The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 3
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PAGE WGTIT <AKK.) COURIER KEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I2r 1 time per Hue 2 (iin» PIT llae S tf nit t per line pt-r day .,.., 9c I times per line prr fay 7< 12 (Imtf per line per dajr Ic Month prr lihc Me Toubi fire %TFr£g« words tn the line. Ad orrfeivl tor Ihrpe or *fi llmfi »n<1 Btftppp d bffnre fiplraiion will bf charred lor the number of tlmr* iTir a*i Plans-Estimates Tot new construction remndellny or MIA OR CK 1 LOANS NO OBLIGATION FttOtie 2066 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. Guaranteed pj-^o uininjs~and""r^ pMr. CM1 2071 days, 20i9 nlglils, 4 3fl If . tk* jikore table. AdTfTtlilnR ordrrprt for Irrre ular In- •ertions tnkr fhr one time' lahlc. No rrsponalMUlj will bf liken fur •ftoip Irian one furorrrtt fnsrrlinu nf IDT cl»«iirird ad. All adt are rrttrlctrd to their pn.prr tfitifffralUm si yip anil lyjie. ft»f CotiiLrr NVws reserve* the rlchl In rrtH er rejrcl any ad. Moving & Hauling .ri Van rrtirXn S*l>— DciifiidahlP F.Kpt-rlfne.ftl )ic ]p \\ w flpcMiiun ] 17 V.m Ron.. plionD 8<)2fi. 10 pK Bit Watch and Jewelry Repair imcht« and olork. r ci'»7»^t^'Il"'wo'rk "PAT O'BRYANT Main A Second Apartment ior Rent 5 room nnfurrUshr'1 apt,, olrnlrJr hot . — water—Inth. 415 K. Cherry. Alrx- .1 PIT-.,- .-.^ , }nit atirfrr, Phone 3470. 7 11 ph 15 ! 5' Cnst Irnn tub For Sale, Misc. JliU)l noom Plmtr'rs apl. 19 x 17 C:ist Iron I.ah ' Phone 2 room fnrn furn. Ph. 2. 1 S*>2. In, UtWHr"; 1 10 ]ik 15 I 3 room E. Ash. Ooort Mnmlrml ninhc upright plino rushed .pt. co>; Pl e sniy. i» jTrnro^.^H 1 .,^,, si 0 , 1 ; 1 ,;'';,!;," dpsl rable lor one or two V>'_ A5h St., ph. fifi7S. -1 room fiirtilshrt] apt. P Hot \vati*r furnished. P>> DavJs after 6pm. . 7 7 3 rm. fnrnlshrd apt. Ph. 23M en anrt living room privHestM- Ph ^r t v" 75 p'-: 1 Furn. dilplr* apt . mrxIfTn. r'r-ason able. Couplp. 1504 Upain. Ph. 2500 7 5 pk 1 3 rm. unrurn. npt Newly drrnrr»tpd *Iec. hot water licnier. Ph " 3 room linfurniihed In Phoap 2595. - 621 ck 7-21 tnenl. Close 6,5 ck If i 3 room fur apt Ph 2.SD5 o ai!4 ck \ Mvjflcrn apt.. 3 rooms nnrt hr\th n ly riecoriUra. Sood rurnltnre R»^ pqi ment Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 9;3l" cX "tf • Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedroom? M up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 3 room apt. on ITearn Stjrct rl to Bcftool. Scropnrd li, hack'nnr 5cryices __ E. R. Alley— air condltloulnc refrlc- erBtion service. Ph. 24JB. 102 E MLs- tmitl. niylbevlllc. Ari, ' ' 7;jJ J f Attention Cotton Oln Oy.-ner-;- " Spray nalntlnG— We are cqiilnpcn lo paint your rrlns or anyttilnR ym, have tn be spraypd. ph 2355 or Man'l.-i 52H ^ _ NreO rolir rnrtlo rcp»lrr.d~ Call HeTt- Wa ton-«Jla Dlsnbien veteran repairs """OS "t home. 31H N. 2nd 7 ; 3 pk B 2 COM M E RciAiTp EFmr, E it'.vTi mT~c7r Air romlltlonln,.. rommrrela and household rpfrlfrcratlon service Mntir- Ice Rantters. Mcr. Thona B391 ilav TI7S nlEht. 416 E. Main, « M 'ck if R E F R IG E RATION ~ n 7,'/.""°" Finfl Harr, Brooks Phone UprlRht piano. fl(50. 203fi chli-k 1 7 9 j.k 1 Usrri //-f/lEerator. Ph. 2075 or 1110 7.R ilk 1 Save Money fl'hcn Vou l^uy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 1-1 c* tf TYPEWRITERS' DON EDWARDS ,»w w£°, h Plenty of Parking Space I larse Cusliniati Rrnotrr ' I srnnll Donillp BII R Bcdnler 1 Wlil77pr motor bike Used jioivcr nnrt liaiirt mowers Alpo ]>n\v(-r mowers for rein WESTBHOOK MACHINE SHOP 7|7 ck 21 Rnhblls, dlrXKiMl fVvcr^ rrnrl Y tn fCK,k__ri,rm^ 2M o. Riwhlii" «:iJ pk 7.J" Grocery. slock. TToorniT"? ots. Sclllni- on ncrount of hurt hr-nl'th l« So. ZUl, Blythcirlllc. Ark. Boston scren-tnll puppies. 5 n N sVli 7J7 ilk H Tin mill biirvlnr |irrHir snfr.v All H7r7 • Id" 0 '?' 3 ' pr ' < '"- V ""' t °" m '- I'rflprlit PISHEHMAN'S UllKAM 1-12 ti.p. motor. 1 Irnllrr Btid l>ont •Hh Mtras. Cull fiOJI) or S9iB. 7,7 ()Pi H Home Of Good Used Cars! HMD KOKI) .... |io.|5 mo KOHI) S 795 WD',* 111, ...... . . T I -^ Ij bl.irk ii-Ton Pirkup Dint's like In h.ivf ynu iJrlve (his hnnrUnmr mnroon Tils- lorn Cluh Coupe. with radio A hrnlcr. Idly CMKV .... $||)95 Tlih laic rnoilrl Mark C'nujie is n line buy. C'otnp In MIR Fn«f I'lnrr ; ,( MQ ('hlcka- sawba In Rlyilicvillc. A nice marnnii Tutlnr tllal's riilur-prlnvi! llnlli radio ami lieatrr. (Jet Hie riflil Ir.-ule al Phillips: 1!M« FOR!) $(;i)r, Annthrr Tmlor Snlaii rrjui|,- |>fd with Imlh radio and IT. Take a [Irmonslrallrin drive tn Oils car tomorrow! always (jp| jour money's H 'orlh al rhliliis. 1»Hi Slude ...... 5B.15 llpro's a i,.;-Ton SlurlchahPr !'K'!:ilp for jlisl SI1I5: Sp e It— rlrive II—you'll W!lnl (o hll II—loilay! MM7 FORf) $505 Vou'll eel a lot of drill-mi- alile s-rvicr- from Mils U-Ton I'icku,, Trurk. Crime lo 3liO Bro.KlH-rt.j- in Rlytricvlllc. 1!M« CHKV $ s i)5 Aiiollirr pli-l<u|i you'll want lo si'f at I'lillllpu |<s |h|s '40 model Chevrolet <(,-Ton Job. .Vow priced at only $535. 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Self-Propel led Combine Owners: l.ct us show you the reason why a MAYRATH LOADER Will Pay For Itself! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlydieville, Arkansas — I'hon* 2371 For Sale, Real Estate 3-bedi-oom homo on lloll.\ SLreel, with scrvnnt's house MIA constructed Price Sn 500. ' " Also have GI house for ?S,000. Closing cauls, 175. Complete set of store fixtures, meat case, slicing machine, cash register, shelving etc. Worth $2,000. Can be bought for §1,150. In good ocation. Store renis for ?3Q. per month. Have Main Street location stock- and fixtures for sale. f. B. JOViN'BR - H. C. Campbell . l j li-.1-t IB _ 3205 — 86ftfi M.OHO .e. flxtnrc.s tnchnletl rM n lnw, will inore ill,5 r In the ,„„ ,T»,o,,!i" ' bre 8007. ulteriuion. Phonr 7,9 pk 16 Lucian Gaines Fuvnilure Co. Trade your old furniture or new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms \-'z down, balnnce in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines ck u Ctavor wns (irsl Introdurcd Intn nglnnri ns « fnrnt crop nhout the middle nf tlic nil) Cciunry CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Knows How to Service Your Car or Truck FOR SUMMER DRIVING Treat your car or Iruck as I he worthwhile investment it is Trust (hat (ruck or car only to experts who know the answers lo the problem of summer. Kijrht „„„- _ UiVicalion, lire inspection, a wash and wax job, an engine tniic- t j|), a check of the coolins system — these scrvicrs are expertly handled at Ciiamblin's. Drive In This Week! CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ywtr Frt«»4iy A Ac* D Mr «r *• CM I'frinlt. With jjrospocls <if h^vlnt: R ivucr husincr-s this tnll thnn ' "\ tdst 4 yi-nrs. This place. If HF^r-""^'-™"- with inim"diM "'"' '" lc tllls J " r 'w. C J P I?**Eii"-ns Koalfor-Insiii-or 1'hoi-iP—GuGl __^ 7 10 rk 17 Modern and extra roomy, •I room house and bath on paved street nl 805 N. Frank-- li'i. Tliis house is in tiptop condition insifiii anrt ouj. Kx- (ra larjre kitchen with lots of cabinets. 1.urge lot. 11.250 Ciisli, f-M.Oa total monthly payments. \ ; nc;int. Alove in tomorrow. dotn 00 " 1 ! 1 ""'" *"" l"> r »Se H500 «200 do. ,,n,l J35 » month. Also cute, hi- '.ntecl Rt DroRrtwaj anj AC*, pt-nn. S8I2 0 Abr,,h., n vv. ?»"« lornlctl ftl 7(3 [ik 8.i for Kent ,,H ^" 1 ..!". r "'F' >cd h °"" »-'<h K-- c rier-basctl -Bl d at H.^art „, .„. ".vi"g unit, the car- 7J10 ck 2-J " lionse H!M> 2 ronrn house c 2!>42, Sre at 503 K. JJose 5t 7;10 pk inifiim. house «nd both, el irmntlon—Bij Clilckarawha" Wanted Good usi'd office riirnluirs Blytho- >IJI« Jiadlo Supply p o Box 301 HI\- thovUlc^ Arit. Or phone «O7. 7.9 ckU HouSEH,vorJi. good cook. Rf-fiTrrrHrps p]7 ^3 fi 7. 7 ,, ;. ,_• 2 looms ftnd lial] ^'rftnklln St. "f. »pl. MO B. '.!> 1>X 12 re bulWli.E. Uifff. rctlccoratW ;"l n ,^ 1 J° J0r "*" ClolJUng Store 'cle. I'h. Sttcle. 1R1 or 20T. 7|B pV tS h 00 ,'; 1 '"",'"• w " h hr "«"« nook hmli, wnll to \vnll carpet In llvlnz 00,,, „„„ ,,,„,„, room m j K Sent,,o- Itj. rhone .1132 ,tny « n cl 6135 illnht. Bl pk 7|t4 instruction I tpach innno. accor<Hon. rhooe 3134 MIS. C^ Joiinsoti. SJOpltTils Inittrancc Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection . j. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OUMCOF no-mi IM w. Jttu at. Art-Conscious fmploycs Work Amidst Paintings PITTSBURGH IIP, _ It's a safe bet the 1.000 employes of the Fisher Scientific Co. liere probably kncm more about art than any other one sroup of employes in the country I'ne employes- \vorV: amidst mir.c- Jess iiEtliiUngs daily as they produce laboralory supplies. Cheacr 0. Fisher, founder and director of the company, has one of the mast imusiial art collections m tl>e world r>tul he's X ot it on rtatly exhibit- fr his workers. Scattered through the seven-story biillrt- H>g arc mn original oil uaiutltiRs ami enaravinss. tlatin,. f mrn the is>tli Ceuuu-y to the j;ic.':ent. The an cuveis just one theme- tie scientist !lt work . u stnr(s wil|| (he nlcheinisl antl covers 300 years of art. history anil science Fisher has tx-cti n,'!---Mg his art treasures for 35 years. om with bath nnrl xttchen Phone 3734. Mrs c: .John«3»p>;7 i 15 house. Phone 3734 .MTK. c. fi 30 pk 7;i5 month Call B845 vipstalrs J2000 per 6 13 tt house Modern conveniences •Ktltm. I, o Thompson. B2l' "n. |ih 2154 62- ^n lt Siiinll lurtll.sheil room Ph Notice Modern 5-room house and : '^ on Ini-^e cunier lot on-™" -is Street. Attic fan, floor; r*on7 Hn-nacp, disappearing stair-j "° rtch way, hardwood floors' llmitifrlioiit. ? 1,800 cash, m:\y- ] <? IPSS, will handle. ? tolnl monlliFy payment,s. See or call \tlr.»iir, "r I „ , Attp|lll °" I' " 1« ncil l«> l»te 10 Dnrtch'f q '"? k ri " t " fl " 1 ' ">»"« com. Fred fnrniR In this coiiidy. 7.9 ek 12 Fl'M.KR Ph. 639S. 8:30 n James lo 4 30 p. Litfhty 7 S pk 8,2 : i Flsbrrmrn! «> h^re porkmelts Rnrl ' A A A nt~l ' """"P- Lvitlreirs Market. WO ChlcX»- iy\r\r<.t\ j " S3t rk 7 " ' Hrnltor j 1 "'ill Iniy or sell for yon City 112 So. 2nd. Troperty or Farms Plinnc .(1!I Ceo. M. Residence Phone 25ns Realtor 510 ck If! 1^" W. Main. — I'h. f.ntU 77 rk 21 Real ESTATE Wanted to Buy Farms-Cily Proocrty i HIGHEST PRICES^ LOANS p A|D For (in. wire and »11 kinds of scrap meUl. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N'. Bdwny * Monltrie Drive Phone S%2 Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Bid*. Ph. 68B8 LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS WOOLENS AKD BLANMTS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU^WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eafle Straps- ATTENTION GINNERS! rrrtii. nit an< i lr , iB Mw> . rcfill an( , br ';, h( .. hare n rnmnlele clArb -r —i _... . ornsne« p Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 »,» ei it AlmoM IA-IV « rocmr. oltrnctlvp l w ,h ' i Brrtroomo. coorl VcnrtUn blliul* ! <-1r«l [or rlrclrlr Move. nim-Tlifin,' i r-ot w»:nr. cood s.ird^n jpol. Pull s tz ; rilocV hit!i llnp. Vcrv Frnul ' '""''' ».V-:.v MIS. .IOK : k- tf '.to pk 1.1 i>r.v:t lot. n^.t !o,-«tlon In town to iirleiihoirmod Kroccry sunr. Src H K i'n. at storo. South HUvny HI I ror jour olrt Ko. , lfn>n for p.rt* i 113 Wwl u*ln I 114 tt tr Private Reams . .., I hnvf » coorl lot for S«I P on n trnr- i ln P " J ' 1M 7 11 f k S u , •1 roail nui jnllcK Po;ith. J. O Scratt i - ' I Rl. t, Bli'lhtvllle. Ark. 7.8 pn 15 ,A br<iToom »H1> pilroti bin:, rhonr j • MO ck H WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL VHOT or COLD! ASfice orTruckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND .PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Bl.vthoville July Is License Buying Month Sullivan-Nelson's Trucks Are • Conditioned Right • Priced Right • Sold Right [946 FOR,) i/, -Ton Pickup. The molor's over- $JftP hauled, (he paint's new. Good tires ........ 495 19 IS CHEVKOl.KT Ij/z-Ton long wheels. Iruck with body. Your hesl buy today ____ •i™ 5 £ H ,? VKOI ' ET lon * wheell "«« Truck with 750x20 (ires all around. Good heater ....... 19.18 FORD tt-Ton Pickup Truck Hint', equip- ?CnE ped wilh heater and defroster ........ O nly 0"5 HI .19 STUDKHAKKR '/.-Ton I.WU Truck, mo- $fift C lor overhauled. 750x20 fronl 825x20 rear tires OjfD new paint .................. , 1950 CHEVROLET >/ ; -Ton I'ickup Truck with deluxe cab. Runs like new. Healer ........ 1950 FOKl) '/ 2 -Ton 1'idu,,, Truck with heater «nd defroster. A truly clean truck ., ...... Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN yo« «„ SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bi t Used Car Lol •• Walnut Strut" 301 W«t Walnut Phone 4578 M< New Zealand has 17Ji cheep lor every person. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Frost often hastens the colorinr irocess In leaves. O.K. Barber Shop] Air-Conditioned Television «It IB comfort nncl ] »»tr h leltrision whilf 'Oi. E « jour h»lr cul ,t nur ihop. m-inajtrl DT Jimmj 11,1, Tbc on ,J slinp In Rlvihtrllle offer- l"t Ton both. Vry us. O.K. BarberShopj N'exl Ooor To Planters Hardware SPECIAL Watch Repair 2 Weeks Only Cleaned & Adjusted ONLY $2.50 All Work Guaranteed 305 S. 20(h Street Phone 8002 Formerly with Thompson Creilil .Icv-lcrs t) KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorate, 99% p«rr Fine trealfrt for dry application. $12.50 ptr 100 Ibs. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. j 61. Stale Mne-Phone 8414 For A Clean Used Car Or Truck Your Best Bet H«ritcr-Wilson On East Main Two 1»50 4 -Door WHh Mir f ln* Rockrt p,,» er> '!"« ••««•• Olrlsmobile ha, Hy - rlrarn.tie ,, rivr . „„,„_ „„,/ pr..c(,c»ll.v new lircs. Gkarn- ">t dark liltt c finish. >5 ° f-MC ? n95 Ihis Irurk Is t n \,,'j"»! Come <o Hornor-Wilson. CMC s-195 V y C .5- Ua "" lec the fontlition "I this 2-Ton IAVB Tnick! "". nrir »»<!. With nr^ ones tetlmjr icarcr, now'a the lime to hiij-. 1!>50 2 -Boor A lorrly llrhf jjrajr Qlrtsmo- hlle with ratlio, hrater, whil« •sirlc» 3 ll lire,. Citr driven, the owner's name Is j nurs on „. quest. '51 CHEVROLET $1050 This clean uve »>lso !i-Ton Pfektip t s », as a new one! Has de- rab , nc)f Hrw _ HorneT . n trades rljht! Save I-WB an* g 5750 ,,ow on (hi s i^.Ton Truck; With a prac ll. new molor. new p.ilnl nod llrcs, It's a buy! HORNER-WlLSON EAST— Rocket OWsmobilc — CMC Trucks Phon. 2056 Used Cnr I. ot _ Phon , 6 MAIN

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