The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO 11 NEVILLE (ARK.) COTJRIEH KEW» Do You M«m*mfc*r Thtmf 1951: Here's What Happened Year's Biggest Events Listed Again in Brief January — 1—House votes oxers* profits, tax, adds 30 billion dollars to «rms bill. 3—Seoul abandoned to Chinese Reds. ' President Truman creates Defense Production Administration (NPA) with William H. Harrison us • head and Charles E, Wilson moMI- iier. 8—In Staie of the Union address, Mr. Truman says only realistic road to pesce is to become so strong Soviet rulers may lay aside plans to take over the world; he sets production goal of 50,000 planes anrl 35,000 Unks a yeflr. 9—Western Allies and West Germans open arms talks nt Bonn. U. 8. advises Americans to evacuate Hong Kong. 11—Sinclair I-ewls rfles In Rome. Truman names John Foster Dulles to open preliminary talks on a Jap- aneM peace treaty. 15—Truman asks Congress for record peacetime budget of 71,5 billion dollars. 17 — Basketball scandal breaks with co-captains of 1049-50 Manhattan College team confessing they fixed games for gamblers. 18—Soft conl Industry grants miners wage Increase of 20 cents an hour. • Government extends "E" bonds 10 years with 2.9 per cent Interest. 21—Allies evacuate Inchon }n Korea. India offers to mediate with Chinese Reds on Korean cease-fire. Alp aralanehes kill 108 in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. . 27 — Economic Stabilizer Eric Johnston orders commodity prices roiled back to Jan. ! levels, wage ceilings at level of Dec. tfl-Jan. 25. 30—Truman asks Congress for 10 billion dollars in new taxes now • nd 6,5 billion later. February — ~ 1—TT.N. Assembly brands Red China an aggressor In Korea, paving way for economic sanctions. "Sick" strike of railway switchmen ties up 30 cities. Troops In Korea combat subzero cold. _• 5—Rail commuter service halted hi most large cities. Moblltzer Wilson In address to nation nays rail walkout endangers national defense. 0—W killed, 3M hart In Wood- fcrfdre, N.J. trmln wrttk, worst since 1(18. Federal Jsry «mrlcU William W. Remington of perjury. .S—Ten-day rail strike is broken: Truman says union leaders acted like "Russians in repudiating agreements." Britain grants King George 10.per cent cost of living Increase. 10-rChlnese Heds evacuate' Seoul, Allies recapture Inchon. . '15—"Great Debate' on, troops to Europe rages in Senate. British Labor government wins vote of confidence on Rnns program.-Tnirnfin says Oen. MacArthur has full discretion on crossing the 38th Parallel If military considerations warrant. 19 —Railway switchmen's union fined »75,00fl for contempt of court, arising from "sick" strike. 20—Three Long Island University .basketball players arlmit taking »I8,500 in bribes to shave points. NPA orders 23 per cent cut In steel for automobiles beginning April 1. 26 r -Nevada, the 36th state ratifies 22nd Amendment, barring anj President, other than Mr. Truman, from more than two terms. 27—Ten per cent wage increase declared .-maximum for union contracts with escalator clauses. Price ceilings Imposed on 200,000 consumer items. 28—Grand jury Indicts Salvntore oSllazo as basketball fixer. Orgn- nizcd labor withdraws from all federal defense agencies. March — Ethel, are sentenced to die as war time atomic spies for Russia; David Cr^englaBs who testified against them gels 15 years. 10—Truman relleres Gen. Mac-Arthur of all Pacific eommandj. Gen. Matthew B. Rldrway named hi* successor. 14—Ernest Bevln, former British foreign secretary, dies. Five British warships sped to Abadnn. U.S. bars Red China from Japanese treaty talks. 18—Sen. Arthur H. Vniidcnberg (R-Mich) dies U.N. troops In Korea capture'Hwachon reservoir dam. 19—Oen. MacArthur tells Congress Joint Chiefs of Staff shared his views on war strategy, claims U.S. policy for Asia is blind to reality. 21—Hungary agrees to release Robert Vot'eter, American businessman jailed n months as a "confessed spy." 23—William N. Oatls, AP bureau chief In Prague, Jailed by Czechs as a spy. 27—Churchill calls off visit to America to avoid MacArthur controversy. Iran's premier Hussein Ala resigns. 28—Price stabilizer Michael Dl- Sallo orders beef rollback to levels at outbreak of Korean war. Vogcler says lie wa« pressured Into confessing crimes he did not commit. 30—Labor unions, which boycot- fed federal defense agencies since Feb. 16, resume participation. Tru- mnn asks Congress for GO/T hllllon dollars defense budget. Reds reject Wonsan. Biggest Kae- song as site for cease-fire talks. Philadelphia c«remon!«» open 175th anniversary of the timing of the Declaration of Independence. I—fSI hunts four of 11 convicted American Communists »ho fall to .urrender to atari Jail terms. Oatis May— voles embargo "Pali 2—Bureau of Labor revises basic 1—Kefauver crime committee says William O'Dwyer as N. y. mayor and Brooklyn District Attorney, took no effective a«tlon afjainst top echelons of gambling, narcotics, bookmaklng, murder or waterfront racket*. 2—Iran's oil nationalization law roe» Into effect. West Germany elevated (o full membership in Council of Europe. 3 — Gen MacArthur takes the stand as Senate hearings Into his recall begin. Israel and Syria Ignore U.N. cease-fire order nnd border fighting continues. 7—San Salvador earthquake kills more than 1000. Defense Sec. Marshall says Mr. Truman was clear Ing truce plan with other Allies when MncArthur offered the Reds armistice In the field, 14—Supreme Court turns perjury appeal of John Maragon, convicted In Five Percenter investigation. 17—Senate committee upholds Oen. Bradley's refusal to divulge his MacArthur conversations with (he President. U.N. on Red China. 21—Supreme Court holds Trade" laws not binding on merchants who refused to sign price pacts; prlce-ciltlng wars start.? U. S. (reduction In flrst-^three months of 1851 was at record annual rate of 314 billion dollars.' Symington, new RFC administrator, ousts Minneapolis aide for impropriety.' 25—Oen J. Lawton Clllins. Army chief of staff, tells senators MacArthur ignored Joint Chiefs' warning when he ordered thrust to the Yalu border of Manchuria. Republicans decide to hold 1352 presidential nominating convention In Chicago July 1, Democrats two weeks later in same city. 30—Lee Wallarrt wins Indianapolis 500-mile race In record time ol 126.24 mph. June — I—Acheson tells Senate committee MacArthur's policy represents a "gamble" with nntlonnl security and might set oft World War III. Z—US. hans travel to Czechoslovakia. NPA cuts slel for automobiles limiting production to I,200.000 In third quarter starting July 1. 7—British foreign office fears two diplomats, missing since May 75. may have skipped to Russia. Congress extends draft to July I. 1955, lowering age limit to 1814 setting up trial he was an 'confesses" at American spy. • 1—EOA reports Marshall Plan aid otnled 2.4 billion dollars last year and brought upsurge to west, Europe's industry and agriculture. 11 hurt In 16,000,000 fire at Port Newark, N.J., as propane gas explodes. »—Frederick Vanderbllt field lalled for refusing to list bail donors of the 11 convicted American tommunlsts. 10—Allied and Red truce teams meet In Kaesong. 13—Wont flood! In history rav- ige Kanui end Miuourl. U.S. will Irvelop five air bam In Morocco. 16—Martial law declared in Teh,in; Belgium's Kins Leopold abdicates to son Baudouln, 20. 11—For the first time In Korean war, an entire day passes without death of a GI. 20-Klng Abdullah of Jordan slain by Arab assassin in Jerusalem. Franco says Spain's policy is rearmament and friendship with the west. Z3—Henry-Philippe Petain. 95. former marshal of France, dies in exile as a traitor to France for his role as head of the Vichy State under Nazis, 24—Eight Bradley University sasketball players admit taking bribes. ! * • —Truman reluctantly signs Defense Production Act. extending modified economic controls to June 30, 1952, declaring It "the worst I ever had to sign." More than one- third of 185,000 college students who IHUrWIJAY, JANUARY », 1WI k«r «. Gnlt Mat of Brooklyn po- lk* end* ft bootoufcir Harry CroH rtfiMM to iintlfj. "M—Guy O»brlelson, chairman of Republican national committee, «d- mlu contacting RFC for firm he head* but denies "Influence." *J— King George undergoes lung operation. U.S. mint, running low on copper pennies, urges parents to clean out piggy banks. »—New York Yankees via third American League pennant in a row on Allle Reynolds's second no-hit game of year. Giants lie Dodgers forcing National League playoff. Canada offers to build St. Lawrence Seaway, »—Mobillier Wilson reports nation emerging from "tool-up" stage, puts delivery of military goods since Korean Invasion at U billion dol- lari. October — 1—Oen. Ridgway warns Reds, resumption of Korean truce talks "cannot be hedged much longer." 3—New Yorlt Giants win National League 5-4 on pennant, beating Dodgers three-run homer in ninth Inning of playoff game. •—Mr. Truman reveals John Potter Dulles turned 'down ' ambassadorship to J»paa. Willie Morettl. one-time bootlegger who talked freely to Kefauver eommltt**, U slain In Cllff'slde, NJ. 1*—Yankee* win world aeries, beatlnf Olanli four tame< to two. 13—William M. Boyle, Jr., under fire In RFC probe, resigns as chairman ol the Democratic National Committee. ..14—U.N. admits Allied planet strafed Panmunjom by mistake. H—Pakistan's prime minister Llaquat All Khan Is slain by assassin. It —Congress passes new »5,8S1,- 000,000 tax. increase bill, effective November 1. *•—Congress adjourns to January 8. Mr. Truman nominates Gen. Mark Clark as first U. 8. ambassador to Vatican. Three basketball stars of the University of Kentucky admit taking bribe. 22—Washington reports third Ru-wian atomic blast. U. 8. test of strategic atomic weapons gets underway at Frenchman's Flat, Nev. Outlaw longshoremen's strike ties up shipping in *a*t oo&st ports. tA — U.N. and Communist negotiators resume Korean truce talks at Pinmunjom after lusperuion of more than two months. Churchill and Conservative Party win British elections. 31— Prlncts« Elizabeth visits Washington for greeting by President Truman and cheering throng of 500.000. 1— Troop* take part in atomic maneuvers for first time In history at Frenchman's Flat, Nev. 4— Korean truce talti stalled on Red demand for Kaesong In communist lone. New York City, which hired a rainmaker a year ago, has 169 damage claims totaling $2,138,510 pending In courf. 5— U. N. General Assembly opens sixth session In Paris, S-Election Day. Rudolph Halley, counsel for Kefauver crime investigating committee, is elected president of N. Y. city Council. 7 — Western Big 3 propose an arms census and general disarmament at U. N. General Assembly In Park. 1*—ChurchuTj Conservative government wins first test vote of con- Hdence by » voUs on denationalization of steel industry. Twenty- one killed In crash of streamlines near Evanston, Wyo. 1*—•Gov. Earl Warren of Calif., Republican nominee for Vice President In IMt, declares his candidacy for the 1962 GOP nominatton. Mos- sadegh asks 1M million dollar loan from the VS. U—Nebti trim tvr ehrmlilry awarded to Profeuon Edwin M. McMillan tnt Glen T. Seiborg of the Unlrenltjr ft CoJIforni*. M—President Truman dismisses Theron Lamar Caudle fa assistant attorney general for "outside activities" not In keeping with Job as prosecutor of tax frauds. 1»—Salvatore Sollazo, briber In college basketball scandals, Is Jailed for 8 to 1« years. tt—Korean truce negotiators agree "in principle" on a cease-fire line In Korea. 26—U.N. and Korean negotiators agree on cease-fire line along the present battle front In Korea If all terms for armistice can be reached within 10 fey*. *S—Sen. Kenneth S, Wherry of Nebraska, Republican floor leader In Senate, dies of. pneumonia. 0 December— • 1—CCNY bars three more basket-' ball players on eve of opening game, ; probers find scholastic records *i- ' tered. 3—Edwin j. Jamas, managing editor of New York Times, dies. 30 ' killed, 68 wounded in British-Egyptian clash at Suez Canal Zone. 5—Charles Oliphant, chief counsel to Bureau o flnternal Revenu*, resigns. He denied charges linking htm to a tax-fixing ring. 9—President Truman cuts short Florida vacation, returns to Washington to confer with Attorney General McGrath and other high Justice Department officials. 10—U.K. negotiators press Red* for decision an exchange ol prisoners before discussion of other Korean truce terms. The State flower of Arkansas, 25th state admitted into the Union, Is the apple blossom. took the failed. first draft aptitude test August — machinery for eventual Universal Military Training. commodilles price index, showing! 10—U.N. forces smash Into Reds' retail nrices up 1.5 per cent from! "Iron Triangle." Senate watchdog "--* - committee finds enough soldiers in U.S. doing desk and housekeeping Jobs to fill five divisions. ' 13—Housewives start boycott of I Mgli -jirlrcd beer, offsetting cattle! men's "strike." U.N. Iroops capture jf, northern prong of "Iron 1—Adm. William M. Fechteler is new chief of Naval Operations. 3—Ninety West Point cadets slated for dlfthonorable r discharge for cribbing on examination*. 4—Gen. Rldgway suspends Kae- song truce talks because of Red troops In neutral area. 1,000.000 Communist youths mass in Berlin for two-week International Youth Festival. 9—Kaesong peace talks resumed as Rlcigway accepts communist pledge to honor neutral lone. 14—William Randolph Hear it dies at 88 In Beverly Hills. Calif. 15—Charges bared that OSS Major William V. Holohan was murdered in Italy by wartime aides to help communists. 19—US. production riw« to record 325,8 billion dollar annual rate In tecond quarter. Commerce Department says 1950 income averaged S1.436 for each •- man, woman and child in country. 20—Chinese Reds charge U.N. violates Kaesong truce zone. House cuts civil defense funds by 87 per cent. Government puts virtual freeze on profit-sharing and bonuses paid to employers. 25—Harrimnn_heads home after breakdown or TTehran oil talks. B- 29s bomb Rflshin, 20 miles from the Siberian border, a target denied Gen. MacArthur. 26—Lltier President Taft stops In mid-Pacific to rescue a seelng- cye dog which Jumped overboard Waxy Gordon, oldtlme beer baron indicted for possession of narcotics faces life term. 30—U.S. signs mutual defense pact with the Philippines. Truman invokes the Taft-Hartley Lnw In nationwide copper strike. Former President Herbert Hoover calls foi n return to decency in public life. 31—In final report. Kefauvei committee urges creation of a national council to coordinate work o: local citizens' commissions. Eva Per- candi- Argen DcpV.15 to Jan. 15. 4j-fjenators urge U.S. to halt bii.v- iri^ tin, nrice up 150 percent since start of Korean war. Deputies n n - rn Paris talks on arentta for Bis; Ffur foreign minister meeting. S— Oenors! Motors reports prof- It nf 834 million dollars on a busl- nr<s volume of 7.5 billion dollars in I!>nO. greatest ever recorded by n private concern. 7--Oscnr Collar,-! attempted Trl.insle." 21—Allies break off Paris parley of Hig Four deputies to lorelgn mln- Islers after 74 meetings In vain at- as-I tcrnnt *° agree on agenda. Truman for $800,454,000 tor nf Mr. Truman convicted nf! asks Congress slaying White House guard: death 1 civ " dcfcnse Is mandatory. Premier Ali Ras- i "^—Russia's Jakob Malik proposes msra of Iran Is assassinated. cease-fire In Korea with each side 8 Tibet bows to Red Chinese in- ' withdrawing from 38th Parallel. ision after four-months-war ' America's biggest, liner, the 51.500" " ' ton United Stales, Is launched Newport News. 25—Senate cnmmlllre Inquiry Into va 1*— Seoul changes hanrts fmirlh time, falling In Allies without a battle. 19—Schuman Plan for pooling West Europe's coal and steel is Initialed by six nations in Paris. Am- recall nt Gen. MarArlhur ends; just two days short nl fight week*, with an nsllm.Ttrd 2.015.000 words bassador William O'Dwycr. former! "' testimony. Today Ij first annl New York City mayor, takes stand! vcrsai T of Korean war. In Kefauver hearings; crime probe becomes a TV sensation with housewives deserting dishes, washing and chores to watch proceedings. 22—Alecr Hiss starts five-year jall.term for nerjury. 23—MacArlhor inviles Reds to hatlefltld peace conference, NPA orders 25 per cent cut In tires ant! tubes for n«w cars. 24—Defense Sec. Marshall says U.S. troops in Korea soon may get atomic arms. Pcron claims Argentina has produced atomic energy cheaper than any other country. 30—Senate cites Frank Costello, Frank Erickron. Joe Adonis for contempt. South Korean government, faced with runaway inflation, demobilizes 150.000 troops because It cannot equip or feed them. 30—Fifty rile In airliner crash on mountain northwest of Denver Truman signs 31-day stopsap ex- lension of Defense Produclton Act to avoid collapse of all economic controls. April— I—Truman authorizes draft deferment of superior college student*. 5—Julius Rosenberg and wife, July— 1—-Chinese and North Korean on declines nomination as date for vice president of tlnn after army opposition crops lip September— 1—U.S. sign. 1 : mutual pads with Australia and New Zea land. 2—I/ibnr day traffic loll ta rec ord 41fl dead. Marte Payne. 2!i. t rescued from writ In Newberi. Ore 4—President Trumnn opens Sa Francisco peace conference. TV spans continent (or first time. S—Soviet bloc voted down at peace conference on demand for unlimited debate. Oen. Ridgwas urges resumption of truce talks at a site other than Kaewmg. 8—Japanese peace treaty signed by 49 nations. Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia abstaining. H—Florence Ghadwick swims English Channel, first woman to do It both ways. CMch engineer flees with train and 111 passengers across border to West Germany. 12—Sugar Ray Robinson regains world middleweight title by knock- ItiK out Britain's Randy Turpin Oen. Marshall. 70. retires as Secre tary of Defense, succeeded by Robert A. Lovett. 14-^Senate probers say RFC granted loan to American Lltho fold Co. after appeal by William M Boyle, Jr.. chairman of the Demo cratic national committee. I»—Prlrn* Minister AHI«« «ct« British general elections for CMo FOR RENT Typewriters & Adding Machines New & Late Model Machines—Low Rates We bur nscd office michlnti * furnllan. Johnson Office Equipment Co. S A LES—SERVICE t 112 S. Rroadway—Phone 4420 KOW! STOCK YOUR LINEN CLOSET AND SAVE! PERMANENT FINISH ORGANDY PRISCILLAS 4.49 pr. (82" wide—std. Igth.) These never need starching! The permanent finish keeps them crisp, helps shed dirt! 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