The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE F9URTEEN COURIER NEWS Lover of Dogs Claims Many Pamper Pets CHICAGO (UP)—Man is in danger ol becoming dog's worst enemy, dog fancier Clarence M. Olson believe*. He said too many people are spoiling their pets by nol disciplining them enough. Olson is head of the dog food department of a large packing house and president of National Dog Week, Inc.. nil organization •formed 2o years'ago lo stimulate the civic virtues of clogs. He said too many canines grow up to b? antisocial because they have been pampered too much. That's why dags, jump on people, tear up the nelghbar's la'.vjis, chir.v on furniture and commit other misdemeanors ,he said. '•People discipline their children, but they pet their dogs," he said. "Misbehaving dogs must be handled as firmly as a small child who gets Into mischief. "Despite the' fact that dbg Is man's toest friend, man i* becoming dog's worst enemy by failing to make him a good citizen of dog- dom." If dogs could talk, Olson said, they'd probably object to n lot ot things, too: They undoubtedly don't like the baby talk they net from their mistresses and the pink and blue ribbons they have lo wear on important occasions, ho said Firmness Needed "No dog should be treated harshly or submitted 1 to cruel punls'i- ment, but you have to be firm with them," he said. "Pampering mnkos a dog unmanageable, both in the home and in the community." Olson said few persons Iruln THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1947 Takes "Last Journey' to Music He Loved T*® 1 ?! When LoUis Szabo, 74-year-old Hungarian violinist, died in Chicngo recently, he was almost penniless, but licli in Cricmls. Fifty years m;o lie wns u ijifled member ol the Uudnpcsl Symphony Orchestra, a composer and talented yoiintj conductor. Going blind at 2G, he went lo Chicago, where his gypsy music and warm personality won him hundreds of friends in bars and reslnurants in a honky-tonk district. They chipped in to pay for his funeral and nearly n score of violinists Ucadccl the procession, playing "I Am Lc.ivitu: on My Lust Journey" nnd Szabo's fnvorite gypsy nil's. their clogs to do anything Init lu'g to ;>o outdoors niul perform n few "cute tricks." They should dcvolc their time insfc-ati' to toat'hint; their pctr, to walk on A leash, sit do\vn aL tlic proj)cr time nml keep all V lour feel on the ground when greeUnt; people, he declined. "Many people lack the patience and understanding to mE'.ke their pels citi/ens," lie "They ]et their pets have the run Copyright b/ Karen DeV/oIf (jjjtu iCO> by Karen DeWolf Distributed by NEA SERVICE. INC. Till'; STOKY: Slu-rry nml Mniul Teat ,i I-«KMUC liiKftlivr III ur f llttllj \tuttilV h ti ]| K 11 1 u «' i-ourls. jUiuiu IK Kli'i-k nml KiiillitNf trtilrll. Sbi- ivurkN jii nil liisiirmirt- orfli-i- mill IK jmiklnff II liltiy Tor lior titnr- I rlcd IIIIXK, (JiMir^c llrinhCTK. Xlirrrj- In I krrpv huu«p, ^vnnlM to- AVrilr rlrx nlioul Monn'* I llruilirni. She- l,cc,,.,,i- . wltfc the ITirce T>oyn Avlui Urn Jit lilt- end of the rimrl. Similro, irlin i* Kri-jirJi, wriiLlK lo net In ilio imtv- If,!;.AH«(rl:,i, Tony >rnnlK III ,11- r«>ct^nnd DutilMU IvriM hoiii-x In lie; riniie n unilinear. Tnnj- (nkCH Sli«-»i Ty for u ilrjVf on llittlcnvfVu. tie vonfiilc-K hli MtIcrnt-sv null IKIIIC.S. I Shi-rr}' ItilnkK shr Is In Uivf \\ltli VI -PVETl since TTnllo\ve'en Sherry had been getting rcculy for Christmas^ ai\d now it was less than a week nway. She turned oft the boulevard and headed north. The blast of cold wind that met her almost shook the bundles from her arms. Sheri'3- wished Mona could home afternoons and go shopping with her, but Mona thought that unless you haci a lot of money Christmas wns a nuisance. Sherry had met her do\vntown Saturday though, and they had had lunch and a glorious afternoon in the crowded stores. Mona had seen a coat in the window of an exclusive r.hop and had gone in and tried it on. It was a soft camel hair with a sable collar. She looked stunning HI il and Shen-y had thought thnt thai was the sort of Hung she should always wear. It was two hundred and ' twenty-five dollars though and Mona had said she would look further and .probably be back. ocktnils while Sherry hod lea. Once he h;id turned lo, Sherry nd sii id , "Do you in i ml very inch if I bori-ow this little girl cxt Saturday to help with some f my Christinas shopping?" Sherry had said no, atiel Mr. Brothers, IKU! patted Motia's knee. lona made a face at Sherry when ,e did it ;md Sherry had tried ,ot to laugh. * * • iTONA had been out to dinner with him twice since llnllow- T en. ShocEeemocl very happy about 1. all, and Sherry was beginning to ;et used to it. Besides, she was lot so lonely now that she had he boys. Sherry guessed 'that she had en wrong about being in love vith Tony, lie had not treated ler any differently since Hallow- e'en night nnd had never spoken bout his childhood again. It was with a sense .of relief that she saw the crooked roofs of the inaint court just ;ihcnd of her. As she passed the first cottage Unrein Stone rapped on the win;lo'.v and then opened it n crack. "Come have tea with me," she said. "We'll have chocolate," Sherry said, "Til be over in a Sandro's working. I don't knot* where Kris Is." Marcia put the tray down on a brass table. She said, "Ent most of the cakes, won't you? 1C I gain another pound I won't be able Lo wear my new. broadcloth." Sherry laughed, and said she thought she could eat nil of them, and the telephone rang. Min-cia answered it and talked to a man about business. She said, "Never mind the excuses, Smith. That deal was set, till you gummed it up!" * » * iHEFfRY sipped her creamy chocolate and thought it would be lice to be a business woman ami ay, "Never mind the excuses, Smith," to men. Marcia was near- y forty though, mid that made a lifTcrence. When Miircin was finished she ame back to the lire and s;H down. "Was it very important?" Slier*•y wanted to know. "No more than my right arm," Mareia told her, "but I'll pull it out of the tire yet." Then she told Sherry about it •uicl what she did. How she took of the house and hey for foad nt t|ic dinner table." HuL, unfortunately, he added, <log owners will ncr-tl a lot of (ruin- Ing before they start teaching their doys to take I heir proper place in the community. Save Money Today. Any Day STOP AND SWAP F.I.BERT IIIJFFMAN'8 10! E. Main Phone 8S9 You Musi He ITnpiiy or No Peal FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy fil a I Sf;Ue Line Phone lilythcvillc 714 A 7-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE , INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoc Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Win. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Rox 84, Roseland, Ark. "He says he'll be a school teacher when he grows up, but I'll change his mind about that—I want him to be a ^ Jball pitcher or a.sea captain!"'I - WHAT F/UWUS SE/V BY CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, SPECIES OF HAS ARMS IN THE FIJI ISLANDS, SCIENTISTS SAVED THE INTRODUCING A THAT PREYED OH THE THAT WERE Yes, We Have New Gars Arriving Every Week— • Pontiacs • Fords "", • Chevrolets • Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES ['hone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. IN LENGTH... CONSEQUENTLY, NO5HIP EVER WAS CAPSIZED BY AM OCTOPUS PUI.LIN& AT ITS A\ASTS, AS SHOWN IN PICTURES. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oats, I.espcde/a, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from BlytheyiUe's largest Seed Stocl BIyiheville Soybean Corporation Phones 856, 857 Rc Sure! INSURE With the E I P Q T i i I\ u I rips mound in the mining coun- ry and found good gold properties md look options on them. Then she cither sold the option or got ANSWER: Sargasso Sea, 2,500,000 squ;. re-mile area of .. .: seaweed in the Atlantic. i>coplc lo opera le the mine and 1800 W. Main lad herself, cut in. NEXT: How many kinds ot Inset Is In Ihc vvorM? It all sounded lovely to Sherry, especially the trips through the The Stolen Sample mountains and the deserts and the big trees. She told Mona about it BY LESLIR TUKNKk- I KNOWi WHEN SOU'UE HM> -rifrtE TO VOUR. TESTS, I'LL BETURN!_REM>1 TO SELL WH FORWULft OUTE1SHT FDR J20O.OC5 IN CASH! TEST IT IN VOUE OWN LABORATORIES. ftFTER THM PROVES WM CLWWS WE CftN TM.K BUSINESS! / FRANKLV, DR.-ER-KEIX, YOUR CLWMS ABE I FfcNTftSTIC! IN TINkE, * STEEL-LIKE PLPvSTIC V UNAFFECTED 84 SUCH TEMPERATURES, t tS^lM DEVELOPED. BUT- £Sgs[jfiila minute." and hurried past lo Hid- "I've got that woman, lot of respect for Mona said. "She den House. She let her.self in and gingerly knows what it's all about." dropped the packages one by one Sherry said, "Don't you think it would be nice to ask her to our Christmas party?" Mona shrugged. "O. K. by me, on (he davenport: Then she ran INSURANCE AGENCY North' Sernnn over to Marcia's. The two front houses worn bigger than the others nnd were almost twice the rent. Marcia's liv- Sherry flow to the telephone. ing room was larger than Sherry's, Then they had gone to the toy She asked Marcia and she had two bedrooms and a department of a big store. Sherry 3 o'clock Christinas Day and cia accepted. "Swell," she said, "I'll bring the STR:'.N6EE. CM.LS TH6 SCHHELl-l CHEMICAL WORKS IN ANOrHER CITV. had felt silly about suggesting it but Mona was sweet and they ridden up on the escalator Sherry stood in front of the fire* warmed hrr hmxls. For Complete Protect/on While they were watching a pup- brought in n lovely chocolate serv- •Sherry ran back to the kitchen. She said, "Mona, guess what! pet show Mona had said, "By the NERO K.ELK LINES UP A BUHEE. LJW1TH LEM PETTIFER-'S STOLEN SMAPLE. 1947 9y NEA 5FRVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF ice on a tray, and a plate of cakes way, angel, George is meeting u "Where's your foreign legion to- Then Sherry knew why day?" she wanted to know. pagne!" Monn said, "The party begins lo sound like a party." (To He Continued) had been so happy. They had met bam at the BiH more, and he and Mona had Sherry said, "Out. Tony ha- an interview this afternoon abou an assistant directors 300, nnc RED RYDER ACE HA&LOf* UrtC BLOWS-' - BUT If ISSSTGOOD ENOUGH! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople By J.R. Williams GOOD HEfVIENS.AWlN.' WHY OIDM'T VOU REPORT to WE TUW LEANDER KIPPED SCUOOL SESTeKDAVf— HE TOLD ME H£ WAS GOIM V TO RUt-l AW\V,UNCLE AMDs! SO VOU GOT CAUGHT TAKE TH' STUFF OUTA MY POCKIT5-- TOO RI-5-VO/ OPEWIM' -TH - DOOR r-1 TWICK TO GIT I fRYIM' TO SQUEEZE HE GAID VOU HAD ON'THE HOOK AM' We \\VV3 SICK OF SCHOOL. 1 <3TUFF, AMD HB HAD A , CASE OF VJHP-T YOU \ CALL ROMAMTlC J S WASN'T HOWE ALL NIGHT.' DID THE 5Cf\NAP FSAR T WAS DESiGrJiws SOME- DIRE PUI-MSH- MEMT FOR His BRASH M\SCH1EF 2 WE LAST DE Atft,-\PT TO FLATTED WDtr?.- V Broken Blade SORRV.M'StEU BUT THIS AFFAIR OF HONOR! SO YOU VOU HAVE AWANTA INSULT; NOW \ FIGHT, I STICK YOU \ EH? FULL OF HOLES LIKE THE PIG! HAVE HOLYCOW/ ^TiMrw'* TT\E WORRY WART HY MtCHAKI, 0\MAI,T,KY ;,ntl ItAMMI I,AM t>nr>TSs a Mn HP.P IF THIS FORMULA CHILI SEQUIN TOIO VOU ABOOT V, WORTH ANYTHING AT All VIC, A MAN IIKE PARROT IS NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP EASILY, Qut such moral matters did not concern Seeker Parrot, THE MATERIALS \ IN IHIS BOMB ARE SO CHEAP. SO REAO- ILV OBTAINABLE, < ANDTHEEXW05IVE FORCE SO POWERFUL—WELL, NEED ! SAY MORE ? ,- tt , \ OKft^V, , GO 1 G'Q^t, ftU. \ I'M A TOX1CCL0615T, F1UKE. \ \ I TAKt 'IW VET, ROD! We ISN'T THM AND ! XHOW ABOOT POISONS.'> A MAN LIKE PARROT SHOULDN'T EE WIOWEOTOSNAG ONTO SOMETHIHS THAT OOESN7 BtLOKS TO HIM. .

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