The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BL' ,LE (AHX.) COCTWBR THURSDAY, JAIfTTAKT 8, J\lew& Jane Shelton, Society Editor Phone 4461 Mrs. Settlemire Leads Discussion Mrs. Mavis Seitlemlro was lender of a discussion of ''Human Origin" yesterday morning at tlie bl-monlh- ]y meeting of the Deltonlan Chapter of the Delphian Society. Meeting at- Hotel Noble, Mrs. Winford Wyatt opened llic program with the topic "The Dawn of Human History," followed by the subject "Afro-Asiatic Ape Men," by Mrs. Nel Gesell. Mrs. Jesse Horner discussed " A Few Scattered Clues" and Mrs. TI. Seay spoke on "Cro-Mai;ncm and His Successors." Mrs. Dlclc Watson closed the discussion with the. topic, "Physical Characteristics." Manila School Names Candidate Candidates for homecoming queen of Manila High School Tuesday were named and crowning ceremonies planned for Jan. 8, Tnelda Upton was chosen by the freshman ctass; Truclonc Carey w;i.s selected by the sophomore; Imajcan Evans was chosen by the junior class and Barbara Donncr was named by the senior cl,i5$. Basketball Captain Jnmes Bollard will proclaim the 3052 queen ut tho homecoming game" to be played with Dell. The classes nre planning various money raising projects for the contest. Mrs. Jack Webb Leads Scores Mrs. Jack Webb tcoK high score honors last ntght In the .weekly bridge game of the CIS Cln!) lor which Mrs. Lewis Henderson was hostess at her home on West Chickasawba. A salnd course was served, In the game, second high honor went to Miss Luella Barnes and bridge to Miss Betty Black. Togs For Tiny Toddlers ^ CRACIE TO WED-aracie Fields, filmed British music hall star well known to millions ot Ameiic.ins, announced she will msny Htfinnnfan architect Abra- Juiiri Bfiris Altorcvk'h on the Isle of Capri IfUc in January. Tho 5 l-year-old comedienne is the widow of the late Monty llanks, movie director. Some Female Shadows Wi// Hover Over Coming 1952 Events ]arden Group Meets at Club • The jiocm. "Our New Hori/on" by . J. Me tea If, wfis read ijy Mrs, 8010.1 D. Gates yesterday to open tie meeting of tlie Garden Depart* Tieut of the Woman 1 /; Chtb nt the Into on Wojsl Main, Numerous fltnver arrangements mcl been placed about the club hi onncction with the program, whicli vas led by Mrs. \V. S. Johnston. Mrs. Leo Stiles assisted Mrs. Johnton and \vi\jj awarded the club's raveling vase for her arrangement >f dried flowers. Calce and coffee were later served jy; Mrs. J. C. VVrsHors. Mr5. J. M. Gray, Mrs. Charles Hrogdon, ,lr.s. J, C. Droke, Mrs. Eddie Snllbn. Mrs.G.G.Coudill intertains Club Mrs. G, G. Cnudill yesterday cn- ;ertainnd at her West Will nut Street homo with a dessert bridge Honoring members of the Town ind Counl-vy Club nnd three guests T Mrs, John McHeney, Mrs- V; G Holland nnd Jvlr.s. A. G. Hall were the group's guests. Cnnmtiojis -set In holly cenlerec tho dining table. In. the hrUtg< ie, Mrs. A. B, Rce^e won high score nnd Mrs, CaudtU, second high Bits of News tflo&tly f^ersonal =^—^^^^^^^^^^ ' ^^_^^ Condition of Charley Marshall, who has been 111 at his home for several days, Is reported as slightly Improved. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. C, Bush and son, Condon, returned yesterday from a two weeks tour In Texas. Mexico New Orleans nnd other points of Interest. They' were accompanied by their son and brother. Allen, v,'ho Irft the group in Memphis yesterday ami returned by plane to the University of Tennessee, KnoxvlUc where he is a student. Charles A. Halle. U. S. Navy, has returned to Norfolk, Va., where he is stationed, after spending a fifteen day leave here with his mother, Mrs. Lettle Mae Music, and family. Mrs. C. E. Hllbourn Is now at cr home at Yarbro after having rcn a patient at Memphis Baptist lospltnl for the past week. Her indltion Is reported as fnlr. Mr. nnd Mrs. ,1. D. Wldncr an- mmce the birth of a son ye.slcr- iy nt Memphis Baptist Hospital, c lias been nnmctl Davlrt Michael. They have a daughter, Patricia Ann, ve. A. G. Hhlbicy. Jr., will leave to- lorrow for the University of Colo- iflo, Boulder, after having been ho holiday guest of his parents, 1r. nnd Mrs. A. o. Shlbley. Mrs. Maurice Sanders left ycs- crday for Chlcngo to spend a week s gitest of her sister, Mrs. Jack tltchell nnd family. She was ac- orr.,aniecl to St. Louis by Mr. Sandre, who will remain there on busl- Mr. and Mrs, B. M. licck had as heir guests ye.sterday Mr. and Mrs.; O. P. Murphy of Casper. -Wyo.. and \fr. and Mrs. Prank Dean of Ty- mza. Edwin Wallace, son of Mr. and Mrs. w. B. Wallace, Charles Book- r, son of Mr. ami Mrs. Upton Becker, Grahnm Sndbury, son of "udge and Mrs. Graham Sudbiiry. Dick Reid, son ot Mr. and Mrs. .lax B. Relrt and Billy Edwards. on of Mr. and Mrs. Shields Ed- fards. left yesterday for the Unt- 'p.rsity of Arkansas, where they are students after having been the quests of their parents during tho lollfiay season. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Barnes and Minerva Jo Begun are vacationing for.three months at Daytona Beach, Flu. .• . \ • • - Association Members Hear 'A Key to The Scriptures' Six niembeis of, Calvary Baptls Young Wonu'n's Association me Monday night m Ihc home of Mis Luriwla Cole for the program, "> Key to Ihc Scripture's" in which a members participated. Prnyurs were oiicred by Miss Ber in Fonrlren and Mis:; Venn Norma and the hostess served refresh niehts. By CYNTHIA I.OWRY AP Newsfeaturcs Writer The time has come to start ruining checlcs by writing "51" Instead of "52" on the date lines. It is also, for some reason or other, a time of prophecy nnd forecast. Let the experts and the big brains concern themselves with' Important forecasts on subjects such as war. International agreement or lack of same, of politicking. I propose to confine my looking ahead primarily to trivia. For Instance, I predict that the current vogue for short-clipped hair on women, usually referred to 03 a "poodle cut," will be superceded by a rnge for long hair and psyche knots. I also predict that the nation's hairdressers—for whom the crew-cut, was the answer to the Inroads of the home permanent— won't like this a bit. There will emerge at least 75 new diets,"all of which will be published under a title resembling, "Eat —and Get Thin," and they will be tried out-for short periods by some 50 million women. Hnughly 49 million will temporarily lose two pounds each before abandoning the diet. Cartoonists will continue to drnv, jokes about women's hats and mud packs. Radio and television comedians will continue to mnke the same old quips about mothers-in- law. sour treatment, A few more women will get them selves elected and appointed to important Jobs In Industry, business and government and each will be held'up as an example of the for- wanl strides of womankind. There will be the usual amount of talk about equality of the sexes, and most women will be bored by it. Women who receive paychecks will continue to loathe being referred to as "career women," and the search for a synomym for "housewife" will go on unabated. The marriage rate and the birth rate will go up; everyone will continue to hate war and wish for peace. And the rumbling heard In every home in the land will DC grousing about income taxes. * RUTH MILLETT You Can't Run Away From Household Woes By RUTH MILLETT, NBA Staff Writer By Sue Burnett Such fun to sew, and so complet dainty dress and inirtenvcnr for a tiny miss, and ft romper fo brother that's as simple as pic t- sew. Bach item require/; very little fabric. For this pattern, jcnd 3Cc in COINS, your name, address - i/e desired, and the PATTERN NUM- i BER to Sue Burnett, Courier Kewf 372 W. Quincy Street. Chic-iuo G 111. Pattern No. 8763 is a sew-rite Cooler Residents Give Family Dinner Party Mr. and Mrs. Charlc Pollard en- tort n me rl lit their Cooler home on New Year's Day with with a family dinner party. The 19 gucsLs included residents of Ynrbro and Center. Following dinner the afternoon was spnnt In- formnllv. Mr. and Mrs. James Oxford have s their houseguests their son, Billy Oxford, and Mrs. Oxford, ol Battle Creek, Mich. Roland Oxford of Terrc Haute, Inel., also was a Rucst of his parents and loft yesterday for Little Rock where he entered the Nnvy. He will take his basic training at San Diego. Sgt. nnd Hffs; Rn. Crawford left yesterday for their "lome nt Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Calif., nfter having spent the new year's holidays here \vith Sgt. Crawford's sisters, Mrs. Harold Eubanks and Mr, Eubanks nnd Miss Cjall Crawford and Miss Sandra Crawford. Sgt. Harry C. Fair left yesterday for Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Tex., where he will begin his training In Officers Candidate Schcol after being the Christmas guest of his parents. Mr. and Mrs, Russell C. Fnrr. Dr. anrl Mrs. w. F. Brewer have In spite of the new government rules, women will find some way ol Identifying budget fur coats by some word other than "rabbit," There will be a large number of invidious remarks mnde about mink coats, but the average dame will prefer to take the abuse and a mink coat than to wrap herself iri sable- dyed squirrel. Child-care experts will continue to chnngc their collective mind about rearing children. The endless debate about the evils of comic books and television will rnge on, Children will continue to buy endless quantities of the former and will keep their little noses plastered against the screens of the latter. • Every woman's magazine will carry ab least one article exhorting the "older woman" to find herseX and ft new interest In life with "outside Interests."' The federal 30 ver lament will Issue countless tracts explaining how the older woman is the nation's greatest untapped reservoir of labor and will be needed badly by industry. A large number of new scientific Inventions, among them some miracle drugs, will he written and talked about in glowing terms, but none will be available to the general public. Someone will come up with a new theory about the common cold. There will also be a highly touted new remedy for curing same. Most of us will still suffer through the same old cold course of sneezes, snuffles find coughs. Psychiatry will Blood Will Always Tell, Supreme Court Rules LAUSANNE, SwiUerlnnd. f/P) — The Swiss Supreme Court has ruled thnt a taxi driver must not drink any alcohol while at work—even outside the country. A Zurich taxi driver recently took some customers on an all-day trip to BreEcnz in Austria, where he had a good lunch and a good bottle cf wine. He knew thnt in Switzerland taxi drivers were not allowed! to drink while working. Hut this f | was Austria, he argued, so Swi'Sfi; laws don't apply, j On the v;ay back to Zurich, he' scratched the lender of another car and a blood-test, routine procedure in Switzerland, showed that his hlocd contained 0.1 per cent of alcohol. The Supreme Court turned down his appeal against a five-day Jail sentence on the grounds that he broke the law, not by drinking wine in Austria, but by bringing.U, back to Switzerland in his blood. "There should be no dull, drab days In family living" says an expert on child training in the magazine, "Today's Health." Being only human and often an overworked human at that, it Is too much to expect Mama to make each day in some way festive or a little out of the ordinary. Yet most women coultkdo more than they do to reduce tne number of dull, drab days in their homes. The trouble Is. too many women think that their only answer to dullness and drabness Is to get away from home. "1 couldn't stand the house another minute" a woman will say. Another will admit: "The kids were driving me crazy, fa I. decided to spend the afternoon in town." There Is nothing deplorable about a woman's wanting to escape from home now and then. But a woman is making a mistake if she thinks escape Irom home Is the only answer to the boredom of family life. Escape Doesn't Solve Problem Because her escape doesn't make life more fun for her husband or children. All her escape does Is give her enough change so that she feels equal to the task of enduring the boredom a while longer. The answer, of course, is for the woman of the house to figure ou other ways than running away to overcome dull, drab days at home What she needs and the family needs is not Just escape, but change of pace. The family needs more variec ecrtation. It n«d« me** . trie-moment hospit»li»y. K niwta • project to work on, «om«thtn« that all will enjoy when M It tcoonv- plished. Mama, herself, perhaps need* to take a more relaxed atUtud* toward the day's work. The woman who feels frustrated when thing* aren't Just so and.who does aD her work mentally several times b«for« she does it >ctu*lly, Ls the on« who so often feels she simply ha» to get away from home. Home to her is just a nagging boss. Ceramics Shipment Arrives in New York NEW YORK (AP>—The first ol an extensive shipment of ceramics, . the work of Japanese artiste, is on.'*tj ,; display at the Pottery of All Na. • firms Shop here. The pieces are the work of c«- ramlclsts Hammada and Narul. Their work is said to combine an almost crude technique with sudden precise attention to detail. The character of the clay available in Japan may account for some of the pitted and pebbly texture that oth- , er ceramists find difficult to achieve. Anti-Chinese SentimeiU Runs High in Thailand NEW DELHI, India (AP)—Anti- Chinese sentiment mns high in Thailand's new labor movement, an observer of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions reported after a tour of Southeast Asia. "The racial rivalry which Is very keen in Thailland is strongly reflected In the trade union movement." Govardlian.Mapara said in a report submitted to the I. C. F. T. u. He declared thai some rice mill and dock Ittborercrs among Thailand's three million Chinese population had been organized under the banner of the Communist-controlled Central Labor Union in the early post-war period. "Employees are almost all Chinese. The whole economic life of the nation isju the hands of Chinese. Thai workers are ' paid 1 much less than the Chinese workers on continue lo get the same old sweet-1 Ihe plea that the former are indolent, and inefficient. 4 , . J At perforated pattern in sizes G mos. I. I off missed: C Ulylhrvillr Hospital Dismiss*:d: BcUy AIM'. GrcenvViW. Conter. Walls Hospital 2, 3, 4 ycali. Size 1. c:ve.-:s. 1'.; yards of 39-inch; undies, i"i yarns: romper, '•'„ yard. Alton Ounnivant, Cily. Rend Courier News Classified Ads Coming Events Thursday Duplicate Bridge League plays at! Hotel Noble at 7:30 p.m. i Friday Mrs, Thomas Dorris will enlcr-! tain Stitch and Chatter Club. Eastern Star hns potluck supper meeting ut the Masonic Temple on Davis Street followed by 8 p.m. public Installation of officers. Chapter "N" of PEO has 2 p.m. meeting at the home of Mrs. Charles Crigger, Jr. WMU Executive Board of First Baptist Church has 1 p.m. luncheon meeting with Mrs. H. H. Brooks. Mrs. C. W. Garrigan entertaining j Friday Contract Club'. Saturday Duplicate Bridge League meets at Ustcn to KI.CN at 10:10 a.m. and -1:1)0 p.m. dally for our program announcements Box Office Phone 2752 Office Phone 6088 Box Office Opens at 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 p.m. Continuous Showing Everyday returned from o visit with friends Hotel Noble at 1:30 p.m. and relatives In Smithlanr! and pa- Square dancing at the Country ducacii, Ky.. Club, beginning at S pm. Sgt. James w. Strickland, who is stationed at Fort Dlx, N. J.. vvllh. nn antt-aircraft group Is visiting here with Mrs. Strickland find his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Strickland. Sgt. Strickland will leave tomorrow lor camp and will be accompanied by Mrs. Strickland, who had been visiting here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Lutz. Itlgli Tower Highest earthbound eastern America Is thing In radio tower atop CUngmnrTs peak, in North Carolina. Although the peak Is 20 feet lower than 6681-!oot Moirat Mitchell, the tower overtops the observation platform on Mitchell. Is Starting the New Year ott tight with a We're moving to a new loc.ilion! Everything? must fa'. PRICES SLASHED: ROSES only 29c ELM TREES .... 6 io 8 ft 1.50 BUFORD! HOLLY 2.75 Spreading JUNIPER 2.75 You'll Find Many More Bargains at S. Highway 61 lilythcvillc SALE BEGINS TOMORROW and will continue until we seU nutt TUSSY WIND & WEATHER LOTION Reg. $1.00 50c (Plus Tax) REG. $2.00 — $1.00 PLUS TAX Tussy Wind & Weather HAND CREAM also on sale!" Big S2.00 jar.. .NOW $1.25 (plus lax). Woods Drug Thursday & Friday The Portrayal.,' the Cosf... T/ie Drama of Ihe Yeorl JiRRY WALD and KOREAN KRASNA prtsent JANE WMAN • Tlfg? in //?£; y£'ll Fnramnunl News & Shorts Box Off ice Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Thursday & Friday W , AT LAST ON THi 5C«tN I ^ J ^. - . .. K v v ••' ;' ^ >' " ""BORN" IIOLl IDAY-HOtOEN-Cpf Oil!),. ocitan Pliy byAl&e.-T Wjnr.ticiTer* Pr*fur<aby S. SYIVAN SIMON • Oir«t«l ty GEORGE CUKOJ Sued en ttx Sl«« ruy <n GABOON KANM time n January Darlene © Jean Leslie O Kay Whitney 9 Hope Reed 6 Joan Curtis This collection of BRAND NEW SPUING DRESSES are as fresh and sparkling as the firsl breath of Spring.. .lieautifnl new styled in Uan River Ginghams and Broadcloths. Wonderful colors. These styles and many, many more to select from.., Juniors 9 to 15 Misses 12 to 20 Half Sizes ... 14|to 24i FROM 95 Use Our; Lay-Away • Plan *y%io oi^fr^- 1 ^^ 2OO E. MAIN ST.

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