The Yuma Daily Sun from Yuma, Arizona on January 11, 1960 · Page 5
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The Yuma Daily Sun from Yuma, Arizona · Page 5

Yuma, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1960
Page 5
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THEX --Tliis I* Mrs. Joan Sup- rip.n as -sho appraml for the, J9I!) Silver Spur Kodco ns queen. A cnmpunitive; nrwrorypr !j the flroa, she was thrilled uilh the ivnlcomp K' V( M I by everyone. Slip and husband R i f h r r t had mot \vliilp ul tending I'oinona CoIlcRp, at Ctnremonl, Calif. TODAY -- Here is Mrs. -lean Sugden today, pie- lured with onii of her prizcwinnlng Himalayan cats. These animals are. a registered breed, and have I h e lonfc hair of the. Persian, with the coloring of the Siamese. Mrs. Sugdeii raises these ani- mals aloni; with being 1 a rancher's wife, m o t h e r of two children ami active in many civic affairs. The Suddens five in Y u m a Valley, and she i* president of the- Somerton PTA. (Sun StaCf Phoio' Kissing Blarney Stone Isnt 7 Easy, Lady Finds ^^^^ R A M M E S S E N G E R , E D I T O R THE SUN * * * Mond ay, J a n u a r y I960 Queen Jean Sugden | Raises Himalayan Cats Mrs j Mjkhe n girp": ·· iyi|' ,'ncn if! 1:71; ;.··,. ia~;, in,«! I Garden Club Nofes i Daily Diggers Mi'". I'Mher A l l e n , an a u t h o r i t y n ro.scs, u i l l speak nn iliis sub- j ]f 11 when the Daily DijKcrs Gar- I (ifn Cluh meets Tuesday, .Inn. I'-th, '·· ,r S p.m. The mcolinj; will hi? lirlrl ! :H liir home nf Mrs. Don Galyen. | --"12 dili .\\enu,', ii-ilh Mrs. Neil Masso as ovhosless. .lamiHi-y is i-nsp-plnntinj time in j Y u m a so a l l members are urged j ID n i i p n d and guests are cordially invited. From he.MX queen o( I M P l i ' l ' . l i Silver Spur Rodeo i n raisn,; I l i m a - j l a \ a n cais -- a brief outline i n ! tile life of .Mrs. Kohcrl '.Joan) ! Sudden of Yuma Valley. | She was selected as queen ;hen, and liadn'i lived in the area \ny ions. "The people were u u n d e r f u i to me." she says. Be:»K a newcomer in me c o m m u n i t y , ,1 u a s an excellent way lo meet people, she continued. i,l .hidy. 11 iwlm H.-IS u i - t an i n f a n ' when mo'her \ \ a s q u e e n 1 , she does raise cais. The H i m a l a y a n is a breed all its own. Mrs. .Sugdcn explains, and she o r i g i n a t e d i! six ear ago. l i is a Persian cat. w i t h the coloring ] M i i c h e i l Friday evening, of the Siamese. They all have Ihe I Gucsi-; pn.j.'iynd severa ·Given Baby Shower ; HARD 'Spcciali -- Mrs. James | .Mitchell «.s.\ guest of honor at a I baby shower g.ven by Mrs. Hercv , in Kichcy and M r s . Havrtcn \\Farewell Luncheon llGiven Reba Sears ! Mrs. Reba Scars was RUCSI of ! honor for a [nrcwell parly given at Chri'tin's by members ol Ihe I m m i g r a t i o n and N a t u r A u x i l i a r y . Mrs. Sears i? lo leave soott for Lutevillc. An/. She was, presented a milk glass pitcher. Special quests included Mcs- dames M a r g u r i ' e Joynci, Mildred KoiUer. l.cola Dowdle, Evelyn Watson, l.ue!U Lewin, Frances Robert. Shirly Hariri, Pat Mikulsky. Shirley Fackler, lla/clee Stevenson, Jlarv Bauenlield, Loraine Pvocior. Micky Morrelli, Klsa Kaedke, Vesta Davis, Virginia I ,,. r. i.o.jdy i l a l l , Barbara D ' l a n . M a r i a Cavazos, Betty set!, Rachael Andrews, Diana iM-t',is, .Mary Stucbi. Luiiise Tliorp, Sallie Kciin. Lonore Schwab, Lavera Donahue and Barbara Bow- icr. I I,gin b l u e e\cs. and arc eitiicr blue or seal [Mints. The rogir-irn'd brocil. o[ \ u i i - h she has about 30. ha.-, been Mucked lo strengthen her own line. She The tour as queen included San j has shown t h e cais in Sconsdalc. Diego, Ixs Angeles and Phorn:x. | Tucson and 1'ocnix slums, and has w i t h Jaycees Bob Hodge. Paul i four champions. Rebekah Lodge The Shine is a block of 1 i m e- stone approximately four feet lon» by one foot wide and nine inches deep. Various legends are heard about the Stone, m a n y belonging to the MacCarthy f a m i l y . One has it that Cormae MacCarthy rescued a woman from drowning. He thought she was a peasant h u t she proved lo be a witch. As a reward for saving her life, s h e told him of a ma^ic stone in the Castle that would cive. the Rift of who cs covered the fences and walls of rhe homes. Lots of wild flowers, fields of beets and potatoes, castles, very old but s t i l l beautiful, all marie our trip a most interesting one. Tiip tables were already made up when we got on the t r a i n and luncheon was served before reaching Dublin. Dublin. "The Fair City Where Girls Are So Pretty" is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and its largest port. It was found- eternal eloquence to any one would kiss it. The word. "Rlarney" Roes hack to Queen Elizabeth's time. T h e MacCarthy who reigned at t h i s time, was able to out-talk a n y- one. He never kept his word in any of his dealings. Queen Eliza- he:h. in dissust. said one evening, "R'.arney. blarney, w h a t he says be does not mean. It is the usual blarney." To kiss the Stone moans hang- ins ihe head downward over the old square tower in a somewhat dangerous way. I had to remove my glasses and anyone with open ·pockets must f i r s t empty them to keep from losing the contents. A mat is spread on the floor for one 1o lie on. A guard put his arms around my waist and I had to inch my body through the opening, above whieh rests ihc Stone. Iron railings are on each side, giving one both physical and moral support. After kissing. The Stone, I was helped lo my feet, thus following t h e custom t h a t has been in existence f o r more i h a n o n e hundred years. Since this is the second tune 1 have kissed t h e Fdarney Stone. T now h a v e a faint suspicion there must be a b;i of blarney, so far as eternal eloquence is concerned. I also found t h a t returning down the steps is an easy way of get- t i n g lost wirh so many doorways lieckoning me down, so back to the top and better luck the next time. On to Cork, only five m i l e s from the Castle, and a convenient ·tourist comer for the south of Ireland. Tiie history of Cork dates back lo beiore the s i x t h century when St. Fin Barre's Protcstani Cathedra! was founded near I'niv- ers:iy College. Yicinria Hole!, w e I ! locaied on Cork's ma,n siree;. was our home for ihe night. The next day was o;ir Independence Day and the first thin-.: r noticed when going in- lo the d.ning room for breakfast was two United States flags on one of the iables near the door. F.ven though 1 was rested a n d happy a f t e r a go.xl night's sleep, seeing o;ir f l a g s gave me additional supper; l h a t only "Old Glory" can give me "lien traveling in a foreign oiuniry. Off thai morning by t r a i n to Dublin. Fields were a b e a u t i f u l green, a very go.v] reason for tiie name of "Kmcrald Isle." Trees planted between ihe fields creat- j ledge, e d lovely, h i l l s i d e scenes. Ros-' ed by the Vikings in 832 A.D. and is rich in historical lore. Dublin is a cily of w i d e streets, lovely squares a n d parks. O u r sightseeing tour took us through Ihe city, visiting its great buildings and cathedrals. One can start at the 125-foot Lord Nelson Memorial P i l l a r in the c e n t e r of O'Con- ne'.l Street, one of Kuropc's widest and finest thoroughfares. Or. climb the Pillar for a view of the city wi:h the Liffey River and i t s n i n e bridges, a main part of Dublin, and with Ihe H i l l s of Wicklow r i n g i n g ' I h e city with a m a n i l e of green. See ihe General Post O f f i c e , built in ISIS: the old Parliament House: T r i n i t y College, founded in 1591 and its fabulous collection of manuscripts, i n c l u d i n g the world- famous B.iok of Kclis, a priceless copy of the Gospels, d a t i n g from the 7ih c e n t u r y , the most beauti- f u l , i l l u m i n a t e d m a n u s c r i p t in existence. See. also. Dublin Casile. d a t i n g from the thirteenth century: St. Patrick's Cathedral, founded in 1130; and Christ Church Caihed- ral. founded in 103S by the Danes In this Cathedral the first performance of Handel's "Messiah" was conducted by the composer i n l i l - . Here is Ihe Bank of Kire. D u b - lin's finest building, formerly the seat of the Irish Parliament and many other interesting buildings of tiie past as well as modern rie- p a n m e n ; stores of today. Back to the ship, bound for Ohan. Scotland. A lovely Fourth-of- .luly dinner, and the ladies were asked to wear dresses of r e d , white or blue in the "Spirit of '76." This was done and a good time was had by all. Celebrates Birthday BAP.D (Special 1 -- David Fuller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fuller of Bard, was guest of honor at a party celebrating his fourth b i r t h d a y Friday afternoon. David's cake was decorated with yellow frosting and red candles. Everyone enjoyed ice cream and punch. Guests were Stevip and David Merino. Belinda. Dean and Par- iene Martinez. Bobby Brown. Bernice. Lois and Janice Rutledgp. rvbra C.arsl. Bonnie and Susir West. Hollie .Tones and Dennis Wilson. Also Mesdamcs N'ick Martinez. ?!evp Merino, and Kdgar Rut- KISSES BLARNEY STONE -- Mrs. father All(n is beins held -so she cvnM enact Ihe traditional .rprpmnny nf Kl'sin? Ihe. Blarney Stone, durlntr her tnur nf that roimtrv. l)cscripi:rn al this experience Is related in the slorj on touring Europe, Social Calendar M O X U A V Sun.sinne Toa.siinssters C l u b , 7 i.m , Flamingo Hole!. Helping Hand Club. S p.m., ai the clubhouse. Sun and Siinrl Barbershop Singers, 8 p.m., Recreation Cottage, City Park. Knisius of Columbus, S p.m.. I.C. School H a l l . Yuma Coin Club. S p . m . , home of Mrs. C. H. Weeks. Slid 2 0 t h Street. Election of Officers. TVESDAV Salvalion Army Ladies H o m e Leajue. !):30 a.m., Salvation Army Hall. Morninp C a r d f n Cluh. 10 a.m . home of Mrs. J. K. Rohrer, 513 Sth Avenue. Y u m a E.Ncliangp Club. noon. Stardust Room. S t a r d u s t Hotel. Roiary Club, noon, Y u ma C o u n- try Club. Xiin:a Club. n.wn. Clymrr's. O f f i x - c r ' s \\'ives Luiu-iipon. 1 p.m. Sandstone Room. Officer's C l u b , MCAAS. Senior Citizens, movies and tra- velosue. 1:30 p.m.. Optimist Youth Center. ISth Street. 1st Avenue. Del Valle G a r d e n Club of Somerton. 2 p.m.. home of Mrs. Ralph Cro\vp. Colo-G:!a KIUMIUS Club, 7 p.m., d i n n e r at S t a r d u s t Ho:el. Quechan 'KKTstmistiTss, 7 p.m., dinner at Romano'?. CAP Cadeis, Ti.W p.m., at the airport. D u p l i c a t e Bridge, 7:lo p . m . , Yuma Country Club. Yuma Gem and Mineral Socie!.y. S p.m., Chamber of Commerce B u i l d i n g . Y u m a Rifle and Pistol Club. S p.m.. conforcm.t; room of Border P a t r o l Building. Yuma Ciiapter No. 14. Order of Kastern Siar. S p m.. Masonic Temple. 1-Jleoiion of officers. WEDNESDAY Sunrise Opiimist Club. 7 a.m.. Stardust Hotel. Lion's C!ub. no--in. Y u m a Country Club. Optimist. Cluh. noon. Loo's Res- International, noon. t a u r a n i . Soropiimist Clymer's. Ladies Card Day and Luncheon, 12:30 p.m., Y u m a Country Club. Somerton Rotary Club, 12:15 p.m.. School c a f e t e r i a . Palo Verde Toastmasters Club. 5:15 p.m.. Officers club. Y u m a Test Station. H i Neighbors Square D a n c e Club, S p.m., Danceland Studio, 1332 5th Avenue. Order of De.Molay. 7:30 p.m.. .Masonic Temple. Yuma Care and Share Socieiy. 7:30 p.m., Room A, Gila V i s t a School. Mu Chapter. Beta Sigma Phi, S p.m., home of -Mona Parker. United Lutheran Church Woman, 8 p.m., Faith Lutheran Church. Eagles Auxiliary, S p.m.. by Aerie Home. Dau-son and Bernie Penskie es-1 corlinp,. She \vas given a royal ! welcome in Phoenix by Sen. Harold ! Giss. " | .Now the queen s t i l l rides occasionally, but her children like to ! keep the horse in shape. j Her activities today as a r a n c h - ! er's wife also include such extras as president of the Somerton PTA, a member of Xi Kappa. Bella Sigma Phi, Chapter AC. PKO. » Camp Fire guardian ami soon lo be a Cub Scout den mother. Besides Ihe work w i t h her c h i l - Mrs. Sudden is liie d a u g h t e r of Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Sones of DCS Moincs, Iowa. She met her hu.sband when they uere Ixnh enrolled ai Pomona College. Ciaremoiu. Calif. -She was studying psychology and science and lie was majoring :n agriculture and busi:ics. special shv.ver games and were also asked In cut a piece of s t r i n g. i irmailaiion o[ which, in t h e i r estimation, w o u l d ] held lonighi (or most a c c u r a t e l y encompass t h e ' guest f honor. Tiie winner was i Mrs. Gene Derrick. i Following ;ho opening of the -. many gifts, refreshments of cake. A f i e r liieir marriage, the couple Cole, moved to iheir home in Ihc Y u m a Valley. Mr. Sudden is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Sugden, also of Yuma Yaliev. punch and coffee were served. Guests were Mesdames D. U'. l l a y g o x l . D. C. Cole. R a l p h Cranford, Euna Wilkerson. W e s l e y Fuller. James Rirhey, W i l l i s S[jenccr. Herbic Rlchey, Xe\'i!le Murray, flene Derrick. Harden -Mitchell. R . (',. Winder. K e v i n Richey. Sherry Murray and Susie Sending cifts but unable to al- lend wore Mrs. Alion Harris, Mrs. R. G. Bell and .Mrs. M. E. Spencer. IOOF H all. Carpenter's Ladies A u x i l i a r y , S p.m., Carpenter's Hall. Ladies Aid Society of Calvary Lutheran Church, S p.m., parish Las Amigas Initiates Three New Members Three new members were initiat- Las Amigas Woman's Club, S j rd intrt l h c Las A m i s H S club at ihe December reeling. They included Mrs. George Chinn, .Mrs. L'li \Veiner and Mrs. Russell Guiles. Winners for the bridge games were, high, -Mrs. Monroe Lawrence, and low, Mrs. R»'iert Perrine. Canasta hiqh w h i t e r was Radio Free Europe is our link with the Free World" "Our link with the Fr« World" --a direct quote in a letter re- cci\ ctl from Poland. Proofcnough that R A D I O ^EE UL'ROPr. is doin.c its iob ... v. inning men's minds in the Cold \Var. A w a r in which the only weapon is the truth! A war that goes on in men's minds ... not on battle- fields. But \oiir dollar 1 ; are needed to lecp R M J I O I' EL'ROPt on the air'. "| our dollars r^X for transmitters, announcers, trained personnel. So don't let the Reds win ihc battle for men's minds-don't let them w i n the ('old War. Keep RADIO I : REK r.L'ROPH on tiicairb ,scfuiini;}ot;r(loliu. io: CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM c/o Local Formatter THL'KSUAV Women Golfer?, Y u m a Giiiinry Club, tecins off time. '' a.m. Sonior Citizens, c r a f t s . f):^0 a.m.. Recreation Co'.tage, Cay Park. Kiwanis Club, noon. Cl mcr'a. J u n i o r Ilish record hop. 7 to 9:30 p.m., Daneelaiui Suiciins. Bard Good Xeighbors Club, 1 p.m.. Church Annex. American Association of University \Vomen, T p.m., dinner Ciymor's. Junior Odd Fellows, 7:7,0 p.m.. IOOK Hall. Thru Rho Girls Cluh. 1 :M p.m.. p.m.. Woman's Clubhouse. Ocotillo Stamp Club, S p.m., Chamber of Commerce Building. Yuma County School Foori Service Association, S p.m., Gadsdcn School. FRIDAY Y u m a Woman's Club, 2 p.m.. Woman's Senior Citizens, d a n c i n g , 7:,'!() p.m., Recreation Collage, Cily Park. Knights of Pythias, S p . m . , IOOF Hall. Pythian Sisters, 8 p m , 100F H a l l . MCAAS S t a f f XCO Club dance, H p.m.. ai the c l u b . SATURDAY Senior Citizens. 1:30 p.m., Recreation Cottage. City Park. Record Mop. 2 10 5 p.m., Joe Hunt's Sports Arena. Junior Rifle Club. 2 p.m., Rifle Ran-e. I Starlijrhiers Square Dance Club, i S p.m., Jubilee Hall, 1231 2nd Avc- j at | nuc. j Frontier Dant-p Cluh, S p.m., j Woman's clubhouse. i High School tcen-a^pr record hop. R:3f) p.m., Danceland. Past President Meet Past Presidents of the American Legion Auxiliary w i l l jneet at the home of Henry Seamans, Avenue C, tonight at 8 p.m. All members are urged lo attend. oiiicers wull be members of th: Rebekah Anniversary Lodge. The meeting is in begin at S p.m. in the IOOF Hall. Kach o f f i c e r n a 3 kcd to bring a dozen sandwiches for refreshments. Tiie Brisittce Bardol look ·-- ti;;lii-waisied. full-skiried. gins- hams an,i bare feet -- has inspired two styles of shoes tor tecn-ajcrs. One U a f l a t thong sandal in ivhile w i t h gold kid lining, and the other a high-heeled pink h a l t e r sandal. Tn the opera, Golden West," heroine plays for the life of "The Girl of the by Puccini, the a same of poker her lover. 550 ! THE TRAVEL AGENT DOES NOT CHARGE FOR HIS SERVICE Phone SU 2-3814 · TRAVEL SERVICE OF YUMA Mrs. Charles A. Nelson, wilh Mrs. : James Bess. low. j Door prize w~as won by Mrs. C. i I.. Black. j Hostesses following the Christ- j mas theme party were Mrs. Irene i Q u m u m e n and -Mrs. J. T. Houg- j ham. i Guests fur t h e day wore Mrs. · Frank .Myers and .Mrs. Clifford Wcinbers. i Hostesses for Ihe business meet- i ing Thursday ni^ht will be Mrs. Harold Hosford and Mrs. Michael L a p u t k a . ACE YARD SERVICE (hvnccl ami Operated by Red M u r r a y ;uid Art \ViI-sttn ( K u r n i e r l y Sky L;iun Service) Q u a l i f y .SU 3-11!»2 Sp.rvico Pubiishsd as it oublic sf rvie* In cofiD«(*tion The Advertising Counctl and th- Newsoso*!"' Adveriismi? Executives Assoct«t'aa. This OTmoiiiiccmcnt is not en offer to sell, or a. vofcitaium of an offer to buy these securities, The offering tjs made only by the Prospectus, 400,000 SHARE3 TRANS-WORLD FINANCIAL Co, COSfMOTC STOCK (Par Value $1.00 Per Share. PRICE $8.625 PER SHARE Copies of the Prospectus may be obtainr.d from the undf.rxig cr other dealers nn/t/ in States in mhich the imdprsignfd or others are qualified to act ax dealers in securities ar.d in. which the Prospectus may legally be distributed. ·\VTLTJAM R. SXAATS co. JOHNSTON, LEMON CO. JJEYXOLDS CO., INC. .JUCITE A CO. HAYDEW, STONE A CO. S C H W A H A C H E R CO. S H E A R S O X , H A M M I L L A CO. A. C. A U . Y X INCORrOSATEl) . DOMIXICK AM) COMl'AM' DEMPSEY-TEGELEK CO. BATEMAN, EICHLKR A Co. If. S. DH'KSOX COMPANY' JNCOHFOKATED D, r, iiurrox A COMPANY FKANCIS I. JHTOXT co. TIKST C A U F O K M A COMFAXT H O O K E R FAY LESTER, KYOXS Co. MITCHTM, JONES TEMFLETON "tt'ALSTOX CO., INC. J. BARTH CO. BlNGH.Ur, "\\~ALTER * HURRT, INC. CROWELL, "\VliEDOX CO. MASOX BROTHERS SUTRO A CO. ZUCKERMAX, SMITK CO. 3lAsox LEE, INC. STERX, FRANK, METER .FOX XEUTTATTS Co. INCORPORATED January 7, 1960 Brake and Front End Winter Safety Service! fast Courlioui Jim'ce kf factory Trained fiperfj H E R E ' S WHAT WE DO: 1. Inspect Front Brakt Drums end Lining 2. Repack Front Wheel Bearings 3. Inspect Grease Seals 5. Adjust Brakes 6. Cartfully test brakes 7. Correct caster camber 8. Correct toe-in and toe-out 9. Balance front wheels 4. Check and add brake 10. Install necessary fluid if necessary weights Cor -^.:"--'-- on Driveways? Let us install a set of new MONRO-MATIC Shock Absorbers on your car... DRIVE FREE for 60 Days That's our offer. If you're not completely satisfied, we, will refund your money and reinstall your old shocks. fimtorit SAFETY-SERVICE HEADQUARTERS For Your Car 4th Ave. at 8th St. SU 3-3361

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