The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1947
Page 3
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_ FRIDAY, aiAncn \A. 19.17 Arkansan Host To GOP Leaders Southerners Seelt Voice in National Affairs of Party HCT EFRING-S. Ark., March 11. '"r)— Southern Republican leaders met Iiefe today in a session ixpc;tcd to result in n:iitlonln» Uio national GCP convention to nominate a Southerner for vicc-uresi- dei-.i. Slant OOP Chftinnnn Oirb Cotl) ol Little Dock said Yesterday lilai I lie c'clcjjntcs would meet (it- Ins home on Like Hamilton, and that the discussions would likely continue through the weekend. "L-aders of bolh Republican and Democratic parties hnvo put. Ihe South in Hie 'dead k'tter file," lie dcclarde, and addc that "we Hc- li-jUrnns intend to do something about it at this conference." CrMi stated that one of the primary cbj-ctives was the exploration of ways and means to secure greater br.reninlng power with Ihe national Republican leaders He hinli'd' unit freight rates, us they affect the South, might also be a major topic. "Our parly in the South is flrnnger today than ever before It is time for leaders of the Republican party to recognize Ihe South as an irrpartnnt factor ol the jwrty," he concluded. George C. Hopkins of Dallas. T(>x: chairman of the Texas GOP State Committee. wa s one of the early arrivals for the conferences. He said flint the present trend in Texas is "definitely toward the Republican column." Hiya, Mac! Negro Injured in Accident on Barfield Road Press Johnson, Negro, is in tlw Blytheville Hospital suffering from n compound fracture of the rls-lit leg received when he was struck liy a car driven by M. P. Peimingtnn of Arinorel. The accident occur-ed about 300 feet east of the city li:nits on the Barfield road. According to Mr. Pennington the Negro ran across the road in ftoiu of his car causing liim to hit the Nccjro before he could bring his ear to a stop. Deputy Sheriff Holland Aik.-n who investigated the accident, :,uid '-hat the accident was apparently i-navoilable and no arrests iver'e made. COURIBK NKWB s Deliver Play Equipment To Negro School Pliiyfrouiid equipment eonslsliii'.; Of swings. Slides mill set'SIHVS WHS piesenled lo 111<> IhitTison school b\ the Junior Clwmuer of Commerc > .vestcrdii}'. The equipment wns ordered lor Die school over u> yenr nfio bill Aw' lo wurlime shorlnges niul eiirUII- j menl wns reeeived only iTconliy. Lumber Concern Boosts Pay of AFL Carpenters POHUYCK, Atk.. Mmch 14. (Ul>) — Fordyce Lumber Co. em- pByes todiiy were n.ssured of n gen- fa} six-cent hourly WBRO boosl etronctlve lo Feb. 1, nn mjrccmetit lemovliiB n slrlko (Incut. Company olflciuls nisrced lo the i.'l.V yeslerday, uflor conferences with lepie.sentiitiiT.s of I lie Carpenters nnd Joiners Union. AFL, Local 'Mil. Tim union hud sflieihded n stiik(- for npxt .Monday. Union lepresomutive n( tl lc . cou- IcVehce w n s C. p. Memtehnll. while R«>y 1-. Hiirton spoke [or the lumber firm. eiH'umune liulnslrlui development of »ie .Mute. Olliers, Midi us u »«. (i ix w'deh iul K ln IHiKlvr fmliislrlul ex- inmslon, fulled In puss. Hospital Funds Inornised '•mills totullni: $<l,5(m.OOO were ni<- I'ropiiuled u, r (he bleiinlnin far 'M'enuion of I hi; Stilie IlosplliU fcr r*eLV 0 i| s Diseases. n n[ | $2,000.000 was ;'l'l>i<>l>rl,>ied for new con.slrueUmi'. nic li'BhlutiLie niso provided llb- I'lally lor welfare paymcnls and tor lUe selino s for the deaf nnd blind. l-CRisat on wns passed to p,rmU C ° ""!' lld| " >U ' '» ">«• lira f , «• .- UKMJOO federal hospital construction jH'ORniiH. nnd ii division of hospl- ids wns set ii]> in nu> Slnll , ,, „, "epiutmenl. Similar ICBlslutlon svii.i pusscd lo piewrvci for the stule tho rcmil.i. lion of Insurance companies. 'He leeUliititre provided for edit- I'Klloiml ncodti. for a uovcvnorV mansion, more piibllcily njid tm the ' ' '''* '' Vllll °" ° r v n "~" 11 _jV"Mmil bill hoi least, Ihc | nw MeinorM! l by i],o milkers unproved almost to Ihi! l.'l' ily. . Bovcmor'K pronrmu PAGE THREK iovcmorVf promiiiu .iJ Lan'y'elo'icdHi,. n»,,n,*i *•• I'i'nenied the 'members''on I'hel' lV fecal pulley 01 llie hly.yiiSav „, ai ?,nS ,r S5 T' w . ld <»Pread ft"" »>*ral" legislate was u nlnc-nnlnt -,i,J V,f..,.,.'?"."/"'Wttmlsllc note, and, predicted, a bflBfit-;fiiinV» ,::. ii W(ls n nine-point Mm' which Included four tax Inerensen, a revision of Ihe revenue stnblll/.i-' I ton ncl. iuul eventual abollllon i.l Ihe sliilo properly lax. The rid vd- DIVIII dix Hem WIIK b'tiilled ill !,.«« _ noe i?l>(':ikltiK lo bolh houses, ho cjiu "For Work Done Right"' GALL 474-47§. Cold Storage for furs and Woolens CLEANERS The two Macs—General of the Armies Douglas MaeArlhnr US™™"?" 0 , 1 ; I 'S.V'-,- V - McNu «-'»v-e " 1-nPP m±, ' M ?, y Pliilipumcs arrives at Ihineda air base M <-'lNutt is reportedly en loitte lioine to resign his post right, ;is Ihe Tokyo. British Urged by Churchman To Ease Stem Jewish Policy •ATLANTA, Ga., March 14 (UP) —Dr. Philip Weltner, president ot Oglcthorpe University posed 1 (his question today:- i I | "If we ease the burden on Great i "main hi Turkey and Greece, ivill she 'become more repressive in her attitude towards Jewish aspirations in Palestine?" | Dr. Weltner is chairman of the 'Atlanta Christian Palestine Committee which conducted a seminar on the Palestinian problem. ( "It is no! out of order lo call attention to the fa:t that her car- risons in Palestine are many times the number of soldiers she Dies-; ently maintains in Greece," Welt- ncr said of Great Britain.' [ "We are and oti<>ht 16 bs con- cern'ed that help 'to; Greer'e and Turkey will not result witfi further , frustration to holulcos thousands of hnnielcss Jews in Enrone. whose r .ve.' Iprk with longing to Palestine n f their last and onlv ho:'e." Weltner described Mr. Triimnn'S "t-'f.ement as "most portenuoxisever delivered in our time." "/»•= a nerole it brines us to another crossroad in our historv." he s^id. "It may be too earlv 'lo -vf-i-ss nnythinsT like a conclusive Judgment of our President's ])ro- poKnl. f-nt this murb should be H<?!.r: Greece is the threshhold and Turkey is acUiallv a narl of the: N»ar East, of which'-Palestine is the heart. '•We will be unable to maintain democracy at home unless we arc prepared to encourage democracy throughout the world, it should be a" or nothing rum if it is IloL al , it wi i b: nothing, u SCC1 ,, S to me flint this i s the issue. In u,, s hour of Britain's travail it hardly seems 'oncoming to throw stone's We Americans, on the contrary' have shown every disposition to help •put cur helo should be given on terms consistent whh our purpose to aid democracy everywhere "America time after tnne has inr.nifeslcd ll s tleep concern for the ri'-lit of jrws to csln'ilish them- s°1ves in the land of their fathers W» iisscnatcd ourselves with Great P.nlair. in nnprnvlmr her mandate, the fnrdint.1 obligation of which was that she encomnae immiara- l'-"n of Jews into Pilestinn Rit"fully she has turned her back on this promise." . . Officers Slay Negro r>TNE BI.UFP, 'Ark.', March 14 iU.P.>—A 28-year-ol(l Neiiro Albert, .lackson, was shot, r.nd killed liv officers here yesterday when he P I templed to escape. Jack-ion Iiad' l;ren arrested on n robbery eharae. A coroner's verdict held that the Negro was killed by officers act- inn line fir duty. , Jacks,-,., had served five previous terms in the "tale Penitentiary ami in the Negro Boys' Industrial school LEGISLATURE Ahmed Da wood Pandorc, from India, alights from a plane in Chicago, garbed in pnjama-likc cotton suit—a little chilly for mid-winter in Ihe Windy City. Jle is one of 35 Indian merchants en route to Trinidad lo set up business. STATE-WIDE BROADCAST High School Championship BASKETBALL A & B— BOYS' FINALISTS SAT. MAR. 15p; 8 P.M. Direct from Robinson Auditorium Little Rock Uitcn over the Following Slotioni: Comdtn KAMO El Dorado KEID Faycllcville KGRH Fo.l SmMh KFPW HorrTion Helena. Hoi Springs Hoi Springs Joneiboro KHOZ ...KFFA ...KIIIS .. KWFC ...KBIM .. KIRA .KXIR . KDRS • .. KOTN No. lillte Rock Paragould Pine Bluff Tcxarkana KTFS Sp^ by MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CO 1450 kc. 1-IOOkc. USOkc. UOOVc. 1240kc. 1490kc. 1090 kc. 1340 kc. 1230 Ice. 1010 Ic. 1450 tic. 1490 lie. 1490 Vt. 1400 kc. A HST EMERY TIME! LAKE FRESH CRAPPfE fried a golden brown and served sizzling hot! Try It Tonight! For real satisfaction and ealiiv g enjoyment, there's nothing u, nl , , n can op our Tried Cr.ppie. ,-:ven the ,no s t .skeptical beco , e r: m , rad ... aU , Cr thCyVe '— ' ™ so'-™ fned (re.t W ,fn our special sauce! OUR PRIVATE DINING ROOM OPEN FOR RESERVATIONS CLUBS • PRIVATE PARTIES I'lione Sleolir 17K22 DBXIELAN CAFE HiKhway ni North at Holland, Mo. Cimtlmied fniin 1- inalrd revenues. No l(mj;-ran!;o )>li!liu'u.v plans were jm>|ius<>d. The second was avlnllon. No leg- Islalion was proptjsuo and none acted upon. The third was revision of lliu state's election laws. Four far- veachinn bills were introduced out none received the approval of buili llic House and Senate. On the other points In his address, the governor was siiujiilarl" corrccl. More lhan $435.000 was appropriated lo develop state parks. Many small bills were passed lo Shipment of Bassinettes Just in $5.95 THE TOT SHOP 105 S. 2mt. Phone a;i08 f(. ESH so TK[Y . R j £Lc4&w WHEN rau BUY THEM liciter Aid to H on si-k Reni Our New FLOOR POL/SHFR Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phone 4445 Just 5 - 4.98 DRESSES . Just 16 - ;8.30 DRESSES Just 20 10.98 DRESSES Just 10 - 12.98 DRESSES Just 10 -15.98 DRESSES $ $ t $i Your hdme-so SoyeSy, so liveable \Vc liimw you wstnl your liomo t,,,!,« a.1ivi'n ( r IriUulo lo youi' Ro.jd tHstc! or lu-may-llua's why woV.. |)r«ni(l to | )i; nl.b to'olTcr ' Ihis luxiiriniiH, nMKl,.rn-s!yl<,l su.ji,. vv it|i rich" laposh-y covering iiiul' flinty ..n.MHlradion IVulur.-H. An iimwiml I»u- K nin til the iii.m/.in K lv low price ol' Blue, Wine or Rust S97 95 <>}>' i «/ j "your Store of Softer Buys" 113 Eos* Main Phone 2302 FLY KITES AWAY FROM ELECTRIC WiHES DO USE DRY COTTON STRING DON'T CLIMB POLES TO RECOVER KITES DON'T USE METAL'or WIRE OH KITES > ffilS? 10 **'., This Mcssaye Published as a Public Service ft// "A Cilizen In Every Caniniunily We Serve"

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