Gness on flip wheel and come and get. "ii. big hargai-u at- the iiphuilding sale .jtil the Bee Hive. ; t\ "Do not fail.-to.jitfend.fin? great rein- [iimit cleari-ig Mile, at tin- Golden Rule. %0ve|jybod-y is. going.. ,. .- • ,. . The maypi". yesterday discharged rthrfie meu who ,h;id..li<'en placed iu jail jfor; Intoxication Suntla.y... -,, The- ball tca.nV9f,.MICh:iers university defeated, the JL-Kiiniiniar grani 1 players Saturday by-a score-of 1.7-1,0.29. '• -Wbiit •you % w)jnt.,when you are ailing 'Is a medicine that Jtsr.Ut. cure yo'n. Try 'Hood's-'SarsaparHlii nnd be convinced W its-merit. IntL-rcstiug developments may b looked for i'ii tlio case of the Rev George E. Scott, 'tlie Sletliodtet. minister who eloped from a wife and pastorate a.t Waterloo, Iowa, July 7, w-it.h Daisy Dorian. - the lifteen-year-okl daophter of a prominent, citizen of !ho same town, and came to Ibis city, where rliey are now under arrest awaiiinpr rln. 1 coming of the Sheriff of the wnflty of which Waterloo j« the county i=o:it, witli the proper requisition pajioi-s for I heir lepal return. The story detailed in tlie colurmis of The .'lourual Snn<iay morning is true in every particular.' In fact, the half of the truth is not yet told. After the reverend irentle.man had had time to collect his scnttr.red thoughts, following tlie sliock of lite arrest and detention tinder priwrd .at. Hio )io!el, lie. decided that iie did not want to £0 back to Iowa at all. spite oif The promwo he had made to Sheriff Ada.m,*, that U' he were allowed to stay ;if the hotel instead of bej.np: locked in a cell at the .-fall, lie would return with the Iowa Sheriff wiihont Hie I'orni.'iMty of a ivouiisitlon. and ile- clared hi.< intention of fiRhtiiiK liis way to lilierty. As soon as Sheriff Adams found that his prisoner was bound to rnnke trouble, he dispatclied a man to Chicago to intercept the fowii officer and haveliim secure the necessary papers before coiiilns here. Pepur.y Trnax canjrht Slicrjff Law ;M. Chicago a.;)d word was telegraphed back to the pros(vntins: attorney at Waterloo to li.-ive the necessary p:vpor,s Issued a-nd forwarded to Sheriff Law at. Indianapolis. Tlu> Iowa Sheriff jiasscd Uiroiish "'.Is oily Sunday afternoon without stop- pinp, and te now at..Indiannpolis wait- JWK the arrival of the papers from low/I. AJS ,^oon a.s tlioy have bee!) properly fonnterAijjiied by Governor Matthews. SlierilT Law will return here and the ball, will open. .Whether or not Scott will.bo able to suwssfnlly resist tfie alrempt to cikr liiin back, tn W;i:cr- Ino 1 remains to bo seen. , The matter' has created a profound sensation in the Iowa town. Scnlt was pastor of the First II. E. church and stood hish in the estimation of his p:ir- ishojiei-s and all citizens of Waterloo. Tli.e frirl.was a memlM?r of Jus oonjjrejfa- tion aucl her pareiats are amonp the most, respected people o,f that city. That the elopement was the cnlmrjiatiou of a well-laid plan is shown by the following special whJeli npearod !n a Ohicaffo paper last. Saturday morning: "P. S, Dorian, father of Daisy Dor- '•ItMi. who is supjKised to have eloped: wJi.li the Rev. G. E. Scott last week, received rhis evening the following letter which ca.n almost to a certainty be traced to Scott himself. Tlie girl was-. never at Marenjro a.ud has -no acquaint-. ajioes there: r •MarciiRO. July 15.— Mr. Dorian- Dear Sir: Pardon the liberty I take writing to you. 1 had the pleasure of .meeting your daughter and liked her very much. Was rending in tlie paper about, her. Am sorry, and will say, of course, she wii) be home again. I want. I would bo happy with Daisy, and 1 am a widower, have a farm of forty acres, a good Lome, and truly believe I 'would, beli appy with Daisy, a DO I flunk the li<?.«f thing to save the gir) now is to have her marry and settle down. I will not write any more until "1 girt an answer. No-vv she will settle down and make some good man a good wife. Please answer and oWige. •ORRKX BAILEY, •Marongo, MeHenry Co.' "This is looked npou a.s one of Scott's deceptive move.* to make more secure Scott is clwiiJig under the. .eo.nstant e.spianago to which lie is subjected, and the fear is growing in the thoughts of the offioei-s who have him in cliarge that he will become desperate when it is cor- tit in that he wiJJ be compelled to return and face his shame in his T.ormer home % and will make a>u attempt to end his life. The gfrl i.s also despondent .wd tho watch over the couple was doubled last night. The preacher Is in. one room and across the hall the girl is kept, while the doors of both roams arc left open that the officers riiay: have a ,*ight of the prisoners a! all ti.m< l s and j-iro- any attempt at self-destruction. The couple were taki-u for n w;i!k yes-. lerday evrjiiup. Deputy Rwd Shi'.wmonj following about a dozen paces in Hieil> rear. Everyone they met on the street scorned to know them, and turned to. gax.e. They .were evidently conscious r.f the notice iJicy a ( tracted and did not prolong their walk, but sought the t>y- utroets and retvinu'd to the hotel -within a few minutes. Since their arrest, they have not oared to face the stares of the curious at the B:iraett. and are ta.ki.ng their meals at Roda.baugh's restaurant. S.h.erirr Adams receiviNl the following message yesterday afternoon froix the prosecuting attorney at Waterloo: "Waterloo. Iowa. July 2A, 'T. A. Ada.ms. Sheriff: "The requisiliou papers nre on tlm road from DCS Moines this a. m. XJsr> evc'iij-- effort to hold him. If released, follow. "G. W, DAWSOX. i? "County Attorney.'* To iliis message iho Sheriff sent ;hw I'ollou-i.'ig cliMi/actei-istic reply: '. "Loganxport. .Tuly 20. ••n... W.' P.", vs-.sc 1 ;).. Waterloo:. "G. K. Scott will be delivered to your Sheriff -vflthoti! God Almighty inter^ feres. "I. A. A Only the sufferer knows the misery ot dyspepsia, but Hood's Sarsaparllla cures the most stubborn cases of this disease. , .

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