The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1947
Page 15
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I THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iijutii Charge Rn< I time ucr Uuo . — i?l |: times jicr lino var 4ii~™ ""'"'" rjc times jicr lluo por daj .. " 90 ' times pur lluo per day __ 7c -flutes ncr liuo per day ________ 6c Wonlli [>er lino ______ _ yo c Count five averaeo voids to tiio Jlu«. Ad lor ti.reo or six times «nd t»I'I>ed bcforo expiration will bo charg. d for the munboc of times tlio ad au- e^rcd and uiljublmeiit of bill made. ,AI1 Classified Advertising cony nub- lamed by persons rcsiillnn outsitlo of Hie • Hy must Le accQiiiiiattied by cash. Rates Ir.y bo easily confuted from flic above t!. ilvoitlMriK order for irregular Inser- s takes Hie Olio time rate. ojgJi'iiousibillty will lio liken for ' ort ' fmpi one Incorrect |[isertlon of any !l>.;;i acl. For- Sale Decrp tril'lr.r, Mn.l.-l (! u-illi !! • II Fiiniul!. inn mci.lH i|iiiii'iir t'liilliiis HiTviiv SlH- hrlt,' .\r k. :t;iO-[.k-I7 ivnni lo s,.ll your cily tir rm limit, lin -ivilli «s, \i-»> !•«. 2r, v,.;ns <.xii(.-rlrnri. in >. W. M. Hums It.iiltor your liomo II 0. d 418 — 2li:iO Office inil. UI coal heaters at cost. (Jood selection. Planters Hardware. 2-i-ck-tf BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS For Sale, -<>l> live rr Jl.'-. I). Hi, 9 '""'I- SPECIAL . SALE- „• i QUAUFf BABY CHICKS «j* Our huiVy quality c Me Its cu* biod ..._ _„ * for livobillly and fm| srowlh. f PLACE YOUR ORDER tAKLYt I'. K. ASIIORAFT CO 1-U Block Soutb ol Dciiot IJaby Chieks—Custom hatching. High grade I'ullorum Controlled Chicks that are hatched h e r.e Started' Custom hatching §3.50 per hundred eggs set. Kluylouk Hatchery, North 01, phone 3172. 3-U-k-U Walk in Ice Uox, Coils and compression complete. I{. C. Allen, phone 3188. 3-7-ck-H ,.ii-ii 317-ck." 7 llCVC'l.KS ,\NM) CHAIN DHIVKK ITHII;I;S — just n^ivcd—«,<, tiu-su Jilily—firsl conn,. lirsl K,. r «I-.i. Kirn- l(>nr ^liirt*. ^07 W. M.-iiii. 2|12-cl:-t[ lADIOS — A lit..vnifiil nrlrtllon o( .iul.iunrifjn nn4 t.'iMo inoik-l r.idios tvinv in slnok. _Vo Hfrinl or Kronnil licodcil. Firofilono Hturo. 207 W M[iin. |ee the large 3 compartment Norge chest. Holds (150 Ihs. of food. In stock for immediate delivery. Planters Hardware Inc. 2-2'1-ck-tf rrlnillilini;. Austin I Slto .tnr! K. Vine SI. 2!!5.I)k.'Jl25 |iAlT-()R TII1RS — nil! nciv tiro Hint other I jiulls. otit, out [fliictor tire liiH(lc, \V« inoint «IK! (!•'• I livor li> fario, Firestono Store 207 \V. I Main. 2!12-ck-ir n i: s i TIHKSI TIRKHI Just rTp'civl^ Jsiz^s 6nn x in. 700 M in. cr.n x is 1700 X 1&. -I ami (1 ply tiros. Also llic I stiicl.loil Kriiiiul Brills in siics 1500 x 17 an.l GOO x 1ft. \V« <le!iv<-r 1 nnil mount. Firc-^toiio Store 20li W, | Main. 2113-clt-lf il lot. 2201 Carol™, ' lcr iri- <r.'nm fropzer w-itli CO (;nl. Iliiirilcnrr. witlL i.T.iul mil (moln. H. I,. iiL-. Xloniln. ,Uk. 2!21-i>l!-a!2I | or Fine Pnrl rails Tl's O'STEEN'S STUDIO " 3-H-ck-4-ll .""'' I-' 12 "V)iViii..>ll'''n'i > lir\i|iitli- Imcni. Henry's Onrnirc. n.-r.i., r.-..m Iniytlir-ville Oil .Mill, lllylhovlllo Ark. Li|i! O'STEEN'S STUDIO :i:i i i-t. in i IliTunl |,lNy,r nnlnmnlic flitinKcr. K^n]", '!!! !"'.'• Slvn " • sll<l l'- •">' K ""t Main. 1 JIQIIU H.iO. alll.cli.M . * cnir., Ml limits. )>honp Hf 1. ", room llnnse ivhh Imlli. Mrs .luck \\t-\\s. 1(19 noiiitnn. I'hoiio annr, :!|l 1 'lik I?* He/p Wanted Man for yai-,1 nnil L-nr.l,.|| work wlf,. f,,r mni.l serVH-cs. Vp:»r •ronnil [j ( isitii,Ti = . . JI<>. I'.O. llnv 2S13. M,-irie ifnrriisli '1719 ' •i; . lll In iij.riL'!!! <•:!.<.>< \vitii coimlor base. 3 • slimy <-.i-i>< witli cort[l counter Imsr?. • L-ottit t ; ,. r(1 ^ 1MU , ficator. 1). .M " Moore. T)scnt>ln. Ark. 3!ll-ck-M __ .111 lin-.-ltin^- -ii ManiKi Until ii.inl- ul rliicir. lire.' iiltir. ur,. ivnr r,in- nrlii-ii luiilt in 1010 ?r>000 Slf,00 Nnl;,iir«- on lenns. Imme.linte • rin TJ Hi.x '.U 1 .. Mnruln Ark, I C .MIN Clinlnieri with st.irtor anil ||.» ri|t|ivuti.r :IIH| pl-iriler list-is I l.rrali.-r*. I \VC .M1U Clialnu'rs l.villi rnhivntKr nn.l .li«f 1 K 12 F^r- II'li rnlliv.-iK.r. 11,-nrv'B Cnr.tL-i-. -is^ fnnii HK Ihcvtlli- Oil Mill Pli. Irnciicnlly new house, well liocatcd, on fiflxlSO lot. Im- 1 mecli;itc possession. A real i>uv a! S.'!7r»(). Tonus. Sec this at once. J. E. Stevenson, Nohie Gil! A«x-nc.-. 1 rhone 3131. 3-12-ek-15 c.f tiniMI..-l,ii.|.-r<. •: row nonal'l |V|..lrh. l!iM I Mi.nili Ark. :i'rj.,,k-ir. . In,, ,,. Miiniln. Ark. -r-r, -- lirnitli i-r.iiifarl nn.l Mvle II'IHITI.I MI Sr-ur.T Ci.rj.-1-- nii'l S^ip- ...rl«. P,.r n|. iM ,i;,iiiii.iil .-nil !I9I. Mrs. olni II. I-OIIL-. S:.'enci-r J).-!\l-r rnn-n lions.- villi l.nlli Kt iicros On rn'.l t<.,,l :lin> yards rvf ritv liniils. .,,1..711 ini|ir,ivi>in.-til. l.ii;li(s 'anil l.'l- 1'him... STdiKi ra-li. K,-p .lark Tijilon. |FI..»l|.ir. I'll. 72. Manil;, Ark. It I f,v,iii<-. M.chanir.ilK- A-l 2 IS |»'aill SI. I'll. L'::i>l. ' S]i:i'-rk-if I" Tinl.i- I'lvinoiillt .".-.Ian See " ' ink Ailil.y. l.ail.ins (iar.iur ' JAHY CIUCFCS n r hundreil .rim :)!.'.. rk-(f r. W. F. Brewer DKNTIST General Practice —Tiill— Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVi;R GUARD'S Across Street Prom Kress Office Hours 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Phone 2172 Experienced Colored cook and general housework. Phone 2098. 3-11-ck-M Lost mum i>f "Mufrir-. $jo ri lo I). M. Moor<- Osrooln :.i Cnfi\ Loans TOU NEKD A LOAN! To insure atnl finnnce a nt>«- or tisp'l c-nr. truck or triiclnr. In Arkansas' or MiK*onri. Fro ug. I,ou-"S Yoit'll likn nur scrvirc. Also FIIA l.rwns arid -!*;>, fcVrin Loins, nnd Incliviilnrtl rcfil estate Irinn.s. tTntteO Insurance Acr-icv nvor Ollltrd'a Jewelry Storn. vhmtr 51°. 2l25.ct.3l2S Cops, Fefl Up, finally Nab Elusive Car Parker BEAUMONT, Tex. (UP)— After Beaumont police tagged a car eiglit times for overpaying they decided that enough was enough— the "ghost" who owned the car would have -to .appear in. traffic court. No trace could be found of the car's owner. Police checked the motor vehicle registration and the place where the man was supposed to live. No chic could be found. The eight time, police wailed, nabbed the owner an c i asked ques- ti'ins. They discovered he h.fd legally changed his name since the date of vehicle registration. The man was fined $1 for each Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SI» T. L MABRY *23 MISSOURI ST. PH. 36 i DO YOU NEED j A LOAN? i To insure and finnncc ii new or j used car, truck or tractor, in Ar• kansas or Missouri, see us. Low J rntes. You'll like our service. Also ' PHA Loans and 4% farm loans, [ and Individual real estate loans. ! UNITED [INSURANCE AGENCY. ] Over Guard's Jewelry Store • Phone 510 Local * Long Distance Muring m. A a«. Emnllnz Oomprtnit H<1p u« wlj Inscr«<l OontruA S«nlce». Ho»« Hsi-rlce k storui Co. Phone 2801 For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogden Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. YARBRO, ARK. Phone 727 It Takes Experience . to diagnose car aches and pains and if takes skilled hands to repair your car. At the first sign of trouble—drive in here. Our repair service is guaranteed! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevillc, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services jisl \oiii' |iro|iei'(v wllli us. J*' 11 >•""» 'I"" I.J -,'l'l llll.l IIII.1KO- iMiin... W,, i,,,;,,, (l , ».|||,,,,,, "'''"•" : "ill' '.,-rxi,-,. in («,„„. »i,|.'> » lul ! - I."* IIH.-I..M tons li>i'iii<.»iiil iiim-v,,!, I;!,,.,.,! ^v,,,,,,,,,.,,, |invl |. PAGE For Rent Frunt Ijt'lrooln. lirU'ntc r-ntr;ince nil li«il. 1'liunc :i6:il>. 20'J2 t'liickm-.-nvlia. ' .nr^e or snkitl] )ieilr«joln Slf iieini.]irivalc Ijalli. full 2^0t! Vrnnt b.-drciinn. Mfnln hent. Kitrlien lirivili.£es;. I'lnnia :i-t07 bi-twi'en U nnil t» p.Jt". ll-i.k-11 fnrnistu-.l. coi.pK. nnly. I )in. i.utsi,],. itiB <,,npli' l.referrei iii-i;es «i|iti<innl. S17 r;inir \Vurk- . :Ml:!-l>k- Hi of tlic eight parking violations and an extra $2 for making the cojjs search ail over cBaumont for him. Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk nuinmubiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North lliway 01. IMionc :!7S5. 2-2G-pk-."-^(i Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Photic 207! Day, 2059 nife. 2-28-ck-4-l Designs linve been completed for r\n "electroiJiilt." capable of kuinchlng largest, existing dirlincrs in 500 feet with n 120-mph InkcoIT. They now need 4000 feet. Otil koitiiks nn<l camerns for partw. O'Su-i'ii's .Sluilio. -Jlll-ck l!ll "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED . STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3fi47 , everythlngjijn "INSHRAHCf" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Ov«r Quord Jtwtlry Stofo A. F. DIETRICH, Mgr. MONKV TO LOAN I)« you nei'd n loan to repair or remodel? No down pay- mf nf, no nmrtgag*, no red tape. FH A approved rate 5tt. Ask for details. Mas Logan, Realtor, phone 20Si. Lynch nidg., UlytheTille. 9-28-ck-tt See us for an esUmnfc before you huve your tractor overhauled. We speoiali/o in slearti denning nnd pain I ing. Kledric and acol- ylene welding. KussHl Phillips Trnetor Co. Iliwiy 01 South. iMinjic 2171. 2-1-elc-tf F,,r |il;>.|..,i, t ^ K. T. II,.-,,., Rent n Kloor Snn<ter AT WARDS. Save money liy refinishinj; your own floors. Adds years of life and gives them new beauty. HV, easy to do, loo! MONTGOftlKllY WARD X CO., -102 Main, ^Phonc 55)1. 2-13-ck-(f I>IANOS W. II, l!..l..r!, ,!„. ,,[,,„„ ,„,, . *!'•' '< '" luifk in Illylln-vlll,. I.. ,].. '.''""". ;i "-' »"'! t: •Illlililin L -. I';,,, 'M«l, ..r writ',. I,, am (''M,.k«'-n"'hi'i '"' We specialize In fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to i:so. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 12G W. Main, plinnc 515. ____ I-31-ck-tf SYtvIni; -Hrltif ynnr rniulli- »<nvliij: nil. I BlL-riitli,;,, .„ mo, W . lli-inniialiU. lric. 2Ba-i.k .-,112; _ Painting and paper lianeinir. Work guarnntued. . Hill DaviM, phono Hi!). _ _ 3 7-pk-'1-7 p^'viiii; nlti'rilio'i-i nnil i ...... lli-ivn Mrs. Ilfrll,- M. Il^.vks. v h lal ,, :i:i 3 |l. Wonted to Rant il-liiMl or, „! ii'til. N<i ,, ,i MI> :"L.-lll ri'MilKiil. ('.ill :!|12 •|ili-lll We Self Comfort to Sore Feet • New Soles * New Heels for old slices HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. Did You Ever Stop to Think How scarce good used cars are getting? You'd better think fast and buy the best while you can -- while there still are a few real good '40 '41 and '42 cars left. FARM LOANS /LowInte^M* / LaoK.T*nB / Prompt RAY WORTHINGTON Sen-Ing This Sccdon for Zl Yo»n 115 Bo. 3rd Hlyllicvlllf), Ark. Tune In I'rudtntlal Program Sunday at 4 p.m. over WRKO J941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Town Sedan 1941 Chrysler Royal Brougham 1941 ford Deluxe 2- Door 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner Sedan 1942 Pontiac 8 Sedan- Coupe 1942 Studebaker Skyway 5 pass. Coupe 1941 Plymouth Deluxe 2-doorSedan 1942 ford Sepcial Deluxe Tudor Sedan 1942 Chrysler Royal Sedan 1938 ford Deluxe Tudor Many of those eats have Radios, Heaters and Defrosters. f ASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN We Never Close - Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut p hoiM 571 Texaco Got ft Oils for Hire 1 rnclnr lireiil.lnn lilnlv. IjciMliiK nlnw. ilix-. linrn.w. Uiill H. II. Wrillnro. I'liono 'j-i2:i. 2iio-Tii<-;ii:o PRESCRIPTIONS I''resh Slock Guaranteed Hest I'rici'a Kicby Drug Stores THE FAUMERS illlll BANKKKS LIFE INSUUANCi: CO. W. a. OEUIUN. arn. ABOUI Jolin F. llolmcs—W. O. (foiirln Jr. OI/lco DoiKUi 1)HB. 215 W ' Wal " ut Ph 9 n. mi RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except C:incer) DRS. NIES& MIES Clinic 514 Main, Blythavllle, Ark., Phone _ X. An Ailing Motor . . . can sound the death knell for your car. The way to put your car back on foui- wheels . . . and have it rolling merrily along this spring is to drive in here at the first sound of trouble. We specialize in all motor repair work. LANGSTON-WRGTEN CO. / Sales—BtJICK—Service °- S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut ft Broadway Telephone 553 Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 431 nnd your order will be on It's way In record time. uur I'lornl Arrangements tell a complete story ™? FLOWER SPIOP _. . 0 ?'- T ' I) ' Service W e Deliver Anywhere Fh^49I Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner GJcncoe Bldf. DON'T WAIT! Tiny these otil of season items now, while they are iiviiilablc. They m;iy lie out when you need them. FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogden and Royal Soy Beans Phone 635 EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas * * Lawn Mowers x * Oil Heaters * Cotton Choppin Hoos ' Outside White Paint * Rubber Lawn Hose Attic Fans * Screen Wire LinseedOil PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St TODAY IMPORTANT! Have your present car Expert Mechanical Service Alcmllc Oil nnd Lubricants Yes. we wash anil crease curs tool Motors? V?e have new motors Overhaul or rebuild them Tires and Tuhrs Oh, Yes, We paint Curs Too! Repair nnil llclinlsh nil bodies Charge Batteries T. I. SEAT .MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD .GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the A rch . 7 Crown ............. 1.35 Kinsey .............. 1.35 Scheniey 1.35 Philadelphia 1.35 Three Feathers t ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill ............ 1.40 Old Taylor ........... Four Roses ........... rt 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5lh 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 Bce ' ................ ....... per case $3.35 GAS, rcg ......... T6.8c; ........ Ethyl 18.8c Cigarettes ................ pcr carton $1.45 FRECKLES AND HIS KRTRMDS BY MERRH-L BLOSSEJ —;AND WF- WOMOERED I N'OTCvJ ,\ DO YOU Mo. BUT YOU 1 TOLD '.fw ABOUT THE -, , eur WEt> RATHER. WALK . IF- YOU COULD Da;ve I LIKEE THIS C C M/ . NAVE I CM I BORROW A CAR / MV WORSE AND ] OR. A / BUG6Y/-. TELE-/THERE'S OMLV PHONE/ONE THING IVRWG THE

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