The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1952
Page 3
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JANUARY s, 1952 New Curiosity In RFC Operation Departure of Ho, 2 Mon Brings 'Watch' Upon Higher Levels . WASHINGTON (AP) _ What Is ^happening at the much-investieat- W ed Hcconslruction Finance Corporation HFC again claimed the at tentlon of senators today Sen. Fulbright D-Ark..' who headed the original Senate probe of (he big government lending agencv told a reporter that members of his banking subcommittee are gom» to fh at w , very , clo -' c 'y" an chansd at ' mcnt ' °' RF ° mana s e His curiosity was aroused bv the wa .y thE Wh "« House handled the sudden departure from RFC ot Peter I. Bukowski, who has been No 2 man to W. Stuart Symington In a housecleanins of the agency Symington Would Resign Symington himself is reported hy reliable sources to have asked President Truman for permission to resign and return to private life Symington and Bukowski went to RFC last summer to become the Big Two in charge of a mop-up job resulting from the Senate subcom- x A ,' 5 i,,'? a / ses that the "eency had yielded to pressures of a polit- Shows Dixie Downs Attorney Blasts McMath Action »•« 'Ical influence ring having House contacts. • BLYTHHTUJI NVWV --——•• . Math's outspoken opposition to Dixie Downs drew a scathing attack last night from an attorney for the proposed two million dollar racetrack at West Memphis, State Rep. Glenn Walther of Little -Rock, counsel for Dixie Downs, Inc., asserted that the governor Is "power-drunk and obsessed with the idea of his own Importance" in saying he will not permit the track to operate even if It Is approved Jan, 23 in a Crittenden County special electiqn. "Beyond His Authority" "Anything he may do is beyond the scope of what he'c authorized by the constitution and the legislature to do," Walther said. "The man has no say as to who will have a license or where races will be run," McMath has said he will appoint in February a new state Racing Commission, one that vvili revoke the franchise of Dixie Downs or nuaj operating license. Court Bull Walther told reporters that »uch -- -- •" • a thin mission as an "instructed" com- would be thg "perfect' federal court suit alle&- ing discrimination. He pointed oul that Oaklawn Park race track al Hot Springs is granted a license each year. The attorney said he believed the present, commission, if It remains would grant Dixie Downs the annual license. String' W»s Attached The present commission granted Dixie Downs a franchise to build and operate a track Nov. 15—over McMath's protests. However a string was attached. The voter's oi Criltendeii County, in which West Memphis Is situated, also must up. prove before the track may be' established. Thus, the Jan. 22 special election. Ex-Keiser Woman Who Shot Spouse Faces Murder Charge Fulbright said he was concerned by reports that the White House-possibly through an oversight— r failed to notify Bukoivskl before « announcing that Mr. Truman had accepted his resignation. Bukowski Wins Praise Bukowski. a Republican, had won praise from both Democratiq and Republican members of the Ful- brieht subcommittee for his work with Symington. He confirmed, but declined to comment on, reports that not until yesterday did he receive from Mr Truman a personal, letter informing him that his resignation hod been accepted "with reluctance" of first degree murder have been filed against tile mother of 11 children and her eldest son. ,„...- M "- Velma Arnder. 32. and her White • son - Claude, 14, surrendered to sheriffs deputies at Cash. Ark yesterday. Deputies ode Cantrell and Wes Moneyhan said she told them she had shot her husband to death in his sleep Tuesday night. She said her husband. Claude Jack Arnder, 59. had beaten her every day for almost 10 years. And and made effective on Dec. 31. The Presidential ns of midnight ... — .~ier, n'hen 1C did reach Bukowski's desk, praifed the Chicago banker's qualifications and added that "I could wish that they .'.night be extended so that the RFC could profit further from the varied resources which you brought to the work." Resignation Accepted Bukowski said he had offered the resignation to be accepted at the President's convenience, because he wanted to resume his post as president of the Cosmopolitan National Bank-jOf Chicago Usual White HouW "pifcccdurV Brails for notification of the person ^affected before acceptance of a resignation is announced. Symington has made no secret that he hopes to be relieved of his duties at the RFC soon. The sudden White House acceptance of Bukowski's resignation stirred speculation on Capitol Hill that the President may gi ve his consent sooner than had been expected. Famed Sculptor Dies in France PARIS (API-Jo Davidson, 68 famed American sculptor, died of a heart attack last night at his country home in Central France The bearded sculptor, who rose from New York-'s Lower East Side tenements to the top level of art and living, had been regarded as in relatively good hcaltu'desplte a few minor heart attacks In recent months. it he had beaten her and threatened her life Tuesday. The Arnders lived at Kciser, Ark., in 1339. Both mother and son were bound over to Circuit Court by Municipal Judge Foster Clark. They were re- leased'after bonds of S5.000 for Mrs. Arnder, .now expecting her utli child. toJd police her husband also had beaten tiieir nine living children. She said yesterday that he was going to "get her out of the way" she and Claude Jr.. decided to "move first." Sh-h-h! Swirling Sunday Spooks Sail Spectacles Spectacularly ing for Its spook to perform again. He already has sent a two-pound photograph album swirling through ihe air; floated a corn cob from the basement up to a ground-floor dining room, and sailed a ring box from one room to another. These and other unties which be- ban Sunday have attracted curious neighbors to > "the Thacker home. Dne said she had a painful encoun- ler with the spook. Mrs. Robert Covington said she was standing near a dresser when a fingernail file struck her back with such force she felt a stinging sensation for several minutes. A skeptical county patrolman. -Russell McDantel, waited six hours • It Is estimated \ Americans have bete*. that one million undetected dla- Deposed Collector Of Revenue Called To Trial in East BOSTON, CAP) — Charged with accepting bribes to iniluence tax oases. Denis U'. Delaney. depose collector of Internal revenue fo Massachusetts, was called for tria today In Federal Court. Indictments accused Delaney 0 accepting SI2.500 and falsely certi tying tax liens .of $180,01)0, whicr had not been paid. An attempt will be made to ob tain a jury of 12 from a panel o 110 men and five women. Delaney was the first tax offi cial of his rank brought to trial in a nation-wide investigation of th Internal Revenue Bureau. One other collector has been indicted. appear. He didn't b said a cardboard box almost hit \, Th 'L box came from lne d^ss- er. hit the ceiling, then flew toward the officer. His doubts somewhat shaken, McDaniel said he won't even consider the possibility of any superhuman power until he sees the living objects leave their resting So far, the only one reported to have seen an object actually take off was Walter Brown. 16-year-olrt student living with the Thackers. He. said he watched Thacfcer's spectacles rise from a table unaided and jump about three feet Into a chair. A reporter waiwo live Hours in the house- yesterday to see the spook In action. He didn't. "I'm glad It's stopped." M rs Thaclter told him. "but I'd like to see something hit you In the head just so you'll believe us." Plan for Target of Suit DeQueen Men Charge Rediftricting It 'Not Equitable' ROCK _ T^ new pan for restricting Arkansas to give Pulaskl County three state senators Instead of two has been challenged in the Slat* Supreme oourt- Jess Pickens and Glen Oarrison, Dt<Sueen taxpayers, filed suit yesterday, submitting two alternate plans for reducing the number of senatorial districts to 33. Briefs— 5 Hot Springs, Glenwood Firms Charged with OPS Violations Hot • nd by .nd They said the redlstricting plan adopted by the state reapportionment board last month was not equitable. Following a previous suit by two mask! County taxpayers, the Supreme Court said that population shifts since 1940 entitled PulaskI to at least three senators. McMalh Plan Adopted The ^apportionment board, composed of GOV. McMath, Secretary of State C. 0. Hall and Ally. Gen. Ike Murry. then adopted a plan submitted by McMath The suit filed yesterday oontends: 1. District No. 5, outlined by the i ;„•„ new plan as Scot, Polk, Mont-om- L '"' e ery. Sevler and Little Hivcr Counties, would stretch more than 150 miles from its northern to southern borders. District Is Divided 3- District Ko. 5 is divided "for all practical purposes." At its cen- to', the northwest corner of Howard County is less than 10 miles from the Oklahoma border. 3. The board's action in making ihe rcspportionment was not an effort to make equitable apportionment of the districts. 4. Only five ot 34 districts were affected by tlie new plan. In 29 districts, whose inhabitants number from 41.046 to 82.373 for each senator no changes were made. All May Be Forced to Run The political significance of the suit lies in the possibility that all 35 state senators may be forced to run for office this year. If the adopted plan, goes through, 17 sen- itors who were elected for four- year temTS two years ago must run against this year. The other 17 senators are subject to election this vear. regardless of the adoption of the redlstricting plan. By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS HOT SPRINQS-The federal govmautn h a« accused five Springs and Olenwood Jim* with riolatlng OPS distribution ceiling price regulations. Two civil suits were filed In federal court here yesterday Letfel Gentry of Little Rock, special assistant U. S. attoiney Individ 1 ' B ° V " nment " SKS '"Junctions against the following firms Winnie. R. Grant of Near Glenwood, Ark.; Man-in 0 Foshee and Hubert-H. McLean, both of o.enwood; Lee Warren, who op^fte a slaughterhouse near Hot Springs, and Freezit, a Hot Springs com pany operated by Thomas D. Slough G«nt FMtee «nd McLam are accused of selling meat .ho,, ceiling prices. Also the contends that grant failed to kc p certain purchase records or tag and grade cattle carcasses, Sheriff Says He Advised Against 'Furlough' ' FAYETTEViLLE-Washlngton County sheriff Bn.ce Crldcr savs slayer Tuck Bishop was given a Christmas furloush from the Arkansas Penitentiary against his advice. Arkansas The 56-year-ola bishop, who shot four men to death on a Direct at nearby Springdale In 10 43, was due back at the Tucker t^son *«a Dee. a. He hasn't shown up yet, and officers t,™ X'The state have been alerted to look for him ™B»out the ' «**" ""*« »"- »« •** the told them (o keep him In jail," the sheriff said. Marriage Licenses Show Decline HOCK-Only 1,226 marriage licenses were Issued ,„ for the third successive year, divorces exceeded marriage licensed DiOTCeS granted '" I3s l 1.578-13 more than In 1950. Poland Offers To Buy Iran's Oil Half-Million Tons Reportedly Sought By Communist Land TEHRAN. Iran (API-Poland put out B feeler yesterday to see II she could strike up a barter for Iranian oil. The tentative bid reportedly Involves a half-million tons of fuel. Knzlmlerz Smlgnnowski Polish minister to Iran, called on Premier Mohammed Mossadegh to discuss Santa Claus Is on Honeymoon MAHSHAIi. Mo. (a-j-Sante Claus Is on '« honeymoon With the Christmas rush out of the way, Mr. claus found time to get married New Year's day. The bride was ivfargnret Viola Poston of St, Louis. Santa Claus-that's his real name-is a minister of the Church of Goo. a deal whereby Poland would give Irnn manufactured and processed goods In exchange for oil it was ported from Iran to Po- is the second Communist not transported land. '" Ira " f . Czech- —•"..... imi warned sue woulri consider anv Iranian oil s 1 legal until "the settlement of'hei dispute with Iran over nationaliz" n cotted Iranian oil, T " • ssre? *?T_ Senator Blasts Payment Of $120,000 to Hungary (D-Ga) today rooincwthe payment of $120.000 to Hungary for the release of four captured U S '"f r ? a "<! !ald he was certain "the whole thing was directed right out of the Kremlin" In Moscow Russell told newsmen "it sets a bad precedent" and "puts us in a "*i M ? re the 1 ™ rld " to >ield to a blackjack In the hands °' a ch « a P '''tie satellite crook." * u 'f "' lvho hearts the Senate Armed Services Committee, said this group might look into the ransoming" of the (Hers at a session with Ihe nation's top military leaders next week. The four airmen were freed, last w i™™"" Amc »™n officials paid S30.000 in fines for each man. They were convicted on charges of violating Hungary's border after that getting lost and landing in T'n' °" Nov ' 19 ' "' B - "" 1?, W } e Ur wcre °" a routine flight in a cargo plane and were blown off course. Russell said now that the precedent has been set, "there is no telling where this will stop.". He said the U. S. should have let the men serve three-month Jail terms In lieu of the fines and then given the $120,000 U> them. The Georgian said that permitting the men to serve their Jail 100 Home Guard Men Eager to Hunt Killers KUALA LUMPUR. Malaya {/Pj_ When 100 men of the Home Guard ?' c " ca " cd f °r to help in the hunt for ihe killers of British High Commissioner Sir Henry Ourney. more than 400 volunteered, the Malay commander of the Home Ounrds reports. 'If was a hard job to weed them out,' he saitl. "We couldn't call on ! Villaee—thr- nlhnt-c n-niii,* i „ individuals 'th-em^^S, ^ are occasions which atha when men are oalted upon u> mak* unusual sacrifices lor their country." Russell said the first 1052 sessions ol his committee, tentatively set for next week, would include a- briefly on program of the Korean truce negotiations and any other military matters that have arisen since Congress quit last October. Defense Secretary Robert A Lovett and members of the Joint Chiefs of staff will be asked to attend, he said. Sen. Morse (R-Ore). a committee member, nsked Russell last week for a "thorough Investigation" of the four fliers incident. Russell said Morse would have ample opportunity to brtnff up the matter at the sessions with the military leaders next week Thc«e meetings are to be closed. Guided Missiles Go to Warships Novy Will Convert Two Cruisers from Mothball Fleet WASHINGTON If, - The navy soon will begin converting two heavy criusers Into Ihc world's firrt known guided missile warships. ft was learned today the 13800- ton Canberra and Boston, which have been in the mothball fleet, -- -•• o" "*ivn iiuuiK Utiilp- pointed, but they are all on tiptoe In their own villages, longing to have a crack at the killers." World's record for the most rain- all in a single day is believed to Baguio, Philippine Islands with 45.90 inches'. ably within yards for a ing. a week, to East Coast start on the remodel- An authoritative Navy source said the Navy expects that when extensive changes have been completed, guided missiles for their main armament will be ready This source declined to say how much: time would be needed either for conversion of (he cruisers or for perfection of missiles for their new era batteries. Funds for a start on the conversion work are contained in the Navy's current budget, it was'ex- plained. MAYS' TO The male of the common house sparrow fs much more active nest building than the female TO YOUR CLOTHES YOUR CLOTHES LAST _ LONGS R . .. KEEP THAT "SHOWCASE' LOOK Send us your finest fabrics, your costliest linens with worry.. .we will return them to you gently but thoroughly laundered.-.and pressed perfectly by our skilled operators* BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY&CLEANERS PHONE 4418 Phone 4591 CLEARANCE WERE 29.95 *o 35.00 MISSES' ALL-WOOL COATS Now 25.00 Reduced to make room for new stocks. Fashion-bright all-wool gabardines, soft fleeces and novelties. Hand-made details; rayon linings. Broken sizes and colors. WERE 1.49-2.98—COTTON FLANNELETTE PAJAMAS We to 1.97 Girls' 2-piece styles in solid colors, novelty prints or. combinations. Ski- trpe, bulcher boy, mandarin jackets. Not all styles in all sizes. For girls 4 to S and S to 16. 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